English Tuition in Singapore: The Top 30 English Tuition Options in Singapore (With Reviews Included)

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1. English Tuition in Singapore

English Tuition in Singapore has always been a very popular option that parents turn to, to help their children improve in their reading, writing, oral and higher-order thinking skills. A tuition survey jointly conducted by The Straits Times and Nexus Link helped to analyse the top 3 tuition subjects for Pre-school, Primary and Secondary levels, and results have revealed that English appears as one of the top subjects for all the 3 categories.

On top of being the lingua franca of the world, English is an official language of Singapore and is the medium language used for the government, education and most businesses in the country. It is paramount that all our students gain a solid foundation in the language, and this is why parents start sending their children to English enrichment and speech-and-drama lessons even from as young as 2 years old. This is so that our students would hone the necessary skills to be able to comprehend others and express themselves accurately and clearly, through verbal and textual means. This then enables them to strengthen both social and professional communications and relations with others in the long-run. In spite of English being the most common language used in households now, English tuition in Singapore is still on high demand as parents still find it a necessity to send their children for classes. A major reason for this is because of the prevalent injection of “Singlish” into the English language, thus forming many bad habits of grammatical mistakes and errors in sentence structures.

MindFlex has received feedback from countless parents of Primary and Secondary level students, saying that their child’s main weakness in their English paper is in Composition writing. Many Singaporean students often find difficulty expressing their ideas accurately through text or orally, and hence hope to seek for an English tutor to help them improve in this. This is also why many JC students find the General Paper (JC equivalent of the English paper) to be one of the toughest papers at the A Levels. JC students find it extremely difficult to analyse and unpack the essay questions correctly, as well as to write a cohesive and convincing essay that demonstrates evaluative and higher-order thinking. Engaging an English tutor would help to improve in their thinking and expressive process – skills that would be later needed in undergraduate papers as well as job interview processes.

2. Top 30 English Tuition Options

Students with a good command of the English language are able to communicate more effectively and stand to gain a greater competitive edge in future opportunities. Thus it is important that parents seek appropriate academic help that is most effective for their child, while remaining within their financial means. It was reported in 2014 that there were about 850 registered tuition and enrichment centres in Singapore. With a bigger estimated number now, parents are in a frenzy deciding where to send their child for English Tuition in Singapore. MindFlex identifies with this problem and has taken the liberty to research on the various options of English tuition in Singapore, and we have compiled a recommended list for you to simplify your search process.

Singapore Student Having English Tuition

Engaging English Tuition in Singapore could be one of the best academic investments for your child!

1) Illum.e

Discover illum.e, where lessons are bound to ignite curiosity and transform learning.

Illum.e is the most sought after English, General Paper, Humanities and Economics tuition in Singapore. As an MOE-registered centre, illum.e offers high quality, results-proven tuition for Primary School, Secondary School and Junior College students in online or physical lesson modes. Illum.e is also renowned for its outstanding Integrated Programme English and Language Arts lessons.

Illum.e began with recognising the ‘a-ha’, ‘eureka’ moments of illumination when students learn. Believing that each and every child can learn and will learn, illum.e’s strong and award-winning team of tutors combine decades of experience with innovative curriculum approaches backed by top educational researchers to guide students to attain true subject mastery and achieve their fullest potential.

illum.e English Tuition

illum.e English Tuition

English Tuition 1 illum.e 
Website https://illum.education/
Contact /
Address /

+65 8889 8705

Address: 134 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-311, Singapore 600134

Address: 101 Irrawaddy Rd, #02-14, Singapore 329565

Address: 1 Fifth Ave, #02-03, Guthrie House, Singapore 268802

Address: Parkway Centre, 1 Marine Parade Central, #04-08, Singapore 449408

No of Branches 4
Opening Hours

Tues-Fri 10am – 930pm
Sat-Sun 10am-7pm

Levels & Subjects Primary School English
Secondary English (All Streams)
Secondary Integrated Programme English and Language Arts
Secondary School Humanities
JC1 General Paper
JC2 General Paper
JC1 Economics
JC2 Economics
Class Size 3-15 students
*Average of 8 students
Email queries@illum.education

Lower Pri EL: $45 per 1.5 hr lesson
Upper Pri EL: $60 per 2 hr lesson
Lower Sec EL: $70 per 2 hr lesson
Upper Sec EL: $80 per 2 hr lesson
Upper Sec Humanities: $80 per 2 hr lesson
JC1 General Paper: $85 per 2 hr lesson
JC2 General Paper: $90 per 2 hr lesson

  • 98% achieved B3 and above in English for O levels in 2022
  • 98% of all S4 O Level Students scored B3 and above in 2021
  • 97% of A Level Students scored A and B in 2021 and 2022
  • 90% of students achieve an A or a 3-4 grade improvement after enrolling

Unique curriculum design: Lessons are crafted with clear scaffolded strategies and applications for instant impact and close teacher feedback. Free consultations in different learning modes are provided and part of the curriculum, with personalised learning to diagnose students’ individual work. Overall, Illume is known for how it creates a safe space that enables students to score well by leveraging on their personal preferences and strengths.

Integrated tech-assisted learning: The centre uses cutting-edge technology, with an in-house learning portal for self-directed learning and applications of artificial intelligence assisted workflow for students to improve their language skills and thinking capabilities.

Exceptional team of tutors: illum.e’s tutors are handpicked, ensuring that they are either former MOE teachers or tutors with extensive experience who possess the passion, energy, and strong drive to serve as inspirational mentors for their students.

Constant high-rating examination results: illum.e boasts of their constantly high annual national examination results which are always higher than the national average.

Review By Ashlee, Nanyang Girls High School

Lessons at illum.e have helped to boost my confidence and interest with regards to learning English. Before coming for lessons here, English was originally my worst subject, and I struggled to score well all the time. After going for lessons here, I began to have a better grasp of the skills required when writing and have seen huge improvements.

I like how lessons at illum.e are catered to student’s needs. This really helps us to improve as the worksheets targets our weaknesses so it makes it easier for us to learn from our shortcomings and improve from there.

Thanks to illum.e, I managed to score A1 for my language arts in IP Year 4. I would like to thank my teacher for being a very patient teacher and believing in us!

Review By Melvin, Bukit Batok Secondary School

I feel that the lessons at illum.e are very engaging and clear. Of all tuition centres that I have gone to for English, I have never understood the lesson content more, than at illum.e. The teachers there really take their time out of the day to guide students and to ensure that they understand every single thing taught in a lesson. Should students have any doubts or some things that they are unsure of, they could always book free consultation sessions with their teachers. Another excellent thing is that the notes that are given to each student every lesson is well-organised and is easy to refer to. This is especially crucial to ensure that students learn effectively. I secured an A1 thanks to illum.e!

Review By Ying Xuan, Private Candidate

To me, the lessons at illum.e are always engaging as the teachers find ways to make the content more digestible through mini games and quizzes. The questions asked throughout the lesson also help me stay focused, and the notes given are concise, reiterating the points that are most effective in helping us score in GP.

Whenever I was unsure of a topic, my tutor would always try to guide me first, so that I had many opportunities to think instead of being spoon-fed what would be considered the model answer. I am very grateful for this approach as it proved to be the best way of learning for me, helping my GP grade jump from a U grade in 2021 to A in A Levels in 2022 after just barely 4 months of tuition at illum.e.

2) Keynote Learning

Keynote Learning is a tuition center that provides tuition both virtual and physical classes to Primary and Secondary School students. Specialists in each of their subjects, Keynote’s experienced and passionate teachers have developed a unique system of learning, designed to help both parents and students overcome challenges pertaining to their education. The centre’s system of teaching, as proven by hundreds of students over the past 10 years, ensures that students develop themselves as individuals and achieve predictable improvements to their academic results. Every child is gifted. It just takes patience, understanding, and the right teacher to unlock their potential to learn through developing the right habits.

Keynote Learning English Tuition

Keynote Learning English Tuition

English Tuition 2 Keynote Learning
Website https://www.keynotelearning.com/
Contact /
Address /

Phone: 81816687
Location: 727 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #02-4264

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Daily 10am – 10pm
Levels & Subjects

Primary & Secondary English

Class Size Max 17 Pax
Email info@keynotelearning.com
Fees Primary school from $220/4 lessons onwards
Secondary school from $260/4 lessons onwards

– In-house developed EdTech platform (Thinkinn) incorporated into well rounded curriculum suited for both physical and virtual classes
– Highly requested and used curriculum developed in-house that are used even by MOE schools
– Keynote Learning alumni gaining entry to top education institutions such as Raffles Institution, ACSI, NUS High School, Nanyang Girls, St Nicholas

Review By Zachery Lye

“Teacher Jayme completely flipped my grades around. My scores have been hovering between D7 and C6 and a year under her guidance brought me up to an easy A1 for ‘O’ levels! Keynote Learning gave me confidence through practice and detailed and personalised guidance.

Review By Lucas

“Lucas scored AL1 for English! Thank you for coaching him! He has made great improvements under your guidance.” 

Review By Jayden

“Thank you Teacher Linus. Jayden shared that he enjoys your lessons very much and it helps him to understand much better. How I wish he joined your class earlier. Your bond with him is stronger and you can help to guide and motivate him.”

3) The Thought Tailor

The Thought Tailor offers high-quality, results-proven English, IP Language Arts and GP tuition. Their passionate, award-winning MOE-trained teachers have decades of experience teaching at a wide spectrum of schools, including RI, HCI, NYJC, VJC, TJC, SAJC, DHS, Nan Hua High and ACS Junior.

The Thought Tailor provides an effective step-by-step approach towards a comprehensive mastery of grammar, writing, comprehension, speaking and listening skills. The TTT’s dedicated and passionate tutors aid your child in picking up the right skills for understanding concepts, interpreting questions and crafting precise answers while sharpening critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

With a curriculum strategy team led by four award-winning ex-MOE teachers (including a former HOD who was with MOE’s Curriculum Planning and Development Division) and two ex-top tuition centre teachers (truly the best of both worlds!), The Thought Tailor does careful, critical and extensive research on school papers and the national examinations before formulating their own signature rich and thorough resources.

The Thought Tailor English Tuition

The Thought Tailor English Tuition

English Tuition 3 The Thought Tailor
Website https://www.thethoughttailor.com
Contact /
Address /

Jurong East: Unit 02-07, Vision Exchange S608526
(5 mins from Jurong East MRT)

Novena: Unit 187A Goldhill Centre S307630
(5 mins from Novena MRT)

Bukit Timah: Coronation Plaza #03-01 S269707
(5 minutes walk from Tan Kah Kee MRT)

Bugis: 420 North Bridge Road #05-09 North Bridge Centre

Phone Number: 8755 5837

No of Branches 4
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 12.30pm – 9.30pm
Sat – Sun: 10.00am – 8.30pm
Levels & Subjects English
All Primary School Levels (P1 – P6)
All Secondary School Levels (S1 – S4)
All Junior College Levels (JC1 – JC2)
Class Size 5 – 15 Students. All classes are capped at maximum of 15 students.
Email tttlearningcentre@gmail.com
Fees Lower Primary: $55/lesson
Upper Primary: $60/lesson
Lower Secondary: $70/lesson
Upper Secondary: $75/lesson
Junior College 1: $85/lesson
Junior College 2: $90/lesson

– Enjoy an attractive discounted locked-in price for early-bird sign-ups! ($5 off per lesson)
– Ongoing Free Trial Classes
– Referral Programme (Get $50 off for every student you refer and stand the chance to receive free Gold Class movie tickets, Capitaland Vouchers or even an IPad)

8 Reasons to Join The Thought Tailor:
1. Proven Results with quality distinction
2. Highly qualified MOE-trained teachers who are driven, passionate and inspirational
3. Effective target skill drills for examinations
4. Teaching & curriculum aligned with latest syllabus and different school syllabi
5. Structured & effective lessons with step by step methods for effective learning
6. Comprehensive, in-depth and well structured notes, with summarised notes during exam period
7. Affordable fees without registration or material cost
8. More than a centre, better than a school: Free consultation sessions, 24 -hour academic support 

Review By Tiat Kai, Raffles Instituition

To my pleasant surprise, TTT was just the perfect tuition centre for me. The distinction between TTT notes and my previous tuition was the significant depth of content, rather than simply breadth like the notes provided by the other centre. Furthermore, Mr Russell guided me through the thinking process of how to further develop my paragraphs, such as various argument structures and considering various stakeholders. Ms Sanusha and Mr Russell were willing to stay past lesson time to answer any queries, and were highly competent in their ability to conduct lectures on the various content topics.”

