Importance of H1 Chinese Tuition

H1 Chinese Tuition is an increasingly popular choice for many parents. The A Level H1 Chinese curriculum is an intensive 1 year course, where students are expected to get a good grasp of the H1 Chinese syllabus within a short time frame.

As such, many parents take it to A Level H1 Chinese Tuition in order to help their child do well in the examinations. Even with multiple sources online to help students score well in Chinese Exams, it simply does not serve the same purpose as an experienced and dedicated H1 Chinese Tutor.

By engaging A Level H1 Chinese Tuition in Singapore, students will be provided with the necessary skills to do well in their examinations, allowing them to get a massive edge over their peers and do well in their A Level Chinese examinations.

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How Much Does H1 Chinese Tuition Cost

The average A Level H1 Chinese Tuition rates greatly differ depending on the type of tuition and the reputation of the tuition teacher. For example, rates for tuition centres are usually in the $200-$250 range, but can go up to $500 or even more for tuition centres with high reputability and highly qualified tutors. For private home tutors, the rates can go as low as $40 an hour, but can go up to $120 or more per hour depending on the tutor’s qualifications and teaching experience.




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Challenges Faced While Learning Chinese

Outline of H1 Chinese Tuition

  • Mastery in Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing
  • Build Up of Vocabulary and Language Skills
  • Ability to Think Critically
  • Sensitivity to Linguistic Nuances and the Influence of Culture
  • Mastery in Various Contexts/Situations in Writing and Speaking
  • Mastery in Usage of Linguistic Devices and Techniques in Writing

Challenges Faced By H1 Chinese Students

Large Jump in Syllabus

For most JC H1 Chinese students, a challenge faced will be the large jump in syllabus, in all their subjects. Apart from juggling all their other main subjects, H1 Chinese students also have an additional Chinese subject that they have to study and sit for examinations for. Such a huge leap in syllabus and course content definitely results in a lot of anxieties and unfamiliarity as students struggle to get used to the new and competitive environment.

As such, most students will turn to getting a H1 Chinese Tutor. By engaging a H1 Chinese Tutor early, he/she will be able to identify the student’s weaknesses and work on them, allowing a strong foundation to be built early, which will be extremely helpful for the student in the long run. 

Stressed Out Over A Level Examinations

H1 Chinese students will have to take their A Level Chinese examination at the end of their first year – which results in an extremely short runway and time frame for students. Students usually struggle to get a full grasp of the Chinese syllabus content, resulting in increased stress levels over their upcoming A Level Chinese examination.

Hence, engaging a H1 Chinese Tutor can be extremely handy as they will be able to provide targeted practices and useful resources to aid the student in their overall mastery of the Chinese language. Through weekly interactions, the H1 Chinese Tutor will also be able to identify weaknesses and work on them with the student – effectively helping students to improve their Chinese grades.

Time Management

One of the more common issues faced by H1 Chinese students is the inability to complete their Chinese papers on time. This is largely due to insufficient practice and lack of exposure to the various question types, resulting in them being unaware of how to tackle the questions during examination. As such, students often hand in incomplete papers or hand in subpar answers.

With an H1 Chinese Tutor, however, students will be given weekly practices and exposure to other schools’ papers and past year papers to help hone their Chinese examination skills, allowing them to be more confident when tackling their Chinese examinations.

Unable to Write Well in Paper 1

The Paper 1 component in H1 Chinese is a difficult component to score well in due to the need for immense amounts of exposure and practice. Students are expected to have a strong grasp of the Chinese language, as well as use a sufficient amount of literary devices, idioms etc. to supplement their writing.

With a H1 Chinese Tutor, students will be provided additional guidance and weekly practice which will definitely help in their mastery of their writing skills. During the weekly H1 Chinese Tuition lessons, tutors will also be able to provide instantaneous feedback – so students will be able to see immediate improvements in their skills!

Why You Should Engage A H1 Chinese Tutor

Benefits of Hiring Chinese Tuition

1. Help Student Prepare for A Levels

The A Level H1 Chinese examination is an important examination that students have to sit for. Students are required to sit for the examination at the end of their first year of Junior College, which is a stressful period of time as students are required to juggle their other main subjects as well as Project Work.

With an H1 Chinese Tutor, he/she will be able to provide close guidance and support for the student. With an additional pair of hands to help, students will definitely be more at ease during their A Level H1 Chinese preparation and will be more confident in tackling the examination.

2. Help Targets Students’ Weaknesses in Chinese

The H1 Chinese language syllabus relies heavily on foundational skills built throughout all their years in Primary/Secondary school, as well as the one-year course in Junior College. For students who do not have a strong foundation, they might find it increasingly difficult to do well in their examinations – resulting in increased anxieties regarding their upcoming H1 Chinese examination.

