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As the #1 provider of IBDP 1 Tuition in Singapore, our Top IB Tuition has effectively helped many IBDP 1 students smoothly make their transition from IB PYP, IB MVP to IBDP. Our Top IBDP 1 Tutors have also helped to build a strong foundation in students’ literacy and social skills, thus allowing students to benefit greatly from MindFlex’s IBDP 1 Tuition!


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Importance of IBDP 1 Tuition

Consistent practice and revision is expected of IBDP 1 students in order to do well in the subject. In addition, students need to know what IBDP 1 is all about as well as what is taught within the curriculum so as to be familiar with what is required of them. 

Moreover, it would also be helpful to access and utilise comprehensive online resources for all one’s IBDP 1 needs so they will be able to enhance their academic performance!

It would not be easy for students to be continuously kept motivated in order to do well within the IB Curriculum. However, receiving individualized attention and guidance from our IBDP 1 tutors at MindFlex may be able to help students regain the confidence and motivation so IB students be assured that they will be adequately prepared for any paper that they encounter in their academic level.

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How Much Does IBDP 1 Tuition Cost

In Singapore, the rates for IBDP 1 Tuition tends to vary based on the type of tutor selected. For instance, tuition centres charge around $200-$400 a month, while private tutors usually charge about $35-$70 an hour. Also, it is important to take into consideration the reputation and quality of the tuition centre, or the credentials and experience of the private tutor as well.




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Challenges Faced While Learning IB

Outline of IBDP 1 Tuition

  • Acquiring And Use Of Language In A Range Of Contexts
  • Appreciating Different Cultures
  • Using Language For Different Purposes
  • Understanding Cultures Through Studying their Language
  • Gaining Awareness of Current Affairs
  • Mastering Literacy Skills

Challenges Faced By IBDP 1 Students

Leap in Syllabus

A huge challenge faced by many IBDP 1 students is the leap in syllabus from IB MYP or Secondary School to IBDP. This is sure to cause immense stress and anxiety, as IBDP 1 students struggle to keep up with their new IB environment and syllabus.

As such, students will thus require a lot of adjustment and time in order to assimilate into their new lifestyles in Formal Education. However, this transition can be made smoother through engaging an Experienced and Highly Qualified IBDP 1 Tutor. With the guidance from the IBDP 1 Tutor, students will receive additional support in the form of extra materials, tips and guidance, which will make their lives much easier.

Inability to Clarify Doubts

At this age, many IBDP 1 Students tend to face difficulties speaking up or clarifying their doubts in class. This is especially true for IBDP 1 students who happen to have a more timid or quiet temperament. They may be afraid of being laughed at by their peers, and as a result do not speak up in class.

Here at MindFlex, we believe that it is very important that students voice out their concerns and doubts as soon as possible in order to create a smoother learning process. Furthermore, doing so will train these IBDP 1 students in the skill of Effective Communication, which is a skill that needs to be trained from young.

Feeling Overwhelmed By The IBDP 1 Curriculum

It is common knowledge that the IBDP 1 curriculum is becoming increasingly difficult and rigorous for students. Being an extremely rigorous programme, many IBDP 1 students thus experience stress, and feel overwhelmed by the curriculum at this young age.

That is why we recommend that you engage a Top IBDP 1 Tutor as soon as possible, in order to lend a helping hand to your child as they take on this arduous journey. Your child will be more confident and assured, knowing that they have an extra pillar of support that they can rely on.

Time Management

Many IBDP 1 students face the problem of being unable to complete their paper on time. This is largely due to insufficient practice and lack of exposure to the various question types, resulting in them being unaware of how to tackle the questions during examination.

With a IBDP 1 Tutor, however, students will be given weekly practices and exposure to other schools’ papers and past year papers to help hone their IBDP examination skills, allowing them to be more confident when tackling their examinations.

Why You Should Engage An IBDP 1 Tutor

Benefits of Hiring IB Tuition

1. Gradually Ease Students into Syllabus

The IBDP 1 syllabus is vastly different from that of the IB MYP or Secondary School syllabus, which could potentially come as a shock for IBDP 1 students when they first enter their new environment. The fast-paced environment in IBDP School will have to be something that IBDP students have to take time to adjust to.

With the help of MindFlex’s Top IBDP 1 Tutors, students will be able to have an easier time assimilating into the IBDP 1 culture and syllabus, as the Tutor will be available to provide dedicated guidance and help whenever the student runs into difficulties. The IBDP 1 Tutor will also provide students with curated assignments and in-class practice questions in order to ease them into the syllabus.

