International Baccalaureate (IB) Tuition

Singapore is known to be one of the best performing countries in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Examinations (IBDP), with many perfect scorers coming from Singapore. However, despite the stellar results that Singaporean students seem to achieve, the IBDP is not as easy as it seems. The rigorous curriculum of the IBDP examinations challenge the abilities of students in many aspects, from Internal Assessments (IA) to conventional written examinations. Students also have to write a compulsory 4000 word Extended Essay (EE) as well as undergo assessments on Theory of Knowledge (TOK). All of these components contribute to the final results of students, and thus students need to be consistent and all-rounded in their abilities to handle the academic demands.

As many of the academic components are not similar to the Singapore examination system which students are familiar with, many students struggle to cope with scoring well in these aspects. This is especially because TOK, EE and the IAs often test the soft skills of students, such as their critical thinking skills and ability to argue ideas in a balanced manner, that are often difficult to acquire without guidance. Therefore, it is extremely necessary for students to have private IB Tuition to receive necessary guidance to excel in these areas and eventually attain stellar results in the IB examinations.

At MindFlex’s private IB Tuition, our IB Tutors strive to empower our students to realise their maximum potential and excel in the IB examinations. By attending MindFlex’s private IB Tuition, you will be given customised feedback and advice by MindFlex’s IB Tutors on your individual performance in each component, which is often not provided in depth by school teachers. With their years of experience, MindFlex’s IB Tuition teachers will also share invaluable tips on excelling in these components, such as what examiners look out for to give extra marks and common errors to avoid. These tips from MindFlex’s Private IB Tuition Teachers will help you to excel and score well in these components, while having an advantage over your peers who are struggling on their own.

With the complex and vast range of content covered in IB subjects, students often struggle to understand concepts well and thus fail to excel in examinations. Having to handle IAs, EE and TOK also leave students with little time to revise the content. MindFlex’s Private IB Tuition Teachers are also highly experienced in teaching students to score well in the written subject examinations. MindFlex’s IB Tuition Teachers use engaging methods to help you learn concepts easily and effectively, while also exposing students to a wide variety of challenging examination questions to help them improve on their answering techniques and excel in their examinations.

Hence, enrolling in Private MindFlex’s IB Tuition is crucial if you are looking to attain stellar results in the IBDP examinations. Enrol in MindFlex’s Private IB Tuition as early as possible to ensure your chances of performing well in the IBDP examinations!

Tuition Rates

Student's Academic Level
Tutor's Qualifications Pre-School Pri 1-3 Pri 4-6 Sec 1-2 Sec 3-5

JC / IB /
Poly / Uni

Part-Time /
Undergraduate Tutors
$20-$30 $25-$30 $30-$35 $30-$40 $35-$40


$30-$50 $30-$55
Full-Time / 
Graduate Tutors
$30-$40 $35-$40 $40-$45 $40-$50 $45-$55 $60-$80 $40-$80 $45-$85
Current / Ex
MOE Teachers
$40-$50 $50-$60 $50-$70 $60-$80 $60-$90 $90-$120 $60-$110 $80-$110

Tuition Rates listed above are per hour.

  Tutor's Qualifications 
Student's Academic Level Part-Time/
Undergraduate Tutors
Graduate Tutors
MOE Teachers
Pre-School $20-$30 $30-$40 $40-$50
Pri 1-3 $25-$30 $35-$40 $50-$60
Pri 4-6 $30-$35 $40-$45 $50-$70
Sec 1-2 $30-$40 $40-$50 $60-$80
Sec 3-5 $35-$40 $45-$55 $60-$90
JC / IB /
Poly / Uni
$40-$50 $60-$80 $90-$120
IGCSE $30-$50 $40-$80 $60-$110
Adult $30-$55 $45-$85 $80-$110

Tuition Rates listed above are per hour.

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