Review By Isaac, Nan Hua High School

I can’t say enough good things about Mr Russell and TTT. The way he teaches is so amazing, he knows the ins and outs of the English exam syllabus. His detailed notes and lessons ensured we are drilled properly in the proper answering techniques. I do not know where I would be without his guidance. I can safely say, he has been one of the best teachers I have had.”

Review By Verlynn, Crescent Girls School

Comprehension has always been my biggest struggle. However, after joining TTT, I learned that comprehension is actually a component that can be studied for. When going through comprehension questions, Mr Russell would use a step by step format to teach us how to find and present the answers. Having tuition at TTT has truly been a very memorable experience due to the passionate teachers, comprehensive notes, well-structured lessons and strong support system.”

4) Lil’ But Mighty English

Lil’ but Mighty is a boutique learning centre that specialises in English education for Primary and Secondary school children. Through our own unique strategies like the Learn, Share, Replay methodology and a step-by-step approach in teaching, we hope to prepare children for English assessment in school and for English usage in the real world.

Lil' But Mighty English Tuition

Lil’ But Mighty English Tuition

English Tuition 4 Lil But Mighty English
Website https://lilbutmightyenglish.com/primary-school-english-tuition/
Contact /
Address /
9646 0930

Lil’ but Mighty Clementi
432 Clementi Avenue 3, #01-282, S 120432

Lil’ but Mighty Bukit Timah
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, 170 Bukit Timah Road, #B2-02, S 588179

Lil’ but Mighty Hougang
211 Hougang Street 21, #01-305, S 530211 (rear entrance)

Lil’ but Mighty Marine Parade
Parkway Centre, 1 Marine Parade Central, #04-05, S 308899

Lil’ but Mighty Novena
1 Goldhill Plaza, #02-25, S 308899

No of Branches 5
Opening Hours Weekdays: 9am – 9pm
Weekends: 9am – 6pm
Levels & Subjects Primary 1-6 English
Secondary 1-4 English
Class Size 6 students 
Email enquiries@lilbutmightyenglish.com
Fees $75 – $95 per lesson

– On top of our regular on-site and online classes, Lil’ but Mighty also offers a wide range of resources to supplement your child’s English needs.
– From a whole host of workshops that target specific components of the English language, to thorough self-paced online courses that your child can go through at their own pace, all from the comfort of your own home.
– Furthermore, all of the media featured on Lil’ but Mighty’s YouTube channel and the blog on our site are available to everyone for free!

Review By Vuitton, Student

“The tuition centre that provides good notes, and my vocabulary has improved a lot. I look forward to classes everyday because the students and teachers are outgoing and the teachers have a special way of teaching that makes me understand the concept very well.”

Review By Sylwin Angdrew, Parent

“With the exam coming up, I recently signed coco up for Primary 3 English class at Lil’ but Mighty English and I am blown away by the quality of the lessons! The teachers are engaging, and truly make learning fun for the kids. The class covers a wide range of topics, from grammar and vocabulary to comprehension and writing skills. The materials are well-designed and interactive, making it easy for the kids to follow along and retain the information. What I love about this class is that it caters to children of different learning styles, whether they are visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic learners. This ensures that every student can succeed and reach their full potential. If you’re looking for an English class that will help your child excel, I highly recommend Little but Mighty English! They have multiple branch across the island too so it’s convenient.”

Review By Sheila Wong, Parent

“I was impressed right from the start by the Centre’s organised and systematic way of administering my enquiries and registering my son into his class. They have excellent communication portals to share i formations and update the student’s progress. Teacher Geraldine is awesome! She is patient and attentive to my son’s needs. She provides update on my son’s progress regularly. My son enjoys his lessons! Hope all the teachers and staff keep ul the good work and continue to improve and be even better! Thank you, everyone at Lil’ but Mighty!”

5) Creative Campus

At Creative Campus, students will be exposed to a dedicated team of experienced teachers who bring their passion and knowledge into the centre. All classes are kept small, and students can be rest assured that they will receive tailored and genuine help and feedback from tutors. Furthermore, Creative Campus’ English Tuition curriculum is pitched at the academic level of top-ranking schools in Singapore, making it rigorous and demanding enough for students, assisting students to achieve their desired grades. Thus, students can rest assured that they are engaging in one of the best English Tuition in Singapore.


Creative Campus English Tuition

Creative Campus English Tuition

English Tuition 5 Creative Campus
Website https://www.creativecampus.com.sg/gp-tuition/
Contact /
Address /
6455 3063 / 
545 Orchard Road #14-07/08 Far East Shopping Centre Singapore 238882
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 10am – 7.30pm
Sunday: 9am – 5.30pm

Levels & Subjects Primary, Secondary English, JC H1 General Paper (GP)
Class Size Not Stated
Email chalk@creativecampus.com.sg
Fees Not Stated

– Registered under MOE
– Holds a dedicated team of experienced teachers who bring their experience and passion for teaching and expansive knowledge of the English Language
– Small classes with a healthy teacher-student ratio to ensure 1-1 feedback and guidance
– Key emphasis on Critical Thinking Skills and English as a life skill
– Rigorous and engaging curriculum developed in-house by directors who have each written and supervised English curriculum across all academic levels
– Each English enrichment programme is tailored to engage the students’ interest and inspire learning
– Lessons are committed to challenge and stretch students to confidently analyse information, think critically, and respond convincingly and cohesively both verbally and in writing

Review By Kimberly Lian, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School  

“Ms Chew has provided me with patient guidance and has gone the extra mile to ensure that I really grasped the concepts introduced in every lesson. I would like to thank her for her unwavering attentiveness and assurance that helped me improve in English significantly.”

Review By Jo-Ann Heng, Pursuing a Double Degree (Liberal Arts and Law), Yale-NUS

“I studied at Creative Campus from the ages 14 -18 and my time at lessons here strongly developed my writing skills and broadened my understanding of current affairs and global issues.I have benefitted from the essay writing lessons especially, as the patient guidance of my teachers have taught me to express myself cogently and coherently. This ability to clearly express my thoughts and opinions has helped me gain acceptance into top-tier universities overseas.”

Review By Robindro Chatterji,  Medical Student at the University of New South Wales

“I had the privilege of being under Ms Geraldine Chew’s tutelage for close to 7 years. This wonderful teacher catalysed my transformation from an unmotivated and rebellious ten-year-old into the driven and goal-oriented individual I remain today. The opportunities I now enjoy must be credited – in no small part – to the sound foundation she painstakingly laid in my formative years of schoolGifted with the ability to understand and connect with her pupils, she is not only able to pinpoint and remedy their weaknesses but – more importantly – also recognise and affirm them in their strengths. Any misgivings that students may harbour about English are rapidly whittled away and replaced by a genuine love for the subject. She invests a tremendous amount of effort into each individual student; grooming them into proactive, self-motivated learners in a fashion tailor-made to their needs. In essence, she arms every single one with that unique combination of conscientiousness and self confidence they need to maximise their potential and excel.Ms Chew is the rare educator who transcends the role of English teacher to become friend, mentor and tactician; engaging students at their level and imparting a wealth of skills as well as strategies that are a boon to the study of language, other aspects of academia and life as a whole.”

6) Learners’ Lodge

The Learners’ Lodge is a tuition establishment that is segmented into different specialised departments – O Level, IP and A Level tuition, but mainly specialises in the latter 2 for A Level preparation. Lessons are also customised according to the different IP / JC schools so that students can follow well. With the use of innovative teaching styles and technological means, their NIE-trained IP tutors are able to provide specially designed quality lessons for IP students (who follow an alternative curriculum in school) to prepare them for General Paper. Their tutors, whom after having passed stringent tests to successfully teach at the Learners’ Lodge, continue to be assessed periodically to ensure relevant and quality teaching methods. They strive to make lessons interactive so that students are actively engaged in the learning process and feel comfortable enough and not be scared to ask questions.

Learners' Lodge English Tuition

Learners’ Lodge English Tuition

English Tuition 6 Learners’ Lodge
Website https://www.learnerslodge.com.sg/
https://www.olevelmaster.com.sg (for O Level)
https://iptuition.com.sg/ (for IP)
Contact /
Address /
9119 9655 /
Ang Mo Kio: Blk 161 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, #02-500 S(560161)
Bishan: Blk 236 Bishan Street 22, #B1-154 S(570236)
Bukit Timah: Bukit Timah Shopping Centre #B2-01 S(588179)
Kovan: Blk 221 Hougang Street 21, #B1-100 S(530221)
Jurong: Blk 134 Jurong Gateway Road, #02-309B S(600134)
Kembangan: 14D Jalan Masjid, #01-04 Kingston Terrace, S(418935)
Marymount: Blk 255 Bishan St 22 #B1-462 S(570255)
No of Branches 7
Opening Hours Tue – Fri: 3.30pm – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 6pm
Levels & Subjects Secondary 3/4 English, IP English, JC General Paper
Class Size 12
Email sales@learnerslodge.com.sg
Fees Not Stated
Highlights – Tailor-made programs that cater to the students from different JCs
– In-house notes provided to all students
– Positive environment where students are constantly encouraged to ask questions
– About 80% of students attained an A grade in the A level exam, and over 90% getting at least a B grade
– Branches located at six convenient locations, with more than 20 JC1 classes and more than 40 JC2 classes

Review By Student in Learners’ Lodge

“Thank you Mr Lo!! I’ve been having classes at learners lodge since the start of J1. Mr Lo is a very attentive and caring teacher that ensures that his lessons are well thought out and effective. In addition, he is always willing to spend additional time to consult his students and mark additional material which I am very grateful for. Also, Mr Lo has managed to pique my interest in general affairs around the world which I think is especially important being that GP is more than just a subject but an important way of thinking to have. Thanks again Mr Lo!”
Review By Bong Jia Yang “Thank you Mr Lo for teaching me GP ! Usually, I score U/S for my school exams but have attained a C for Alevels”

Review By Natasha Leong Xinyi

Thank you Mr Tiew for being really supportive and patient with all of my queries, especially in the period immediately leading up to the A Level examinations! Thank you for helping me with my essay writing and marking each and every piece I handed up to you! If not for your support, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my desired A Level grade!”

7) Humanities Hub

Featured in an article by the Straits Times in 2016, The Humanities Hub is the first centre of English Tuition in Singapore to offer lessons purely for humanities subjects for Secondary and JC levels. The centre provides Secondary English and JC General Paper lessons, which are taught by specialised NIE-qualified tutors with at least 15 years of MOE teaching experience. At the Humanities Hub, students are trained to work to their best potential and maximum capabilities. The centre believes in open communication between English / GP tutors and students, as giving students individualised feedback is key in helping students improve (this is almost not possible in school given the lack of time and individual attention). 1-to-1 consultations with the tutors before or after class is also allowed for students to clear any extra doubts. To train students in time management, the Humanities Hub also organises timed practices to get students accustomed to the pressure.

Humanities Hub English Tuition

Humanities Hub English Tuition

English Tuition 7 Humanities Hub


Contact /
Address /

9661 9760 /
1 Coleman Street, #05-04A The Adelphi, Singapore 179803

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Mon & Tue: Closed
Wed to Fri: 3pm to 9pm
Sat & Sun: 10am to 6.30pm

Levels & Subjects Secondary English, JC General Paper
Class Size Not Stated



Physical Lessons:
Sec 3: $320 every 4 lessons
Sec 4: $340 every 4 lessons

JC1: $400 every 4 lessons
JC2: $440 every 4 lessons

(Annual material fee: $80, Deposit: Equivalent to 4 lessons)

Online lessons:
Sec 3: $300 every 4 lessons
Sec 4: $320 every 4 lessons

JC1: $360 every 4 lessons
JC2: $400 every 4 lessons

Highlights – Humanities Hub Education Centre tutors have groomed government scholars and top A Level and O Level students in their respective subjects
– Not just results-oriented, but they see the importance in imparting critical thinking skills that students can use for the rest of their lives beyond the classroom.
– All their tutors have at least 15 years of experience teaching in MOE schools, and have held senior teaching positions.
– Most of the tutors are single-subject specialists and have been teaching at Humanities Hub since the day we started. 

