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1. Increasing Requests for Chinese Tuition in Singapore

The Chinese Language has been growing in popularity over the last decade, in both the local and global community. As a tuition agency in Singapore, MindFlex has observed that there has been an increasing number of requests for Chinese Tuition in Singapore. This is fuelled by 2 main factors: 1. The MOE Chinese Syllabus has been evolving over the years, with more challenging vocabulary and exam formats being introduced. 2. With China’s rising influence in the world economy (now the 2nd largest player), the importance of mastering the Chinese language has been recognised by both parents and schools as an important skill set for students to have a competitive advantage over his/her counterparts in future. Mastering the Chinese Language will open many opportunities with regards to career or education prospects.

As language skills take time to cultivate, Singaporean parents have started to send their children for Chinese enrichment lessons early, even at the age of just 6 months old! According to a survey (with 500 participants) by the Straits Times, 34% of the parents have sent their pre-school children for Chinese lessons. In line with the “kiasu-ism” mentality, parents do not wish for their child to “lose out” to their peers and hence rush to get their children enrolled for Chinese Tuition in Singapore as soon as possible. Another common trend is that Singaporean children tend to find learning Chinese tuition difficult or boring, and hence take a longer time in grasping the language well and in turn, require constant help with the language. The most major reason for this is also because many Singaporean families now solely speak English at home and see Chinese-speaking as a “battle”, thus depriving the chance for Chinese to be practised at home. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has reported in October 2019 that 71% of Chinese households with Primary 1 children speak English in majority of time, as compared to 42% 20 years ago.

2. Chinese Tuition in Singapore – Finding the Best Choice

“Which type of Chinese Tuition in Singapore should I send my child for?”, “My child hates learning Chinese. Who will be able to help him best?”, “Which option offers the least boring Chinese lessons for my child?” These are the typical questions asked by Singaporean Parents when finding the best choice of Chinese Tuition in Singapore. Parents are also often caught in the dilemma of whether to send their children to a Chinese Tuition Centre, or to engage a private home tutor who is specialised in Chinese. Here in this article, we aim to address the pros and cons in each of these options, as well as to provide our personal recommendations on every category available for Chinese Tuition in Singapore.

Engaging Chinese Tuition in Singapore

Some may find Chinese boring or difficult, and hence it is important to find a Chinese Tutor that is best able to motivate your child.

Chinese Tuition in Singapore can be generally categorised into 3 broad options:

1) Group Tuition
– Tuition & Enrichment Centre Establishments
– Private Tutors’ Group Classes
2) Online Tuition
3) 1-1 Private Home Tuition

3. Chinese Tuition & Enrichment Centre Establishments

3.1. Advantages

Chinese Tuition Centres can be found all over Singapore. Some popular names include Tien Hsia Language School and Berries – World of Learning. Classes are often conducted in a group setting, ranging between 2-30 students per class. Below are some of the advantages that parents can find by sending their children to a tuition centre for Chinese lessons:

1. Active group participation can help to improve Chinese language skills

  • One of the most important benefits of group lessons is the active group participation for students in improving language.
  • The nature of group lessons in tuition centres encourages communication and participation amongst classmates and the tutor.
  • This gives your child plenty of chances to speak up and practise his/her Chinese oral and communication skills.

2. Quality Control of Chinese Tutors

  • Chinese Tuition Centres generally have good quality control over the Chinese Tutors hired due to a strict in-house interview process.
  • As Chinese Tutors are a mixture between native & local speakers, centres often make sure that the tutors hired are well-grounded with the Local MOE Chinese Syllabus.
  • Many Chinese Tuition Centres are also MOE-Registered. To be successfully registered with MOE, the Chinese Tutors at these centres must have academic qualifications that “meet minimum standards”.
  • Some centres have also made it a selling point to engage only MOE/NIE-Trained Chinese Teachers to be tutors at their centres.  These are teachers who have taught the Chinese Language in MOE Schools previously.

3. Multiple Branches for Chinese Tuition

  • Many established Chinese Tuition Chains have multiple branches all across Singapore. E.g: Berries World of Learning has a total 20 branches, Tien Hsia a total of 11 branches island-wide.
  • Parents and students are able to choose an outlet which is of travelling convenience to them.
  • Most tuition chains also allow for make-up lessons to be conducted at another centre or time-slot.

4. Cheaper Monthly Tuition Fees

  • As compared to private tuition options, Chinese Tuition Centres generally have lower tuition fees as lessons are held in groups.
  • There are affordable and good Chinese Tuition Centre options which can range between $100-$180 per month for 4 x 1.5 or 2 Hour Lessons.
  • Several well-established Chinese Tuition Centres (such as Tien Hsia) have proven to deliver and show long-standing academics results. Usually the more “established” a tuition centre is, the more likely the increase in cost. 

5. Specially Curated In-Materials, Curriculum & Study Notes

  • Some Chinese Tuition Centres offer enrichment lessons with an originally designed curriculum outside of the school syllabus, and some even include excursion journeys!
  • This allows children to learn the language in different creative ways and also to expand their vocabulary, apart from what is examinable.

  • Tuition centres would be able to provide their own original materials for lessons.
  • Parents are often enticed and sold by the “extraordinary” programmes that these centres to offer
Excursions as part of Chinese Tuition in Singapore

Some enrichment centres may even organise learning journeys as a fun alternative way of improving students’ Chinese language skills.

6. Free or Discounted Trial Lessons

  • Many centres may also provide a free or discounted trial lesson for parents’ consideration.
  • Parents will be able to let their child experience what the actual lessons are like before any commitment is made.

3.2. Considerations

1. Is The Chinese Tuition Centre Registered with MOE?

  • All educational centres with 10 or more students must be registered with MOE.
  • There are some centres out there which are not registered and are operating illegally.
  • Example: Mr Kelvin Ong, a mathematics tutor and owner of AristoCare tuition centre, is a classic case of a fraudulent tutor.

