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What To Expect From MindFlex’s JC Tutors

1 to 1 Expert JC Tuition Catered to Students’ Needs & Learning Styles

Additional Consolidated Learning Materials and Past-Year-Papers from Top Schools

Effective Answering Techniques to Score Well During Examinations

Clear and Simple Explanations of Concepts to Clarify Doubts of Students

Learn At A Comfortable Pace In the Safety and Comfort of Your Home

Gain Insights Into Real-World Applications of Concepts Taught in Classes

Achieve Your Goals and Enter Your Ideal University and Degree

Witness An Improvement in Your Grades and Ace A Levels

Pick Your Ideal JC Tutor From Our Database of 9,000+ Quality Junior College Tutors

Affordable JC Tuition

JC Tuition Rates Singapore

Our JC home tuition rates are constantly updated in real-time based on rates quoted by home tutors in Singapore. These market rates are based on the volume of 10,000+ monthly tuition assignment applications over a pool of 30,000+ active home tutors.



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JC Tutor Categories

Engage Top-Quality JC Home Tutors At Affordable Tuition Rates

The 3 Different Categories of JC Tutors



Ex / Current

MOE Teachers

Around 1 to 3
Years of Experience

More Than 5
Years of Experience

National Exam Markers
(PSLE/N/O/A Levels, IBDP)

Made Up of
Mostly Undergraduates 

Made Up of
Mostly Graduates

MOE & NIE Trained
School Teachers

Scored Good Grades (As)
During School Days

Large Pool of Students,
Relevant Levels & Subjects

In-Depth MOE Teaching 
Techniques & Pedagogy

Young & Vibrant, 
Small Age Gap

Highly Experienced with
All Types of Students 

Wealth of Classroom 
Teaching Experience

Most Budget
Friendly Option

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of Commitment

Most Qualified
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Categories of JC Tuition which MindFlex Offers
Categories of JC Tuition which MindFlex Offers

JC Home Tuition

MindFlex Offers The Following:


Effective JC Home Tuition

What Are The Topics And Skills Covered By MindFlex’s JC Tutors?


H1 General Paper:
Grammar, Vocabulary, Essay Writing, Comprehension, Summary Writing, Listening Comprehension, Oral Communication, Critical Thinking, and many more…

H2 English Language and Linguistics:
Adaptive Writing and Commentary, Language Variation and Change, Language, Culture and Identity, Situational Writing, Argumentative Writing, Comprehension, and many more…

H1/H2/H3 Literature in English:
Reading Literature, The English Renaissance, The Mind and Self in Literature, Analysis, and many more…


H1/H2/H3 Maths:
Functions, Graphs and Transformations, Equations and Inequalities, Sequences and Series, Vectors, Introduction to Complex Numbers, Calculus, Differentiation and Integration, Probability and Statistics, Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Matrices and Numerical Methods, and many more…

H2 Further Maths:
Mathematical induction, Complex numbers, Polar curves and conic sections, Applications of definite integrals, Differential equations, Recurrence relations, Matrices and linear spaces, Numerical methods. Discrete random variables, Continuous random variables, and many more…

H2 Computing:
Algorithms and Data Structures, Programming, Data and Information, Computer Networks, and many more…


H1/H2/H3 Biology:
The Cell and Biomolecules of life, Genetics and Inheritance, Energy and Equilibrium, Biological Evolution, Infectious Diseases, Impact of Climate Change on Animals and Plants, and many more…

H1/H2/H3 Chemistry:
Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, The Gaseous State, Theories of Acids and Bases, The Periodic Table, The Mole Concept and Stoichiometry, Chemical Energetics (Thermochemistry and Thermodynamics), Reaction Kinetics, Chemical Equilibria, Chemistry of Aqueous Solutions, Organic Chemistry, Electrochemistry, and many more…

H1/H2/H3 Physics:
Newtonian Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Oscillations and Waves, Electricity and Magnetism, Modern Physics, and many more…


H1/H2/H3 Geography:
Tropical Environments, Development, Economy and Environment, Sustainable Development, Geographical Investigation, and many more…

H1/H2/H3 History:
International History, Southeast Asian History, and many more…

H1/H2/H3 Economics:
The Central Economic Problem, Markets, National and International Economy, and many more…


