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1. Rising Popularity for Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

Over recent years in Singapore, Chemistry Tuition has skyrocketed to be one of the most highly requested subjects for tuition. Chemistry has become a core subject that students of different levels of education have to learn. In most cases, at Secondary School Level, Chemistry is a compulsory Science subject that is paired with either Physics and/or Biology, which will form their Science combination for O & N Levels. At Junior College Level, Chemistry is divided into either H1/H2, where students are to complete the syllabus within 2 years. At University Level, Chemistry is a common fundamental module required to enter most University courses, such as Medicine, Engineering, Nursing, etc. Find out one example of how Chemistry Tuitions in Singapore are teaching their students in their tuition classes here.


With different MOE syllabuses and subject combinations offered by schools, parents usually lack the expertise to assist their children through their work. Hence, many parents in Singapore have opted for Chemistry Tuition instead. CNA has reported that Singapore’s annual tuition industry is approximated to exceed $1 billion. This is due to multiple reasons, with the main one being the heavy emphasis on grades. As Singapore is known to be education-oriented, education from Primary to Secondary Levels is compulsory for all Singaporeans. Hence, it is not surprising to see such a prominent growth in Singapore’s demand for Chemistry Tuition. Holding a major market share of the Tuition Industry in Singapore, we receive an estimated number of 150 requests for Chemistry tuition per month. 

2. What Is The Best Chemistry Tuition in Singapore Available?

In this day and age, parents in Singapore worry about ‘The Best Chemistry Tuition Available’  more than whether they “Should Send Their Child For Science Tuition?”. As of 2020, it is reported that there are a total of 942 Tuition and Enrichment Centres registered with MOE, where the number is expected to increase as the industry grows. However, how do parents choose the most reliable and trustworthy tutor? With such an array of tuition options at their feet, it is no wonder that parents face this difficulty. To address this issue, MindFlex has compiled a list of 26 Top Chemistry Tuition Options in Singapore, across a variety of tuition categories. 

Science Tuition in Singapore can be generally categorised into 3 broad options:

1) Group Tuition
– Tuition & Enrichment Centre Establishments
– Private Tutors’ Group Classes
2) Online Tuition
3) 1-1 Private Home Tuition

3. Chemistry Tuition & Enrichment Centres

3.1. Advantages

Tuition & Enrichment Centres are educational establishments which can be found all over Singapore. These centres mostly hold group tuition lessons between 2 to 30 students per class. Popular examples include Mindstretcher, AGrader Learning Centre and The Learning Lab. These are some of the main advantages which parents can take into consideration when choosing whether to enrol in a tuition centre.

1. Cheaper Fees

  • In comparison to 1-1 tutoring, Tuition Centres price their services at a lower rate due to their high intake of students
  • High tuition rates do not promise quality results
  • Well-known and widely acknowledged Tuition Centres such as Miracle Learning Centre offer Chemistry Tuition ranging from $55 – $85/lesson

2. Supplementary Materials and Notes

  • Majority of Chemistry Tuition Centres provide their own compiled materials and notes from top local schools 
  • Materials designed outside the MOE Chemistry Syllabus can help to promote a student’s creative thinking

3. Wide Spread of Locations 

  • Many Tuition Centres have branches located island-wide, allowing ease of travel to and from the centre
  • Accessible locations and flexible time-slots 

4. Assured Quality of Chemistry Tutors 

  • To be a MOE registered Tuition Centre, they are required to produce academic qualifications that meet a certain merit
  • Tuition Centres hold interviews to ensure consistency in terms of their teaching quality

5. Free or Discounted Trial Lessons

  • Trial lessons will help access the effectiveness of the tuition 
  • During trial lessons, parents will be able to access whether their child is comfortable with the new surroundings
Experiments are a part of Science tuition in Singapore

Some Science tuition centres in Singapore have included experiments as part of their curriculum to make lessons fun for your child!

3.2. Main Considerations

1. Reliability of The Tuition Centre 

  • In Singapore, all Educational Institutes and Centres, having more than 10 students, are required to be registered with MOE.
  • Parents are urged to review the trustworthiness of the centre, before engaging them.

