Economics Tuition in Singapore: The Top 25 Economics Tuition Options in Singapore (With Reviews Included)

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1. Economics Tuition in Singapore

Economics is one the most popular subjects for the A Levels & IBDP Exams, and also in recent years, the O Level Exams. It remains an extremely important subject for students to learn about as it teaches us about the world around us. Decision-making frameworks, modelling and data analysis are three key components in the subject that are highly relevant to the real world. Moreover, through learning Economics, students will also be more informed about current affairs and global issues such as inflation, taxes and income inequality. Through learning Economics, students will also gain key skills such as Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Time Management. MindFlex has included a video on an introduction to Economics for A Levels here!

Being an extremely demanding subject, doing well in Economics requires both complete content mastery as well as strong critical thinking skills. Many students often find themselves struggling with this subject as they do not have strong foundations in it. Moreover, the academic curriculums of schools are becoming increasingly rigorous and competitive, with a hyper-competitive culture surrounding grades and the ever-present “Kiasu Culture” among both students and parents alike. If your child is finding it difficult to keep up with his/her peers in school, it may be highly beneficial to enroll your child in Secondary, JC and/or IB Economics Tuition in Singapore for some extra academic support. 

2. Top 25 Economics Tuition Options

In Singapore, there are a plethora of options for Economics Tuition in Singapore, from private specialized Economics Tutors, to dedicated Economic Tuition Centres. Here at MindFlex, we thus are mindful of how difficult it can be to select the best Economics Tuition to invest your money in. As such, we have compiled a list of the Best Secondary, JC and IB Economics Tuition Providers in Singapore, to help you with your decision.

As concerned parents who want the best for your child, you may be wondering what is the best Economics Tuition to send your child to, that is tailored to his/her individual learning style and pace. The Top Economics Tuition Options that we have selected are mostly Private Tutors or Tuition Centres that are highly-specialised in teaching only Economics as their sole subject. By choosing Economics Tuition Specialists that only focuses on Secondary/JC/IB Economics, your child is guaranteed to be in good hands for his/her Economics academic journey.

1) Economics Café

Economics Café is one of the leading premier Economics Tuition Centres in Singapore that covers the latest Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics Syllabus, including both H1 and H2 Economics Tuition, to cater to the needs of JC students undertaking the A Level Economic Examination. Since its establishment as an MOE-registered Economics Tuition Centre, Economics Café has produced one of the highest numbers of students who has achieved a distinction in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics examination, thus achieving its mission to provide Top Quality Economics Tuition for their students.

Economics Cafe Economics Tuition

Economics Cafe Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 1 Economics Café
Highlights – Economics Tuition in Singapore that is run by a qualified tutor that graduated with a Masters Degree in Economics (NUS) and an author of several Economic books
– Strong ability of tutor to break down seemingly complicated economic problems and events, as well as economics test questions into simpler terms
– Student-focused tutor that believes in the learning journey as well as the learning outcome
– Teaches both applications and theories in lessons
– Offers both online and physical tuition to suit the different needs/requests of students
– Affordable tuition fees to allow all students equal opportunities to attend tuition
– More than 75% of students yearly, obtained distinction for A Levels, with the majority of the remaining students achieving a B
Website https://www.economicscafe.com.sg/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s)

8268 8918
Block 505B Bishan Street 11 #01-422 Singapore 572505

Email edmundquek@economicscafe.com.sg
Fees JC 1-2: $360/Month (4 lessons)
Class Size 25 Students/Class
Opening Hours Mon – Sun: 8am – 11pm
Review By Christabelle JC2 Economics “Mr Quek has really helped me a lot in my understanding of economics. His lessons are always very interesting and have made me come to like the subject. He also teaches us a lot of general knowledge about economics, making the subject very relevant to our daily lives and I always walk away learning something new from each lesson. His notes and essay books are all really useful as they’re very applicable to the A level context. He’s helped me improve from a U in prelims to an A at A levels. Thanks a lot Mr Quek!”
Review By Wynice Lee JC2 Economics “As economics is a new subject to A level students, I decided at an early stage to sent my girl for economics tuition to have a head start. Due to the large number of economics tutors in Singapore, I enrolled her for trial lessons in at least 3 different centres. Probably due to her high expectations, she did not like any of the lessons. Although Mr Quek did not provide trial lessons, we still decided to enroll her in his class for a month to try out his teaching, due to his high popularity and impressive credentials. My girl made up her mind to continue with Mr Quek after attending the first lesson and she went to to ace every single economics test and exam over the course of the next two years. I remember once my girl told me, “Mr Quek is the best teacher that I have ever had”
Review By Ashita Sule JC2 Economics “Mr Quek has been really helpful throughout my time in the Economics Cafe. His lessons helped me remember content easily without having to constantly re-read notes. Furthermore, his essay books have been very useful in teaching me how much to write for essays under time constraints. I wouldn’t have gotten an A for Economics without his help!”


2) ThatEconsTutor

ThatEconsTutor is founded by Mr. Melvin Koh, the sole tutor of the Economics Tuition Centre which specialises in helping JC students excel in A Level Economics (i.e H1/H2 Economics) using his self-developed Economics approaches. At ThatEconsTutors, the centre places a strong emphasis on the teaching of Economics application skills through a unique framework that only Mr. Koh adopts for his lessons. ThatEconsTutor assures that their students will be able to pick up important memory skills and equip themselves with problem-solving skills, allowing them to see that Economics is a fun subject with real-world relevance that will benefit them throughout their lives through Mr. Koh’s Economics Tuition.

ThatEconsTutor Economics Tuition

ThatEconsTutor Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 2 ThatEconsTutor
Highlights – Highly Effective Economics Tuition in Singapore with proven results from students
– 90% A/B in most Economics tuition classes (2020 results): 83% scored A/B, with 6 in 10 scoring A)
– Sole Tutor with strong track record and qualifications in Economics, along with more than 10 years of tutoring experience
– Offers head start and crash courses depending on the students’ needs and academic requirements
– Lessons includes exclusive access to tuition’s online materials and guidebooks
– Offers free tuition trial classes for students with no fees payable
– Well established testimonial base from students
Website https://thateconstutor.com/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s)

9070 6248
#03-14, Coronation Plaza, 587 Bukit Timah Rd, 269707 (next to Hwa Chong Institution)

Email thateconstutor@gmail.com
Fees JC 1: $350/Month JC 2: $380-$420/Month
Class Size Flexible Numbers/Class
Opening Hours Depends on demand for tuition classes
Review By Natashmin JC2 Economics “I started online lessons close towards the second half of my J2 year and immediately found classes extremely helpful with Mr. Koh immediately sending previous lesson videos on topics I had most trouble in. With lessons being online, my learning for each week was not confined to the lesson agenda for the week as I could easily request videos about other topics or answering techniques previously discussed. With lessons being recorded, it made learning much more efficient as I could rewatch the lesson on my own time when I am less tired and more focused, and change the speed of the video to my liking. Completely following all of Mr. Koh’s advice and consistently following up after every lesson was what pushed my E in H2 Economics in prelims to an A.”
Review By Jedrick JC2 Economics “Mr Koh is an excellent teacher who managed to remove much of the haze of confusion typically associated with econs. He helped me genuinely understand the concepts involved and plot out how to efficiently master the concepts. Without his guidance, econs would have been a much harder subject to stomach, and he helped me grow to appreciate and deal with the functions and intricacies of economics. He was also very open and responsive, frequently answering in depth questions about advanced concepts in a way that made them approachable. I am grateful to Mr Koh for guiding me all the way through 2 years of econs.”
Review By Yilin JC2 Economics “Mr Koh focuses on teaching methods more than content, which I think is very important. His answering techniques and structures are very useful, and his logic of answering questions is very good. Mr Koh’s classes really enlightened me in studying econs. After listening to Mr Koh’s classes, I felt that I understood econs better, and I was more confident in answering questions in exams, and my essays and CSQs became more logical, and my results improved a lot.”

3) EconsLab

Founded in 2010, EconsLab is an MOE-registered Economics Tuition Centre in Singapore that offers both JC Economics and IB Economics tuition programme. At EconsLab, the tuition centre provides various Economics Tuition options including group, small group, twin, individual and online tuition, each catering to the different academic requirements of their JC and IB students. The Economics Tuition Centre also has a proven track record with 73% of students achieving 5 or 6-grades improvement from U to As and Bs for the 2020 GCE A Level Economics graduates.

Econslab Economics Tuition

Econslab Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 3 EconsLab
Highlights – Economics Tuition in Singapore that guides students in building a strong foundation in JC Economics or IB Economics by honing mastery of basic concepts
– Highly dedicated tutors who are willing to re-teach the subject to ensure maximum clarity among students
– Supplementary Economics resources such as news articles are regularly provided in order to better relate the content that they learn to the real-life context
– Ample practice given for both Case Study Questions (CSQ) and Essay questions to help students perfect their exam answering technique
– Clear and concise revision notes are provided for every Economics chapter
– Regular monthly assessments of students’ progress and understanding to help students to consolidate their learning
– Opportunities for timed practices to expose students to the various types of questions they may be tested on
Website https://econslab.com/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics, IB SL/HL Economics
No. of Branches  2
Contact / Address / Location(s)

9723 5149 /
Bugis Branch: 420 North Bridge Road, #04-30 North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727
Bishan Branch: Blk 279, Bishan Street 24, #01-26, Singapore 570279

Email econslab@gmail.com
Fees JC1-2 & IB1-2: $280-$820/Month
Class Size 1-8 Students/Class
Opening Hours Mon – Wed: 3pm – 9pm
Thurs: 3pm – 8.30pm
Fri: 3pm – 6pm
Sat: 9.30am – 6.30pm
Sun: 9.30am – 5pm
Review By Loo Xin Yi JC2 Economics “Ms Foo is a very patient and understanding teacher. She would constantly ask if we understood what she was saying. Whenever we faced difficulties linking one concept to another, she would patiently break it down and explain to us in greater detail. Furthermore, she would encourage us to speak up and say our answers, regardless of whether our answers are right or wrong, so that she could further clarify our misconceptions. I would definitely recommend econslab if you are struggling with economics! :)”
Review By Raph JC2 Economics “Ms Foo is a fun and engaging teacher that makes sure we achieve consistency as well as depth in understanding the material at hand! She takes the time to mark our practices and goes through many years worth of material. Thank you ms foo!”
Review By Kang Wen JC2 Economics “A kind and personable teacher who cares for her students and makes an effort to help her students improve. She goes far above and beyond other teachers to ensure that her students will excel at Economics.”