Review By Emmanuel Cheong

Mr Chong, my English tutor, is a great teacher as he is able to facilitate one’s learning and impart to each and every student a joy of learning the language. I went under his care after my mid-year examinations due to my poor English grades, and I could not have made a better choice. As he pushed us harder, I have seen my composition grades moved from 18 to 21, and then to 23/24! He always gave me tips on how to improve and methods to stop existing problems. I am grateful to have him as my English tutor.”

Review By
Shawn Lee

Although I have only attended Mr Chong’s classes for a few months, I feel that my English has improved greatly. I believe this is because Mr Chong is a lively and engaging teacher who makes his English lessons enjoyable and easy to understand.”

Review By Teagan Tan Cheng Kai

Going for Mr Chong’s English lessons have been an enlightening experience that allowed me to learn from mistakes that I never knew I had both in comprehension and composition. After going for his lessons, I was able to pick up essential skills that I could utilise for my future work. I am grateful to Mr Chong for all that he has taught me and I wish Humanities Hub all the best for their future endeavours!”

8) Eureka Edvantage Learning Hub

This centre makes use of the “Eureka Pedagogy” in their teaching of the MOE syllabus. Eureka Edvantage provides lessons for Primary and Secondary English, IP / IB Language Arts and Literature. This covers 4 pillars, 2 of which are “Eureka Writing Techniques™” and “Eureka Critical Thinking Strategies™”. Lessons are tailored to cater to students of all calibre in the English language, and to challenge them at varying levels that is adequate for each of them. The “Eureka Writing Techniques™” targets the demands of Paper 1, helping to improve students’ writing skills so that they can express themselves “concisely, creatively and confidently”. The “Eureka Critical Thinking Strategies™” target the English language skills needed in Paper 2 (comprehension, synthesis, etc.) which require independent higher-order thinking. Eureka Edvantage also has a series of published books and model essays to provide their students with guidance.

Eureka Edvantage English Tuition

Eureka Edvantage English Tuition

English Tuition 8 Eureka Edvantage Learning Hub
Website https://www.eurekaedvantage.com/
Contact /
Address /
9119 2159 /
10 Winstedt Rd, Block A, #03-01, Singapore 227977
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Not Stated
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Secondary English, JC General Paper
Class Size Not Stated
Email contact@eurekaedvantage.com

Pri: $600/term (10 lessons)
Sec/IP: $75-$105/lesson
JC/IB: $90-$120/lesson

Highlights – Develop creative and narrative writing capabilities with Eureka Writing Techniques™
– Step-by-step programme is tailored to the demands set by MOE guidelines
– Eureka Critical Thinking Strategies™ used to inculcate critical thinking
– Holiday writing/enrichment programmes available for students

Review By Lauren Tse

“Mrs Tham is a really professional teacher who is always keen to offer help and guidance. I really appreciate how she helped me grasped the nuances of some literature texts better, and taught me effective strategies for writing. Thank you Mrs Tham!”

Review By Ian Tham

“Eureka’s university webinar was tremendously helpful for me. I gained a wealth of insights from a wide variety of students from top universities, who shared their expertise and helped me gain a much clearer picture of university life as well as useful admissions tips! They were very patient and answered many of our questions to the best of their abilities. I am very grateful for this opportunity and hope to join subsequent webinars!”

Review By JG

“Love this place. My English results improved significantly from A fail to A star, under the coaching of the wonderful and skilled teacher, Mrs Diana Tham. I would recommend this place for primary school students and secondary school students who are really serious and excited about English as well as literature. Keep up the good work, Eureka Edvantage”

9) EduEdge

EduEdge provides English and GP tuition for students from Primary to JC levels, and has helped them improve by 1-5 grades in their English examinations through their uniquely crafted “Total English Mastery System (TEMS)” teaching formula. This was formulated to tackle the different identified struggles and reasons to why students have been struggling to score well for English. EduEdge centres their teaching methodology around the TEMS formula, guiding its students through a structured way to success. On top of their main lesson programmes which covers all components of the English paper, they also provide “Booster Programmes” which serve as crash-courses nearing exam periods, as well as specialty grammar and writing classes.

EduEdge English Tuition

EduEdge English Tuition

English Tuition 9 Eduedge
Website https://eduedge.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /
9797 6581 /
301 Serangoon Avenue 2, Singapore 550 301
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon-Fri: 4pm-9pm
Sat-Sun: 9am-5pm
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Secondary English, JC General Paper
Class Size Not Stated
Email Not Stated
Fees Fees are personalised according to each student’s profile, thus fees will only be caculated after the student has sat for the Diagnostic Consult Assessment (DCA) (Fully-sponsored, U.P. $158)
Highlights – Provides personalised care and feedback to each and every student
– English Mastery Programme curated by a team of EduEdge English Language Specialists after 3 years of research and 5,000 hours of designing
– Materials are revised annually to ensure close adherence to the MOE English syllabus
– Focuses on helping students to acquire a strong mastery in all 6 of the key English Language skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Grammar and Vocabulary)
– Equips students with the necessary skills and techniques to confidently tackle their English Examinations
– Unique formula-style teaching method designed to be easy to remember and apply
– Breaks down heavy content into bite-sized pieces with a strong emphasis on gaining exam skills such as Analysis and Evaluation

Review By Chloe Ng

“English was my best subject as a primary schooler, and I’d been constantly scoring As in English in my primary school years, and I had also scored an A* in PSLE English. However, that reality changed when I entered Secondary School and I was struggling with English…The different ‘Formula-Style’ techniques imparted by EduEdge… really proved to be helpful in the actual examinations… SPEAR also helped me plan my essays out more clearly, and was of tremendous help in assisting my thinking process.”

Review By Pranav Krishna Prasad

“I did not buy EduEdge’s claim that English could be learnt ‘formula-style’… that was something I’ve never heard of in all the other English tuition in Singapore I’ve been to… I was not too keen on applying those skills in my school examinations and continued to result in my constant grade of Cs all the way till my [final] prelims. It finally struck me that the path I was following was doomed to get me a C grade. Better late than never, I applied all the skills Mr Cheng had imparted to me… my results did not fail my expectations. A 4-grade jump from C to an A is all the proof I needed to show the effectiveness of the teaching methods in EduEdge… One of the school toppers in my school who had always scored better than me was surprised when I had achieved better grade than him ”

Review By Sim Yun Ying

“Coming from a Chinese speaking family, I faced many problems in English after getting in Secondary School… I had been scoring Bs and Cs for my school examinations and I was clueless about how to improve my results… After joining EduEdge, I learnt many techniques to answer comprehension questions as well as how to approach situational and continuous writing effectively. These techniques were taught step-by-step and since there are formulas to summarise them, they were very easy to remember and apply… By religiously applying the techniques and strategies imparted by EduEdge, I steadily improved from my initial Cs and Bs to topping the entire cohort for my school prelims and eventually a Distinction!”

10) Future Academy

Future Academy is a highly-acclaimed, MOE-registered tuition centre. Led by former school teachers and Heads of Departments (HODs), this English Tuition in Singapore offers highly qualified tutors with years of experience. The H1 GP Tuition classes are conducted in small sizes to ensure that students experience the optimum learning experience while being provided with customised revision notes that cater to their learning needs. Furthermore, they boast an impressive track record: 100% of their students have seen an improvement in their grades, while 80% of students managed to score an ‘A’ grade for their tutored subject. Thus, it is no doubt that Future Academy offers one of the best English Tuition in Singapore.

Future Academy Tuition English Tuition

Future Academy Tuition English Tuition

English Tuition 10 Future Academy
Website https://www.fa.edu.sg/
Contact /
Address /
6884 6566 / 
Bencoolen: 175A Bencoolen Street #06-05, Burlington Square Office Tower, Singapore 189650
Bukit Timah: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #15-04, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Singapore 588179
No of Branches 2
Opening Hours Monday – Sunday: 9am – 9pm
Levels & Subjects Primary, Secondary English, JC General Paper
Class Size 2 – 6 students (on average)
Email info@fa.edu.sg
Fees $560/month

– High qualifications of tutors with years of experience
– Small class sizes (2-5 students) to ensure students learn well
– Customised GP notes are provided to students
– 100% of students witnessed grade improvements
– 80% of students achieved A for GP

Review By Ethan P

“Excellent and all-rounded tuition centre. Provides tuition of a variety of subjects with highly dedicated and amazing teachers! They are extremely helpful and do their best to help you whatever problem you have. The teachers’ teaching style is unique and they can adjust the lessons to the topics that you are facing difficulty in.”

Review By Breit Butler 

“Future academy is an amazing and frankly one of the best places to improve in many different things and I really think it was very fun as well. I really liked their teachers and how kind they were and it really helped me to learn. My teacher finds worksheets that help me improve and I really thought that that was a really cool thing, and when you are revising they guide you through it and it was a really good experience. I felt if I ever had a question I could always ask and not be shy because they were very good with explaining the hard questions that I did not understand.”

Review By Li Li

“Excellent and all rounded tuition center. They are extremely helpful and do their best to help you whatever problem you have. The teacher are very kind and patient. I would definitely recommend them.”

11) Writers At Work Enrichment

Looking to improve your child’s writing and composition skills? Writers At Work is just the place for you. Although it prepares P5 and P6 students in tackling all components of the English paper for P5 and P6, this centre mainly specialises in improving students’ writing skills for all Primary and Secondary levels. Writers At Work has developed its own unique Writing Programme, and takes a systematic and results-driven approach to help students improve their thinking and analysis skills. Real-life scenarios and dramatisation are used in classroom discussions to help students unleash their creativity.

Writers At Work Enrichment English Tuition

Writers At Work Enrichment English Tuition

English Tuition 11 Writers At Work Enrichment
Website http://www.writersatwork.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

320 Clementi Ave 4
Singapore 120320

Bukit Timah
559 Bukit Timah Road
#01-02B King’s Arcade
Singapore 269695

Ang Mo Kio
728 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
#01-4220, Singapore 560728

Marine Parade
1 Marine Parade Central
Parkway Centre #10-08
Singapore 449408

300 Tampines Ave 5
#05-08 Tampines Junction
Singapore 529653

No of Branches 5
Opening Hours Opening hours differ
Levels & Subjects Primary, Secondary English
Class Size Not Stated
Email admin@writersatwork.com.sg
Fees Not Stated
Highlights – Empower English Students with the skills and confidence they need to excel at school and beyond
– Curriculum helps English students explore their limitless imagination and creativity, experiential activities
– More than 4,900 W@W students have achieved A & A* in examinations since 2012
– 94% of PSLE Graduates achieved As and A-stars

Review By Mrs Sharon Tan, Parent of Primary 4 student

“My child has a wealth of ideas to draw from when writing stories, and that never used to be the case before she came to W@W. What I’m really impressed with is that she is able to plan her writing well before she starts. Thanks, W@W. The results have been amazing!”

Review By Yap Lay Hoon, Parent 

“Signed up about 2 months ago after a friend’s recommendation. Happy that my boy is showing improvement and he is motivated to learn his spelling and phrases without me having to go after him. His teacher is always available for a chat after class to discuss his work and progress.”

Review By Isabelle Lee, Parent

“Excellent curriculum with a strong focus in teaching the students how to plot and answer the question accurately. My girl loves it here!”

12) The Learning Board

The Learning Board offers English Tuition in Singapore through its unique strategies which are summarised through their 3 core pillars: Having the Right Curriculum, providing the Right Support and reinforcing the Right Attitude in learning. This centre will provide your child with study packages, individualised guidance and also peer-to-peer discussions, all with the aim of honing his/her thinking and writing skills, and instilling interest for the English language. Its curriculum is in tandem with MOE’s latest syllabus and class sizes are limited to 8 students. On top of their normal classes, they also bring Special Programmes to help with PSLE intensive revision, as well as bridging between Primary and Secondary levels.