With an H1 Chinese Tutor, they will be able to help target the student’s weaknesses – be it writing, memory work, or inference skills. With close guidance from the H1 Chinese Tutor, any weak foundational skills will be corrected in no time, allowing them to put their best foot forth during the H1 Chinese examination.

3. Train Students in Higher-Order Thinking Skills

At the H1 Chinese level, beyond mastering the basic Chinese language skills (such as reading, writing, and speaking), it is also extremely crucial for students to have a good grasp of higher-order thinking skills such as evaluation and inference. With the tight schedules in school, teachers might not have invested enough time into such skills, hence students have to oftentimes rely on themselves or external help to hone such skills.

By engaging an H1 Chinese Tutor, students will be provided with dedicated help and training in developing higher-order thinking skills. The weekly H1 Chinese Tuition lessons also provide students with repeated practice, allowing them to put their skills to the test.

4. Aid Students in Clearing Misconceptions

As students progress, they might accumulate misconceptions that might not be noticed at first glance. Hence, these misconceptions will snowball and result in mistakes that might be hard to correct. Leading up to the A Levels, students might have accumulated doubts and misconceptions that might be hard to eradicate.

Therefore, it is important to engage an H1 Chinese Tutor as he/she will provide students with relevant feedback to help students fix their misconceptions. During the H1 Chinese Tuition itself, tutors will also provide instantaneous feedback that can greatly help students with clearing their Chinese language misconceptions.

What To Look For in A H1 Chinese Tutor

Ability to Help Students in National Examinations

Most students will be extremely stressed out with the upcoming A Level H1 Chinese examination. Hence, it is important to find an H1 Chinese Tutor that is equipped with the relevant teaching experience and abilities to help ease students’ worries through targeted teaching techniques.

For example, it might be better to find an H1 Chinese Tutor that has experience in helping H1 students or have testimonials from students who have achieved good grades in their A Level Chinese.

Ability To Spot Weaknesses

Since the Chinese language is a skill-based subject, it might be difficult to spot mistakes and weaknesses as compared to other subjects. As such, it will definitely be important to pick an H1 Chinese Tutor that is experienced enough to spot any of your child’s weaknesses or mistakes.

Furthermore, given that students have to take their A Levels after their first year, there is an extremely short runway leading up to the A Levels. Hence, it is even more so important for H1 Chinese Tutors to be attuned to the student’s weaknesses in order to help them improve or to clear the misconceptions.

Academic and Teaching Qualifications

When engaging an H1 Chinese Tutor, it is important to select one that has decent academic and teaching qualifications. For example, it might be better to pick a tutor that has graduated from a Chinese-related course and has taught for a minimum of 1 year. If you are looking for a more experienced tutor to guide your child, you might also want to look out for tutors who have taught in MOE schools.

Such qualifications are crucial in ensuring that the tutor is qualified enough to teach your child, especially since the A Level H1 syllabus is extremely complex.

Ability to Provide Additional Resources

At A Level standard, it might be difficult to find good Chinese resources that will be able to help students. Hence, by choosing a H1 Chinese Tutor that is able to provide additional resources, you can save time on hunting for resources and leave it up to your H1 Chinese Tutor!

The ability to provide additional resources also means that the tutor has spent time and effort curating these Chinese resources – which is also a key characteristic of their experience and dedication to teaching. Hence, when searching for an H1 Chinese Tutor, it will definitely be great to look out for tutors who are able to provide their own self-collated Chinese resources.

Testimonials from H1 Chinese Students

My Chinese Tutor, Miss Ong, has been so helpful in ensuring that I understand the concepts taught in class. Miss Ong is also always willing to give me extra consultations over WhatsApp outside of class time, even at night. Thanks to the help provided by Miss Ong, I managed to improve from a D to an A! Thank you to MindFlex and Miss Ong! 

Alicia Tong 
H1 Student from Catholic JC

I started H1 Chinese Tuition with my tutor in mid March, when I was struggling with even reading the Chinese passages in Paper 2. With guidance from my tutor, I slowly but surely started to improve. He helped me train my speed for reading Chinese Comprehension passages, which has helped me significantly in my Chinese examinations.

Choong Jia Wei
H1 Student from Catholic JC

My tutor, Sandra, has been so helpful! She was recommended to me by my classmate – whom she helped improve from a D to an A. Sandra is extremely dedicated and she will always go the extra mile to ensure that I get enough practice in my weak components like essay writing. When marking my work, she will also give plenty of feedback so I know exactly what to work on and which mistakes to avoid.  

Sng Wei Wen
H1 Student from Jurong Pioneer JC

I started Chinese Tuition lessons with Sandra, a tutor that was recommended by MindFlex. Sandra was extremely professional and patient right from the start, and despite my poor foundation in Chinese, she would always find ways to help me improve. I was especially weak in Comprehension, and would take very long to answer the questions, but through Sandra’s guided practices, I managed to improve a lot!

Joseph Ng
H1 Student from Catholic JC

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