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Here at MindFlex, our Top IB SL Tutors are patient and highly experienced, making them highly qualified to coach your child for their upcoming tests and examinations. All our IB SL students under MindFlex tutors have managed to make improvements in their studies, and have excelled in their examinations under the IB SL Curriculum. This makes us the #1 Choice for your IB Tuition!


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Importance of SL Tuition

Consistent practice and revision is expected of IB SL students in order to do well in the subject. In addition, students need to know what IB SL is all about as well as what is taught within the curriculum so as to be familiar with what is required of them. 

Moreover, it would also be helpful to access and utilise comprehensive online resources for all one’s IB SL needs so they will be able to enhance their academic performance in IB SL.

It would not be easy for students to be continuously kept motivated in order to do well within the IB SL Curriculum. However, receiving individualized attention and guidance from our IB SL tutors at MindFlex may be able to help students regain the confidence and motivation so IB students be assured that they will be adequately prepared for any paper that they encounter in their academic level.

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How Much Does SL Tuition Cost

The average IB SL Tuition rates tend to differ greatly, depending on the type of tuition being offered, as well as the reputation of the tuition teacher. For example, rates for tuition centres are usually around $250-$390, but can go up to $400 or even more for tuition centres that are very popular or highly sought-after. For private home tutors, the rates tend to range from $40 to $70 an hour, depending on the tutor’s qualifications and teaching experience.




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Challenges Faced While Learning IB

Outline of SL Tuition

  • Developing As a Critical Thinker
  • Gaining An Understanding Of Different Points of View
  • Gaining Awareness of Global Affairs
  • Developing An Understanding Of Multiple Different Perspectives
  • Developing Inquiring Skills
  • Learning To Communicate Effectively

Challenges Faced By SL Students

Time Management

Many IB SL students face the problem of being unable to complete their papers on time. This is largely due to insufficient practice and lack of exposure to the various question types, resulting in them being unaware of how to tackle the questions during examination. As such, students often hand in incomplete papers, or hand in subpar answers.

With a IB SL Tutor, however, students will be given weekly practices and exposure to other schools’ papers and past year papers to help hone their examination skills, allowing them to be more confident when tackling their examinations.

Lack of Confidence in Class

Some IB SL students may be nervous and uncertain about asking and answering questions in class due to the fear of being judged by other classmates or teachers.

At MindFlex, our passionate and competent IB SL Tutors will make sure to give the time, attention and resources that students need to become more certain and confident in their abilities in asking questions and acing the subject.

Poor Examination Performance

It is often a common sight to see IB SL students study hard for their various tests and examinations, but end up scoring poorly in their IB SL examinations. This can be attributed to poor examination performance, meaning that the work and revision that IB SL students put in into revising their content does not translate into good examination results.

MindFlex recommends that IB SL students complete their revision and practice papers in a simulated examination environment and under timed conditions, so as to ensure that they are able to perform well in their actual examinations. That is why we cover the Best IB SL Tuition in Singapore that offers just that for all IB SL students!

Lack of Motivation

IB SL Students are usually faced with large amounts of stress from having to juggle many subjects, as well as deal with distractions from their personal life and after-school activities. As such, students often have lowered levels of motivation to do well for IB SL as they find it too hard to score during the examinations, especially if they do not understand the content.

With the help of an IB SL Tutor, students will be more motivated to study harder for their examinations as they will be able to make good use of their after-school time learning the IB SL content.

Why You Should Engage A SL Tutor

Benefits of Hiring IB Tuition

1. Reinforce Learning Done In School

Oftentimes, the teaching done in school is extremely fast-paced, resulting in students having a hard time catching up or understanding the content taught in school. If this continues snowballing, students will start to feel unmotivated and undetermined to learn.

With a good IB SL Tutor, students will be provided additional guidance. Tutors will be able to go through the content learnt in school, clarifying any doubts students might have. Through this, students will have a better grasp of the learning done in school.

2. Gain Crucial Examination Skills

It is still crucial for IB SL students to pick up the necessary key skills such as Time Management and Independent Thinking in order to prepare for their years in IB.

Having a IB SL Tutor is thus useful as tutors will be able to impart crucial skills to students, which will stand them in good stead for the future when they sit for their examinations!