H1 Chinese / Malay / Tamil Language:
Grammar, Vocabulary, Essay Writing, Comprehension, Summary Writing, Listening Comprehension, Oral Communication, Critical Thinking, and many more…

H2 China Studies:
China’s Development and Its Impact, Chinese Society and Its Transformation, Role of China and Its Implications, Governing China and Its Challenges, Local Politics, Economy, Culture, Society and Education, Chinese Culture and Values, International Issues, and many more…

H2/H3 China/Malay Language and Literature:
Ancient Chinese Prose and Classical Chinese Literature, Modern Novels and Plays, and many more..


H2 Principles of Accounting:
Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Stakeholders and Decision-making, Business Ethics, Elements of Financial Statements, Accounting Principles, Budgeting, and many more…


JC GP Tutors

At MindFlex, our Top GP Tutors are aware of the struggles that JC students face. GP being a new subject for JC1 students, it is often difficult for them to develop the necessary skills such as Effectively Answering an Essay Question and Application of Content to Examination Questions.

As such, our highly experienced GP Tutors focus extensively on ensuring that students achieve complete mastery of the content and topics in the syllabus, building on this content knowledge to then answer examination questions effectively and concisely. 1-to-1 attention is being given to each individual students, with personalised revision materials provided by our GP Tutors to consolidate students’ learning. With the Best JC GP Tuition in Singapore covered by MindFlex, JC GP Students can be assured that they will be adequately equipped to take on the JC GP Examinations within the short runway period.

Read the Top Ways To Prepare For A Levels GP to find out how to get started on scoring for the GP subject.



Our Top JC Chinese Tutors are dedicated to helping students achieve content mastery, working on expanding their vocabulary and increasing fluency when conversing in Chinese. The runway to the Chinese A Level Examinations is rather short as the examination takes place in JC1, which is why enlisting the help of MindFlex’s JC Chinese Tutors would be extremely useful and of utmost importance.

With strong emphasis on writing well-developed essays (作文) and articulating well for oral examinations (口试), our highly experienced JC Chinese Tutors will ensure that their students hone the relevant skills needed for them to ace in JC Chinese examinations. Moreover, past year JC A Level H1 Chinese examination papers will be provided by JC Chinese Tutors, ensuring that students are familiar with the overview and possible questions that will appear in their upcoming preliminary or national examinations for JC Chinese.

Learn more about JC Chinese when you read The Complete Guide to H1 Chinese in Singapore!



Progressing from the relevant Mathematics subjects learnt in Secondary School/IP, students venturing into JC will know that JC H1/2/3 Maths curriculums are more advanced and require further content mastery in order to do well in JC Maths. Here at MindFlex, our experienced and qualified JC Maths Tutors will be able to provide the necessary guidance and support to students, be it in the Pure Maths or Statistics Component.

Being extremely familiar and well-versed with the MOE Maths Syllabus, our JC Maths Tutors will be able to expertly pinpoint the common challenging topics such as Vectors in 3 Dimensions, Integration and its Applications, Functions and Graphs, and Complex numbers. Learn more about JC Maths through our article on All About JC H1/H2 Maths & 5 Effective Tips to Scoring Well.



Taking it up a notch, the JC H2 Further Maths curriculum is designed for JC students who are mathematically-inclined and want to further pursue their interests or a career field in Mathematics . At MindFlex, we want to support every JC student’s interest and hone the student’s strengths to greater heights.

Our JC H2 Further Maths Tuition will be able to help students better excel in this advanced subject with constant rigorous mock examinations as well as summarised H2 Further Maths notes that are easy to understand and absorb. Additionally, students will tackle challenging topics and questions, and will be guided by our Top JC H2 Further Maths Tutors to ensure students answer the questions accurately and concisely. Thus, with the Best JC H2 Further Maths Tuition in Singapore at MindFlex, students will be able to ace in JC H2 Further Maths tests and examinations.



Continuing on from Chemistry in Secondary school, the Chemistry subject at JC Level can be an immense struggle for many JC Students due to the advanced Chemistry syllabus that is being taught at a great speed to students. As a result, many students face difficulties grasping and memorising the scientific concepts as they are taught. Furthermore, the concepts are rather advanced and often build on an in-depth knowledge of earlier foundational topics such as Atomic Structure and Stoichiometry.

