IB Tuition in Singapore: The Top 20 IB Tuition Options in Singapore (With Reviews Included)

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1. IB Tuition in Singapore


International Baccalaureate (IB) is unlike any education system in Singapore. Compared to the A Levels, IB uses a different approach in learning that provides students with a well-rounded curriculum that culminates in a diploma. Similar to other levels of tuition in Singapore, the demand for IB Tuition is gradually increasing in Singapore. As such, having IB Tuition in Singapore can help students understand the final goal of the curriculum while supporting their development as global citizens with both multiliteracy and critical thinking skills.

The IB curriculum in Singapore can be demanding and rigorous. With Singapore being one of the top-performing countries in terms of education, it is no wonder that the environment is getting increasingly competitive. As such, many parents are now opting towards IB Tuition for their child to prepare them for the examinations and ensure that they can enter into prestigious universities and degrees. Many IB Students are currently looking toward engaging IB Tuition to help with components of the IB curriculum such as the Extended Essay (EE), Theory of Knowledge (TOK) as well as school Internal Assessments (IA). If you find that your child is struggling with their IBDP in school, it would be wise to start looking for a IB Tuition soon so that they can receive the additional learning support before their IB Examinations.

IB Student Studying

The IB curriculum can be tough and rigorous. Your child can choose to get extra help by enrolling for IB tuition classes!

2. Top 20 IB Tuition Options

Here at MindFlex, we understand the concerns you have for your child to do well in the IBDP. With a large variety of IB Tuition Centres and IB Tutors to choose from, it is sometimes hard to pick the right and well-suited one for your child. Rest assured, over here, we have consolidated the top 20 centres offering IB Tuition in Singapore for you to decide on based on their reviews, subjects, location, fees as well as academic awards!

1) Chemyst Tuition Centre

Chemyst Tuition is the only IB Tuition in Singapore specialising in Chemistry IB SL/HL Tuition. Founded and taught by the Principal Tutor, lessons are conducted in classes of no more than 3 students from the same school to identify mistakes better and assist students in overcoming them. His passion for teaching and experiences in teaching various students allowed him to challenge students stronger in their concepts and build up foundations for weaker chemistry subjects. Comprehensive worksheets given after lessons and Bi-weekly tests ensure that students have sufficient practice and familiarity with different types of IB Chemistry questions. Recordings are also made accessible to students after classes for an easy recap. As a result, his teaching methodology led to students scoring 6 or 7 in their IB Chemistry examination.

Chemyst Tuition IB Tuition

Chemyst Tuition IB Tuition

IB Tuition 1 Chemyst Tuition Centre
Class Size 3 students (maximum)
Highlights – All students achieved 6 or 7 in their IB Chemistry examination
– Lessons are conducted in classes of maximum 3 students, where all students are from the same school
– Students have access to all the recordings after lesson for easy recap
– Comprehensive worksheets are given to all students after lessons for revision
– Bi-weekly tests given to ensure students are making improvements
– Both physical and online lessons available to suit students’ preferences
– Strives to develop student’s confidence in Chemistry, motivating them to create an inquiry-based learning approach on their own
Website https://ibchemistry.sg/
Opening Hours Tue – Fri: 2pm – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 8am – 6pm
Contact / Address / Location(s)

9109 1306 /
261 Waterloo Street, #02-07, Singapore 180261

Fees $390/month
Email info@ibchemistry.sg
No of Branches 1
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL Chemistry
Review By
Keerthi Brown
IB Year 6 Chemistry
“My daughter has had a very positive experience at Chemyst Tuition. Mr Prakash has helped her greatly. He has been incredibly supportive and very professional and sometimes has gone out of his way to ensure my daughter properly understood her subject matter. Our experience with Chemyst Tuition centre has been brilliant! I would recommend this centre to anybody taking Chemistry. He has good communication skills, is knowledgeable and provides an incredible amount of resources for the student so they get a better understanding of the subject. Also, they have been very polite to parents who wait for their children at their centre. It is a comfortable, clean and quiet space. As a parent, I think my daughter benefited going to Chemyst Tuition Centre and I would highly recommend it. Thank you once again Mr Prakash for all your help – it is greatly appreciated.”
Review By
Mirei Ong
IB Year 6 Chemistry
“I joined Chemyst under Mr Prakash only a few months before the IB exam but I felt it was one of my better decisions in life. He quickly found out my content gaps and worked on my answering techniques. Even after a tiring day in school, I enjoyed my classes with Mr Prakash as he was more like a mentor rather than a tutor. His constant encouragement helped me with my insecurities when it comes to exam. He was one of the teachers that really inspired me to believe in my own abilities and with a little bit of hard work I will get the grades I want. I managed to get a 6 in the final IB for exams. I’m very grateful for that 6, as before that I was failing Chemistry badly and regretted taking the subject. I only wished I joined Mr Prakash classes earlier instead of joining an A-lvl based tuition centre.”
Review By
Darrian Cheah
IB Year 6 Chemistry
“Mr Prakash has been a good Chemistry tutor. Not only does he give his utmost best in teaching me and guiding me through the chemistry syllabus, he also imparts knowledge from beyond the slope of the IB HL Chemistry syllabus furthering my grasp, reach and understanding. With that, he was able to push my grade 5 to a grade 7 in the short 5 months where he was my tutor. I am truly thankful and grateful for his efforts and teaching. I will recommend anyone seeking for IB Chemistry tuition to join his classes.”

2) Student’s Inn

Student’s Inn offers IB Tuition in Singapore for all subject areas. Their dedicated tutors specialise in International School Syllabus and tailors lessons according to the unique needs of each student. Curriculum is structured such that it is able to develop the innate abilities of each student and maximise learning. Student’s Inn provides one-on-one sessions and group sessions as well, with each class housing a maximum of 4 students. Tutors ensure that every student gets individualised attention and that their queries are answered promptly to guarantee comprehensive understanding of concepts. They follow a system that aims to build fundamentals first, gradually inclining towards academic success once students have achieved content mastery. Extra resources will also be provided to students and can be accessed readily from their online system. 

Student's Inn IB Tuition

Student’s Inn IB Tuition

IB Tuition 2 Student’s Inn
Class Size 1-4 students
Highlights – Offers specialised IB tuition
– Conveniently located near Holland Village, tutors have decades of teaching experience
– Small group sizes (1-4 students) for comprehensive coverage
– Online access to study notes and resources for all students
– Unique Triple-M system is offered free of cost to all students who request for it (extra specialised/custom program prepared for student)
– Online lessons available for students
Website https://studentsinn.com.sg/
Opening Hours Not Stated
Contact / Address / Location(s)

9177 9183 /
545, Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Center, #04-08, Singapore 238882

Fees Not Stated
Email info@studentsinn.com.sg
No of Branches 1
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL English, IB SL/HL Maths, IB SL/HL Chemistry, IB SL/HL Physics, IB SL/HL Biology, IB SL/HL History, IB SL/HL Geography, IB TOK, IB Extended Essay
Review By
Phillippe Legault
IB Year 6
“Student’s Inn has a very relaxed environment. The ambiance keeps me focused on task at hand and prevents me from day dreaming. The tutors are very good and manage to make even the boring subjects like Mathematics and English fun!”
Review By
IB Year 6 Biology & Business
“I currently take IB Business and Biology tuition at Student’s Inn. The center has not only helped me improve my grades but has also increased my knowledge of the subjects especially the ones I am weak in. I found all my tutors to be very patient and friendly. All of them will keep explaining a point till it finally sinks in without getting frustrated. They keep an optimistic point of view and always make studies seem like fun. The thing I like the most about Student’s Inn is that my tutors have developed a personal relationship with me which allows me to feel comfortable in classes. This has improved my confidence level and knowledge of my subjects by leaps and bounds!”
Review By
Sana Kapoor
IB Year 6 Chemistry & Business
“Completing IB has been a whole lot easier with the help of Taimoor. He has not only helped me achieve the grades that I needed to get into medicine but has also made learning an enjoyable experience! I really appreciate the effort he put into every class when it came to printing past papers, looking through different books and making me practice so many question till I got the hang of each topic! Classes with him have never been boring as he didn’t spend the whole time giving lectures but also made me practice examination questions till I was confident. I have to admit that I felt most prepared for Business and Chemistry because of the time I spent revising with him. He has been one of the best teachers, I have come across till date. :-)”

3) IB Lounge

IB Lounge houses tutors who have been through the IB programme themselves and understand the rigorous process of it all. IB Lounge offers specialised IB Tuition in Singapore for all subject areas. Tutors are familiar with IB requirements and how to excel in each area. IB Lounge has also created an exclusive online forum for all their students, so you can be rest assured that students will be able to seek guidance readily. Despite the centre being relatively new, IB Lounge has already achieved stellar results. They saw a 90.64% improvement in grades with an average grade improvement of 2.307%. 9 out of 15 students scored 6s and 7s for the subjects they took with IB Lounge. With IB Tuition from IB Lounge, students will be able to nail basic fundamental concepts down as well as gain tips and tricks to tackle each component of the examination, ensuring academic excellence.

