IP Tuition in Singapore: The Top 25 IP Tuition Options in Singapore (With Reviews Included)

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1. IP Tuition in Singapore


According to the MOE, Integrated Programme (IP) in Singapore is a 6-year course leading up to the GCE A Level Examination or IB Diploma or NUS High School Diploma. Unlike most students, IP students need not take the GCE O Level examination at Secondary 4. However, students should not be too happy about it – skipping O Levels would mean that IP students are required to perform well in their A Levels examination so that they can advance to University. Else, the highest form of education they will receive is their PSLE certificate. It is imperative that IP students are able to master their basic knowledge and concepts in Secondary School, else, it would become increasingly challenging in the next few years. 

Compared to students who are in the express stream, IP students have to study more topics and juggle time-consuming activities that limits the amount of time they have left to study. As such, many parents end up looking towards engaging in IP Tuition to help their child stay consistent in their studies and keep them from lagging behind in class. Hence, if you find your child struggling with their subjects in school, it is highly recommended for you to start looking for IP Tuition in Singapore.

Students attending IP Tuition classes

Engage in an IP Tuition to help gain the extra academic support you need before it is too late!

2. Top 25 IP Tuition Options

MindFlex understands the panic and stress parents go through when it comes to their child’s education. It is every parent’s desire to have their children do well in their academics and succeed in life! However, it is no easy feat aiding your child to do well in a highly competitive environment in Singapore. With the vast number of centres offering IP Tuition in Singapore, which one should you pick for your child? However, rest assured that our team at MindFlex has already done all the hard work for you! We’ve put together a list of our top 25 centres providing IP Tuition in Singapore, including important information such as fees, highlights and contact information. Searching for the perfect IP Tuition in Singapore has never been so easy!

1) Learning For Keeps Physics Tuition

Learning for Keeps Physics Tuition offers group Physics Tuition in Singapore, with 1-to1 Home Physics Tuition to those who’d prefer more personalised guidance. Mr Kenneth Loh, the founder as well as the sole tutor of Learning for Keeps Physics Tuition has over 10 years of tutoring full-time experience. He specialises in teaching Pure Physics and IP Physics since 2010, and  has been receiving strong testimonials from parents and students. Over 200 students have shown significant improvements in their Physics results with 100% of them receiving A for IP Physics. At Learning for Keeps Physics Tuition, students will be able to receive quality notes and worksheets that are personally written and refined over the years by Mr Loh.

Learning for Keeps Physics Specialisst IP Tuition

Learning for Keeps Physics Specialist IP Tuition

IP Tuition 1 Learning for Keeps Physics Tuition
Levels & Subjects IP Physics
Email Not Stated
Class Size 5 students (maximum)
No. of Branches  2
Contact / Address / Location(s)

8201 5955 /
Hougang: 1187 Upper Serangoon Road,The Midtown, Lobby B, #02-30, Singapore 533971
Tampines: Blk 801 Tampines Ave 4, #02-267, Singapore 520801

Website https://www.learningforkeeps.com.sg/
Opening Hours Fri: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Sat: 11.30am – 6.30pm
Sun: 11am – 1pm
Mon – Thur: Closed
Highlights – Mr Kenneth Loh is the sole tutor and founder with over 10 years of tutoring experience in the Physics specialisation, as well as strong academic qualifications
– Strong testimonial base by students, with students having significant improvements in grades (100% students with A for IP Physics)
– Offers group Physics Tuition and 1-to-1 Home Physics Tuition depending on students’ academic needs
Fees  $260 – $340/Month
Review By
Lee Jie En
Year 4 IP Physics
“I got an A+ for physics at the end of Year 4. Mr Loh is very patient and professional. I managed to understand the basic concepts of the topics well through his thorough explanation. Thank you 🙂 highly recommended.”

Review By
Year 4 IP Physics

“Mr Loh provides thorough explanation for all the Physics concepts patiently and also provides sufficient materials for us to practice on. Before I joined his tuition I only attained a C5 for Physics but after I joined, I attained an A2 in Physics. Would definitely recommend his tuition!!”
Review By
Jann Koh
Year 4 IP Physics
“Mr Loh is very helpful, he is good at explaining physics concepts and is extremely patient with his students. Highly recommended.”


2) Chemistry Guru

Chemistry Guru Academy, a MOE-registered IP Tuition in Singapore, has been providing their students with the best IP and JC Chemistry Tuition since 2010, where lessons are conducted by Singapore’s #1 Chemistry Tutor, Maverick Puah. In 2018, Chemistry Guru were the first to offer effective online tuition for Chemistry, organising webinar sessions for students’ convenience, online make-up lessons for students who have missed lessons and lastly, free explanation videos for students who require additional study materials. With more than 10 years of experience, Chemistry Guru has received a stellar record since 2010 where many students have shown improvements in their grades and numerous distinctions obtained. 

Chemistry Guru IP Tuition

Chemistry Guru IP Tuition

IP Tuition 2 Chemistry Guru
Levels & Subjects IP Chemistry
Email Not Stated
Class Size Not Stated
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s)

9858 8060 /
Blk 112 Bishan Street 12, #01-20, Singapore 570112

Website https://chemistryguru.com.sg/
Opening Hours Mon: Closed
Tues – Thurs: 6 – 8pm
Fri: Closed
Sat: 10am – 5pm
Sun: Closed
Highlights – Lessons are conducted by Singapore’s #1 Chemistry tutor, Maverick Puah
– Online webinar sessions and make-up lessons available for students’ convenience
– Free explanation videos available
– Stellar track record – many students’ testimonials show an improvement in their grades and numerous distinctions obtained
– MOE- registered, strict adherence to the latest MOE syllabus
Fees $280-$500/Month
Depending on online webinar or face-to-face lesson
Review By
Year 4 IP Chemistry
“I really enjoyed the lessons! Mr Puah shares tips and tricks on approaching questions. He also debunks common misunderstanding/misinterpretations of questions and concepts. It really helped in my revision.”
Review By
Eva Mary
Year 4 IP Chemistry
“Mr. Puah’s concise Chemistry notes and detailed explanations often helped me see the links between chapters and achieve an overall better understanding of the entire syllabus. His consistent efforts helped me to jump several grades! Truly a very committed and helpful tutor.”
Review By
Priscilla Pang
Year 4 IP Chemistry
“Mr Puah is a very patient teacher who answers all of our queries vv patiently!! His lessons are really helpful as he breaks down complicated content into bite-sized comprehensible portions. He points out a lot of exam tips that I did not learn in school, which is v helpful! He is encouraging too and provides a lot of useful resources through his website, videos and portal.”


3) Edu Edge English Language Specialist

Since 2013, Edu Edge English Language Specialist, a premier IP Tuition in Singapore, has taught over 1,800 students, both local and international. These students were able to learn the skills and strategies needed, and managed to apply them consistently to achieve at least 1 to 5 grade improvements with the use of their unique system of learning English and GP. At Edu Edge English Language Specialist, they provide students with English Mastery Programme, curated by a team of English Specialists with more than 3 years of research and 5,000 hours of designing that is suitable for Primary, Secondary and IP English students. This programme focuses on helping students acquire a strong mastery in all 6 of the key English Language skills. As such, they will provide each and every student with personalised care and feedback to help equip them with the necessary skills and techniques to confidently tackle their English examinations. 

Edu Edge English Language Specialist IP Tuition

Edu Edge English Language Specialist IP Tuition

IP Tuition 3 Edu Edge English Language Specialist
Levels & Subjects IP English
Email Not Stated
Class Size Not Stated
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s)

9797 6581 /
301 Serangoon Avenue 2, Singapore 550 301

Website https://eduedge.com.sg/
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 4pm – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 5pm

– English Mastery Programme curated by team of EduEdge English Language Specialists after 3 years of research and 5,000 hours of designing
– Personalised feedback provided to all students
– Materials are revised annually to ensure close adherence to the MOE English syllabus
– Focuses on helping students to acquire a strong mastery in English skills
– Equips students with the necessary skills and techniques to confidently tackle their English Examinations
– Unique formula-style teaching method designed to be easy to remember and apply

Fees Fees are personalised according to each student’s profile, thus fees will only be calculated after the student has sat for the Diagnostic Consult Assessment (DCA) (Fully-sponsored, U.P. $158)
Review By
Chua Yun Cheng
Year 1 IP English
“Before I joined EduEdge, I was doing quite badly for my English examinations. Since I joined EduEdge, my comprehension improved from a 11/20 to a 18/20. I also started to improve in my school tests. The increase of marks in comprehension was due to the techniques taught by EduEdge, which is the 3(S) Answering strategy . By using these techniques, I managed to locate the various keywords in the passage to answer the questions easily. Another area that EduEdge has helped me improve is my grammar component. We use the grammar help sheet that contains 9 rules to grammar. Thus, this has helped me to understand the grammar rules better. Besides, EduEdge classes also have different games held during class, including group work. In conclusion, EduEdge has helped me a lot in my English.”
Review By
Erin Lee
Year 1 IP English
“I used to do badly in my Comprehension Open Ended and my composition. They would give worksheets like the Comprehension “Cheat” sheet that consists of Comprehension rules that I needed to follow. They would also give us a Vocabulary Phrases Booklet that had many vocabulary phrases that helped improve my vocabulary. I do better in Comprehension Open Ended and Compositions now. I like learning in EduEdge because they have many fun group discussions that make lessons more fun and I can also learn more from my friends. Overall, I like learning at EduEdge.”

Review By
Year 2 IP English

“Before I joined EduEdge, I was doing quite badly for my English tasks. I was only scoring either a C6 or a low C5 in Secondary 1. However, after joining EduEdge, my grades improved to a low B4. For instance, for my comprehension (Paper 2 Section C), I managed to improve a lot from my Secondary 1 test, in which I got only 13/25. However, I received a better grade of 31/50 for the test in Secondary 2. The increase of marks for this component was due to the techniques taught by EduEdge (4(S) Answering strategy and Close Reading). Annotating and using these techniques helped me to understand the passage and questions more clearly, easing the way I answer the questions. This had helped to pull my grades up for paper 2 from a C6 to a B4. I also used to fail my English editing very badly, only scoring a 3/10 in Secondary 1. However, ever since I joined EduEdge and got to learn and apply the SP3OTVCD technique, I am able to spot the different grammar errors easily in the paragraph I am given. In my Secondary 2 editing test, i scored full marks of 10/10.”