2. Class Size of Chinese Lesson

  • Parents need to be aware of the varying class sizes in different centres.
  • Some centres may keep it small (eg. 6 or 10 students at maximum), but others (especially the more popular brands) may not have a limit.
  • Big class sizes results in less individualised attention for your child.
  • Your child may be distracted by the large number of students around him and the chance of having his/her doubts cleared.

3. Flexibility with Make-Up Lessons & Minimum Commitment Period

  • Tuition centres have a schedule of lessons that have been fixed for the year.
  • If your child has to miss a Chinese lesson, it would be difficult to find a make-up session slot if your child has a very tight schedule.
  • Some centres do not offer make-up lessons, so do check out on these clauses.
  • Most centres require advanced payments and a minimum commitment period, eg. to give 1 month’s worth of notice before being able to quit the centre.

4. Level of Involvement for Parents

  • There is often a very low level of parental involvement in their child’s learning as compared to home tuition.
  • Parents often do not have the opportunity to personally speak to their child’s Chinese tutor, and only communicate with the centre’s admin staff.
  • Little way and frequency of receiving any feedback of their child’s progress.

5. Track Record of Chinese Tuition Centre

  • Many Chinese Tuition Centres post a track record of their past students’ grades as part of their marketing efforts.
  • It would be good for parents to carry out their own background checks and comparisons between tuition centres.
  • Parents can also research online on reviews/testimonials about their selected centres.

When looking for Chinese Tuition in Singapore, parents should make sure that attending lessons at tuition centres should value-add to the learning of the language and not cause any further confusion. Do make sure to check in with your child to ensure if he understands what the tutor is saying, or sending your child to a Chinese Tuition Centre may counter-productive. Some children may be too shy to ask questions in a group setting and thus stay silent despite not understanding, especially if the lesson is conducted in a relatively foreign language to him/her.

3.3. Recommendations

MindFlex has gone through the websites of more than 100 tuition centres that offer Chinese Tuition in Singapore. In our research, we have observed that it is rather easy to find tuition centres that are specialised in offering Chinese lessons only and not other subjects. With this being the case, most of them offer Chinese Tuition for students across different levels, ranging from Pre-school to Secondary levels. Tuition centres that offer JC level Chinese Tuition remains relatively difficult to find.

In our list below, we would be mentioning which centres offer enrichment lessons and those that offer Higher Chinese lessons. The fees of only some centres have been listed as per their website; parents can proceed to contact the other centres directly to enquire if they are interested. Our recommendations are split into 2 sections:

Section 1: Tuition Centres Which Offer Lessons For Local MOE Syllabus
Section 2: Tuition Centres Which Offer Lessons For Local MOE Syllabus + Courses for Non-Chinese Adults and Students
(*All images below were adopted from the tutors’ websites or via public online platforms)

3.3.1. Tuition Centre which offer lessons for local MOE syllabus

#1. Berries World

Established more than 25 years ago and previously known as “Children’s Language School”, Berries is one of the most popular Chinese Tuition centres in Singapore. They offer enrichment lessons that take up a multi-sensory approach through social interaction and seek to ensure that children have fun while learning Chinese. They provide lessons for children as young as Nursery 1, up till Primary 6, and covers Higher Chinese learning as well.

Location: Bishan, Bukit Timah, River Valley, Tanjong Pagar, Toa Payoh, Yishun, Buangkok, Kovan, Kembangan, Mountbatten, Pasir Ris, Tampines, Alexandra, Bukit Batok, Clementi West, Jurong, West Coast
Contact: Depending on branch
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary Chinese
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.berriesworld.com/

Berries World

#2. Tien Hsia Language School

Tien Hsia Language School is a popular Chinese Tuition Centre in Singapore, and has a “Chinese only” environment to help students get well-accustomed to the language. Kindergarten level students will also have an End-of-Term mini-concert, to display their new knowledge of Chinese to their parents. Tien Hsia provides Chinese lessons for pre-school children to enable them to be fully prepared for the Primary Chinese syllabus. They inject various interactive activities such as games, dancing and singing, and lessons are kept to a maximum of 6 students. As for Primary and Secondary level students, Tien Hsia trains students to be well-prepared for their PSLE / O Level Chinese and Higher Chinese exams, and targets students’ critical thinking skills. Tien Hsia also has its own holiday programmes, where students aged 4-9 get to go on island-wide excursions to engage in hands-on activities with the aim of improving their Chinese.

Location: Bishan, Bukit Batok, Choa Chu Kang, Hougang, Jurong Point, Marine Parade, Orchard, Punggol, Sembawang, Tampines
Contact: 6238 8558
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.tienhsia.com/

Tien Hsia Language School

#3. Skylace Language School

Skylace is a private Chinese language school that was the first to be approved by MOE in Singapore, and it was also the first to accommodate students from as young as 3 years old, all the way up to 16 years old. Currently, their most junior class is open to children between 24 months old till Nursery 1 level. As a pioneer and established centre, Skylace has helped more than 20,000 students through their uniquely-developed curriculum, which is constantly updated across years of research to keep abreast with the MOE syllabus. It is also a centre that emphasises on parental involvement to enhance their child’s learning. Skylace is also one of the very few Chinese centres in Singapore that offer JC Chinese Enrichment classes, to help students score for their H1 Chinese A Level examinations.

Location: 261 Waterloo Centre
Contact: 6297 1971
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary, JC Chinese
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: http://skylace.com.sg/new/

Skylace Language School

#4. Han Language Centre

Han Language Centre puts focus on consolidating easy ways for students to master the Chinese language, through their unique “SEPA” approach. By stimulating students’ senses through video-watching, conversation-making and passage-reading, Han hopes to break down Chinese into bite-sized pieces for students to absorb and retain. Han Language Centre is also a subsidiary of the Singapore Press Holdings, and thus able to give the added advantage by tapping on the resources and knowledge of SPH’s Chinese Media group. Secondary students are also streamed into specialised NA/Express/HCL classes so that they can learn at paces appropriate for them.

