Importance of JC1 Economics Tuition

JC1 Economics has a rigorous curriculum which requires students to master the relevant foundational Economics analytical skills within a year. The short time frame means that students have to work extremely hard and be very focused in revising their schoolwork over this critical year.

Moreover, Economics is an extremely important and skill-based subject. It teaches students about the Rational Thinking Framework, Cost-Benefit Analysis and other highly applicable skills for the future.

With the Best JC1 Economics Tuition in Singapore, JC1 students will be able to have an additional form of guidance to aid them in their Economics learning journey.

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How Much Does JC1 Economics Tuition Cost

Here in Singapore, there are a myriad of JC1 Economics Tuition options offering a wide spectrum of different rates and credentials. Oftentimes, group tuition rates usually start from around $200-$250 a month, but may charge a premium if the centre is highly popular. Similarly, for private 1-1 home tuition, private tutors tend to charge $60-$80/hour, but these rates may be higher if the tutor is highly sought-after.




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Challenges Faced While Learning Economics

Outline of JC1 Economics Tuition

  • Using Rational Thinking Framework to Explain Decisions
  • Applying Economic Analysis to Real-World Economic Issues
  • Ability to Think Critically as A Global Citizen
  • Constructing Logically Sound Economics Arguments
  • Interpreting and Processing Information and Data
  • Making Inferences that are Logically Sound

Challenges Faced By JC1 Economics Students

Immense Stress Due to A Level Examinations

It is no secret that JC1 Economics Students face an extremely short runway of less than 2 years to prepare for the A Level Examinations. Students usually struggle to get a full grasp of the Economics syllabus content, resulting in heightened anxiety and stress levels over their upcoming A Level Economics examinations.

As such, engaging a JC1 Economics Tutor can come in useful as they will be able to provide sufficient resources and support to aid the student in their mastery of JC1 Economics. This allows students to improve their Economics grades.

Time Management

One of the more common issues faced by JC1 Economics students is the inability to complete their Economics paper on time, be it for their Common Tests, Block Tests of Promotional Examinations. This is largely due to insufficient exposure and practice, resulting in them being unaware of how to tackle the questions that appear in their examinations. Therefore, students often hand in incomplete papers or subpar answers.

Under the guidance of a Top JC1 Economics Tutor, students will be given weekly practices and exposure to exam papers and practice papers to help hone their Economics examination skills, allowing them to be more confident when tackling their JC1 Economics examinations.

Unable to Answer Questions

In the JC1 Economics papers, JC1 Economics students often struggle to directly answer their examination questions. This is especially so if students are unable to distinguish the various command words being used in the question, which dictate how the question should be answered. If students are not able to recognise the requirements of the different types of questions in JC1 Economics examinations, they will end up not answering the question. This will result in them being penalised, and doing badly in their JC1 Examinations.

MindFlex’s Top JC1 Economics Tutors are well-versed with the JC1 Economics syllabus, and are able to help students to familiarise themselves with the various questions that often appear in the JC1 Economics examinations.

Overwhelmed by Amount of Content to Absorb

For many students, JC1 Economics can be seen as a challenge due to the sheer amount of content that questions can test, be it in the Paper 1 Case Study Questions (CSQ) or the Paper 2 Essay Questions. As such, many JC1 students tend to struggle to refine their content knowledge in time for their various examinations.

Our MindFlex Top JC1 Economics Tutors are highly targeted in their tuition lessons, and are able to help students to hone in on the more commonly tested and important content to focus on. This allows students to prepare for their examinations in a more focused manner.

Why You Should Engage A JC1 Economics Tutor

Benefits of Hiring English Tuition

1. Help Students Clarify Doubts

It is a habit for the vast majority of JC1 Economics students to not clear their doubts until their examinations such as Common Tests or Promotional Examinations start approaching. By then, it is often too late, as teachers are often swamped with dozens of questions and consultation requests from other students during this period.

Here at MindFlex, we strongly recommend that students clear all of their misconceptions as soon as possible. This is because the sooner students’ doubts are cleared, the faster they can gain mastery in that topic and begin their revision for their Promotional Examinations. A JC1 Economics Tutor will be able to assist, and provide their undivided attention to students in a private, 1-1 setting.

2. Hone Students’ Analytical Skills

At the JC1 level, Economics students are expected to have a good grasp of Analytical skills, and should be able to analyse and interpret Economics trends from data, diagrams and textual sources. Some students may struggle with this, given that this is a higher-order skill that requires critical thinking and proper guidance to hone. This is especially so if students are new to the subject in JC1.

