Importance of IB SL Chinese Tuition

IB SL Chinese is a highly competitive programme requiring students to have a well-rounded mastery of various listening, speaking and reading skills in Chinese. Furthermore, with the constant changes in the IB syllabus, it also progressively gets harder for students to find the correct resources to do well in their IB SL Chinese.

Given how frequently IB students in Singapore ace their IB examinations, it definitely results in heightened stress levels in IB students to aim to do well in all components of their IB examinations, in all subjects.

Hence, engaging an IB SL Chinese Tutor in Singapore might be the best way to go about achieving their desired results for their IB Chinese examinations. With IB SL Chinese Tuition in Singapore, students will be provided extra guidance and tips on how to score for their SL Chinese components, as well as targeted practices to work on their weak areas.

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How Much Does IB SL Chinese Tuition Cost

In Singapore, IB SL Chinese Group Tuition in tuition centres averages at about $200-$250/month, with rates going up to $500 or more for tuition centres that are more reputable or high quality. Similarly, for private home tuition, the rate averages at about $60-$80 per hour, but can go up to $120 or more per hour depending on how qualified and experienced the home tutor is.




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Challenges Faced While Learning Chinese

Outline of IB SL Chinese Tuition

  • Sensitivity to Linguistic Nuances and the Influence of Culture
  • Build Up of Vocabulary and Language Skills
  • Ability to Think Critically
  • Mastery in Textual Analysis
  • Mastery in Various Contexts/Situations in Writing and Speaking
  • Ability to Write Well with Usage of Various Linguistic Devices

Challenges Faced By IB SL Chinese Students

Time Management

One of the most common issues faced by IB SL Chinese students is the inability to complete their Chinese papers on time. This is largely due to insufficient practice and lack of exposure to the various question types, resulting in them being unaware of how to tackle the questions during examination. As such, students often hand in incomplete papers, or hand in subpar answers.

With an IB SL Chinese Tutor, however, students will be given weekly practices and exposure to other schools’ papers and past year papers to help hone their Chinese examination skills, allowing them to be more confident when tackling their Chinese examinations.

Unable to Write Well

Under the IB SL syllabus, students are required to write essays which require long-term exposure to the language as well as repeated practice in order to score well. Within this, IB SL Chinese students are expected to have a strong grasp of the Chinese language and advanced knowledge of global affairs in order to synthesise answers.

With an IB SL Chinese Tutor, students will be provided additional guidance and weekly practice which will definitely help in their mastery of their writing skills. During the weekly IB SL Chinese Tuition lessons, tutors will also be able to provide instantaneous feedback – so students will be able to see immediate improvements in their skills!

Inability to Do Well in Listening and Reading

Another tricky component in IB SL Chinese is the Receptive Skills section in Paper 2. Here, students are required to have a firm grasp of both basic and advanced Chinese language skills, and it requires years of foundational knowledge to do well.

Hence, an IB SL Chinese Tutor will be extremely beneficial in this aspect as students will be exposed to targeted practices weekly, which will serve as repeated reinforcement for students. During weekly IB SL Chinese Tuition, students will also be introduced to tips and skills which can help them in their Chinese language and skills.

Large Jump in Syllabus

The IB SL Chinese syllabus is extremely rigorous and requires mastery of Chinese language skills. Apart from the basic reading, writing and speaking, students are expected to critically study texts that encapsulate various themes, which is something that students might not be used to. Hence, such a huge leap in syllabus and course content definitely results in a lot of anxieties and unfamiliarity as students struggle to get used to the new and competitive environment.

Therefore, most students will turn to getting an IB SL Chinese Tutor. By engaging an IB SL Chinese Tutor early, he/she will be able to identify the student’s weaknesses and work on them, allowing a strong foundation to be built early, which will be extremely helpful for the student in the long run.

Why You Should Engage An IB SL Chinese Tutor

Benefits of Hiring Chinese Tuition

1. Help Students Clarify Doubts

In school, the large class sizes might render students unable to clear their doubts after class. Furthermore, given the hectic schedules of their school teachers, finding additional time to help students might be tough. Hence, students might leave lessons with a lot of doubts with no place to clarify their misconceptions.

With an IB SL Chinese Tutor, however, they will provide 100% attention and guidance to students, allowing them to clarify any doubts or misconceptions that might arise. Furthermore, with a private 1-1 setting, students can also clear any doubts as they arise without needing to wait till after lessons to get their questions answered.

2. Help Students Master Writing

Writing well is a crucial element of doing well in IB SL Chinese. For most students, however, the pace that their school moves at might be too fast, resulting in students not being able to grasp the fundamentals and build a strong foundation in writing.

By engaging an IB SL Chinese Tutor, students will be able to ace their writing through targeted practices on building a strong foundation in their essay writing skills. The IB SL Chinese Tutor will also guide students and provide personalised help in clearing misconceptions and clearing doubts.