4) Miracle Learning Centre

First started in 2008, Miracle Learning Centre is an IP Tuition in Singapore that specialises in Maths, Chemistry and Physics Tuition for Primary, Secondary, JC and IP. Students will be able to receive teachings from former school teachers that are NIE-trained and will go the extra mile to ensure they do well in their examination. Miracle offers multiple class slots to suit students’ hectic schedules. With small class size made for students to receive optimal learning, unlimited and free consultation from teachers outside of lesson time will also be provided to the students. Miracle Learning Centre’s aim is to help students learn better and faster by providing and curating worksheets and study resources that are easy to understand. With their amount of dedication and experience, it is no wonder Miracle Learning Centre has established themselves as one of the best IP Tuition in Singapore.

IP Tuition 4 Miracle Learning Centre
Levels & Subjects IP Maths, IP Science
Email miraclelearning@gmail.com
Class Size 5-8 students
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s)

6463 8756 / 8128 8342 /
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #03-01 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588977

Website https://miraclelearningcentre.com/
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 3pm – 10pm
Sat – Sun: 9.30am – 7pm
Highlights – Specialist in Maths, Chemistry and Physics IP Tuition
– Small class size for optimal learning, with curated worksheets and study resources
– Unlimited and free consultation from teachers outside of lesson time
– Multiple class slots are opened up to suit students’ hectic schedules
– All teachers are former school teachers and NIE-trained
Fees $220/month
Deposit $100, registration $20
Material Fees $30
Review By
Xing Meng Hong
IP Physics
“It has been a fun learning journey and process with Mr Lim over this year. It has been especially joyful learning while having fun at the same time. I have improved a lot after listening to the advice of Mr Lim in my studies. Even though I signed up for a 4 hour long tuition (IP Chemistry tuition and IP Physics tuition), I was able to enjoy it even though it was tiring due to the presence of Mr Lim. Mr Lim has given many relatable and useful advice to me for my studies which helped me efficiently solve many problems using the most effective method. Not only studying, Mr Lim has given me a lot of advices on how to deal with stress. Overall, I really love this tuition centre (Miracle Learning Centre) where it is very enjoyable to learn and chat.”
Review By
Goh Jun Hong
IP Physics
“Coming to Miracle Learning Centre was definitely not a mistake. I have learnt many valuable lessons in terms of both academic and life skills from my tutor, Mr Lim. Under the close guidance of Mr Lim, I have understood the Physics topics more and did well in both tests and exams. If you are still deciding whether to join Miracle Learning Centre, don’t hesitate, grab the slots before they run out!”
Review By
Chester Ng
IP Physics
“Thank you Mr Lim for being such a great teacher for the past 1.5 years! Under Mr Lim’s guidance, my physics and chemistry have shown great improvement from before and I am grateful for the amount of help he has provided.”


5) Our Learning Loft

Our Learning Loft is an IP Tuition in Singapore offering specialised curriculums for both Maths and Science that are carefully curated to support every student in their IP learning journey. The IP classes are designed to stretch students by focusing on their analytical and higher-order thinking skills. At Our Learning Loft, classes are small to encourage optimal learning in students. Furthermore, teachers are highly experienced and are able to help guide IP students in establishing strong fundamentals and apply logical thinking skills to complex problems. This has allowed students under Our Learning Loft to consistently produce stellar results, making them a top choice for IP Tuition in Singapore.

Our Learning Loft IP Tuition

Our Learning Loft IP Tuition

IP Tuition 5 Our Learning Loft
Levels & Subjects IP Maths
Email hello@ourlearningloft.com
Class Size Not Stated
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6908 8884 /
613A Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269715
Website https://ourlearningloft.com/
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 3pm – 7.30pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 8pm
Highlights – 91% of students improved by 1 or more grades within 1 term, 92% of students achieved As
– Highly experienced teachers specialising in small-sized classes for optimum learning
Fees Not Stated

Review By
IP Maths

“I was so surprised that my teacher could survive teaching me. Mathematics was the subject I hated most and anyone could tell from my body language. My teacher patiently corrected my wrong attitudes and mindset in learning. He persistently engaged me in class by tasking me to present and explain my work to the class. From someone who was always failing his Mathematics exams, I went on to become the top 5 scorers for my mini class quizzes regularly. For the first time, I got a B for my major end of year exams after just 5 months with the Loft! Its way beyond my expectation! I never believe I would say this but I love Mathematics eventually!”
Review By
IP Maths
“Concepts of each topic are very clearly explained and reinforced constantly throughout subsequent lessons. Worksheets provided are fantastic in ensuring that any doubts I have left are answered before moving on to the next topic. The teacher is very prompt in answering my post lesson questions with thorough explanations provided. I how the pace is never too rushed to ensure an optimal learning experience. Right now, I genuinely understand what I am doing without the need to resort to plain memorising. Teacher is extremely authentic in caring for my growth for the subject!”
Review By
Tan Jia Xin
IP Science & Maths
“Every topic was skilfully dissected and delivered to me. Conceptual explanations were so detailed and easily understood! What I loved most were the many real world applications that richly reinforced my understanding for Science & Mathematics! Many experimental discussions were incorporated into our lessons and that helped me master the confusing topics. I was overjoyed when I scored an A for my graduating examination! My teacher is approachable, caring and generous! He often used his own money to buy us snacks because we are always hungry!”

6) Indigo Education Group

Established in 2011, Indigo Education Group is an IP Tuition in Singapore specialising in Secondary, IP and JC programmes. At Indigo, the focus is on Advanced Learning, making use of the opportunity to gradually expose the students to the advanced level demanded by the IP syllabus. They provide students with effective teaching pedagogy developed by education specialists, with over 60% of the students scoring distinction in their IP exams. Indigo’s Integrated Programme aims to help students gain a stronger academic footing in English, Maths and Science by exposing them to the challenging concepts based on the IP exam syllabus. As such, high-quality collated notes and termly assessments will be organised to keep track of their learning progress and help them excel in their studies.

Indigo Education Group IP Tuition

Indigo Education Group IP Tuition

IP Tuition 6 Indigo Education Group
Levels & Subjects IP English, IP Maths, IP Chinese, IP Science, IP Physics
Email contact@indigogroup.com.sg
Class Size Not Stated
No. of Branches  5
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6634 2208 / 8218 0427 (Balmoral Plaza)
6980 0200 / 9727 8069 (Bukit Timah Shopping Centre)
6980 2928 / 8218 0427 (Bugis)
6980 0200 / 9727 8069 (Marymount)
6977 9522 / 8127 2038 (Novena)
Website https://indigo.com.sg/
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 11.30am – 7pm
Sat – Sun: 9.30am – 6.30pm
Highlights – Effective teaching pedagogy developed by education specialists with high-quality in-house collated notes
– Exam-oriented curriculum to help students excel in examinations, with termly assessments to keep track of student’s learning progress
Fees Not Stated
Review By
Xie Yuhan
Year 4 IP English
“The tutors are very clear in their explanations and the materials cover both depth and breadth. I enjoy coming to indigo lessons with my friends too.”
Review By
Trixie Chiam
Year 2 IP English
“The tutors are nice and more than willing to help clarify my doubts after lessons. The materials are top-notch which makes revision more enjoyable.”
Review By
Wang Jinni
Year 4 IP English
“The materials and content of the lessons are applicable to what I am learning in school. Indigo has benefitted greatly me in terms of my learning.”






















7) Calvin Kong Physics

Calvin Kong Physics, an MOE-registered tuition centre, is Singapore’s first and only Physics Tuition Specialist with an in-house fully-equipped Physics Lab, making them an extremely specialised IP Tuition in Singapore. Mr Calvin Kong, the founder of Calvin Kong Physics, has had 12 years of experience as an MOE Teacher in Singapore. He is also armed with strong academic and tutoring qualifications, giving him the relevant experience required to plan effective practical lab classes. Catered to all O Level, IP and JC students, Calvin Kong Physics offers 3 main types of physics classes – Regular Classes, Crash Courses and Holiday Crash Courses to meet every student’s academic needs. With consistent high achievements, 95% of the students have scored A/B and almost 100% improvement rates every year. For students who are passionate about the knowledge of physics, Calvin Kong Physics is the perfect choice for that. 

Calvin Kong Physics IP Tuition

Calvin Kong Physics IP Tuition

IP Tuition 7 Calvin Kong Physics
Levels & Subjects IP Physics
Email calvinkongphysics@yahoo.com.sg
Class Size Not Stated
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 8246 5685 /
Blk 449 Clementi Avenue 3, #01-261, Singapore 120449
Website https://www.calvinkongphysics.com/
Opening Hours Tues – Thurs: 2.30pm – 8.30pm
Sat – Sun: 9.30am – 4.30pm
Mon, Fri: Closed
Highlights – Registered as a MOE Tuition Centre, is Singapore’s first and only Physics Tuition Specialist with an in-house fully-equipped Physics Lab
– Consistent high achievements with 95% A/B and almost 100% improvement rate every year
– Strong testimonial base by past students
– Sole Tutor with 12 years of experience as an MOE teacher in Singapore, as well as strong academic and tutoring qualifications
Fees $320 – $360/Month
Review By
Koay Tze Erhn
IP Physics
“The tutors are able to explain challenging Physics concepts in a simple and engaging manner by using analogies, experiments and drawings. They also challenge us to apply the concepts we have learnt to explain everyday observations, which presents Physics in a new light and makes the learning process far more enjoyable. Additionally, Mr Kong is friendly and dedicated — he ensures that every student can keep up with the lesson pace, whether it is through 1-1 consultations, his WhatsApp helpline or just walking around the class to check in on students.”
Review By
Nicole Lim
IP Physics
“Concept First’s lessons are very enriching and interesting, and Mr Kong takes the extra mile to explain concepts which used to sound foreign to me. I became much more confident in Physics after joining his lessons. Even though I am in the IP Stream, his lessons are still very relevant to my syllabus, and in fact, at a faster pace than my lessons in school. This allows me to stay ahead in the syllabus and this head start is essential for me to fully digest the concepts and score well for exams. Thank you so much Mr Kong for your patience and consistent guidance in my 2 years learning Physics from you!”
Review By
Raisha Aulia
IP Physics
“Concept First’s lessons are not only engaging but very effective as well. The centre’s notes are very comprehensive and I was able to do all my revision without using school notes. They are especially helpful when you cannot keep up with the pace of school lessons. Mr Kong was approachable and answered all my questions patiently regardless of how simple they may be. They are also very dedicated to the students’ well-being, using different ways to motivate us such as rewards for doing well in tests. The centre’s effectiveness definitely showed when my results shot up from C5 to A1 for my final examinations. Thank you Concept First!”


