Chinese Tuition in Singapore: The Top 30 Chinese Tuition Options in Singapore (With Reviews Included)

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1. Chinese Tuition in Singapore

The Chinese Language has been growing in popularity over the last decade, in both the local and global communities. As a tuition agency in Singapore, MindFlex has observed that there has been an increasing number of requests for Chinese Tuition in Singapore. This is fuelled by 2 main factors: 1. The MOE Chinese Syllabus has been evolving over the years, with more challenging vocabulary and exam formats being introduced. 2. With China’s rising influence in the world economy (now the 2nd largest player), the importance of mastering the Chinese language has been recognised by both parents and schools as an important skill set for students to have a competitive advantage over his/her counterparts in future. Mastering the Chinese Language will open many opportunities with regard to career or education prospects.

As language skills take time to cultivate, Singaporean parents have started to send their children for Chinese enrichment lessons early, even at the age of just 6 months old! According to a survey (with 500 participants) by the Straits Times, 34% of the parents have sent their pre-school children for Chinese lessons. In line with the “kiasu-ism” mentality, parents do not wish for their children to “lose out” to their peers and hence rush to get their children enrolled for Chinese Tuition in Singapore as soon as possible. Another common trend is that children tend to find learning Chinese tuition in Singapore difficult or boring, and hence take a longer time in grasping the language well and in turn, require constant help with the language. The most major reason for this is also because many Singaporean families now solely speak English at home and see Chinese-speaking as a “battle”, thus depriving the chance for Chinese to be practised at home. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has reported in October 2019 that 71% of Chinese households with Primary 1 children mostly speak English, as compared to 42% 20 years ago.

Motivating Chinese Tuition in Singapore

Its is important to find a motivating Chinese Tutor to maintain interest in the subject

2. Top 30 Chinese Tuition Options

“Which type of Chinese Tuition in Singapore should I send my child for?”, “My child hates learning Chinese. Who will be able to help him best?”, “Which option offers the least boring Chinese lessons for my child?” These are the typical questions asked by Singaporean Parents when finding the best choice of Chinese Tuition in Singapore. Parents are also often caught in the dilemma of whether to send their children to a Chinese Tuition Centre or to engage a private home tutor who is specialised in Chinese. Hence, we have compiled a list of the Best Chinese Tuition in Singapore to help you decide!

You may be asking, as concerned parents who want the best for your child, what is the ideal Chinese Tuition in Singapore for your child based on his/her skills, areas of weakness, and unique learning speed. As a result, we have chosen and complied the best Chinese Tuition in Singapore, mostly from Private Tutors and Specialised Tuition Centres. These language schools and centres are extremely skilled in teaching Chinese as their exclusive and Primary topic. By selecting a Chinese tuition specialist, you can be certain that your child will be in good hands in their Chinese academic path in the long term. 

1) Berries World

Established more than 25 years ago and previously known as “Children’s Language School”, Berries is one of the most popular Chinese Tuition in Singapore. They offer enrichment lessons that take up a multi-sensory approach through social interaction and seek to ensure that children have fun while learning Chinese. They provide lessons for children as young as Nursery 1, up till Primary 6, and covers Higher Chinese learning as well.


Berries World Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 1 Berries World
Website https://www.berriesworld.com/
Contact /
Address /

8809 6750 / 6254 8225 / 9637 0042 / 6554 1729 (Bishan Branch), 9173 1990 / 6256 2070 (Bukit Timah Branch), 9732 5566 / 6970 9332 / 6970 9334 (Outram Branch), 9139 5120 / 6735 9528 (River Valley Branch), 9722 2241 / 6220 0078 (Tanjong Pagar Branch), 9644 8827 / 6252 2110 (Toa Payoh Branch), 8661 0334 / 6363 1231 (Yishun Branch), 9127 3656 / 6570 3454 (Buangkok Branch), 8798 9024  / 6280 2600 / 8428 9241 / 6970 5920 (Kovan Branch), 9231 3251 / 6243 5525 (Bedok Branch), 9832 3059 / 6247 7276 (Mountbatten Branch), 9624 8918 / 6783 0873 (Pasir Ris Branch), 9679 2878 / 6782 8878 (Tampines Branch), 8028 0870 / 6562 2232 (Bukit Batok Branch), 9729 1283 / 6250 9183 (Clementi Branch), 8028 0970 / 6897 2232 (Jurong Branch), 8624 8180 / 6271 1755 (Pasir Panjang Branch), 9773 4389 / 6775 8990 (West Coast Branch)

No of Branches 20
Opening Hours Operating Hours differ
Levels & Subjects Pre-school, Primary Chinese
Class Size Not Stated
Email Depending on the branch

Not Stated. Do Enquire Directly

Highlights – The centres are equipped with attractive and child-friendly features
– They are designed to enable children to enjoy serious fun in a clean and conducive environment that promotes learning.
– Weekly Take-Home exercises reinforce classroom learning
– Students get to learn in a fun way within the story-telling rooms (开心源)

Review By Koh Jace (Parent)

“My daughter didn’t have much interest in Chinese and I have enrolled her for another centre which did little help. Ever since she has joined Berries, her interest grew tremendously and was able to converse a lot better in Chinese. The school fees are also lower than what I have paid previously where the learning style was less interesting. Definitely worth the value and long waiting time!”

Review By Azlan Chenlong bin Mohammad Noh

“I really like Berries! If I didn’t attend Berries, I wouldn’t have passed my Chinese PSLE with flying colours. Through Berries, I have learnt how to revise for the Chinese subject. I have also discovered the areas that I need to improve on. I like the composition series, “阿力爱写作” I find it so useful! Memorising the phrases in this series helped me a lot in my composition writing. ” 

Review By Chew Hon Yin

“Berries first caught my attention with its comprehensive worksheets and their course structure which aligns with the Ministry of Education’s curriculum. Most importantly, the educators at Berries have the passion to teach. Berries ticks all the boxes. My eldest child began his Chinese lessons with Berries and I witnessed how his results improved by leaps and bounds. I was not surprised when he scored stellar results in his PSLE. My second son, Evan, also started attending Berries since his preschool days. He garnered similar results for his PSLE. He was thankful that the teachers were always available and quick to help whenever he needed clarification.  He especially enjoyed the small group discussions as it was helpful for completing his assignments. I am appreciative that Berries has made the lessons enthralling for the students. Although Chinese enrichment centres are aplenty and a few ones are in our neighbourhood, the decision to allow our children to continue at Berries has never wavered through the years. Thank you, Berries teachers, for helping me to improve, so that I can enrol in the school that I like!” 

2) Tien Hsia Language School

Tien Hsia Language School is a popular Chinese Tuition in Singapore and has a “Chinese only” environment to help students get well-accustomed to the language. Kindergarten level students will also have an End-of-Term mini-concert, to display their new knowledge of Chinese to their parents. Tien Hsia provides Chinese lessons for pre-school children to enable them to be fully prepared for the Primary Chinese syllabus. They inject various interactive activities such as games, dancing and singing, and lessons are kept to a maximum of 6 students. As for Primary and Secondary level students, Tien Hsia trains students to be well-prepared for their PSLE / O Level Chinese and Higher Chinese exams and targets students’ critical thinking skills. Tien Hsia also has its own holiday programmes, where students aged 4-9 get to go on island-wide excursions to engage in hands-on activities with the aim of improving their Chinese.


Tien Hsia Language School Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 2 Tien Hsia Language School
Website https://www.tienhsia.com/
Contact /
Address /
6451 2131 (Ang Mo Kio) / 6253 2131 (Bishan) / 6314 2131 (Bukit Batok) / 6760 2131 (choa Chu kang) / 6487 2131 (Hougang) / 6564 2131 (Jurong Point) / 6348 2131 (Marine Parade) / 6883 2131 (Orchard) / 6281 2131 (Punggol) / 6556 2131 (Sembawang) / 6784 2131 (Tampines) 
No of Branches 11
Opening Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12–6pm
Wednesday: 9am–9:30pm
Thursday: 12:30–8pm
Friday: 1–9:30pm
Saturday: 9am–6:45pm
Sunday: 9am–6:45pm

Opening hours differs

Levels & Subjects Pre-school, Primary & Secondary Chinese
Class Size Not Stated
Email enquiry@tienhsia.com

Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly


– Specialises in Chinese for children
– Registered with MOE 
– Established in 1989
– Over 25,000 enrolment
– No. 1 choice of parents (based on a survey by Forbes Research Pte Ltd)
– Distinct group of teachers for pre-school and primary/secondary programmes
– No mixed levels in their programmes
– Apart from conventional classroom tasks like reading and writing, the students also engage in lively activities with their classmates and teachers 
– Separate programmes for Higher and Primary Chinese 

Review By JJ Low

“I’m here to let my kids attend the trial class. So far it’s been a good experience for them after attending the holiday program and this franchise has been highly recommended to me and it has been good for kids to brush up their Mandarin and Chinese in a fun way. The class size is quite small too, which is a plus for me. This is quite a big difference to the indifferent treatment I got at berries at toa Payoh Safra. It’s like they only want good students and to be able to enrich them quickly to score As so as to use it as their advertising platform. I did not get this at Tien Hsia and the feel was very welcoming. Thumbs up.”

Review By Matthew Wong

“Specialist Mandarin enrichment centre. Most of their educators are native speakers, which is indispensable when it comes to improving the linguistic capabilities of their students. Fees are fairly reasonable too. They appear to cater between pre-nursery to secondary levels, though it differs between branches. The singular drawback with this particular Kovan branch is the waiting area outside… it’s stuffy, with little seating especially at this time, whilst it’s sometimes a squeeze with the parents of the other educational centres there.”

Review By Agnes

“Ms. Chew and Ms. Lim are the stars of Tien Hsia Kovan, they provide excellent customer service and are always responsive to customer’s queries. Well done!

3) Skylace Language School

Skylace is a private Chinese language school that was the first to be approved by MOE in Singapore, and it was also the first to accommodate students from as young as 3 years old, all the way up to 16 years old. Currently, their most junior class is open to children between 24 months old till Nursery 1 level. As a pioneer and established centre, Skylace has helped more than 20,000 students through their uniquely-developed curriculum, which is constantly updated across years of research to keep abreast with the MOE syllabus. It is also a centre that emphasises parental involvement to enhance their child’s learning. Skylace is also one of the very few Chinese centres in Singapore that offer JC Chinese Enrichment classes, to help students score for their H1 Chinese A Level examinations. 


Skylace Language School Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 3 Skylace Language School
Website http://skylace.com.sg/new/
Contact /
Address /

6297 1971 (Waterloo) / 6297 1971 (Yishun) / 6297 1971 (Bukit Batok)

No of Branches 3
Opening Hours Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10am–6pm
Wednesday: 10am–6pm
Thursday: 10am–6pm
Friday: 2–9pm
Saturday: 9am–6pm
Sunday: 9am–6pm
Levels & Subjects Pre-school, Primary, Secondary and JC Chinese
Class Size 3
Email admin@skylace.com.sg
Fees Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Highlights – Skylace Language School has more than 30 years of experience in teaching children Mandarin.
– Provide personalised services based on your child needs
– Through years of experience and research, their courses have proven to be one of the most effective and quickest ways to master the Chinese language.
– All the programmes are designed and formulated by the centre, therefore, it is easy to amend their syllabus quickly to suit the changing needs.
– They promote parental involvement in children’s learning and form strong partnerships with all parents in their school.

Review By Aditya Maharjan

“Skylace is one of the best Chinese language school. It helps children to learn new things and develop good experiences. Teachers are well mannered and are internationally certified in teaching lessons. Infrastructure and quality of education are the key points of this school. I highly recommend Skylace Language School.