Location: Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh, Buona Vista, Queenstown, Kovan, Khatib, Sengkang, Jurong East, Simei
Contact: 9661 8692
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.hceg.com.sg/hlc/

Han Language Centre

#5. Busybees Learning Centre

Busybees was established in 2000 and specialises in giving Enrichment lessons to students ranging from Pre-school to Secondary levels, in Chinese and Higher Chinese. They have standard Chinese tuition courses, as well as classes ranging from 2-3 hours long that specialise in certain segments of the Chinese examination paper (eg. Oral, Comprehension and Composition), should your child require extra specialised help in them. Busybees also has a School Holiday Oral workshop so that O Level students can get extra practice before their paper.

Location: HillV2, Balmoral Plaza, Sin Ming
Contact: 6877 2919
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese
Cost: $385.20-693.36 for 12 lessons
Website: https://www.bblcchinese.com/

Busybees Learning Centre

#6. Confucius Mandarin

Confucius Mandarin consists of a team of graduate teachers from Singapore, China and Taiwan, who are all kept abreast with the MOE Chinese and Higher Chinese syllabus. They make use of visual aids, games and fable-sharing for lessons with Nursery to Kindergarten children, eventually preparing them for the Primary Chinese curriculum. Primary and Secondary level classes are designed for students to acquire the necessary skills to conquer the PSLE and O Levels. Confucius Mandarin is also one of the rare centres that offer JC Chinese lessons – for both H1 Chinese Language, as well as H2 Chinese Language and Literature (CLL). These JC lessons are designed to train students to think critically and hone their analysis and writing skills.

Location: Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Panjang, Yishun, Kallang, Tiong Bahru, Sengkang, Hougang, Punggol, Bedok, Tampines, Pasir Ris, Bukit Batok, Jurong
Contact: Depending on the branch
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary, JC Chinese
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.confucius.edu.sg/

Confucius Mandarin

#7. Bowen Chinese Tuition

Bowen Chinese Tuition offers tuition and enrichment lessons for Chinese and Higher Chinese, for students ranging from Kindergarten to Secondary levels. Secondary level Enrichment lessons entail newspaper reading to expand students’ exposure to new vocabulary. The unique factor about Bowen is that they offer classes either in a group setting (1-3 or 8-10 students), or in a 1-1 student-tutor setting. They teach based on the MOE syllabus, and believe in “individualising” lessons to suit each and every student’s needs and learning paces. As such, Bowen also offers a flexible arrangement to suit students in case the fixed schedule is not able to accommodate them.

Location: Hougang, Punggol
Contact: 9616 0836
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese
Cost: $110-180 per 4 lessons
Website: http://bowenchinesetuition.com/

Bowen Chinese Tuition

#8. Le Xue Education Centre

Le Xue Education Centre was founded by Ms Vivien Le, an Ex-MOE Teacher at Catholic High School. Their motto includes “joyful learning”, highlighting their emphasis on weaving fun into lessons in order for students to gain an appreciation of the language. They have developed a “purely Chinese culture environment” for their students to learn best in, and Ms Le has also formulated the “3R Method” that has been implemented into Le Xue’s learning curriculum. Capped at 10 students maximum, Le Xue has also introduced a lesson to segregate the Higher Chinese and IP Chinese students from the Express Chinese Secondary students. This is so that the students are able to learn according to their respective syllabus and at different paces appropriately designed for them.

Location: Bishan, Kovan, Queen’s Road, Parkway Centre
Contact: 6554 1683
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary/IP Chinese
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://lexueeducation.com/

Le Xue Education Centre

#9. Xuelin Learning Hub

Established in 2011 with 4 branches, Xuelin Learning Hub ensures that they update their curriculum based on the latest MOE syllabus, and have also designed original teaching resources to help their students prepare well for their examinations. They also focus on keeping class sizes small for each child to get sufficient attention from his/her tutor, and to eventually nurture each child to be self-motivated and lifelong learners. Through “inquiry-based learning”, Xuelin provides Chinese introductory lessons from Nursery 2 level onwards, and train their Upper Secondary students in expanding their general knowledge and vocabulary in order to be able to articulate themselves well.

Location: Bukit Timah, Marine Parade, Jurong, Tampines
Contact: Depending on branch
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.xuelinlearninghub.com.sg/

Xuelin Learning Hub

#10. Little Gems Learning Centre

Little Gems Learning Centre provides Chinese and Higher Chinese lessons not only for Pre-school to Secondary level students, but also for adults and international students too. Their tutors are MOE registered, and their courses are all designed according to the latest MOE syllabus. For international students, Little Gems offers introductory classes for children aged 3-16 years old. Little Gems also offers 1-1 personal tuition at their centres for those who need specialised attention, and would work better individually with the tutor instead of in a group setting.

Location: 271 Bukit Timah Road
Contact: 6836 9887
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.sglittlegems.com/

Little Gems Learning Centre

#11. Beijing Language School

With 7 branches across Singapore, Beijing Language School offers lessons for students ranging from N1 all the way till Sec 4. On top of the normal syllabus, this centre also offers enrichment lessons for Primary students that explores other ways to broaden their Chinese vocabulary and strengthen their language skills. Secondary students can expect to attend lessons which aim to improve their composition writing techniques and analysis skills. Beijing Language School offers Holiday Enrichment Programmes as well, injecting a Speech and Drama component for Pre-school children as part of the course. All in all, the centre hopes to inspire their students to learn the language, and to help them be able to communicate and express themselves effectively.

Location: Jurong, Punggol, Sengkang, Pasir Ris, Tampines
Contact: Depending on branch
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://beijinglanguage.com.sg/

Beijing Language School

#12. Yang Guang Chinese Enrichment Centre

Yang Guang believes that instilling interest in students would be the very first step in mastering the Chinese language, and thus have developed interactive courses that focus on this. This centre specialises in providing tuition and enrichment lessons for Pre-school and Primary level students only. In addition to Chinese language skills, Yang Guang also aims to develop students holistically, injecting the learning of values and moral principles into their lesson as well. Chinese Writing 360 is a specialised course that they have also developed, to focus on Composition writing – something many students are weak in.

