Importance of TOK Tuition

Many students often find IB TOK daunting and confusing due to the high volume of terminologies as well as the philosophical nature of the subject that leaves many students puzzled and lost. However, with TOK being a mandatory subject, it is imperative for students to understand that the subject is a beneficial platform for students to reflect on the nature of knowledge and to do well in it.

That is why we highly recommend IB TOK students to read and understand all about IB TOK and what is expected of them so that students can better prepare for the philosophical subject. From defining the purpose of TOK to providing the assessment criteria for the subject, this comprehensive guide will help all IB students with their preparation towards IB TOK!

At MindFlex, we understand the struggles and confusion that many IB students may still have about IB TOK. That is why we cover the Best IB TOK Tuition in Singapore to help students become adequately prepared for the IB TOK Assessments in school.

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How Much Does TOK Tuition Cost

At MindFlex, our IB TOK Tuition usually tends to be in the $200-$380 range for group lessons in tuition centres, but can even go up to $400 or more for highly-acclaimed and popular tuition centres. Similarly, for private 1-1 tuition, rates usually start from $35 per hour, but can go up to $90 or more depending on how qualified and experienced the TOK tutor is.




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Challenges Faced While Learning IB

Outline of TOK Tuition

  • Reflecting On The Nature Of Knowledge
  • Gaining Awareness of Personal Assumptions
  • Appreciating The Diversity and Richness of Cultural Perspectives
  • Honing Critical Thinking Skills
  • Gaining Awareness of Ideological Assumptions
  • Gaining Awareness of How We Know What We Claim To Know

Challenges Faced By IB TOK Students

Feeling overwhelmed by the IB TOK curriculum

It is common knowledge that the IB TOK curriculum is becoming increasingly difficult and rigorous for students. Being an extremely rigorous programme, many IB TOK students thus experience stress, and feel overwhelmed by the curriculum at this young age.

That is why we recommend that you engage a Top IB TOK Tutor as soon as possible, in order to lend a helping hand to your child as they take on this arduous journey. Your child will be more confident and assured, knowing that they have an extra pillar of support that they can rely on in their IB TOK journey.

Scared To Speak Up in Class

Some IB TOK Students tend to face difficulties speaking up or clarifying their doubts in class. This is especially true for students who happen to have a more timid or quiet temperament, and is made worse by the large class sizes in schools which can be very intimidating. They may be afraid of being laughed at by their peers, and as a result do not speak up in class.

Here at MindFlex, we believe that it is very important that students voice out their concerns and doubts as soon as possible in order to create a smoother learning process. Furthermore, doing so will train these IB TOK students in the skill of Effective Communication, which is a skill that needs to be trained from young.

Time Management

Many IB TOK students face the problem of being unable to complete their paper on time. This is largely due to insufficient practice and lack of exposure to the various question types, resulting in them being unaware of how to tackle the questions during examination. As such, students often hand in incomplete papers, or hand in subpar answers.

With a Top IB TOK Tutor, however, students will be given weekly practices and exposure to other schools’ papers and past year papers to help hone their examination skills, allowing them to be more confident when tackling their IB TOK examinations.

Poor examination performance

It is often a common sight to see IB TOK students study hard for their various tests and examinations, but end up scoring poorly in their IB TOK examinations.

MindFlex recommends that IB TOK students complete their revision and practice papers in a simulated examination environment and under timed conditions, so as to ensure that they are able to perform well in their actual examinations. That is why we cover the Best IB TOK Tuition in Singapore that offers just that for all IB TOK students!

Why You Should Engage A TOK Tutor

Benefits of Hiring IB Tuition

1. Provision of Additional Revision Resources

Oftentimes, it can be rather difficult for students or parents to source for IB TOK revision resources on their own. These resources could include revision summary notes and additional practice papers, and are absolutely crucial to consolidate students’ learning.

With the help of a Top IB TOK Tutor, students will be provided with additional resources such as past-year practice papers and summary sheets in order to aid in their learning process, as well as supplement the materials that they are provided with in school.

2. Reinforce Learning Done in School

Oftentimes, the teaching done in school is extremely fast-paced, resulting in students having a hard time catching up or understanding the content taught in school. If this continues snowballing, students will start to feel unmotivated and undetermined to learn.

With a good IB TOK Tutor, students will be provided additional guidance. Tutors will be able to go through the content learnt in school, clarifying any doubts students might have. Through this, students will have a better grasp of the learning done in school.