The Learning Board English Tuition

The Learning Board English Tuition

English Tuition 12 The Learning Board
Website https://www.thelearningboard.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /
9271 0648 /

16 Jalan Masjid
#01-06, Kembangan Suite
Singapore 418941

1187 Upper Serangoon Rd
#01-67, The Midtown
Singapore 533971

No of Branches 2
Opening Hours Monday – Sunday: 10am – 10pm
Levels & Subjects Primary, Secondary English
Class Size 6-10 Students
Email info@thelearningboard.com.sg
Fees One-time registration fee: $40/student
Monthly fees:
Flexible payment scheme, monthly fees pro-rated based on the number of sessions attended.
Highlights – Content in line with the latest MOE Syllabus
– Exclusive SMART Sheets and creative worksheets provided to maximise students’ learning
– 100% parents’ satisfaction
– Concept maps, class discussions, and hands-on learning experiences for a multi-pronged approach to students’ learning
– Friendly environment that is stress-free to maximise students’ learning, helping to develop interest in subjects and boost academic performance
– Friendly and patient teachers who are competent in guiding students and leading classroom discussions
– Small class size to ensure that all students receive sufficient attention from tutors at all times

Review By Cheyenne, Primary 6

“I was bad at English and did not know how to differentiate rules and concepts. After the time at TLB, I performed greater in my Paper 1 & 2 and improved my English score from B to A.”

Review By Mrs Annabelle Ong, Parent of Amy Ong

“The Learning Board has been a wonderful and beneficial English tuition centre to our daughter during her last lag of secondary school. She improved her grades tremendously and even got motivated in all other subjects. The Learning Board is not a conventional entre but a highly recommended one.”

Review By Megan Mok, Primary 6

“My teacher at The Learning Board English tuition centre was a very funny coach and made lessons fun and interesting for all. She believed that every student would excel in their studies if they put in effort and were consistent in what they did. I followed her way of teaching and it helped me a lot in my studies from C to A within 2 months. It was one of my best achievements.”

13) Indigo Education Group

Renowned as one of the best English Tuition in Singapore, Indigo Education Group has helped many students score well for their English National Examinations. Thus, they have established a proven track record for the tuition centre as a premium English Tuition Centre in Singapore. Also, with a dynamic and passionate English Tutors team, the tuition centre has developed an effective English teaching pedagogy. It is sure to guide students in tackling English exam questions to hone their examination skills to help students do well in the English subject. Hence, Indigo Education Group’s English Tuition will help students be sufficiently prepared for their National English Examinations through their highly effective, tried-and-tested tutoring steps.


Indigo Education English Tuition

English Tuition 13 Indigo Education Group
Website https://indigo.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6634 2208 / 8218 0427 (Balmoral Plaza)
6980 0200 / 9727 8069 (Bukit Timah Shopping Centre)
6980 2928 / 8218 0427 (Bugis)
6980 0200 / 9727 8069 (Marymount)
6977 9522 / 8127 2038 (Novena)

No of Branches 5
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 11.30am – 7pm
Sat – Sun: 9.30am – 6.30pm
Levels & Subjects Secondary English, JC General Paper
Class Size Not Stated
Email contact@indigogroup.com.sg
Fees  Not Stated
Highlights – Effective teaching pedagogy developed by education specialists
– High-quality collated notes and exam-oriented curriculum
– Termly assessments to keep track of student’s learning progress
– Over 60% distinction rates for A Levels

Review By Yuen Kah May, EJC

The tutors are clear in explaining the analysis of different issues and answering techniques. The materials cover a wide range of topics, thus ensuring that we are prepared to tackle multiple types of questions. The current affairs section is very useful in deepening my understanding/ critically analysing world events which I can use in my essays. The tutors teach us how to approach an essay question (dissecting the questions as well as seeing it from multiple angles) and how to approach comprehension questions.”

Review By Dong Ke Wen, NJC

Tutors are exam-oriented and clear about the content at hand, this allows for better understanding and grasp of the subject for us students. materials are comprehensive and detailed so as to cover current content from recent years, ensuring we have a wide range of examples to choose from.”

Review By YiXuan Liu, HCI

The lesson style is interesting and I like how the teachers focus on in-depth content building.”

14) The Write Connection

Describing its programmes as “World-Class” and “revolutionary”, The Write Connection uses a systematic approach to help your child inculcate a love for English. They were also featured on Channel NewsAsia’s “Bright Start, Bright Sparks” programme, which shed light on Singapore’s best enrichment centres. Lessons are always held from the “HEART” (an acronym for their core values), which includes Teamwork. They offer lessons for students from Pre-School to Secondary levels, covering all segments of the English examination paper.

The Write Connection English Tuition

The Write Connection English Tuition

English Tuition 14 The Write Connection
Website https://www.thewriteconnection.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

Contact: +65 6920 7511
Email: bdk@TheWriteConnection.com.sg
Address: Blk 202 Bedok North St 1, #01-487/489, S460202

Contact: +65 6753 5237
Email: bn@TheWriteConnection.com.sg
Address: Blk 237 Bishan St 22, #B1-176, S570237

Bukit Timah
Contact: +65 6635 3515
Email: bt@TheWriteConnection.com.sg
Address: 733 Bukit Timah Rd, 2nd Avenue Junction, #02-05, S269748

Jurong Gateway
Contact: +65 6816 7123
Email: jr@TheWriteConnection.com.sg
Address: Blk 134 Jurong Gateway Rd, #02-307E, S600134

Parkway Parade
Contact: +65 6440 4540
Email: pp@TheWriteConnection.com.sg
Address: 80 Marine Parade Rd #09-05/06, Parkway Parade, S449269

Punggol Plaza
Contact: +65 6910 8809
Email: pg@TheWriteConnection.com.sg
Address: Punggol Plaza, 168 Punggol Field, #04-08, S820168

Sembawang Road
Contact: +65 6816 0100
Email: sem@TheWriteConnection.com.sg
Address: 351 Sembawang Road, S758357

Contact: +65 6920 8681
Email: tpn@TheWriteConnection.com.sg
Address: 1 Tampines Central 5, Tampines CPF Building #03-16, S529508

Toa Payoh
Contact: +65 6931 7980
Email: tpy@TheWriteConnection.com.sg
Address: 293 Toa Payoh Lorong 6, SAFRA Toa Payoh, #02-03, S319387

Contact: +65 6920 6112
Email: wsq@TheWriteConnection.com.sg
Address: 6 Woodlands Square, Solo 2 Building, #02-11, S737737

No of Branches 10
Opening Hours

Centre Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 3pm – 8pm
Saturday: 10am – 1pm

Remote Phone / Email Support:
Monday – Friday: 2.30pm – 9.30pm
Saturday: 8.45am – 6.15pm

Closed on Sundays and public holidays

Levels & Subjects Pre-school, Primary, Secondary English
Class Size Not Stated
Email enquiry@TheWriteConnection.com.sg
Fees Preschool (1.5 Hours/ Lesson)
Weekdays: $48.15 / Lesson
Saturday: $53.50 / Lesson

Primary Classes (2 Hours/ Lesson)
Weekdays: $64.20 / Lesson
Saturday: $69.55 / Lesson

Secondary Classes (2 Hours/ Lesson)
Weekdays: $69.55 / Lesson
Saturday: $74.90 / Lesson

Other Administrative Fees (One-Time)
Registration Fee: $53.50
Refundable Deposit: $100 (T&Cs apply.)

Highlights – 80+% A/A*s achieved
– Aim to set a high standard in the teaching of English and writing
– Highly effective methods in developing thinking, language and academic skills
– Highly-qualified and nurturing TWC Teachers who are able to teach students how to excel in their studies
– Structured lessons are delivered using interactive tools such as live annotations, videos and stimulating discussions with the teacher and classmates to capture your child’s attention
– TWC teachers are hired through a stringent selection process and are at least NIE-trained or degree-holders from reputable universities
– Teachers have undergone comprehensive in-house training to ensure that they are able to deliver a premium learning experience for your child
– TWC has taken up a paid Zoom plan and put in place various security features such as centralised security settings, unique meeting links and passwords, waiting room and locked access for guests

Review By Zakiah Jaafar, Mother of Primary 6⁣ Student

“Sarah was so excited for her next class. She kept saying that her TWC teacher is really patient, kind, nice and passionate. She enjoys lessons so much and is all smiles after her lesson ends. She kept saying many nice things about her TWC teacher. Honestly, throughout her journey through the many enrichment classes I’ve sent her to, this is the first time she has mentioned non-stop about how much she enjoys her English lessons. Seriously, it makes a whole lot of difference when a teacher shows their passion, love and compassion towards their students. Even the administration lady was very kind, patient and nice. ⁣Overall, TWC is the best of all the enrichment centres we have gone to before. I’m so glad to have enrolled Sarah here. Once again thank you for making classes so interesting, fun and engaging.”

Review By Bryan Koh, Hwa Chong Institution

“I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from my TWC lessons. The use of class discussion is very effective. My teacher ensures that every one of us in her class has a chance to speak up and state our points. She informs us of the topic we will be doing one week beforehand to allow us to do some background research before we go for the next lesson. She is also able to control the class very well and that makes the learning environment very conducive.I have seen a huge improvement in my vocabulary and writing skills within a year! I don’t think I would’ve been able to achieve a consistent ‘A’ for my English this year if I hadn’t come to TWC.”

Review By Jolene, Mother Secondary 4 Student

My daughter entered TWC with rather poor results for her English prelims. After the coaching she received from TWC teachers, she jumped by two grades for her O-Level English. The fact that she was able to make such good progress is extremely heartening. I’m very pleased with the dedication that her teachers at TWC have shown. Thank you!’

15) Knowledge Skills

At this English Tuition in Singapore, tutors are experienced and have years of experience teaching with MOE and have achieved exemplary teaching awards. This GP Tuition in Singapore focuses on individualised attention to help every student succeed – and strongly believe that students can only improve when they are well-supported through close guidance. Hence, through the guided lessons by the tutors at Knowledge Skills, students are taught important and effective GP skills, allowing them to score well in their examinations.

Knowledge Skills English Tuition

Knowledge Skills English Tuition

English Tuition 15 Knowledge Skills
Website https://knowledge-skills.com/
Contact /
Address /

96585834 /
110 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Beauty World, Singapore 588169

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Not Stated
Levels & Subjects Secondary English, JC General Paper
Class Size 5-6 students
Email Not Stated
Fees Not Stated
Highlights  – Taught by highly experienced tutors
– 90% of A level students improve by at least 2 grades, while 80% obtain an A/B every year
– Reliable tutors with a proven track record and countless students’ testimonials
– Students receive personalised feedback by tutors for every piece of work that they submit
– Small class sizes to have time for every student and to conduct meaningful lessons
– Ample time allocated for individual 1-to-1 consultation
– Detailed revision notes, past-year papers and model essays provided to all students

Review By Mrs Susie Ong, Mother of St Gabriel’s Secondary Student

“I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to you. Thanks for guiding Timothy for his O-levels: my family and I know it has not been easy. We are happy with his result and really grateful that you took him in despite your tight schedule. We can never express enough how grateful we are for what you have done for Tim.”

Review By Leoi Xue Wei, River Valley High School 

“Mr Cheong is an experienced teacher who clearly understands the demands of the syllabus. He taught me key examination skills that were very useful in helping me make progress and eventually obtaining my A for the A-levels. Through discussions about current affairs happening around the world, Mr Cheong managed to make his lessons interesting and engaging, and more importantly, he showed us how to apply such content appropriately”

Review By Phua Jun Quan Nicholas, St Joseph Institution

Possessing a fiery passion and love for the English Language, an affection that is almost contagious, Mdm Neo not only managed to grow my love for English but at the same time instilled in me a sense of purpose with every piece of work. Mdm Neo genuinely cares for each and every one of her students, sacrificing her time to meticulously review each piece of work with the student. I am extremely grateful to Mdm Neo for helping to boost my B4 up to an A1.She is truly an educator second to none.”

16) Ace English Academy

Ace English Academy engages Ex-MOE Teachers with at least 15 years of experience to be part of their teaching staff, and supplements your child’s learning by letting students gain access to good-quality reading resources and videos. Targeted exercises are done each week and parents can expect regular feedback about their child’s progress. Their classes are kept at a maximum of 5 students. Ace English also boasts a good track record of past O Level students, 20%, 40% and 35% of them improving in their English scores by 3, 2 and 1 grades respectively.