2. Help Students Clarify Doubts

At IBDP 1, students might not be well-adjusted to the competitive IBDP environment as well as the teaching methods of their school teachers. As such, students might not be willing to clarify any doubts with their teachers, letting them pile up – which will be detrimental to their learning process.

As such, a dedicated IBDP 1 Tutor will be able to help tackle this issue as students will be provided with a safe space to clarify doubts, and at their own pace. The Tutor will also be able to clarify students’ doubts as they arise during lesson time, making it much easier for students to improve and learn.

3. Provision of Additional Revision Resources

Oftentimes, it can be rather difficult for students or parents to source for IBDP 1 revision resources on their own. These resources could include revision summary notes and additional practice papers, and are absolutely crucial to consolidate students’ learning.

With the help of a Top IBDP 1 Tutor, students will be provided with additional resources such as past-year practice papers and summary sheets in order to aid in their learning process, as well as supplement the materials that they are provided with in school.

4. Gain Crucial Examination Skills

It is still crucial for IBDP 1 students to pick up the necessary key skills such as Time Management and Independent Thinking in order to prepare for their later years in IB.

Having a IBDP 1 Tutor is thus useful as tutors will be able to impart crucial skills to students, which will stand them in good stead for the future when they sit for their examinations!

What To Look For in An IBDP 1 Tutor

Prior Experience in Teaching IBDP 1 Students

The IBDP 1 syllabus is incredibly different from that of the IB MYP or Secondary School curriculum. As such, it is very important to select an IBDP 1 Tutor that has experience in teaching IBDP 1 students so that they will be well-versed with the IBDP 1 syllabus.

In addition, by selecting a tutor with prior experience with teaching IBDP 1 students, you will be rest assured that they will be able to help ease your child into the IB School curriculum and syllabus.

Patience in Teaching

With IBDP 1 students trying to adapt to the new school environment while still doing well for their IBDP subjects, this may be quite overwhelming for many students. As such, tutors may need to put in the extra effort and time to ensure that students are able to grasps the concepts and theories taught. Hence, it is important to engage an IBDP 1 Tutor that is patient enough to do so.

While this might be difficult to judge or determine at first glance, it might be useful to request for a trial lesson. During this trial lesson, you can then sit in and observe how the IBDP 1 Tutor handles the child during the entirety of the lesson.

Ability to Provide Additional Resources

At IBDP 1, it is probably difficult to find reliable and recent resources for your child. Hence, by choosing an IBDP 1 Tutor that is able to provide additional resources, you can save time on hunting for resources and leave it to your child’s IBDP 1 Tutor!

The ability to provide additional resources also means that the tutor has spent time and effort curating these resources – which is also a marker of their commitment and dedication. Hence, when searching for an IBDP 1 Tutor, it would be great to look out for tutors who are able to provide their own self-collated resources.


It is important to select an IBDP 1 Tutor that is committed, both to teaching your child to the best of their ability, as well as to your child’s schedule. Through hiring a committed tutor, you can be more assured of their dedication to teaching your child and ensuring that your child does well in their examinations.

Furthermore, if you are intending to engage the Tutor on a long-term basis, it will be beneficial to check with them to see if they are willing to follow up with the student to higher levels, including IBDP 2.

Testimonials from IBDP 1 Students

My IBDP Tutor recommended by MindFlex is extremely familiar with the IB syllabus and has helped guide many students for their IB exams. This shows in his teaching as Sam is confident and detailed. He is able to answer my queries quickly and explain concepts in a concise and clear manner. Thank you MindFlex and Sam!

Chee Boon
IBDP 1 Student from Hwa Chong International

I am so grateful for my IBDP tutor’s help these past few months! Mr Tan has had first hand experience of the IB experience and was able to give me relevant tips about the curriculum. On top of that, his notes were very helpful and his explanations were clear and concise. He is a great tutor and mentor! Thank you MIndFlex and Mr Tan!

Derrick Wong
IBDP 1 Student from Hwa Chong International

Mr Poon is very patient and takes his time to explain the simple and harder concepts as well, ensuring I am caught up with the IBDP syllabus and I am not lagging behind. He goes through all the common mistakes made in examinations and equips me with effective answering techniques to prepare me for the exams.

Joshua Kheng
IBDP 1 Student from ACS Independent

As I was struggling immensely with the IBDP syllabus, I decided to engage the help of a tutor through MindFlex. My tutor, Jack, is engaging, knowledgeable and supportive. He has helped guide me through all the specifics and challenges of the subject. Couldn’t have gotten through year 1 of IB without all the help I have gotten!

Benedict Aw
IBDP 1 Student from St. Joseph Institution

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