3. Train Chinese Conversational Skills

For IB SL students who are not constantly exposed to the Chinese language at home, they might not be able to properly speak in proper Chinese intonations, expressions or tones. This might result in their Chinese conversational skills becoming subpar, even if they are able to recognise words or write fluently. This is because speaking involves large amounts of repeated practice in order to internalise the various tones, expressions and intonations used.

Having an IB SL Chinese Tutor will come in handy as students will be trained on Chinese conversational skills, without the pressure they would have in school in front of all their peers. With a more private setting, students will slowly be able to build up their confidence and train their Chinese conversational skills.

4. Aid Students with Vocabulary Skills

Most IB SL students find it difficult to understand the large amounts of Chinese vocabulary required due to their lack of exposure and practice. Furthermore, students might not have the correct resources to help them with their Chinese vocabulary understanding, resulting in them being unable to improve even despite constant practice.

Hence, engaging an IB SL Chinese Tutor might be beneficial in this aspect as the experienced tutor will be able to guide students in understanding the Chinese vocabulary required for their syllabus. An IB SL Chinese Tutor will also be able to go at the student’s pace and adjust their teaching methods accordingly to suit the student’s needs.

What To Look For in An IB SL Chinese Tutor

Ability to Help Students in National Examinations

Most students will be extremely stressed out with the upcoming IB Chinese examination. Hence, it is important to find an IB SL Chinese Tutor that is equipped with the relevant teaching experience and abilities to help ease students’ worries through targeted teaching techniques.

For example, it might be better to find an IB SL Chinese Tutor that has experience in helping SL students, and not solely HL students. This is because there are many key differences between SL and HL Chinese, and tutors who have specifically taught the SL Chinese syllabus will be more attuned to the skills needed.

Ability to Spot Weaknesses

Since the Chinese language is a skill-based subject, it might be difficult to spot mistakes and weaknesses as compared to other subjects. As such, it will definitely be important to pick an IB SL Chinese Tutor that is experienced enough to spot any of your child’s weaknesses or mistakes.

Two years is definitely an extremely short time frame for students to grasp the large amount of content in the IB SL Chinese syllabus.Hence, it is even more so important for IB SL Chinese Tutors to be attuned to the student’s weaknesses in order to help them improve or to clear the misconceptions.

Academic and Teaching Qualifications

When engaging an IB SL Chinese Tutor, it is important to select one that has decent academic and teaching qualifications. For example, it might be better to pick a tutor that has graduated from a Chinese related course and has taught for a minimum of 1 year. If you are looking for a more experienced tutor to guide your child, you might also want to look out for tutors who have taught in IB schools.

Such qualifications are crucial in ensuring that the tutor is qualified enough to teach your child, especially since the IB SL Chinese syllabus is extremely complex.

Ability to Provide Additional Resources

At IB standard, it might be difficult to find good Chinese resources that will be able to help students. Hence, by choosing an IB SL Chinese Tutor that is able to provide additional resources, you can save time on hunting for resources and leave it up to your IB SL Chinese Tutor!

The ability to provide additional resources also means that the tutor has spent time and effort curating these Chinese resources – which is also a key characteristic of their experience and dedication to teaching. Hence, when searching for an IB SL Chinese Tutor, it will definitely be great to look out for tutors who are able to provide their own self-collated Chinese resources.

Testimonials from IB SL Chinese Students

My Chinese Tutor, Mr Liu, was very helpful and knowledgeable in IB SL Chinese. He would always come for lessons with a lot of materials prepared, and will work together with me closely to ensure that I improve. As I was extremely weak in my writing, Mr Liu would make it his priority to ensure that I improve, and he personally sourced for extra materials just for me. Thanks to Mr Liu’s help, I managed to score a 7 for IB SL Chinese. Thank you, Mr Liu!

James Tay
IB Student from Anglo Chinese School (Independent)

My Chinese Tutor, Mdm Han, was so knowledgeable and helpful. Even though I started late, only about a month before my Prelims, Mdm Han was willing to help me and put in extra effort to pinpoint my weaknesses quickly. With her guidance, I managed to get a 6 for Prelims, and thereafter, managed to get a 7 for the IB exam! This would definitely not have been possible without the extra lessons and effort put in by Mdm Han.

Ruo Yu
IB Student from Anglo Chinese School (Independent)

I started IB SL Chinese Tuition with Mr Liu during my final year, and he was so kind-hearted and easy-going. Furthermore, his experience in teaching was clearly evident – his lessons were all well-planned and he took targeted approaches at helping me improve, especially in Reading, which I was poor at.

Maxy Lee
IB Student from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

My Chinese Tutor, Gao Wei, was super helpful! Initially, I had almost given up with studying for my IB SL Chinese as I was doing horribly. My friend recommended MindFlex and Gao Wei to me, and the whole process was so quick and fuss-free. Gao Wei was able to start lessons immediately, and he was also able to help me with my Internal Assessment.

Samantha Wong
IB Student from St. Joseph’s 

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