Ace English Academy English Tuition

Ace English Academy English Tuition

English Tuition 16 Ace English Academy
Website http://www.aceenglishtutor.sg/
Contact /
Address /
 9757 8406 / 
118 Bukit Batok Central, Singapore 650118
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Not Stated
Levels & Subjects Primary, Secondary, IP English
Class Size  Groups of 3-6 students
Email info@aceenglishtutor.sg
Fees Fees range from $38/hr depending on the level and group size

– Tutors are former ex-MOE teachers who have at least 15 years of teaching and tutoring experience each
– Students from the academy were able to make at least a 1 grade improvement within a year
– Weekly assignment given to track student’s progress in English language
– Small class sizes to ensure students get ample attention and assistance from tutor 
– Provides rich materials such as Prize winning novels and Pulitzer award news sites

Review By Soon Qi Wei, Queensway Secondary School

“Mdm Teoh has guided me patiently. I have hyperactive problems and she helped me do better by 2 grades to obtain an A1 for the O Level English examination.

Review By Year 3 Students, River Valley High School

“Mdm Teoh provides plenty of feedback and suggestions on how to improve and pinpoints the common errors that we’ve made, which help us to learn better. She also provides us with sufficient notes and tips and gives us many opportunities to practice.”

Review By Kent Ong, Bukit Panjang Government High School

“Mdm Teoh has tutored me since I was in Secondary 2. She provides a conducive place for learning. During each lesson, we learn a variety of skills, touching almost every component of the English examination. She also provides many different materials and gives clear feedback. I improved from a C6 to A2.”

17) The Alternative Story

The Alternative Story aims to create an environment that “engages the heart” and sparks curiosity in their students so that they take a genuine interest in English learning process, on top of helping them gain academic success. They focus on teaching Primary level students, and lessons are 2 hours long, covering both Paper 1 and Paper 2 examination components. They have designed 10 original books such as vocabulary guidebooks, sample composition books (by their own students) and flashcards to help support learning. The Alternative Story bases their composition teaching on their own “Frame and Feed” method, which provides the necessary support for their students to craft great essays. By popular demand, the centre has also opened up a new programme for Sec 1 students in the Express / IP stream, which rotates between the Paper 1 and Paper 2 exam components on a weekly basis.

The Alternative Story English Tuition

The Alternative Story English Tuition

English Tuition 17 The Alternative Story
Website https://thealternativestory.com/
Contact /
Address /

6826 2562

Ang Mo Kio
Jubilee Square
61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #02-01

Djitsun Mall
5 Ang Mo Kio Central 2 #03-04 

Marine Parade
1 Marine Parade Central #10-09

431 Clementi Ave 3 #01-318

Bukit Timah
170 Upper Bukit Timah R. #02-72

No of Branches 3
Opening Hours Monday: 11.00am – 7.00pm
Tuesday – Thursday: 11.00am – 7.45pm
Friday: 11.00am – 10.00pm
Saturday: 8.30am – 7.00pm
Sunday: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Levels & Subjects Primary, Secondary, IP English
Class Size Not Stated
Email support@thealternativestory.com

Regular Classes:
Primary 1 – 6: $554.30 – $597.10 (10 Lessons)
Secondary 1 – 2: $906.00 (10 Lessons)

Creative Writing Class:
Primary 3 – 6: $575.70 – $597.10 (10 Lessons)

*$50 registration fee, $50 refundable deposit

Highlights – Curriculum designed to help students hone required skills to take on the new PSLE syllabus
– Comprehensive and resourceful material provided by centre
– Captivating media resources utilized to stimulate and engage students
– Exposure to current affairs to improve student’s interpretive skills 

Review By Yean, Parent

“My daughter spent >4 enjoyable years at TAS and she benefited tremendously from their strong and innovative curriculum. A special shout out to Teacher Andy for going the extra mile and taking personal interest in ensuring the unique learning needs of the students are met. Thanks to TAS and Teacher Andy for helping my daughter to excel in English. This is what learning should be – cultivating, engaging and fun!”

Review By Vivian Su, Parent

“Teachers in TAS (Parkway branch) are good. A special mention to Teacher Andy as he is professional and nuturing. My daughter has learnt a lot from him throughout the last 2 years leading up to PSLE. During the COVID period, they were quick to respond and efficient in developing good quality HBL classes with excellent materials for their students.My daughter has even asked to be signed up for their zoom secondary 1 classes. Highly recommended!’

Review By Evon Lim, Parent

“Teachers in TAS are awesome!!! They made efforts to understand, engage and bond with their students. Esp Teacher Joanne, she is very supportive and taught my girl well. She stretched my girl’s imagination and is very dedicated. She made it a point to communicate with me on my girl’s progress and areas of improvement. I was very heartened and touched to see how Teacher Joanne motivated her class during the last stretch of the P6 journey. My girl totally enjoyed her time in TAS. Lastly, during this Covid period, TAS is also one of the most organised enrichment centres to enable the whole HBL experience! Highly recommended!”

18) i-Creative Learner

i-Creative Learner specialises in Pre-school and Primary level English enrichment lessons. Their teaching staff is made up of MOE-registered educators who have also passed all the centre’s in-house training and appraisals. i-Creative Learner also advocates parent involvement, providing a programme for them to help in home-support learning with their children. Its flag-ship programme is their early childhood literacy development programme, targeted to help children aged 3.5-6 years old to help develop their language and thinking skills, way beyond just reading and phonics. Their enrichment lessons for Upper Primary students encompass vocabulary expansion and debate skills, amongst other objectives.

i-Creative Learner English Tuition

i-Creative Learner English Tuition

English Tuition 18 i-Creative Learner
Website https://www.i-creativelearner.com/
Contact /
Address /

Chai Chee
42 Chai Chee St. 
Singapore (461042)
Contact: 90078547

Clementi West
612 Clementi West St 1
Singapore (120612)
Contact: 88743507

Ang Mo Kio
114 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4
Singapore 560114
Contact: 90123261

Hougang Ave
124 Hougang Ave 1 
Singapore (530124)
Contact: 84842109

Blk 247 Hougang Ave 3
Singapore 530247
Contact: 90882990

Tiong Bahru
78 Yong Siak Street
Singapore (163078)
Contact: 81818762

Everton Park
Blk 5 Everton Park
Singapore 080005
Contact: 88743205

Blk 163 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4
Singapore 560163
Contact: 97904772

West Coast
Blk 612 Clementi West St 1
Singapore 120612
Contact: 90882990

No of Branches 9
Opening Hours Operation hours differ
Levels & Subjects Preschool, Primary English
Class Size Not Stated
Email admin@i-creativelearner.com
Fees Not Stated
Highlights – Tutors are MOE- registered educators and have passed stringent in-house ICL training, probation, and tests
– Fees are kept affordable to ensure each student is able to attain strong English Literacy
– Curriculum includes a programme for parents to apply at home
– Provide an environment that helps students to develop excellent learning discipline and habits 

Review By Ma Si Cheng

The lessons helped boost up my GP ability in general, especially for content. The lesson speed is well-paced and allows for discussion. The lessons are also well-planned and coherent as a whole.”

Review By Christina

“I have a new-found appreciation for teachers. Sending my daughter to this tuition centre is the best decision ever. Thank you the teachers for their work.”

Review By Andrew 

“I took my son’s admission to this cnetre and he has really scored good marks in English. Thank you.”

19) I Can Read

Featured in Channel NewsAsia’s “Bright Start, Bright Sparks” programme, I Can Read is a popular English Tuition in Singapore. They pride themselves in pioneering the method of linking letters groups to specific sounds, which they use in their reading classes. Through their pedagogy, students are encouraged to make full use of their imagination and to learn at a pace that is comfortable for them. Captivating resources and games are also used in lessons so that children are motivated and have fun in their learning. I Can Read admits children as young as 2.5 years old to help them build a solid start to their literacy journey.

I Can Read English Tuition

I Can Read English Tuition

English Tuition 19 I Can Read
Website https://www.icanread.asia/singapore/english
Contact /
Address /
(65) 3158 5888 /
Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Bukit Timah, City Square Mall, Harbourfront, Hillion Mall, Hougang, Jurong East, Jurong West, Kovan, Marine Parade, Novena, Orchard, Punggol Plaza, Punggol Waterway, Sembawang, Sengkang, Tampines, Tiong Bahru, Toa Payoh, West Coast Plaza, Woodlands, Yishun
No of Branches 23
Opening Hours Monday to Friday: 11am to 8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am to 6pm
(Closed on public holidays)
Levels & Subjects Preschool, Primary English
Class Size Not Stated
Email info@icanread.asia
Fees Not Stated

– Effective curriculum designed by former MOE teachers
– Curriculum is constantly tailored to follow closely with exams questions trends 
– Students are freqently updated on trending topics to hone their critical thinking skills 
– Frequent in-house assessment and practice exams given to prepare students for the national examinations

Review By Rohit Singh, Parent

“I can read is definitely a great place for kids to cultivate good reading habits. Highly recommended and great value for kids learning.

Review By Yulei Liu, Parent

“I Can Read’s primary focus is to ensure students overcome the challenges and difficulties of reading, developing into confident, independent readers. A full range of English literacy courses are offered to children age 2.5 to 12 years, improving their reading, speaking, listening and writing ability. I Can Read has recorded a total of 170,000 success stories in more than 8 countries

Review By Matthew Hagen, Parent

“This is a magnificent programme which systematically teaches children all of the steps necessary for them to learn to read independently. If followed properly, students will acquire self reliance and self confidence, which will in turn lead to a love for literacy.

20) Jan & Elly English Language School

A partner of the Speak Good English Movement (SGEM), Jan & Elly has segmented their English lessons into 3 different programmes according to age-group – namely to Read, Write and Excel. Their tutors are approachable and keep lessons fun so that children look forward to come for lessons. Their “Read” programme encompasses Phonics lessons for children aged 4-6, to help them set their letter-sound recognitions right, and to eventually help them read and pronounce words correctly and independently. Their “Write” programme is made up of Creative and Composition writing for students from K2 till P6, emphasising on idea generation and effective writing (form, sentence structure, use of vocabulary, etc.) Lastly, their “Excel” programme for Primary level students basically covers all components of the PSLE examination paper, and provides overall support in general English skills required to score well.

Jan & Elly English Language English Tuition

Jan & Elly English Language English Tuition


English Tuition 20 Jan & Elly English Language School
Website https://jan-elly.com/
Contact /
Address /

Seletar Hills
1 Seletar Road, #02-10 Greenwich V, Singapore 807011
Tel: 6481 8892

Bukit Timah
432 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, The Rail Mall, Singapore 678058
Tel: 6762 7783

No of Branches 2
Opening Hours

Seletar Hills
Monday – Friday: 12pm – 9pm
Saturday: 9am – 6.30pm
Sunday: 9am – 6pm

Bukit Timah
Monday: 12.30pm – 8.30pm
Tuesday – Wednesday: 12pm – 9pm
Thursday – Friday: Closed
Saturday: 9am – 6pm
Sunday: 9am – 5.30pm

Levels & Subjects Preschool, Primary English
Class Size 9 students 
Email seletarhills@jan-elly.com / enquiry@jan-elly.com

Not Stated


– Curriculum designed for students to perceive learning as fun, by utilizing interactive games that involve lots of motion and engagement
– Tutors trained to be passionate, approachable, loving and smiley 
– Lessons are frequently revised to suit student’s learning pace
– Small class size to ensure students receive ample attention from the tutor

Review By Josephine Koh, Parent

“Isaac is in K1 this year, but still isn’t able to read or recognise letter sounds. He was in a renowned enrichment school but it didn’t work out well for him. I was recommended by a friend to try Jan & Elly, and had read good reviews about the school, so I decided to give it a try.After the Taster Session, Isaac came out exclaiming that the class was so fun and he is looking forward to the regular class. A very good start for capturing his attention and interest!”

Review By Renae Lim, Parent

“I registered Kane into Jan & Elly when he was in N2, semester 2. Jan & Elly has helped him so much, taking him from a zero English foundation to where he is now. Even his school teachers said that he is very advanced in his English language. Thanks to Jan & Elly, Kane is now in a very good place for his primary school. Thank you! I look forward to the same for my daughter now!”

Review By Jean Ong, Parent

“My son was struggling with his reading even though he had been going for enrichment classes elsewhere. After hearing about Jan & Elly, I decided to give it a try. From the very first lesson, I could see a difference in my son’s reading. He excitedly read out to me the words he learnt in class, and now looks forward to his Sunday lessons with Teacher Paul each week. I have since introduced my friend to try out Jan & Elly’s classes and both her and her son are loving it!”

