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Importance of IB HL Chemistry Tuition

IB HL Chemistry is an extremely tedious subject, where students are expected to get an extremely holistic and in-depth grasp of the many concepts and topics. Beyond understanding content, students have to be very clear on how to apply the Chemistry concepts into a diverse range of question types, which can be tough for students without proper guidance and training.

While many past students and tuition agencies have stepped up to provide effective study tips for IB Chemistry, it simply does not replicate what an experienced IB HL Chemistry Tutor can do.

With an IB HL Chemistry Tutor, students will be provided effective guidance targeted towards the student’s weaknesses. This means students do not have to sit through hours of generic information being taught to them; rather, students will receive personalised and custom-fit lessons and contents that will directly target what they don’t know and their learning style.

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How Much Does IB HL Chemistry Tuition Cost

IB HL Chemistry Tuition is an extremely competitive market, with many tuition centres and private tutors offering the course with highly competitive rates. Tuition centres usually charge around $200-$250 a month, but these rates can go as high as $500 a month or more for tuition centres with higher reputation or credibility. The range for private tutors is around $60-$80 an hour, but similarly, rates can go as high as $120 an hour based on the tutor’s experience and qualifications.




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Challenges Faced While Learning Chemistry

Outline of IB HL Chemistry Tuition

  • Full Guidance for All IB Chemistry Topics and Skills
  • Mastery of Organic Chemistry and Functional Groups
  • Introduction To Optional Topics (Materials, Biochemistry, Energy, Medicinal Chemistry)
  • Mastery of Chemistry Practical Skills and Concepts
  • Recalling of Chemistry Definitions and Formulae
  • Guidance with Chemistry IA

Challenges Faced By IB HL Chemistry Students

Increased Breadth and Depth of Syllabus

IB HL Chemistry is particularly difficult due to the breadth and depth of the syllabus. At HL Chemistry level, students are expected to have a strong mastery of a large variety of topics ranging from Electrochemistry to Organic Chemistry, with optional topics being offered such as Materials and Biochemistry. Beyond this, HL Chemistry students also have extended syllabuses for certain topics, such as the need to study Spectroscopic Identification of Organic Compounds for Measurement and Analysis.

Hence, it is crucial for IB HL Chemistry students to engage a tutor so as to receive guidance for this challenging subject. With an IB HL Chemistry Tutor, he/she will provide personalised lesson plans and quality education at their own pace, allowing students to learn well.

Time Management

One of the most common issues faced by IB HL Chemistry students is the inability to complete their Chemistry papers on time. This is largely due to insufficient practice and lack of exposure to the various question types, resulting in them being unaware of how to tackle the questions during examination. As such, students often hand in incomplete papers, or hand in subpar answers.

With an IB HL Chemistry Tutor, however, students will be given weekly practices and exposure to other schools’ papers and past year papers to help hone their Chemistry examination skills, allowing them to be more confident when tackling their Chemistry examinations.

Unable To Apply Chemistry Concepts To Examination Questions

At IB HL Chemistry standard, students are expected to have a strong grasp of the Chemistry concepts as they are expected to apply them in application questions. This might pose a salient challenge for IB HL Chemistry students who are not used to such application questions, or for students who do not have enough practice.

Hence, having an IB HL Chemistry Tutor is important so that students will receive guidance in handling such application questions. Furthermore, IB HL Chemistry Tutors will also provide students with additional practice which will come in handy as they will be exposed to more variations of questions and different question types.

Making Careless Mistakes

Along with the high numbers and types of questions that appear in IB HL Chemistry examinations, students often make careless mistakes due to an oversight or misinterpretation of the question. This results in the unnecessary loss of marks, thus preventing students from scoring well in their Chemistry examinations.

However, this problem can be mitigated prior to the exam with enough understanding of the content as well as sufficient practice of test papers to get students prepared in an examination setting. Furthermore, by engaging a IB HL Chemistry Tutor, students can also be provided with additional guidance in terms of instantaneous feedback on students’ mistakes, allowing them to learn from them immediately.

Why You Should Engage An IB HL Chemistry Tutor

Benefits of Hiring Chemistry Tuition

1. Clear Doubts and Misconceptions

An accumulation of doubts and misconceptions occur when students lack the ability to ask questions in class. This is usually due to the fact that they are too shy to clarify their doubts during lessons. In addition, with teachers always rushing for time it might be difficult for students to seek clarification from their school teachers outside of class time.

With an IB HL Chemistry Tutor, students will be sure to have an easier time clarifying doubts! Furthermore, since Chemistry Tuition is usually carried out in a small group/1-1 setting, IB HL Chemistry Tutors can pay closer attention in pointing out student’s problems, and students also have more opportunities to clear their doubts and increase their confidence in scoring well.

2. Additional Resources and Practices

IB HL Chemistry students may sometimes face the lack of additional resources and practices for them to work on. This is mainly because at IB level, it becomes increasingly hard to find quality resources that students can use in their revision as most of the materials available online are catered to the syllabus that the majority are taking.