IB Lounge IB Tuition

IB Lounge IB Tuition

IB Tuition 3 IB Lounge
Class Size Small
Highlights – Passionate tutors who have gone through the IB syllabus themselves
– Small class sizes or 1-to-1 to ensure maximum learning and guidance
– Tutors have achieved >40 points in total of 7 points for the subject they are teaching
Website https://www.iblounge.org/
Opening Hours Not Stated
Contact / Address / Location(s)

8023 5339 / 8168 3082 /
20 Kramat Lane, #02-07 United House, Singapore 228773

Fees Not Stated
Email contact@iblounge.org
No of Branches 1
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL English, IB SL/HL Maths, IB SL/HL Chinese, IB SL/HL Chemistry, IB SL/HL Physics, IB SL/HL Biology, IB SL/HL History, IB SL/HL Geography, IB SL/HL Literature
Review By
SL Maths & TOK
“I attended the SL Math and TOK classes at iblounge and it has been extremely useful. Rethik, the Math tutor, is excellent at explaining Math concepts, and as I was completely clueless about certain topics, he guided me through them in order to ensure that I internalised the concepts. The TOK classes with Hannah was also very useful, allowing me to gain a better understanding of TOK.”
Review By
Xylia Tay (Parent)
HL Maths
“My daughter has enrolled into IB Lounge since the beginning of the year. Both her tutors – Rethik and Mark were able to explain techniques that were difficult for her to grasp. Through their constant encouragement and guidance, she has improved tremendously! As a parent, I am heartened to know that my daughter has benefited from the tuition.”
Review By
Joshua Lek 
HL Maths
“The founder of IBlounge, Markus Ng, is an extremely committed individual towards helping his fellow IB juniors achieve their academic goals. Together with my math tutor, Sangwoo, they worked tirelessly to teach me at my preferred timing and medium. This eventually led me to jump from a fail/barely pass in year 6 to a grade 6 standard for prelims, helping me feel that it was realistic to achieve 7 for the final IB. Thank you so much for the dedication and hard work, I wish y’all success for many years to come”


4) IB Super

Featured in The Straits Times and My Paper, IB Super is a well-established centre that provides IB Tuition in Singapore. The devoted, enthusiastic team offers structured and individualised tutoring for IB students’ wide range of courses. Physical or online lessons are options that are both equally enriching, approaching each topic with real-life examples so that students can comprehend the application of each concept learnt. Furthermore, tutors provide continuous support and monitoring, making sure that students are making good progress. Recognising that every student has their own learning ability, comprehensive study materials, notes and homework packages are tailored to meet individual requirements.  As a result, 99% of students had shown grade improvements under their guidance and teaching. 

IB Super IB Tuition

IB Super IB Tuition

IB Tuition 4 IB Super
Class Size Not Stated
Highlights – Dedicated, passionate team designed to offer structured and personalised tuition for a variety of subjects to IGSCE and IB students
– Offers small group, one-to-one IB Tuition 
– 99% of the students had grade improvements
– Online tutoring option also available
– Comprehensive study materials and notes provided by tutors
Website https://ibsuper.com.sg/
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 3pm – 8.30pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 7pm
Contact / Address / Location(s)

9819 8928 /
190 Clemenceau Avenue, #05-27 Singapore Shopping Centre, Singapore 239924

Fees Not Stated
Email hello@ibsuper.com.sg
No of Branches 1
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL Maths, IB SL/HL Chemistry, IB SL/HL Physics, IB SL/HL Biology
Review By
SL Maths
“I have attended Math tuition at IB Super for almost 2 years, classes are enjoyable and productive with a range of resources and past papers given to students. Ms. Bel caters to the students needs, conducting detailed topic recaps, end of topic tests and guidance with homework and assignments. Through my time at IB Super, as well as Ms. Bel’s patience and motivation towards my learning, I have been able to improve my grades by 2 levels in my final SL Math exam. Thank you so much!”
Review By
Gwen Neo
HL Maths
“Ms Bel has taught me Mathematics since Year 3 of my IB journey and has helped me build a solid foundation the subject. She provides good and challenging questions to practice. The notes she gives for each topic are concise and efficient for revising. I would highly recommend Ms Bel and IB Super for those struggling in Maths!”
Review By
Justine Koy
HL Economics
“It was really helpful. Bel gave me a list of real-life examples to use in my Economics HL paper 1 essays, which helped me greatly as there was not much time for me to find these examples myself (there were only 1-2 months before the IB exam). She also taught me how to integrate these examples in my essay. In addition, she helped me learn to complete the papers within the time limit (a problem I faced then), by telling me what to prioritise and focus on writing if I ran out of time. As I started preparing for the IB exams pretty late (around 2 -3 months before the exams ) there was an overwhelming amount of content to remember and cover, especially for the paper 1 essays, but she helped me by telling me what prioritise and even how to ‘spot’ questions, in case I needed to do that as a last resort. In the end, I got a 7 for IB economics, something that I had never achieved in school before (I usually get a 5 or at most a 6, sometimes even a 4). Wouldn’t have done it without her :)”

5) Young Scholarz

Trusted by parents and students across the globe, Young Scholarz offers IB Tuition for various subjects, specialising in English, Business Studies, Economics and French. Located in Singapore, comprehensive services also cover university essay writing, resume writing, interview coaching, and other professionally tailored assistance. AS such, well renowned for its extensive services and world-class teaching, has led them to attain a broad customer base. Having taught more than 500 students to date, many of whom have attended Ivy League and top 5 UK universities, the solid foundation built due to Young Scholarz has successfully prepared students to progress through various career routes and experiences. If you are looking to enrol your child for IB Tuition in Singapore, look no further! 

Young Scholarz IB Tuition

Young Scholarz IB Tuition

IB Tuition 5 Young Scholarz
Class Size 2-20 students
Highlights – Trusted by parents and students across the globe
– Specialise in IB English, Business Studies, Economics and French
– Wide range of services also include university essay guidance, resume writing, interview coaching and other expertly curated support
– Alumni community is made up of more than 500 students, of whom many have attended Ivy League and top 5 UK universities
Website https://youngscholarz.com/
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 9am – 6.30pm
Sat: 9am – 2.30pm
Sun; 10am – 12.30pm
Contact / Address / Location(s)

8228 1164 /
The Waterside, Tanjong Rhu Road, Singapore 436896

Fees $65/hour for group classes
$100/hour for solo class
* rates quoted are on average
Email info@youngscholarz.com
No of Branches 1
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL Maths, IB SL/HL Literature, IB TOK, IB Extended Essay
Review By
Kaasvi Oberoi
HL Literature
“I was taught strategies to answer all types of questions, instead of tackling one question at a time. By the time IB exams came I had a fairly good understanding of the best way to approach each paper – time management, planning, annotation, key words etc.”
Review By
Dhruv Yardi
HL Literature
“Young Scholarz helped me with essay writing – I learnt how to plan out, develop and execute a good essay. Another thing I learnt is how to further develop my ideas, rather than have a generic thought process.”
Review By
Kashmir Kalsi
HL Literature
“Young Scholarz truly taught me how to think critically and answer exam style questions from different perspectives while linking my answer to broader themes and ideas. Due to the ample amount of resources and guidance provided, I was able to experience a significant increase in my grades and was extremely satisfied with the final result.”


6) MindLab International

MindLab International is an award-winning and leading educational centre specialising in IB Tuition in Singapore. They have been mentioned by news outlets such as StraitTimes and AsiaOne, crowning them as one of the best tutors for IB Tuition in Singapore. MindLab International boasts a plethora of quality tutors who are IBO certified and are able to deliver effective classes and produce excellent results. Founded in 2009, MindLab now has a total of 4,700 students, with an average of 14,667 classes held yearly. Students show an average of a 2-band grade improvement.  MindLab International offers many different programs, from regular tuition, to intensive revision classes, exam preparation classes and exam practices, each class customised to meet different learning objectives. MindLab’s IB Tutors are familiar with the syllabus requirements and are well equipped with the knowledge to support students in achieving academic excellence. 