8) Math Note

Math Note Learning Centre specialises in providing quality Maths Tuition to Primary, IP/O Level, N Level and A Level students in Singapore. With 15 years of experience, Math Note have been writing their own materials based on the latest MOE syllabus and classroom interaction with students, allowing them to provide revision and practice materials that are especially structured for students to easily understand. At Math Notes, all tutors are experienced and NIE-trained, dedicated to helping students understand mathematical concepts and prepare them for examinations. With a good reputation among students and parents, Math Note have received awards that label them as the “Best in Singapore” and “Top in Singapore” – making them a great choice for students seeking for IP Tuition in Singapore.

Math Note IP Tuition

Math Note IP Tuition

IP Tuition 8 Math Note
Levels & Subjects IP Maths
Email themathnote@gmail.com
Class Size 3 students (on average)
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 8218 7192 /
505 Bishan St 11, Singapore 570505
Website https://www.mathnote.sg/
Opening Hours Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 1–9pm
Wednesday: 1–9pm
Thursday: 1–9pm
Friday: 1–9pm
Saturday: 9:30am–9pm
Sunday: 9:30am–9pm
Highlights – Won awards such as “Best in Singapore” and “Top in Singapore”
– Simple and efficient methods to solve Maths problems, preventing students from making common mistakes
– Revision and practice materials are specially structured so as to be easily understood by students
– Regular quizzes and timed practices to help students to reinforce their mathematical concepts and answering techniques
– Mock tests and mock examinations conducted to prepare students for examinations
– Tutors are experienced and NIE-trained who are dedicated to helping students understand the mathematical concepts
– Small tutor-student ratio to ensure that students receive adequate information from tutors
– Personalised feedback given to each student regarding their individual strengths and weaknesses
– Tutors share important techniques to help students better prepare for their examinations
Fees Not Stated
Review By
Cynthia Ong
IP Maths
“I would like to thank Miss Chua for guiding me since I was sec 2. I remember my result was quite poor and I was very stress about it. Miss Chua taught me patiently and made me understand the concepts with her clear and calm lessons. I am taking my exams soon and I hope that I can get good results. Thank you for your guidance.”
Review By
Joey Lim (Parent)
IP Maths
“Miss Chua is very a dedicated teacher. She makes sure that my daughter finished her work and gives good material. My daughter’s result improved from marginal pass to distinction. She is usually one of the top in class now and feels confident in Math. Thank you Miss Chua for your help and patience.”
Review By
Goh Hui Yee
IP Maths
“I used to hate doing Math so much until I came to Math Note. Miss Chua build up my weak foundation slowly with her worksheets. Gradually I found myself being able to follow in class and find that doing Math is actually not that difficult and dragging. The notes help me to prepare for my tests and exams because it is easy to understand and covers everything I need to know! Thank you Miss Chua!”

9) Achievers Dream Chemistry Specialist

Known to be the leading Chemistry Tuition Centre providing IP Tuition in Singapore, Achievers Dream Chemistry Specialist also has a specialised Chemistry Practical Lab, making them a popular choice for parents and students alike. Achievers Dream Chemistry Specialist prepares students for their practical examination with their very own 360° Total Chemistry Learning System. Over the past 12 years, 9 out of 10 students scored ‘A’ or ‘B’ in their examinations. The teaching team has gained a wealth of experience, having taught more than 1000 students in O/A/IP Chemistry. Being the leading centre providing IP Tuition in Singapore, it is no wonder that Achievers Dream Chemistry Specialist is trusted by more than 2000 parents and students from over 93+ schools. 

Achievers Dream Chemistry Specialist IP Tuition

Achievers Dream Chemistry Specialist IP Tuition

IP Tuition 9 Achievers Dream Chemistry Specialist
Levels & Subjects IP Chemistry
Email admin@achieversdream.com.sg
Class Size Not Stated
No. of Branches  2
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9653 8814 /
9 Jalan Bingka, Singapore 588905
5 Jalan Bingka, Singapore 588899
Website https://www.achieversdream.com.sg/
Opening Hours Mon: Closed
Tue – Wed: 3pm – 9pm
Thu: Closed
Fri: 10am – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 5pm
Highlights – Leading Chemistry Tuition Centre in Singapore with a specialised Chemistry Practical Lab in preparation for the practical examination and their very own 360° Total Chemistry Learning System™
– Increase in grades from C and below till an A or B
– Free learning resources for your education level available on website
– Trusted by 2000+ Parents & Students from Over 93+ Schools as the Chemistry Specialist
– 9 out of 10 students scored ‘A’ or ‘B’ in their examinations
Fees Year 1-2: $360/5 lessons (4 theory+1 lecture)
Year 3-4: $400/5 lessons (4 theory+1 lecture)

Material and printing fee: $100
Registration fee: $50

Review By
Apple A
IP Chemistry
“Despite the health crisis, Achievers Dream made it totally easy and possible for me to learn online. Their courses, assessments and practical applications, including the equipment they use are all superb, and truly high standard. They encourage and motivate their learners, and are always supportive to their needs. Not only do they keep up with the changing times, they also innovate and transform the way they transfer knowledge. It’s a plus that they’re very professional and have great work ethics! Not all learning facilities are like this. I don’t always go all out in sharing compliments because I reserve them for excellent experience and services, but Achievers Dream truly nailed it for me! Exceeded all my expectations! But don’t take just my word for it, go ahead and experience what it’s like to learn through AD.”
Review By
Queena Lee
IP Chemistry
“All along Chemistry was never my priority as it is one of my better subjects and I always focused on other subjects more. This may have led to me neglecting it but the notes and summary AD has crafted for us really came in handy for me as I could easily link all the concepts together. Chemistry became easy to understand and I was always confident in classes in school as I was ahead in grasping concepts. All the staff that I have met at AD are also super friendly and patient. It is particularly so for my tutor who always made time for personal consultations with me for me to clear the doubts that I could not during lessons. She was very patient and would always try different ways of explaining concepts whenever I had issues understanding. AD has comprehensive lecture notes and tutorials prepared for us, and my tutor would always reinforce concepts and particularly the trickier ones, again and again which really made it a lot easier for me to recollect many important concepts. The staff and ambience at AD also contributes greatly to a conducive learning environment and i would definitely recommend AD to my fellow juniors.”
Review By
Maxine Teo
Year 3 IP Chemistry
“Chemistry used to be my worst subject in Sec 3 before I joined AD as i had no interest in it and found it very challenging. However, AD really helped me pull my grades up. The summarised notes were very helpful and I really appreciate the teachers hard work into making sure that we really understand the topic. Overall, I really enjoyed the lessons and lab sessions and thank you AD for making my chemistry learning experience such a fruitful one!”


10) True Learning Centre

True Learning Centre is an IP Tuition in Singapore offering IP students a 6-year Maths Tuition Programme to help equip them with the knowledge of key mathematical concepts, understanding and applications. They provide students with numerous platforms to support their learning during class time as well as beyond, with 24/7 academic assistance to students outside of lesson time. Tutors are all NIE -trained and have also received multiple teaching awards. In True Learning, carefully crafted lesson plans and curriculums ensure the effectiveness of student’s learning. Parents who wish to keep track of their child’s progress will be happy to know that in True Learning, they have a strong partnership with parents through periodic student progress reports and updates. 

True Learning Centre IP Tuition

True Learning Centre IP Tuition

IP Tuition 10 True Learning Hub
Levels & Subjects IP Maths
Email enquiry@truelearning.com.sg
Class Size 10 Students (maximum)
No. of Branches  3
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6708 9382 /
Jurong: 2 Jurong East Central 1, JCUBE, #04-02/03, Singapre 609731
Kovan: 2 Kovan Road, Simon Plaza, #01-07, Singapore 548008
Novena: 179B Thomson Road, Goldhill Shopping Centre, Singapore 307626
Website https://www.truelearning.com.sg/
Opening Hours Mon, Wed, Thu: 1.30pm – 9pm
Fri: 2pm – 10pm
Sat: 9am – 7pm
Sun: 9am – 6.30pm
Highlights – 24/7 academic assistance to students outside of lesson time
– Small class size for maximum learning
– Focus on active learning approach and critical thinking
– Curriculum writers test effectiveness of the curriculum every week to ensure its effectiveness
– All tutors are NIE-trained and have received multiple teaching awards
– Strong partnership with parents through periodic student progress reports and updates
Fees Not Stated
Review By
Jared Chua
IP Maths
“Learning in TLC has been very enjoyable for me. Through the patient teaching from the tutors in TLC, I’ve been able to grasp a strong understanding of the various mathematical concepts to allow me to score well in my exams!”
Review By
Nicholas Ong
IP Maths
“Dear Mr Max Tan, I would like to take this opportunity to commend Mr Lawrence, one of the tutors who taught me at TLC for being dedicated and committed towards teaching and guiding students to strive for the best. Not only are his explanations clear and precise, they are also straightforward and easy-to-remember, mostly because he often relates his teachings to real-life examples. Furthermore, he has the patience of a saint and would not mind taking some time off his busy schedule to help those students in need.”
Review By
Tiew Wei Xuan
IP Maths
“Hi Max, this feedback is from Tiew Wei Xuan. He was in S4 IP Math this year. He shared that he had a good learning journey these 2 years and the tutor is very good. He has learned valuable Maths knowledge from the tutor. As parents, we could see he has excelled in this subject through his school exam results but more importantly he has learnt the skill and applied the knowledge. He got A1 and A for A-Maths & E-Maths respectively.”