Review By Naomi Ghan

“The quality of teaching and the kindness of their treatment to students are the things I like about this school. Although it’s a humble learning centre, it’s one that you can trust!”

Review By Alex Reis

“Amazing service and a great place for children to learn the Chinese Language. Skylace School have all infrastructure and quality of education and is full of dedicated professionals. A good and nice place for the children!

4) Han Language Centre Chinese Tuition in Singapore

Han Language Centre, a Chinese Tuition in Singapore, puts focus on consolidating easy ways for students to master the Chinese language, through their unique “SEPA” approach. By stimulating students’ senses through video-watching, conversation-making and passage-reading, Han hopes to break down Chinese into bite-sized pieces for students to absorb and retain. Han Language Centre is also a subsidiary of the Singapore Press Holdings, and thus able to give the added advantage by tapping on the resources and knowledge of SPH’s Chinese Media group. Secondary students are also streamed into specialised NA/Express/HCL classes so that they can learn at paces appropriate for them.


Han Language Centre Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 4 Han Language Centre
Website https://www.hceg.com.sg/hlc/
Contact /
Address /

9661 8692 /
Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh, Buona Vista, Queenstown, Kovan, Khatib, Sengkang, Jurong East, Simei

No of Branches 9
Opening Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 2:30–9pm
Wednesday: 2:30–9pm
Thursday: 2:30–9pm
Friday: 2:30–9pm
Saturday: 8:30am–6:30pm
Sunday: 8:30am–7pm

Opening hours differs

Levels & Subjects Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese
Class Size Not Stated
Email ask@hanlanguage.edu.sg
Fees A Registration Fee of SGD 53.50 (inclusive of GST) is required upon enrolment.
Highlights – New bite-sized content with slight variations and difficulties are introduced in each learning cycle so that students can accumulate knowledge and skills gradually in class
– Teaches aligned with the MOE syllabus
– Uses a systematic and standardised approach, known as SEPA, to guide the students
– Senses: The teachers introduce students to a subject matter in the form of a conversation, text passage or video clip. The students gather bite-sized information about the subject matter through sensory observations, e.g. sight, hearing and touch
– Experience: The students are guided to relate the information to their past experiences and the environment to help them make key connections and build on their knowledge
– Processing: The students are led by the teachers to process the gathered information by reading and thinking to gain a deeper understanding and meaning of the subject matter
– Actions: The teachers will get the students to use the processed information to share an opinion during class discussions or through writing practice

Review By Parent of Chia Rey (Sec 2)

“Rey is happy with the curriculum and his teacher. He looks forward to attend class as he learns phrases that could be used in his school work.”

Review By Parent of Danzel (K2)


“Danzel’s Chinese has improved a lot ever since he joined the class. He looks forward to coming to class every week.”

Review By Parent of Tan Li Hui (Sec 3)

“I would recommend HLC to other parents: if the kid likes the teacher and the environment, I think their results would show. Also, i find that HLC is affordable and has the advantage of flexible timings.”

5) Busybees Language Centre

Busybees was established in 2000 and specialises in giving Enrichment lessons to students ranging from Pre-school to Secondary levels, in Chinese and Higher Chinese. They have standard Chinese tuition courses, as well as classes ranging from 2-3 hours long that specialise in certain segments of the Chinese examination paper (eg. Oral, Comprehension and Composition), should your child require extra specialised help in them. Busybees also has a School Holiday Oral workshop so that O Level students can get extra practice before their paper.


Busybees Learning Centre Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 5 Busybees Language Centre
Website https://www.bblcchinese.com/
Contact /
Address /

6877 2919 (HillV2) / 6733 2939 (Balmoral Plaza) / 6458 1191 (Sin Ming Plaza)

No of Branches 3
Opening Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 8:30am–5pm
Wednesday: 8:30am–9:30pm
Thursday: 8:30am–9:30pm
Saturday: 8:00am–7:30pm
Sunday: 8:00am–7pm

Opening hours differs

Levels & Subjects Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese
Class Size Not Stated
Email Not Stated
Fees $385.20-$693.36 for 12 lessons

– Specialised in Chinese Language Enrichment courses
– 100% pass rate for PSLE Chinese Language, over 95% scored A* or A
– Over 50% scored distinction grade A1/A2 for ‘O’ Level Chinese or Higher Chinese Language
– Systematic and effective teaching method
– Highly qualified professional teachers registered with MOE
– Good track record of satisfied parents and students alike 

Review By Tiquico Chiong

“I personally take lessons here. They are engaging, fun and entertaining due to some antics and jokes being flung around the classroom. I would recommend this tuition centre for anyone who needs Chinese tuition.

Review By Eng Guan Yeo

“The centre is good for learning Chinese composition”

Review By Wang Xin

“Helped me to better improve my Chinese composition and the teachers there are good at increasing my Chinese vocabulary”

6) Confucius Mandarin

Confucius Mandarin consists of a team of graduate teachers from Singapore, China and Taiwan, who are all kept abreast with the MOE Chinese and Higher Chinese syllabus. They make use of visual aids, games and fable-sharing for lessons with Nursery to Kindergarten children, eventually preparing them for the Primary Chinese curriculum. Primary and Secondary level classes are designed for students to acquire the necessary skills to conquer the PSLE and O Levels. Confucius Mandarin is also one of the rare centres that offer JC Chinese lessons – for both H1 Chinese Language, as well as H2 Chinese Language and Literature (CLL). These JC lessons are designed to train students to think critically and hone their analysis and writing skills.


Confucius Mandarin Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 6 Confucius Mandarin
Website https://www.confucius.edu.sg/
Contact /
Address /
6753 3533 (AMK) / 6481 3233 (Northpoint City) / 6899 3233 (Aperia) / 6272 3233 (Tiong Bahru) / 6245 3233 (Bedok) / 6786 3233 (Eastpoint Mall) / 6446 3233 (Parkway Parade) / 6789 3233 (Tampines Mall) / 6383 3233 (White Sands) / 6898 3233 (Jurong Point) / 6793 3233 (Jurong West) / 6567 3233 (NTU @ One North) / 6686 3233 (Westgate) / 6315 3233 (Compass One) / 6362 3233 (Hougang Mall) / 6449 3233 (Oasis Terraces) / 6543 3233 (Wterway Point) / 6763 3233 (Hillion Mall) / 6242 3233 (Lot One) / 6465 3233 (YewTee Point)
No of Branches 20
Opening Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 8:30am–5pm
Wednesday: 8:30am–9:30pm
Thursday: 8:30am–9:30pm
Saturday: 8:00am–7:30pm
Sunday: 8:00am–7pm

Opening hours differs

Levels & Subjects Pre-school, Primary, Secondary, JC Chinese
Class Size Not Stated
Email hotbox@byrontutorial.com.sg
Fees Not Stated
Highlights – 24 years of experience, with over 75% scoring A/B
– Located right at the heart of the city, 5 minutes’ walk away from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station
– Conducive learning environment
– Focus on instilling solid fundamentals backed by more than 2 decades of refined experience in tutoring students
– Proven track record and constant flow of word-of mouth referrals

Review By Esther Lee

“Ms Sun frequently used videos to help us learn better. Close to the oral exam, she gave us a lot of speaking practice in class.”

Review By Liao Guowang

“Mr Shi teaches with patience, and the tips that he gave were always on point and useful for exams. His lessons were also very interactive, making them fun and interesting.”

Review By Evelyn Tan

“Ms Lu is a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher who nurtured my interest in Chinese and patiently answered any questions I had. She gave me personalised and targeted feedback on areas that I needed improvement in. With her expert guidance, I was able to ace my O Level exam with ease.”

7) Zhou’s Academic Studio

Founded in 1995, many students in Zhou’s Academic Studio have obtained excellent examination results. Almost 90% of the students obtained A/A* in PSLE Chinese, where many have shown improvements within 3 to 6 months after attending Chinese lessons in the studio. For more than a decade. Zhou’s Academic Studio aims to cultivate a strong passion in their students for their Chinese language by working on their writing and comprehension skills. Since the day they were founded, the studio has already educated thousands of students from top schools in their Chinese language. 


Zhou’s Academic Studio Chinese Tuition Centre

Chinese Tuition 7 Zhou’s Academic Studio
Website https://zas.sg/ 
Contact /
Address /
6252 8920 / 1 Goldhill Plaza #03-03 Singapore 30889
6467 8920 /Beauty World Center #02-10 144 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 588177
No of Branches 2
Opening Hours Not Stated
Levels & Subjects Preschool, Primary, Secondary, Adult Chinese
Class Size Not Stated
Email zhou@zas.sg 
Fees Not Stated

– 90% of the students have obtained distinctions
– Observed that almost 90% of our students improve in 3 to 6 months time after attending Chinese courses here
– Classes are purposely kept small in size for more focused and personalized teaching.
– Curriculum and teaching approach is developed in strict accordance to the Singapore Ministry of Education’s curriculum
– Emphasises on teacher-student interactions during classes enhances our students’ learning experiences

Review By Anonymous

Teachers here are very professional and full of love and patience. Even in the CB time we took online lessons, the teachers are also very dedicated to helping kids to understand how to learn chinese online with this situation. Overall I’m very satisfied with Zhou’s academic studio!!!””

Review By Mr Sim

“My son doesn’t seem to improve in his previous tuition which is a very established and well-known with his fun learning programme in Singapore. So, i took up my friend’s recommendation and let my son attends the classes here. I am quite thrilled to see that my son has improved quite alot within 1 semester. He loves to attend class here, although the worksheet is abit tough to him, but the teachers here are very encouraging. “

Review By Mother of 陈欣怡

“欣怡is exempted from November O’level exam as she has obtained A1 in her Chinese in May exam. I am really thankful to the center especially to 龚老师. She has been in this tuition center since 3 years ago and has been with this teacher since then.“

8) Le Xue Education Centre

Le Xue Education Centre was founded by Ms Vivien Le, an Ex-MOE Teacher at Catholic High School. Their motto includes “joyful learning”, highlighting their emphasis on weaving fun into lessons in order for students to gain an appreciation of the language. They have developed a “purely Chinese culture environment” for their students to learn best in, and Ms Le has also formulated the “3R Method” that has been implemented into Le Xue’s learning curriculum. Capped at 10 students maximum, Le Xue has also introduced a lesson to segregate the Higher Chinese and IP Chinese students from the Express Chinese Secondary students. This is so that the students are able to learn according to their respective syllabus and at different paces appropriately designed for them.


Le Xue Education Centre Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 8 Le Xue Education Centre
Website https://lexueeducation.com/
Contact /
Address /
6554 1683 /
Bishan, Kovan, Queens Road & Parkway Parade
No of Branches 4
Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 12pm – 9pm
Weekend: 9am – 6pm
Public Holiday closed

Levels & Subjects

Pre-school, Primary, Secondary/IP Chinese

Class Size 10 Max
Email admin@lexueeducation.com

Not Stated

Highlights -Utilises the 3R method that specialises in helping students build a strong foundation in Chinese
-Aims to cultivate student’s interest in the language
-Materials used comprises of up to date news and cultural connotations to create a sense of identity and promote character development in students
-Professional and passionate tutors
-Team of passionate and experience teachers
-Will utilise a variety of methods which has been prove to aid in the improvement of student’s reading, writing, speaking and listening

Review By Elizabeth (Mother of 3 Students enrolled in Le Xue)

“Under Ms Vivien Le and her team’s dedicated guidance, all my 3 children had seen tremendous leaps in their Chinese. All my 3 children attended the 3R and COC Programme and all benefitted a lot from it.  My son scored an A* for his Chinese in PSLE, a feat not easy for many to achieve and my eldest daughter attained an A1 for Higher Chinese in her GCE O Level. My youngest daughter also attained 98/100 in her recent Primary 6 Chinese examination – the highest she has ever gotten and the highest in her entire class! Once again, I say thank you, Le Lao Shi!”