4) Economics Tuition Genius

Founded by the Principal Tutor, Mr. Eugene Toh, in 2007, Economics Tuition Genius is a premier Economics Tuition in Singapore that covers both the A Level and IB Curriculum for the Economics subject. At Economics Tuition Genius, Mr. Toh teaches more than 200 students annually, with most of his students going on to place >90th percentile in their respective school examinations, thus establishing a strong track record for the tuition centre among JC and IB Economics students.

Tuition Genius Economics Tuition

Tuition Genius Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 4 Tuition Genius
Highlights – Economics Tuition in Singapore that holds highly experienced tutors with strong academic qualifications
– Strong (written and visual) testimonial base from students
– Reputable media features from Mothership and Lianhe Zaobao
– Provides a comprehensive pool of academic materials (i.e. TYS, essay library) for students
– Offers Crash Courses, Webinars and Masterclasses depending on every student’s needs and academic requirements
Website https://tuitiongenius.com/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics, IB SL/HL Economics
No. of Branches  2
Contact / Address / Location(s)

8182 3036
Bishan Branch: 11 Sin Ming Rd, B1-18, Singapore 575629
Bukit Timah Branch: 587
Bukit Timah Road #03-01, Coronation Shopping Plaza, 269707

Email eugene@tuitiongenius.com
Fees JC1: $300 – $800/Month JC2: $360 – $800/Month
Class Size Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Opening Hours Bishan/Marymount: Thurs: 3.30pm – 8pm Mon-Wed, Fri – Sun: Closed
Bukit Timah: Mon: 3pm – 8.30pm Wed: 2pm – 9.30pm Fri: 2.30pm – 7.30pm Tues, Thurs, Sun: Closed
Review By Andria Soh JC2 Economics “Mr Toh is a really professional and friendly tutor that seeks the best for each of his students! I gain new insights about economics from every lesson of his and slowly learnt to appreciate this subject! Also thanks to Mr Toh, i managed to get an A for H2 economics in the A levels! :)”
Review By Shasmittha JC2 Economics “Mr Toh’s lessons are really engaging as he makes use of real life examples to explain econs concepts and i have grown to love econs after attending his lessons. Furthermore Mr Toh has also helped me to clarify any doubts i might have after lessons or even through whatsapp at any time.”
Review By Wu Yi JC2 Economics “Economic At Tuition Genius is definitely one of the best tuition centre I have ever been so far. Mr Toh’s class is engaging and fascinating as he is always able to relate economic contents with the things that happened around us in a humorous way. This makes the theory part so much easier to understand and enjoyable to learn. Beyond our usual classes, he also makes an extra effort to give consultation and prepare extra resources such as compiling the latest economic news for his students.”


5) iEconomics

iEconomics provides high quality A Level Economics Tuition for H1 and H2 Economics not only just for students to get their desired Economics grades, but also to be genuinely interested in the subject. The Economics Tuition Centre is run by their Principal Tutor, Ms. Ang, who has strong academic qualifications and ensures that her teaching is kept up-to-date with the latest changes to the A Levels Economics syllabus and assessment criteria. At iEconomics, the tuition centre takes prides in their established track record since 2009 with 100% of their JC1 students passing their promotional exam after a full academic year with Ms. Ang, thus assuring students that iEconomics is a top Economics Tuition Centre in Singapore.

iEconomics Economics Tuition

iEconomics Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 5 iEconomics
Highlights – Economics Tuition in Singapore that is well-versed with MOE syllabus and up-to-date with the A level curriculum
– Ensures students achieve content mastery for Economics subject by focusing on 3 essential components
– Content Enrichment, Skills Enhancement and Time Management
– Conducts own personalised learning model that revolves around 3 core elements: content learning, individual practice and group discussion
– Proven track record for over 10 years (since 2009): 90% of students who completed 1 year of intensive guidance under Ms. Ang managed to achieve As and Bs in their A level examinations
– Facebook page serves as a platform for students to post their questions and receive prompt responses from tutors as well as to access free revision materials such as model essays and additional assignments for students to test themselves
Website https://www.ieconomicstuition.com/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  3
Contact / Address / Location(s)

9732 9931
Yishun Branch: Blk 102 Yishun Avenue 5 Singapore 760102 (Beside Chong Pang CC)
Jurong Branch: Blk 135 Jurong Gateway Road Singapore 600135 (Beside Jcube)
Bishan Branch: Blk 513 Bishan Street 13 Singapore 570513 (Beside Bishan Bus Interchange)

Email ieconomicstuition@gmail.com
Fees JC1-2: $340/4 lessons (one-time refundable deposit of $70)
Class Size Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Opening Hours Varies
Review By Sarah Lewis JC2 Economics “Throughout JC1 and early JC2, I was scoring straight “U”s for all my Economics exams. It was truly a blessing to have been introduced to iEconomics by my classmate. Ms Ang from iEconomics explained trends and question types very clearly, helping me identify my misconceptions and weaknesses! I even started to enjoy it and did my own research for essays! I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the “A” grade for Economics on my A Levels results slip! Thank you so much iEconomics!”
Review By Daryll Wong JC2 Economics “Thanks to iEconomics, I achieved an “A” grade for Economics in the A Levels! This would not have been possible without the guidance of Ms Ang from iEconomics. Ms Ang’s knowledge in Economics & the A Levels syllabus made the lessons very effective for us. With a small class size, she was able to cater to each of our learning needs. iEconomics’ notes are undoubtedly effective and concise, ensuring that we are exam-ready at all times. I highly recommend this to all students facing problems with Economics, you will not regret this decision!”
Review By Christabelle JC2 Economics “iEconomics provided me with very concise and highly effective notes, which benefited me tremendously in understanding the subject. Ms Ang’s keen knowledge of the subject, coupled with her enthusiasm in teaching, not only helped me in learning Economics, but also made me enjoy studying the subject. My Economics grade jumped from a “U” to an “A” for Prelims and A Levels in a short 3 months. This would surely not have been possible if I had not joined iEconomics!”

6) The Economics Tutor

Founded by Chief Tutor Kelvin Hong, The Economics Tutor (TET) is a leading economics tuition centre in Singapore. For over 24 years, TET has offered comprehensive IB and A Level JC Economics Tuition to guide students in understanding complex economic concepts and applying them through case study analyses, essay writing and discussions of real-world events.

More than just achieving academic success, TET nurtures critical thinking skills crucial in the real-world economic landscape.Known for their fun, engaging teaching methodology as well as high-quality resources, TET is a top choice for economics lessons in Singapore. Whilst only about 35% of students score A nationwide, 80-90% of TET students attain that for their A Level or IB economics examinations.

Looking for a fun, engaging and probably the best economics tutor in Singapore? Look no further. Book your lesson today and master the nuances of economics in their next class!

The Economics Tutor Economics Tuition

The Economics Tutor Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 6 The Economics Tutor

– Students will benefit from the experience and perspectives of highly acclaimed Chief Tutor Kelvin Hong, a top JC tutor, author, successful entrepreneur, scholar and ex-policymaker from the Admininstraive Service of the Singapore government. His insights and examples help students gain understanding and evaluation points that will impress examiners as firms’ decision making and government policymaking are vital components of the economics syllabus. TET’s programme is a blend of both Mr Kelvin Hong’s academic excellence and real-world experiences as successful entrepreneur and policymaker.
– VIP attention especially through Mini Groups and up to 3hours weekly (through blended learning) so that more help is given to help students learn and every student gets a chance to participate, is checked upon and helped.
– Superb quality and extensive resources. For example, our economics study guides and model essay publications are sold worldwide through Amazon and purchased even by schools. TET’s students also benefit from in-house summary notes, mind maps, infographics and even economics songs!
– 80-90% of TET’s students score A for Economics

Website https://www.TheEconomicsTutor.com/
Levels & Subjects A Level JC Economics
IB Economics
No. of Branches  1 Branch – (Bishan St 11, S570508) & Online Lessons
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9336 7511
Bishan St 11, S570508

Email enquiries@TheEconomicsTutor.com

Mini Groups:
$660/mth (based on 4 lessons)*

Small Groups:
$440/mth (based on 4 lessons)*

*1- Time Registration Fee $80 and Material Fee of $120/Semester

Class Size Mini Groups: 4-6 students
Small Groups: 12 students
Private Tuition (1-1)
Opening Hours Tues-Sun: 9am-11pm
Review By Rozalin Mohanty, Victoria Junior College

“I want to say a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help in the last 1.5 years. You’re a really great teacher and I can say that my true economics education took place during your classes, not during lectures in school. You have that rare ‘X factor’ presentation style that simply compels me to pay attention and absorb everything you say. It’s not something many teachers have and I can see that you put in a lot of effort into preparing for lessons. Your lessons have inspired me to explore careers in the financial sector such as stock market investing and finance which I would otherwise perhaps never considered 2 years back.”