MindLab International IB Tuition

MindLab International IB Tuition

IB Tuition 6 MindLab International
Class Size Not Stated
Highlights – Experienced, IBO Certified, and handpicked tutors
– Leading educational centre in Singapore that specialises in IBDP programmes
– Study frameworks that are designed to achieve continuous grade improvements
– Different programmes available for students (e.g. Intensive Revision Courses)
– Award winning IB & IGCSE Tuition Centre, featured on The Straits Times
– Has an average of 2 band improvements
– A decade of success stories from students, with a wide international clientele
Website https://mindlab-international.com/
Opening Hours Mon: 12-9pm
Tue-Thurs: 1-10pm
Fri: 1-9.30pm
Sat-Sun: 8:30am-6pm
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6341 9618 / 9711 6839 /
545 Orchard Road, #15-01 Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882
Fees Not Stated
Email Not Stated
No of Branches 1
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL English, IB SL/HL Maths, IB SL/HL Chemistry, IB SL/HL Physics, IB SL/HL Biology
Review By
HL Physics
“I have been attending Mindlab for the past 6 months. I like the option of 1-1 tuition lessons as group tuition does not suit me. My Physics tutor has taught me techniques that have helped me improve my understanding of the subject. If I don’t understand something, she is very patient and explains concepts in different ways. Also, the reception staff are very friendly and professional.”
Review By
Natalie Koh
HL Chemistry
“I was tutored by Mr David for Chemistry. At first, I had issues understanding Chemistry concepts and could not keep up with classes in school. However, under Mr David’s guidance and the provision of comprehensive practices and notes, I was better able to grasp these Chemistry concepts and saw a large improvement in my Chemistry grade. The classes are tailored to suit your needs and tutors will ensure that they go at the right pace. Would recommend MindLab International if you are looking for tuition.”
Review By
Nailgineer (Parent)
HL Maths
“My child attended Mindlab for his revision for IB exams and they did a really good job. At first he was only getting 3 for his mocks in Math HL but when the final results comes out. I was very surprised when he got a 6! And they really keep track the performance of their students. As soon as the IB results comes out, one of their staff call me to ask how my child scored. Being a parent I’m so happy that they really do their part and I really feel the worth of sending my son there. For sure, I will send my daughter there again when she reaches IB level.”

7) EliteIB Tutors

EliteIB was founded in 2010 on the desire to give students with personalised IB Tuition in Singapore that meets the academic rigours and scope of the International Baccalaureate curriculum. Their strategy is centred on knowing each student’s individual needs and only offering tutors to families who are especially suited to support them. Tutors and students collaborate closely to create individualised and comprehensive academic help schedules. This is made possible by handpicking and building a pool of expert tutors that includes approximately 100 IB professors and Examiners who teach at the world’s leading IB schools and develop the IBO’s topic syllabi. Over the past 10 years, offering uncompromised physical and online lessons, this IB Tuition Centre has built a solid testimonial base, assisting various IB students from well-known schools.

EliteIB IB Tuition

EliteIB IB Tuition

IB Tuition 7 EliteIB Tutors
Class Size 1-4 students
Highlights – Over 10 years of experience
– All tutors are well-versed with the syllabus and are government certified
– Strong testimonial base
– Offers both online and face-to-face tuition
Website https://www.eliteib.sg/
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 9am – 7pm
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9099 1775 /
36 Carpenter St, the Hive, Singapore 059915
Fees Starts from $72/hour
Email contact@eliteib.sg
No of Branches 1
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL Maths, IB SL/HL Chemistry, IB SL/HL Physics, IB SL/HL Biology, IB SL/HL History, IB Extended Essay
Review By
Anonymous Parent
“Tim and Ejiro are perfect for my son! Especially Tim with his lovely disposition and infinite patience! He represents exactly what my son really needs!”
Review By
Anonymous Student
“Katherine is one amazing tutor! Whenever I tell her I want to go through something, she studies the subject so thoroughly along with the syllabus as her guide; it is such an advantage for me!”
Review By
Anonymous Parent
“Simran is now at university, after achieving amazing results in her IB. The help she received from your tutors was amazing and they were a pleasure to work with.”


8) Economics Tuition Genius

Founded by the Principal Tutor, Mr. Eugene Toh, in 2007, Economics Tuition Genius is a premier Economics Tuition in Singapore that covers both the A Level and IB Curriculum for the Economics subject. The centre has recieved media attention and strong popularity for its effective teaching and unique rewards-based system, which encourages students to work harder. At Economics Tuition Genius, Mr. Toh teaches more than 200 students annually, with most of his students going on to place >90th percentile in their respective school examinations, thus establishing a strong track record for the tuition centre among JC and IB Economics students.

Economics Tuition Genius IB Tuition

Economics Tuition Genius IB Tuition

IB Tuition 8 Economic Tuition Genius 
Class Size 3-16 students

– Online lessons bank where all lessons are recorded on their online Learning Management System for students to view anytime, anywhere
– Complimentary exclusive student materials pack authored the Principal Tutor himself 
– Encouragement-based system where high-achievers and hard workers are rewarded with goodies such as iPads and Starbucks cards
– Available 24/7 for WhatsApp consults
– Positive news coverage on several platforms such as The Straits Times

Website https://www.tuitiongenius.com/
Opening Hours Opening Hours Differ
Contact / Address / Location(s) 8182 3036
Economics at Tuition Genius Academy: 587 Bukit Timah Road #03-01B, Coronation Plaza S269707
Eugene Toh Academy: Thomson V Two, 11 Sin Ming Road, #B1-18 S575629
Fees $120/lesson (2 hours)
$225/1-to-1 lesson (1.5 hours)
Email eugene@tuitiongenius.com
No of Branches 2
Levels & Subjects

 IB SL/HL Economics

Review By
Zikee Ong
“Tuitiongenius really helped me to brush up my concepts and essay-writing techniques. I was able to receive timely feedback on my essays, which really made me improve within a short period of time. The immense amount of resources given gave me more examples to write better evaluations. Thank you Mr Toh!”
Review By
Yoke Ying Ow Yeong
“I really like attending Mr Toh’s lessons because he always makes sure to clarify all of our doubts, guiding us through his thinking processes before moving onto the next task. He also doesn’t make the class boring too by abstracting real world situations and teaching us how to apply theory to reality for better understanding of how economics work. Attend his tuition if you are still struggling with econs. I’m sure you won’t regret joining!”

9) Eureka Advantage Learning Hub

Eureka Edvantage is a premium enrichment and tuition centre that has distinguished itself as one of the leading centres providing IB Tuition in Singapore. At Eureka, they have formulated the Eureka Pedagogy – a learning methodology founded and developed by experienced practitioners with over a decade’s worth of teaching experience. The learning pedagogy encompasses multiple tried and tested disciplines, and was designed specifically to meet the needs of IB students in order to challenge them comfortably, effectively pushing them out of their comfort zones. This helps distinguish Eureka Edvantage from other IB Tuition in Singapore, making them one of the most effective centres for IB students. 

Eureka Edvantage Learning Hub IB Tuition

Eureka Edvantage Learning Hub IB Tuition

IB Tuition 9 Eureka Advantage Learning Hub
Class Size Not Stated
Highlights – Students will be able to develop creative and narrative writing capabilities with Eureka Writing Techniques™
– Tailored step-by-step programme which are according to IB syllabus and guidelines
– Eureka Critical Thinking Strategies™ used to inculcate critical thinking
– Holiday writing/enrichment programmes available for students to enhance their capabilities
Website https://www.eurekaedvantage.com/
Opening Hours Not Stated
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9119 2159 /
10 Winstedt Rd, Block A, #03-01, Singapore 227977
Fees $90-$120/lesson
Email contact@eurekaedvantage.com
No of Branches 1
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL English, IB SL/HL Literature
Review By
Jonathan Hwang
HL Literature
“I came to Eureka Edvantage as a student who was lacking the skills required to do well in Literature, often faring poorly in my analysis tests. However with their help I was able to quickly pickup the much needed essay framework and also the investigative insights required to score well. Without a doubt, Poh had a gargantuan part in achieving my excellent score of 6 for my (IB) Literature exams. I highly recommend him as a tutor, and am extremely thankful to be under his wing during my time in ACS.”
Review By
Ian Tham
IB Student
“Eureka’s lessons were tremendously helpful for me. I gained a wealth of insights, and my tutor was very patient and answered my question. I am very grateful for this opportunity.”
Review By
HL English
“Love this place. My English results improved significantly under the coaching of my wonderful and skilled teacher. I would recommend this place for IB Students who are really serious and excited about English as well as Literature. Keep up the good work, Eureka Edvantage”.