Review By Mdm Lim Ren Sing (Lee Cheng En Kason’s Mum)

“Cheng En has improved greatly after attending the LeXue 3R Independent Reader Method Programme for only nine lessons. He used to fail his Higher Chinese tests in school, but just after nine lessons of 3R Independent Reader programme he improved greatly and was able to pass his Higher Chinese test. He no longer disliked it, but found it interesting and is more willing to learn the language.

I would definitely recommend the 3R Programme to other students. This programme has helped my son to learn five times faster. Through this programme, he also developed a deep interest in Chinese and this will benefit him throughout his lifetime.”

Review By Lo Wai (Mingshan’s Mother)

“Big Surprise That She Could Read Zhonghuazijing Textbook Independently… Even Start To Feel Passionate About Learning New Chinese Characters On Her Own! Not only helped her to learn about history and culture in China, but also developed her interest in Chinese. If it wasn’t for your help, it wouldn’t be possible for my child to have more interest in Chinese language.”

9) Xuelin Learning Hub

Established in 2011 with 4 branches, Xuelin Learning Hub ensures that they update their curriculum based on the latest MOE syllabus, and have also designed original teaching resources to help their students prepare well for their examinations. They also focus on keeping class sizes small for each child to get sufficient attention from his/her tutor, and to eventually nurture each child to be self-motivated and lifelong learners. Through “inquiry-based learning”, Xuelin provides Chinese introductory lessons from Nursery 2 level onwards, and train their Upper Secondary students in expanding their general knowledge and vocabulary in order to be able to articulate themselves well.


Xuelin Learning Hub Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 9 Xuelin Learning Hub
Website https://www.xuelinlearninghub.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

Bukit Timah: Bukit Timah Plaza, 1 Jln Anak Bukit, #02-01C,  Singapore 588996 (6466 5400)
Marine Parade: 1 Marine Parade Central, #04-08 Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408 (6363 5400)
Jurong Gateway: 135 Jurong Gateway Road, #02-331, Singapore 600135 (6970 5400)
Tampines Central: 5 Tampines Central 6, #01-03 Telepark, Singapore 529482 (6588 5400)
Kovan: Blk 203 Hougang St 21 #01-79Singapore 530203 (6388 5400)
Goldhill/Novena: Goldhill Centre 201B Thomson RoadSingapore 307637 (6333 5400)

No of Branches 6
Opening Hours

Mon: Closed
Tuesday: 10am – 7pm
Wednesday: 10am – 7pm
Thursday: 10am – 7pm
Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Sunday: %.30am – 5.30pm

Levels & Subjects Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese
Class Size Max 8
Email info@xuelinlearninghub.com.sg
Fees Not Stated

– Establised in 2011, Xuelin Learning Hub developed and built a successful learning environment that has proven to product outstanding academic results
– Each class comprises of only eight students, so every child receives the attention and assistance they need, enabling the teachers to be more attuned to each student’s learning needs and to adjust the curriculum accordingly for the best outcome
– Every teacher at XueLin takes pride in combining their expertise and passion to help each student grow and thrive
– Teachers will provide frequent feedback to parents on the students’ progress and how they can further improve.
– Believes that learning Chinese should be as meaningful as it is educational
– Teaches the students the language’s roots and heritage, so students gain a deeper appreciation for the language and culture

Review By Owl Ting

New centre in Kovan. staff are very welcoming and provided me with lots of info about their curriculum, immediately signed my child up with them! Worth checking out! BRILLIANT teachers who can break down complex questions into simple, easy to understand chunks”

Review By Tiffany Wu

My kids’ happy place!! I always receive feedback about my kids’ progress after each lesson so that I can monitor them better at home. Amazing teachers who always take into account their pace of learning and adjust the teaching style to suit the needs of students.”

Review By
Septimus Chui

“This tuition is really good in helping people with chinese regardless of what standards you are at right now. Whether u are trying to improve on chinese or wanting your child to get A/A*, this is the place for you. I feel that the teachers are really caring and will take the time to ensure that the students will understand the concepts well as well as the correct techniques in tackling composition, e-mail and much more! The practices given by the teachers are also really helpful to ensure ample practices are given to the students. Another good thing about the tuition is that the class size is very small (about 3-4 students) and this is really helpful as the teacher can focus on a small size of students and hence you can easily ask the teacher questions and you will be answered. I highly recommend this tuition to anyone who wants their child to improve on their chinese!”

10) Little Gems Learning Centre

Little Gems Learning Centre provides Chinese and Higher Chinese Tuition in Singapore not only for Pre-school to Secondary level students, but also for adults and international students too. Their tutors are MOE registered, and their courses are all designed according to the latest MOE syllabus. For international students, Little Gems offers introductory classes for children aged 3-16 years old. Little Gems also offers 1-1 personal tuition at their centres for those who need specialised attention, and would work better individually with the tutor instead of in a group setting.


Little Gems Learning Centre Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 10 Little Gems Learning Centre
Website https://www.mymustardseed.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6836 9887/
271 Bukit Timah Road #02-10 Balmoral Plaza Singapore 259708

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 1pm – 7pm
Saturday: 9am – 6pm
Sunday 10am – 5pm

Levels & Subjects

Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese

Class Size Not Stated
Email enquiry@sglittlegems.com

Not Stated


– Little Gems is a dedicated Chinese language school in Singapore that specialised in educating the beauty and awareness of the Chinese Language to students of all ages
– Little Gems team is a group of extremely experienced, passionate and MOE registered teachers who are enthusiastic in imparting their knowledge of Chinese Language to keen students
– Lesson plans specially designed by the Little Gems Course Designers are made to leverage on the existing approved MOE syllabus to further strengthen and solidify student’s foundation in all areas for Chinese Language skills

Review By Adelene Tan

“My primary 5 daughter attends Chinese group class at Little Gems and enjoys the lessons. Her teacher, Ms Qiao, is very dedicated and puts in great effort to ensure that she understands her work well. She is very encouraging and instils in her students a love for the Chinese language. My 6 year old also attends a group class under Ms Qiao and he is able to recognise and read many Chinese words and phrases. He has developed a strong interest in Chinese and looks forward to class every week. We are very happy with their progress.”

Review By Duke Earle

“I love the teacher and my Chinese has improved greatly ever since I learn from this center. I love my teacher Ms. Yang, she is very patient. I will definitely recommend to my friends.”

Review By Teresa Loi

“ The tutor has helped my son improves on his composition and pays attention to his development towards the subject. The flexibility of doing make up class or change of timing due to school schedule is a big plus here in Little Gems.”

11) Beijing Language School

With 7 branches across Singapore, Beijing Language School offers lessons for students ranging from N1 all the way till Sec 4. On top of the normal syllabus, this centre also offers enrichment lessons for Primary students that explores other ways to broaden their Chinese vocabulary and strengthen their language skills. Secondary students can expect to attend lessons that aim to improve their composition writing techniques and analysis skills. Beijing Language School offers Holiday Enrichment Programmes as well, injecting a Speech and Drama component for Pre-school children as part of the course. All in all, the centre hopes to inspire their students to learn the language, and to help them be able to communicate and express themselves effectively.


Beijing Language School Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 11 Beijing Language School
Website https://beijinglanguage.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

Tampines: Blk 477 Tampines St 43 #01-176 Singapore 520477 (6587 0752)

White Sands: 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3 #05-04 White Sands, Singapore 518457 (6582 0949)

Sengkang CC: 2 Sengkang Square #01-04 Sengkang CC, Singapore 545025 (6315 9719)

Punggol Plaza: 168 Punggol Field, #04-08B Punggol Plaza, Singapore 820168 (6315 8405)

Rivervale Plaza: 118 Rivervale Drive, #02-21 Rivervale Plaza, Singapore 540118 (6388 7157)

Waterway Point: 83 Punggol Central, #02-01 Waterway Point, Singapore 828761 (6315 8406)

Jurong Point: 1 Jurong West Central 2, #01-17A Jurong Point Singapore 648886 (6904 9934)

Bukit Batok: 4 Bukit Batok Street 41 #01-93 & 95 Singapore 657991 (6513 2135)

Canberra Plaza: Canberra Plaza 133 Canberra View #03-12 Singapore 750133 (6513 2132)

No of Branches 9
Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 12pm – 9pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8.30pm – 7pm

Levels & Subjects

Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese

Class Size Not Stated
Email enquiry@beijinglanguage.com

Not Stated


– Aims to develop and bring out the true potential in all of the students
– Hopes to inspire their desire for learning Chinese and most important of all, to cultivate and instill important values in all of them, so as to nurture them and in turn, they are able to contribute effectively towards the society
– Focuses on helping the students to master the Chinese language through different materials and teaching methods to allow them to express themselves in Chinese clearly and communicate at ease

Review By Seok Fang Tan

“This tuition centre provide a very good chinese environment to my daughter. Now her Chinese exam result improve a lot in school especially her oral. I will let my K1 son to join this tuition centre next year. Just want to let every parents know, they provide one free trial before you register.”

Review By Quanyu Wong

“Sent my child to here early this year and see great improvement in her ability in Chinese language, from not knowing how to write till able to write independently without adult assistance, and from slang pronunciation to clearer articulation during conversation. The teachers and staff were friendly and we as parents are able to receive regular feedback on child’s progress.”

Review By Chris WL

“Friendly staffs, experienced teachers, comprehensive teaching materials, best learning environment. I’m highly recommend Beijing to you all. My son & daughter are doing exceptionally well in Chinese language and we owe this to the dedicated teachers of Beijing. Teachers explains concepts in great detail which helps my children to excel in their school exams. Thanks to Beijing!”

12) Hao Chinese Tuition Centre

Hao Chinese Tuition Centre is an MOE-registered centre specialising in Chinese tuition for Pre-school, Primary, and Secondary students. They boast a collection of high-quality tutors such as ex-MOE teachers, Chinese language educators with Masters/Ph.Ds., and curriculum specialists. The centre’s philosophy is ‘Confidence in Chinese Language’, so their curriculum places equal emphasis on scoring in examinations and developing students’ ability to confidently use Chinese in their daily life. They also have a ‘2R’ (Read & Recognise) course to help weaker Primary school students re-build their foundation.

Hao Chinese Tuition

Hao Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 12 Hao Chinese Tuition Centre
Website https://haochinesetuition.com/
Contact /
Address /

8626 7300 / 9196 9917

HQ: 501 Balestier Road, #02-01, Wai Wing Centre, S329844

30 Bukit Batok Street 31, #03-11, Hong Kah North CC, S659440

No of Branches 2
Opening Hours

HQ: Mon, Wed – Fri: 1pm – 7.30pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 6.30pm 
Closed on Tue

Hong Kah North CC: Wed – Fri: 2pm – 9.30pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 6.30pm
Closed on Mon & Tue

Levels & Subjects

Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese

Class Size Not Stated

info@haochinesetuition.com (HQ)
hao.hkn@haochinesetuition.com (Hong Kah North)

Fees Not Stated

MOE-registered Specialist Centre
– Teaching staff are highly qualified with proven track records
– Have programmes suitable for children weaker in Chinese, focusing on building their interest in Chinese, strengthening speaking confidence, and writing abilities
– Strong testimonials by parents, and featured on several other  ‘Best Chinese Tuition’ lists

Review By Eunice Ho

My child looks forward to the activities and games in class every week. He has shown improvement in word recognition and reading independently. Instead of having routine lessons, the teacher has games which enforce word recognition and also student presentations which allows the child to practise speaking and build confidence!