2. Make-Up Lessons & Commitment Terms 

  • It is common for students to miss or cancel classes due to personal or health issues.
  • However, each tuition centres has its own set of terms and regulations regarding this issue.
  • Before engaging a Centre, parents should confirm if the Tuition Centre allows for any Make-Up Lessons.
  • Additionally, most Tuition Centres require a minimum notice period before the termination of any class, varying from weeks to months, depending on the centre’s commitment regulations. 

3. Class Size

  • Each centre offers different class sizes, from small classes of 2-3 class students to large classes of 20 students.
  • In small classes, lessons are more individualised, with more time and attention being placed on each student. 
  • In a larger class, lessons are more generalised, reducing the amount of attention each student gets. It is also more likely for the student to lose focus due to the higher amount of distractions. 

4. Tuition Centre’s Track Record

  • Testimonials and reviews are the most common way to determine if the Tuition Centre is effective, as they are personal reviews from past students and parents. 
  • Parents are also encouraged to check the credibility of Tuition Centres who have a positive track record. Although unlikely, there is a possibility that the reviews are manufactured by the centre themselves.
  • In certain Chemistry Tuition Centres, they offer practical lab sessions which will further boost the credibility and track record of the centre. Find out how this tuition centre demonstrates how to execute a Chemistry Practical Assessment here. 

5. Tutor’s Ability to Connect with Students 

  • A good tutor should be able to connect with the student, build trust between them, allowing them to work more productively. 
  • Parents should prioritise finding a tutor that is compatible with the student’s learning style and behaviour, rather than sourcing for the most expensive and highly rated. 

3.3. Recommendations

After extensive research, MindFlex has compiled a list of Tuition Centres that offer Chemistry Tuition, from the websites of centres in Singapore. The list of recommendations is divided into 2 main categories:

Category 1: Secondary / IP Chemistry (10 options)

Category 2: JC / IB Chemistry (10 options)

Amongst the centres suggested, some offer classes for other levels i.e. Secondary and JC Chemistry, and other subjects apart from Chemistry. Other than that, certain Tuition Centres offer Special Programmes such as GEP / Chemistry Olympiad. In the list of Tuition Centres that MindFlex has complied, we have factored out distinguished common tuition centres who dominate the industry i.e. Mavis Tutorial Centre and True Learning Centre. (*All images below were adopted from the tutors’ websites or via public online platforms)

3.3.1 Secondary / IP Recommendations

#1. Mr Khemistry

Mr Khemistry, founded by Mr Eric Kua, is a centre that specialises in providing Chemistry lessons for all students from Secondary to JC levels. Having taught Chemistry for 14 years, Mr Kua has helped countless students achieve Distinctions for Chemistry. Along with that, he has published books with CPD and SpotExcel Publishers in Singapore. Apart from that, Mr Kua is a Chief Olympiad Trainer. With several experienced teachers, Mr Khemistry has taught many students, with positive testimonials on their website.

Location: Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
Contact: 9853 7960
Levels & Subjects: Sec / IP / JC Chemistry
Cost: $82.50 per lesson (Sec/IP), $100 per lesson (JC)  
Website: https://mrkhemistry.com/chemistry-tuition/

Mr Khemistry

Mr Khemistry

#2. Making Sense

Making Sense is a distinguished centre that specialises in Chemistry Tuition for Secondary and JC levels. They focus on using teaching styles that help stimulate their students’ learning. Making Sense offers lessons in different sizes, Regular classes, Small group classes, and 1-to-1 coaching. Apart from that, they offer free consultations for their students whenever needed. Making Sense’s team of tutors are specialises in Chemistry, experienced in teaching numerous students, with promising testimonials.