21) Kidz Literacy Cove

Kidz Literacy Cove provides English enrichment lessons for Pre-school and Primary level students, and have won the award for “Best Enrichment & Learning Schools” for 2015/2016 and 2019/2020 by ParentsWorld. This is English Tuition in Singapore recognises that English literacy is the “gateway to other subjects” and seek to provide quality lessons to promote confidence in their students’ language skills. Their lessons are grounded in their core values – to listen to students’ needs and read to them with passion and love, to write about their successes as well as to maintain communications with parents. Kidz Literacy Cove offers 5 different programmes, one of which is their award-winning Preschool Enrichment lessons, which was designed specially for Singaporean children by the well-acclaimed Victoria Carlton.

Kidz Literacy Cove English Tuition

Kidz Literacy Cove English Tuition

English Tuition 21 Kidz Literacy Cove 
Website https://www.kidzliteracycove.com/
Contact /
Address /

9780 0786 /
3A Kensington Park Road, Singapore 557255

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Monday – Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday: 9am – 6pm
Sunday: 9am – 1pm
Levels & Subjects Preschool, Primary English
Class Size Not Stated
Email enquiries@kidzliteracycove.com
Fees 1 subjects taken”}” data-sheets-userformat=”{“2″:5057,”3”:{“1″:0},”9″:0,”10″:1,”11″:4,”12″:0,”15″:”Nunito”}”> Not Stated
Highlights – Achieved “Best Enrichment & Learning Schools 2019/2020” title from Parent’s World
– Curriculum designed by Victoria Carlton, director of the International Centre for Excellence (Australia) 
– Lessons designed to build strong literacy skills in students
– Quality resources tailor-made by tutors for students

Review By Parent of Isabel

“Hi Sarah, I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the great work teaching my daughter, Isabel. Throughout the time she has spent with you, I can see that she not only has developed a good progression in her blending but also in her interest towards reading. She thoroughly enjoys each lesson and the feedback you provided after each session is very helpful to understanding her development. I truly think Jolly Phonics is a great system for helping children to get started to reading and I thank you for your time and efforts with Isabel.”

Review By Parent of Samantha

“Hi Sarah, here’s a short text of appreciation. Through your lively positive teaching and many encouragements ,Samantha has grown confident in reading and spelling by heaps and bounds. Thank you for setting a good foundation for her.”

Review By Parent of Angeline

“Dear Teacher Sarah and Jasmine, I’m very thankful to both of you for guiding my daughter Angeline Sheetal Parsad in her english language. My daughter Angeline has improved tremendously in her english language since I started sending her to KIdz Literacy Cove. We are all surprised by how good her english language was and people were surprised and very amazed by the english bombastic words she uses while communicating with others at her age. We are all surprised by the proper english term she uses since I brought her to your centre for english classes. My wife and I sincerely thank both of you very much for your very sincere and best effort that you put in for my daughter, Angeline.”

22) LCentral English

LCentral English is a student-centric tuition centre that puts the “best interest” of each child at heart, and is managed by a team of international educational leaders who are dedicated to provide only the best for the students at LCentral. THe teaching staff from this English Tuition in Singapore staff have all passed the centre’s stringent recruitment process, attend continuous intensive training to ensure only top-notch quality teaching, and also make it a point to build relations with parents to keep them involved in their child’s learning process. It has 5 programmes, specially designed for children ranging between N1 to P6. While they concentrate on building foundational phonetic, listening and reading skills for preschool kids, their Primary curriculum emphasises on teaching higher-order language and exam skills through a “strategically-designed methodology”, preparing their students to score well for the PSLE.

LCentral English Tuition

LCentral English Tuition

English Tuition 22 LCentral English
Website https://lcentral.net/
Contact /
Address /

900 South Woodlands Drive #06-06, Woodlands Civic Centre Singapore 730900
Contact: 8399 7571 / 6891 2939

Blk 846 Yishun Ring Road #02-3673, Yishun New Town Singapore 760846
Contact: 9755 0455 / 6851 6022 

Bukit Timah
896 Dunearn Road, Link@896, #01-13, Singapore 589472
Contact: 8228 8177 / 6463 6387

Tiong Bahru
14 Kim Tian Road Singapore 169250
Contact: 9466 2712 / 6272 3356

Toa Payoh
381 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 #01-07, Singapore 319758
Contact: 9672 3658 / 6258 8423

Ang Mo Kio
Jubilee Square 61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #03-07 Singapore 569814
Contact: 9628 5411 / 6451 0104

SAFRA Punggol 9 Sentul Crescent #04-06 Singapore 828654
Contact: 9389 3269 / 6386 1286

Serangoon Central
Blk 204 Serangoon Central #01-112, Singapore 550204
Contact: 9655 6329 / 6287 7277

Blk 209 New Upper Changi Road #03-649 Bedok Town Centre Singapore 460209
Contact: 9126 5812 / 6244 8548

Marine Parade
1 Marine Parade Central #13-05, Parkway Centre Singapore 449408
Contact: 8891 3791 / 6721 9768

3 Tampines Central 1, #03-04A, Tampines Plaza 1, Singapore 529540
Contact: 9115 0817 / 6789 8030

Jurong East
Blk 135 Jurong Gateway Road #04-341, Singapore 600135
Contact: 9626 9069 / 6562 6536

No of Branches 12
Opening Hours Operating hours differ
Levels & Subjects Preschool, Primary English
Class Size Not Stated
Email Email addresses differ
Fees Not Stated
Highlights – Curriculum specially designed to maximise each student’s potential in English Language
– Smart classrooms are available to fully engage students in lessons
– Lessons organised to hone student’s personal skills (Eg Leadership, Resilience, Kindness, Confidence)
– Conveniently located across Singapore with more than 10 outlets 

Review By Ms Thandar Lwin, Parent

“Both Norah and Clara enjoy studying at LCentral. We can see the improvements over the past years. Especially for Clara, who from being a shy girl, has become more approachable. Clara can now speak confidently, and her pronunciation has improved.LCentral is both their favourite enrichment school and are looking forward to attending class every week.” 

Review By Ms Shannon Ng, Parent

“Zachariah and Zephaniah are attending LCentral close to 2 years. Zachariah joined when he was in P2 and Zephaniah joined when he was in K2.Zachariah is coping well in his class and can now write a more detailed and descriptive composition. Zephaniah loves reading and takes pride in being able to read difficult words.LCentral has definitely helped both my children in their English language development.”

Review By Ms Alice Yan, Parent

“Aiden and Eason both love their teachers at LCentral. The teachers know best how to develop an interest in the language and be patient with the students.Both my children have improved a lot in their reading and writing skills.“

23) Lorna Whiston

Lorna Whiston is committed to providing quality education, doubling up as a reputable Pre-school as well as an enrichment centre, with 3 different programmes under its enrichment centre wing. Its main English enrichment lessons programme is available for children from 18 months old till Primary 6, with the younger ones honing their language skills through multi-sensory learning, while the older students receiving a holistic lesson plan to succeed in all aspects of the PSLE English paper. Lorna Whiston also provides a “Fun with Phonics” programme, targeted at children 4-7 years old. Lastly, its Speech and Drama programme is offered to students till Upper Secondary level, and aims to hone effective and confident communication and improvisational skills through the usage of their voices and body language.

Lorna Whiston English Tuition

Lorna Whiston English Tuition

English Tuition 23 Lorna Whiston
Website https://www.lornawhiston.com/
Contact /
Address /
101 Thomson Road
#03-18/ #04-22
Singapore 307591

#07-05 Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road
Singapore 449269

No of Branches 2
Opening Hours

Operation Hour Differ

Levels & Subjects Preschool, Primary English
Class Size Not Stated
Email admissions@lornawhiston.com.sg
Fees Not Stated
Highlights – Small class size with maximum 5 students for better learning
– Personalised guidance from tutors for all students, with prompt feedback given to parents about child’s progress
– Curriculum designed to hone soft skills students would require for school, work and life

Review By Parent of P6 Student

“I would like to thank Ms Renee for teaching him when he was P6. Despite the Circuit Breaker, Ms Renee passionately gave engaging English lessons through zoom . She is very positive, patient and a professional teacher. She is very good at using the materials and methods suitable for children to get interested and engaged in the lesson. My son enjoyed studying in Lorna Whiston and he requested to continue studying there for Secondary 1.”

Review By Parent of N2 Student

“My child enjoyed herself in both the speech and drama, as well as English enrichment classes. We have seen improvement in her language as well as her confidence.”

Review By Parent of Elementary 1 Student

“Heather has been with Lorna Whiston for 2 years. She loves her teachers and lessons here. She loves all the play themes created by the teachers. Teachers here play a great role in encouraging their students to speak up in classes. You could see Heather is now very confident and comfortable with expressing how she feels.”

24) My English School

Awarded Best Enrichment & Learning Schools 2018/2019 by ParentsWorld, My English School offers a structured Phonics and Reading programme for children as young as 2.5 years old, as well as a Primary level programme to help students prepare for their PSLE examination. The teachers at this English Tuition in Singapore are all native English speakers, who are sure to bring “creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism” into the class. The centre’s goal is to help build strong English Literacy foundations in children from a young age, and to help students hone their critical thinking skills along the way. My English School keeps class sizes small, and makes it a point to inject fun and holistic learning into their lessons.

My English School English Tuition

My English School English Tuition

English Tuition 24 My English School
Website https://www.myenglish.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6567 2374 /
Choa Chu Kang, Woodlands, Tiong Bahru, Parkway Parade, Novena, Tampines, Jurong East, Jurong West, Downtown East, Northpoint, Yishun, Potong Pasir, Harbourfront

No of Branches 13
Opening Hours Operation Hours Differ
Levels & Subjects Pre-School, Primary English
Class Size Not Stated
Email enquiry@myenglish.com.sg
Fees Not Stated

Customised materials developed by experienced in-house curriculum team
– Parent-Teacher Meetings held twice annually for tutors to update parents on their child’s progress
– Programmes designed to build a strong English Language foundation in students
– 16 outlets located across Singapore

Review By  Parent of Primary 1 Student

“He enjoys the lessons and is able to share with me on what the teacher taught during the lesson, so I know he truly understands what the teacher has taught him and is able to absorb it. Most importantly he does not drag going to class at My English School compared to the previous learning centre I sent him to.”

Review By Parent of Primary 2

“I was concerned about my daughters’ pronunciation and ability to read and express themselves. I chose My English School because I read reviews and got recommendations from friends.I am happy that my daughters look forward to attending the weekly classes. The classes certainly help children read and spell by themselves!”

Review By Ray Shin, Primary 5

“I like the lessons as they are not too long. The booklets are interesting and useful in examination situations. I also like the class size. The class does not have too many people. The lessons are interesting as they use fun activities to learn English. The lessons are fun, and I am able to cope with the homework given.”

25) The Writer’s Place

The Writer’s Place is an enrichment centre that specialises in Creative Writing only for Primary level students, and had won the award for “Best in Honing Creative Writing Skills” by ParentsWorld in 2019/2020. At this English Tuition in Singapore, students will be trained to write more effectively and more in-depth, through the centre’s step-by-step approach. Lessons are pegged to the latest MOE syllabus with interesting originally-designed materials provided. The tutors at The Writer’s Place are friendly and approachable, and are mostly trained in the field of English or Literature. The centre’s vision is to be “The School of Writing that empowers children with confidence to excel in life”, and they inject games and movement to avoid monotony and to enrich their students’ learning experience.

The Writer’s Place English Tuition

The Writer’s Place English Tuition

English Tuition 25 The Writer’s Place
Website  http://www.thewritersplace.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

Woodlands Galaxy Community Club 
31 Woodlands Ave 6
#02-01 Singapore 738991
Contact: 9452-5144

Keat Hong Community Club
2 Choa Chu Kang Loop
#02-01 Singapore 689687
Contact: 9183-2129

No of Branches  2
Opening Hours Operation Hour Differ
Levels & Subjects Primary English
Class Size Not Stated
Email  ask@thewritersplace.com.sg
Fees Not Stated

 – Materials provided are meticulously tailored in-house
– Teaching methodology includes games and movement to engage students 
– Centres conveniently located near MRT stations and shopping facilities
– Most of their PSLE student scored A*/ A in English

Review By Parent of Jasmine Koh

“Jasmine has improved and did well for her SA1 composition. I thank the teacher for guiding Jasmine well. My daughter likes to attend her lessons. The teacher explains very well and her lessons are lively. The teacher also gives quizzes periodically to help students recall past information.”