11) Eureka Edvantage Learning Hub

Eureka Edvantage Learning Hub is an IP Tuition in Singapore providing students with enrichment and tuition classes for IP/IB Language Arts, Literature and Humanities. They focus on developing creative and narrative writing capabilities in students with their Eureka Pedagogy. Such skills are aimed to meet the needs of the students of all learning abilities and levels to effectively challenge the students comfortably at their variant standards. Step-by-step programmes that are tailored to the demand set by the MOE guidelines are provided to students to help with their critical thinking skills and writing strategies.

Eureka Edvantage Learning Hub IP Tuition

Eureka Edvantage Learning Hub IP Tuition

IP Tuition 11 Eureka Edvantage Learning Hub
Levels & Subjects IP English
Email contact@eurekaedvantage.com
Class Size Not Stated
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9119 2159 /
10 Winstedt Rd, Block A, #03-01, Singapore 227977
Website https://www.eurekaedvantage.com/
Opening Hours Not Stated
Highlights – Develop creative and narrative writing capabilities with Eureka Writing Techniques™
– Step-by-step programme is tailored to the demands set by MOE guidelines
– Eureka Critical Thinking Strategies™ used to inculcate critical thinking
Fees $75-$105/lesson
Review By
Trisha Tan
IP English
“I love Eureka as it has inspired me to enjoy writing. It helped me develop a passion for writing as I am able to incorporate a wide range of vocabulary and ideas!” 
Review By
Raeanne Tham
IP English
The teachers there are very friendly and are willing to share all their knowledge to the students. The worksheets are challenging as they are higher level. The techniques taught are useful and help in exams. The notes provided are easy to revise before the exam. I would recommend it to everybody!”
Review By
Lauren Tse
IP English
“Mrs Tham is a really professional teacher who is always keen to offer help and guidance. I really appreciate how she helped me grasped the nuances of some literature texts better, and taught me effective strategies for writing. Thank you Mrs Tham!”

12) Quintessential Education

At Quintessential Education, they provide an industry-defining university admissions and academic tutoring experience. With a highly selective 3-stage hiring process, students in Quintessential Education will only receive tutoring from the best. In addition, Quintessential Education has also been featured in multiple media outlets in Singapore such as Channel 5, Channel 8, Straits Times, making them a well-known and trustable IP Tuition in Singapore. The highly qualified tutors at Quintessential Education have also received more than 500 5 stars Google reviews. Students who have gone through lessons in Quintessential Education have consistently outperformed the national average across major examinations, making them a qualified tuition centre providing IP Tuition in Singapore. Hence, parents can be rest assured that their child is in good hands when enrolled into Quintessential Education.

Quintessential Education IP Tuition

Quintessential Education IP Tuition

IP Tuition 12 Quintessential Education
Levels & Subjects IP English, IP Maths, IP Chinese, IP Science, IP Chemistry, IP Physics
Email enquiries@qeducation.sg
Class Size 3-6 students
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6100 9338 / 9655 0590 /
545 Orchard Rd #14-09, Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882
Website https://qeducation.sg/
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 11am to 8pm
Sat – Sun: 11am to 6pm
Highlights – Usage of an E3 teaching model to educate through exam exposure, key content mastery and targeted practices
– Students consistently outperform the national average across major examinations
– Featured in multiple media outlets (Channel 5, Channel 8, Straits Times etc.)
– 500+ 5 star Google reviews
Fees Group Classes:
*Four sessions per month, 1 hr 45 min each

Individual Classes:
Junior Tutors: $600-$720
Senior Tutors: $800-$880
Examiners: $950
*Four sessions per month, 1 hr 30 min each

Review By
Kauthar Ahmed
IP Maths
“I improved greatly from the math sessions at QE. The post lesson consultations helped greatly in my exam skills. Also, lessons are engaging and useful in helping me to grasp the complex concepts, especially through practices and feedback in class.”
Review By
Genesis Shen
IP Maths
“Quality of tuition is top notch. Their tutors are all graduates from local elite junior colleges and top international universities.”
Review By
Spencer Lim (Parent)
IP Tuition
“Our kids learnt under Mike and Sean at QE and scored distinctions for both subjects. The teachers know their stuff well and conducted very engaging classes. Class notes were very comprehensive and the practices were effective. Truly a gem.”

13) The Rationale Thinking

The Rationale Thinking was founded by Mr Edwin Wong, a highly-sought after Integrated Programme English Language specialist. Tutors at The Rationale Thinking focus on strengthening student’s command of the English Language and helping them achieve their academic goals and cement strong foundations for them to excel in their tertiary education. Students will be assisted to achieve a “Distinction” in their A Level General Paper or IP English Examinations. In addition, students at The Rationale Thinking are also trained in essential communication skills and nimble thinking to increase their chances of flourishing in their future careers. Therefore, students at The Rationale Thinking are definitely in good hands in this premier IP Tuition in Singapore.

The Rationale Thinking IP Tuition

The Rationale Thinking IP Tuition

IP Tuition 13 The Rationale Thinking
Levels & Subjects IP English
Email Not Stated
Class Size Not Stated
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6980 3149 /
121 Bishan Street 12, #01-89, Singapore 570121
Website https://therationalethinking.com/
Opening Hours Tue – Fri: 12pm – 5pm
Sat – Sun: 10.30am – 7.15pm
Highlights – Helps students in Singapore achieve their academic goals and cement strong foundations for them to excel in their tertiary education
– Strengthen students’ command of the English Language
– Assist students to achieve a “Distinction” in their IP English examinations
– Founded by Mr Edwin Wong, a sought-after Integrated Programme English language specialist, revolutionary thinker and transformational teacher
Fees $75/lesson
Material Fees: $2.50/lesson
Review By
Daniel Ng
IP English
“Prior to joining Mr Wong’s Integrated Programme (IP) English Tuition class at the beginning of June, I had barely scraped a meagre 2.5 GPA. I had difficulty with inference, paraphrasing and had no idea whatsoever of IP English Linguistic Skills. It was not just comprehension skills that I had trouble with, but I was also at a loss as to the structure of expository writing. Mr Wong, who shows a burning passion for teaching, constantly gives feedback and guidance for me to improve, even going the extra mile to make his own set of notes and practices. Furthermore, he strongly emphasises on using the latest articles from a variety of credible sources which provides his students with ample content and he also produces his own model essays. Despite Mr Wong’s IP English tuition lessons being a group tuition, he still ensures that he attends to the needs of each student, and always offers a helping hand to assist any individual in grasping each topic. During the short time of just 2 months with Mr Wong, not only was I able to pull up my GPA to 4.0, I am also thankful to be a part of The Rationale Thinking Learning Centre’s IP English Tuition and Mr Wong’s tutelage in helping me to achieve this substantial achievement.”
Review By
Andrew Aw 
IP English
“I joined Mr Wong’s IP English tuition in May after my SA1. I was struggling with my IP English comprehension as the inference questions had pulled my marks down and I only attained 21/40, which is a GPA 2! A friend of mine recommended me to join Mr Wong’s IP English Tuition Programme. Through the curriculum, he managed to help me tackle the comprehension questions easily and taught me to use the right keywords and how to answer different types of questions systematically (Linguistic Skills). He also taught us many skills that I had found interesting, like the different methods to tackle direct lifting and summary questions. He also taught us how to differentiate the different types of questions accordingly and answer them with ease. With alacrity in his IP English tuition classes and his assiduous spirit in the way he carried out things, I achieved a perfect GPA 4 for my CA2 comprehension exam, scoring full marks for all inference questions.”
Review By
Ryan Chong
IP English
“Since IP Year 1, my English grade was hovering around a B4. The IP English language has always been a challenge for me which weighed on my overall performance in Hwa Chong Institution (HCI). Mr Wong is a very dedicated teacher who frequently checks in on me, asking if I faced any difficulties in school, and answering any other questions that I had regarding comprehension and composition. The materials provided are extremely helpful and of high standards”


14) Aspire Hub

With almost 20 years of experience, Aspire Hub is a well-known tuition centre offering students with a wide range of subjects with highly-specialised curriculum. Education specialists at Aspire Hub have spent countless hours perfecting their tuition curriculum, ensuring that it is in line with the latest school syllabus, making them one of the best IP Tuition in Singapore. The dedicated tutors at Aspire Hub will give the students their 100% best in teaching and provide them with customised learning programmes, making learning fun and impactful for the students. This IP Tuition in Singapore also makes it a point to take on a holistic approach in their teaching and is aimed to transform ordinary individuals to achievers who are ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century. 

Aspire Hub IP Tuition

Aspire Hub IP Tuition

IP Tuition 14 Aspire Hub
Levels & Subjects IP Maths, IP Science, IP Chemistry, IP Physics
Email info-av@aspirehub.com
Class Size 6 Students
No. of Branches  16
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6235 2018 / 9821 6612 (Great World City)
9649 0297 / 9649 2084 (Ang Mo Kio Hub)
6904 4540 / 9622 2942 (Hillion Mall)
6513 6272 /9002 8570 (Paya Lebar Quarter)
6377 7318 / 6377 7320 / 9821 6612 (Alexandra Village)
6702 4080 / 6702 4083 (Bedok Mall)
6245 6671 (Bedok Point)
6462 4840 / 6462 4240 / 9835 1025 (Bukit Timah – Beauty World Centre)
6252 5630 / 6252 6255 / 8299 8697 (Jurong Point)
6214 0501/ 6214 0502 (Parkway Parade)
8332 2251 (Rochester Mall)
6702 7318 / 6702 7319 (Seletar Mall)
6634 2412 / 6634 2413 (Serangoon NEX)
6526 1758 / 8180 2822 (Thomson)
6909 2077 / 6909 2078 (United Square)
6316 6675 (West Mall)
Website https://aspirehub.com/
Opening Hours Opening hours differ
Highlights – Offers a wide range of subjects with curriculum that is in line with the latest school syllabus
– Customised learning programme for all students, focus on an holistic approach to empowering students
– Coaches are full-time employees, meaning that they are 100% dedicated to giving your child the best education
– Students take a diagnostic test for coaches to fully customise their teaching styles and learning programmes, and each student’s portfolio is individually handled by a coach
– Exam-centred approach; lessons are focused on preparing students for examinations with focused lessons for Mid-Year Exams and intensive revision periods during school holidays
– Individual coaching sessions held quarterly
Fees $220-$400/Month
Review By
Lim Shi Bin
IP Maths
“When I joined John’s classes at the start of Secondary One, I was in the Integrated Programme track in my school, so it was challenging and tough for me at first. I was struggling to cope with the pace and difficulty of lessons. However, with John’s help, I was able to turn things around and I started to improve. John was able to provide me with the necessary resources so I could understand concepts with ease. I was also able to tackle advanced Mathematics problems and John also helped me with my schoolwork. I was able to keep up with the lessons in school and I even learnt ahead of the school syllabus. With John’s patience and guidance, along with his friendly attitude, I was able to enjoy learning.”
Review By
Cheryl Ong
IP Maths
“The Aspire Hub learning experience has helped me achieve my goals by providing a conducive environment for learning alongside an awesome tutor that gives a lot of care and guidance, making lessons really enjoyable and memorable. Having such a tutor such as Jon Lim allows the boundary for learning to widen as he teaches me more than just Math, such as life lessons. Thus, I would never feel intimidated to ask questions when I have doubts, which in turn allows my learning to be more productive, hence achieving my goals.”
Review By
Earnest Luah
IP English
“The coaches in Aspire Hub are very friendly and helpful. They always give useful tips to assist me. Whenever I have problems they would explain my mistakes to me and ensure I understood my errors.”