Location: Bugis, Bukit Timah, Bishan
Contact: 8907 9059
Levels & Subjects: Sec / IP / JC Chemistry
Cost: $85 per lesson (Sec/IP), $105 per lesson (JC)
Website: https://www.makingsense-sg.com/

Making Sense Tuition Centre

Making Sense Tuition Centre

#3. Julian Chemistry

Julian Chemistry, founded by Julian Tan, is a centre specialised in Chemistry Tuition. The centre believes in giving each student a personalised learning plan, where the teacher’s teaching pace and methods are flexible depending on the student. Classes are held in small clusters of maximum 20 students. Adding on, 1-on-1 consultations are unlimited, via physical or Whatsapp, to provide any academic assistance to students. Additionally, Julian Chemistry offers JC H2 Chemistry Crash Courses, to prepare and provide additional revision for A’Level students.

Location: Bishan, Serangoon
Contact: 9022 9581
Levels & Subjects: Sec / JC Chemistry
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://julianchemistry.com/

Julian Chemistry

Julian Chemistry

#4. Habitat Learning Centre

Located at Novea, Habitat Learning Centre, provides tuition for a wide variety of subjects across Secondary and Junior College levels. Habitat Learning Centre also offers Intensive Programmes and Online Tuition. They are also the first centre to have a free Aptitude Test for students.

Location: 1 Goldhill Plaza #02-27
Contact: 9795 3323
Levels & Subjects: Sec / JC Chemistry
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://habitatlearningcentre.com/

Habitat Learning Centre

Habitat Learning Centre

#5. Sophia Education

At Sophia Education, students are able to choose lessons from a wide variety of subjects apart from Chemistry, from Secondary to JC levels. Being featured on CNA in 2018, Sophia Education has over 1000 reviews leaving positive comments about the centre. The centre provides classes in small groups and 1-to-1 tutoring, aiming to provide a personalised lesson for each student.

Location: Singapore Shopping Center, 190 Clemenceau Avenue #04-20
Contact: 9810 6666 
Levels & Subjects: Sec / JC Chemistry
Cost: $130 per lesson (Sec3), $140 per lesson (Sec4), $145 per lesson (JC1), $160 per lesson (JC2)  
Website: https://www.sophiaeducation.sg/h2chemtuition

Sophia Education

Sophia Education

#6. Chem Made Easy

Chem Made Easy is founded by Jeremy Neo, a centre providing Secondary Chemistry Tuition. Classes are effective and engaging, held in groups of 15-17 students. Chem Made Easy provides additional programmes such as Chemistry 360, which trains students to score well in all 3 components in an exam. The centre also provides supplementary videos for their students, and Online Course Lessons for Chemistry.

Location: Hougang Central Blk 806 # 04-154
Contact: 6385 3846 / 8612 0234 (Whatsapp)
Levels & Subjects: Sec Chemistry
Cost: $68 per lesson (Sec3), $75 per lesson (Sec4)
Website: https://jeremyneo.com/

Chem Made Easy

Chem Made Easy

#7. AO Studies

Chu Wei, currently the main tutor of the centre, founded AO Studies in 2012 with the aim to make learning Chemistry fun. Apart from Chemistry, AO Studies provide tuition for other Secondary and JC subjects. At the centre, classes are held in small sizes to ensure sufficient attention is placed on each student. Free Unlimited Consultations are also provided, to answer students’ concerns.

Location: North Bridge Centre, 420 North Bridge Road #06-11/12
Contact: 9077 9077 / 9007 8558
Levels & Subjects: Sec Chemistry
Cost: $70 per lesson (Sec 3/4)
Website: https://www.aostudies.com.sg/secondary-chemistry-tuition/

AO Studies

AO Studies

#8. Winners Education

Winners Education Centre is founded by Sean Chua, a specialist in Chemistry, who has been teaching for over 20 years. He is well-known in the industry, being interviewed by Straits Times, to being the only Chemistry specialist to be invited by an author from SAP Publishers. The centre focuses on having a small class size of 24 students, providing customised notes and flexible 1-to-1 consultations.

Location: Bras Basah, Bishan
Contact: 8829 0998
Levels & Subjects: Sec / IP / JC Chemistry
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.winnerseducation.com/

Winners Education

Winners Education

#9. The Classroom

The Classroom, founded in 2009, specialises in O’Level tuition in Chemistry, Physics and Maths. The centre has a teaching team of 7, where they are skilled in individual subjects, with promising reviews about their teachings from past students. The Classroom also offers Cash Courses on specific subject topics at affordable prices.