Review By Xue Min, Yishun Innova Junior College “Mr Hong has been a great mentor. Despite the many gaps in my learning, he guided me thoroughly and helped fill in these gaps. In class, he does not give us answers directly, but guides us in our thinking and leads us to them. This has been a major factor in my success at the ‘A’ level examination. Moreover, his guidebooks and additional materials are much clearer and substantial in concept explanation and understanding. Without his help, I would not have been able to jump from an S in promos to an A in ‘A’ levels.”
Review By Marissa Chok, Raffles Institution Junior College “Mr Hong’s intelligent insights and creative pedagogy have helped me gain a much firmer and in-depth understanding of Economics. Under his experienced tutelage, my Economics improved dramatically even allowing me to make the school’s Dean’s list for the first time!  Mr Hong also systematically analyses past year trends and gives stunningly accurate predictions about A level topics and questions. Needless to say, I felt well-prepared for my Economics paper. Thank you Mr Hong! I scored an A!”

7) EconsActually

EconsActually, situated in the heart of Toa Payoh, is a premier Economics Tuition in Singapore that offers learning programmes to JC1 and JC2 students taking A Levels Economics. Founded by Principal Tutor Mr Clive Foo, who holds multiple academic and teaching accolades, has had over 10 years of teaching experience in Economics, and hence is equipped with the ability to help students with their Economics woes. EconsActually provides a structured learning approach to help students optimise exam performance, thus establishing itself as a Top Economics Tuition in Singapore. With in-house concise notes, practice case study/essay questions and various readings on current affairs provided, Mr Clive Foo (who personally teaches all the Economics classes) will effectively help all students improve their Economics grades.

EconsActually Economics Tuition

EconsActually Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 7 Econs Actually
Highlights – Economics Tuition in Singapore specializing in A Level Economics Tuition
– All classes conducted by Principal Tutor to ensure quality in teaching
– Structured learning programme comprising concise notes and practice case study/essay questions, which is designed to optimize exam performance
– No registration fees, no material fees, no withdrawal fees
– Strong testimonials from past students, most of whom have scored As in their A Levels
Website https://www.econsactually.com/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9337 3874
72 Toa Payoh Lorong 5, #01-578, Singapore 310072
Email econsactually@gmail.com
Fees JC1-2: $360/month (4 lessons)
Class Size Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Opening Hours Mon – Sun: 10am – 10pm
Review By Nikhil JC2 Economics “Jumping from a U in prelims to an A in A’s in 2-3 months says it all – Mr Clive Foo, the economics tutor @ EconsActually, works miracles! His unique teaching methods during his economics tuition classes embedded new concepts and writing styles in my head which i then applied during the A Levels which enabled me to attain an A.”
Review By Kaley Tan JC2 Economics “Economics can feel very daunting, especially when it seems like there are an infinite number of specific questions to prepare for. As an economics tutor, Mr. Clive Foo helped me to gain confidence in tackling Economics by strengthening my understanding of the various topics and how they were interlinked. With a strong foundation and his helpful pointers on how to break down questions and case study readings, I was more able to adapt to a variety of questions and pinpoint what they were looking for no matter how seemingly unfamiliar. His warm guidance and readiness to offer extra help have been a tremendous help to my studies. Thank you!”
Review By Clive Foo JC1 Economics “Mr. Clive Foo is highly skilled in teaching the subject of Economics and is meticulous in creating the notes which he goes through with the Economics Tuition class. He puts in great amounts of effort to tackle the individual problems faced by each and every student. He is able to elucidate complex concepts in short amounts of time despite the myriad of topics that need to be covered.”

8) Excel Economics

Founded by Principal Tutor Dilys Lim, Excel Economics provides JC Economics Tuition in Singapore to H1 and H2 Economics students taking their GCE A Level exam. With years of experience and over 10 years served as a supervisor of the NIE Economics trainee teachers, Dilys Lim has had impressive accomplishments within the Economics tutoring field and is more than capable of helping students grasp confusing Economics concepts as well as to ace their Economics exams. With Excel Economics’ experienced tutors, 95% of students score A/B in both H1 and H2 Economics every year.

Excel Economics Economics Tuition

Excel Economics Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 8 Excel Economics
Highlights – Economics Tuition in Singapore with 95% of students score A/B in both H1 and H2 Economics at the GCE ‘A’ level exam, with distinction rate ranging from 70 – 80+ percent
– Many former students have graduated from or are studying at top universities internationally including Ivy League universities in USA, top universities in the UK as well as the local universities
– Regular practices provided which are meticulously marked with feedback provided
– Tailor-Made Lessons to address students’ areas of concern – 1-1 face-to-face/ online (Zoom) lesson available
Website https://www.exceleconomics.com/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  0 (At Student’s Place or Online)
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9689 3944
Email admin@exceleconomics.com
Fees Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Class Size 6 Students (maximum)
Opening Hours Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Review By A.Pang IB HL Economics “Thank you, Ms. Lim. I got A for econs Thank you so much for helping to polish my econs to an A, really so thankful for the fun and engaging lessons. Thank you for helping me become more confident in my H2 economics, and also answering all my out-of- syllabus questions to satisfy my curiosity. I really enjoyed your lessons and economics is probably something I want to study in Uni!”
Review By A. Quek JC2 Economics “Ms. Lim is one of the best if not best econs tutor I’ve ever encountered. She is knowledgeable and extremely well-versed in the subject, and is so experienced that very often, she is able to pre-empt misconceptions students have and ensure we avoid conceptual errors right from the start. Like she always says – “ once students learned the concepts wrongly and internalised the misconceptions, it’s much harder to correct”. I’m very fortunate to have found Ms. Lim and today, I’m able to further my education in a local uni. I had done really badly in my economics tests/exams before I had tuition with Ms. Lim. With her expertise and very patient guidance, I was able to do well in the GCE ‘A’ level economics exam. Thank you, Ms Lim!”
Review By R. Yeoh JC2 Economics “Thank you for carrying me from a U in my first year (without tuition) to a solid A in my A levels! Truly a caring teacher that takes the extra step for her students:)”

9) The Econs Don

The Econs Don is founded by Don Chng who started his tutoring career in 2016, while he was still in University. Now a full time tutor, his academic prowess combined with his youthful enthusiasm has allowed him to both impart crucial knowledge to his students, and connect with them to boost their confidence. He also uses a unique teaching pedagogy such as the ‘Critical Thinking Process’ to help students break down concepts and questions easily, allowing  around 90% of his students to achieve A/B grades every year.

The Econs Don Economics Tuition

The Econs Don Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 9 The Econs Don
Highlights – Proven track record with ~90% of students scoring A/B grades and most achieving at least a 1 grade improvement within 6 months
– Unique teaching pedagogy including a Critical Thinking Process to help students break down concepts and questions easily
– Library of exclusive economics resources such as content summaries and question answering guides
– 1-to-1 (online) and small group classes available to suit every student’s learning pace
Website https://theeconsdon.com/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2, IB SL/HL Economics
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9188 3903
190 Clemenceau Avenue #02-31 Singapore 239924
Email theeconsdon@outlook.com
Fees $100/ A Levels Lesson (2 hours)
$120/ IB Lesson (2 hours)
Class Size 1-to-1, small group (6 students)
Opening Hours 24 hours daily
Review By Luu Doan Gia (H2 Econs) “Mr Don has been incredibly helpful with his concise notes and patience despite my initial difficulties with answering the questions. His methodical approach to tackling econs questions broke down difficult concepts and constant exposure to different question types and weekly practices helped me improve my grades (from Prelims S to A levels A) despite the short time spent with him. Thank you!!”
Review By Matthew Cheong (H1 Econs) “Mr Don has done an amazing job at helping me understand my economics concepts. Under Mr Don’s guidance, I managed to gain more confidence in answering macro economics questions. Mr Don’s notes have also provided good insight into the key components of what A level questions are looking for. His answering techniques also helped to refine my answers by trimming off excess parts of my answer which helped a lot with my time management. I’m very thankful for Mr Don’s help in boosting my econs from an E to B!! Thank you for everything Mr Don!!”
Review By Koo Ya (H1 Econs) “Don is a friendly and energetic teacher who was very clear and concise when explaining economic concepts. I started with him a month before A levels and he really helped me to clear up economic misconceptions and teach me how to score. He also provided very helpful notes and practice papers every week which helped me improve my grade to an A for A levels! I would highly recommend his tuition if you need help for economics!”

10) AceYourEcons

AceYourEcons (AYE) was founded by Mr Jeffrey Teo, who was a prior commercial banker at internationally-known banks before quitting his job and venturing into his passion of educating students. With his immense passion for Economics and teaching, coupled with his real-life experience working with Economics in his previous job, Mr Jeffrey Teo has hence successfully conceptualised an effective Economics learning structure and method in one of the leading Economics Tuition Centre in Singapore. AYE has also been featured in the media on several occasions for campaigning to help private candidates and national servicemen excel in their A Levels – showcasing Mr Jeffrey Teo and his team’s genuine dedication towards wanting to help students achieve their academic goals.