Hence, having an IB HL Chemistry Tutor is especially beneficial as they are able to provide students with self-curated and collated study resources, past year papers and their own mind maps or concept notes, which will definitely come in handy during students’ last minute revision.

3. Provision of Guidance for Internal Assessment (IA)

A key portion of the IB HL Chemistry syllabus is the Internal Assessment, which requires students to carry out Chemistry-related research and do a 6-12 page write-up. With an IB HL Chemistry Tutor, students will have an easier time doing their Internal Assessment as they will be guided by their qualified tutor.

With a tutor, students will also achieve holistic learning as the tutor can help in training them on what key areas to look out for. Furthermore, tutors can also assist in helping students by providing references from their past students.

4. Reinforce Concepts Taught In School

IB HL Chemistry lessons in school are usually very fast-paced as teachers want to ensure that all topics and concepts are taught before the examinations – this is especially so for HL Chemistry due to the sheer amount of content mastery required. As such, most students, without proper guidance, tend to fall behind.

As such, in order to make sure that students are consistent in their studies and are on par with what was taught in class, it is beneficial to engage the help of an IB SL Chemistry Tutor. With the help of a tutor, students’ weaknesses and mistakes can be addressed which will effectively help in their learning. In addition, tutors can also use the time during lessons to recap on what was taught in school to ensure that they fully understand the concepts.

What To Look For in An IB HL Chemistry Tutor

Prior Experience Teaching IB Students

The IB HL Chemistry syllabus is vastly different from that of the A Level syllabus. Hence, it is important to select an IB HL Chemistry Tutor that has experience in teaching IB students so that they will be well-versed with the IB Chemistry syllabus and will be able to guide students in sections such as the Internal Assessment and in extended topics and content.

In addition, the amount of subjects students have to take, they might be unmotivated and might be unwilling to put in effort to work on IB HL Chemistry. Hence, engaging a tutor with prior experience in teaching IB HL students will be wise as they would have the relevant teaching methods and lesson plans to engage your child.

Ability To Spot Weaknesses

IB HL Chemistry is challenging and requires a large amount of content mastery in order to do well. As such, it will definitely be important to pick an IB HL Chemistry Tutor that is experienced enough to spot weaknesses quickly and work on them effectively.

Furthermore, given that students are expected to master a large amount of content within a short time frame, there is a crucial need for tutors to be keen-eyed in order to quickly spot mistakes or misconceptions and correct them before their misconceptions snowball.

Patience in Teaching 

The IB HL Chemistry syllabus is complex and will require a lot of dedication and hard work. Hence, students might not be able to have a firm grasp of the Chemistry content and syllabus, and will require a lot of explanation. As such, it is important to engage an IB HL Chemistry Tutor that is patient enough to spend time and effort to repeat concepts to students.

A patient and nurturing IB HL Chemistry Tutor is important in ensuring that students are happy learning under them. It also ensures that the students are exposed to a comfortable environment to learn and improve.

Academic and Teaching Qualifications

When engaging an IB HL Chemistry Tutor, it is important to select one that has decent academic and teaching qualifications. For example, it might be better to pick a tutor that has graduated from a Chemistry related course and has taught for a minimum of 1 year. If you are looking for a more experienced tutor to guide your child, you might also want to look out for tutors who have taught in IB schools.

Such qualifications are crucial in ensuring that the tutor is qualified enough to teach your child. You’d definitely not want to engage a tutor with little to no qualifications, only to find out that he/she is incapable of guiding your child in their Chemistry skills.


Testimonials from IB HL Chemistry Students

I started Chemistry tuition with Ms Nat in Year 5, as I was struggling with the Chemistry syllabus. Ms Nat was so helpful and dedicated, and could easily spot all of my mistakes and weaknesses and help me work on them. She was also really patient with me. With her help, I managed to score 7 points!

Tan Si Jia
IB Student from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

I started IB HL Chemistry Tuition with my teacher Mr Chong a few months before my IB final exam as I was doing poorly. With his help, I managed to learn a lot and improve on my weak components. Mr Chong would make me practice writing under timed conditions, and would provide immediate feedback.

Zoe Lim
IB Student from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

I was doing badly in my Chemistry, so I sought the help of Miss Ang. She was so patient with me even though I kept making mistakes, and even made the same mistakes repeatedly. Miss Ang would continuously encourage me, giving me the confidence to approach my IB HL Chemistry exams.

Yeo Min Xuan
IB Student from St. Joseph’s Institution

My Chemistry tutor, Mr Raymond, has been instrumental in my Chemistry journey. With his help, I became more confident in my Chemistry abilities. He would always source for extra resources and materials to help me with my Chemistry, which I really appreciate. Thanks to his help, I managed to get 7 points for Chemistry!

Matthew Keng
IB Student from St. Joseph’s Institution

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