Location: Hougang Central Blk 806 #04-154
Contact:  6385 3846
Levels & Subjects: Sec Chemistry
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://theclassroom.com.sg/

The Classroom

The Classroom

#10. Orion Tuition Centre

Being a known for their topnotched tutors, Orion Tuition Centre provides tuition for Chemistry and other subjects across Secondary and Junior College levels. The centre provides an Outreach Programme, where subsidized rates are offered for students with financial difficulties. Additionally, they also offer 1-to-1 coaching at the centre.

Location: Yishun, Bugis, Woodlands
Contact: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire via Website
Levels & Subjects: Sec / IP / JC Chemistry
Cost: $70 per lesson (Sec/IP), $100 per lesson (JC)
Website: https://www.oriontuition.com.sg/

Orion Tuition Centre

Orion Tuition Centre

3.3.2. JC / IB Recommendations

#11. Chemistry Guru

Chemistry Guru, founder of Maverick Puah, is a centre that provides lessons for JC Chemistry. Maverick Puah has been teaching JC Chemistry since 2010, teaching numerous JC and IP students. Apart from Physical lessons, Chemistry Guru provides LIVE Webinars and Video lessons. They encourage Whatsapp Consultation outside tuition hours, to provide further assistance and support to their students’ academic progress. Chemistry Guru’s classes are taught in small numbers of 10+, so as to make lessons more conducive and engaging for the students.

Location: Bishan Central, Block 112 Bishan Street 12 #01-20
Contact: 9858 8060
Levels & Subjects: JC Chemistry
Cost: $90 per lesson, Trial Lessons at $50
Website: https://chemistryguru.com.sg/

Chemistry Guru

Chemistry Guru

#12. Bright Culture

Bright Culture is a Tuition Centre specialised in coaching students in Chemistry ranging from Secondary to JC level. Bright Culture has been featured on several media channels i.e. The Straits Times, TheSmartLocal, Young Parents and MediaCorp, for their impressive track record for coaching students. The centre believes in being result-oriented, where they design their lessons to help students score well in their exams. Along with that, they provide their own original summarised notes for students.

Location: Novena, Tampines
Contact: 9187 0820
Levels & Subjects: Sec / JC / IB Chemistry
Cost: $80 per lesson (Sec 3), $85 per lesson (Sec 4), $87 per lesson (JC), Fees for IB are not stated, do enquire directly. 
Website: https://www.bright-culture.com/

Bright Culture

Bright Culture


#13. My Chem Cafe

My Chem Cafe, founded by Mr Wong, specialises in offering JC Chemistry Tuition. Mr Wong strongly believes that each student is unique, hence employs a variety of teaching methods and techniques. This includes lectures, tutorial systems, demonstrations, molecular modelling, etc. At the same time, quality notes and practice questions will be provided to students, to aid them in their understanding. Currently, My Chem Cafe also provides lessons to students via Online Video Conferencing in small groups of 3, subjected to the availability of the tutor.

Location: Bukit Timah, Bishan
Contact: 9791 0388
Levels & Subjects: JC Chemistry
Cost: $80 per lesson (JC1), $90 per lesson (JC2)
Website: https://mychemcafe.com.sg/

My Chem Cafe

My Chem Cafe

#14. Learners’ Lodge

Learner’s Lodge is a Tuition Centre specialising in providing tuition for A’Level subjects, apart from Chemistry. The centre also provides Holiday Programmes and Bridging Programmes during the holiday periods. Learner’s Lodge believes in customising their lessons for each student, to meet their individual needs and academic goals. With 6 locations island-wide, they aim to provide convenience to their students’ learning. Additionally, Learner’s Lodge provides 1-to-1 Private JC Tuition, with qualified tutors ranging from $30-$150.