Here at MindFlex, our Top JC Chemistry Tutors are able to help students clarify their doubts about concepts as they are being taught in school. This allows JC Chemistry Students to build a solid foundation of their Chemistry concepts, allowing students to accurately apply Chemistry formulae to find the answer questions and score well for their JC Chemistry Examinations.



The Physics subject at JC level has been touted as one of the most challenging subjects in the JC Curriculum as it requires students to build their knowledge and apply them via analysing and solving problems in a variety of systems in the physical world. This means that JC Physics students are required to understand, handle, apply and evaluate information learnt in their JC Physics lessons.

Here at MindFlex, our A Level Physics Tutors are well-versed in the latest Physics syllabus and are capable of helping JC students achieve Physics content mastery. Our A Level Physics Tutors will dedicate themselves to crafting personalised lesson plans for every student depending on his/her academic strengths and areas of improvement. Whether it is to achieve content mastery for complex Physics topics like Quantum Physics or Thermal Dynamics, or to ace in the various Physics paper sections such as Paper 2 – Structured Questions or Paper 4 – Practical, JC Physics students will be able to gain confidence as they tackle their examination papers for the Physics subject.

To learn more about JC Physics, read our article on An Overview Of The JC Physics Syllabus & Top Result-Proven Tips To Score Well as well as The Complete Guide to H1/H2 Physics in Singapore now!



The JC Biology Curriculum under the MOE Syllabus has been organised as a continuum from the Biology subject in Secondary School. This may be concerning for JC students who did not take up Biology in Secondary School as well as those that do not have any background knowledge in the field of Biology. However, MindFlex believes that JC students can still ace in Biology should they receive the necessary additional support that they require to achieve content mastery and the strong application skills in the subject.

With the help of our highly proficient and experienced JC Biology Tutors, JC students can be assured that they are able to understand the Nature of Scientific Knowledge and demonstrate their Scientific Inquiry Skills as they work on the examination paper. Moreover, our tutors will help students understand the concepts and content within topics such as Biological Evolution, Genetics and Inheritance, and Energy and Equilibrium, thus allowing students to achieve content mastery in the field of Biology. What’s more – JC students will be placed in mock examination settings to ensure that they are familiar and prepared when they tackle the actual JC Biology examination.

To prepare for the subject, JC students can read our article on Ways to Score Well for JC Biology, Shared By Top H1/H2 JC Biology Tutors.



Building on JC students’ prior foundation in the Humanities in Secondary School, MindFlex’s Best JC Geography Tuition aims to further strengthen students’ knowledge and skill sets in the subject.

Under the guidance of our JC Geography Tutors, JC Geography students will learn to be well-versed and competent in all 4 Themes — Tropical Environments, Development, Economy and Environment, Sustainable Development, and Geographical Investigation in order to score well for JC Geography. Moreover, with our JC Geography Tutors being highly qualified and proficient in the JC Geography Syllabus, students can be assured that they will be able to comprehend and apply the concepts that they are taught into their tests and examination papers. With the Best JC Geography Tuition in Singapore, JC Geography students will be sure to achieve content mastery as well as academic improvements in the field of Geography!



Similarly to JC Geography, JC History is another subject that leverages on the student’s prior academic knowledge base in the Secondary History subject. However, we understand that some students may not have taken History back in Secondary School which may cause some concerns with regard to their ability to excel in JC History examinations. With the help of our Top JC History Tutors at MindFlex, however, all JC History students can be assured that they will be able to answer the different types of questions in the JC History Examinations.

With the Best JC History Tuition in Singapore, JC History students will learn about The Cold War (1945-1991) as well as Southeast Asia’s Economic Development After Independence so as to tackle the questions found in JC History Paper 1 and Paper 2 respectively. Our highly experienced and competent JC History Tutors are determined to ensure JC students excel in the subject so they will provide detailed and concise summary notes and mind maps that will significantly help students with their JC Humanities revision and examinations. As such, JC History students will be adequately prepared to tackle their History tests and examinations in JC.