3. Guide Students In Understanding Tough Concepts

Some IB SL Students may have a hard time grasping tough concepts, and understanding certain subjects. In school, the pace might be too fast, preventing students from understanding the concepts or clearing their doubts. Consequently, students might start to even feel unmotivated by the IB SL Curriculum.

With an IB SL Tutor, however, students will be guided with tough concepts, allowing them to have an easier time understanding them. Most IB SL Tutors will also ensure that they are teaching ahead of the school’s pace to allow students optimal time to understand the concepts.

4. Tackle Student’s Weaknesses

IB SL Students might find it hard to correct mistakes or misconceptions without guidance from a qualified teacher/tutor. Furthermore, given how fast-paced lessons are in school, their school teachers may not be able to pay close attention to the student’s learning process, and the student’s weaknesses may easily go unnoticed by their school teacher.

Hence, it is important to engage an IB SL Tutor. IB SL students will be guided on their mistakes, and tutors can also provide close guidance on their weaknesses. In no time, tutors will be able to diagnose the student’s weak areas, and can then work on tackling those weaknesses and help students improve.

What To Look For in A SL Tutor

Prior Experience IB SL Students

The IB SL syllabus is incredibly different from that of the Curriculum. As such, it is very important to select an IB SL Tutor that has experience in teaching IB SL students so that they will be well-versed with the syllabus.

In addition, by selecting a tutor with prior experience with teaching IB SL students, you will be rest assured that they will be able to help ease your child into the IB SL curriculum and syllabus.


It is important to choose an IB SL Tutor that is committed, both to teaching and to your child’s schedule. Without the promise of commitment by your tutor, both the student and his/her parents would feel uncertain about having tuition classes with that particular tutor.

Furthermore, if you are intending to engage the IB SL Tutor on a long-term basis, it will be beneficial to check with them to see if they are willing to follow up with the student to higher levels of education.

Ability to Provide Additional Resources

At IB SL, it is probably difficult to find reliable and recent resources for your child. Hence, by choosing an IB SL Tutor that is able to provide additional resources, you can save time on hunting for resources and leave it to your child’s IB SL Tutor!

The ability to provide additional resources also means that the tutor has spent time and effort curating these resources – which is also a marker of their commitment and dedication. Hence, when searching for an IB SL Tutor, it would be great to look out for tutors who are able to provide their own self-collated resources.

Ability To Help Students Clarify Doubts

With the help and guidance from our qualified and experienced IB SL Tutors, students can be sure to have all their burning questions answered and their doubts cleared.

With MindFlex’s IB SL Tuition, primary school students can be assured to receive the essential notes, tips and tricks that will help students better understand the concepts and help clarify their doubts. What’s more – our tutors will give their 100% time and attention should students opt for 1-on-1 home tuition to fully maximise one’s time in tuition classes asking questions and clearing doubts.

Testimonials from SL Students

My tutor Rachel has been very helpful. She will always make sure that I understand everything for IB SL Economics, and will revise with me if I don’t understand something. She will always comfort me if I don’t score well, and makes sure that I understand my mistakes. Thank you Rachel and MindFlex for helping me with the IB SL Economics!

Michael Chin
IB SL Student from Dover Court International School

Before I started my IB SL Maths Tuition with Jonathan in February, I was doing so badly in school that I thought I was not going to score well for Maths throughout my IBDP journey. However, with the blessings and help of my tutor, Jonathan, I have managed to improve so much in my tests and exams in IB SL Maths. Thank you Jonathan and MindFlex for all your help!

Mitchell Jay Romel
IB SL Student from Tanglin Trust School

The IB SL Maths lessons held by Mrs Tan have been very engaging and enriching! Even though I don’t like Maths and the subject is really not my forte, Mrs Tan always tries to make lessons more interesting so that I can learn and study better for IB SL Maths. She will always provide me with quizzes and test papers so I understand all the questions found in IB SL Maths as well. Thank you Mrs Tan!

Jeremy Loh
IB SL Student from SOTA

Lessons for IB SL Business Management with Mr Goh are so fun. He will always teach me ways to solve different types of real-world problems and situations so that I can better analyse and answer such questions. With my IB SL Business Management Tuition, I was able to improve over 2 bands for IB SL Business Management over the months that he taught me.

IB SL Student from Nexus International School Singapore

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