Review By Constance Song

My daughter always looking forward to the classes weekly. The one factor we love about HAO is, they make learning so interesting and fun! I think that’s really important for kids to captivate their love for mandarin. When they enjoy, there’s no more fear in learning anymore. I also absolutely love the fact that they focus on recognizing Chinese characters first rather than relying on Han Yu Pin Ying , thats really awesome!

Review By Felicia Ooi

Specialist Mandarin enrichment Centre which create the right environment for my 4yo son to be immersed in Chinese language. Most importantly passionate teachers, interactive and fun learning program that increased my son’s interest in mandarin.

13) Edugem

Edugem provides Chinese tuition in Singapore for students in Pre-school, Primary and Secondary level students, and design their programmes to be “fun, creative and meaningful”. There are 3 objectives integrated into their lessons – Experiential Learning, Expression of Creativity and Empowering Independent Thinking. With these 3 goals in mind, students are trained to gain an appreciation and mastery of the Chinese language with the aid of Edugem’s tutors in a supportive learning environment. They also offer free trials for the first lesson before any commitment is made.


Edugem Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 13 Edugem
Website https://www.edugem.sg/
Contact /
Address /
9627 0300 /
Block 503 Bishan Street 11, #01-450, Singapore 570503
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 3pm – 9pm (except Thu)
Sat – Sun: 9am – 4pm
Levels & Subjects Pre-school, Primary Chinese
Class Size Not Stated
Email hello@edugem.sg 

P1 – P2: $288/10 lessons
P3 – P4: $315/10 lessons
P5 – P6: $342/10 lessons

Highlights – Dedicated tutors with years of experience
– Access to online platform with educational resources for all students
– Availability of holiday programmes for enrichment
– Strong testimonial base, with students benefitting from grade improvements

Review By

“This learning centre is managed by Ex MOE teacher, who is very familiar with the syllabus and structure of education system. Highly recommended.”

Review By Cheryl Koh

“After joining edugem, my chinese grade has improved from a barely passing grade to an A and in a short span of time and it has been that way ever since. The teachers there are passionate, friendly and extremely patient. Would definitely recommend!”

Review By Evelyn Tan

“Found Edugem while sourcing around for holiday programme for my nephews. This learning center offers many interesting programmes, and most importantly their staffs are very patient in answering my endless questions. Their teachers are very passionate too. Thank you and please continue the good work.”

14) Sprout Language Centre

Sprout was founded by local Singaporeans who want to alter the perspective of Chinese education in Singapore. They concede that while many still find it fun to learn Chinese in their early Pre-school and Primary years, the “fun” is gradually taken away due to the pressure of the national examinations. Through careful process planning, Sprout aims to implant a long-term interest in the language and hone students to be “confident speakers, independent readers, critical thinkers and skilled writers”. On top of regular lessons, Sprout also organises many out-of-classroom activities. One example would be the launch of the Sprout Book Club – the first Chinese family book club in Singapore, where both parents, as well as children, are invited to participate.


Sprout Learning Centre Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 14 Sprout Language Centre
Website https://www.sprout.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6451 1511 /

Blk 150 Tampines Street 12 #01-K1 Singapore 521150
Blk 728 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 #01-4224 Singapore 560728 – 2nd Floor

No of Branches 2
Opening Hours

Monday: Closed
Tue – Fri: 4pm – 8.30pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 6.30pm

Levels & Subjects Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese
Class Size Not Stated
Email enquiries@sprout.com.sg

$500-$920 per term (refer to https://www.sprout.com.sg/uploads/3/7/1/0/37109101/sprout_term_3_timetable.pdf)

Highlights – Offers Online and In-Person classes to suit different needs and learning styles
– Structured and prepared programme to help students excel in their academics
– In-house designed and curated notes for all students
– Practice questions provided to help students hone skills

Review By
Angel Ong

“Been sent my kids here for 3 years. A tuition center which is not commercialise, teachers are full of care and patient to the kids. Good teaching materials and well organise full years syllabus.”

Review By 


Review By


15) Wang Learning Centre

Founded in 2007, Wang continuously improves and updates its syllabus in tandem with the changes in the MOE syllabus and ensures students are constantly challenged while encouraging them to love Chinese in the process. Wang offers Chinese and Higher Chinese classes for students from K1 till Sec 4, and keeps the class size small to ensure that each child is still able to get individual attention from the tutor. Pre-school classes are 1.5 hours long, Primary and Secondary classes are at 2 hours long, and are held in a “lively, interactive and fun” learning environment. They provide 3 types of courses for Primary level according to the different sections and skillsets in the examination so that students can enrol in whichever course they need more help in.


Wang Learning Centre Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 15 Wang Learning Centre
Website https://www.wang.edu.sg/
Contact /
Address /

Bukit Timah Branch: 896 Dunearn Road #04-05B, Link@896 (6468 6606 )
Yishun Branch: 598 Yishun Ring Road, #01-33/34, Wisteria Mall, Singapore 768698 (6282 6606)
Ang Mo Kio Branch: 61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, #03-04/05, Jubilee Square, Singapore 569814 (6452 9796)
Hougang Branch: 1 Hougang Street 91, #01-43, Hougang 1 Mall, Singapore 538692 (6287 6606)
Serangoon Branch: 23 Serangoon Central, #04R-77, Singapore 556083 (6509 4538)
Marine Parade Branch: 46 East Coast Road, #02-01/02, #04-02/03/04/05/06, #05-01/03, #08-06, EastGate, Singapore (6441 6606)
Tampines Branch: 3 Tampines Central 1, #06-01, Abacus Plaza Singapore 529540 (6226 5606)
Jurong East Branch: 2 Jurong East Central 1, #04-09/10, Jcube, Singapore 609731 (6694 4331)

No of Branches 9
Opening Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday/Wednesday: 10am – 7pm
Thursday: 10am – 8pm
Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday: 8.30am – 7.30pm
Sunday: 8.30am – 7pm

Levels & Subjects

Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese

Class Size Not Stated
Email Not Stated
Fees Not Stated

– Registered with MOE, consists of a team of dedicated and passionate teachers
– Curated programs based on the needs of our students in learning the Chinese language.
– The centre cares for the students in this friendly environment in order to build up their confidence in the Chinese language
– Helps children to cultivate interest and joy in learning Mandarin via thematic lessons and other interactive activities
– Helps students to build up a strong foundation in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Review By

“Beyond a school which brings with them a proven technique of curriculum rigour in appreciating the chinese language, what set Wang Learning Centre apart is the teachers’ dedication to helping the child succeed. I was pleasantly surprised and grateful when the school called to offer additional tuition to boast my child’s below average results. This belief in every student helped gained the confidence and yielded positive outcomes in the PSLE. Thank you very much!”

Review By
King Li

“My daughter started when she was P2 and my son was P1 with Wang Learning Centre. They’re weak in Chinese as we’re English speaking family since they’re born. After years in Wang, both my children did well in their PSLE Chinese and my daughter went to a higher Chinese secondary sch. She is sec 4 this year and last year in sec 3, she took the O level Chinese due to higher Chinese sch. I was delighted as she got A1 for her Chinese and distinction for her oral. I believe children needed to start young to have a strong foundation as you need time to nurture them.”

Review By
Xinyi Li

“Quality teachers with good teaching materials. See good improvement in chinese from the kiddos. Also, a place where good values and principles being taught in the centre.”

16) Hua Language Centre

Hua Language Centre also offers a kickstart for children at a very young age, offering Playgroup classes from 18 months to 3 years old. Parents are involved in these classes, with the use of activities like handicraft as well as music and dance. Besides offering Chinese and Higher Chinese Tuition in Singapore for Pre-school, Primary and Secondary students, Hua also reaches out to non-Chinese students who wish to learn Chinese as a foreign language. These classes entail Mnemonics and powerpoint animations for easy visual learning. All tutors at Hua are MOE registered and are native Chinese speakers, and its curriculum director was the Specialist Inspector for Chinese Language at MOE. With this, Hua ensures good quality teaching and a relevant curriculum for your child to participate in to improve in the language.


Hua Language Centre Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 16 Hua Language Centre


Contact /
Address /

United Square: United Square 101 Thomson Road, #03-25/26 Singapore 307591 (6255 5060)

Greenwich V: Greenwich V 1 Seletar Road, #02-09Singapore 807011 (6555 5780)

Causeway Point: Causeway Point1 Woodlands Square, #05-03 Singapore 738099 (6894 7183)

No of Branches 4
Opening Hours Depending on the branch
Levels & Subjects Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese
Class Size Not Stated
Email Depending on the branch
Fees Not Stated

– Hua has developed its own curriculum that makes learning Chinese effective and fun at the same time
– Hua was established in 1992 because of our curriculum director’s passion for Chinese and a desire to help children master this increasingly useful language
– More than 90% of the P6 students score A or A* in their PSLE Chinese exam
– Teachers who are registered with the Ministry of Education are fluent in Mandarin
– Winner of the inaugural Singapore Education Awards – Best Enrichment Programme organised by Singapore Education, Singapore Tourism Board
-Appointed by MOE Language Centre to organise an Immersion Mandarin Course for French exchange students in Singapore.

Review By
Michelle T

My child first started attending weekly playgroup here 7 months ago and it’s one of the highlights of his week! Teachers are patient and keep things interesting. There is a structured lesson plan and they engage the toddlers with toys, music, dance, craft, storytelling and props.”

Review By
WeiYin Chew

“My toddler attended a Chinese playgroup class and he enjoyed the lesson thoroughly. I accompanied him and observed that the two teachers engaged the students with much needed patience and positive energy. There was a clear lesson plan of sharing via artwork, stickers, song and dance, and toys etc to capture their attention. The environment was comfortable and inviting, I would bring my son again.”

Review By Daniel L

“Well organized center. Teachers are good instructors. Would recommend to friends.”

17) Jiang Education Centre

Jiang Education Centre was established in 1995 by Mdm Jiang, with the aim of providing Chinese and Higher Chinese Tuition in Singapore to local students through bilingual means. It further expanded to provide English lessons in 2004, and eventually opened its doors in 2012 to non-Chinese foreigners who have taken an interest in studying Chinese for casual or business purposes. It has partnered up with Essec Business School (Europe) as a training centre for its postgraduate students, and also holds the annual Chinese Immersion Programme for students from Piaget Academy (Indonesia). Jiang offers Chinese lessons to local students, ranging from kindergarten all the way till JC level, and incorporates multimedia mediums into their teaching.


Jiang Education Centre Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 17 Jiang Education Centre
Website  http://jiang.edu.sg/wp2017/
Contact /
Address /

Main Branch: 149 Rochor Road, #04-12 Fu Lu Shou Complex, S188425 (63372048 / 63375476)

Marine Parade Central: 1 Marine Parade Central, #02-01 Parkway Centre, S449408 (6348 7087)

AMK Branch: Blk 710A Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #02-2629, S561710 (6455 0212)

No of Branches 3
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm
Sat – Sun: Closed
Levels & Subjects Pre-school, Primary, Secondary, JC Chinese, Chinese for Foreigners
Class Size Not Stated
Email enquiry@jiang.edu.sg.
Fees $418-535 Per Term

– Jiang Education Centre is an MOE registered tuition centre in Singapore, and it excels in offering superior Chinese education in Singapore since 1995
– It is strategically located all over the island, focusing on conducting classes to our primary and secondary school students by a team of passionate and experienced teachers.
– Jiang Education Centre now provides consulting and training services to schools which offer Chinese as one of the main subjects or as tuition/enrichment.
– Weekly in-house seminars and meetings to reflect on teaching.
– All materials supervised and inspired by our HODs
– Multimedia teaching aids are applied to stimulate the learning interest of students.