AceYourEcons Economics Tuition

AceYourEcons Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 10 AceYourEcons
Highlights – Meaningful and student-oriented experience for students
– Helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students
– Teaches students to understand and apply key economic concepts to examples
– Allow students to develop the skills to logically and concisely arrange their ideas to answer exam questions
– Coaches students to sharpen their Case Study Question answering techniques
– Under the tutor’s guidance, students are encouraged to clarify their doubts and clear their misconceptions
– Free class practices provided to allow students’ ample opportunity to practice their exam skills
Website https://aceyourecons.sg/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 8891 0336
212 Hougang Street 21, #04-333, Singapore 530212
Email admin@aceyourecons.sg
Fees Group classes: JC1-2: $480/month (4 lessons)
Flexi 1 to 1 Programme: JC 1-2: $1200/month (4 lessons)
Class Size 1 – 8 students
Opening Hours Mon – Sat: 10am – 6pm Sun: 9am – 1pm
Review By Jaren Chan JC2 Economics “I’m very thankful as these lessons have given me the flexibility of having online classes which is very convenient. Mr. Teo closely monitors each student’s progress and regularly checks on each student if they need help. The mentoring session have been very helpful which I believe many other centers neglect to go deep into understanding each student’s needs. I’ve developed an interest in Econs thanks to ace your Econs and I went from the usual E to a B in recent school tests. I will definitely recommend Ace Your Econs to any fellow private candidate that is looking for an Econ tutor.”
Review By Ryan Tan JC2 Economics “I appreciate AYE’s help in my JC Economics as they held effective online lessons where Mr Teo constantly tried to engage us with fun activities like Kahoot quizzes or showing us his pet Corgi whenever we looked sleepy or zoned out, something few teachers would take the effort to do. Besides caring greatly for his students, Mr Teo has high expectations from us to push ourselves in and out of tuition, and his confidence in our ability to do so has helped me to put in effort in my studies. I would recommend AYE to others searching for Economics tuition.”
Review By Zidane Low JC1 Economics “Mr jeffrey is a great teacher who knows how to manage students well. Before meeting him I subpassed a common test but i was able to improve and get a B for promos. Under his practices, I was able to internalise most of the concepts of economics and also appreciated this subject more.”


11) Adam Smith Economics HQ

Adam Smith Economics HQ is a leading Economics Tuition provider in Singapore, with years of experience in tutoring and guiding Economics students to help them achieve their academic goals. Adam Smith Economics HQ boasts of an award-winning (Promising SME 500 Award) Economics programme which features more than 95% accuracy in official exam predictions, 85-90% distinction grades and 100% improvements from previous major exams or tests. Their teaching pedagogy focuses highly on Higher Order Thinking (HOT) skills of Application, Analysis and Evaluation, coupled with highly entertaining lessons by their in-house tutors. Through their thoughtfully designed lesson plans, students can be rest assured that these lessons will be a direct path towards them achieving their desired grades in this Economics Tuition Centre.

Adam Smith Economics HQ Economics Tuition

Adam Smith Economics HQ Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 11 Adam Smith Economics HQ
Highlights – Offers 2 Free Trial Lessons at one’s own time and convenience, with no charge
– One of Singapore’s largest group and home tuition services
– Provides 1-to-1 Tuition, Online Group Classes, Intensive Programs, and Home Tuition depending on every student’s academic requirements
– Strong testimonial base from past clients
– Provides a comprehensive compilation of free JC Economics resources for all students
Website https://www.economicstuition.com/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9695 9650
Block 256 Bishan Street 22 #B1-472, Singapore 570256
Email Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Fees Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Class Size Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Opening Hours Wed: 2pm – 9pm
Thurs, Fri: 12pm – 9pm
Sat: 9am – 7pm
Mon, Tues, Sun: Closed
Review By Claire Phee JC1 Economics “The teacher in the centres heavy emphasis on skills like analysis, application and evaluation that helped me to analyse the question better and allows me to have a better idea on how to go about applying them in the content to answer the question requirement.”
Review By Seow Li JC2 Economics “Mr. Tan is excellent in the IMPART of exam skills, and the skills taught can tackle ANY essay and case study! He tutored me in just 5 lessons. Mr Tan is definitely the one you should seek help from if you want to secure your Economics grade A in the easiest and fastest time!”
Review By Debbie Ong JC2 Economics “I was receiving tuition at another centre for about $700 a month! But my Econs grades were not improving. Then, I went to Mr. Tan’s class at Bishan. To my surprise, it was very productive, from the very first lesson! I like the way he deciphered the case study paper, so that I actually knew and could pre-empt what questions can appear in the actual exam! Please keep up the good work on A-Level Economics, Mr. Tan!”

12) JCEconomics.com

At JCEconomics.com, the founder Mr Anthony Fok personally teaches all the classes to ensure a high quality of delivery at his Economics Tuition Centre. His students have all moved on and continued to excel academically in top universities thanks to his effective lessons, which are focused on higher order thinking skills (Application, Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation). Mr Anthony Fok will also guide students in integrating topics and constructing coherent lines of arguments in order to allow students to formulate a more effective essay. Through these approaches, students will be well-equipped with the necessary skills to tackle their Economics exams.

JCEconomics.com Economics Tuition

JCEconomics.com Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 12 JCEconomics.com
Highlights – All lessons taught by sole tutor — Mr. Anthony Fok — to ensure high quality of lessons delivery
– Tutor is a former MOE teacher with many years of teaching experience
– Provides detailed notes and essay structures
– Highlights the latest microeconomics and macroeconomics news events that happen both locally and overseas
– Majority of students score ‘A’s and ‘B’s in the A-level examinations
Website https://www.anthonyfok.com/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  2
Contact / Address / Location(s) 8251 3684
Bukit Timah Branch: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #05-54 Singapore 588179
Tampines Branch: Block 201E Tampines Street 23 #02-106 Singapore 527201
Email Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Fees JC 1: $420/Month + One time $120 material fees per year
JC 2: $440/Month + One time $120 material fees per year
Class Size Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Opening Hours Tues-Fri: 6:30pm – 8pm
Sat: 11:15am – 6pm
Sunday: 10am – 6pm
Mon, Wed: Closed
Review By Claire Tay JC2 Economics “I have definitely benefited greatly from the lessons taught by Mr Fok. My Economics grades improved tremendously after attending his lessons. Apart from that, he also taught us soft skills which I feel is very valuable for our future. Besides, I also appreciate his flexibility as he allows makeup timing for his lessons. In addition, he is very dedicated and would answer any queries we have even outside class through SMS/whatsapp. He also puts in extra effort to mark and provide feedback for the extra assignments we do despite his busy schedule. He provides ample economics resources to aid our learning. His lessons are engaging, well-structured and closely aligned to the syllabus. He imparts essay answering techniques, case study skills and highlights the important keywords to us which is a crucial requirement in the exams. All in all, I am grateful for his constant encouragement and guidance throughout the year! Thank you for helping me get A for Economics!”
Review By Cherie Sim JC1 Economics “Mr Fok is a very helpful and patient teacher who puts in tremendous amount of effort and time in preparing his students for the A-levels. I have certainly found his lessons interesting and engaging. Thanks to Mr Fok, I achieved an A in Economics — something which I never expected to achieve.”
Review By Sean Ng JC1 Economics “Mr Fok is a kind and patient tutor who does not mind going the extra mile to ensure that learning takes place. His bubbly character has helped to lighten the mood during classes and enhanced the learning for every student. I strongly recommend Mr Fok if you feel that you are weak in your economics concepts.”

13) Crucible Education

Crucible Education strikes an impeccable balance between imparting academic knowledge, and transforming their students into stronger learners. The team is dedicated to helping each student realise their maximum potential and become independent, driven learners. On top of a rigorous curriculum which has helped 90% of their students score A/B grades, Crucible Education also crafts individual study plans for each student, and encourages them to take ownership for their own improvement through their self-review system. Recognizing that each student learns at their own pace, complimentary 1-to-1 consultations, post-exam reviews, and the like are conducted to help students understand their strengths and weaknesses better.

Crucible Education Economics Tuition

Crucible Education Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 13 Crucible Education

–  Since 2018, A Level A/B (IBDP Grade 7/6) rates have averaged around 90%
– Students are given an individualised study plan based on their diagnosed weakness, and are assigned a form tutor who will check in on their progress
– Complimentary 1-ro-1 consultations
– Helps students master their content with structured notes which focuses on questions tested in the past 10 years
– Focuses in helping students develop their ability to analyze questions and to enhance their skills to write an ‘A’ grade answer
– Structured frameworks and sufficient practice are given to help students develop their answering technique and avoid overwriting

Website https://www.crucible.com.sg/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2, IB SL/HL Economics
No. of Branches  3
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9366 8722 / 245 Whitley Road #01-11, Tanglin CC (Stevens MRT) S297829
9871 1635 / 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Beauty World Centre #03-12 S588177
9474 9131 / 233A Upper Thomson Road S574364
Email enquiries@crucible.com.sg
Fees Not Stated
Class Size Not Stated
Opening Hours Daily: 9am-10.30pm
Review By Mervin (H2 Econs) “Prior to joining Crucible, my understanding of Economics was terrible, and in class I was often unable to keep up. I soon lost interest in the subject. Crucible not only allowed me to remain ahead of my classmates and to be able to keep up in school, but also gave me a fun and enriching learning environment. This benefitted me academically and on a personal level, as the tutors there quickly became my mentors and role-models. With their guidance, I have achieved an A at the A Levels for H2 Economics.”
Review By Nicholas Sim (H1 Econs) “I struggled with performing in economics through JC as I was unable to apply the concepts taught in school. With help from Crucible, I was able to get a clear understanding of the concepts and practiced applying concrete points in my essays. From a U grade in prelims I was able to get an A in my A levels.”
Review By Rachel Fond (HL Econs) Prior to joining Crucible, I often fell behind in the IB programme. Economics, Math and Physics were my worst subjects in the IB programme but after joining Crucible, I improved tremendously in my understanding and did well for the final IB examination, achieving 7s. I had incredibly patient tutors at Crucible who eventually also became mentors to me in life. Thank you!

14) Learner’s Lodge

With over 15 years of experience, Learners’ Lodge is one of the leading national providers of academic enrichment and tutorial programs for JC students in Singapore. As a JC Economics Tuition Specialist, the team has conceptualised a comprehensive program aimed at tackling students’ weaknesses and helping them understand and analyse Economics concepts and terms in a simplified manner. Through these skill enhancement techniques, students can be at ease knowing that they are now more well-equipped to tackle their Economics examinations. At Learners’ Lodge, all the Economics Tutors are highly experienced and qualified in preparing students for the A Levels.