Location: Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Bukit Timah, Kovan, Jurong, Kembangan, Marymount
Contact: Each Centre has different hotlines.
Levels & Subjects: JC / IP Chemistry
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.learnerslodge.com.sg/

Learners' Lodge

Learners’ Lodge

#15. Future Academy

Future Academy, specialising in Secondary, IP and JC Tuition, is founded by Ms Yvonee Chen. Apart from physical classes, Future Academy also offers Online Classes at similar rates. The centre has also been mentioned and interviewed by Straits Times, and featured in an article by  Kiasu Parents.

Location: Bugis, Bukit Timah
Contact: 6884 6566
Levels & Subjects: Sec / IP / JC Chemistry
Cost: $120 per lesson (Sec/IP), $140 per lesson (JC)
Website: https://www.fa.edu.sg/

Future Academy

Future Academy

#16. Ace Brainery

Ace Brainery, founded in 2015, specialises in Chemistry for Secondary, IP and Junior College levels. Unlike other centres, Ace Brainery does not require deposit or registration fees. The Head Coach, Desmond Tan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, having received several awards from NUS for his outstanding performance. Along with that, past students from the centre have provided great personal testimonies about their time spent at the centre. 

Location: The Riverwalk 20 Upper Circular Road #B1-26/29
Contact: 6635 8635
Levels & Subjects: Sec / IP / JC Chemistry
Cost: $100 per lesson (Sec/IP), $120 per lesson (JC)
Website: https://acebrainery.sg/

Ace Brainery

Ace Brainery

#7. Focus Chemistry

Focus Chemistry is a centre who specialises in Chemistry Tuition for many levels. Apart from regular tuition services, they also provide Mentoring Services for International Students. On the other hand, Focus Chemistry’s classes are taught in small groups of 10 or 1-to-1 basis, also providing Course Counselling for graduating students. The centre provides a wide range of teaching materials, from concept maps to customized notes for learning.

Location: Balmoral Plaza, 271 Bukit Timah Road #02-11
Contact: 9616 1651
Levels & Subjects: Sec / JC / IB Chemistry
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.focuschemistry.com/

Focus Chemistry

Focus Chemistry

#18. Blooms Academy

Blooms Academy, founded in 2017 by Mr Jeffrey Ang, is a centre specialised in Chemistry. Apart from the usual lessons, the centre provides Revision Workshops and Crash Courses during the holidays. Blooms Academy offers a complimentary trial lesson, along with a $50 Referral Fee if your friend signs up to a class.

Location: 116 Middle Road, ICB Enterprise House #05-02
Contact: 9711 7363
Levels & Subjects: Sec / IP / JC Chemistry
Cost: $90 per lesson (Sec/IP), $105 per lesson (JC)
Website: https://bloomsacademy.edu.sg/

Blooms Academy

Blooms Academy

#19. Chemistry Domus

With a vision of helping students ace their exams while having fun with learning, Chemistry Domus has helped countless students improve, with 92% of them scoring B’s and A’s. Whatsapp consultations outside of class times are available to clear their doubts and misconceptions whenever needed to. Apart from the normal tuition classes, the centre also hosts Chemistry Crash Courses to prepare students before they are exposed to new contents.

Location: Eunos, Little India, Bedok
Contact: 9623 2645
Levels & Subjects: JC Chemistry
Cost: $90 per lesson (JC)
Website: https://www.chemistrydomus.com/

Chemistry Domus

Chemistry Domus

#20. Power Chemistry

Mainly focused on JC Chemistry, Power Chemistry has proved their ability to guide students to excel in Chemistry. With over 12 years of experience, Ms Alice, the Chemistry tutor, has successfully helped students understand and remember concepts easily through her self curated condensed syllabus notes and mind maps. Under her guidance, students have shown significant improvements. Crash courses and trial lessons are also available for students to attend.

Location: Orchard Plaza #04-34, 150 Orchard Road
Contact: 9687 6023
Levels & Subjects: Sec / JC Chemistry
Cost: $75 per lesson (JC1), $80 per lesson (JC2)
Website: https://www.powerchemistry.com.sg/

Power Chemistry

Power Chemistry

4. Chemistry Private Tutors’ Group Classes

Contrasting Tuition Centres, Private Tuition held in small groups are popular in Singapore as well. Private Group Tuition is usually taught by educators who specialise in the subject and tend to charge their services at a higher rate. 