By engaging a JC1 Economics Tutor, the tutor will be able to impart these skills onto students by providing sufficient guidance and practice during the lessons. Students can also clarify any doubts they may have on the spot during these lessons.

3. Train Students in Time Management

It is no secret that JC1 Economics, at both the H1 and H2 Level, requires students to have immense Time Management skills in order to score well. Students are expected to carry out Economic analysis and craft a coherent line of argument in only a short span of time, which is a massive feat for many JC1 Economics students.

Having a JC1 Economics Tutor will be extremely useful for students. This is because the tutor will be able to let students practice under timed conditions, thus conditioning them to complete their Examination papers on time.

4. Gain Crucial Examination Skills

JC1 Economics is a subject that requires students to not only master the content taught, but also to correctly apply this content in their examinations in order to score well. As such, no matter how well-versed students are in the textbook content, they will still be unable to ace their JC1 Economics Examinations if they are unable to correctly apply their content knowledge to their examination questions.

Therefore, having a JC1 Economics Tutor is thus useful as tutors will be able to teach crucial examination skills to students. This will ensure that students will be able to make proper use of their Economics content knowledge in examinations, and ace their JC1 Economics Examinations.

What To Look For in A JC1 Economics Tutor

Ability to Help Students in A Levels

The A Level Examinations are an extremely high-stakes and high-stress examination. This is especially so for Economics, which is extremely content-heavy. As such, it is of the utmost importance to find a JC1 Economics Tutor that is equipped with the relevant teaching experience and abilities to help ease students’ worries through targeted teaching techniques.

Moreover, you should look for a JC1 Economics Tutor that has experience in helping JC1 Economics students, or have testimonials from JC1 students who have achieved stellar grades in their A Level Economics.

Ability to Spot Weaknesses

Since Economics is a skill-based subject, it might be difficult to spot mistakes and weaknesses as compared to other subjects. As such, it will definitely be important to pick a JC Economics Tutor that is experienced enough to spot any of your child’s weaknesses or mistakes in terms of Evaluation, Inference or Trend Analysis.

With such a short runway to the Economics A Level Examinations, it is even more crucial for JC Economics Tutors to be highly attentive to the student’s weaknesses so that they can be worked on as soon as possible.

Academic Qualifications

When engaging a JC1 Economics Tutor, it is important to select one that has stellar academic and teaching qualifications. It may be beneficial to pick a tutor that has graduated from an Economics related course and has relevant teaching experience. You might also want to look out for NIE-trained Economics tutors who have previously taught in MOE schools.

These qualifications are crucial in ensuring that the tutor is qualified enough to teach your child, and they serve as important points to look out for when looking for your JC1 Economics Tutor.

Ability to Provide Additional Resources

At the JC1 level, it might be difficult to find reliable, updated and good Economics resources that will be able to help students. By selecting a JC1 Economics Tutor that is able to provide additional resources, you can save time on hunting for resources and leave it up to your JC1 Economics Tutor!

The ability to provide additional resources also means that the tutor has spent time and effort specially curating these exclusive JC1 Economics resources, a sure sign of their dedication and commitment to teaching Economics. Hence, when searching for a JC1 Economics Tutor, it is definitely a good idea to look out for tutors who are able to provide their own self-collated Economics resources.

Testimonials from JC1 Economics Students

Ms Lim Fong is an amazing teacher who puts in her 100% for all of my lessons, even though she has so many other students! Her passion for Economics and teaching is amazing, and she has helped me improve so much. Thank you Ms Lim!

Jacqueline Tan
JC1 Student from Yishun Innova JC

My tutor, Miss Eng, has helped me improve from an U grade in my very first Milestone Assessment, to a B in prelims! Miss Eng has been so patient, and always goes through my essays and past mistakes to ensure that I learn from them.

Pan Zhang Hong
JC1 Student from Anderson Serangoon JC

Back in March, I started Economics Tuition with Miss Eng as I was not coping well with Econs lessons. With her help, I have improved so much, and even managed to get a B in my Promos, which was a huge improvement!

Yap Zi Qi
JC1 Student from Tampines Meridian JC

My Economics Tutor, John, is amazing. Although I started tuition really late into the year, John was still willing to help me and gave me intensive crash courses in Econs and multiple extra lessons a week to help me improve. I ended up improving so much!

Joy Tay
JC1 Student from Yishun Innova JC

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