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The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is widely-considered to be the leader in international education. SL English may be a source of worry or stress for you and your child, given the difficulty and intensity of the curriculum. Here at MindFlex’s Top English Tuition, our Experienced IB SL English Tutors understand students’ stress, and will be able to ensure that students will be able to confidently sit for their IB SL English Assessments.


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Importance of IB SL English Tuition

The main aim of IB SL English is to encourage students to understand the constructed nature of meanings created by language. As such, skills such as critical thinking and analysis are absolutely imperative if students want to do well in this course. Textual analysis in literary terms is also an important skill in IB SL English.

We understand how stressful and demanding it is for SL English students to cope with the rigorous and fast-paced IB English curriculum. Moreover, IB students also have their CAS activities and other external commitments to deal with as well.

To support your child in their IB SL English preparation, MindFlex offers Qualified and Experienced IB SL English Tutors who are well-versed in the IB SL English syllabus. Our Top SL English tutors will be able to help your child in his/her IB SL English journey.

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How Much Does IB SL English Tuition Cost

For Private 1-1 Home Tuition for IB SL English, you may expect to pay about $40 to $120 an hour. These rates are depending on the profile of the tutor. Highly experienced and qualified tutors tend to charge a premium for their classes, whereas part-time undergraduate tutors tend to charge less for their classes. If private tuition is not suitable for your child, you may also alternatively consider sending your child to a tuition centre, where rates tend to vary from $200 to $480 a month for IB English Tuition.




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Challenges Faced While Learning English

Outline of IB SL English Tuition

  • Critically Analysing A Text
  • Analysis of Texts in Literary and Non-Literary Terms
  • Verbally Respond to A Given Text
  • Evaluation and Synthesis of Texts
  • Verbally Presenting An Idea
  • Evaluating A Text’s Language and Style

Challenges Faced By English IB SL Students

Inability to Clarify Doubts

Some SL English students face some difficulties clarifying their doubts in class, especially students who are more quiet and timid by nature. As such, they may be afraid of being ridiculed by their peers, and as a result do not speak up in class.

At MindFlex, it is of the utmost importance that students voice out their concerns and doubts as soon as possible to facilitate a smoother learning process. Moreover, the act of speaking up in class will train SL English students to speak up later on in life. This is helpful in building up their confidence, and will serve them well in the future and in the workplace.

Feeling Stressed by the IBDP Curriculum

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) involves learning six subjects while completing the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course, as well as the Extended Essay (EE). Being a highly rigorous course, It is common to see many IB SL English students experiencing immense stress and anxiety due its high-stakes nature.

IB SL English students are required to learn the new content in the IB SL syllabus, as well as consistently revise the two years’ worth of information that has been taught throughout the entire curriculum. Moreover, students also have to have sufficient examination practice to ensure that they will be able to perform in their various internal and external assessments.

Poor Performance in Examinations

It is often a common sight to see SL English students study hard for their various tests and examinations, but end up with less-than-stellar results. Unfortunately, this is a result of poor examination performance, meaning that the work and revision that SL students put in does not translate into good examination results.

Here at MindFlex, we recommend that SL English students complete their revision and practice papers under timed conditions and in a simulated examination environment, so as to ensure that they are able to perform in their actual examinations.

Hectic Schedules and Timetables

IB students often have numerous after-school commitments such as their Creativity, Activity Service (CAS) hours, as well as their after-school Supplementary classes that many schools tend to organise.

As a result, many IB SL English students are left feeling drained and exhausted after school, and may not have the time or energy to catch up on their revision and school homework. This is likely to put immense stress and pressure on them, which would have adverse effects on their well-being in the long run.

Why You Should Engage An IB SL English Tutor

Benefits of Hiring English Tuition

1. Help Students Clarify Doubts

IB SL English students may not be willing to clarify their doubts in class, as they fear being laughed at by their peers. Moreover, teachers may not be available for 1-to-1 consultations, given that they teach numerous classes and numerous students. This thus makes it rather difficult for students to seek individual and personalised help in school.