4.1 Advantages

1. 1-1/Small Classes

  • Private classes prioritise having more attention and assistance, hence classes are usually of smaller sizes of 2-3 students.
  • By doing so, the tutor is better able to focus well on each student’s academic requirements.

2. Better Communication Flow

  • Outside tuition hours, parents and students are able to communicate directly with the private tutor.
  • Some tutors also permit students to consult them via Whatsapp after lessons.

3. More Dedicated Tutors 

  • Private tutors usually rely on their students’ results as a way to showcase their testimonies. 
  • Hence, these tutors will spend more time and effort to ensure that the students’ grades improve. 

4.2. Main Considerations

1. Reliability of Tutor 

  • Without having the security of Tuition Centres, parents should ensure that private tutors are qualified with certain teaching credentials before enrolling their children. 
  • At the same time, parents should request for past parents/students’ testimonials to ensure that the tutor’s marketed student grades are reliable. 

2. Lesson Flexibilities & Styles 

  • Different tutors have their individual teaching principles and styles that they practise by. 
  • Parents should enrol their children with a tutor who is able to teach accordingly with the student’s learning style and behaviour. 
  • Private tutors are usually more flexible regarding their class schedules.
  • Some tutors allow their students to switch their timeslots around, while others prefer sticking to a particular timeslot of the week. 

3. Rates & Enrolment Duration

  • With private tutors, parents should make a valid judgement on the prices each charge. 
  • There are cases where well-recognised tutors price their rates at a premium for their elite teaching services. 
  • At the same time, highly sought after tutors go hand-in-hand with a longer enrolment waiting time. 

4.3. Recommendations

#21. Pamela’s Place

Known for being patient and dedicated, Ms Pamela offers both 1-to-1 and small group classes in the Central. Her teaching is highly sought after, due to her proven quality results.  Her teaching has helped many students improve their grades along the years, with proven testimonials from past parents and students on her website. She focuses on understanding the fundamental concepts and answering techniques. 

Location: 939 Bukit Timah Rd
9151 0956
Levels & Subjects: Sec / JC Chemistry 
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.pamelaplace.com/

Pamela's Place

Pamela’s Place

#22. The Chemistry Practice

Mrs Gladys Lim, known for her passion for teaching Chemistry, provides tuition at her students’ preferred locations specifically in the East. She provides both 1-to-1 and group tuition of 2-3 students of the same schools. She provides materials at no additional charges, as well as free resources on her website. She focuses on teaching answering techniques and will help them develop critical thinking skills. 

Location: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Contact: 9724 0163
Levels & Subjects: JC Chemistry 
Cost: $60 per lesson
Website: https://www.sgmathtuition.com/



5. Online Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

Currently, Online Tuition for Chemistry has become more apparent in Singapore. Due to the recent global epidemic, Covid-19, according to Straits Times, many Education Centres in Singapore have turned to online lessons instead. In comparison to traditional physical lessons, online tuition only requires a laptop and internet connection, making lessons hassle-free and convenient. This allows students to have their lessons at any location preferred, with some of the main platforms used being Skype, GoogleMeets, Discord, Microsoft Teams, etc. 

Online Lessons as part of Science tuition

Online Lessons can enable your children to ask their tutor Science questions in real time, from the comforts of your home!

5.1. Advantages

1. Reduces Travelling Distance 

  • Location and the distance to travel has always been a big factor when searching for a tutor. 
  • With a stable Wi-Fi connection, students are able to take lessons from tutors, be it from any location in Singapore or worldwide. 

2. Cheaper Tuition Rates

  • As tutors do not need to travel down to the students’ house to have lessons, vice versa. It has allowed help reduced expenditures such as transportation, etc. 
  • With that, online lessons are typically charged at a lower rate. 