Learners' Lodge Economics Tuition

Learners’ Lodge Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 14 Learner’s Lodge
Highlights – Tailor-made programs that cater to the students from different JCs
– In-house notes provided to all students
– Positive environment where students are constantly encouraged to ask questions
– About 80% of students attained an A grade in the A level exam, and over 90% getting at least a B grade
– Branches located at six convenient locations, with more than 20 JC1 classes and more than 40 JC2 classes
Website https://www.learnerslodge.com.sg/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  7
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9119 9655 Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Bukit Timah, Kovan, Jurong, Kembagan, and Marymount
Email sales@learnerslodge.com.sg
Fees JC1-2: $340/Month
Class Size 12 Students/Class (Maximum)
Opening Hours Tue – Fri: 3.30pm – 9pm Sat – Sun: 9am – 6pm
Review By Annie JC2 Economics “Mr Loh Zhi was the best teacher for economics throughout my 2 years with him. He helped me greatly in understanding the concepts and applying it to case studies and essays by using interesting analogies during lesson time. I developed an interest in economics due to him and found it much easier to study the subject as I am interested in it. Thank you Mr Loh!!”
Review By Kelly JC2 Economics “Thank you SO much to Mr Fung Jia Pei for being the best economics teacher I could ever ask for! I initially joined in JC1 because I had gotten a ‘C’ for my Mid-year examinations and needed some guidance to improve myself. Mr Fung was there for me every step of the way, not only as an academic tutor but also a provider of emotional support and life advice. Mr Fung teaches economics with extreme clarity and passion, inspiring me to invest more time and effort into learning this subject. Through his lessons, I cultivated a genuine interest in economics and consequently achieved better grades.”
Review By Claire JC2 Economics “Upon joining Mr Fung Jia Pei at the tail end of J1, he had reinforced my foundation in Economics, allowing me to be amply prepared for the A levels. His classes have never fallen short of being informative and insightful, where he delivers Economic concepts in bitesize pieces. Beyond that, Mr Fung is a mentor for all his students, gearing them well not just for a one off examination but also life’s countless tests. I have taken away alot during my time as his student, not just an A for Econs in the A levels but also many valuable teachings that will prepare me for university and beyond.”

15) Indigo Education Group

Founded in 2011, Indigo has since been renowned as a quality tuition centre and has amassed stellar results. With a team of dynamic and passionate tutors, Indigo focuses on the holistic development of each student and has developed an effective Economics teaching pedagogy to help students improve in their Economics. During lessons, tutors will focus on bridging any gaps in content or clear any misconceptions by students, as well as guide students in tackling exam questions in order to hone their Economics skills. With these effective, tried-and-tested tutoring steps, Indigo will definitely be able to help students improve their Economics grades.

Indigo Group Economics Tuition

Indigo Group Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 15 Indigo Education Group
Highlights – Effective teaching pedagogy developed by education specialists
– High-quality collated notes
– Exam-oriented curriculum to help students excel in examinations
– Termly assessments to keep track of student’s learning progress
– Over 60% distinction rates for A Levels
Website https://indigo.com.sg/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  5
Contact / Address / Location(s) Balmoral Plaza, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Bugis, Marymount, Novena
Email contact@indigogroup.com.sg
Fees Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Class Size Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 11.30am – 7pm
Sat – Sun: 9.30am – 6.30pm
Review By Joel Lee JC2 Economics “A very comfortable environment to study in. It is a great place to improve yourself. She is a very capable tutor who knows what she’s doing, more importantly she puts herself in the shoes of her students and tries to understand our thought process. This helps her to make her lessons more efficient and engaging, making learning more enjoyable.”
Review By Timothy Loh JC1 Economics “The tutor is friendly and can clarify my doubts well. The practices gave me adequate preparation for the exams and honed my answering techniques. Thanks for all your help & hard work :)”
Review By Jacob Tan JC2 Economics “The overall experience is good. Mrs Neo is able to conduct her lessons and bring across concepts in a very clear and concise manner. I am able to learn a lot from her teachings and my results have definitely shown improvement. Her lessons are also very engaging and there are lots of opportunities for critical thinking.”


16) Quintessential Education

Quintessential Education (QE) is one of the leading providers of tuition for JC, IB and IGCSE Economics students. Armed with a team of highly educated and experienced tutors, QE boasts of strict hiring practices to ensure that all tutors are the best of the best. This ensures that the curriculum taught by all tutors is comprehensive and follows strict guidelines. At QE, students will be exposed to exam-based teaching which is highly targeted on higher order thinking and real-life application. Apart from ensuring that all students are well-versed with the Economics content, tutors will also ensure that sufficient timed practices, consultation and notes are provided to students.

Quintessential Education Economics Tuition

Quintessential Education Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 16 Quintessential Education
Highlights – Usage of an E3 teaching model to educate through exam exposure, key content mastery and targeted practices
– International expansive group of educators (from Raffles, ACS, Ivy, Oxbridge alumnus, IB Examiners, and beyond)
– Students consistently outperform the national average across major examinations
– 100% students scored 6 or 7 in IB exam, 89% scored A/A* in IGCSE exam, 91% scored A/B in A Level exam (in 2020)
– Featured in multiple media outlets (Channel 5, Channel 8, Straits Times etc.) – 500+ 5 star Google reviews
Website https://qeducation.sg/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6100 9338 / 9655 0590
545 Orchard Rd, #14-09 Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882
Email enquiries@qeducation.sg
Fees Group Classes:
IGCSE & Sec 1-4: $480/Month
IB & JC 1-2: $500/Month
*Four sessions per month, 1 hr 45 min each

Individual Classes (IGCSE):
Junior Tutors: $600-$650 Senior Tutors: $720-$800 Examiners: $880
*Four sessions per month, 1 hr 30 min each

Individual Classes (IP, JC & IB):
Junior Tutors: $600-$720 Senior Tutors: $800-$880 Examiners: $950
*Four sessions per month, 1 hr 30 min each

Class Size 3 – 6 Students
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 11am to 8pm
Sat – Sun: 11am to 6pm
Review By Elliott IB SL Economics “I was tutored in the last 4 months of school before my IB exams, They managed to pull my Econ grades up from a 5 to a 6, The materials provided were very focused and helpful. The teaching style was incredibly simple and straightforward, which helped me alot with my final exam prep. Thanks QE!”
Review By Michael B JC1 Economics “I came for a trial class for economics and I learned lots of useful information about how to prepare for the different papers, how to answer the questions, and clarified information on content that I was unsure about. It was very efficient and informative.”
Review By Julian Tay IB HL Economics “I attended Sean’s IB Y6 HL Economics class in 2020. He teaches in a way that not only engages but sparks genuine interest and love for the subject, and I always look forward to having lessons with him. He links economic concepts to appropriate and relevant real life contexts, allowing students to truly appreciate what they are learning. At the same time, he is also a very experienced IB tutor who has deep, extensive knowledge of the syllabus and rubrics to ensure that students know how best to strategise in a manner that maximises their grades. Always patient, he takes care to ensure that all his students understand the syllabus, and is always happy to provide additional support when needed. He gives his students access to a wide range of resources, from model essays to study notes to question banks, which have proved to be an immense help, especially during exam preparations. With his guidance, I have managed to achieve a comfortable Grade 7 for my N20 IB exams, which would definitely have not been possible without his help. I highly recommend lessons with Sean.”

17) Future Academy

Over at Future Academy, the Tuition Centre makes sure to only engage top level tutors with solid teaching backgrounds and exemplary teaching records and academic accolades. All Economics classes are led by Mr Terence Liew, who has more than 12 years of teaching experience as a University lecturer. Future Academy’s Economics lessons aim to develop the students’ informed interest and improve their Economics exam grades. Lessons are all conducted in small groups and notes are provided to ensure that all students are able to learn and receive personalised guidance during each lesson provided by the Tuition Centre.

Future Academy Economics Tuition

Future Academy Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 17 Future Academy
Highlights – High qualifications of Economics tutors with years of experience
– Small class sizes to ensure students learn well
– Customised Economics tuition notes are provided to students to cater to their needs
– 100% of students witnessed grade improvements in Economics subject
– 80% of students achieved A in their Economics subject with Future Academy
Website https://www.fa.edu.sg/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  2
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6884 6566
Bencoolen Branch: 175A Bencoolen Street #06-05, Burlington Square Office Tower, Singapore 189650
Bukit Timah Branch: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #15-04, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Singapore 588179
Email info@fa.edu.sg
Fees Pri 1-6: $400-$480/Month Sec/IP 1-6: $480/Month JC 1-2: $560/Month
Class Size 2 – 5 Students/Class
Opening Hours Mon – Sun: 9am – 9pm
Review By Sara C JC1 Economics “Ms Chen will always explain the questions and concept that I don’t understand in detail to me. She will match her pace of teaching to our own pace and make enjoyable. I improved a lot in math and has been receiving good feedback from my school teacher.”
Review By Niharika JC1 Economics “Lovely people and a great environment for students to learn and improve their conceptual understanding and get to understand the subjects at a greater depth! The online resources are also really helpful in revision!”
Review By Kristen JC2 Economics “Really grateful to Future Academy for their help with my studies, their online resources are very enriching and help me gain confidence with the material being taught in school.”

18) AfterSkool Learning Centre

Situated conveniently in central-west Singapore, AfterSkool Learning Centre boasts of a spacious setting with 16 classrooms, together with 18 full-time, in-house tutors that have helped over 2,000 students over the past 9 years. AfterSkool provides small-group Economics Tuition with the presence of a co-tutor if needed – making the student-to-teacher ratio small at 5-8 students per tutor. Through providing customised materials and comprehensive guidance towards all JC students, students are hence able to gain a better understanding of Economics concepts and learn essential examination skills in order to improve their Economics grades and score for the GCE A Level Economics Examinations.