The JC Literature subject often concerns many JC students due to vagueness and fluidity in the subject content as well as surprise elements within the JC Literature Examination papers. As a result, this may cause anxiety amongst students as they may be at a loss as to how to improve their Literature grades or how to ace in their JC Literature Examinations. However, MindFlex has got it covered as we offer highly effective JC Literature Tuition that will support JC Literature students who are struggling to keep up with the subject syllabus.

At MindFlex, we offer tutors who can provide H1, H2, and H3 Literature in English Tuition in accordance with the latest GCE A Level Syllabus. Our JC Literature in English Tutors will also identify every JC student’s strength and weakness to determine if the student is better suited to tackle Paper 2 – The English Renaissance (1509-1660) or Paper 3 – The Mind and Self in Literature, so that students can maximise the number of marks they can get for the subject. Furthermore, MindFlex’s Literature Tutors serve as a significant source of support for students to consult them if they have any queries, and provide personalised 1-to-1 feedback regarding their Literature essays. As such, students can be assured that they are in good hands when they engage with the Top JC Literature Tutors in Singapore under MindFlex.



JC H1 and H2 Economics has become one of the increasingly popular subjects amongst JC Students, resulting in JC Economics being one of the most competitive subjects to score in. As such, it is crucial that students remain on top of the content at all times in order for them to ace in the Humanities subject.

MindFlex’s Top A Level Economics Tutors are well-versed with the latest MOE Syllabus, and will be able to provide guidance to students navigating this highly popular subject. Other than ensuring content mastery of both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, our A Level Economics Tutors will also be sure to impart essential skills such as Case Study Analysis and Essay Writing Skills, and will also provide guided essay plans and personalised feedback so that JC students will be ready to answer the questions that may appear in the A Level Economics Examinations.

Want to ace for JC Economics? Find out the 5 Study Hacks On How To Do Well for JC Economics!



JC Computing is a newly introduced subject that is offered to JC students to further expand their knowledge and/or to pursue their interests in the field of Computing. Although this subject is relatively uncommon among JC students, MindFlex’s Best JC Computing Tuition ensures that students who take up this subject will be well-versed with the content and curriculum according to the latest A Level syllabus.

MindFlex’s JC Computing Tutors will identify the students’ strengths as well as to improve the students’ weaknesses in the respective subjects, and come up with a learning schedule that best fits the students’ learning needs and requirements. This includes having more mock lab-based examinations will be provided to JC Computing students who are already proficient in the written examination aspect of the subject, as well as providing consolidated and effective notes that will support in the students’ revision for Computing. At MindFlex, our JC Computing Tutors will be sure to devote their time and attention to their students, thus helping JC students excel in Computing.


JC POA Tutors

Principles of Accounts is a subject offered in both Secondary School and JC, so it would be highly advantageous if the JC Principles of Accounts student has taken the subject in Secondary School. As for students without prior academic knowledge, MindFlex would like to assure them that it is still possible to ace in the JC Principles of Accounts Examinations should they opt for JC Principles of Accounts Tuition with MindFlex!

At MindFlex, our highly proficient JC Principles of Accounts Tutors are well-versed with the subject’s content and syllabus as some of our tutors hold professional Accounting backgrounds in the workforce. Leveraging on the professional background, JC Principles of Accounts students will get exclusive access and insights to the latest Accounting knowledge and learn directly from the professionals themselves. With the subject being a content-heavy and time consuming subject, JC Principles of Accounting students will be trained to achieve content mastery and will be placed in mock examination settings to ensure that JC students are well equipped to tackle in the A Level Principles of Accounting Examinations at the end of their 2 years in JC.



Similarly to JC subjects such as Computing and Principles of Accounts, the JC Management of Business subject is another uncommon yet intriguing subject that more JC students are beginning to take up within their JC Curriculum in order to pursue their interests. Students who engage with the Best JC Management of Business Tuition in Singapore covered by MindFlex will be sure to achieve content mastery and strong application skills in order to do well for this particular subject.

Our qualified and experienced JC Management of Business Tutors are devoted and dedicated in ensuring that their students are able to tackle any question that they encounter in the field of Business. Our tutors will even go the extra mile to identify every student’s strength and weakness, and then curate a personalised learning schedule that is best suited for each student. For instance, additional practices will be provided for JC Management of Business students in topics such as Marketing, Finance and Operations Management should they require more assistance in excelling in certain topics. Therefore, students can be assured that they are in good hands when they choose to engage with MindFlex for the Best Tuition in Singapore.