3. Ease of Learning 

  • With the various online video-call platforms used, lessons can now be recorded with the incorporated features available. 
  • This allows the student to refer to the recording in the future to clarify any doubts, or should they have missed the lesson. 

5.2. Main Considerations

1. Strong Wi-Fi Connection 

  • While most of us have the luxury of having a stable Wi-Fi connection, there are others who are less privileged. 
  • They might experience bad internet connection, causing their video-calls to delay and not function properly. 

2. Lesson Efficacy 

  • However, with online lessons, some parents are concerned about how effective lessons will be for the students’ learning. 
  • Most lessons are able to be conducted as to how it was in real-life, however certain lesson components such as Hands-On learning and demonstrations will not be able to be conducted.

3. Establishing Student-Tutor Bond

  • As there is a significant decrease in physical interactions, it is harder for tutors and students to connect, especially if it is their first lesson together. 
  • In some situations, the tutor will not able to grasp the students’ attention, causing the lesson to be unproductive. 

5.3. Recommendations

#23. The Chemistry Practice 

The Chemistry Practice is an Online Chemistry Tuition academy, who specialises in JC Chemistry only. Mr Kelvin, the Principal Tutor, is known for his ability to engage and interact with his students. Although only being founded recently in 2020, The Chemistry Practice has helped students around Singapore in their studies, with proven testimonials from past students on their website. Crash Courses are also available, to help prepare students for the upcoming JC academic year, with lesson materials included in the fee. 

Contact: 8875 8789
Levels & Subjects: JC Chemistry 
Cost: $60 per lesson
Website: https://thechemistrypractice.sg/

The Chemistry Practice

The Chemistry Practice

#24. Cudy

Known for their huge tutor database, Cudy is an Online Tuition Agency. Their tutor database comprises mainly of freelance tutors from Singapore and other international countries. Founded by Alexander Lim, he aims to help students from all over the world learn and study better at an affordable price. Apart from Chemistry, Cudy provides tutors who specialise in other subjects as well. 

Contact: 8233 6940
Levels & Subjects: Sec / JC / IB Chemistry
Cost: $20-120 per lesson
Website: https://www.cudy.co/


#25. Superstar Teacher 

Represented by Mediacorp Artistes such as Tan Jun Sheng and Huang Biren, Superstar Teacher provides Online Tuition for Primary and Secondary levels. Apart from lessons, Superstar Teacher offers instant homework assistance and an auto-marking assessment, engineered to facilitate better learning for the student. With a promising team of 6 teachers, they aim to make online lessons effective and interactive. Adding on, worksheets and lesson materials are provided on the website for the students’ use whilst listening to the video lesson. 

Contact: 9850 2296
Levels & Subjects: Sec Chemistry 
Cost: $764 per year
Website: https://www.superstarteacher.com.sg/

Superstar Teacher

Superstar Teacher

#26. Tutopiya

Founded in 2019, Tutopiya is a tuition platform that provides Online Tuition for a wide array of subjects across Secondary, JC, IGCSE and IB levels. Being featured on MoneyFM 89.3, The Business Times, Digital News Asia and Indvstrvs, Tutopiya has helped many students across 22 countries in the world, including Singapore, find a tutor suitable for them. Their tutors are assured to be experienced and qualified to teach, along with a Student-Tutor Resource portal exclusive to their students only. 

Contact: 9850 2296
Levels & Subjects: Sec / JC / IB Chemistry 
Cost: $15-40 per lesson
Website: https://www.tutopiya.com/




6. 1-to-1 Private Chemistry Home Tuition

Apart from a Private Group Tuition, engaging a Private Home Tutor is another popular alternative. If you have been considering hiring a private home tutor, you should read the following article for 5 Pieces of Advice When Selecting A Tutor.

6.1. Advantages

1. More Personalised Approach

  • Home Tuitions are usually limited to only 1 student per class.
  • This allows the tutor to focus only on the student, providing more concentrated and direct feedback. 
  • By doing so, the tutor is able to adjust his/her lessons to suit the individual needs of the student. 