Location: Bukit Timah, Kovan, Parkway
Contact: 6816 2230 / 6815 3368 / 6931 6029
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary Chinese
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.yangguang.sg/

Yang Guang Chinese Enrichment Centre

#13. Edugem

Edugem provides tuition lessons for Pre-school, Primary and Secondary level students, and design their programmes to be “fun, creative and meaningful”. There are 3 objectives integrated into their lessons – Experiential Learning, Expression of Creativity and Empowering Independent Thinking. With these 3 goals in mind, students are trained to gain an appreciation and mastery of the Chinese language with the aid of Edugem’s tutors in a supportive learning environment. They also offer free trials for the first lesson before any commitment is made.

Location: 215E Upper Thomson Rd
Contact: 6909 0647
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese
Cost: $290-420 for 10 weeks of lessons (refer to https://www.edugem.sg/programme-schedule)
Website: https://www.edugem.sg/


#14. Sprout Language Centre

Sprout was founded by local Singaporeans who want to alter the perspective of Chinese education in Singapore. They concede that while many still find it fun to learn Chinese in their early Pre-school and Primary years, the “fun” is gradually taken away due to the pressure of the national examinations. Through careful process planning, Sprout aims to implant a long-term interest for the language and hone students to be “confident speakers, independent readers, critical thinkers and skilled writers”. On top of regular lessons, Sprout also organises many out-of-classroom activities. One example would be the launch of the Sprout Book Club – the first Chinese family book club in Singapore, where both parents as well as children are invited to participate.

Location: Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Tampines St 12
Contact: 6451 1511
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese
Cost: $500-$920 per term (refer to https://www.sprout.com.sg/uploads/3/7/1/0/37109101/sprout_term_3_timetable.pdf)
Website: https://www.sprout.com.sg/

Sprout Language Centre

#15. Wang Learning Centre

Founded in 2007, Wang continuously improves and updates its syllabus in tandem with the changes in the MOE syllabus and ensures students are constantly challenged, while encouraging them to love Chinese in the process. Wang offers Chinese and Higher Chinese classes for students from K1 till Sec 4, and keeps class size small to ensure that each child is still able to get individual attention from the tutor. Pre-school classes are 1.5 hours long, Primary and Secondary classes are at 2 hours long, and are held in a “lively, interactive and fun” learning environment. They provide 3 types of courses for Primary level according to the different sections and skillsets in the examination, so that students can enrol in whichever course they need more help in.

Location: Bukit Timah, Hougang, Ang Mo Kio, Yishun, Marine Parade, Tampines
Contact: 6441 6606
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.wang.edu.sg/

Wang Learning Centre

3.3.2. Tuition Centres Which Also Offer Courses for Non-Chinese Adults & Students

#16. Hua Language Centre

Hua Language Centre also offers a kickstart for children at a very young age, offering Playgroup classes from 18 months to 3 years old. Parents are involved in these classes, with the use of activities like handicraft as well as music and dance. Besides offering Chinese and Higher Chinese lessons Pre-school, Primary and Secondary lessons for local students, Hua also reaches out to non-Chinese students who wish to learn Chinese as a foreign language. These classes entail Mnemonics and powerpoint animations for easy visual learning. All tutors at Hua are MOE registered and are native Chinese speakers, and its curriculum director was the Specialist Inspector for Chinese Language at MOE. With this, Hua ensures good quality teaching and a relevant curriculum for your child to participate in to improve in the language.

Location: Parkway Parade, United Square, Causeway Point, Greenwich V
Contact: Depending on branch
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese, Chinese for Foreigners
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://hua.com.sg/

Hua Language Centre

#17. Jiang Education Centre

Jiang Education Centre was established in 1995 by Mdm Jiang, with the aim of providing Chinese and Higher Chinese lessons to local students through bilingual means. It further expanded to provide English lessons in 2004, and eventually opened its doors in 2012 to non-Chinese foreigners who have taken an interest in studying Chinese for casual or business purposes. It has partnered up with Essec Business School (Europe) as a training centre for its postgraduate students, and also holds the annual Chinese Immersion Programme for students from Piaget Academy (Indonesia). Jiang offers Chinese lessons to local students, ranging from kindergarten all the way till JC level, and incorporates multimedia mediums into their teaching.

Location: Rochor, Marine Parade, Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
Contact: Depending on branch
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary, JC Chinese, Chinese for Foreigners
Cost: $418-535 per term
Website: http://jiang.edu.sg/wp2017/

Jiang Education Centre

#18. Funtastic Chinese Education Hub

Funtastic Chinese Education Hub prides itself on its premium tuition and enrichment curriculums, which have been endorsed by Professor Kenneth Dean (NUS Head of Chinese Studies) and Associate Professor Ong Yong Peng (Lecturer, Asian Languages and Cultures, National Institute of Education). Its tutors are all NIE trained and Ex-MOE Teachers, who take up a holistic and active approach to help students improve in their Chinese language. On top of the standard Chinese and Higher Chinese Tuition lessons, Funtastic also offers a variety of fun-filled enrichment programmes – such as Speech and Drama, Chinese Calligraphy, Singing, as well as conversational Chinese lessons for adults.

Location: 308A Punggol Walk
Contact: 9889 8261
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese, Adult Chinese
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.funtastic.com.sg/

Funtastic Chinese Education Hub

#19. EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre

Acknowledging the struggles and negative sentiments that children face while learning Chinese in today’s context, EduGrove aims to teach Chinese to their students in “the most fun and interactive way” possible. Instead of “hampering” students’ desire to learn Chinese, founders Mr Jerry Theseira and Ms Dong Yue have introduced enrichment lessons with a curriculum and methodology to enhance students’ Chinese learning experience to make it fun and less “authoritative” and “rigid”. On top of coaching local students according to the MOE syllabus, EduGrove also specialises in lessons tailored for international school children as well as adults. With the use of word games, speech and drama, the centre aims to bring out the fun aspect in learning Chinese as its key to mastering the language.