15) Learners’ Lodge

Learners’ Lodge is an IP Tuition Specialist providing high-quality IP Tuition in Singapore. The dedicated and extensive team over at Learners’ Lodge provides students with tailor-made programmes that catered to the student’s learning needs, making them one of the premier tuition centres providing IP Tuition in Singapore. With the amount of appraisals and reviews, Learners’ Lodge has since expanded and is now located at six convenient locations, with the tutors rotating around various outlets to allow more students to be taught under them. At Learners’ Lodge, students will be exposed to a positive learning environment where they are constantly encouraged to ask questions. Highly curated study resources, carefully curated by MOE curriculum specialists are also provided and serves as additional resources to help students achieve content mastery. With fully qualified and highly experienced tutors as well as their specialised curriculum, students have consistently produced stellar results, making Learners’ Lodge one of the best IP Tuition in Singapore.

Learners' Lodge IP Tuition

Learners’ Lodge IP Tuition

IP Tuition 15 Learners’ Lodge
Levels & Subjects IP English, IP Maths, IP Chemistry, IP Physics, IP Biology
Email sales@learnerslodge.com.sg
Class Size 12 Students (maximum)
No. of Branches  2
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9119 9655 /
Kembangan: 14D Jalan Masjid, #01-04 Kingston Terrace, Singapore 418935
Marymount: Blk 255 Bishan St 22 #B1-462 Singapore 570255
Website https://iptuition.com.sg/
Opening Hours Tue – Fri: 3.30pm – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 6pm
Highlights – Tailor-made programs that cater to the students from different IP schools
– In-house curated notes provided to all students
– Positive environment where students are constantly encouraged to ask questions
– Stellar achievements and results from students
Fees Not Stated
Review By
Jeremy Lim
IP Maths
“Given her lively and interactive teaching style in class, I’m always finding the lessons extremely fun to listen to and attend. She is extremely detailed in her steps and concepts and explains everything in the best way possible. She constantly enforces our skills and knowledge as its basics, so we can turn them into muscle memory. She is patient and takes time to clarify anything we might be confused about. She also has an optimistic disposition and thinks highly of us, so she constantly cheers and spurs us on. She is extremely friendly and is able to create meaningful and fun interactions with the class.”
Review By
Loh Jia Xuan
IP Physics
“When I first enrolled into Learners Lodge for IP Physics, I was a dispirited student who had low confidence in doing well for Physics. Concepts were hard to grasp for me and it did not help that I was inherently lazy as well. That all changed when I joined my tutor’s enriching and eye-opening tuition classes. In a way of his own, he manages to make each and every lesson entertaining and at the same time brimming with knowledge. He truly is an inspirational figure that motivated me to push on outside my comfort zone and become a less lazy person and a more hardworking and zealous person at that. I feel that my work ethic and attitude has improved leaps and bounds after attending his wonderful lessons and highly encourage everyone who is seeking improvement in Physics grades and work attitude to attend his lessons.”
Review By
IP Chemistry
“Could not have asked for a better teacher for Chemistry. He is a teacher who is really dedicated to his students one example is him meeting us outside of his working hours to answer our questions which really shows his genuine care for his students. He is also a teacher who is very engaging, he would often use jokes and think of creative ways to teach us which lifts the atmosphere in the room and also helps us to stay awake. Am really happy to have signed up for his class and have recommended him to my juniors!”

16) SmartLab Education Centre

A well-established tuition centre of 15 years, SmartLab Education Centre is a centre providing IP Tuition in Singapore, and has helped more than 1,000 students to achieve the grade they deserve. Across 4 outlets in Singapore, SmartLab Education Centre offers both online and physical tuition classes that are in accordance with the MOE syllabus. The qualified tutors in SmartLab Education Centre are highly experienced full-time tutors who are able to provide comprehensive and unique programmes to help their students reach their full potential. Students enrolled in SmartLab Education Centre can hence be rest assured that they have engaged in a capable IP Tuition in Singapore.

SmartLab Education Centre IP Tuition

SmartLab Education Centre IP Tuition

IP Tuition 16 SmartLab Education Centre
Levels & Subjects IP English, IP Maths, IP Science, IP Chemistry, IP Physics, IP Biology
Email Bishan: adminbishan@smartlab.com.sg | bishansmartlab@hotmail.com
Hougang: hougang@smartlab.com.sg | hougangsmartlab@outlook.com
Marine Parade: marineparade@smartlab.com.sg | marineparadesmartlab@gmail.com
Woodlands: woodlands@smartlab.com.sg | smartlab.wl@gmail.com
Class Size 10-20 Students
No. of Branches  4
Contact / Address / Location(s) Bishan:
6459 2351 | 6459 5282 | 8318 7865
Blk 228 Bishan Street 23, #B1-71, Singapore 570228
Blk 243 Bishan Street 22, #B1-274, Singapore 570243

6487 7327 | 8141 9790

Blk 204 Hougang Street 21, #02-113, Singapore 530204

Marine Parade:
6440 3593 | 9776 6580

1 Marine Parade Central, #13-03 Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408

6363 2383 | 8296 5450

Blk 818 Woodlands Street 82, #01-419, Singapore 730818
Website http://smartlab.com.sg/Tuition/
Opening Hours Opening hours differ
Highlights – Well-established tuition centre of 15 years, helped more than 1,000 students to achieve the grades they deserve
– All tutors are experienced full timers
– Offers online and physical tuition classes depending on students’ needs
– Provides comprehensive notes and exam-oriented teaching methodologies
– Offers SmartLab ELearn Mobile Application — to foster learning of Science knowledge
– All lessons are in accordance to the MOE syllabus
– Comprehensive and unique programme that helps students reach their full potential
– Activity-based and problem-based learning for an engaging learning experience for students
– Small class sizes where students are free to experiment and explore key topics
– Nurtures a positive attitude towards learning
– Imparts problem-solving and communication skills that are essential beyond the classroom
Fees $243-$338/Month

Registration fees: $40
Deposit: $100
(Deposit is refundable provided 1 month notice is given before termination)

Review By
Mabelle W
“Been with them for 6 years now and will definitely continue! the materials are really good and comprehensive and despite lesson time being much shorter than other tuitions, a lot is covered during lessons but not overwhelmingly much that it’s hard to take in. the pace of lessons is tailored to each students nearing exams when revision is the main priority. teachers are very well spoken and really competent and very understanding as well, will definitely give their time of day to answer any questions you may have. i am and will continue to recommend SmartLab tuition to anyone looking for extra help in studies or just looking for consistent studying to maintain a score!”
Review By
Ho Yun En
“Teaching materials were helpful and notes were well organised. Many worksheets given for practice and extra practices available as well. Classes cater to individual needs of students, following the topic students learn in school respectively (instead of a fixed curriculum for all). Teachers are approachable and friendly as well. Enrolled in tuition lessons here for 6 years, would strongly recommend!”
Review By
Quek Kay Hng
IP Chemistry
“You wouldn’t believe it if I said that Smartlab doubled my Chemistry score. But it’s true! And further, this feat was accomplished in just 4 months. I scored a 36% for my Term 3 test, to 73% in my Finals. My Chem tutor, Mr Tan was incredible for guiding me in this journey, answering my questions with patience and helping me understand and remember tough concepts with mnemonics. He broke complicated concepts down to bite-sized ideas, and gave me informative notes to facilitate my revision. Thanks, Mr Tan! And, you there who’s reading this review, stop hesitating and sign up with Smartlab immediately! If Smartlab could double my score in a quarter of the year’s time, it create similarly impressive results for yours too!”

17) Math Academia

Math Academia is an IP Tuition in Singapore providing Math Focus Programmes that strengthens student’s mathematical concepts through customised teaching. Students of all levels have shown improvements in their grades, with over 80% distinction rates across all levels and examinations. Lessons at Math Academia are designed to help students think on their feet and react readily to challenging questions. In addition, to ensure that students receive quality lessons, bi-annual training sessions are provided for the tutors to maintain their consistency in teaching. With the amount of training and quality checks provided to both tutors and the Math Academia curriculum, it is no wonder Math Academia is such a well-love IP Tuition in Singapore.

Maths Academia IP Tuition

Maths Academia IP Tuition

IP Tuition 17 Math Academia
Levels & Subjects IP Maths
Email enquiry@mathacademia.sg
Class Size Not Stated
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9657 9970 / 8878 0302 /
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #03-02, #03-40/41, Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177
Website https://www.mathacademia.sg/
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 3pm – 8pm (except Wed)
Sat – Sun: 9am – 6pm
Highlights – Stellar results from all students
– All our tutors are MOE-trained and have assumed leadership positions in schools, strict recruitment policy for tutors, with bi-annual training sessions are provided for tutors to maintain the quality
– Lessons are designed to help students think on their feet and react readily to challenging questions
– Tuition classes aim to build strong foundations in order to tackle high-order challenging questions
– Exclusive online student portal with in-house curated resources (notes, exam papers, videos etc.)
– Supplementary resources and round-the-clock support by tutors
Fees $228-$248/month
Review By
Ines Soh
IP Math
“Under the guidance of Mr Peng, I have been able to be consistently doing well for math. He constantly spurs us on and motivates us to give our best. His teaching style is highly effective and is easy to follow during lesson. It has been a pleasure to be his tutee.”
Review By
Pearlyn Hsu
IP Maths
“Mr Peng has taught me Math since Secondary 2. He is a dedicated teacher that tries his best to engage with the students and is always teaching us very efficient methods to solve complex questions. Personally, I have improved under his guidance and have found it much easier to cope with Math.”
Review By
Jasper Ng
IP Maths
“Mr Peng’s tuition has pushed me to my limits and with his help, I have been able to be more competent in the subject. He has been very inspiring both in and outside the classroom and he plays the role of not only a tutor, but also a mentor. He has indeed proven himself to be an outstanding teacher and someone who I can look for not just as a teacher, but also as a friend.”