Review By Parent of Jayden Tan, Primary 4

“Overall, the lessons covered are INTERESTING, enriching enough and I am able to see IMPROVEMENT in my boy’s creative writing. Teachers are friendly, caring and attentive. Worksheets are relevant and I like the parts where many new words are introduced… it broadens the children’s VOCABULARY. The Bi-Monthly class newsletters are another platform to let parents know what is going on in class. Keep up the good job!”

Review By Parent of Shu Kehyan, Primary 2

“Personally, I think that the most important thing is that my child ENJOYS attending class. The stories taught in class are a break from the norm as they have INTERESTING twists in them. I appreciate that the teachers give constant feedback regarding my child’s progress and behavior in class.”

26) British Council Singapore

British Council is educational institution that provides lessons for both students as well as adults (on a private or corporate basis) in Singapore since 1947. Their tutors are all native English speakers and hold professional teaching certifications, but fret not, their lessons are based on the local MOE Primary-JC syllabus for our local students. All their courses are designed by professionals, and they make use of modern state-of-the-art technology and learning amenities to enhance students’ learning experience. The British Council also emphasises on “engaging, interactive and communicative” teaching methods to foster an individualised connection with each student. There are English courses available for local children from Nursery all the way up to General Paper for JC, and also exam preparation (IGCSE / IELT) for international students too.

The British Council English Tuition

The British Council English Tuition

English Tuition 26 British Council Singapore
Website https://www.britishcouncil.sg/
Contact /
Address /
6807 1588 /
Napier Road, Marsiling, Tampines, Toa Payoh
No of Branches 4
Opening Hours Operation Hours Differ
Levels & Subjects Preschool, Primary, Secondary, Junior College, Adult English
Class Size Not Stated
Email contact@britishcouncil.org.sg
Fees Not Stated

– Curriculum includes regular trips and excursions for students to learn English in an interesting and relaxed manner
– Centres are equipped with cutting edge facilities such as interactive whiteboards
– Tutors are extensively certified (CELTA, Delta, PGCE, MA TEFL, TYLEC)
– Provides a positive and inclusive environment 

Review By Jun Yi Lee

“This place shaped my learning experience and sharpened my English language skills. Highly recommended for parents who don’t speak much English at home, but wish for your kids to have the relevant exposure.”

Review By 김재호

“There is no doubt that the British Council is NUMBER ONE among all English centre in Singapore. Some institutes might mention that the payment of British Council would be expensive….but definitely, there is a big difference between the British council and other institutes which may be cheaper. I also suppose if you are planning to enter the univ. so you need to learn English, definitely, I recommend the British Council.”

Review By Hassan Almarhoon

“The teaching methods here are extremely effective. I have studied there for a year and now I speak English fluently “

27) The Rational Thinking Learning Centre

Located in Bishan, this English Tuition in Singapore specialises in offering English and General Paper lessons for Secondary, IP and JC students, using their own original curriculum. The centre opens up classes specially for IP students, who do not take the O Levels but instead follow an integrated English and Language Arts curriculum. The Rational Thinking Learning Centre aims to broaden students’ general knowledge through discussions about socio-economic and political affairs, in turn enabling them to formulate better argumentative content in their essays. Students will also be trained in their critical thinking and communication skills, eventually preparing them adequately for the workforce.

The Rationale Thinking English Tuition

The Rationale Thinking English Tuition

English Tuition 27 The Rational Thinking Learning Centre
Website  https://www.therationalethinking.com/
Contact /
Address /

6980 3149 /
Blk 121 Bishan Street 12, #01-89, (S) 570121

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Friday: By appointment only 
Saturday: 8.00am – 7.00pm
Sunday: 10.00am – 7.00pm
Levels & Subjects Junior College General Paper, IP English
Class Size Not Stated
Email Not Stated
Fees JC1 & IP Year 5: $90 / Lesson
JC2 & IP Year 6: $90 – $110 / Lesson
Highlights – Helps students in Singapore achieve their academic goals and cement strong foundations for them to excel in their tertiary education
– Strengthen students’ command of the English Language
– Improve students’ prospects of getting a Public Service Commission Scholarship to study at Oxbridge, Ivy-League Universities and other top educational establishments
– Assist students to achieve a “Distinction” in their ‘A’ Level General Paper or IP English examinations
– Train students in essential communication skills and nimble thinking to increase their chances of flourishing in their future careers
– Founded by Mr Edwin Wong, a sought-after General Paper and Integrated Programme English language specialist, revolutionary thinker and transformational teacher

Review By Huang Yi Zhou, Hwa Chong Institution

“I joined Mr Wong’s General Paper (GP) lessons when I was in J2 in Hwa Chong Institution (HCI). As a foreigner, the English language was not my native language, thus both content and language had always been a huge challenge. Before joining the GP tuition lessons, my GP grade was hovering between D and E. At first, I was a little sceptical about whether GP tuition lessons would make any difference given such a short time to the final A Level exam. However, after listening to Mr Wong’s clear explanation of GP topics and seeing genuine improvements in my class assignments after applying what I have learned from him, I have cleared all previous doubts. In addition to all of the detailed analysis of current affairs and ample opportunities to practise our skills, Mr Wong’s openness towards different methods and ideas has also helped me to like the subject more. He will look into every individual student’s strengths and weaknesses and recommend a strategy on which key topics to focus on. I believe this customised teaching has helped me to achieve such a big jump in such a short time. On the final A Level exam, I achieved an A grade! This feat would not have been possible without Mr Wong’s guidance. Thank you, Mr Wong!”

Review By Evelyn Wielter Lim, Raffles Institution

“I have been with The Rationale Thinking Learning Centre since Sec 4 for English and thereafter getting into Raffles Institution (RI), General Paper (GP) tuition. While I obtained an A for my English in secondary school, I found GP content to be very different from secondary school. Through Mr Wong’s GP classes, I learnt the important Linguistic Skills required to tackle the different components of the GP Comprehension paper. The materials provided covered a wide range of topics, ensuring that we are prepared to tackle the various types of questions. Nearing the GP ‘A’ Level examination, Mr Wong provided multiple complimentary revision classes for us to clarify all doubts that we had in both comprehension and composition. He also offered to review and provide personal comments on our essays and AQ to help us improve on what we have written. Mr Wong is a very dedicated and driven teacher. Under his tutelage, I attained an A grade in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level examination and I owe it all to his guidance and encouragement.”

Review By Andrew Cheam, Dunman High School

“I first joined Mr Wong’s General Paper tuition after attaining an egregious E grade for my General Paper (GP) at Dunman High School (DHS). Being in the Integrated Programme (IP), I was more comfortable with topics like Science & Technology and the Environment. However, moving up to IP Year 5, the exam questions became more difficult and the marking was also more stringent. Being well versed in Science & Tech, Mr Wong brushed up my skills in that area. Furthermore, he began to expose me to hard topics like Democracy, Human Rights and the Arts. These topics, if taught well, could help a student increase his chances of scoring an A-grade. With Mr Wong’s encouragement, I now dare to come out of my comfort zone and venture into writing challenging GP topics like Democracy and Governance and I scored well. Mr Wong’s teaching of GP Comprehension is driven by the aim of laying a strong foundation of Linguistic Skills. With the many practises that we did in class, he ensured that we mastered the skills and understood them before we moved on. Before our ‘A’ Level exams, he conducted additional consultation lessons for us. These lessons were tailor-made for the students to correct the mistakes that we made during our prelims, to fully prepare us for General Paper at the ‘A’ Levels. Mr Wong is not only a passionate teacher that is willing to spend his time teaching but also a competent and clear one.”

28) Byron Tutorial Centre

Established in 1994, Byron Tutorial Centre is conveniently located near Dhoby Ghaut station, and focuses not just on grades, but to “impart life skills and build relationships” that are long-lasting, as students go through their successes in academic and career life. Their main English teacher, Ms Ho, is known to be a selfless and passionate teacher who would readily make herself available for students in need. Despite the demands of the O Level English and A Level GP papers, lessons at Byron are “cozy” and tuned to make learning as fun as possible. Students can expect their weak areas to be diagnosed and helped with, as well as to have their capabilities stretched to its fullest potential.


Byron Tutorial English Tuition

Byron Tutorial English Tuition

English Tuition 28 Bryon Tutorial Centre
Website https://byrontutorial.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /
6337 5878 /
190 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore Shopping Center #03-14/15 Singapore 239924
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Monday: 10am – 8pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 10am – 8pm
Thursday: 10am – 8pm
Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 3pm
Sunday: Closed

Levels & Subjects Secondary English, JC General Paper
Class Size Not Stated
Email hotbox@byrontutorial.com.sg
Fees  Not Stated
Highlights – Conveniently located near walking distance of Dhoby Ghaut MRT
– Classrooms are air-conditioned to provide a comfortable environment for studying
– Curriculum designed to hone student’s problem-solving techniques and build confidence  
– 75% of their student managed to score A/B in their English/General Paper 

Review By Daren Chng, Hwa Chong Institution

“My 4 years experience at Byron have been fulfilling and enjoyable. Learning GP at Bryon not only equipped me with essential thinking skills, it has also been an exciting experience all thanks to Ms Ho’s enthusiasm in teaching. There are plenty of opportunities to participate in discussions in every lesson therefore every student can learn from their own mistakes as well as others. Without Bryon, I wouldn’t have received satisfactory result for my A levels”

Review By Fatin, Anderson Junior College

“Ms Ho is a warm and dedicated teacher who will go the extra mile for her students. Despite being with her for less than a year, she has helped me to pull my grade up from a U to and A. She always believes in each and every ones of her students and encourages us to keep pressing on to succeed. The lessons were very engaging and informative, and she uses the many years of experience that she has to teach us all the tips and tricks to score well for GP. It has been a great pleasure for me to be her student and I am deeply grateful to her. Thank you Ms Ho for all that you have done! Really couldn’t have done it without you ❤ And thanks for all the sacrifices you made for us too! I know your a tuition teacher and that it’s your job, but you still went above and beyond to help us all and I’ve never had a teacher like that before”

Review By Lee Yong Xin, Anderson Junior College

“I really enjoyed attending Ms Ho’s lessons because apart from learning the skills and techniques needed to score in GP, I also got to learn important life skills through Ms Ho’s sharing of her life experiences in class. I used to dislike GP as a subject because it was too challenging for me cope with, but after attending Ms Ho’s lessons, I realized that GP is actually very interesting and helpful for me to know about what it going on around me. I really appreciate what Ms Ho did for her students – always encouraging us and believing in us! Thank you Ms Ho for saving my GP!”

29) Cognitus Academy

Cognitus Academy promises visible results in your child’s English grades, even across only a short span of time. The centre welcomes students of all calibre and those who are weak in English, offering programmes for Primary to JC level students. They are the first centre to have designed their curriculum centring around the fundamental “Critical Reading and Critical Writing strategies” which have been adapted from the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) teaching methods – proven to have worked well on mainstream students as well. As an English Tuition in Singapore, they have also infused strategies and the “8 Elements of Thought” to teach students how to unpack their essay questions and analyse passages well.

Cognitus Academy English Tuition

Cognitus Academy English Tuition

English Tuition 29 Cognitus Academy
Website  https://cognitus.edu.sg/
Contact /
Address /
 8321 8252 /
Goldhill Plaza, 1 Goldhill Plaza #03-05 Podium Block, Singapore 308899
Parkway Centre, 1 Marine Parade Central #02-01, Singapore 449408
No of Branches 2
Opening Hours Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays
Tuesday – Friday: 1pm to 9pm
Saturday – Sunday: 9am to 5pm
Levels & Subjects Primary, Secondary, Junior College English/ General Paper
Class Size 8 Students (Maximum)
Email admin@cognitus.edu.sg
Fees $220-$400/Month

 – Curriculum utilizes the Critical Reading & Writing (CRW) Strategy which is used to teach students in the Gifted Education Programme
– Tutors undergo a stringent interview process, rigorous training programme and aptitude tests
– Homework is assigned at the end of every lesson
– Small class size to allow each student to have ample attention from the tutor

Review By Parent of Primary 5, Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

“We decided to enrol him in Cognitus when he was disappointed with his P4 English test results. He scored around 85% out of 100%. Cognitus helped him improve and prepare well for all his English test, including oral, situational writing, composition and comprehension. Thanks to Cognitus, he scored AL1 for English in his recent P5 exam. I highly recommend Cognitus to my friends and relatives. This is an English enrichment centre that has caring teachers who will go into the details of which are your child’s areas of development and take constructive steps to help him/her improve.”