Afterskool Learning Centre Economics Tuition

Afterskool Learning Centre Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 18 AfterSkool Learning Centre
Highlights – MOE-certified full-time tutors, including former-MOE teachers
– Customised materials that are regularly reviewed to ensure close compliance with MOE Syllabus
– Provides an annual reviewed subject materials including comprehensive summary booklets for every subject, distributed early in the academic year to aid students in their revision.
– Content taught ahead of schools’ pace to ensure that students are confidence in their school lessons and have enough time to revise
– Remedial sessions held throughout the year on top of weekly lessons to help students to catch up and consolidate their learning
– 16 classrooms that are fully-equipped with projectors and visualisers. – Ample areas for self-study in between classes
Website https://www.afterskool.com.sg/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6339 6787
31 Holland Close, #01-215/217, Singapore 270031
Email admissions@afterskool.com.sg
Fees Sec 1-2: $360-$400/Month
Sec 3-4: $420-$460/Month
JC1-2/IB1-2: $480-$520/Month
Class Size 1-10 Students/Class (with a co-tutor present for classes of >8 students)
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm
Sat – Sun: Closed (Closed for Chinese New Year, March and December Holidays)
Review By Carrie Law JC2 Economics “Afterskool has been very helpful to me for the past 3 years. the teachers are very supportive and encouraging, they are able to conduct beneficial and conducive lessons, they are quick to answer our questions, always pushing us to strive for the best results.”
Review By Jolin JC1 Economics “The teachers and staff are always willing to help and make improvements to ensure we learn efficiently. I have had a lot of fun and my grades have improved a lot.”
Review By JC2 Economics “The teachers at AfterSkool are very dedicated and they will go out of their way to help us understand concepts and solve questions. Be it schoolwork or the questions given to us in the materials, they will not hesitate to answer my questions I have and to clarify any of my doubts. Thank you all for your dedication and hard work especially during this circuit breaker period!”

19) Zenith Education Studio

As a tuition centre focused on value-adding to students, Zenith Education Studio bases their tutoring approach on a highly-effective and comprehensive teaching pedagogy which hinges on active, discussion-based learning. Their A Level Economics Tuition curriculum guides students to firstly understand the key concepts of the Economics syllabus, and thereafter mastering application of content when answering questions. Through their tried and tested teaching methods, students have benefited from grade improvements in JC Economics throughout the years.

Zenith Education Studio Economics Tuition

Zenith Education Studio Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 19 Zenith Education Studio
Highlights – Curriculum is based on a comprehensive and highly effective pedagogy
– Complimentary consultation and 24/7 online help provided outside of lesson timing
– Study lounge access with complimentary snack bar – Termly outings for students
– Exam cheatsheets and notes provided
– 90% distinction at O-Levels, 70% A and 95% A/B at A-Levels
– Referral bonuses for students (at $100)
Website https://www.learnatzenith.com/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  3
Contact / Address / Location(s) 8768 7651
Buona Vista Branch: 35 Rochester Drive #03-22 Singapore 138639
Potong Pasir Branch: Blk 2 Tai Thong Cres #01-15 Singapore 347836
Bukit Timah Branch: Blk 611A Bukit Timah Road Singapore 269713
Email zenitheducationstudio@gmail.com
Fees Sec 3 – 4: $280/Month
JC 1 – 2: $320/Month
Class Size Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Opening Hours Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Review By Kimberly Wong JC2 Economics “Teachers at Zenith focus greatly on the application of knowledge and skills, ensuring that we master how to face any question no matter how challenging. Lesson content and notes are concise and easy to digest, breaking down difficult concepts for ease of understanding. The teachers never failed to make every lesson enjoyable and engaging and lessons are always filled with laughter and fun. Even despite joining later than most students, Zenith has helped me achieve my A in H2 Economics and I highly recommend them for your academic needs.”
Review By Emma Tan JC1 Economics “Lessons at Zenith are effective and eye-opening, where teachers go beyond the confines of textbooks and lecture notes, providing me with deeper insight into what is taught in school. Teachers cater the lessons and programme to what students require and learn best in, allowing for easy understanding of content. The teaching style in Zenith allowed me to learn at my own pace, yet motivated me to seek constant improvement and better grades. Zenith truly helped to inspire my passion for Economics, sparking my genuine interest in the subject, where I am able to apply what I study into real-world situations.”
Review By Sarah Tham JC2 Economics “Before joining Zenith, I had struggled greatly with my Economics. I decided to join Zenith, and immediately, i began to see results. The teachers in Zenith are very patient and understanding. They go the extra mile for students, preparing extra notes, pointers and lessons to prepare us for difficult topics and question types. They also really care for students, often treating us to food and chatting with us. Lessons have a very positive atmosphere and classes fly by at Zenith. They have helped me greatly for As and is a center that I can vouch for.”

20) Raymond’s Math & Science Studio

Raymond’s Math & Science Studio comprises a team of dedicated and sought-after teachers who have a wealth of teaching experience and are more than capable in guiding students in realising their academic potentials across the Mathematics, Sciences and Economics subjects. Offering Economics Tuition for JC students as well, the tuition centre uses modern teaching methods to allow students to gain a more comprehensive coverage of the subject as well as to learn various application techniques in order to do well for their GCE A Level Economics examinations.

Raymond's Studio Economics Tuition

Raymond’s Studio Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 20 Raymond’s Math & Science Studio
Highlights – Team of dedicated and sought-after teachers teaching English, Science (Upper Primary), Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Economics to complement the students’ learning of Math
– Strong Testimonial base from past students across all 3 outlets and for all tutors
– Frequent outings to motivate students (NUS open house, movie days, USS etc.)
– Stellar results and track record
Website rmss.com.sg
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  3
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6333 8222 (Bishan) / 6881 8222 (Marine Parade) / 6838 8222 (Punggol)
Bishan Branch: 280 Bishan Street 24, #01-22, Singapore 570280
Marine Parade Branch: 82 Marine Parade Central, #01-600, Singapore 44008
Punggol Branch: 681 Punggol Dr., #05-13/14 Oasis Terraces, Singapore 820681
Email contactus@rmss.com.sg
Fees Preschool: $170/Month
Pri 1-6: $190 – $270/Month
Sec 1-4: $240 – $310/Month
JC 1-2: $300 – $340/Month
Class Size Large (Exact Number Unstated)
Opening Hours Mon – Thurs: 12pm – 10.30pm
Fri: 12pm – 10.45pm
Sat: 8am – 7.50pm
Sun: 8am – 9.20pm
*operating Hours differs for different outlets*
Review By Jess Parent of JC2 Economics “Thanks to RMSS Bishan for accepting my boy within a short period of time for A levels. Special thanks to Mr Phua for your patience and coaching him to improve his results especially during this period of COVID where onsite class is limited within your capacity.”
Review By Teng Parent of JC1 Economics “Teachers are caring and responsible. My boys’ math grades improved leaps & bounds. Teachers give extra lessons to ensure child catchup with the syllabus. Helpful staff.”
Review By Yi Shan JC1 Economics “Miss Karmen’s lessons has always been engaging and she always tries her best to explain clearly to ensure that we understand things we are unclear of. She takes time to go through our papers with us in hope of knowing our weaknesses and have targeted learning that aids us better in learning.”

21) Stalford Learning Centre

Stalford Learning Centre is one of the leading tuition providers in Singapore, with over 20 centres islandwide. Taught by a team of highly experienced and qualified tutors, Secondary and JC Economics students can be rest assured that Stalford’s Economics Tuition will provide a comprehensive coverage of the O Level and A Level Economics syllabus, as well as provide sufficient practice and analytical skills that will help students get an edge over their peers in the Economics subject.

Stalford Learning Centre Economics Tuition

Stalford Learning Centre Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 21 Stalford Learning Centre
Highlights – Long history of more than 20 years of experience
– Strong track record of grades improvement among students
– Well-established testimonials and references from parents and students
– Conveniently located across Singapore with more than 20 outlets
– Highly qualified Econmics tutors that are experienced in tutoring
– Reputable among parents and students in Singapore
– Offers highly effective crash courses for subjects such as Economics
Website https://www.stalford.edu.sg/
Levels & Subjects Secondary Economics, JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  21
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6753 3533 (AMK)
6481 3233 (Northpoint 1)
6353 3233 (Northpoint 2)
6757 3233 (Northpoint 3)
6315 3233 (Compass One)
6362 3233 (Hougang Mall)
6543 3233 (Waterway Point)
6449 3233 (Oasis Terraces)
6763 3233 (Hillion Mall)
6242 3233 (Lot One)
6465 3233 (YewTee Point)
6245 3233 (Bedok)
6786 3233 (Eastpoint Mall)
6446 3233 (Parkway Parade)
6383 3233 (White Sands)
6789 3233 (Tampines Mall)
6899 3233 (Aperia)
6272 3233 (Tiong Bahru)
6898 3233 (Jurong Point)
6793 3233 (Jurong West)
6686 3233 (Westgate)
Email contact@stalford.edu.sg
Fees Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Class Size 10 – 30 Students/Class
Opening Hours Varies
Review By Shi Qi JC2 Economics “Mr Tom broke down difficult content into simple concepts that we could absorb easily. He would mark our work conscientiously and give us feedback on how to improve our writing.”
Review By Yuyao JC2 Economics “Stalford is professional, dedicated, and effective. The lessons and materials provided were concise and easy to comprehend, and my ability to grasp challenging concepts greatly improved.”
Review By Valarie Kang JC2 Economics “Stalford teachers are very responsible. They have their own unique ways of teaching that makes understanding of concepts exceptionally easy.”