Review By
Yan Kuan Lee

 “I joined the June holiday class this year and my results became so much better! I am really grateful for my June holiday teacher, 洪老师,for always helping me and my class when we have difficulties. Although our class was online, me and my classmates were so actively participating that our class was influenced and motivated to do better! I write this down today to thank 洪老师 for teaching me! I wish to all the teachers of Ang Mo Kio Jiang Education, a very Happy Teachers’ Day!”

Review By Chai Qin Wong

“Lessons from Jiang education were lively and useful! No meaningless info, everything is delivered in a structured manner. Teachers were nice and dedicated. Overall a good experience:)”

Review By Yun Qian

 “I participated in the online holiday program at Jiang Educational Centre. I was surprised by how the teacher managed to handle the class skillfully and I am sure everyone learned a lot through the 15 lessons.”

18) Funtastic Chinese Education Hub

Funtastic Chinese Education Hub prides itself on its premium tuition and enrichment curriculums, which have been endorsed by Professor Kenneth Dean (NUS Head of Chinese Studies) and Associate Professor Ong Yong Peng (Lecturer, Asian Languages and Cultures, National Institute of Education). Its tutors are all NIE trained and Ex-MOE Teachers, who take up a holistic and active approach to help students improve in their Chinese language. On top of the standard Chinese and Higher Chinese Tuition lessons, Funtastic also offers a variety of fun-filled enrichment programmes – such as Speech and Drama, Chinese Calligraphy, Singing, as well as conversational Chinese lessons for adults.


Funtastic Chinese Education Hub Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 18 Funtastic Chinese Education Hub
Website https://www.funtastic.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /
9889 8261 /
308A Punggol Walk Singapore 821308
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Sun: 10am – 9pm
Levels & Subjects Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese, Adult Chinese
Class Size Not Stated


Fees Not Stated

– FUNTASTIC Chinese Education Hub is the only Chinese Language School in Singapore that provides unrivalled enrichment and tutorial programmes spanning from Pre-school to Secondary school levels
– Our team of experienced and dedicated Chinese Specialists and Academic Researchers comprises of MOE Award-winning teachers, NIE trained teachers and ex-MOE teachers
– Provide a holistic learning experience for one and all, nurturing every individual to unleash his or her fullest potential
– A place for our children to excel Chinese, empowering them to lay a solid foundation in Chinese and to prepare them to be world-ready

Review By Gladis Ong

“My boy was failing his chinese for quite sometime and only join the centre 2mths ahead of PSLE. i am very glad he got a B for PSLE. Big thanks to Teacher for patience and help for Able.”

Review By Wai Fun Khong

“My son did a one-month intensive program with Mr Neo. He enjoyed the lessons and found it very beneficial. The lessons are structured and focus on techniques. The use of online resources makes the lessons interesting. The materials given out are also very useful.”

Review By Marianne Song

“Very good that the tutor will explain wording meaning and let them know. Explaining good!”

19) EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre

Acknowledging the struggles and negative sentiments that children face while learning Chinese in today’s context, EduGrove aims to teach Chinese to their students in “the most fun and interactive way” possible. Instead of “hampering” students’ desire to learn Chinese, founders Mr Jerry Theseira and Ms Dong Yue have introduced enrichment lessons with a curriculum and methodology to enhance students’ Chinese learning experience to make it fun and less “authoritative” and “rigid”. On top of coaching local students according to the MOE syllabus, EduGrove also specialises in lessons tailored for international school children as well as adults. With the use of word games, speech and drama, the centre aims to bring out the fun aspect in learning Chinese as its key to mastering the language.


EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 19 EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre
Website https://www.edugrove.com.sg/ 
Contact /
Address /

Pasir Ris Sports Centre: 120 Pasir Ris Central #01-01/02 Singapore 519640 (6584 8489)
135 East Coast Rd:
135 East Coast Road #02-01 Singapore 428820 (6909 5728)
Our Tampines Hub: 1 Tampines Walk #B1-53/54 Singapore 528523 (6612 1784)

No of Branches 3
Opening Hours Depending on the branch
Levels & Subjects Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese, Adult Chinese, Chinese for Foreigners
Class Size Max 9 to 12 students
Email enquiries@edugrove.com.sg 
Fees Not Stated

– EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre evolved from a desire to help our students learn Mandarin in the most fun and interactive way – and to be the best Chinese enrichment centre in Singapore
– EduGrove aims to help your child improve his/her Chinese communication skills (oral and written) and to achieve higher results in school tests and exams
– Understands the challenges and pitfalls faced by many students
– Places a lot of emphasis on creating a class dynamic that is student-centric and always fun!
– EduGrove offers quality Chinese enrichment classes, starting with our popular Playgroup programme at our centres in East Singapore, through all levels up to secondary.

Review By
Jonathan Chan

“I studied in this preschool before and the teachers were very patient with me. Now, my sister is enrolled in this school and she is making fast progress in her academic, says my parents. Will recommend this preschool to all parents with children from 3 years old to 6 years old.”

Review By
Gin & Zelig

“My son is 10yrs old this year, p4. we took an online Chinese Composition Writing trial class with Ms Weng on Wednesday. Would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Weng and Edugrove for the experience. Ms Weng is humble and passionate. She spent effort and time to communicated with me before and after class. She was keen on knowing more about my son’s interests before class began and even marked my son’s composition and took time to feedback to me.

My son who hated chinese commented that lesson was stimulating and that Ms Weng was empathetic, gentle and firm. Thank you for your remarkable work Ms Weng.”

Review By Jasmine

“A Mandarin school with a huge difference and very impactful to a child’s life. My child went from a F to a B for her Chinese grade for PSLE and in between, my child has developed great respect for the way Teacher Dawn conducts all her lessons and the language itself. Her interest and confidence increased so many folds and over the PSLE crash course, my daughter was kept on her toes to help her improve by leaps and bounds. Teacher Dawn always employs various methods to help the students learn fast and furious in a short span of time. The online self help revsion that the students can take at home also help them to revise the required vocabulary to do well. Many thanks to Edugrove and most importantly, a committed teacher Dawn, who knows how to make learning the Chinese language a lifelong benefit to every child.”

20) Ruixing Active Chinese Centre

Ruixing Active is an interesting tuition centre as it focuses on the holistic learning of the Chinese language and culture. It provides tuition for Pre-school to Secondary level students, and also offers adult (business / casual) Chinese lessons. Not only does it train students for the local exams, it also prepares students well for the HSK and YCT Chinese Proficiency Exams too. On top of the standard Chinese lessons, Ruixing provides specific courses on Art (Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting), Maths lessons in Chinese, and even camps that provides an introduction to Chinese food / tea culture and heritage.


Ruixing Active Chinese Centre Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 20 Ruixing Active Chinese Centre
Website http://irchinese.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6256 6227 /
116 Middle Road #04-03 ICB Enterprise House Singapore 188972

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Sun: 9.30am – 8pm
Levels & Subjects Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese, Adult Chinese
Class Size Not Stated
Email chenxing@hotmail.sg

Not Stated


– Aims to stimulate younger students’ (Preschool students, P1-p4 students) interest in Mandarin Chinese learning and build a strong foundation for them
– For students in higher-level (P5-p6, Sec1-sec4), the tutors will teach them useful exam techniques to make sure they can unleash their full potential in exam.
– Chinese programmes are tailor-made by experienced educators to cater to children of different ages, as well as adults
– Lessons are structured around the goal of injecting interest of learning and fully preparing our students for Chinese at all levels
– Creates interesting training aids and incorporate multi-media games

Review By Parent of Kiara

“Kiara (Sze min) looks forward to class every Saturday. She has lots of fun and learns a lot in the process too, and has gone from someone who is reluctant to speak the language to a confident chatter-box, who scored above-average marks in school. Huge thanks to her teachers here! Looking forward to continuing Sze Min’s Chinese language journey here” 

Review By Parent of Riccardo

“Thank you so much for your dedication and patience in teaching Riccardo. I know it is not easy to teach my boy and get him to converse in Mandarin, but with your continued efforts he has improved and fared well in his oral written examinations. As a mum, I am impressed with your pleasant disposition and your creativity in decorating the classrooms. Well done Chenxing”

Review By Parent of  林子坚

“I am thankful for all the help and patience I received from Laoshi Lixin. I have improved a lot since first started and have seen the results!”

21) Etern Education Centre

Founded in 2004 by Mdm Cheng and Ms Zhong, Entern Education Centre. The centre aims to pique student’s interest in the Chinese language, employing research-based teaching techniques that allows students to effectively learn through interesting learning materials and in a caring environment. Madam Cheng Xinchun has been teaching Chinese for over 20 years and is the author of several Chinese assessment books. Furthermore, this well-liked teacher has helped several students gain admittance to prominent schools such as St. Nicholas Girls’ School, Raffles Institute and Hwa Chong Institute. With their vast experience over the years tutoring students in their centre from Pre-school to Secondary level students, you can be assured that your child will be in good hands.


Etern Education Centre Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 21 Etern Education Centre
Website https://eterneducation.com/ 
Contact /
Address /

9423 5769 / 6755 4672 /
Blk  235 Yishun Street 21, #01-450, Singapore 760235

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 1.00pm – 9.00pm
Sat: 9:00am – 7:00pm
Sun: 9:00am – 6:00pm

Levels & Subjects Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Chinese
Class Size

Primary: 8 Max
Secondary: 12 Max

Email admin@eternducation.com 
Fees Preschool: $110 (4 lessons)
Primary: $120-$160 (4 lessons)
Secondary: $160-$180 (4 lessons)
*One-time registration fee of $20

– 100% of students score A/A* for PSLE and 91% scored A1/A2 for O-Level, with a 100% passing rate
– The centre boasts quality and passionate teachers that are well-versed in the MOE syllabus
– Students’ minds are broadened and their interests piqued through engaging activities
– All students from kindergarten 1 to secondary 4 can take advantage of free trial classes|
– Has various programmes that will boost student’s foundation and bridge the gap in their learning
– Lessons are carefully crafted to address the most recent exam trends and topics
– Teachers will go through strict training and assessment to be in line with the centre’s teaching strategies and standards
– Ensures that the centre provides the highest quality of learning to their students

Review By Natalie Lim

“My daughter Joanna has been attending Etern for almost 2 years now, since K1. During this time, she has grown from being very shy to speak Chinese to now confidently presenting stories in Chinese. She loves to go Etern for lesson every week. I am happy to see her developing an interest for Chinese at this age, I think Etern has been very effective with their learning tools and curriculum, a big thumbs up. I will continue to enroll my girl in Etern.”

Review By Joanna Tan

“Etern has great material and passionate teacher, I am very pleased by my child’s progress in Chinese. After 3 year with Etern, not only is he well-versed in the vocabulary from his textbook syllabus, but also words that he learnt at Etern. One assignment for him was to describe the picture given to parents. I am surprised to see how fluent he was when speaking. More importantly, he was also able to translate that into writing and a paragraph was completed during the next lesson. I feel Etern’s materials are very well designed to guide students step by step into understanding and applying.”