Challenges Faced While Learning JC

What Are The Challenges Faced By JC Students in Singapore?

Key Challenges:

  • Difficulty Applying Concepts, Calculating Equations, and Performing Calculations Accurately
  • Difficulty Memorising Huge Amounts of Content for every JC subject
  • Struggling to Organise Arguments and Write Well for Essays in General Paper and Humanities subjects
  • Feeling Overwhelmed by having to Master More than 4 Subjects within a short period of 2 years
  • Feeling Pressured by JC Peers and Strong Competition to win in the rat race
  • Feeling Stressed and Anxious about Personal Performance in JC and how that might impact their future prospects
  • Having Problems Balancing Both Personal and Academic Lives
  • Inability to Finish the Examination Paper due to poor examination and time management strategies
  • Inability to Perform Laboratory Experiments and Score Well for Practicals 
  • Insufficient Time to Work on Both Building Leadership Experience and Academic Proficiency
  • truggling to Keep Up with Fast Lesson Pace in JC
Benefits of Hiring JC Tuition

What Are The Benefits of Engaging JC Home Tutors through MindFlex?

1. Efficient Use Of After-School Time

For certain JCs, students are required to take up at least one co-curricular activity on top of the heavy JC curriculum, causing them to have limited time in focusing on their academics. An expert JC Tutor from MindFlex will help students to efficiently use their time to grasp difficult concepts in the A-Level syllabus, complete their given assignments, and prepare for the upcoming preliminary and/or national examinations. That way, students can better enjoy their 2-year JC life and develop their personal and academic lives at the same time.

2. Expert Tutors Clarifying Students’ Doubts And Complementing School Lessons

MindFlex’s Top Junior College Tutors have the experience and expertise in helping students achieve complete mastery of the content and examination techniques for the particular JC Subject. These tutors are familiar with the common questions that can appear during examinations and the common problems or mistakes made by JC students. Hence, with their extensive knowledge of the JC MOE Syllabus, they can help students to clarify their doubts in the content and improve their understanding of concepts taught in school. Not only so, their extensive experience will aid them to spot the weaknesses and strengths of the students, which allows them to design a customised learning schedule based on students’ needs and learning styles to maximise their learning.

3. Consolidated Summary Notes And Additional Practices From Top Schools

Although JC is considerably overwhelming with the huge amount of content to complete within 2 years, it is still essential for students to gain exposure to different types of questions so that they can be well-prepared for their preliminary examinations as well as A-Levels. Having Top JC Tutors from MindFlex who have taught JC students of different schools across Singapore would allow students to gain access to helpful consolidated summary notes that can help them during their revision. Furthermore, MindFlex’s JC Home Tutors will be able to provide and explain the questions asked in the examination papers from different schools, allowing the students to have a better understanding of the variety of questions that can be asked and how they may answer them well.

4. Catching Up With School Lessons And Adequate Preparation For Examinations

Having to perform well in both personal and academic lives will result in some JC students having difficulty catching up with school lessons due to the limited time they can focus on their academics. That is why engaging MindFlex’s Best JC Tutors in Singapore will help students to grasp the concepts taught in class and ensure that they are well-prepared for any examinations in school, hence ensuring that students will not lag behind as compared to their classmates in JC.

To begin your preparations for JC Examinations, read our articles on specific subjects including An Essential Preparation Guide for JC H1/H2 Chemistry and Top JC H1/H2 Biology Tutors Share How To Score Well now!

5. Tips And Advice In Achieving Students’ Goals Of Getting Their Dream Degree And University

JC students will all be pressured by the need to do well for A levels in order to gain entry to their dream university. However, with applications for university getting increasingly competitive year after year, students are required to have stellar results in the form of both exemplary academic grades in A levels and extensive leadership experience. MindFlex’s experienced Top JC Tutors will provide students with great tips and advice that can help them to increase their chances of entering their dream university and their dream degree.

Making well-informed decisions

Why is Getting JC Tutors So Important?