10) Afterskool Learning Centre

At Afterskool Learning Centre, the qualified tutors have years of experience teaching students under the IB curriculum, making them one of the best IB Tuition in Singapore. With self-study areas and complimentary refreshments provided, Afterskool boasts of a conducive learning environment for both IB Tuition classes and study sessions. The centre also provides customised materials that are regularly updated to complement the syllabus guidelines, with additional study resources such as practice papers and summary sheets provided to students to ensure that they receive enough resources for their examination revision. Hence, rest assured that with Afterskool Learning Centre, IB students are in qualified hands to help them achieve their desired 7 points. 

Afterskool Learning Centre IB Tuition

Afterskool Learning Centre IB Tuition

IB Tuition 10 Afterskool Learning Centre
Class Size 1-10 students
Co-Tutor present for classes of >8 students
Highlights – MOE-certified/former-MOE full-time tutors
– Customised materials that are regularly reviewed to ensure relevance to school syllabus
– Provides an annual reviewed subject materials including comprehensive summary booklets for every subject, distributed early in the academic year to aid students in their revision
– Content taught ahead of schools’ pace to ensure that students are able to keep up
– Extra sessions held on top of weekly lessons to help students to catch up on studies
– 16 classrooms that are fully-equipped with projectors and visualisers, with plenty of self-study areas 
Website https://www.afterskool.com.sg/
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm
Weekends: Closed
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6339 6787 /
31 Holland Close, #01-215/217, Singapore 270031
Fees $480-$520/month
Email admissions@afterskool.com.sg
No of Branches 1
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL Maths, IB SL/HL Chemistry, IB SL/HL Physics, IB SL/HL Biology
Review By
Clarice Lim
HL Chemistry & HL Maths
“Afterskool has provided me with an extremely fulfilling chemistry and math class which has improved my grades tremendously. The teachers are compassionate and care a lot about their students! I highly recommend everyone to join Afterskool.”
Review By
Daved Lim
IB Student
“I am a student at AfterSkool Learning Centre and I feel that these classes are very beneficial for me as they have helped me to improve my grades. I feel that the tutors are very encouraging and helpful, even willing to give extra classes to those who are struggling.”
Review By
Tiffany Chung
IB Student
“The teachers keep lessons fun yet fruitful, there also bridging lessons after year end exams to keep students ahead of majority of the other students so that we can excel 🙂 Students are also encouraged to frequently ask questions outside of lessons with homework and are always ready to offer help and advice to us. Overall a fun and effective learning centre!”

11) Focus Chemistry

Known as one of the most competitive subject under the IB curriculum, it can definitely be tough for students to score well in IB HL/SL Chemistry, which has led to many students seeking IB Chemistry Tuition in Singapore. Here’s where Focus Chemistry comes in – as the centre’s name suggests, Focus Chemistry specialises in high-quality IB Chemistry Tuition. With their unique teaching methods and attention to detail, Focus Chemistry, founded by Mr Dion Khoo, has invested time and effort into conceptualising an engaging and effective teaching pedagogy. Hence, this sets Focus Chemistry apart from other IB Tuition centres, making it one of the best centres providing IB Tuition in Singapore. IB Students enrolled in Focus Chemistry are well-equipped with the content and skills required to ace their IB HL/SL Chemistry, allowing them to excel in their IB examinations.

Focus Chemistry IB Tuition

Focus Chemistry IB Tuition

IB Tuition 11 Focus Chemistry
Class Size Small
Highlights – Small-group setting provides a more conducive and comfortable learning environment with increased opportunities for a one-on-one interaction
– Post-assessment analysis of test/examination answer scripts of each student and prior feedbacks given by the tutor
– Unique teaching methodology crafted by tutors, with heavy emphasis on real-life application
– 100% scoring 7 in IB, guaranteed improvements in grades
Website https://www.focuschemistry.com/
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 3pm – 9pm
Sat: 9am – 5pm
Sun: 9am – 6pm
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9616 1651 /
271 Bukit Timah Road, Balmoral Plaza #02-11, Singapore 259708
Fees Not Stated
Email dion.khoo@nexusconsultancy.org
No of Branches 1
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL Chemistry, IB Extended Essay
Review By
Calvin Chia
HL Chemistry
Mr Khoo is a skilled and experienced teacher who makes learning chemistry simple but fun. Lessons are always filled with laughters and joy. In addition, his ability to break down complicated chemistry concepts and ideas into succinct and simpler steps that we can follow, allows us to grasp the subject of chemistry easily. Delivering results is not a problem for Mr Khoo, and what makes him exceptional is the enjoyment we get during classes while learning at Focus Chemistry.”
Review By
Sri Raam
HL Chemistry
Mr Khoo’s clear and concise teaching makes learning Chemistry a lot easier. Not only that, but because my interest in Chemistry increased, my results automatically increased helping me get 6 points in my Y4 FYE from only a mere pass in Y3.”
Review By
Ramanathan Pala
HL Chemistry
“Unique way of teaching of chemistry that my school does not use which helps me understand the subject even better. He teaches more than the syllabus so I find it easier to understand the concepts and apply them to any context. Very affordable yet each class has a small group size which allows me to freely ask questions.”


12) Physics Academy

With 2 outlets located in Bukit Batok and Kembangan, Physics Academy is a specialised tuition centre providing Secondary School, JC and IB Tuition in Singapore. All the IB Tutors in the Academy possess over 10 years of teaching experience and are familiar with the IB syllabus and marking schemes, making them well-versed with the curriculum and hence are able to guide IB students in achieving their desired grades. In slightly over 10 years, Physics Academy has already transformed numerous students into confident, motivated achievers, and has produced over 1,000 A/B grades. IB students will benefit largely from the personalised approaches adopted by this IB Tuition in Singapore, allowing them to remove common misconceptions, master their content knowledge and learn to apply their concepts into different exam question types. 

Physics Academy IB Tuition

Physics Academy IB Tuition

IB Tuition 12 Physics Academy
Class Size Not Stated
Highlights – Specialises in Physics for IB students struggling with SL/HL Physics curriculum
– Provides structured and concise notes for students
– Offers comprehensive Physics materials, along with their own Physics Learning System to guide students in their learning
Website https://www.physicsacademy.com.sg/
Opening Hours Wed, Thur: 11am – 7pm
Fri: 1.30pm – 9.30pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 7pm
Mon, Tues: Closed
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9068 8953 /
Bukit Batok: Blk 151 Bukit Batok Street 11, #03-252, Singapore 650151
Kembangan: 111 Jalan Kembangan, Singapore 419149
Fees $90 – $120/lesson
Email enquiry@physicsacademy.com.sg
No of Branches 2
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL Physics
Review By
Koh Wen Xu
HL Physics
“It is fun learning in Physics Academy. I have learnt a lot from this tuition. Mr Lai is a very highly qualified teacher, and has helped me to understand tough concepts. He has also helped me get full marks for my topical test. Overall, I feel that this is a very good tuition!”
Review By
Chia Xuan
HL Physics
“Before joining tuition I was very confused with physics, I didn’t understand a lot of concepts in many chapters. Mr Lai’s lessons were very helpful, he taught in a very clear manner and helped me to understand concepts easily. He also gave sufficient practice papers for us. He always gave many valuable tips and methods for difficult questions. The May crash course was especially useful because Mr Lai went through all chapters concisely. Physics Bible was also very useful with compiled notes and made my studying easier. Overall, Mr Lai helped to boost my interest in Physics and maintain my grades.”
Review By
Kesha Soni
HL Physics
“Very dedicated and experienced teacher who doesn’t hesitate to go the extra mile to make sure I understand all the concepts clearly! More than enough resources to help me master each and every concept thoroughly. Thank you Mr Lai!”