Review By Teo Jia Heng

 “Founded in 1997, this centre boasts its teaching staff that has close ties to various publishing houses, helping to provide their expertise in crafting assessment books over the years. As such, their content and learning materials are ahead of the increasingly demanding and dynamic academic syllabus, equipping students with the content and question mastery to excel in their exams. Having been in operation for 24 years, the centre has impacted many students and offers a wide spectrum of classes to help students prepare for both local and international exams in their journey to master the Chinese language.”

22) Yanzi Mandarin

Founded in 1997, this Chinese Tuition in Singapore has teaching staff that has close ties to various publishing houses, helping to provide their expertise in crafting assessment books over the years. As such, their content and learning materials are ahead of the increasingly demanding and dynamic academic syllabus, equipping students with the content and question mastery to excel in their exams. Having been in operation for 24 years, the centre has impacted many students and offers a wide spectrum of classes to help students prepare for both local and international exams in their journey to master the Chinese language.


Yanzi Mandarin Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 22 Yanzi Mandarin Chinese
Website https://www.yanzimandarin.com/
Contact /
Address /

9135 9889 /

865 Mountbatten Road, #05-15 Katong Shopping Centre, Singapore 437844

718 Jurong West Street 71, #B1-99 The Enrichment Classroom, Singapore 640718

30 Bukit Batok St 31 #01-02, Hong Kah North CC, Singapore 659440

No of Branches 3
Opening Hours Not Stated
Levels & Subjects Preschool, Primary, Secondary, JC, IB Diploma and Adult Chinese
Class Size 6 Max
Email partnerships@yanzimandarin.com
Fees Not Stated

– Has a good track record of 100% of students scoring above national average for national exams
– On average, 82% of students score A in school and national examinations
– Curriculum and materials are crafted by best-in-class authors of assessment books and educational consultants
– Class sizes are small to ensure that every student gets the attention they need
– They also provide online lessons for students who wish to learn at the comfort of their homes or are located overseas
– Teaches to target examination answering techniques to help students avoid common pitfalls to score As
– Supplements student learning with in-class notes for take-home revision

Review By Danny Kong

“The daughters of one of my siblings have excellent academic achievements including their Chinese language subject. That was how I found out about 林老师. It has been a few years since I put my kids under her Chinese tuition class. It was an easy decision and one of the best decisions that I made on my kids’ education. I would strongly recommend 林老师 to parents who are looking for a good Chinese tuition teacher for their kids.”

Review By Eliora Pazia Alberta

“林老师 has helped me improve my chinese over the years. I was failing all my papers before I started taking lessons with her but she has helped me improve my skills to pass.”

Review By Thomas T.

“Attended the Zoom learning class of Yanzi Mandarin, their materials are easy to understand, not too complicated, and contains what is needed to score for examinations. Teachers from Yanzi are extremely helpful and caring and they teach very well, really made a difference to my learning quality. 🙂 I managed to jump from a C to A-. Thank You!”

23) Chen Higher Chinese

Many parents are often on the lookout for a local Singaporean Higher Chinese tutor. Founder of Chen Higher Chinese, Ms Chen is a bilingual Singaporean who specialises in teaching higher level Chinese modules, like Higher Chinese and Chinese Literature for Primary, Secondary / IP and IB level students. She conducts her lessons in both group and 1-1 settings. She has taught at Hwa Chong Institution previously, and was personally the top student in Chinese Literature during her time at Hwa Chong. Having also scored an A in General Paper, she uses bilingual means to teach her students and make Chinese easier for learning. Ms Chen provides resources and model essays, and is contactable even after class hours to attend to your child’s queries.


Chen Higher Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 23 Chen Higher Chinese
Website https://www.chenhigherchinese.sg/
Contact /
Address /

9817 4542 /
Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Block 343, Singapore 560343

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Mon – Wed: Closed
Thu – Fri: 12 – 9pm
Sat: 8am -9pm
Sun: 9am – 9pm

Levels & Subjects Primary, Secondary/IP, IB Chinese
Class Size Average 5 students
Email chenhigherchinese@gmail.com
Fees Not Stated

– Goal: To enable your child to have a greater appreciation and understanding of the Chinese language by teaching them practical applications of Chinese to daily life, through the use of current affairs, music, movies and books to hone your child’s oral and writing abilities
– Offers students the flexibility to attend classes in-person or online
– Team of bilingual teachers leverages on their strengths in English and Chinese to explain difficult terms and vocabulary to ensure your child fully comprehends the curriculum and topics
– Materials are specially designed by Ms Chen who is well aware of the marking and examination requirements, as well as the struggles students face in learning Chinese.

Review By Ms Chen

Ms Chen is very patient and understanding, and she is willing to go the extra mile to help her students! She helped me improve from a C6 to an A2, and she clears up my misconceptions very quickly. Her lessons are very engaging and is easy to understand!

Review By Anonymous

“She is a very patient teacher and has very good teaching methods. she will listen to your questions and answer them to the best she can. apart from her quality teaching, she is very funny and will make learning chinese more fun. she is also very encouraging. ;))”

Review By Ethan Tan

“Ms Chen is an effective and caring chinese teacher. She drills us on compre techniques and gives us alot of model compo to prepare for exams. I enjoy the group lessons and she’s always very generous in entertaining our endless questions, understanding our strengths and helping us to build on it, esp in compo. Thanks Ms Chen for your guidance these years!”

24) Jocelyn Chinese

Jocelyn Chinese is run by 2 qualified and experienced tutors – Ms Jocelyn Tan and Mr Jareth Liew. Both tutors hold a Postgraduate Diplomas in Education from NIE, are experienced O Level Examination markers, and both have received MOE Teaching awards for their service. Both tutors also hold Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language (Honours) with Minor in Translation from NTU, and thus use bilingual teaching methods to help their students understand the content easily during lessons. Jocelyn Chinese aims to build their students’ Chinese language foundation and also to train their students with specific “easy-to-follow thinking models” and examination strategies to be well prepared for their Chinese paper. Current affairs are also used in classroom discussions so that students can develop higher-order critical thinking skills to improve in their writing.


Jocelyn Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 24 Jocelyn Chinese
Website https://jocelynchinese.com/
Contact /
Address /

9775 6854 /

587 Bukit Timah Road #03-36 Coronation Shopping Plaza, 269707

320 Clementi Ave 4, #01-33 Singapore 120320

No of Branches 2
Opening Hours

Mon: 9am – 8pm
Tue – Wed: Closed
Thu: 9am – 8pm
Fri: Closed
Sat: 2pm – 8.30pm
Sun: 9am – 8pm

Levels & Subjects Secondary and JC Chinese
Class Size 10 Max 
Email admin@jocelynchinese.com

$240-$280 for 4 lessons

*Course fees are inclusive of materials 


– Constantly developing resources to helps students prepare for National Examinations 
– Familiarity with the latest MOE syllabus so that lessons are effective in solidifying students’ knowledge
– Aims to strengthen foundation, equip exam-oriented thinking models and develop intristic motivation in students
– Takes a pragmatic and logical approach in teaching
– Will featuer current affairs and inculcate relevant content from Chinese classics and Literature to better engagement and motivation in learning the language
– Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 10 students to provide quality feedback for all students
– Has build good rapport and testimonial base with satisfied students

Review Nasya Wijaya

“Ms Tan’s lessons are the most comprehensive and engaging Chinese lessons I have had yet. After returning from living overseas, I had not used Chinese in 3 years and was very unconfident in my Chinese abilities. However, within a matter of months, I was able to catch up and even improve my Chinese standard by a lot under Ms Tan’s teachings. She often tells interesting stories about Chinese culture that helps improve my Chinese listening skills and she gives me plenty of opportunities to practice speaking Chinese in class. Since I was doing the IB programme, Ms Tan modified the material to suit my syllabus and taught me far more Chinese than my school was able to. I have seen proof of immense improvement in my Chinese grades and am far more confident in my Chinese abilities after attending Ms Tan’s classes. I would highly recommend Ms Tan’s lessons to others!”

Review By Anderson Lim
(Sec Higher Chinese)

“As a student of Jocelyn Tan and many other chinese tuition teachers, I personally think Jocelyn Tan has been the best Chinese teacher I’ve seen. She has very easy and effective techniques on exactly how to do well in every component of Chinese paper 1 and 2. I have been struggling since I was in secondary school and I’ve always thought Chinese was hard, but after attending her tuition, it made Chinese look easy. Jocelyn Tan has helped me improve my Chinese vastly in a short period of time, which made me regret not having her teach me earlier.”

Review By
Dean Seow
(JC H1 Chinese)

“Jocelyn chinese tuition is personalised and engaging. The tuition has helped me ironed out the frills in my answering of chinese comprehension questions, equiped me with vital skills for the cloze passage, as well as structure an effective writing style for my chinese composition writing. However, besides the afore-mentioned improvements, the tuition has helped me gain a better and stronger appreciation for the Chinese language as well as helped me meet my personal goals I have hoped to attain for the subject. I strongly recommend Jocelyn Chinese Tuition for you or your child.”

25) Yi Mu Tian Chinese Enrichment 

Offering Chinese classes to Preschool to Secondary level students, Yi Mu Tian Chinese Enrichment compares educating their students to nurture a field of seedlings. Ms Jiang, the main tutor aims to nurture her students with care and patience, no matter what shocks or disappointments they bring upon her. She is one to ensure that she delicately teaches pupils, going above and beyond to impact and engage students. As such, she has gained positive feedbacks and testimonials from parents and students alike. 


Yi Mu Tian Chines Enrichment Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 25 Yi Mu Tian Chinese Enrichment 
Website http://yimutian.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /
9766 1663 / 
398 Upper Paya Lebar Road, #02-06, Prestige Point, Singapore 534986
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 2 – 8.30pm
Sat: 8am – 6.30pm
Sun: 8am – 5pm
Levels & Subjects Preschool, Primary, Secondary Chinese
Class Size Not Stated
Email enquiry@chinesebridge.com.sg
Fees Not Stated
Highlights – Has over a decade of teaching experience, with good testimonials and feedbacks from parents
– Teaches in line with the MOE syllabus
– Individualised training of each student to speak fluently
– Facilitated discussion groups to perform work together while also practicing Mandarin communication skills
– Has a bright and condusive learning environment, which makes learning more fun and enjoyable
– Trial classes can be arranged

Review By Roslyntoh Toh

“江老师 is a very committed and supporting teacher. She will teach my Son with patience and care. she goes above and beyond by constantly motivating and encouraging him. She understands the stress and effort it takes to be a parent and helps ease of the burden of parenthood. She instills holistic development into my Son and teaches him things outside the textbook like appreciation and perseverance.

Review By Yvonne Cheah

“江老师 is really a very experience teacher who will apply different teaching method for different kids. My son is with her for 5 years and his chinese had improved tremendously. Will recommend her to any child who needs to improve their chinese grades. Thumbs Up!”

Review By Ng Yew Ying

“This place is a very nice tuition centre! Helped my son got an A1 for O level! Really nice and patient teacher!”

26) Promiseland Learning Hub

Promiseland Learning Hub was founded with a goal to help students improve in their Chinese Language. Many tutors in Promiseland Learning Hub have been teaching and conducting Chinese Tuition in Singapore since 1998. With a goal in mind, the centre aims to boost the confidence and ability of the students in having a firm grasp in Chinese Language. Tutors are fully equipped with the proper approach when imparting their knowledge to the students. Rest assured, with Promiseland Learning Hub Chinese, students will be able to receive the proper guidance they need as they explore this fascinating world of Han Chinese.