18) Brain Matter

Unlike most tuition centres, Brain Matter, a centre offering premier IP Tuition in Singapore, limits their class size to not more than 5 students so as to provide each individual student with personalised attention and guidance. Brain Matter offers a wide range of subjects, all with highly qualified tutors helming the curriculum and lessons, making them a solid choice for students seeking for IP Tuition in Singapore. Parents can also be guaranteed that they will receive prompt feedback and updates on the progress of their child. In addition, with a strong belief in building purpose and growth in students, tutors at the Brain Matter are values-driven and professional in their teaching, and aim to build a positive and fun environment in order to inspire meaning learning as well as character excellence in their students.

Brain Matter IP Tuition

Brain Matter IP Tuition

IP Tuition 18 Brain Matter
Levels & Subjects IP English, IP Maths
Email info@brainmatter.com.sg
Class Size 2-5 Students
No. of Branches  2
Contact / Address / Location(s)

9791 1234 /
Blk 501 Bishan Street 11, #01-364, Singapore 570501
Block 503, Bishan Street 11, #01-448, Singapore 570503

Website https://brainmatter.com.sg/
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 2pm – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 10am – 7pm
Highlights – Small class size, maximum 5 students
– Personalised guidance from tutors for all students
– Prompt feedback to parents about child’s progress
Fees Not Stated
Review By
Year 1 IP Maths
“Ms Phoebe has helped me in my Math by making concepts easier to understand and apply. Thanks to this, I made a great improvement in my Math, from failing to being the top 3 students in math in my class.”
Review By
Elizabeth Ng
IP Maths
“I like Brain Matter as it has helped me to improve my math from B4 to A2. The teacher is very dedicated and I’ve received the help that I need as the class size is very small.”
Review By
Nicolette Yue
IP Maths
“My teacher in Brain Matter is always concerned for my maths and she is very dedicated. She will go through with me the basics that I’m weak at and builds up my confidence in the subject. She constantly encourages me to strive to do better each time.”

19) AfterSkool Learning Centre

At AfterSkool Learning Centre, all tutors are MOE-certified and fully experienced in helping students in their academics. Students will be able to enjoy customised materials that are regularly reviewed to ensure close compliance with MOE syllabus. Remedial sessions are also held throughout the year on top of weekly lessons to aid students in areas they are lacking in and consolidate their learning. With 16 fully-equipped classrooms installed with projectors and visualisers, coupled with well-designed study spaces, students in AfterSkool Learning Centre will get to enjoy ample areas for them to self-study in between classes.

AfterSkool Learning Centre IP Tuition

AfterSkool Learning Centre IP Tuition

IP Tuition 19 AfterSkool Learning Centre
Levels & Subjects IP English, IP Maths, IP Science, IP Chemistry, IP Physics, IP Biology
Email admissions@afterskool.com.sg
Class Size 1-10 Students,
With a Co-Tutor present for classes of >8 students
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6339 6787 /
31 Holland Close, #01-215/217, Singapore 270031
Website https://www.afterskool.com.sg/
Opening Hours Mon-Fri: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
Highlights – MOE-certified full-time tutors, including former-MOE teachers
– Customised materials that are regularly reviewed to ensure close compliance with MOE Syllabus
– Provides an annual reviewed subject materials including comprehensive summary booklets for every subject, distributed early in the academic year to aid students in their revision.
– Content taught ahead of schools’ pace to ensure that students are confidence in their school lessons and have enough time to revise
– Remedial sessions held throughout the year on top of weekly lessons to help students to catch up and consolidate their learning
– 16 classrooms that are fully-equipped with projectors and visualisers.
– Ample areas for self-study in between classes
Fees Year 1-2: $360-$400/Month
Year 3-4: $420-$460/Month
Review By
Ryan Ng
IP Maths
“Teachers are extremely kind and fun. The lessons here are very fun and engaging and they will really help students improve in their work.The teachers here are also very hardworking and diligent and they are able to help us spot mistakes in our work and help us correct them. After attending this tuition my results have improved a lot.”
Review By
Chin Jat
IP Maths
“Amazing professional teachers that puts significant effort into teaching each student. Venue is also amazing with cosy and welcoming interiors.”
Review By
Jonathan Chua
IP Maths
“Afterskool has helped me solve my school’s hard Math questions and gives me challenging questions so i can learn from them. The lessons are enjoyable and helped me learn a lot.”

20) Future Academy

Founded by a former RGS Teacher and former HCI Maths Department HOD, Future Academy was first established in 2015, and has since expanded to providing IP Tuition in Singapore, conducted by some of the best tuition teachers in Singapore. Students under them have flourished and have gone on to achieve stellar grades and achievements – with 100% improvement rates and over 80% distinction rates, this IP Tuition in Singapore is one of the best choices for IP Tuition. The curriculum at Future Academy is curated and all classes are small to allow maximum guidance and learning for students.

Future Academy IP Tuition

Future Academy IP Tuition

IP Tuition 20 Future Academy
Levels & Subjects IP Maths, IP Chemistry, IP Physics
Email info@fa.edu.sg
Class Size 2-5 students (on average)
No. of Branches  2
Contact / Address / Location(s) 6884 6566 /
Bencoolen: 175A Bencoolen Street #06-05, Burlington Square Office Tower, Singapore 189650
Bukit Timah: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #15-04, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Singapore 588179
Website https://www.fa.edu.sg/
Opening Hours Mon – Sun: 9am – 9pm
Highlights – High qualifications of tutors with years of experience
– Small class sizes to for closer guidance
– Customised tuition notes are provided to students to cater to their needs
– 100% of students witnessed grade improvements
– 80% of students achieved A for their tutored subject
Fees $480/month
Review By
Nguyen Lonh
IP Maths
“I have just just joined this tuition centre for 4 months and just this SAI 1 skyrocketed from a D grade to a high B and not only that tuition teachers are approachable and friendly with fun lessons yet effective in many ways.”

Review By
Sara Tan
IP Maths

“Future Academy at Bugis is suitable for all types of students. I used to have a really bad study habit but after attending Future Academy, I felt like studying wasn’t that bad after all. Really grateful and special thanks to Ms Chen for pulling up my grades. Amazing tuition center!”
Review By
Harry Liu (Parent)
“Tuition teachers here are all highly qualified. Most of them are ex-IP school or top MOE school teachers. The small group tuition conducted are really quite productive. Not easy to find teacher in such strong background actually. Tuition fee is a bit high but cost efficient. Worth a try if you are looking for high quality tuition for your child.”

21) My Mustard Seed Tuition Centre

Over at My Mustard Seed Tuition Centre, they believe that premium education need not come at a premium price – making them a popular choice for affordable IP Tuition in Singapore. With their strong belief that every student is unique and has the potential to succeed if he/she is willing to put in the effort to nurture it, My Mustard Seed ensures that each and every student’s learning needs are met. 1-to-1 professional feedback will be given to students on a regular basis as the tutors acknowledge the student’s efforts rather than their results. As such, students in My Mustard Seed Tuition Centre have made average improvements in their grades where 90% of them scored A and B every year.

My Mustard Seed Tuition Centre IP Tuition

My Mustard Seed Tuition Centre IP Tuition

IP Tuition 21 My Mustard Seed Tuition Centre
Levels & Subjects IP English
Email contact@mymustardseed.com.sg
Class Size 4-10 students
No. of Branches  1
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9100 8878 /
Block 201B Tampines Street 21, #02-1069, Singapore 522201 (enter by the back)
Website https://www.mymustardseed.com.sg/
Opening Hours Mon & Wed : By appointment
Tue, Thur, Fri : 1 – 7pm
Sat : 10am – 7pm
Highlights – 90% of students score As and Bs every year, with average improvement of 3 grades
– Small class size to ensure that each student gets maximum attention from the tutor
– Online GP classes available for greater convenience
– Professional feedback and guidance given by principal tutor Mr Liau, an international op-ed writer and former journalist
– Dedicated and 1-to-1 feedback given to each individual student
– Lots of content and examples in the detailed notes given to students to increase their pool of knowledge
– Affordable prices for premium education
Fees $260/month
Review By
IP English
“Since I joined My Mustard Seed, my perspective of tuition has changed. Tuition was always mundane and boring, but in Mustard Seed it was always fun and engaging. This is because Ms Wong always used different ways to make lessons more interesting such as showing us videos and using iPads and Smart TV for interactive learning. Ms Wong genuinely cares for her students and constantly imparts, not only knowledge, but also core values. Moreover, Ms Wong carefully plans her lessons and workshops with respect to the needs of her students so that everyone can maximise their learning. I really enjoy the time spent with Ms Wong as I treat Ms Wong not only as my tutor but also my friend Thank you so much Ms Wong!!”
Review By
IP English

“Ms Wong turned my doubt and fear into hope and potential. English has always been a subject which pulled me down, but through my two years of experience in her class, I have learnt not just English, but much more. Her effective teaching of understanding instead of memorising retains important information in my mind. I dare say, with confidence, that Ms Wong has played a pivotal role in my tremendous transformation from a C6 to an A2 last year. During class, she often gives deep insights on a variety of issues, many of which I find enlightening. The positive vibe she radiates creates a comfortable and friendly learning environment, and I find her to be one of the most influential and inspiring figures in my life.”