13) Geog Cafe

GeogCafe is a premier tuition centre that is specialised and well-versed with the latest IB SL/HL Geography Syllabus to ensure that students are familiar with the curriculum content as well as the types of questions that would appear in their IB SL/HL Geography homework, tests and examinations. At GeogCafe, their highly dedicated IB Geography tutors will instill a strong foundation of the Geographic theories and guide students on how to apply the learnt theories when answering questions in the subject. With the IB Curriculum being more demanding as compared to the Secondary or JC curriculum, additional support and revision will be provided to IB students so that they are well-equipped and prepared with the essential knowledge and skills to ace in their IB SL/HL Geography Examinations!

GeogCafe IB Tuition

GeogCafe IB Tuition

IB Tuition 13 Geog Cafe
Class Size 8 students (maximum)
Highlights – Specialises in Geography and is familiar with the IB SL/HL Geography Syllabus
– Provides exclusive detailed notes, Geography exam paper with model answers and case studies
– Classrooms are conducive for learning and has fully equipped with multi-media capabilities
Lessons are interactive and light-hearted, enabling students to better understand concepts
– Tutor will instil a strong foundation of Geographic theories and then building application skills from past questions
– A small class size of no more than 8 students provides for optimal classroom interaction in developing ideas and opinions
Website http://www.geogcafe.com/
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 3-10pm
Sat: 9am-10pm
Sun: 9am-8pm
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9025 6500 /
271 Bukit Timah Rd, #B1-01 Balmoral Plaza, Singapore 259708
Fees Not Stated
Email geogcafe@yahoo.com
No of Branches 1
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL Geography
Review By
Li Han
HL Geography
“Unlike the style of lessons in school where learning and consolidation are mostly done alone or with friends, Mr Goh provides us with concise notes that are organised according to key questions. The notes are also supplemented with extremely useful examples with distinctions in contexts such as the level of development of countries, the demographics that are highly useful in writing quality paragraphs and evaluation. Such examples are only hidden in the stacks of readings (or not provided at all) that schools provide and could only be found after hours of perusing. He would always identify important topics and help us master the concepts by offering detailed explanations and drawings. What I also appreciate a lot is a large number of practice questions that Mr Goh provides before exams that would help us get familiarise with all types of possible questions which are rarely covered in school. Highly useful exam techniques are also emphasised to make sure that we do well even under stressful exam conditions. After having one year of interesting and meaningful geography lessons with Mr Goh, I have learned knowledge and thinking skills that are transferable to other subjects and areas. I would definitely recommend his lessons to others, not only for improvement in grades but also a whole new world of perspectives and ideas!”
Review By
Li Xuan
HL Geography
“Mr Goh is an extremely dedicated and professional teacher. He always goes the extra mile to ensure that I understand the content, be it answering questions through Whatsapp before exams or taking time to arrange extra classes. He is adept at simplifying complicated concepts into bit-sized pieces of information and teaches us how to spot the key requirements of different questions and answer to the point. He also ensures that we have sufficient practice in class and helps us draw links between theories we learn in class and practical applications or examples in the real world. His notes are straightforward and informative, and he provides us with many examples to supplement and improve our answers. He is very patient, knowledgeable and personable, and I know he is the main reason why I scored so well for my IB Geography. Thank you for everything you have done Mr Goh!”
Review By
HL Geography
“Mr Goh is a competent teacher and he is extremely well versed in the entire geography syllabus and also well read, with knowledge of many real life examples. He would explain any questions I have in a simple and comprehensive manner, giving me extra information that could be useful in answering questions. Mr Goh has many resources which he uses to teach us content. He also teach us additional to help deepen our understanding of a certain topic. He gives us many questions as practice for exposure and his answers are always geared to what the IB examinations demand. Moreover, Mr Goh is a very patient teacher who will ensure that we understand the concepts before moving on. I used to forget content after moving on to other topics and Mr Goh would go back to the previous topics and explain them to me again. Not only is Mr Goh a very good Geog teacher, he also a caring teacher who ensures that his students have enough rest while studying for exams which can be draining at times. Mr Goh always had believed in me and it helped me build my confidence in the examination hall.”

14) Habitat Learning Centre

Located in Novena, Habitat Learning Centre is one of the few centres that offer IB Tuition for Economics in Singapore. With small class settings for students to ensure ample attention, it will deepen their understanding and application. Tutors tailor the tuition curriculum to the student’s level of expertise in Economics, enabling the students to learn the materials at a comfortable pace thoroughly. This is further supplemented by summary notes, practice questions and aptitude tests that will measure their progress. A strong supporting atmosphere is instilled, as are positive interactions between teachers and students and between teachers and parents. The centre promises to lay a strong foundation, helping students attain life skills and academic achievements for their future career advancements. 

Habitat Learning Centre IB Tuition

Habitat Learning Centre IB Tuition

IB Tuition 14 Habitat Learning Centre
Class Size 4-6 students
Highlights – Small class size to ensure that every student receives ample of attention from tutor, with in-house customised IB Tuition curriculum based on the student’s level of knowledge
– Notes, practice questions, summary notes and aptitude tests provided to all students
– Strong supportive culture is instilled, good relationships between teacher and student, as well as teacher and parent
Website https://habitatlearningcentre.com
Opening Hours Mon – Thu: 12pm – 5.30pm
Fri: 12pm – 6pm
Sat – Sun: 10am – 7pm
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9795 3323 /
1 Goldhill Plaza, #02-27, Singapore 308899
Fees Not Stated
Email admin@habitatlearningcentre.com
No of Branches 1
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL Economics
Review By
Janice Klarissia
HL Economics
“During my time in this tuition centre, I was able to receive sufficient help from the tutors and gain lots of support as well. This tuition centre has a very friendly environment and the teachers will guide me step by step for any questions and contents I do not understand. I would recommend joining this tuition centre!! Really helps!!”
Review By
HL Economics
“Was a student at this place for a few years, and I’m really glad I came to this centre as the teachers are warm and always do their best to reach out and help the students and answer any of their questions. I improved my grades by a lot by coming here, would highly recommend!”
Review By
Chooi Ping Lim (Parent)
HL Economics
“Conducive tuition centre with responsible and dedicated teachers. Small group size which is great for teachers to focus on the student’s weakness. Convenient location, near Novena MRT.”


15) Quintessential Education

Acclaimed as a leading provider of tutorial and university admissions programmes for MYP, IGCSE, and IB students, Quintessential Education holds an international and extensive group of highly qualified educators, including Ivy alumnus and IB examiners. At Quintessential Education, the centre adopts a unique E3 teaching model to educate through exam exposure, key content mastery and targeted practices. Furthermore, with several media features on Channel 5 and Straits Times and 500+ 5 star Google reviews, Quintessential Education’s branding is proven to be highly regarded among many students and parents alike. The IB Tuition Centres proven track record of  100% students scoring 6 or 7 in IB exam further demonstrates the tuition centre’s abilities so students are definitely in safe hands should they engage with Quintessential Education for their IB Tuition in Singapore.

Quintessential Education IB Tuition

Quintessential Education IB Tuition

IB Tuition 15 Quintessential Education
Class Size 3-6 students

– Usage of an E3 teaching model to educate through exam exposure, key content mastery and targeted practices
– Featured in multiple media outlets (Channel 5, Channel 8, Straits Times etc.), with 500+ 5 star Google reviews
– International expansive group of educators (from Raffles, ACS, Ivy, Oxbridge alumnus, IB Examiners, and beyond)
– Students outperform the national average across major examinations, with 100% students scored 6 or 7 in IB exam

Website https://qeducation.sg/
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 11am to 8pm
Sat – Sun: 11am to 6pm
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6100 9338 / 9655 0590 /
545 Orchard Rd #14-09, Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882
Fees Group Classes:
*Four sessions per month, 1 hr 45 min each

Individual Classes:
Junior Tutors: $600-$720
Senior Tutors: $800-$880
Examiners: $950
*Four sessions per month, 1 hr 30 min each

Email enquiries@qeducation.sg
No of Branches 1
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL Maths, IB SL/HL Chinese, IB SL/HL Chemistry, IB SL/HL Physics, IB SL/HL Biology, IB SL/HL History, IB SL/HL Geography, IB SL/HL Literature, IB Extended Essay
Review By
Glenn Paul
IB Student
“Been to countless tuition centres but I have never found one like this. This centre is like no other. When one steps out of the elevator and onto the 14th floor, happiness, joy and knowledge lies ahead. I have always looked forward to Mike’s lessons, they are not only effective but also extremely engaging! If you’re an IB student, you definitely should check them out! Mr Mike saved my IA, my life and my sleep cycle. I swear on my unborn child that I am so incredibly grateful for this centre. Come experience it for yourselves, free foolscap papers on the first lesson !”
Review By
Parker Ng
HL English
“Had the best English tuition I could ask for. Teacher was very informative while being very funny and charismatic, making learning extremely fun. My English improved a lot over the course of only a few months and I managed to meet my expectations in the IB exams. 10/10 would recommend.”
Review By
Jolene Koh
IB Student
“My lessons were very helpful with Sean. He has been very detailed in helping me with my IA and the whole process was done smoothly. I would definitely recommend this tuition centre for anyone who is in need of urgent help as well as long-term guidance with school work.”