2. Flexible Timings

  • With Home Tuition, scheduling classes are usually more flexible with more availability to choose from. 
  • Adding on, scheduling more lessons and make-up lessons are easier as it only depends on the tutor’s personal schedule 
  • This allows the student to arrange for more lessons as needed. 

3. Increased Confidence & Self-Esteem

  • With 1-to-1 tuition, the student will be less afraid to make mistakes due to the private learning environment. 
  • The student will be more encouraged to try, fail and grow in a safe learning space, hence, boosting their confidence slowly. 

4. Reduced Number of Distractions

  • In 1-to-1 tuition, the lesson is conducted at either the student or the tutor’s house. 
  • This limits the number of distractions as compared to a Tuition Centre, such as other students, unfamiliar learning environment, etc. 
  • This builds a better educational setting, maximising the student’s learning within those short hours of lessons. 
1 to 1 Science Tuition in Singapore may be the most effective option for children who require individualized attention

1-1 Home Tuition may be more effective for children who need individualised attention.

6.2. Main Considerations

1. Tutoring Rates

  • Typically, Private Chemistry Home Tutors charge from a variety of rates, depending on their qualifications and experience.
  • These rates can go as low as $25 per hour to be as high as $120 per hour.
  • It might be better to do prior research on the average market rates!

2. Tutor’s Qualifications 

  • Different types of tutors require different types of qualifications. An Ex/Current MOE Teacher requires an NIE Certificate in Education to teach in Singapore MOE schools. 
  • Hence, parents should make sure to request the necessary certificates to confirm if they are qualified to teach, before engaging them. 
  • At the same time, it is good to engage a tutor who has previous experience in that subject, such as teaching past students or personally learning it in school. 

3. Tutor’s Students Currently

  • Apart from having a good track record from past students, it is important to check on the tutor’s current group of students. 
  • It is more beneficial to engage tutors who are currently tutoring other students in the same subject you are looking for.
  • This is because they are more likely to be up-to-date with the current school syllabus and exam formats. 

4. Learning Style & Pace 

  • Different tutors teach at a different pace and learning style. 
  • Parents should determine the type of lessons they required, such as a consultation or lecture-based. 
  • Parents should ensure that the student feels comfortable around the tutor, which will ensure that lessons are effective. 

6.3. Recommendations

MindFlex Home Tuition is the #1 Provider for Science Tuition in Singapore

MindFlex Home Tuition is the #1 Tuition Agency for Science Tuition in Singapore

6.3.1. Engage the Services of a Home Tuition Agency 

If you have the intent to engage a Private Chemistry Home Tutor, the most efficient and cost-free way to do so is to go through an Established Home Tuition Agency like ours, MindFlex. With a huge database of 22,000 tutors, being 24/7 available to serve you, MindFlex has successfully closed 40,000 over tuition cases. Mindflex’s services are free with no additional agency fees, short waiting time, verification of tutor’s qualifications, etc. In the of worried parents, paid trial lessons are available to test the compatibility of the student with the tutor and his/her’s teaching styles. Comprising a team of hardworking and driven individuals, we aim to serve and help every student and/or parent find their desired tutor! Get in touch with us to join our family here!

6.3.2. Freelance Chemistry Home Tutors 

There are many self-employed Chemistry Tutors in Singapore, who have designed their very own websites providing more information on their tutoring services. We encourage parents to keep their options open, to ensure that they have a wide range of tutor options to choose from, to choose the one most suitable for them. 

6.3.3. Suggestions 

One option would be to get suggestions from friends and family. This is one of the best ways to get a genuine testimonial of the tutor from someone within your social circle. At the same time, those who have had a positive and fruitful experience are more likely to introduce their tutors to you. Another option would be to look upon popular educational forums such as MummySG who have complied their own list of recommended tutors in Singapore. 

7. The Best Option for Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

To sum everything up, there are many Chemistry Tuition choices in Singapore, with their individual advantages and disadvantages. It is important that amongst that, parents choose a tuition that best serves you and your child’s interests and needs. To get further assistance in sourcing for Chemistry tuition in Singapore, do visit our homepage or contact us, where our team will join in the search for the most suitable tutor for you. 


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