Review By
IP English

“Ms Wong is an excellent teacher. She knows exactly what she’s doing. The students who listen to and communicate with her can easily understand and apply what she teaches. She does everything she can to make sure that her students will achieve their desired results, and she motivates those with no ambition. From what I recall, her demeanour was almost always a kind, warm and gentle one, even at times when most of her students could tell she was more than just a little tired. She wants to and does care for her students like any good teacher should. The days I didn’t put in what I thought was the required amount of effort, I would feel guilty. Though it wasn’t always easy and she had been angry before, I can safely say I’m glad I went through everything I did in My Mustard Seed and with Ms Wong.”

22) Physics Academy

Physics Academy, founded in 2007, specialises in Physics Tuition for IP students. All tutors in the Physics Academy possess more than 20 years of teaching experience and are well-versed in the current school syllabus. Over 1,500 students were transformed in the course of 6-9 months, as they scored “A” or “B” in their respective Physics curriculum. At this highly qualified IP Tuition in Singapore, they also provide their students with a learning system that combines both online and offline learning models, allowing students to learn 24/7 anytime and anywhere with the access to carefully crafted digital lessons. With the amount of innovative and well-conceptualised curriculum, notes and systems, it is no wonder Physics Academy is such a well-loved tuition centre providing IP Tuition in Singapore.

Physics Academy IP Tuition

Physics Academy IP Tuition

IP Tuition 22 Physics Academy
Levels & Subjects IP Physics
Email enquiry@physicsacademy.com.sg
Class Size Not Stated
No. of Branches  2
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9068 8953 /
Bukit Batok: Blk 151 Bukit Batok Street 11, #03-252, Singapore 650151
Kembangan: 111 Jalan Kembangan, Singapore 419149
Website https://www.physicsacademy.sg/
Opening Hours Wed, Thur: 11am – 7pm
Fri: 1.30pm – 9.30pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 7pm
Highlights – Provides structured and concise notes for students
– Offers comprehensive Physics materials, along with their own Physics Learning System to guide students in their learning, even online
Fees $60 – $80/Lesson
Review By
Clarissa Lee
IP Physics
“Lessons at Physics Academy are really fun! Mr Lai tries his best to explain everything in a clear but engaging way. At Physics Academy, we’re provided with a lot of lesson materials, and they have helped me gain a better understanding of Physics. Being in Physics Academy has helped me get A consistently for my grades.”
Review By
Koh Wen Xu
IP Physics
“It is fun learning in Physics Academy. I have learnt a lot from this tuition. Mr Lai is a very highly qualified teacher, and has helped me to understand tough concepts like Kinematics. He has also helped me get full marks for my topical test. Overall, I feel that this is a very good tuition.”
Review By
“Physics Academy is one of the best tuitions to learn Physics. With free drinks and fun games all around you and with a really high qualified teacher, Mr Lai, it is no doubt that you will improve. There are digital lessons too, where you can learn as many times as you want. I got A2 for recent WA1 too.”

23) Number Skill Learning Centre

Over at Number Skill Learning Centre, an IP Tuition in Singapore, 100% of the students have shown improvements in their results after attending classes for more than one term, and those who stayed throughout the whole course went on to score distinctions in their examinations. Number Skill offers Math and Chemistry Tuition, as well as video-based learning that students can sign up on their own accord so as to learn at their own pace and convenience. In addition, students who sign up for more than one class will get a 20% discount off the monthly fee of the second and third classes!

NumberSkill Learning Centre IP Tuition

NumberSkill Learning Centre IP Tuition

IP Tuition 23 Number Skill Learning Centre
Levels & Subjects IP Maths, IP Chemistry
Email admin@numberskill.com
Class Size Maths: 4-15 students
Chemistry: 4-10 students
No. of Branches  2
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9763 2567 /
Bukit Timah: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, #B1-15, Singapore 588179
Bishan: Blk 503 Bishan Street 11 #01-456 Singapore 570503
Website https://www.numberskill.com/
Opening Hours Opening hours differ
Highlights – 100% of our students showed improvement after attending classes for more than 1 term
– More than 90% of our students who stayed throughout the whole course went on to score distinctions in examinations
– Classes are available online and onsite
Fees  $340 per 4 lessons

One to one lessons:
1.5Hr: $150 per session
1Hr: $100 per session

Review By
Song Yu
IP Chemistry
“I was struggling for chemistry and got a C5 for the mid year common test. Then I went for chemistry tuition at Number Skill and the clear and detailed explanation helped me get a high A2 for the next common test. This was possible thanks to Mrs Ang-Tan Eileen!”
Review By
Nicholas Tan
IP Chemistry
“Helpful and approachable teacher! My grade improved from D7 in mid year to A1 in common test 2. I always enjoy lessons as they are fun and engaging too.”
Review By
IP Maths
“Mr Ang is a teacher who always teaches us the shorter and easier methods to solve questions by teaching us shortcuts which were very helpful for me during exams as it saves a lot of time. During lessons, he also adds on questions by himself to let the class think deeper into a certain question and concept which actually helped open our eyes to a whole new method and thought. His classes are hence very helpful and are definitely worth the 4 hours a week!”


24) TWIG Learning Centre

TWIG Learning Centre is a specialised IP Tuition in Singapore providing high-quality Chemistry Tuition. 97% of their students have shown improvements in their results and have gone on to score distinctions in their Chemistry examinations. Lessons at TWIG Learning Centre are broken down into concept explanation, followed by problem solving. Tutors are hand-picked by the centre and are all highly experienced in teaching Chemistry. In addition, extra practices and assignments are given to reinforce student’s learning, as well as consultation for students who require clarification. Students can hence be rest assured that they are engaging a qualified IP Tuition in Singapore.

Twig Learning Centre IP Tuition

Twig Learning Centre IP Tuition

IP Tuition 24 TWIG Learning Centre
Levels & Subjects IP Chemistry
Email hello@twig.sg
Class Size Not Stated
No. of Branches  3
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9748 6339 /
Bukit Timah: 271 Bukit Timah Road, Balmoral Plaza #B1-01 Singapore 259708
Bishan: Blk 503, Bishan Street 11, #01-456, Singapore 570503
Braddell: 381 Toa Payoh, Lorong 1 Singapore 319758
Website https://twig.sg/
Opening Hours Sat: 9am – 5.30pm
Sun: 9am – 2pm
Highlights – Experienced and hand-picked tutors with years of experience in teaching Chemistry
– Clear and concise in-house copyrighted notes for all students
– Summary sheets for easy reference and studying
– Usage of interactive SMART boards with video recording for future references by students
– Exclusive Telegram groups for students with videos/recordings of lessons posted
– Additional consultation for students who require clarification
– Additional practice, mini quizzes and mini assignments given to reinforce learning
– Flexible schedule, students are able to arrange for make-up lessons freely
– Crash courses during school holidays for better learning
Fees $85-$90/lesson
Review By
Chee Yit
IP Chemistry
“Since my first lesson, I have found Mr Koh’s lessons to be very helpful and informative. His notes are clear cut, without any unnecessary information, which really sped up my learning process. Coupled with you continuously going through with us questions to develop that much needed rigour for Chemistry, I was able to improve tremendously. Mr Koh was also patient with my questions and would not hesitate to spend extra time out of lesson to answer my queries. I managed to get an A1 for Chem!”
Review By
IP Chemistry
“In Secondary School, I found Chemistry a challenging subject but the lessons at Twig were very useful in helping me digest the more abstract concepts. Mr Koh organised the notes such that it was integrated with relevant examples and challenging questions. He also provided concise summaries for each topic to facilitate revision when nearing exams. I am very grateful that Mr Koh was ever so patient whenever I had questions to ask him.”
Review By
Yu Ting
IP Chemistry
“Mr Koh’s lessons helped me develop a greater understanding for Chemistry. I often found it difficult to keep up with the school lectures, but Mr Koh’s lessons, on the other hand, are clear and easy to comprehend, allowing me to fully understand the concepts. After attending his lessons, I found myself able to tackle school questions with much more ease. He also selects tricky and difficult questions for us to attempt and teaches us how to tackle them during tests and exams. His concise notes also made revision a lot easier as it is a good substitute for the thick lecture books from school. Mr Koh made this difficult subject a lot more manageable and enjoyable, and with his help I managed to get an A for my IP exam. Thank you Mr Koh!”


25) The Physics Cafe

With over 10 years of reputation, The Physics Cafe is known to be one of the most trusted Physics Tuition Centre providing IP Tuition in Singapore. Since 2009, they have been featured on multiple news outlets such as Channel News Asia, Straits Times, Channel 5 and Channel 8. With 4 outlets in Singapore, all the tutors across all branches undergo months of training by their in-house education specialists before they are deemed qualified to lead classes at The Physics Cafe. Hence, all tutors employ the same teaching style and teaching pedagogy – which has allowed their students to benefit greatly from their IP Tuition in Singapore. 

The Physics Cafe IP Tuition

The Physics Cafe IP Tuition

IP Tuition 25 The Physics Cafe
Levels & Subjects IP Maths, IP Chemistry, IP Physics
Email admin@thephysicscafe.com
Class Size Not Stated
No. of Branches 4
Contact / Address / Location(s) 9100 1235 /
Bishan: 284 Bishan Street 22, #01-201, Singapore 570284
Bukit Timah: 37 Jln Pemimpin, Singapore 577177
Novena: 187B Thomson Rd, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307630
Paya Lebar: 10 Eunos Rd 8, #01-207 SingPost Centre, Singapore 408600
Website https://www.thephysicscafe.com/
Opening Hours Opening hours differ
Highlights – All tutors teach the same style across all branches
– Trusted brand since 2009, over 10 years of reputation
– Stellar results in students – 80% of their students achieve A for their Physics/Math
Fees Fees differ based on class availability/slots
Review By
Neo Kai Lun
IP Physics
“I decided to start my lessons at PMC after being clueless about Physics all the time, but after lessons at PMC, my teacher taught me very clearly and very well and I slowly began to understand a lot more than I ever did before. Together with PMC’s excellent resources such as their notes and their Secrets Enclosed book, I feel that I have benefitted a lot from these lessons. PMC has a high distinction rate of close to 8 out of 10 students scoring a distinction every year, as much as the teacher guides us very well in effectively handling the subject, I believe a large part of the success is also due to the students’ hard work in trying to complete all the not compulsory homework after every lesson.”
Review By
IP Physics
“Before I joined Physics Cafe, I was unable to understand concepts clearly and their applications in different types of questions. I had begun to lose interest in the subject. I was initially hesitant to go for any tuition, but my friends encouraged me to give it a try. The materials provided, and the teacher’s clear explanations made lessons easy to understand. The practice in answering questions allowed me to understand the applications of the physics concepts and be more confident in solving physics questions. They even revised previous topics which I had been unsure of. I am extremely glad that I enjoyed Physics Cafe and definitely think I could have joined earlier to build a stronger foundation in the subject. I now feel more prepared for giving physics examinations and have even started to enjoy learning physics.”
Review By
Bernice Lim
IP Physics
“In Secondary 3, Physics was a chore and a mess of concepts which I couldn’t differentiate and understand. After failing, I proceeded to the November crash course in hope to start understanding some concepts. It was so enlightening I decided to join the Secondary 4 class this year! Attending Physics Cafe provided me a fundamental knowledge of the concepts I need to know in the S4 topics. Physics Cafe helped me to be more confident in Physics and motivated to study for Physics so yay! Thank you Mr Shane and Physics Cafe!”