16) Aces Aspire

Based on the philosophy that every student should receive equal opportunities to high-quality education, Aces Aspire provides all IB students with affordable rates, along with no additional charges for deposit, registration or materials fees. Aces Aspire is led by 3 NIE-trained Maths instructors with many years of teaching experience in the subject, thus ensuring that IB students are well-versed with the IB SL/HL Maths curriculum. With a strong academic track record of 100% of students obtaining As in their Math Extended Essays (EE), it is evident that Aces Aspire has a well-developed IB curriculum which has contributed to every IB student’s success in IB Maths.

Aces Aspire IB Tuition

Aces Aspire IB Tuition

IB Tuition 16 Aces Aspire
Class Size 8 students (maximum)
Highlights – Experience in tutoring IB HL Maths students
– Well-planned curriculum is catered to the holistic development of our students, with lessons conducted using own-crafted notes, coupled with 1 page chapter summaries for easier reference and revision
– Team of teachers consists of handpicked practitioners selected for their breadth and depth of teaching expertise
– Stellar results from students
– Affordable tuition rates, no deposit/registration/material fees
Website admin@aces-aspire.com
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 3pm – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 10.30am – 3.30pm
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9723 4217 /
Bukit Timah: Blk 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #03-35 Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Singapore 588173
Woodlands: Blk 169 Woodlands Street 11, #02-89, Singapore 730169
Fees Not Stated
Email admin@aces-aspire.com
No of Branches 2
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL Maths
Review By
TJ Tanizar
HL Maths
“Mr Loo shows great passion in his teaching and it is rare to find such teachers, especially in the current landscape of an oversupply of tuition services. He thinks of innovative ways to teach students and focuses on our weak points in a personalised way despite being in a small group setting. Managed to score a 7 in my HL Math. Highly recommended!”
Review By
HL Maths
“Mr Loo has been teaching me for around 3 years for IB Maths, in that time I have gone from barely passing mock exams to regularly scoring 85% and above. He is able to breakdown new concepts and take time to ensure I can fully understand them, and is patient when I struggle to do so. Furthermore in a class setting he is able to work well one on one with students who may not comprehend certain aspects of the material while still making sure the class progresses at an appropriate rate. Personally, being in his class has allowed me to score well and feel comfortable in Maths as well as stay ahead in my Maths classes in school because I can be certain that I understand the concepts behind topics having already covered them with Mr Loo. I think that this is one of the major reasons behind my improvement as previously when learning new topics in school if I didn’t grasp them immediately it was hard to catch up to the class.”
Review By
Hubert Lim
HL Maths
“Mr Lee is very patient and caring tutor. His lessons are always very entertaining and fun. Really would recommend anyone looking for passionate and inspiring teachers to help nurture your Math skills so that you can ACE your exams!”


17) My Chem Cafe

Established as a Top Quality IB Chemistry Tuition in Singapore, My Chem Cafe believes that their students should only receive the best and most suitable learning curriculum to help them with their academic studies within the IB curriculum. My Chem Cafe’s IB Tuition holds several qualified and dedicated IB Chemistry tutors that are well-versed in the latest IB Chemistry Syllabus and will provide curated teaching materials and revision packages that will significantly help IB students with the subject. At this IB Tuition, the centre mainly focuses on personalising teaching techniques to help all their IB students reach their fullest potential in the field of Chemistry while providing a conducive learning environment to ace in their IB SL/HL Chemistry examinations.

My Chem Cafe IB Tuition

My Chem Cafe IB Tuition

IB Tuition 17 My Chem Cafe
Class Size Not Stated
Highlights – Emphasises on the importance of differentiated instruction and personalising teaching techniques to help each student reach his/her potential
– Ensures positive teacher-student relationship to help students find meaning in what they are learning and be more engaged in lessons
– Encourages a supportive and participative learning environment where students are not afraid to ask questions and clarify their doubts
– Mr Jacky Wong is an Ex-MOE teacher that is very well-versed with the MOE syllabus and the various question types that appear in the Cambridge Examinations
– Curated teaching materials and revision packages including concise revision notes and practices to scaffold students’ learning and help them to build confidence in each topic
Website https://mychemcafe.com.sg/
Opening Hours Mon – Sun: 10am – 10pm
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9791 0388 (WhatsApp/SMS before 5pm) /
Bukit Timah: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #03-01 Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, S588179
Bishan: Block 505B Bishan Street 11, #01-422, Singapore 572505
Thomson: 187A Thomson Road, Singapore 307630
Fees $90/2 hour session
Email enquiry@mychemcafe.com.sg
No of Branches 3
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL Chemistry
Review By
HL Chemistry
“Mr Jacky Wong’s dynamic approach to teaching motivates and engages students in productive discussions concerning the study of Chemistry. He is able to blend serious insight and solid study into a form that is exciting, interesting, and comprehensive. He is unparalleled as an educator, challenging conventional teaching methods, to promote a mix of independent research and active discussions. Not only does this maximise students’ learning in a classroom, but also broadens their horizons on the understanding of Chemistry. Under the pupillage of Mr Jacky Wong, I recognised first-hand the value of this approach, having been able to appreciate complex nature of the subject and ultimately excel in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.”
Review By
HL Chemistry
“Mr Jacky Wong is a caring teacher who has always prioritised the needs of his students. Passionate, intelligent and committed, he was more than willing to go the extra mile and take time outside of lessons to ensure that I fully understood my concepts. As a very knowledgeable teacher, he conducts his lessons in a clear and focused manner that is easy to understand. His lessons are well planned and always kept interesting and captivating. Under his guidance, I clinched a 7 for IB HL Chemistry. Thank you Mr Wong!”
Review By
HL Chemistry
“The lessons conducted were definitely easy to understand where you also provided additional information that would be beneficial to us. You also provided avenues for us to clear our doubts where we could contact you after lesson hours pertaining to questions we had encountered during our own revision. I found the explanations and examples of planning questions very useful too. The notes provided were effectively summarised with only key points that made it more convenient to refer to especially before examinations. Thank you once again for being a contributing factor to my results.”

18) Prep Zone Academy

For over a decade, Prep Zone Academy has dedicated its time to helping students ace their IB training courses with a broad student base. This IB Tuition in Singapore provides comprehensive, personalised year-long preparatory courses for SL/HL English & Literature, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In addition to their long-standing, they have also been featured on Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Financial Times and BBC World News for their excellent teaching services. This feat is achievable due to top experienced and dedicated tutors from top universities and courses catered to each student’s academic timetable.  Since the IBDP programme aims to develop students who have excellent breadth and depth of knowledge, students can also receive complimentary consultation sessions from College Admission Experts to realise this aim. 

Prep Zone Academy IB Tuition

Prep Zone Academy IB Tuition

IB Tuition 18 Prep Zone Academy
Class Size Not Stated
Highlights – Founded in 2006
– Provides year long preparatory courses for IB English & Literature, Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry (SL/HL)
– Experienced and dedicated tutors, from top universities worldwide
– Individual IB courses are fully personalised to cater to student’s personal academic timetable
– Receive complimentary consultation sessions from College Admissions Expert
– Featured on Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Financial Times and BBC World News
– Wide student base, with strong testimonials
Website https://prep-zone.sg/
Opening Hours Tanjong Pagar:
Daily 9.30am – 6.30pm

Buona Vista:
Daily 10am – 6pm

Contact / Address / Location(s) 6812 9999 /
Tanjong Pagar: 3 Anson Road, Springleaf Tower #08-03, Singapore 079909
Buona Vista: 35 Rochester Drive, Rochester Mall #02-05, Singapore 138639
Fees Not Stated
Email courses@prep-zone.com
No of Branches 2
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL English, IB SL/HL Maths, IB SL/HL Chemistry, IB SL/HL Physics, IB SL/HL Biology, IB SL/HL Literature, IB TOK
Review By
Serena Khoo (Parent)
“The tutors that Faith had at Prepzone went the extra mile to ensure that she understood. Our elder daughter and niece also engaged Prepzone to help them prepare for their IB examinations. The staff and management have always been very attentive, professional and pleasant. I will recommend Prepzone!”
Review By
Christianna Fung 
IB Student
“I had IB Tuition here and the tutors were really sharp and helped me work on areas I was weak on. Highly recommend!”
Review By
IB Student
“The team is extremely well-versed in the different IB subjects. They are professional and also provide a large number of resources.”