3. Help Students Clarify Doubts

At the IB TOK, some students still might not be well-adjusted to the competitive environment as well as the teaching methods of their IB TOK school teachers. As such, students might not be willing to clarify any doubts with their teachers. Instead, many students may let their doubts pile up without clearing them.

However, with the help of a dedicated IB TOK Tutor, they will provide 100% attention and guidance to students. Students will be able to clarify their doubts or misconceptions in a private 1-1 setting.

4. Clear Misconceptions

Some IB TOK students might not be well-adjusted to the competitive environment as well as the teaching methods of their IB TOK school teachers. As such, students might not be willing to clarify any doubts with their teachers. Instead, many students may let their doubts pile up without clearing them, and end up sitting for their examinations with uncleared doubts.

However, with the help of a dedicated IB TOK Tutor, they will provide 100% attention and guidance to students. Students will be able to clarify their doubts or misconceptions in a private 1-1 setting.

What To Look For in A TOK Tutor


It is also very important to check if the IB TOK tutor that you select is able to commit to your time slot in the long term. This is important, as it would definitely be a pity for the tutor to build a strong rapport with your child, and then subsequently cancel future lessons due to clashes in your schedules.

Here at MindFlex, we recommend that you check with your IB TOK tutor on whether they are able to commit in the long-term in order to avoid disappointment and the disruption of your child’s learning.

Lessons in Accordance to Latest IB TOK Syllabus

All lessons provided by our highly competent IB TOK Tutors are regularly updated and are in accordance with the latest IB Syllabus to ensure that students are well-versed with the required content needed to do well in IB TOK examinations.

With MindFlex’s Best IB TOK Tuition in Singapore, students can be assured that they are in good and safe hands, as they will learn to achieve content mastery and be well-equipped with relevant skill sets to do well in school.

Ability to Provide Additional Resources

For IB TOK, it is probably difficult to find reliable and recent resources for your child. Hence, by choosing an IB TOK Tutor that is able to provide additional resources, you can save time on hunting for resources and leave it to your child’s IB TOK Tutor!

The ability to provide additional resources also means that the tutor has spent time and effort curating these resources – which is also a marker of their commitment and dedication. Hence, when searching for an IB TOK Tutor, it would be great to look out for tutors who are able to provide their own self-collated resources.

Are they currently teaching/taught other IB TOK students

It is imperative that you check if the tutor you are interested in engaging has experience in teaching other IB TOK students. With such experience, they will then be familiar with the current IB TOKsyllabus and common examination practices. It is thus important that you ensure that the tutor has been teaching students of similar levels.

MindFlex also recommends that you choose tutors who have experience in teaching IB TOK to students of similar levels or have the personal academic achievements to teach IB TOK.

Testimonials from IB TOK Students

For my entire first year in IB, I was completely lost in all of my TOK lessons. I decided to get a TOK Tutor from MindFlex back in March after struggling for some time, and it has been so helpful for me! I am able to ask all the questions that I want during class, and I am even able to answer my school teacher’s questions during tutorials!

Cheryl Soon
IB TOK Student from Overseas Family School 

I am so grateful to my tutor, Sam, for helping me with my TOK. I was so lost in class, and was lagging behind all of my peers. I was even beginning to lose hope and motivation for the subject. My tutor has helped me so much, and my foundation in TOK is now much stronger!

Ken Lim
IB TOK Student from Anglo-Chinese Independent 

After an entire year of doing badly in TOK and being unable to follow all of my school tutorials, I decided to get a TOK Tutor from MindFlex. My tutor never fails to patiently guide me and answer all of my questions, no matter how basic. Thanks to her, I am now able to keep pace with all of my school tutorials!

Goh Jing Wen
IB TOK Student from Singapore Sports School 

Going into my first year of IB, I have heard numerous stories about the dreaded TOK course. I decided to get a MindFlex TOK Tutor to give me a head start in this intimidating subject, and my tutor has been so helpful! She is able to break down abstract concepts into small chunks, and thanks to her, I am doing well in the subject!

Taanya Toh 
IB TOK Student from Hwa Chong International 

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MindFlex understands that the IB TOK Course is highly rigorous. Furthermore, the content taught will be very unfamiliar and foreign to many IB TOK students. Fret not, our Experienced and Qualified IB TOK Tutors will be able to help your child, and coach them in navigating this new subject.

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