Location: Pasir Ris, Katong, Tampines Hub
Contact: 6584 8489
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese, Adult Chinese, Chinese for Foreigners
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.edugrove.com.sg/

EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre

#20. Ruixing Active Chinese Centre

Ruixing Active is an interesting tuition centre as it focuses on the holistic learning of the Chinese language and culture. It provides tuition for Pre-school to Secondary level students, and also offers adult (business / casual) Chinese lessons. Not only does it train students for the local exams, it also prepares students well for the HSK and YCT Chinese Proficiency Exams too. On top of the standard Chinese lessons, Ruixing provides specific courses on Art (Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting), Maths lessons in Chinese, and even camps that provides an introduction to Chinese food / tea culture and heritage.

Location: 116 Middle Road
Contact: 6256 6227
Levels & Subjects: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese, Adult Chinese
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: http://irchinese.com.sg/

Ruixing Active Chinese Centre

4. Chinese Private Tutors’ Group Classes

4.1. Advantages

Many freelance tutors, some of them being certified MOE Teachers, have invested much effort into building a good brand for themselves to offer Chinese Tuition in Singapore. Instead of seeking to be a tutor at tuition centres, these tutors have worked hard to establish an independent reputation and offer their own group classes in their homes, or at their own Chinese “centres”.

1. Direct Communication With Chinese Tutor

  • These independent private tutors often allow themselves to be contacted outside of class time as well, if students have any urgent questions for him/her.
  • There is direct communication between the parent / tutor / student, so it is easier to reach the tutor in time of necessity.
  • Parents are also able to seek advice directly from Chinese Tutors on extra steps which can be taken to improve the student’s language outside of class.

2. Individual / Smaller Group Settings

  • As compared to tuition centres, these Chinese tutors usually keep their class capacity small, so that each child is able to get individualised attention he/she deserves, and that the lesson remains effective for all.
  • Sometimes these tutors offer 1-1 private tuition as well or are flexible in opening a new class slot exclusively for a student and his/her group of friends.

3. Tutors Are More “Invested” Into Teaching

  • Most of these Chinese Private Tutors market their tuition services under their own personal brand.
  • Hence, these tutors are usually more “invested” into their teaching and producing results to build up their own tutoring reputation.
  • Parents can expect good-quality teaching.

4.2. Considerations

1. Check Whether Your Desired Chinese Tutor is the One Who is Teaching

  • With increasing popularity and a growing reputation, these tutors may expand operations.
  • They proceed to hire other Chinese tutors to offset the load of some other classes in new location branches.
  • If you are looking specifically for the “main” tutor to teach your child, do ensure to check and enrol into the correct class.
  • For example, Maths Super Tutor Ms Celine Loi of Joss Sticks Tuition Centre employs 20 tutors, so do ensure that you know whether you are paying for the teaching services of the tutor (who established her own brand) herself, or that of her other tutors.

2. Cost & Waiting Time

  • Parents should take note of the high cost of partially “branded” tutors.
  • As with popular tuition centres, parents can also expect to be on a long waiting list for enrolment.
  • The more “popular” the tutor is, the longer the waiting list is, and the more expensive their lessons would be.
  • If your child needs help urgently, parents should proceed to consider other tuition solutions.

4.3. Recommendations

Most of these individual freelance Chinese Tutors gain their popularity through word-of-mouth. You could ask your family members or friends for recommendations on any good Chinese tutors who offer group tuition at their own centres. One can also do an online search on tutors who have been featured in the media or those who are specialised in giving Chinese Tuition in Singapore. We have also done research on this category of Chinese Tutors for parents and here are the recommendations from MindFlex: (*All images below were adopted from the tutors’ websites or via public online platforms)

21. Chen Higher Chinese

Many parents are often on the lookout for a local Singaporean Higher Chinese tutor. Founder of Chen Higher Chinese, Ms Chen is a bilingual Singaporean who specialises in teaching higher level Chinese modules, like Higher Chinese and Chinese Literature for Primary, Secondary / IP and IB level students. She conducts her lessons in both group and 1-1 settings. She has taught at Hwa Chong Institution previously, and was personally the top student in Chinese Literature during her time at Hwa Chong. Having also scored an A in General Paper, she uses bilingual means to teach her students and make Chinese easier for learning. Ms Chen provides resources and model essays, and is contactable even after class hours to attend to your child’s queries.

Contact: chenhigherchinese@gmail.com
Levels & Subjects: Primary, Secondary/IP, IB Chinese
Website: https://www.chenhigherchinese.sg/

Higher Chinese Tuition in Singapore

Chen Higher Chinese

#22. Jocelyn Chinese

Jocelyn Chinese is run by 2 qualified and experienced tutors – Ms Jocelyn Tan and Mr Jareth Liew. Both tutors hold a Postgraduate Diplomas in Education from NIE, are experienced O Level Examination markers, and both have received MOE Teaching awards for their service. Both tutors also hold Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language (Honours) with Minor in Translation from NTU, and thus use bilingual teaching methods to help their students understand content easily during lessons. Jocelyn Chinese aims to build their students’ Chinese language foundation and also to train their students with specific “easy-to-follow thinking-models” and examination strategies to be well prepared for their Chinese paper. Current affairs are also used in classroom discussions so that students can develop higher-order critical thinking skills to improve in their writing.

Location: Bukit Timah, Clementi
Contact: 9775 6854
Levels & Subjects: Primary, Secondary/IP, JC Chinese
Cost: $240-280 for 4 lessons
Website: https://jocelynchinese.com/

Jocelyn Chinese

#23. Miss SY Wang

Miss Wang is an Ex-MOE Teacher who specialises in teaching Secondary level Chinese and Higher Chinese Tuition at Dhoby Ghaut. Lessons may be held in a 1-1 or group setting according to preference. She previously taught at Raffles Institution and Methodist Girls’ School and is effectively bilingual. Miss Wang teaches according to the O Level Chinese and Higher Chinese syllabus and will be able to help your child develop critical thinking skills to do well in his/her exam, while employing fun and creative methods to do so. She is a patient tutor and never fails to believe in each and every one of her student.