19) Brain Matter

Specialising in English, Maths, Science and Social Studies, Brain Matter is an established IB Tuition Centre in Singapore that ensures high quality tuition lessons through small class sizes of no more than 5 students in each IB Tuition class. The tuition centre houses a large pool of subject specialists across many different academic levels, including IB Tuition Specialists, that takes pride in providing customised guidance to all their IB students. Brain Matter ensures all their materials and resources are constantly in accordance with the latest IB Syllabus, thus allowing students to be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill sets to ace in students’ IB tests and examinations in school.

Brain Matter IB Tuition

Brain Matter IB Tuition

IB Tuition 19 Brain Matter
Class Size 2-5 students
Highlights – Small class size, maximum 5 students
– Personalised guidance from tutors for all students
– Prompt feedback to parents about child’s progress
Website https://brainmatter.com.sg/
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 2pm – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 10am – 7pm
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9791 1234 /
Blk 501 Bishan Street 11, #01-364 Singapore 570501
Block 503, Bishan Street 11, #01-448 Singapore 570503
Fees Not Stated
Email info@brainmatter.com.sg
No of Branches 2
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL English, IB SL/HL Maths
Review By
Esther Chua (Parent)
HL Maths
“Teacher Phoebe is a very dedicated and committed tutor. Even beyond her tutoring hours, my daughter can reach out to her whenever she has any questions and her response is always very prompt. I am very appreciative of her patience and guidance, I can see that my girl has benefited greatly. I will not hesitate to recommend Brain Matter to students who need some extra help.”
Review By
HL Maths
“Ms Phoebe is awesome and patient she’s a great teacher!! When I don’t understand certain Math topics she would help me write out the formulas, explain the topic thoroughly and provide me with questions to try until I understand the topic. No doubt has my math performance improved ever since I started tuition here!”
Review By
Cindy Yu
HL Maths
“My grades improved a lot during my time there. Ms Phoebe is able to give clear and specific feedback based on my mistakes which has helped me to focus on eliminating my weaknesses. I had a great time there and hope that more students will be able to benefit from the centre.”

20) Aspire Hub

Equipped with nearly 20 years of experience, Aspire Hub is a leading and reputable IB Tuition in Singapore that adopts a holistic and exam-centred approach in their IB Tuition. With all of Aspire Hub’s tutors being full-time coaches, IB students can be assured that they will receive more undivided attention throughout the classes. Moreover, all IB students will be required to take a diagnostic test in order for tutors to understand their individual learning styles and customise their teaching styles to suit every different IB student. On top of that, each IB student’s portfolio will be personally handled by a tutor at Aspire Hub to ensure that his/her individual learning profile is being well taken care of. With Aspire Hub’s IB Tuition, students can be assured to receive proper guidance and support in preparation for their IB examinations.

Aspire Hub Education IB Tuition

Aspire Hub Education IB Tuition

IB Tuition 20 Aspire Hub
Class Size 6 students
Highlights – Almost 20 years of experience, with branches islandwide at convenient locations
– Offers a wide range of subjects with curriculum that is in line with the latest school syllabus
– Customised learning programme for all students to ensure holistic learning
– Coaches are full-time employees and 100% dedicated
– Exam-centred approach; lessons are focused on preparing students for examinations with focused lessons for Mid-Year Exams and intensive revision periods during school holidays
– Students take a diagnostic test for coaches to fully customise their teaching styles and learning programmes
– Each student’s portfolio is individually handled by a coach
Website https://aspirehub.com/
Opening Hours Opening hours differs
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6235 2018 / 9821 6612 (Great World City)
9649 0297 / 9649 2084 (
Ang Mo Kio Hub)
6904 4540 / 9622 2942 (H
illion Mall)
6513 6272 /9002 8570 (
Paya Lebar Quarter)
6377 7318 / 6377 7320 / 9821 6612 (
Alexandra Village)
6702 4080 / 6702 4083 (
Bedok Mall)
6245 6671 (
Bedok Point)
6462 4840 / 6462 4240 / 9835 1025 (
Bukit Timah – Beauty World Centre)
6252 5630 / 6252 6255 / 8299 8697 (
Jurong Point)
6214 0501/ 6214 0502 (
Parkway Parade)
8332 2251 (
Rochester Mall)
6702 7318 / 6702 7319 (
Seletar Mall)
6634 2412 / 6634 2413 (
Serangoon NEX)
6526 1758 / 8180 2822 (
6909 2077 / 6909 2078 (
United Square)
6316 6675 (
West Mall)
Fees $220-$400/Month
Email info-av@aspirehub.com
No of Branches 16
Levels & Subjects IB SL/HL Maths, IB SL/HL Chemistry, IB SL/HL Physics
Review By
Jing Wen
HL Maths
“Coach Yi Pei is a very approachable and helpful tutor and plays a big part in helping me achieve the grades I have today. She never fails to clear all my doubts and queries that I have compiled for each lesson. Her lesson styles are very flexible and could act as interactive consultation sessions, or lecture styled lessons where she emphasises the important concepts. She is also very skilled and experienced as she teaches useful tips that come in handy for me. Being very caring, she pays special attention to every student. It is a two-way interaction between tutor and student, and I find her guidance very helpful. I am very thankful for meeting such a nice coach through Aspire Hub.”
Review By
Jung Won
HL Maths
“Teacher Yi Pei is very patient and committed to teaching. Her step-by-step approach and continuous support have motivated me to not give up on studying Math. She has also helped me to develop a passion and desire to do even better and to push myself further to solve new problems. Thank you Teacher Yi Pei!”
Review By
Ian Hong
HL Maths
“The teachers in Aspire Hub are very friendly and approachable. The tutors not only gave me a head start in mastering the topics that will be taught at my school, they also shared with me answering techniques and study tips. I have made many good friends studying here. When I leave this centre, I will surely remember all the good times that I had at this centre.”


3. Cost of IB Tuition

Singaporean parents spend a staggering amount of money on education, including tuition for their children. This is usually due to many parents and children alike wanting to ace in their academics and national examinations in order to achieve strong academic credentials and better secure their future education and/or career path. Given how internationally recognised the IB Curriculum is, the content becomes more demanding and the competition among IB students turns more competitive. As a result, IB students have to constantly do well in their IB studies to ace in their IB SL/HL Examinations. Hence, many turn to engaging in Top Quality IB Tuition in Singapore to help them achieve their desired academic grades. However, one thing parents should take note is that if they are going to spend money on IB Tuition in Singapore, it is advised that they do it wisely in the right tuition centre so as to fully maximise the time and money spent for tuition.

Every IB student will have to go through three main stages — IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Diploma Programme (DP) — based on the IB curriculum. The Diploma Programme (DP) would be the most commonly found available in local schools such as ACS Independent, SJI Independent as the core of their tertiary education programme. Depending on the student’s current stage in IB as well as budget and quality of services of the tuition centre, the cheapest and affordable IB Group Tuition can go to as low as $90 per lesson while the most expensive IB Group Tuition goes up to $500 per lesson. As for Private IB Tuition where students have 1-to-1 sessions with their tutor, the average rate ranges from $50-$120 per session, depending on the type of home tutors you engage with and their experiences and accolades.

Overall, it is important to consider the differences in terms of learning structure and amount of undivided attention provided between Group IB Tuition and Private IB Tuition to determine which is the better option for your child and his/her learning needs. Generally, Private IB Tuition is often more expensive compared to Group IB Tuition as students would enjoy the tutor’s fullest attention being the only student that the tutor will focus on throughout the lessons. Engaging an IB Home Tutor would be especially recommended if the IB Student require more specialised help in individual projects such as the Extended Essay (EE) or assigned Internal Assessments (IA). If Group IB Tuition is not your child’s cup of tea, you can consider our IB Tuition options at MindFlex, where we will provide you with 1-to-1 Home Tuition at affordable prices! We offer IB Level Home Tuition that starts at $40-50 per hour for our Part-Time Tutors, $60-80 per hour for Full-Time Tutors, and $90-120 per hour for our Ex/Current MOE Teacher.