Review By Parent of Primary 6, CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace

“My daughter has built up so much love and confidence for the subject ever since she has joined Cognitus. She always looks forward to her classes and does her English revision without much supervision. Strongly recommend Cognitus to parents looking for a fun and effective English programme.”

Review By Parent of Primary 6, St. Joseph’s Institution Junior

“My son has enjoyed Dr Chua’s lessons as they’re very engaging and interesting. I can see that his comprehension cloze marks have improved too after practising the techniques taught by Dr Chua and this has in turn motivate him further to do well for the English paper.”

30) The Academic Workshop

The Academic Workshop brands itself not just as a centre that offers English Tuition in Singapore, but one that inspires their students creativity and their willingness to learn. They aim to make each lesson as fulfilling as possible, dropping bite-sized facts to enhance students’ general knowledge that would be useful in life. The Academic Workshop offers English lessons to Upper Primary students onwards to prepare them for PSLE, all the way up to JC students for General Paper. Mock revision tests are included in their lessons nearing exam period to keep them in check. The centre also offers specialised classes for students in the IP programme, as well as students taking the IB exams, which follows a different curriculum.

Academic Workshop English Tuition

Academic Workshop English Tuition

English Tuition 30 The Academic Workshop
Website https://www.theacademicworkshop.com/
Contact /
Address /

6733 5447 /
10 Winstedt Rd, #01-01, Singapore 227977

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Not Stated
Levels & Subjects Primary, Secondary, Junior College, IB, IP English/General Paper
Class Size Not Stated
Email admin@acadws.com.sg
Fees Not Stated

– Provides financial aid to less privileged families households or students who have been awarded an Edusave Bursary for the current year
– Students are constantly challenged to think 
– Coherent syllabus in line with MOE curriculum

Review By Alison Wong,  HCI 

“Ms See is a teacher who not only made GP much less daunting but also made learning about current affairs and the world around us interesting and exciting. She is a very caring teacher as well. She was always willing to take time out to go through any content that we were unclear about and to help us to improve on our different skills. I looked forward to her lessons every week as I knew that I would learn a lot, while having a very good time! Ms See is someone who became not just a tutor but also a friend”

Review By Lee Wen Kym, Nanyang Girls’ High School & HCI (College)

“Ms Lala is an excellent LA & GP teacher. Prior to joining AWS, I struggled to achieve an A2 in Language Arts. However, since I have had the privilege of being taught by Ms Lala I have achieved A1 comfortably and consistently throughout my 4IP year. What is most remarkable about Ms Lala is that she goes a step further, to help students who need to clarify any doubts they may have and is able to provide clear explanations. Ms Lala is a caring and compassionate teacher who is enthusiastic during lessons and constantly adapts her lessons to fit students’ needs. I am extremely appreciative of the support that AWS has provided, and more grateful still to have a teacher as experienced, professional and nurturing as Ms Lala.”

Review By Derek Chong, Catholic High Primary

“Teacher Rebecca is a very patient and caring teacher. She is determined to help us get good grades and does her best to help us improve. She always set targets for us and encourages us to do well. Not only does she focus on our weak areas but helps us to improve our strong areas. She is also a friendly and approachable teacher. Lastly, she is very understanding and kind.”


3. Cost of English Tuition in Singapore

When selecting which English Tuition in Singapore is the best for your child, considering the pricing differences among different English tuition options is expected. There is a significant difference in the price range between private English tutors and specialised English tuition centres. For English Group Tuition lessons, enrolled students will share the total cost per English Tuition lesson. In comparison, a single student has to bear the cost of private 1-to-1 English Tuition in Singapore. Hence, if cost is a concern, MindFlex encourages your child to take on Group English Tuition, which may be a more economically friendly option. Moreover, affordable and quality English Tuition can range from $260-$340 for 4 x 2-hour lessons, while the more expensive Group English Tuition options can range from $380 to $500 for 4 x 2-hour lessons.

Thus, with the various costs among English Tuition in Singapore, it is crucial to know what each English Tuition in Singapore offers to determine its worth and suitability for your child’s learning. While it is more affordable to choose Group English Tuition in Singapore, the trade-off is that your child will not experience 100% undivided attention as the tutor has other students to tend to. Depending on your child, this may affect his/her learning in the subject. Hence, it is vital to determine your child’s academic needs and thoughts on having Englis Tuition.

However, if you feel that group tuition is not suitable, MindFlex has got it covered, offering Private 1-to-1 Home Tuition at affordable prices! Contact us for a Free Request for Tutor with Free Trial Lessons available to ensure that lessons are suitable for your child’s learning. Cost-wise, MindFlex offers affordable English Home Tuition, starting from $25-$30/hour for our Part-Time English Tutors and up to $50-$60/hour for our MOE-Trained English Tutors.

4. Benefits of English Tuition in Singapore

Students with a good command of the English language are able to communicate more effectively and stand to gain a greater competitive edge in future opportunities. Thus it is important that parents seek appropriate academic help that is most effective for their child while remaining within their financial means. Other benefits include:

4.1 Well-Structured Preparation for English Examination

In line with the latest MOE syllabus, most tuition centres and tutors have well-structured English lesson curriculum to prepare students for their English National examination, including the PSLE/N/O Level English & GCE A Level GP Examination. Hence, this structured approach provided by English Tuition in Singapore will ensure that English students are well-versed and equipped with the essential skills for the English subject. Additionally, the Best English Tuition in Singapore will also ensure that English students get sufficient practice and revision before taking their English examinations.

Furthermore, many tuition centres will go the extra mile by training students to sit for mock tests or timed practices before major examinations to assess their students’ learning progress and provide targeted help. With this extra avenue for practice, students will be well-equipped with exam skills, including Time Management and Critical Thinking, to exercise within a short period during the actual English national Examination.

Teenage girl having English Tuition in the Library

English Tuition ensures your child stay ahead of the English syllabus

4.2 Opportunities to Clarify Mistakes & Misconceptions during English Tuition

With your child enrolled in English Tuition in Singapore, he/she will be able to clear his/her doubts and have his/her questions regarding English answered by the English tutors who are well-versed in the syllabus. Additionally, if the tuition is done in a group setting, your child will also be able to learn from other students’ mistakes and misconceptions for each others’ benefit. The English subject can be highly demanding and content-heavy. Thus, having English Tuition in Singapore will be immensely helpful as it allows students to pick up essential writing, critical thinking skills and learn more about current affairs to build a strong foundation in English.

4.3 Active Group Participation

The nature of group lessons encourages communication and participation amongst English tutees and the tutor. This gives your child plenty of chances to speak up and practise his/her English oral and communication skills. An active learning environment also promotes discussions and debates among peers. Thus, promoting critical thinking and idea-sharing which is especially useful in brainstorming for essay content

4.4 In-house Resources & Curriculum

Parents do not need to worry about choosing from a myriad of English assessment/ guide books. Most tuition centres provide their own originally curated additional effective English resources and notes(maybe cost-inclusive/exclusive of tuition fees). Unlike 1-to-1 Home Tuition, some English tuition centres design their own curriculum for students to hone their English language skills in a more innovative way. Tuition centres (especially higher academic levels) may have a resource bank of past English papers and notes from top local schools for students to practise on, as well as articles for general knowledge content  

4.5 Many Locations to Choose From

There are many education centres offering English tuition in Singapore, as it is one of the most popular subjects for tuition. Parents can expect many tuition chains to have multiple branches island-wide. Parents will be able to enrol their child at the location most convenient for them, or closest to home. Some tuition centres may also allow students to attend make-up lessons at another branch or time-slots if the necessity arises

4.6 Quality Control of English Tutors

Parents can rest assured that their child will be taught by English tutors that “meet minimum standards” – a requirement that English tuition in Singapore need to fulfil in order to register successfully with MOE. English Tuition in Singapore will ensure strict quality control of their English Tutors by providing that all their English Tutors are highly proficient in teaching English.

In addition, some centres brand themselves on top-quality tutors, only hiring MOE/NIE-Trained English Teachers to be part of their teaching staff. And English tuition Centres in Singapore maintain strict quality control protocol by having strict interview procedures for their English tutors

Boy having English Tuition

English tuition exposes your child to greater critical-thinking skills

5. Considerations When Selecting English Tuition in Singapore

5.1 Track Record of Tuition Centre

As part of marketing efforts, most English Tuition in Singapore would pin up their past students’ English grades, or post their track records on their online platforms Parents are able to do research on the improvement track records of various centres before making a decision on which centre to enrol their child at. Parents may also look up online reviews/testimonials posted by other parents. Many of these comments and references are insightful and cannot be found at the centre itself.

Parents should ensure that the English tutor’s qualifications are verified. For example, former MOE tutors/ NIE trained English tutors should be able to provide a copy of their NIE Certification.

5.2 Flexibility with Make-Up Sessions & Commitment Period

Occasionally, students might need to reschedule their English tuition classes due to falling ill or last-minute school/ family commitments. While it is common, not all tuition centres may offer make-up lessons. Hence, parents need to carefully check the terms and conditions of the centre.

Some English Tuition in Singapore provides rescheduling of English classes if students were to miss their English tuition class. While other English Tuition centres would ask students to forgo missed lessons which may cause students to potentially fall behind the syllabus. Most centres also have a minimum notice period with regards to class termination, which can range from a month or even to a term

5.3 Is The Tuition Centre MOE-Registered?

All English Tuition in Singapore and enrichment centres with 10 or more students enrolled must be registered with MOE before offering English Tuition in Singapore. Although almost all centres are “legitimate”, parents must still do their due diligence and verify with the tuition centre, as there were incidents of fraudulent tuition centres in Singapore.

For Example. Fraudulent tutor Mr Kelvin Ong (tutor and owner of AristoCare tuition centre) faked his educational credentials, which had resulted in the closure of AristoCare by MOE. He then opened a new centre (Ace Achievers) again 2 years later, which had not been registered with MOE. As such, parents need to take proactive measures to check on smaller independent tuition centres’ registration status before enrolling their children.

5.4 Number of Students in Each English Tuition Class

When opting for English Tuition in Singapore, it is vital to consider the number of students within each class as this may affect your child’s learning depending on his/her learning style and pace. Some English Tuition in Singapore may opt for smaller class sizes, with 1 to 1 lessons to 6-8 students per class. However, more popular English Tuitions in Singapore may offer bigger class sizes of 10-30 students per class to cater to the huge demand of  English students.

 Parents need to consider class size while making a decision. More students in the class mean less individual attention that your child can get from his/her English tutor. Larger class size may also pose as a distraction for your child, especially if there are “disruptive” students in the class

As a general rule of thumb, small class sizes of 2-8 students per class are usually preferred across many students. Such class size allows for optimal tutor-student interaction and leaves enough time for the English Tutor to clarify any doubts that your child might have about the subject.

5.5 Availability of Notes and Additional Resources

Several English Tuition in Singapore takes pride in providing exclusive availability to in-house notes, summaries, and worksheets to help students in their learning and revision for the subject. Hence, access to the English Tutor’s own written and curated notes suggests that the tutors have thoughtfully designed comprehensive English lesson plans to maximise the students’ learning during and even after classes. Therefore, we highly recommend students to make full use of these additional effective resources that English Tutors offer so that students can ace their National Examinations!

Girl having English Tuition

Having English Tuition helps to improve your child’s grades in the English subject

6. Conclusion – The Best English Tuition in Singapore

Considering the number of options available for English Tuition in Singapore, it is no wonder that parents are clueless about where to begin. Here at MindFlex, our primary advice to all parents would be to figure out your child’s learning style, as every student has his/her own unique personal qualities and educational needs. Next, check your ultimate tuition objectives against the various choices of English tuition in Singapore in the market. Each option has its boons and banes, and we hope that this article has been able to provide an informative and well-balanced perspective to each one. If you have any further enquiries, you are welcome to visit our homepage or contact us. Our friendly team will be delighted in helping you with your process of finding a good English Tutor for your child.

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