Location: Dhoby Ghaut
Contact: 8686 1338
Levels & Subjects: Secondary Chinese
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.chinesedistinctions.sg/

Miss SY Wang

#24. Miss Long Chinese Tuition

Miss Long Huili is a Singaporean Ex-MOE Teacher who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Language and Chinese Studies from NUS and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from NIE (specialised in teaching at Secondary School Level). She provides Chinese and Higher Chinese Tuition for both Primary (4-6) and Secondary level students and leverages on the use of technology to make her Chinese lessons more interesting. Describing herself as “warm and pleasant”, Miss Long is also effectively bilingual and tailors her teaching style to the needs of the individual student. She will be providing materials for the lessons, and her classes are capped at 4 students for effective learning.

Location: 273A Compassvale Link
Contact: 9127 3020
Levels & Subjects: Primary 4-6, Secondary Chinese
Cost: $240-320 for 4 lessons (refer to http://www.misslong.sg/chinesetuition.html)
Website: www.misslong.sg

Miss Long

5. Online Chinese Tuition

5.1. Advantages

1. Chinese Lessons At Your Convenience

  • Students are not bounded by geographic location.
  • Students would only need to have a working laptop with a built-in camera and microphone, as well secure internet connection.
  • Both parents and students get time & cost savings from the lack of need to travel to tuition venues.

2. Chinese Tuition at the Lowest Cost

  • Online Tuition has the lowest tuition rates out of all tuition options.
  • This is because tutors do not need to incur any time, rental or travelling cost to students, and these cost-savings are passed on to students.
  • Lessons can start from as low as $10/hour or $15 for a 1.5 hour tuition session.

3. Technological Benefits

  • Online Tuition lessons can be held in a 1 to 1 or group setting, depending on the student’s preference.
  • Students can always experience “front-row” learning instead of being at the back of the classroom.
  • Many online tuition platforms also have their own built-in function for lesson recording and homework submission.
  • This allows students to revisit lessons and clarify any content that they might have difficulty catching earlier.
  • Materials, homework and feedback can also often be submitted ahead of lesson time, allowing for more efficient marking and lesson preparation by your Chinese tutor.

5.2. Considerations

1. Hire From A Local Online Chinese Tuition Source

  • There are many options for Online Chinese Tuition globally, hence to make sure that you engage one which is familiar with the local MOE syllabus
  • It is safest to hire an Online Chinese Tutor from local companies, or hire one who is currently teaching and residing in Singapore
  • This should be one of the first basic checks parents do before engaging any Online Chinese Tuition.

2. Students-Tutor Interaction

  • “Real connections” are more difficult to be formed through a screen as compared to face-to-face lessons.
  • More interactive tools and strategies are needed to engage younger students.
  • A great deal of communication is needed in the process of learning the Chinese language, and in many pre-school or primary level enrichment lessons, speech and drama is often used as a tool to learn the language.
  • Speech and drama and its effects are a lot more difficult to replicate through Online Tuition and thus would not be as effective.
  • In a group Online Tuition setting, it is easy for students (who are facing their screens in their comfort of their homes) to space out and lose focus.
  • It is also difficult for tutors to read the body and facial language of the students, to know if students are following the lesson well.
  • Some of these online lessons may turn into a 1-way lecture with the Chinese tutor talking throughout the lesson, and this may be counter-productive for younger students.

3. Internet Connectivity

  • MindFlex has also received feedback that internet speed and the type of video-conferencing platform is very important.
  • Some homes may not have the luxury of having high-speed internet connection, causing video-conferencing to be extremely laggy or non-functional.
  • Students also need to have a good laptop or desktop with webcam features or they may not be able to have online lessons.
  • Video sessions also need to be secure to provide a safe learning environment, so that parents can have a peace of mind (see: MOE suspends use of Zoom for Home-Based Learning after hackers hijack classes).

4. Quality & Effectiveness of Chinese Lessons

  • Quality of online lessons would be different due to the lack of physical face-to-face interactions.
  • Learning and teaching through a screen is something that parents, tutors or students may be uncomfortable with.
  • The online platform should be adequately equipped for easy image sharing and drawing (with the use of flash-cards) to make it clear for students to see, as if it were in real life.
  • Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, parents have set up online petitions against Berries World for their poor handling of online lessons, which were then appeased by discounts, credit vouchers and letting students attend extra online sessions at no extra charge.
  • It is obvious that there are still some teething issues to be solved before Chinese Online Tuition becomes a conventional and effective alternative to physical lessons.

It is also important to constantly monitor how your child responds to Online Chinese Tuition. With measures of Home-Based Learning in place as of recent, too much consecutive screen-time may lengthen the monotony and be counter-productive to your child. MindFlex advises using Online Tuition lessons as a form of consultative session with a clear purpose or objective set to each one. This is so that time is used productively to clear all of his or her Chinese questions with the tutor for effective learning. With that in mind, Online Tuition lessons would be a good choice for consideration for Chinese Tuition in Singapore.

5.3. Recommendations

There are 2 main ways that parents can go about finding Online Chinese Tuition: 1. Approach a Home Tuition Agency for a Private Online Tutor 2. Register via a Specialised Online Tuition Websites

5.3.1. Approach a Home Tuition Agency for a Private Online Chinese Tutor

Want to find your very own 1-1 personal Chinese tutor who can conduct lessons online? You can proceed to approach a Home Tuition Agency such as MindFlex, and we will able to connect you with tutors who conduct lessons via an online platform in a 1-1 setting. You will be able to choose a Chinese tutor best suited to your needs and preferences, based on his/her qualifications and profiles given by the agency. Parents can expect the rates to be $5-10/Hour less than that of physical 1-1 Home Tuition lessons, due to the lack of need to travel.

5.3.2. Register With Specialised Online Chinese Tuition Websites

Parents can also do a quick Google search on specialised Online Tuition companies in the market which offer Chinese Tuition in Singapore. These companies either provide lessons in a 1-1 or group setting, and almost all would have their own video-conferencing and online portals to support their lessons. These companies either hire their own base of Chinese tutors, or like a Home Tuition Agency, operates as a matching service to connect parents and freelance tutors according to their needs. Like Home Tuition agencies, many of these Online Tuition companies offer a service that is free for parents, leaving the processing fee for free-lance tutors to absorb.