4. Benefits of IB Tuition

4.1. Customised Learning Curriculum For Every IB Student

Within tuition classes of small sizes, IB students are guaranteed to receive more undivided attention from their tutors when there are only about 2-8 students. With a lower volume of students to handle in a class, tutors will be able to better identify each student’s learning pace, thus allowing tutors to curate a learning curriculum and adopt a specific teaching style to meet their IB students’ academic needs. As such, this provides students a more personalised teaching that focuses on areas that they need to improve on to do well in their studies, thus allowing IB students to better score in their examinations within the IB Curriculum.

4.2. Receive Timely and Constructive Feedback from IB Tutors

IB Teachers in school are often unable to provide undivided attention and time to every student they teach due to the large class sizes and time constraints in the school schedule. This would mean that teachers rarely have the opportunity to speak to their students personally regarding their performance in school, resulting in students being unaware of where their strengths and weaknesses lie. However, if IB students were to attend tuition, they will be able to receive more of the tutor’s attention and find out the areas that they are lacking in. Tutors will also be able to point out the learning issues that the teachers in school might have missed out on and help break down concepts that the students are struggling with, small and bite-sized pieces that are easy for them to understand.

4.3. Receive Comprehensive Exam Revision and Answers under IB Curriculum

IB Tutors are usually specialised in deconstructing questions into parts that helps students understand better. Unlike teachers in school, tutors usually select most of their practice questions from past exam papers, and focus more of their time training students on how to craft out their answers that meet the questions’ requirement so they will be able to get full marks for the question. Through the IB tutors’ guidance, students can pick up problem-solving skills and know better what is expected of them when answering any questions, which would be very useful when they tackle their IB examinations. 

4.4. Heightened Confidence Among IB Students

The main reason students have IB Tuition in Singapore is because they are not doing well in school or are doing well in school but would like to further maximise their academic potential. When students struggle in school to do well, they tend to feel stressed and start losing confidence in themselves. This, in turn, would affect their morale to work hard. As such, having IB Tuition provides students with an additional helping hand towards regaining their self-esteem and confidence. Through the personalised teaching methods and curriculum, as well as focused attention, tutors can create a safe space for the students to learn and improve. The dedicated time set aside for tuition can also therefore serve to help keep students focused and improve their learning capabilities and motivation. Therefore, engaging in IB Tuition in Singapore would definitely be advantageous if students would like to improve their IB grades.

4.5. Enjoy A Conducive and Engaging Learning Environment

In school, IB students may sometimes feel intimidated due to the large volume of students that are in each class. However, having IB tuition will help students absorb and comprehend content better through a positive and conducive learning environment that makes all IB students feel safe, relaxed and motivated to work hard. Additionally, as many students may face the dilemma of asking questions in class, attending tuition with a smaller class size may help them to be more confident in asking questions in order to clarify their doubts. Regardless of the type of tuition that the students enrol in, private or group, students can feel relaxed in sharing their thoughts and doubts with their IB tuition teacher.

4.6. Getting a Head Start in Learning with IB Tuition

Certain IB Tuitions in Singapore allow their students to learn topics or concepts in advance before being taught in their school. This provides the students an advantage in class as they will feel more confident during lessons, making learning easier for them. When the topics or subjects are taught again in school, students can use the time to recap and refresh on what was previously taught during their IB Tuition lesson, which will allow them to grasp concepts easily. In addition, such reinforcements will also help build on the student’s foundation and understanding of the IB subject.


4.7. Provision of Consolidated and Effective Notes and Other Materials

By engaging IB Tuition in Singapore, students will receive materials that are curated and aligned with the IB syllabus. Most tutors will also have high-quality summary notes or handpicked practice papers that will help students with their learning. This ensures that the student receives extra resources to supplement weak areas or to enhance their learning experience. Furthermore, the miscellaneous worksheets provided by IB Tutors during lessons also serves as an immediate feedback for tutors as they are able to monitor the student’s learning, and if needed, guide students on their misconceptions and weaknesses. 

Students receiving feedback during IB tuition

Enrolling in IB tuition classes allows for more personalised teaching, providing constructive feedbacks for better learning experience.

5. Considerations When Selecting IB Tuition

With many choices available for IB SL/HL Tuition in Singapore to choose from, we understand that it might be challenging to decide the best and most suitable IB tuition for every student’s different learning needs. However, IB students can be assured with the help of our team at MindFlex as we have collated 5 valuable considerations that both parents and students think about before engaging in any IB Tuition in Singapore.

5.1. Experience of the IB Tutor

  • The teaching experience and academic qualifications are absolutely essential in order to ascertain if the IB Tutor is qualified to teach the IB Curriculum
  • As the IB Curriculum is vastly different from other tertiary curriculums in Singapore, it is crucial to pick a tutor that is well-versed with the IB Syllabus
  • This can be done through asking for any valid/relevant certificates or qualifications
  • Can be done through looking through their academic accolades, number of years tutored or the academic achievements/improvements of their past students
  • When searching for an IB Tuition Centre, try to choose one with a wide variety of IB Tutors to choose from (eg. Current or Ex-MOE Teachers)

5.2. Reputation and Credibility of the IB Tuition Centre / IB Tutor

  • Before engaging with any IB Tuition in Singapore, it is important to conduct prior research on the various Tuition options in terms of their credentials, past track record as well as reputation, before making the final choice.
  • Look out for their testimonial base that is often provided by both parents and students after their experience at the tuition centre
  • Check the number of years of experience the tuition centre, including how long they have been established in Singapore
  • Look at their testimonials and feedbacks that were provided by parents and students 
  • This would be able to give you a sense of how the tuition centre is like and if they provide a suited environment for your child 

5.3. Location of The IB Tuition in Singapore

  • It might be better to pick an IB Tuition that is convenient and easy for students to commute to
  • Given the hectic schedules of the IB Curriculum, students might get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of workload – hence it might be better to pick an IB Tuition in Singapore that is either close to the student’s school or home
  • It is simply not practical to have students travel far just to attend classes – the commuting time alone might tire students out, leaving them exhausted and not focused enough for lessons
  • IB Home Tuition can also be a feasible option for busy IB students – students will be able to go home, freshen up and have meals before having their IB Tuition right at the comforts of their own homes! If this appeals to you, why not check out MindFlex Home Tuition?

5.4. Quality of IB Tuition Materials Provided

  • When engaging IB Tuition in Singapore, MindFlex highly recommends checking the quantity and quality of materials provided by the IB Tutor
  • In particular, ensure that there is sufficient materials provided – be it concise notes, summary sheets or in-house worksheets
  • Materials and notes that are produced in-house by that particular IB Tuition are usually of higher quality and more useful compared to the ones that are bought/edited from ready-made assessment books. This is because they are specially curated and pieced together by qualified and experienced educators who’ve had experience tutoring students of the IB curriculum

5.5. Class Size of IB Tuition

  • Depending on the volume of IB students in each class, some students may think twice or may even be afraid to ask questions and clarify their doubts with their teachers in school or tutors in their tuition centre. As such, it is critical to find out the average number of students that each tuition class usually holds so that students can determine which tuition centre offers a class size that is comfortable for the student to attend classes.
  • With a smaller class size in IB Tuition, students are more likely to feel confident in voicing out their questions to the tutors without the fear of getting too much attention or getting judged by their other peers in the same class.
  • A small class size of 2-8 students would provide your child with more individual undivided attention from their IB tutors, making their learning environment more conducive and effective for learning.
IB Student writing down notes for her HL/SL lessons

Writing down notes for IB contents can be an arduous journey as well. IB Tuition tutors can provide well crafted notes for better revision!

6. Conclusion – The Best IB Tuition in Singapore


In conclusion, despite the increased workload and rigorous demands of the IB curriculum, these worries and anxieties can be solved through engaging the most suitable IB Tuition in Singapore to meet individual learning needs and styles. After all, we understand that you want your money paid to be useful in helping your child improve their IB grades! Hence, take some time off to properly research in order to find the perfect IB Tuition in Singapore for your child.

Through this article, we hope you’ll be able to gain some insight into the IB Tuition Industry in Singapore and gather some useful information to help you select the best suited IB Tuition in Singapore. However, if you find that Group Tuition is not what you have in mind for your child, do consider engaging MindFlex’s IB Home Tutors, who are able to provide high-quality IB education with greater convenience and flexibility!


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