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At MindFlex’s high quality JC1 GP Tuition, our JC1 GP Tutors have years of teaching and academic qualifications and will be able to equip students with necessary content knowledge and skill sets needed to learn and practice the fundamentals of the new subject. With MindFlex’s JC1 GP Tutors, students will easily be able to build a strong foundation in GP.


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Importance of JC1 GP Tuition

In JC1, students are introduced to a new subject – General Paper (GP). GP is a difficult subject to master due to the huge learning curve. Apart from having a strong foundation in English, students are also expected to have a strong knowledge and awareness of general and current affairs to supplement their writing during GP examinations. Furthermore, students are expected to be able to interpret and critically analyse texts and questions provided to them, before answering short answer questions.

There is no denying that the transition from O Level English to A Level General Paper is extremely tough, and this is only made worse through the hectic schedules of JC1 students as they have to juggle their many other school subjects and extracurricular activities, leaving little to no time to work on their GP skills. Hence, most students turn to JC1 GP Tuition in Singapore to aid them with the challenging subject.

With a JC1 GP Tutor, students will be provided with additional guidance that can drive them towards GP mastery, allowing them to witness drastic improvements in their GP skills and grades.

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How Much Does JC1 GP Tuition Cost

Here in Singapore, JC1 GP Tuition is an extremely competitive market, with many tuition centres and home tutors providing JC1 GP Tuition to students. Group tuition rates are usually at an average of $250-$300 per month, but the cost can go up to as high as $600 a month for tuition centres with greater reputation. Similarly, affordable 1-1 private tutors charge around $40-50 per hour for JC1 GP Tuition, but rates can go up to $120 per hour or more for tutors who are more experienced and qualified.




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Challenges Faced While Learning GP

Outline of JC1 GP Tuition

  • Introduction to GP Content and Skills
  • Essay Writing Skills for Paper 1
  • Introduction to Application Question
  • Mastery of Proper Summary Skills
  • Content Mastery for Current/Global Affairs
  • Critical Analysis for SAQs

Challenges Faced By JC1 GP Students

Leap in Syllabus

At JC1, students are exposed to GP for the first time. This leap in syllabus is challenging for most due to the steep learning curve present, where students are expected to already have amassed a strong foundation in the English language. In addition, students are also expected to be well-read in order to supplement their essays with relevant points and examples spreading over a wide range of topics and current affairs.

As such, JC1 students will require huge amounts of discipline in order to plan their time well, allocating enough time to prepare for each subject. In many cases, students often opt for guidance in the form of a JC1 GP Tutor. With JC1 GP Tuition, students will be guided on various skills and techniques they are expected to learn in order to improve their GP skills.

Poor Foundation in English

Another issue faced by many JC1 students is the absence of a strong foundation in English. In both Primary and Secondary school, students might not have gained the correct foundational skills, resulting in misconceptions, mistakes and poor writing styles. Hence, the poor foundation snowballs and is now impacting their ability to do well in JC1 GP.

Given the fast-paced curriculum in JC, teachers do not have the luxury of time to help students build on foundational English skills, but rather, they continuously pile on new skills and content. Hence, if students do not attempt to seek help, they will find themselves extremely stressed out over their poor GP grades. As such, JC1 GP Tuition in Singapore is crucial to give students ample time to hone both their English language and GP skills, which will then allow students to witness improvements in GP.

Unable to Write Well

Another challenge faced by most JC1 GP students is the inability to write well. Writing in GP encompasses both foundational English skills such as proper Grammar and Vocabulary, as well as their ability to frame their points and arguments in coherent and concise manners. This, however, is a challenge for most. JC1 GP students often find it hard to put their argument forth in an orderly fashion, resulting in haphazard writing and ordering of points.

With a JC1 GP Tutor, however, students will have additional guidance in mastering the various essay-writing techniques, allowing them to build upon their GP writing skills. Furthermore, with JC1 GP Tuition in Singapore, students will also be provided with close guidance and instantaneous feedback, enabling them to improve in no time!

Poor Understanding of Content Needed for GP

A key characteristic of JC1 GP is the need for students to be well-read and attuned to many topics and current affairs. The topics tested for JC1 GP can range from technology and social media to human rights and family – and students have to have a good grasp of the key issues and arguments of all topics. Beyond this, students are expected to also have a firm grasp on many current affairs mentioned in the news.

This is extremely challenging for JC1 students, especially those who were not already attuned to such topics and news before being introduced to GP. Hence, for such students, it is important to enlist the help of a JC1 GP Tutor early on to help build on their content mastery for GP.

Why You Should Engage A JC1 GP Tutor

Benefits of Hiring GP Tuition

1. Ease Students into GP Syllabus

The JC1 GP syllabus is vastly different from that of the English language syllabus in school. In English, there is a salient focus on language-based skills, while students taking JC1 GP are expected to already have these English foundational skills, and are required to build up critical thinking skills and content mastery.