There are many international Chinese Online Tuition companies that offer beginner and language courses for (non-Chinese) students and adults who want to learn Chinese from scratch or to improve in it, such as LingoAce and eChineseLearning. Do look out for Online Tuition Agencies that provide tuition for the local MOE syllabus, such as below:

#25. Connected Learning

Connected Learning is a company that specialises in providing Online Tuition for the local Chinese PSLE and O Level syllabus. There are only a maximum 4 students in each “class”, allowing your child ample opportunities to ask his/her tutor questions in real-time. Students are grouped together by their Chinese language calibre, so that lessons will be conducted at a paces suitable for them. The Chinese tutors at Connected Learning have between 2-7 years of online teaching experience, and make it a point to teach ahead of what is learnt in school so that students are kept on track. Connected Learning also emphasises on interactive learning and guarantees improvement in your child’s oral skills. You will be able to register for a free trial class before any commitment is needed.

Contact: 8725 7379
Levels & Subjects: Primary, Secondary Chinese
Cost: $230-320 per month, $50 registration fee, $30 material fee (refer to https://connectedlearning.sg/pricing/)
Website: https://connectedlearning.sg/

Online Chinese Tuition in Singapore

Connected Learning (image from Connected Learning website)

6. 1-to-1 Private Chinese Home Tuition

Hiring a 1 to 1 Private Home Tutor comes with many advantages and can be a fantastic investment for your child’s Chinese Education. Below are a summary of the key advantages of hiring a Chinese Private Home Tutor.

6.1. Advantages

1. Chinese Materials and Resources Which Are Customised

  • Chinese Home Tutors are able to diagnose your child’s weak areas and design original customised Chinese materials for him/her.
  • These materials can be based on certain weak areas (such as a particular Chinese exam component) which are unique to every student.
  • Materials like Cue Cards, list of Chinese Idioms/Phrases, Chinese Exam Papers are also often provided by Chinese tutors to supplement your child’s learning.
  • At a tuition centre, the materials are crafted based on the centre’s curriculum and for the mass classes. Hence these are not as targetted and specific to your child’s needs as compared to the materials provided by home tutors.

2. Complete Control Over Choice of Chinese Tutor

  • Parents have complete control in choosing the Chinese Tutor selected for their child.
  • From experience as an agency, many parents may have personal preferences based on the accent or nationality of Chinese Tutors.
  • Some parents prefer Chinese Tutors who are bi-lingual and able to explain well in English too.
  • This is unlike tuition centres whereby often a tutor is assigned to a specific class by the centre.
  • Parents are also able to find a replacement Chinese Tutor at anytime if the student is uncomfortable with the teaching style/pedagogy.
  • Arrangements with freelance tutors often come with no minimum commitment, allowing for greater flexibility.

3. Chinese Lessons With Individual Attention

  • Students will receive personalised and individual teaching from the Chinese Tutor.
  • Lessons are held on a 1 to 1 basis, and hence all focus and attention will be on the student.
  • At times, it may also be easier for students to open up in a 1 to 1 setting, especially when using their weaker language.
  • Students are able to clarify their doubts and practice their Chinese language skills with their tutor at their own comfortable pace.
  • Parents can request tutors to allocate more time to teach certain segments or skills (listening / oral / composition) that your child needs more help in.
  • In a group setting, students may not have the opportunity to raise questions due to time-constraint or shyness.
  • Most home tutors also allow themselves to be contacted outside of tuition hours, via WhatsApp or E-mail.
Resources available for Chinese tuition in Singapore

Your tutor will be able to provide you with Chinese resources to supplement learning.

4. Schedule Chinese Tuition With Flexibility

  • 1 to 1 Chinese Home Tuition provides the greatest scheduling flexibility.
  • Lessons can be arranged directly between student and tutor, more freely based on mutual schedule.
  • Make-up lessons can be easily arranged, ensuring that students are still able to have Chinese Lessons as much as possible without falling behind.
  • Students can request for additional Chinese lessons closer to exam dates to aid intensive revision.
  • This intensive revision can be the make or break factor in a student achieving 1 or 2 grades more for Major Chinese Examinations such as PSLE, O/N/A Levels or End of Year Examinations.

5. High Level of Involvement By Parents

  • 1-to-1 Chinese Home Tuition allows for the highest degree of parent involvement.
  • Parents are actively involved in all stages of the tuition process: searching for the tutor, hiring the tutor, communicating with the tutor.
  • Parents are able to receive immediate updates directly from home tutors on their child’s progress after each lesson
  • Feedback can also be provided to tutors for greater improvement of lessons.
  • Greater transparency – parents can actively monitor Chinese Lessons as they are conducted at home.

6. Learning Environment for Chinese

  • 1-to-1 Private Chinese Tuition is conducted in the comfort of a student’s home (unless requested otherwise).
  • Home is often a safe and conducive space for students.
  • Students feel comfortable and this allows them to open up to tutors, encouraging effective learning.
  • No need to travel – students/parents are able to save time from commuting to-and-fro from tuition centres.
  • Parents who are uncomfortable to have lessons at their homes may also opt to search for a Chinese tutor who is able to have lessons at his/her house or an alternative public venue instead.

6.2. Considerations

1. Experience & Qualifications of Chinese Tutor

  • It is extremely important of parents to enquire & verify regarding the experience and qualifications of the Chinese Tutor
  • As a good number of Chinese Private Tutors are not local, it is important to verify that they are familiar with the local MOE syllabus and its examination formats.
  • If you have decided to engage an Ex or Current MOE School Teacher, you may also request a viewing of their NIE Certificate to verify that they are an MOE Trained Teacher
  • Verification checks will be done by well-established and responsible tuition agencies such as MindFlex Home Tuition.
  • Hiring a Private Chinese Tutor who has taught at a local Chinese Tuition Centre is also a good idea as they would have passed the centre’s strict hiring process, and it also confirms that they are familiar with the Local MOE Chinese Syllabus.