Promiseland Learning Hub Chinese Tuition Centre

Chinese Tuition 26 Promiseland Learning Hub
Website https://promiselandlearninghub.com/
Contact /
Address /

6386 3889 / 9272 7836
Blk 453 Hougang Ave 10 #B1-583 Singapore 530453

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Tues – Thur: 7.30PM to 9PM
Fri: 4PM to 9.30PM
Sat: 8AM to 6.30PM
Sun & Mon: Closed

Levels & Subjects Preschool, Primary Chinese
Class Size Not Stated
Email Not Stated
Fees Not Stated
Highlights – MOE registered teachers specialising in teaching preschool and primary level Chinese
– Every year, 90-100% of Promiseland students get an A/A* in PSLE and other examinations
– Years of experience have led us to believe that early-life exposure to the language is absolutely critical.
– Always ensure that class sizes are optimised for learning
– Constantly seeking to cultivate their love for the Chinese language and find a learning style that works best for each individual
– Work closely with parents so as to help students effectively

Review By Parent of Yue En

“When my son entered Primary 1, we needed a Chinese tuition centre that could meet the demands of the education system. We found this in Promiseland, which delivers a very rigorous and comprehensive program. The lesson plan is very well thought out, always ahead of the school syllabus, with ample time for thorough revision (covering all aspects from vocabulary to oral to comprehension etc) ahead of major tests/exams. The teachers are bi-lingual which is an added bonus.

My son has definitely benefited from attending Promiseland especially since his first exposure to Chinese was only in K2 after we had moved back to Singapore. He has consistently performed well in Chinese since, thanks to the support and dedication of his teachers in Promiseland.”

Review By Alicia Virlynn Ng

“My friend recommended this tuition ctr to me 6 yrs ago as my boy was struggling with his chinese in P4. My girl who was 5 then saw the notes and homework given to her bro and kept pestering me to sign her up. I signed her up since she was 6. She achieved top 3 for P2 and 3 in the whole level for Chinese. Her Chinese results have been in Band 1 all along coz of the efforts of the teachers in school and Promiseland as well as her diligence. Both 黄老师and 苏老师are very kind, patient, caring and knowledgeable teachers and i have never regretted signing up with the centre.”

Review By Yi Le Soh

“My child has never been to any enrichment before, therefore it was expected of her to cry a little before going in for the 1st lesson. However, the moment 苏老师 took over, my child was calm. At the end of the lesson, my child was so happy she kept asking if it was time for Chinese lessons with her everyday after. Really happy to see the motivation n excitement for Chinese in my child.”

27) Miss SY Wang

Miss Wang is an Ex-MOE Teacher who specialises in teaching Secondary level Chinese and Higher Chinese Tuition in Singapore. Lessons may be held in a 1-1 or group setting according to preference. She previously taught at Raffles Institution and Methodist Girls’ School and is effectively bilingual. Miss Wang teaches according to the O Level Chinese and Higher Chinese syllabus and will be able to help your child develop critical thinking skills to do well in his/her exam, while employing fun and creative methods to do so. She is a patient tutor and never fails to believe in each and every one of her students.


Miss SY Wang Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 27 Miss SY Wang
Website https://www.chinesedistinctions.sg/
Contact /
Address /

8686 1338 /
190 Clemenceau Ave, Dhoby Ghaut, Singapore 239924

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Sun: 9am -10pm
Levels & Subjects Secondary Chinese
Class Size Not Stated
Fees Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly

– 18 years of full time teaching experience
– Students from Nanyang Girls’ High School, Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, Raffles Girls’ School, Anglo Chinese School, Methodist Girls’ School, River Valley High School, Catholic High School, National Junior College, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School, Maris Stella High School, Victoria School, NUS High School, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, Crescent Girls’ School, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School, St Joseph Institution etc.
– Interactive real-time E-lessons are available for all classes.
– All aspects of the GCE O Level Examination will be covered during the lessons
– Materials will be provided by Miss SY Wang during the lessons.

Review By Renee Pak, Sec 4 HCL

“Ms Wang has been teaching me since Secondary one. She is definitely one of the most dedicated, resourceful and effective teachers that I have ever met. Under her guidance, my proficiency in Chinese language has improved tremendously. She has played an instrumental role in my learning of the language and preparations for the Higher Chinese O-level Examination. Personally, my favourite part of her lessons was our discussions about current affairs in Chinese. This not only improved my oral skills but also helped to raise my awareness about social issues. As a result, I achieved an overall A1 grade for the GCE O level HCL examination as well as a distinction grade for the O level HCL oral examination. Learning under Ms Wang was certainly enjoyable and I would highly recommend!” 

Review By Lim Shi Ying, Sec 4 HCL Student

“From the very beginning, Miss Wang has been spurring me on to work harder in the learning of Chinese Language. With her focused teaching, useful techniques and patient guidance, I found myself to be more motivated and confident of my grasp of the language. Hard work on both ends eventually secured me an overall A1 and a Distinction Grade for Oral Examination in my Higher Chinese GCE O Level Examinations! I especially like how Miss Wang diversifies the resources she provides for her students so as to enable us to gain enough exposure and practice in order to hone our skills in handling the various assessments. Miss Wang’s lessons are certainly enjoyable as well, as she never fails to check in on us and also often brings up relevant current affairs that we might be able to relate to! I am most glad to have joined Miss Wang’s Chinese Tuition Class and would definitely recommend it to all of my juniors!”

Review By Reese Liem, Sec 4 HCL Student

“I can safely say that, Miss Wang is the most integral ingredient for all the successes I had with Chinese. Before joining Miss Wang’s Chinese lessons, I was mindlessly drilling and following all sorts of conventional ways of studying that did not work out very well. After joining Miss Wang’s lessons, she truly opened my horizons of how Chinese should be studied. I knew what to study, the right techniques I should adopt, the way of thinking I should approach questions and thus, greatly pulled up my Chinese grades. Miss Wang is a very dedicated teacher who has come up with original and practical ways of learning and applying the Chinese language. I am very grateful for her patience and constant guidance on my mistakes, whether it be grammar or pronunciation! Could not have gotten my Distinction for Oral and the Overall A1 Grade for my GCE O Level Chinese Examination without the right lessons and right materials so THANK YOU Ms Wang!!! :))”

28) Chinese Tuition Singapore

Mdm Zhu, founder of Chinese Tuition in Singapore has been teaching Primary/Secondary Chinese and Higher Chinese Tuition since 200 and has helped over hundreds of students in Singapore in improving their Chinese Language.Currently, she is a full-time tutor giving one-to-one and group tuition to Primary 1 – Primary 6, Secondary 1 – Secondary 4 Chinese and Higher Chinese students. 95% of her students, regardless of whether they are taking private or group chinese tuition have shown a significant improvement in their Chinese results in 1 school term, where many of them are now scoring distinctions with ease. 

Chinese Tuition Singapore

Chinese Tuition Singapore

Chinese Tuition 28 Chinese Tuition Singapore
Website http://chinesetuition.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

9800 8926 /
271 Bukit Timah Road #02-07 Balmoral Plaza S259708
Blk 201B Tampines St 21 #01-1067 Singapore 522201
684 Hougang Ave 8 #02-979, Singapore 530684

No of Branches 3
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 12pm -10pm
Sat – Sun: 8am -11pm
Levels & Subjects Primary, Secondary Chinese 
Class Size Not Stated
Fees P1 – P6: $80 onwards
Sec 1 – Sec 4: $130 onwards
Highlights – Over 100 files of notes, worksheets and exam papers uploaded for members to download.
– All homework tailor-made & can be uploaded for marking and explanation of errors
– 95% of the students, regardless of whether they are taking private or group chinese tuition see a significant improvement in their chinese results in 1 school term.
– Over 10 years of experience

Review By Jia Qi (P5 Student)

“I like mdm zhu’s chinese lessons because it is fun and She is nice to me. My chinese used to be very weak because I speak English at home. I started to become more familiar with more chinese phrases because mdm Zhu explains the phrases to the class. I got 85 marks for my chinese exam last month but I still need to work on my oral and chinese compo. Will continue attending her tuition classes!”

Review By Jun Wei (P6 Student)

“I was mdm zhu’s first student, I joined her tuition classes in 2007 when I was in P1. My chinese was very bad at first and I only know how to read a few words, After 2 years, my marks improved from 20 to 70. I am confident of getting an A for chinese in PSLE. Mdm Zhu is very caring and patient in helping me with my homework.”

Review By Mabel Seah
(Sec 4 Student)


29) Connected Learning

Connected Learning is a company that specialises in providing Online Chinese Tuition in Singapore for the local Chinese PSLE and O Level syllabus. There are only a maximum 4 students in each “class”, allowing your child ample opportunities to ask his/her tutor questions in real-time. Students are grouped together by their Chinese language calibre, so that lessons will be conducted at a paces suitable for them. The Chinese tutors at Connected Learning have between 2-7 years of online teaching experience, and make it a point to teach ahead of what is learnt in school so that students are kept on track. Connected Learning also emphasises on interactive learning and guarantees improvement in your child’s oral skills. You will be able to register for a free trial class before any commitment is needed.


Connected Learning Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 29 Connected Learning
Website https://connectedlearning.sg/
Contact /
Address /
8725 7379 /
60 Paya Lebar Road, #07-28 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 11am – 9pm
Sat: 10am – 5pm
Sun: Closed
Levels & Subjects Primary, Secondary Chinese
Class Size Up to 4 Students
Email info@connectedlearning.sg

P1 – 3 Students: $240/Month
P4 – 6 Students: $264/Month
Sec 1 -4: $320/Month

An additional one time registration fee of $50 is payable upon confirmation of lesson

Highlights – Connected Learning specialises in interactivefunonline Chinese lessons for children (from Primary 1 to Secondary 5), from the comfort and convenience of your home. 
– Adheres to the latest syllabus and exam formats as advised by MOE
– Teachers are from China, and all hold Diplomas / Degrees in Chinese Language or related fields
– The management teachers have 10-15 years experience in teaching, and even our most junior teachers have minimum 2 years experience
– Classes are small because they care. They group children by ability and customise lessons
– Tap into children’s imagination and creativity to bring Chinese to life
– Chinese tution is conducted live! That means your child has real-time tuition with a teacher and 3 other students. Friendly competition keeps them engaged and learning.

Review By Leonard Lee, Father of Keith Gavin Lee

“We are very happy with Connected Learning. Our son has improved his Chinese scores from 65 (Term1) to 83 (Term2). His Chinese teacher is very surprised with the development considering that our son is not Chinese speaking (not his first language). His Mid term exam score is 37/40! Thank you! More power to Connected Learning!”

Review By Joanna, Mother of P5 Student

“I just met my son’s Chinese teacher for parent-teacher meeting & she was full of praise for my son’s remarkable progress. She observed in term 2 a significant shift in my son’s attitude & interest towards learning Chinese & wondered what made the difference. I attributed it to his Chinese tutor from connected learning who has been very patient & encouraging in every lesson. From a passing grade of 50 marks last yr, my son scored 75 this semester with him achieving 23/25 for his oral & 14/15 for his essay. I am very very impressed & grateful for the difference his tutor has made in his learning”

Review By Gin Ong, Mother of Josh Lim

“The ‘live’ tuition is conducted by natives in China. They are very fluent in Mandarin and have accurate pronunciation. Most importantly, they can communicate well with my boy and are extremely patient with him. I was quite sceptical about him receiving online tuition for the first time because he is quite active and may get fidgety. In fact, during each of the one-hour lessons, he may sometimes wander around or try to watch his online favourite entertainment videos during a short lesson break. But the tutors will always get his attention back by calling out to him or gently chides him for getting distracted with other activities.”