22) Habitat Learning Centre

Located in Novena, Habitat Learning Centre provides JC and IB Economics Tuition in small class sizes, following a holistic teaching approach. At Habitat, tutors are able to customise their teaching or curriculum towards the student’s learning style or weaknesses. The tutors strongly believe in the cultivation of love for H1, H2, SL and HL Economics, and hence, will consistently engage JC and IB Economics students in real life examples coupled with Economics theories and concepts in order to expose students to a wide variety of situations. Through their targeted approach and proven teaching methods, students will be able to learn and improve in their Economics as well as to score well in the GCE A Levels and IB Economics examinations.

Habitat Learning Centre Economics Tuition

Habitat Learning Centre Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 22 Habitat Learning Centre
Highlights – Small class size to ensure that every student receives ample of attention from tutor
– Customises tuition curriculum based on the student’s level of knowledge
– Habitat provides notes, practice questions and summary notes to all students
– Aptitude test provided for students
– Strong supportive culture is instilled, good relationships between teacher and student, as well as teacher and parent
Website https://habitatlearningcentre.com/economics-tuition-singapore/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics, IB SL/HL Economics
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9795 3323 1 Goldhill Plaza, #02-27, Singapore 308899
Email admin@habitatlearningcentre.com
Fees Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Class Size 4 – 6 Students/Class
Opening Hours Mon – Thu: 12pm – 5.30pm
Fri: 12pm – 6pm
Sat – Sun: 10am – 7pm
Review By Janice JC1 Economics “During my time in this tuition centre, I was able to receive sufficient help from the tutors and gain lots of support as well. This tuition centre has a very friendly environment and the teachers will guide me step by step for any questions and contents I do not understand. I would recommend joining this tuition centre!! Really helps!!”
Review By Geopard JC1 Economics “I’m currently a student of this centre and I love it here! Although this centre is newly opened, I have been with Miss Song for all 4 years of my secondary school. I have been taught by amazing teachers like teacher Eunice, teacher Leon and they helped me to understand my topics better. They helped me to do well for my school exams and o levels. Right now, I am in jc, and I continue to attend lessons with this centre as I like the more individualised style of lessons that this centre provides.”
Review By Xuan Kai JC1 Economics “Hi Teacher Eunice! You teach very well. Your explanations are very clear and can be easily understood. Classes with you were not boring… they were fun, and helpful in every way… I’m really thankful for your guidance.”


23) Aspire Hub

Established in 2001, Aspire Hub has become the forefront of the tuition industry in Singapore, with over 15 outlets island wide. Aspire Hub holds a team of passionate and devoted tutors who are highly experienced and qualified to teach in many subjects including JC H1/H2 Economics. Their A Level Economics teaching methodology focuses on training students to become an independent learner who is proactive and are exposed to real-life situations. Hence, students can be rest assured that they are in good hands when they enroll in Aspire Hub’s Economics Tuition.

Aspire Hub Economics Tuition

Aspire Hub Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 23 Aspire Hub
Highlights – Almost 20 years of experience
– Offers a wide range of subjects with curriculum that is in line with the latest school syllabus
– Customised learning programme for all students
– Takes an holistic approach to empowering students
– Coaches are full-time employees, meaning that they are 100% dedicated to giving your child the best education
– Students take a diagnostic test for coaches to fully customise their teaching styles and learning programmes
– Each student’s portfolio is individually handled by a coach
– Exam-centred approach; lessons are focused on preparing students for examinations with focused lessons for Mid-Year Exams and intensive revision periods during school holidays
– Individual coaching sessions held quarterly
Website https://aspirehub.com/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  16
Contact / Address / Location(s) Great World City: 6235 2018 / 9821 6612
Ang Mo Kio Hub: 9649 0297 / 9649 2084
Hillion Mall: 6904 4540 / 9622 2942
Paya Lebar Quarter: 6513 6272 /9002 8570
Alexandra Village: 6377 7318 / 6377 7320 / 9821 6612
Bedok Mall: 6702 4080 / 6702 4083
Bedok Point: 6245 6671
Bukit Timah (Beauty World Centre): 6462 4840 / 6462 4240 / 9835 1025
Jurong Point: 6252 5630 / 6252 6255 / 8299 8697
Parkway Parade: 6214 0501/ 6214 0502
Rochester Mall: 8332 2251
Seletar Mall: 6702 7318 / 6702 7319
Serangoon NEX: 6634 2412 / 6634 2413
Thomson: 6526 1758 / 8180 2822
United Square:6909 2077 / 6909 2078
West Mall: 6316 6675
Email info-av@aspirehub.com
Fees Group Lessons: $220-$400/Month
Class Size 6 Students/Class
Opening Hours Varies
Review By Evelyn JC2 Economics “Being a student councillor takes up a lot of my time. Going to tuition with Mr Rick helps me catch up with whatever I missed during school. I am able to prepare well for my tutorials and tests. The lesson is fun and it helps that I have many of my friends here with me for tuition.”
Review By Jung Won JC1 Economics “Teacher Yi Pei is very patient and committed to teaching. Her step-by-step approach and continuous support have motivated me to not give up on studying Math. She has also helped me to develop a passion and desire to do even better and to push myself further to solve new problems. Thank you Teacher Yi Pei!”
Review By Jing Wen J2 Economics ‘”Coach Yi Pei is a very approachable and helpful tutor and plays a big part in helping me achieve the grades I have today. She never fails to clear all my doubts and queries that I have compiled for each lesson. Her lesson styles are very flexible and could act as interactive consultation sessions, or lecture styled lessons where she emphasizes the important concepts. She is also very skilled and experienced as she teaches useful tips that come in handy for me. Being very caring, she pays special attention to every student. It is a two-way interaction between tutor and student, and I find her guidance very helpful. I am very thankful for meeting such a nice coach through Aspire Hub.”


24) Ace Clinic Education

Ace Clinic Education is a tuition centre specialising in JC Economics. The Economics team comprises 6 highly-qualified and dedicated tutors who have conceptualised effective Economics teaching methods catered towards their students that have helped maintain their 90% A/B grade achievement since 2016. Ace Clinic’s Economics Tuition will also ensure that all students receive annotated notes and after-lesson support to smoothen the student’s revision process and to adequately prepare students for the GCE A Level Economics Examinations.

Ace Clinic Education Economics Tuition

Ace Clinic Education Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 24 Ace Clinic Education
Highlights – Provides a comprehensive range of digital solutions, consisting of live-stream classes, bite-sized teaching videos and an e-library
– Assures improvement in score performances — 2-Grade Jump Assured
– Strong testimonial base – Holds several tutors with strong academic qualifications and teaching experience (of more than 10 years)
– Holds annual student welfare events and networking sessions (for further holistic development)
– Offers head start courses, holiday-Intensive classes, home tuition and online classes, each catered to every student’s academic needs
Website https://www.aceclinic.sg/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 8328 8700
7A Thomson Ridge Singapore 574636
Email t.ang@aceclinic.sg
Fees Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Class Size Flexible Number of Students
Opening Hours Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Review By Qi Huang JC2 Economics “Terence is a really friendly and patient tutor who has helped me a lot in my economics! He had taught us how theories that we learnt in economics can be applied in the real world. As such he has turned economics into a interesting subject and I started to become motivated in learning economics. Also he took extra effort to help me out with questions that I had after class. Thank u Terence!”
Review By Erin Seah JC2 Economics “Terence has been a great teacher and has been really patient in answering all the questions i have. I have started out being unclear of many economics concepts but through his lessons i have managed to understand the concepts alot better and is able to apply them, allowing me to score an A for h2 economics for my A levels!! thank you!!”
Review By Charmaine JC1 Economics “The classes at ACE helped me understand A Level Economics like never before. Terence was wonderful and patiently answered all my questions despite my constant confusion!! I gained confidence and grew to like the subject, and ACE helped me to get my A in the end!”



25) Inspire Education Centre

Founded in 2007, Inspire Education Centre serves as an established Tuition Centre in Singapore catering to students from all walks of life with the goal of helping students achieve success regardless of their background. Inspire’s JC Economics Tuition courses are mainly designed with the GCE A Level Economics syllabus in mind, and all Economics tutors are approved by an Academic Board to uphold high standards and qualifications. Students will be mentored and tutored by qualified tutors, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the Economics concepts and learn how to apply them into essays or case studies. Through these approaches, students will be able to see improvements in their Economics grades and to be ready for the A Level Economics Examinations.

Inspire Education Centre Economics Tuition

Inspire Education Centre Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition 25 Inspire Education Centre
Highlights – Specialised in Humanities Tuition, including Economics Tuition
– Helped more than 1,000 students improve grades by 2-3 grade bands in past 12 years
– All their Combined Humanities students scored As
– Focus on critical thinking skills in order to help them think and assess ideas and concepts independently
Website https://inspire.edu.sg/
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Economics
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6345 3147 / 8699 5629
50 East Coast Road #02-144 Roxy Square Singapore 428769
Email tuition@inspire.edu.sg
Fees Pri 1-6: $270/Month
Sec 1-4: $300-$400/Month
JC1-2: $360-$640/Month
Class Size Not Stated, May Enquire Directly
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm
Sat: 9am – 4pm
Sun: 11am – 5.30pm
Review By Guan Zhong JC1 Economics “Thanks Mr Ho for being such an awesome teacher that makes lessons fun! I have learnt alot from your lessons and have picked up alot of important knowledge in order to excel in the subject.”
Review By Fred JC1 Economics “I am grateful for having joined Inspire and the vast improvement within a short timeframe of just 4 months!”
Review By Li Jiang J2 Economics “Thank you Inspire Edu Centre for helping me improve in my Economics subject just before the A Level examinations. I really don’t know what would I do if i had not joined the tuition centre and studied Economics here.”