With a JC1 GP Tutor, students will definitely have an easier time assimilating into the JC culture and syllabus as the GP Tutor will provide dedicated guidance and help whenever any problems arise. Furthermore, by starting JC1 GP Tuition in Singapore early, students will definitely be able to get an edge over their peers in school!

2. Help Students Clarify Doubts

At JC1 level, the fast-paced lessons might leave students no time to clarify their doubts. Furthermore, given the hectic schedules of their school teachers, finding additional time to help students might be tough. Hence, students might leave lessons with a lot of doubts with no place to clarify their misconceptions.

With a JC1 GP Tutor, however, they will provide 100% attention and guidance to students, allowing them to clarify any doubts or misconceptions that might arise. Furthermore, with a private 1-1 setting, students can also clear any doubts as they arise without needing to wait till after lessons to get their questions answered.

3. Provide Additional Resources and Materials

A crucial aspect of doing well in JC1 GP is having a good grasp of the key issues and arguments of topics tested in GP. As such, students are expected to have a firm grasp on a large variety of content, which might be difficult if students do not have the correct resources and materials.

With a JC1 GP Tutor, students will be able to receive resources in the form of summary notes and content banks. Experienced JC1 GP Tutors will also have their resources of collated or self-written notes, which will definitely come in handy when preparing for the JC1 GP examinations.

4. Aid Students in Writing

To do well in JC1 GP, students have to be able to write well and form coherent arguments. This requires years of proper foundation in English, which might be lacking for some students. As such, they find it extremely hard to write well in GP, and are often met with subpar grades in their Essays or AQ.

However, with a JC1 GP Tutor, students will get additional weekly practice, allowing them to hone their writing skills. Beyond just writing, JC1 GP Tutors are also beneficial as they will be able to provide instantaneous feedback to the student on areas that can be improved.

What To Look For in A JC1 GP Tutor

Ability To Spot Weaknesses

Since the Chinese language is a skill-based subject, it might be difficult to spot mistakes and weaknesses as compared to other subjects. As such, it will definitely be important to pick a JC1 GP Tutor that is experienced enough to spot any of your child’s weaknesses or mistakes.

Furthermore, with a short runway to the A Level examinations, it is even more so important for JC1 GP Tutors to be attuned to the student’s weaknesses in order to help them improve or to clear the misconceptions.

Academic and Teaching Qualifications

When engaging a JC1 GP Tutor, it is important to select one that has decent academic and teaching qualifications. For example, it might be better to pick a tutor that has graduated from an English or GP related course and has taught for a minimum of 1 year. If you are looking for a more experienced tutor to guide your child, you might also want to look out for tutors who have taught in MOE schools.

Such qualifications are crucial in ensuring that the tutor is qualified enough to teach your child, especially when the JC1 GP examination is approaching.

Ability to Provide Additional Resources

At JC level, it might be difficult to find good GP resources that will be able to help students. Hence, by choosing a JC1 GP Tutor that is able to provide additional resources, you can save time on hunting for resources and leave it up to your JC1 GP Tutor!

The ability to provide additional resources also means that the tutor has spent time and effort curating these GP resources – which is also a key characteristic of their experience and dedication to teaching. Hence, when searching for a JC1 GP Tutor, it will definitely be great to look out for tutors who are able to provide their own self-collated GP resources.

Prior Experience in Teaching Junior College Students

The JC1 GP syllabus is vastly different from that of the Secondary School English syllabus. Hence, it is important to select a JC1 GP Tutor that has experience in teaching JC1 students so that they will be well-versed with the JC1 GP syllabus.

In addition, the amount of subjects students have to take, they might be unmotivated and might be unwilling to put in effort to work on JC1 GP. Hence, engaging a tutor with prior experience in teaching JC students will be wise as they would have the relevant teaching methods and lesson plans to engage your child.

Testimonials from JC1 GP Students

Eric, my GP tutor, has been monumental in my GP improvements. I got a U in my first JC1 examination, and sought help from Eric after. In a few month’s time, his effective lessons have helped me improve to a C! I am surprised at how much I improved, and it is all thanks to Eric.

Odele Lim
JC1 Student from Jurong Pioneer JC

I started GP Tuition with Mdm Han in March, just after I got my first GP exam results back. I was shocked that I got an S, despite studying hard for it. Mdm Han was quick to break down my weaknesses with me, and we thereafter focused on working on my weak areas such as my SAQs and summary skills.

Isaac Ang
JC1 Student from Hwa Chong JC

My GP Tutor, Mr Ong, has been so helpful. I was struggling a lot with GP in JC1, but he managed to help me understand it a lot better. His lessons are all impactful and useful, and he makes sure to introduce new concepts, ideas and issues every week and encourages me to read up on them extensively.

Tan Shi Ting
JC1 Student from Saint Andrew’s JC

I started GP Tuition with Miss Seow back in January, and she has been so helpful in helping me keep up with lessons in school. Miss Seow makes sure to help me in every aspect that she can, and is extremely kind-hearted. Whenever I need help, she is just one text away and I appreciate that greatly!

JC1 Student from Tampines Meridian JC

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