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Importance of Adult English Tuition

Many adults may want to learn English as a second language, given the popularity and prevalence of the language today. In fact, English is the most widely-used second language in the entire world!  

Learning English as an adult can be challenging, given the difficulty and complexity of the language. This is even more so for conversational English, which requires students to learn the different slangs and nuances that are present in the language.

If you are an adult learning English as a second language, MindFlex has got you covered, and we will be able to guide you in your Adult English learning journey. Here at MindFlex, our Top Adult English Tutors will be able to level-up your English skills, whether it is Conversational English or written English!

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How Much Does Adult English Tuition Cost

For Private, 1-1 Home Tuition for Primary 6 English, you may expect to pay about $30 to $90 an hour, depending on the type of tutor you want to engage. For instance, more experienced and qualified tutors tend to charge more for their classes. If you do not want to enrol yourself in private tuition, you may also opt for Adult English Group Tuition Classes.




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Challenges Faced While Learning English

Outline of Adult English Tuition

  • Speaking English with accuracy and fluency
  • Understanding written and listening texts
  • Writing with effectiveness and accuracy
  • Widening vocabulary
  • Communicating effectively in English
  • Accurately and confidently convey ideas

Challenges Faced By English Adult Students

Unable to Understand Certain Words

Some Adult English students may face difficulties understanding certain new vocabulary. This is especially true for Adult English students who lack sufficient exposure to English materials and content such as books and television shows.

As a result, Adult English students may feel confused and intimidated at the sight of new words, and thus may be less incentivised to continue studying the language. MindFlex believes that Adult English students should read widely and extensively to continuously expose themselves to new words and phrases, and also make it a habit to check the dictionary for the meanings of words that they do not understand.

Not Able to Form Sentences

Adult English students often struggle forming complete and accurate sentences, especially in written English. This is extremely important, as it forms the foundation of the entire language. Having a poor understanding of proper sentence structures can be immensely detrimental to Adult English students, as this could affect their overall communication skills in the future.

Here at MindFlex, we recommend that Adult students begin expressing themselves in full sentences as soon as they can. We also recommend students to read widely, in order to expose themselves to different basic sentence structures.

Insufficient Exposure to Colloquialisms and Slang

Oftentimes, Adult English students learn English in order to converse in English. Not being exposed to common colloquialism and slang could leave these Adult English students speaking in a stilted and unnatural manner, or feeling confused when conversing with native English speakers.

We thus believe that it is important that Adult English students have sufficient exposure to speaking with native English speakers in order to ensure a smooth-sailing English learning experience.

Inability to Clarify Doubts

Some Adult English students face some difficulties clarifying their doubts in class, especially students who are more quiet and timid by nature. As such, they may be afraid of being ridiculed by their peers, and as a result do not speak up in class.

At MindFlex, it is of the utmost importance that students voice out their concerns and doubts as soon as possible to facilitate a smoother learning process. Moreover, the act of speaking up in class will train Adult English English students to speak up later on in life. This is helpful in building up their confidence, and will serve them well in the future and in the workplace.

Why You Should Engage An Adult English Tutor

Benefits of Hiring English Tuition

1. Help Students Clarify Doubts

For Adult English students, they are not provided with a proper classroom setting in school to clarify doubts or learn. Hence, the only space for them to learn with an experienced teacher is through Adult English Tuition. As such, this makes Adult English Tuition even more so important for those who are looking to pick up the language.

An Adult English Tutor will be able to be totally dedicated to helping the individual students, thus helping students to clarify their misconceptions or doubts that they have. Moreover, students need not feel shy about asking their questions, given the private environment of the tuition class.

2. Gradually Ease Students Into Adult English Syllabus

Learning and studying English as an adult will no doubt be tough for Adult English students. The increase in intensity and rigour of the curriculum is sure to be a source of stress for students.

With the help of an Adult English Tutor, students will be able to have a English learning journey with their English Tutor serving as a pillar of support in their academic endeavors.

3. Help Students Master English Vocabulary

English can be an immensely difficult language to master. Given the complexity of its grammar rules, unfamiliar phonics and different sentence structures, it is no wonder that many Adult English students are left struggling in the language.

With the help of an Adult School English Tutor, students will be provided with additional guidance and exposure to the language. Adult students will thus be able to gain mastery of English with this additional support.

4. Aid With Sentence Structuring

It is no secret that many Adult English students struggle with utilising proper sentence structure in their everyday spoken and written English. This problem is compounded by the use of Singlish in our everyday speech, which many Adult English students tend to imbibe and use in their academic work.

A Top Adult English Tutor will be able to guide students towards using proper sentence structures and grammatically accurate terms in their writing and speaking.

What To Look For in An Adult English Tutor

Experience Teaching Adult English students

It is imperative that you check if the tutor you are interested in engaging has experience in teaching other Adult English students. With such experience, they will then be familiar with the current English syllabus and common examination practices. It is thus important that you ensure that the English Tutor has been teaching students of similar levels.

MindFlex also recommends that you choose tutors who have experience in teaching English to students of similar levels or have the personal academic achievements to teach English.


It is extremely important that you engage a patient tutor who is able to explain concepts and English rules in a patient manner. With a patient English tutor, students will be more likely to clarify their doubts and misconceptions with the tutor, since they are not too daunted or intimidated to do so.

The patience of the tutor is an immensely important factor when selecting a tutor. MindFlex recommends that you engage a patient English tutor in order for your child to have a smooth English learning journey.


It is also important to check if the English tutor that you select is able to commit to your time slot in the long term. This is important, as it would be a pity for the tutor to build a strong rapport with you, and then subsequently cancel future lessons due to clashes in schedules.

Here at MindFlex, we recommend that you check with your tutor on whether they are able to commit long-term in order to avoid disappointment and the disruption of your learning.


Top English Tutors in Singapore will naturally have testimonials and recommendations from previous tutees, as well as have the appropriate qualifications to teach. We recommend for you to check if they have been recommended by past students, in order to gauge if the English tutor is right for your needs.

Typically, most recommended English Tutors will have strong qualifications as well as a strong testimonial base, which can reassure you of their capability to teach you.

Testimonials from Adult English Students

I started English Tuition with Miss Chan last year, and I am so happy with my improvements! I managed to be much more fluent in the English language, and can now converse fluently in English. I am so grateful to MindFlex for helping me find such a great tutor who is able to help me improve.

Sherri Choo
Adult English Student

I used to be so weak in English, especially Conversational English. With MindFlex’s tutor Ms Lee, I have learnt a lot about the language, and can now speak fluently and confidently in English! Thank you MindFlex for helping me find such an effective tutor.

Lee Anne Foo
Adult English Student

I decided to get an Adult English tutor from MindFlex when I realised that I could not learn English on my own. Thanks to my tutor Miss Janice, I am now able to learn simple conversational tools and expand my English vocabulary. Thank you MindFlex for the great tutor.

Michael Tan
Adult English Student

Thank you MindFlex for helping me to get such a patient and helpful Adult English Tutor! I used to struggle so much pronouncing and understanding so many words, and now I can read, write and pronounce them with ease! Thank you Ms Lim for your help and patience!

Peter Tan
Adult English Student

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