2. Chinese Tutor’s Track Record & Current List of Students

  • Enquiring regarding the improvement of previous students is also a recommended step for parents.
  • It is also important to know which levels of students the tutor is currently teaching. It is advised to select tutors who are currently teaching students of the same level as it will ensure that they are familiar and experienced with helping students of the current level.
  • Knowing these 2 pieces of information could prove to be very helpful when deciding between tutor candidates who are closely matched.

3. Request A Phone Interview with Chinese Tutors

  • Requesting a phone interview is also a good step for parents to make during the tutor selection process.
  • A phone interview will allow parents to communicate first-hand with the teacher to have a better feel on the teaching style, and also if there might be any potential chemistry mismatch between the tutor and student.
  • The phone interview can also be a deciding factor between 2 closely matched candidates who have very similar experiences and qualifications on their tutoring profile.
  • Most experienced agencies such as MindFlex are happy to arranged a non-obligatory call between Parent and Tutor to facilitate the hiring decision.
  • A simple 5-10 minute call could help you make a much more informed decision on which Chinese Tutor to hire

4. Take Student’s Learning Style Into Account

  • Taking into account a student’s learning style is important when hiring a home tutor for Chinese.
  • Some students learn better in groups, whereas some students learn better individually.
  • Home tutoring is recommended for students who are able to learn effectively in a 1-to-1 environment.
  • It is also recommended for students who are easily distracted by peers, or surroundings.
  • Parents should also observe student’s progress regularly after 2-3 Chinese Lessons, to make sure that the student is comfortable with teaching style and communication of the Chinese Tutor.
  • If it feels that there is a mismatch between student and tutor, parents should consider a change of Chinese Tutor. Most home tuition agencies such as MindFlex are more willing to assist with this at no additional cost.

5. Tuition Rate

  • The rates between Chinese Home Tutors varies greatly, and this is dependent on their experience, qualifications, and also the current academic level of the student
  • This is a guide to the general tuition rates for Chinese Home Tutors: Part-Time Tutors: ($25-50/Hour), Full-Time Tutors: ($35-80/Hour), Ex/Current MOE Teachers: ($50-120/Hour).
  • Visit our tuition rates for more detailed pricing information on Chinese Home Tutors.

6.3. Link Me Up!

6.3.1. Engage the Services of a Home Tuition Agency

MindFlex Home Tuition Is The Best Provider for Chinese Home Tuition

MindFlex Home Tuition Is The #1 Provider For Chinese Tuition in Singapore

If you feel that engaging Chinese Home Tuition on a 1 to 1 basis suits your child’s learning style the best, our top recommendation would be engage a Chinese Home Tutor via a reputable Home Tuition Agency such as MindFlex. We have matched more than 3,000 successful Tuition Cases for Chinese with an active database of more than 10,000 Chinese Tutors. With our experience, we know exactly what parents are looking for, and how to help their children improve in the Chinese Language.

Our core responsibility lies with understanding parents’ requirements and preferences, and sourcing for a suitable tutor that meets each of their unique criteria. This is a list of advantages which parents can benefit from when selecting a home tuition agency such as MindFlex. 

  • Extensive List of Detailed Tutor Profiles Selections
  • Quick Turnaround Time Within 24 Hours
  • Agency’s Recommendations & Reviews
  • Verification of Tutor’s Qualifications
  • Free Request For Tutor, No Agency Fees Involved
  • Free Tutor Replacement Services
  • Troubleshooting & Rates Negotiation

Here at MindFlex, we promise only the highest quality of Chinese Tuition in Singapore, and we are dedicated towards helping your child achieve success in his/her educational journey. If you are keen, please feel free to contact our friendly team today so that we may begin to provide you with the necessary assistance for Chinese Tuition.

Private Chinese Tuition in Singapore

Contact a Home Tuition Agency to assist you in finding you a Chinese tutor that best suits the needs of your child.

6.3.2. Chinese Private Tutors’ Websites

There are also Chinese Private Tutors in the market who have created their own marketing materials and webpage for parents to find them easily. A simple google search will land you 10-20 results of potential tutors who are able to offer Chinese Tuition in Singapore on a private basis. As this search would be on a personal basis, do take note that there will be agency in between to verify the tutor’s credentials and experience. Hence, we would recommend parents to take the extra step of requesting for a soft copy of educational certificates and testimonials for basic verification as a safety precaution. Most of these tutors are usually legitimate and can be a good option for Chinese Tuition in Singapore.

6.3.3. Recommendations via Word of Mouth / Forums

Recommendations from others are also a great way to find Chinese Tuition in Singapore. There are a few ways that parents can go about doing this. The most common one would be seeking recommendations from trusted family, friends or colleagues. These are usually the strongest basis of recommendations and the tuition arrangements usually work out well. However, we would advise parents to check regarding the location the these recommended tutors are able to teach at as most tutors usually teach in a specific region of Singapore only.

Another way to find recommendations would be through internet forums such as www.kiasuparents.com and www.mummysg.com. These forums have specially dedicated threads to tuitions and have parents who regularly contribute their personal recommendations with regards to their tuition experience. Forums can prove to be an informative source for finding tutors, however we would recommend parents to follow the precautions recommended above, such as verifying the tutor’s credentials and experience before confirming the tuition engagement. You may also read here for more advice when selecting a tutor.

7. The Best Option for Chinese Tuition in Singapore

With the number of options and categories available for Chinese Tuition in Singapore, we wholeheartedly understand why parents may have difficulty choosing what may be the best option for Chinese Tuition. Our concluding recommendation would be for parents to first and foremost analyse the learning style of their child, and make a reasoned decision from there.  It is also important for parents to take into consideration what objectives and gains would they like from the Chinese Tuition at the end of the day. If you are keen to engage a Chinese Home Tutor, please do not hesitate to visit our homepage or contact us. Our friendly team is always available to assist you, and we hope to make a positive impact in your search for Chinese Tuition in Singapore.

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