Mastering more than 4 subjects within 2 years is no easy feat, and the sudden transition to JC from Secondary School can be daunting for many. Moreover, Year 1 JC students will even have to make a tough decision on picking a Arts, Science or Hybrid Stream upon matriculating into JC. Students Having JC Home Tuition can ease the student’s pain in grasping difficult concepts and content within short periods of time, and reduce the stress and anxiety one will face from the desire to do well for A-Levels. Being able to easily complete the assignments given by the school would mean that the student can spend more time in building their personal and academic achievements. With the assistance and guidance of a JC Tutor, students would not have to spend hours struggling on one piece of assignment and use the time elsewhere instead.

To excel in A-Levels, students are required to know the JC content like the back of their hand, and understand how to answer different types of questions during examinations. A lot of discipline and focus is also required to enable students to build up their knowledge for the A-Levels. However, doing so within a short period of 2 years can be overwhelming, and engaging a JC Tutor to design a suitable learning schedule for them would help students to manage their time and expectations so that they can better prepare for A-Levels. Furthermore, engaging the Top JC Tutors in Singapore can allow students to gain access to consolidated notes and explain questions found in different schools’ examination papers, which will help students in their revision and help them understand how to answer different types of questions. A-Level Examinations are difficult to score well due to the unpredictable nature of the questions, which often shocks and scares unprepared students. Having a JC Tutor to provide their 100% attention and focus on helping the student prepare for all sorts of questions would increase the chances of the student doing well for A-Levels.

Students need to do well for A-Levels to get into good universities and degrees, which can determine their future career. Making sure that they have a good understanding of the JC syllabus and are well-prepared for A-Levels will increase their chances of scoring exemplary results and ease their application into university. If you are looking at entering highly competitive degrees such as Medicine, Law, Dentistry and Computer Science, you will definitely have to groom yourself to be the cream of the crop. Having JC Home Tutors to assist you in your learning journey would definitely ease your learning journey for these 2 years. A JC Tutor will also act as an additional mentor for you or your child during these 2 years. With their experience and knowledge of the education system, they can provide tips and advice to increase your chances in entering your dream university and degree.


Infographic on Importance of JC Tuition

JC tuition singapore

What to Expect from MindFlex’s JC Tutors

1. Devoted 1 to 1 Expert JC Tuition Catered to Students’ Needs & Learning Styles

Our MindFlex Top JC Home Tutors will ensure that the student can grasp concepts and go through the syllabus at the student’s own pace, rather than having to catch up or wait for their peers in the same class. With one-on-one private tuition, our JC Tutors will provide their full attention and time to guide the student and curate a learning schedule specifically based on the student’s strengths and areas of improvement. Moreover, one-on-one tuition ensures that all questions and doubts of the student can be answered and cleared respectively with the assistance of our Top JC Tutors so that the student can better grasp the subjects within the JC curriculum.

2. Additional Consolidated Learning Materials and Past-Year Papers from Top Schools

Engaging a JC Home Tutor through MindFlex will provide students access to consolidated and detailed summary notes and other materials that will aid the students in studying for examinations. Our Top Tutors also have consolidated their own stash of past-year papers which is crucial to ensure that students receive as much exposure to different question types.

3. Effective Answering Techniques to Score Well During Examinations

Most of the JC subjects require specific answering styles and techniques which may be difficult to pick up without extra guidance. This is where our JC Tutors come in — they are able to effectively aid students in internalising answering techniques that can help them do well in their examinations.

4. Clear and Simple Explanations of Concepts to Clarify Doubts of Students

Having a JC Tutor that gives his/her undivided attention in teaching/tutoring will ensure that sufficient time, step-by-step guidance, and quality explanations are provided to the student. MindFlex’s JC Tutors are able to break down complex and abstract concepts into bite-sized, digestible information which will be beneficial for the student’s understanding.

5. Learn At A Comfortable Pace In The Safety and Comfort of Your Home

Given the hectic schedule of JC students, they might find it inconvenient to have to travel to and fro. Hence, MindFlex Home Tuition completely eradicates this issue — students can return home, take a shower and have their meals before starting their lessons, making it more conducive for them in the long run.