A SL English Tutor will be able to be totally dedicated to helping the individual students, thus helping students to clarify their misconceptions or doubts that they have. Moreover, students need not feel shy about asking their questions, given the private environment of the tuition class.

2. Gradually Ease Students into IB SL English Syllabus

The transition to IB SL English will no doubt be tough for SL English students. The increase in intensity and rigour of the curriculum is sure to be a source of stress for students.

With the help of a SL English Tutor, students will be able to make a smooth transition into IB life with their English Tutor serving as a pillar of support in their academic endeavors.

3. Help Students Master English Vocabulary

English can be an immensely difficult language to master. Given the complexity of its grammar rules, unfamiliar phonics and different sentence structures, it is no wonder that many IB SL English students are left struggling in the language.

With the help of a SL English Tutor, students will be provided with additional guidance and exposure to the language. ISL students will thus be able to gain mastery of English with this additional support.

4. Aid with Sentence Structuring

It is no secret that many SL English students struggle with utilising proper sentence structure in their everyday spoken and written English. This problem is compounded by the use of Singlish in our everyday speech, which many SL English students tend to imbibe and use in their academic work.

A Top IB SL English Tutor will be able to guide students towards using proper sentence structures and grammatically accurate terms in their writing and speaking.

What To Look For in An IB SL English Tutor


It is important to check if the English tutor that you select is able to commit to your time slot in the long term. This is important, as it would be a pity for the tutor to build a strong rapport with your child, and then subsequently cancel future lessons due to clashes in your schedules. 

Here at MindFlex, we recommend that you check with your tutor on whether they are able to commit long-term in order to avoid disappointment and the disruption of your child’s learning.


It is also extremely important that you engage a patient tutor who is able to explain concepts and English rules in a patient manner. With a patient English tutor, students will be more likely to clarify their doubts and misconceptions with the tutor, since they are not too daunted or intimidated to do so.

The patience of the tutor is an immensely important factor when selecting a tutor. MindFlex recommends that you engage a patient English tutor in order for your child to have a smooth English learning journey.

Experience Teaching SL Students

It is imperative that you check if the tutor you are interested in engaging has experience in teaching other SL students. With such experience, they will then be familiar with the current English syllabus and common examination practices. It is thus important that you ensure that the English Tutor has been teaching students of similar levels.

MindFlex also recommends that you choose tutors who have experience in teaching English to students of similar levels or have the personal academic achievements to teach English.


Top English Tutors in Singapore will naturally have testimonials and recommendations from previous tutees, as well as have the appropriate qualifications to teach. We recommend for you to check if they have been recommended by past parents or have any testimonials from parents and students, in order to gauge if the English tutor is right for your child’s needs.


Typically, most recommended English Tutors will have strong qualifications as well as a strong testimonial base, which can reassure you of their capability to teach your child.


Testimonials from IB HL English Students

My English Tutor is so attentive to my needs, and has been really helpful explaining all of the concepts that I did not understand or catch in class. She is always willing to give me extra consultations over WhatsApp outside of class time, even at night. Thanks to the help provided by my tutor, I managed to improve a lot in my SL English!

Alice Chia
IB SL Student, Hwa Chong 

My IB HL English grades were always near the bottom of the class. With no other options left, I decided to engage a HL English tutor through MindFlex, and I have never looked back since! I am so grateful for my tutor’s guidance and patience in going through the countless number of HL English practice papers with me!

Choong Jia Wei
IB SL Student, Anglo Chinese School (Independent)

Mr Goh was recommended to me by my classmate who saw improvements in her IB SL English results. Mr Goh is committed, and will always go the extra mile to ensure that I understand all the texts and concepts. When marking my work, he will also give  feedback so I know exactly what to work on in the future. Having IB SL English Tuition with Mr Goh has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Rae En
IB SL Student, Anglo Chinese School (Independent)

I started English Tuition lessons with Sandra, a tutor that was recommended by MindFlex. Sandra was extremely professional and patient right from the start, and even despite my poor foundation in IB SL English, she would always find ways to help me improve. I would take very long to answer the questions, but through Sandra’s patient and dedicated guidance, I managed to improve a lot!

Joseph Ng
IB Hl Student, St. Joseph’s

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