3. Cost of IP Tuition in Singapore

Given how rigorous and demanding the IP curriculum is, we understand that students might find it crucial to engage in IP Tuition for various subjects – which also equates to the monthly cost of tuition fees rising. As the IP curriculum is slightly different from the normal O Level curriculum, IP Tuition in Singapore is not offered by as many tuition centres. Hence, when IP Tuition is in fact offered by a particular tuition centre, the fees might be slightly higher as the tutors have to undergo extra/different training.

The cost of IP Tuition in Singapore is dependent on various factors including location, reputation/brand and quality, but the average cost of IP Tuition is $200 a month, with premium IP Tuition in Singapore going up to over $500 a month for group lessons. There are also more affordable options going at around $150 a month, but once should be prudent in checking the qualifications and experience of such tuition providers as the IP Programme is highly specialised. We would recommend parents or students to do their own research and explore different options to secure the best IP Tuition in Singapore based on the student’s learning needs and capabilities.

Here at MindFlex, our IP Home Tuition is also a solid choice for those looking for private tuition at their convenience. Our rates start from $40-$50 per hour for Part-Time Tutors, and goes up to $60-$80 per hour for Full-Time Tutors and $90-$120 per hour for Ex/Current MOE Tutors. As we understand how important it is to ensure that the tutor you are engaging is qualified, MindFlex also provides the tutors’ relevant qualifications, experiences and achievements to help you make a well-informed decision.

4. Benefits of IP Tuition in Singapore

4.1. Personalised Attention and Guidance from IP Tutors 

With the IP curriculum being highly-demanding, students may sometimes face difficulties catching up with lessons in class. In the class setting, given how tight the schedules are, teachers seldom have the luxury of providing each and every student with their fullest attention or answering all of the students’ doubts and questions. In contrast, in specialised IP Tuition in Singapore, the class size is usually very small/1-to-1. As such, more focus and attention will be on each student. If students have any queries from their school lessons, they also have the luxury of bringing it into their IP Tuition classes and clarifying their doubts with their IP Tutor. Students will also be able to receive personalised attention and guidance from the tutors, which encourages more effective learning.

4.2. IP Tutors Can Help Student’s Revision & Address Shortcomings 


In school, teachers would usually put more emphasis on learning advanced topics and gloss over fundamentals that were previously learnt in the previous years. However, with IP Tuition, tutors are able to use the opportunity to work and improve on the student’s shaky fundamentals and ensure that they have a strong foundation before moving on to the next topic. This will ensure that students are able to grasp the concepts well before tackling the next topic that requires higher-thinking skills, which can be challenging if they are not ready.

4.3. Receive Relevant IP Notes and Feedback From IP Tutors 

Good IP Tuition in Singapore will provide students with relevant IP materials and resources for the students. Most of the time, they are selected and tailored to the learning needs of the students as tutors are usually familiar with their areas of weaknesses. With materials that are curated and aligned with the IP syllabus, students can use them to familiarise themselves with the IP curriculum and enhance the areas they are lacking in. In addition, IP Tutors or tuition centres usually have their own bank of practice questions which can serve as additional practice for students outside of their school time/syllabus, allowing them to practice more, which will aid them in significantly gaining an edge over their peers. 

4.4. Learn At A Comfortable Learning Pace in IP Tuition

One reason why students struggle doing well in IP is due to the fast-paced lessons that leave little time for students to properly grasp the concepts or consolidate their learning. Teachers in school are usually met with time constraints, as such they tend to cram all the concepts they can in one lesson, so that when the examinations are near, they would have taught all of the topics in the syllabus. This usually leads to misconceptions or inability to even understand anything that’s being taught – resulting in students feeling demoralised by their inability to catch up. During lessons, they will struggle to keep up with the teacher as they try to figure out the previous concepts taught. In contrast, with IP Tuition, students are able to learn at their own pace, with the IP Tutors paying close attention to their learning style or speed – allowing them to cater their lesson plans to what the students need. Extra consultations can also be scheduled with their IP Tutor, allowing students to get the extra help they need.

4.5. Provide Students An Edge Over Peers With IP Tuition

Education in Singapore can sometimes bring about a highly competitive environment in school, which is even more significant in the IP curriculum. As such, most parents would want their child to do well or even better, out-do their peers in class. With IP Tuition in Singapore, students will be able to receive a ‘head-start’ in their academics. IP Tutors who are highly-experienced in teaching the IP syllabus will be able to prepare students ahead of tests and quizzes, so they can easily outperform their peers in school, which can help build the confidence they have in themselves to do well for future examinations.

4.6. Boost In Confidence From IP Tutors

With the intensity of the IP curriculum, and the fact that A Levels play a vital role in whether they can advance to University or not, students who struggle to do well in school will most certainly lose their morale and confidence to work hard. Engaging in IP Tuition in Singapore can help to ease the stress and the overwhelming feeling of not doing well in school. With lesson plans that are curated to meet the student’s learning needs, students are able to learn and make mistakes freely without the fear of facing any consequences. With the IP Tutor’s guidance in their journey to scoring well, students will gradually gain back their confidence and self-esteem, and work towards getting As for their IP examinations.

IP Tutor addressing student's shortcomings

With IP Tuition, students would be able to have more personalised attention in class and work on their shaky fundamentals.

5. Considerations When Selecting IP Tuition in Singapore

With the immense number of choices available for IP Tuition in Singapore, MindFlex understands how challenging it might be to select, or even narrow down the top IP Tuition in Singapore that are suitable for the student’s learning needs. Hence, we’ve penned down a few factors you might like to take into consideration before engaging in any IP Tuition in Singapore.

5.1. Location of The IP Tuition in Singapore

In order to maximise productivity, it might be beneficial if students are able to cut down on travel time – which will free up more pockets of time for studying or resting. Hence, it is crucial to take into consideration the location of the IP Tuition in Singapore. It might be more convenient if students attend an IP Tuition that is either close to their school or home, as opposed to picking an option that is extremely inconvenient or far. Another consideration you might want to look into is 1-To-1 Home Tuition! At MindFlex Home Tuition, we bring the IP Tuition to you – just leave a request for IP Tuition and we’ll send you a list of suitable IP Tutor options so you can enjoy high quality education at the comforts of your own homes, without having to engage in any unnecessary traveling.

5.2. Quality of IP Tuition Resources/Materials


Another valid area to look into when choosing your IP Tuition in Singapore is the quality and amount of resources, notes and materials they are able to provide. Reputable centres/tutors usually provide their in-house collated/written notes – which will serve as an effective and additional learning resource for students. Also, be sure to check on the lesson structures and amount of notes (whether they’ll be provided with new sets every lesson etc.) in order to make an informed decision about the IP Tuition to pick.

5.3. Class Size of IP Tuition

While most parents and students prefer small classes, this might come with a hefty price tag. As such, when deciding on the best-suited IP Tuition, it can be helpful to note the class sizes of the tuition classes, in addition to the fees. Smaller classes (2-8 students) can provide students with more personalised guidance from tutors and allows more time for students to clarify their doubts. However, this is not to say that bigger classes should definitely be avoided. Depending on the IP Tuition’s teaching pedagogy and styles, bigger classes might serve as an advantage as students will be able to interact and bounce off ideas with each other, simulating a more hands-on approach to learning as a team.

5.4. Reputation and Credibility of the IP Tuition Centre

Before settling on your decision, it might be beneficial to do a quick check on the reputation and credibility of the IP Tuition. Notable aspects to look into include their track record, student testimonials and their teaching pedagogy and methodology. It is also essential to ensure that the IP Tuition Centre you are enrolling in has taught students of the IP syllabus before, or if their tutors are trained to teach the IP syllabus. 

5.5. Experience of the IP Tutor

Building on the aforementioned point, it is absolutely essential to do a check on the IP Tutor that the student will be assigned to before settling on your decision. The IP Tuition’s website will usually have clear indications of the IP Tutor’s profiles, including their educational achievements, teaching experience and their skills/strengths. Ensure that the IP Tutor you are engaging has had prior experiences teaching the IP syllabus! In addition, you might also want to check to see if the tutor has had any public testimonials pertaining directly to him/her – this will give you a gauge as to whether that particular tutor’s teaching has been beneficial for students.

Student studying in IP Tuition

With IP Tuition, students would be able to gain their confidence and morale to study hard.

6. Conclusion – The Best IP Tuition in Singapore

In conclusion, with the IP syllabus being tougher than standard secondary schools, the intensity of the IP curriculum can be overwhelming for your child if no one is there to help ease his/her academic journey. However, such an issue can be overcome by engaging an IP Tuition in Singapore that you feel is well suited and meets the individual’s learning requirements. This way, your child will be able to instil good study habits and maintain a constant good performance in their studies. After all, it is undeniable that you would want your money to be used in a place that is beneficial for your child!

We hope that through our consolidated list of the top 25 centres providing IP Tuition in Singapore, you are able to gain a better insight into the IP Tuition industry and make your final decision in engaging an IP Tuition for your child. However, in the event where you feel that Group Tuition may not be as effective for your child in his learning, do consider engaging MindFlex’s IP Home Tutors, who are highly experienced, allowing their students to improve tremendously and achieve exemplary results!

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