6. Gain Insights Into Real-World Applications of Concepts Taught in Classes

All of our JC Tutors at MindFlex have at least a year’s worth of tutoring experience or have gone through similar curriculum and examinations when they were once students themselves. With their prior experiences, our tutors are competent to provide guidance not only in terms of the subject, but also guide students into applying what they learn into real-world context. This will help students visualise concepts better and increase their appreciation of the information they learn in class.

7. Achieve Your Goals and Enter Your Ideal University and Degree

Our JC Tutors are able to help students improve, allowing them to reach their full potential and achieve their goals and helping them enter their ideal university and degree.

8. Witness An Improvement in Your Grades and Ace A-Levels

Engaging JC Home Tuition through MindFlex has helped 9 in 10 of our students score better grades in JC and in their A-Levels. So, begin your academic journey to success with us at MindFlex!

9. Pick Your Ideal JC Tutor From Our Pool of 9,000+ Top JC Tutors

At MindFlex, we understand that students may have requirements and/or preferences when searching for a JC Tutor. That is why MindFlex holds the largest pool of more than 9,000 active and experienced JC Tutors, allowing us to search and find the most ideal JC Tutor for students! We also understand that deciding on the best JC Tutor from the pool of 9,000+ tutors is not an easy feat. As such, MindFlex has an article on Choosing The Right Tuition To Score Well for A Levels in JC dedicated to all JC students.

Infographic on What To Expect From MindFlex JC Tutors

Find out more about what to expect from engaging MindFlex’s JC Tutors

choosing the right JC home tuition

What Are The 6 Most Important Criteria to Look For in A JC Tutor?

Infographic on 6 Most Important Criterias of A JC Tutor

These are the 6 most important considerations before engaging a JC Tutor

1. Qualifications & Abilities To Teach JC Subjects

Is the JC tutor you are considering capable of teaching? It is extremely important to find a tutor that either has the qualification or the capability to teach the particular JC subject you are looking at. The tuition scene in Singapore has many types of private home tutors, including MOE & NIE trained teachers, Full-Time tutors and Part-Time tutors. While MOE & NIE trained teachers are qualified and trained to teach, your budget might stop you from engaging such tutors. However, there are also full-time and part-time tutors that have the relevant experience and personal academic grades that can prove their capability to teach the specific JC subject. Rest assured that MindFlex will include the details and experience of the JC Tutors in the profiles that we send to you. Be sure to check their qualifications, years of experience and personal academic achievements of the JC Tutors before engaging them!

2. Experience in Teaching JC Students And Familiarity With Latest Syllabus

When looking for a suitable JC tutor, be sure to check if they have taught JC students previously. It is important that they have the relevant experience and ability to teach students of this level, as well as the familiarity with the latest A level syllabus. In the case that you are looking for a JC tutor for a particular subject, it will be better for you to choose someone who has taught a JC student in that subject instead of someone who has taught a Secondary School student in that subject. This is because tutors who have taught JC students before would be familiar with the content and examination practices of the A level syllabus, thus ensuring that you will be learning the right material that does not contradict what is taught in school. Here at MindFlex, we are sure to only recommend tutors that have experience in teaching JC students or have exemplary academic grades in the relevant subject.

3. Teaching Style of JC Tutor

Finding a JC tutor that has a teaching style that matches your learning is crucial for your learning. Since you only have 2 years to master all the content and examination techniques for the subject, there is no time to waste. JC tutors who are able to cater their teaching style to the students’ needs would be the most ideal, but if they are not able to do so, it will be good to check how they are planning to teach so that you can make sure that their teaching would be most beneficial for your learning. You do not have to worry about the teaching style of the tutor since MindFlex’s JC tutors tend to cater their teaching style to the students’ needs and design a special learning schedule for their students. However, you can also look at their profile that we send to you and determine if their teaching style is suitable for you. Alternatively, MindFlex also facilitates communication between you and the tutor to ensure that you have reached a common understanding and agreement before confirming the tuition arrangements, so do ask your prospective tutor these questions before engaging him/her!

4. Ability To Provide Additional Notes And Practices

Being well-prepared for school examinations and A-Levels would require the student to have a good understanding of the concepts and content taught, and the skill in answering questions well. Hence, having a tutor that can supplement your school materials and provide additional notes and practices will help you gain awareness of the different types of questions that can be asked and how you can apply the content learnt to answer these questions well. In the profiles of tutors that we send to you, MindFlex will include if the tutors are able to provide their own materials so that you may gauge this factor in your assessment of the tutors.