3. Cost of Economics Tuition

Group Secondary/JC/IB Economics Tuition in Singapore is often more cost-effective than private 1-to-1 classes, as the total cost per lesson will be shared with the other Economics students enrolled in the class. As such, if cost is a concern, Group Economics Tuition may be a more economically-friendly option for your child. Affordable and quality Economics Tuition can range from $220-$340 for 4 x 2-hour lessons, while the more expensive Group Economics Tuition options can range from $380 to $500 for 4 x 2-hour lessons.

The trade-off is that your child will not be able to experience the Economics tutor’s 100% undivided attention, as the tutor has other students to tend to during the lesson. Depending on your child’s learning style, this may affect his/her learning and preparation towards the GCE O Level, GCE A Level or IB Economics Examinations.

Therefore, here at MindFlex, we offer Private 1-to-1 Economics Home Tuition in Singapore at affordable prices. If you feel that group tuition is not suitable for your child, do contact us for a Free Request for Tutor through the form above, with Trial Lessons available. In terms of cost, MindFlex offers Affordable Economics Home Tuition for Secondary, JC and IB starting from $40-$50/hour for our Part-Time Economics Tutors, and up to $90-$120/hour for our MOE-Trained Experienced Economics Tutors.

Teenage Boy having Economics Tuition

Learning Economics can be one of the most fun experiences in school as it relates closely to real-life situations. Learning Economics should also be affordable and accessible to all as well.

4. Benefits of Economics Tuition

Secondary/JC/IB Economics Tuition in Singapore will be extremely beneficial for your child for various reasons, no matter what standard your child is currently at. These benefits include:

4.1 Clarify Doubts and Clear Misconceptions During Economics Tuition

With your child enrolled in an Economics Tuition Centre, he/she will be able to clear his/her doubts on a weekly basis. Additionally, because it is in a group setting, he/she will also be able to learn from other students’ mistakes and misconceptions and share each others’ knowledge. Economics being an extremely concept-heavy subject, this will be immensely helpful as it helps to reinforce concepts to build a strong foundation in Economics for your child. This will be beneficial especially if students decide to progress on from O Level Economics to A Level or IB Economics in their further studies. Here is one example of how Economics Tuition Centres in Singapore help to explain and guide students in explaining specific concepts and content.

4.2 Efficient Use of After-school Time

Students’ schedules are often rather packed with after-school additional lessons and co-curricular activities that take up 6 to 8 hours a week. This could mean less time available for your child to revise and complete assignments and tutorials, thus hindering his/her academic progress. As such, it is essential to maximise your child’s after-school time to ensure that he/she stays on top of the school curriculum and that he/she does not lag behind. By enrolling in Secondary/JC/IB Economics Tuition, your child will be able to spend his/her time efficiently revising Economics content and catching up on school assignments after school.

4.3 Assistance with School Homework with Your Economics Tutor

With Economics Tuition, dedicated tutors will be able to help your child with any issues he/she might face with his/her school homework. Most tutors are receptive to consultations before or after lessons, which will greatly aid students in clearing any doubts they might have with school homework.

4.4 Structured Preparation for Examinations

Most Economics Tuition Centres in Singapore have well-thought out lesson plans and structures in order to prepare students for examinations. This structured approach ensures that students are well-versed with the latest O Levels, A Levels and IB Economics syllabus content, and have also gotten sufficient practice before their examination. In addition, most Economics Tuition Centres in Singapore will also require students to sit for mock tests or timed practices before major examinations to assess students’ learning progress as well as to provide targeted help. With this extra avenue for practice, students will be well-equipped with exam skills for the O Levels, A Levels and IB Economics Examinations. With a good academic track record in the national examinations, this could determine a student’s chances of entering their desired university course in the future.

Teenage Girl having Economics Tuition

Engaging good Economics Tuition could be the main difference in attaining your desired university course placement

4.5 Not Lagging Behind During Lessons and for Examinations

If your child is struggling to keep up with the school’s curriculum, engaging Economics Tuition will serve as a pillar of support for him/her, allowing him/her to clarify any doubts and consolidate his/her learning in Secondary School, JC or IB.

4.6 Additional Resources and Notes Provided To Supplement Learning

With Economics Tuition, your child will be able to receive additional Economics revision materials and resources. Past-Year Practice Papers, Model Essays and Summary Notes are often provided during Economics Tuition to supplement students’ learning and to ensure that students are getting sufficient practice and exposure to examination questions that appear in GCE O Level, GCE A Level or IB Economics Examinations.

4.7 Class Participation in Group Setting Encourages Students to Learn From Each Other

Because Economics is such a concept-heavy subject, it is imperative that students have a full understanding of the concepts taught in the A Level, IB Syllabus or O Levels. Class discussions and active participation are thus instrumental towards helping students drill in the Key Economic Concepts by learning from their peers’ mistakes and discussing them in class.

4.8 Quality Control of Economics Tutors

Generally, Secondary, JC and IB Economics Tuition in Singapore have strict quality control of their Economics Tutors to ensure that all tutors are highly proficient in teaching Economics. In addition, the majority of the Economics Tuition in Singapore are registered with the MOE, and thus will teach content that is closely-aligned with the MOE Syllabus. In order to be registered with MOE, the Economics Tutors have to “meet minimum standards” in terms of academic qualifications. As such, you may be assured that your child is in good hands when you sign him/her up for an Economics Tuition that is MOE- registered.

5. Considerations When Selecting Economics Tuition

5.1 Relevant Qualifications & Testimonials

When trying to find the perfect Economics Tuition in Singapore, it is important to look out for a tuition centre that has relevant qualifications and sufficient testimonials from past students. If required, ask for the educational or academic qualifications of the tuition centre’s tutors – such as whether the tutor has a degree in Economics, or any other equivalent accomplishments or Economics-related degrees. In addition, also be sure to check out the tutor’s testimonials from past students to ensure that the tutor has a good track record. If possible, you could also request to take a look at the current list of students to help you make your decision as well.

Here at MindFlex, many of our Economics Tutors have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, or are currently pursuing a Degree in Economics. In addition to that, we also have MOE-Trained Economics Teachers who have years of experience teaching Economics in both a classroom and private setting, thus establishing a reputation for high quality Economics Tuition in Singapore.

5.2 Class Size of Economics Tuition

When opting for group tuition, it is important to take into consideration the group size — some Economics Tuition Centres in Singapore may opt for smaller class sizes of 6-10 students per class, while the more popular Economics Tuition may offer bigger class sizes in order to cater to the huge demand.

Bigger classes mean less individual attention being given to your child, and your child may even be distracted by the other students around him/her. Moreover, if your child is shy, he/she may be less inclined to speak up during classes to ask questions and clarify his/her doubts, thus making the Economics Tuition less effective. However, it may be noted that some centres make use of Co-Tutors in order to keep the teacher-to-student ratio small, to make up for the larger class sizes.

As a general rule of thumb, small class sizes (2-8 students) are usually preferred as it allows for optimal tutor-student interaction during the class, and leaves enough time for the tutor to clarify any doubts that your child might have.

5.3 Availability of Notes during Economics Tuition

Another consideration to have in mind when selecting an Economics Tuition Centre in Singapore is the availability of in-house notes, summaries or worksheets. Having their own written or curated notes would mean that the tutors have thoughtfully curated and designed the lesson plans in order to maximise the students’ learning during lessons. In addition, these notes can also serve as extra revision material for your child during their examination preparation.

5.4 Choice of Economics Tutor

Parents may also have to consider whether they have any control in selecting their child’s Economics Tutor. Based on their knowledge of their child’s temperament, learning style, and learning pace, parents may have certain preferences when it comes to the tuition teacher that teaches their child. As such, a consideration would be whether the tuition centre assigns an Economics Tutor to your child, or if they allow parents to state their tutor preferences.

5.5 Waiting Time for Economics Tuition

Oftentimes, Tuition Centres in Singapore are fully-booked with no more slots available for your child, especially if you are signing your child up for Economics Tuition in the middle of the year or just before an examination. As such, some centres may put your child on their Waiting List, and will only give your child a slot once their turn is reached.

This means that your child will have to spend a few additional weeks or months without Economics Tuition, and may fall further behind in class during this time.

Therefore, it is recommended that you call up various tuition centres to ask for their waiting time and availability of slots as this is an extremely important factor to consider.

5.6 Communication Between Parent and Economics Tutor

Some Economics Tuition providers allow their tutors liaise directly with parents in order to have a clear channel of communication when discussing the student’s progress in class. However, some other centres do not allow direct communication between tutors and parents, and require parents to contact tutors through the tuition centre to enquire about their child.

With direct communication between parents and tutors, parents will be able to easily communicate with tutors outside of curriculum hours in times of necessity. They will also be available to answer urgent questions outside of class time.

As such, parents should consider this factor, as it determines the ease of communication between them and the tutor during their child’s time enrolled in the Economics Tuition.

6. Conclusion – The Best Economics Tuition in Singapore

In conclusion, it is imperative that you choose the best Economics Tuition in Singapore that is the most well-suited to your child’s needs and learning style in preparation for the GCE O Level, GCE A Level or IB Economics examinations. We hope that the 25 Economics Options above have been useful in helping you to make that decision. If you would prefer to get more personalized help, you may also consider Economics Home Tuition with MindFlex!

Once again, engaging Economics Tuition in Singapore could be the make or break factor in helping your child attain that A grade or 7 Points for their A Level, O Level or IB Economics Examination. We highly recommend students to start as early as possible do build a strong foundation in the subject.

Teenager Using Laptop for Economics Tuition

Want to do well for your A Levels or IB Exams? Engage Economics Tuition in Singapore today!

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