30) Eduz Tuition

Established in 2019, Eduz tuition is known to be the top notch learning centre that provides quality education to its students. Founded by two ex-school teachers, they have guided more than 3000 students along with a team of dedicated teachers for over 10 years. Many students have consistently produced outstanding results and performance. Lessons and materials are all specially designed to expose students to the various possible exam questions. By working hand-in hand with parents to ensure the student’s performance and progress in class, many parents and students have commended on the centre and fully believe in their services.


Eduz Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition 30 Eduz Tuition
Website https://www.eduztuition.com/ 
Contact /
Address /
9797 3786 / 9062 5285 / 96986339 /
Chua Chu Kang: 223 Choa Chu Kang Central #01-237B Singapore 680223
306 Woodlands st 31 #02-35 Singapore 730306
736 Woodlands Circle #01-513 Singapore 730736
No of Branches 3
Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 2pm – 10pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 7.30pm

Levels & Subjects Primary, Secondary and JC Chinese
Class Size Not Stated

Primary 1-6: $110-$160 (4 lessons/1.5hours)
Lower Secondary: $200 (4 lessons/1.5hours)
Upper Secondary $220 (4 lessons/2hours)
Junior College: $280 (4 lessons/2hours)

Refer to a friend to get 1 Free lesson

Highlights – Specially-designed and structured lessons to ensure that our students are exposed to the everchanging landscape of examination field. 
– Most of the teachers have at least 7 years of teaching experience
– Students will receive adequate attention from the tutors who will engage them in active discussions and prompt them for questions to clarify their doubts.
– 84% of the students achieved A/B across all subjects for A Level
– 74% of the students achieved A1/A2 across all subjects for O level
– 72% of the students achieved A*/A across all subjects for PSLE

Review By Nicole

“Spacious classroom and fully air-conditioned. Responsible tutors who helped even after the classes.”

Review By Josiah

“I thank Eduz Tuition’s Mr Dave for his patience and guidance. I am confident of scoring an A for my final year exam”

Review By Rushie Lin

“My son enrolled in EduZ Tuition Centre last year. He just got his O level results. I want to say EduZ Tuition Centre really helped him improve a lot. I am happy he can at least go to his preferred school”

3. Cost of Chinese Tuition in Singapore

When selecting which Chinese Tuition in Singapore is the best for your child, considering the pricing differences among different Chinese Tuition options is expected. There is a significant difference in the price range between private Chinese tutors and specialised Chinese tuition in Singapore. For Chinese Group Tuition lessons, enrolled students will share the total cost per Chinese Tuition lesson. In comparison, a single student has to bear the cost of private 1-to-1 Chinese Tuition. Hence, if cost is a concern, MindFlex encourages your child to take on Group Chinese Tuition, which may be a more economically friendly option. 

As compared to private tuition options, Chinese Tuition Centres generally have lower tuition fees as lessons are held in groups. There are affordable and good Chinese Tuition Centre options which can range between $100-$180 per month for 4 x 1.5 or 2 Hour Lessons. Several well-established Chinese Tuition Centres (such as Tien Hsia) have proven to deliver and show long-standing academics results. Usually the more “established” a tuition centre is, the more likely the increase in cost. 

However, if you feel that group tuition is not suitable, MindFlex has got it covered, offering Private 1-to-1 Home Tuition at affordable prices! Contact us for a Free Request for Tutor with Free Trial Lessons available to ensure that lessons are suitable for your child’s learning. Cost-wise, MindFlex offers affordable Chinese Home Tuition, starting from $40-$50/hour for our Part-Time Chinese Tutors and up to $90-$120/hour for our MOE-Trained Chinese Tutors.

4. Benefits of Chinese Tuition in Singapore

Chinese Tuition Centres can be found all over Singapore. Some popular names include Tien Hsia Language School and Berries – World of Learning. Classes are often conducted in a group setting, ranging between 2-30 students per class. Having Chinese Tuition in Singapore will be extremely beneficial for your child for various reasons which include further building one’s foundation in Chinese as well as scoring well for the Chinese Examination. Other benefits include:

4.1. Well-Structured Preparation for Chinese Examination

In line with the latest GCE syllabus, most Chinese Tuition in Singapore and tutors have well-structured Chinese lesson schedules to prepare students for the Chinese examination. Hence, this structured approach provided by Chinese Tuition in Singapore will ensure that students are well-versed and equipped with the essential skills for the subject. Additionally, the Best Chinese Tuition in Singapore will also ensure that students get sufficient practice and revision before taking their PSLE/O Level/A Level examination.

Furthermore, many tuition centres will go the extra mile by training students to sit for mock tests or timed practices before major examinations to assess their students’ learning progress and provide targeted help. With this extra avenue for practice, students will be well-equipped with exam skills, including Time Management and Critical Thinking, to exercise within a short period during the actual major Examination.

4.2. Additional Pillar of Academic Support with Chinese Tuition

If your child struggles to keep up with the school’s Chinese curriculum, engaging in Chinese Tuition in Singapore will serve as a pillar of support for him/her as having tuition will allow him/her to clarify any doubts and consolidate his/her learning in the subject. Therefore, with the additional pillar of academic support, Chinese students will be more assured of their learning progress and will not lag behind their peers in school.

4.3. Receive Effective and Timely Assistance with Chinese Questions

For Chinese Tuition in Singapore, the highly experienced and competent Chinese Tutors will be able to help your child with any issues or questions he/she might face with his/her Chinese school homework. Moreover, with most Chinese Tutors receptive to consultations before or after lessons, this will provide an additional platform for students to ask questions and clarify any doubts they might have with school homework.

4.4. Opportunities to Clarify Mistakes & Misconceptions during Chinese Tuition

With your child enrolled in a Chinese Tuition in Singapore, he/she will be able to clear his/her doubts and have his/her questions regarding the Chinese subject answered by the Chinese Tutors weekly. Additionally, if the tuition is done in a group setting, your child will also be able to learn from other students’ mistakes and misconceptions for each others’ benefit. The subject can be highly demanding and content-heavy. Thus, having Chinese Tuition in Singapore will be immensely helpful as it allows students to pick up essential writing, critical thinking skills. Besides, having Chinese Tuition in Singapore encourages active group participation which is beneficial for students in improving language. The nature of group lessons in tuition centres encourages communication and participation amongst classmates and the tutor. This gives your child plenty of chances to speak up and practise his/her Chinese oral and communication skills.

4.5. Optimal Use of After-School Time

Students’ schedules are often packed with additional after-school lessons and co-curricular activities that take up most of the students’ free time after school. This could mean that there would be little time for your child to revise and complete assignments and tutorials or even read up on current affairs and understand global issues. Hence, the lack of time may hinder your child’s academic progress and his/her learning in the Chinese subject. Therefore, it is essential to maximise your child’s after-school time to ensure that he/she stays on top of the school curriculum and that he/she does not lag. By enrolling in a Chinese Tuition in Singapore, your child will be able to spend his/her time efficiently revising the subject’s content and catching up on school assignments after school, thus adequately preparing for your child for the Chinese Examinations.

4.6. Additional Effective Resources and Notes Provided by Chinese Tutors

Some Chinese Tuition in Singapore offer enrichment lessons with an originally designed curriculum outside of the school syllabus, and some even include excursion journeys! This allows children to learn the language in different creative ways and also to expand their vocabulary, apart from what is examinable. Here is a short snippet of what you may learn in your Chinese Tuition:

4.7. Encourages Students to Learn From Each Other and to Gain Confidence

The Chinese subject can be an extremely content-heavy subject that demands a strong understanding of global issues and current affairs. Chinese is gradually becoming a language spoken by the majority of the Singapore population. Not only so, with the increased use of Chinese in the business world, but Chinese is also becoming more and more important as a language. Being proficient in Chinese can help you in your communication in day-to-day life and the business world. Hence, it is imperative that students fully understand the concepts and content taught. As a result, class discussions and active participation are thus instrumental towards facilitating students’ understanding and critical thinking the Chinese subject. Having Chinese Tuition in Singapore will allow students to learn from each other and gain confidence in answering questions relating to the subject.

4.8. Quality Control of Chinese Tutors

Chinese Tuition in Singapore generally have good quality control over the Chinese Tutors hired due to a strict in-house interview process. As Chinese Tutors are a mixture between native & local speakers, centres often make sure that the tutors hired are well-grounded with the Local MOE Chinese Syllabus. Many Chinese Tuition in Singapore are MOE-Registered. To be successfully registered with MOE, the Chinese Tutors at these centres must have academic qualifications that “meet minimum standards”. Some centres have also made it a selling point to engage only MOE/NIE-Trained Chinese Teachers to be tutors at their centres.  These are teachers who have taught the Chinese Language in MOE Schools previously.



Engaging in Chinese Tuition for your child can help to bolster their language skills

5. Considerations When Selecting Chinese Tuition in Singapore

5.1. Is the Chinese Tuition Centre Registered with MOE

All educational centres with 10 or more students must be registered with MOE. There are some centres out there that are not registered and are operating illegally. In addition to breaching the rules and regulations, it also questions their morals and whether they are concerned for their student’s wellbeing. Hence, make sure that you check their licences before enrolling your child for Chinese tuition in Singapore!

5.2. Class Size of Chinese Lesson

Parents need to be aware of the varying class sizes in different Chinese Tuition in Singapore. Some centres may keep it small (eg. 6 or 10 students at maximum), but others (especially the more popular brands) may not have a limit. Big class sizes results in less individualised attention for your child. Your child may be distracted by the large number of students around him and the chance of having his/her doubts cleared.

5.3. Flexibility with Make Up Lessons & Minimum Commitment Period 

Chinese Tuition in Singapore usually have a schedule of lessons that have been fixed for the year. If your child has to miss a Chinese lesson, it would be difficult to find a make-up session slot if your child has a very tight schedule. Some centres do not offer make-up lessons, so do check out on these clauses. Most centres require advanced payments and a minimum commitment period, eg. to give 1 month’s worth of notice before being able to quit the centre.

5.4. Level of Involvement for Parents

There is often a very low level of parental involvement in their child’s learning as compared to home tuition. Parents often do not have the opportunity to personally speak to their child’s Chinese tutor, and only communicate with the centre’s admin staff. Little way and frequency of receiving any feedback of their child’s progress.

5.5. Track Record of the Chinese Tuition Centre

Many Chinese Tuition in Singapore posts a track record of their past students’ grades as part of their marketing efforts. It would be good for parents to carry out their own background checks and comparisons between tuition centres. Parents can also research online on reviews/testimonials about their selected centres.

5.6. How Is It Beneficial For Your Child?

When looking for Chinese Tuition in Singapore, parents should make sure that attending lessons at tuition centres should value-add to the learning of the language and not cause any further confusion. Do make sure to check in with your child to ensure if he understands what the tutor is saying, or sending your child to a Chinese Tuition Centre may counter-productive. Some children may be too shy to ask questions in a group setting and thus stay silent despite not understanding, especially if the lesson is conducted in a relatively foreign language to him/her.


Some may find Chinese boring or difficult, and hence it is important to find a Chinese tutor that is best able to motivate your child.

6. Conclusion – The Best Chinese Tuition in Singapore

With the number of options and categories available for Chinese Tuition in Singapore, we wholeheartedly understand why parents may have difficulty choosing what may be the best option for Chinese Tuition. Our concluding recommendation would be for parents to first and foremost analyse the learning style of their child, and make a reasoned decision from there.  It is also important for parents to take into consideration what objectives and gains would they like from the Chinese Tuition at the end of the day. If you are keen to engage a Chinese Home Tutor, please do not hesitate to visit our homepage or contact us. Our friendly team is always available to assist you, and we hope to make a positive impact in your search for Chinese Tuition in Singapore.

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