5. Skills In Explaining Concepts Well And Improving Students’ Weaknesses

Finding difficulty in understanding school lessons might turn you away from seeking tutors since you can never be sure the tutor’s explanation can help you understand the content. It will be best to check if the tutor has helped previous students to improve in their results as a gauge of their ability to explain concepts. JC tutors who are experienced are also capable of discovering students’ weaknesses since they have been teaching a variety of students and are aware of the common pitfalls and mistakes made by students. Upon discovering students’ strengths and weaknesses, they can then focus on helping them bridge the gap in knowledge and improve their weaknesses. Rest assured that our MindFlex JC Tutors are experienced and proficient at teaching the subject. With a good understanding of common traps and problems that students face, they can surely help you or your child through their detailed explanations and effort to design a special learning schedule based on the student’s weaknesses and strengths. When choosing your ideal JC tutor, be sure to check their years of experience and performance of previous students.

6. Testimonials And Recommendations From Previous Students

Top JC tutors will naturally have a strong testimonial base since their students are satisfied with their tutoring. Since you are engaging a private tutor, ensuring that the tutor is safe is also critical since they will be coming to your house for lessons. From these testimonials, you can gauge whether the tutor is safe to engage, and also gauge their capability in teaching the subject. Here at MindFlex, we make it a special point to include any testimonials and records of their students’ improvement. We will also include in their profiles if they have received good feedback from our clients. In the case that you would like to know more about their strengths or if they have any testimonials, do reach out to the tutors during the interview and ask them these questions before confirming the tuition arrangements!

Hear From Other Parents & Students

Testimonials About Our JC Home Tuition


Chemistry is one of my most dreaded subjects, especially when my school releases such difficult examinations. Seeing consistent Us and Ss on my results slip is so demoralising and I couldn’t understand how to improve my grades since I didn’t understand my school lessons. I am so glad to have made the choice to request a Chemistry tutor on MindFlex, which helped me find a tutor within a week! Mr Kelvin is so clear in explaining the concepts and clarified so many of my questions and doubts. Thank you MindFlex and Mr Kelvin for helping me ace my Chemistry for A levels!

Ms Emelyn Chew, JC2 Chemistry Student
(S to A) 

Seeing consistent Ds and failures for my GP results made me decide to find a GP tutor. Ms Sharon is very dedicated in spending the first part of every lesson to drill in content for the essay topics I was interested in before focusing on helping me build skills in essay writing, comprehension, summary writing and application. She would also review my marked assignments and papers and make sure I understood all my mistakes. I am really glad to have found Ms Sharon as my tutor, and am looking forward to another year of tuition with her! Thank you MindFlex and Ms Sharon!

Ms Chloe, JC1 General Paper Student
(D to B) 

Having a weak foundation in Chinese, I did not expect to be able to pass my Chinese A levels. I am glad to find Ms Chen through MindFlex, who is so patient and detailed in improving my Chinese and expanding my appreciation for Chinese. It is a relief that I got a B for H1 Chinese so that I can apply for local universities. Thank you MindFlex and Ms Chen!

Mr Tan Ming Wei, JC1 Chinese Student
(E to B) 

Thank you MindFlex for helping me find Ms Shermaine for my daughter. My daughter has been failing her Economics since her first year in JC, and I am glad to have made the right choice in finding a tutor for her. She looks very interested during the tuition sessions, and her JC teacher also told me that she has improved a lot throughout the year. Thank you for all the help!

Mr Sivakumar, Father of JC2 Economics Student
(U to A)  

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In 2016, a comparison between JC and Polytechnic was done, showing the pros and cons of life in a JC and Polytechnic. While more Polytechnic students are able to enter local universities, about 70% of JC students were able to secure places in local universities. Entering JC is not an easy task, especially since this route allows students to take up a larger range of academic subjects. Engaging JC tuition in Singapore can help students to make sure that they are well-prepared for their A levels while enjoying their JC life. Find your JC Tutor now with MindFlex! 

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