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  • Regularly Up-To-Date with the Latest JC & A Level Curriculum
  • Curated Lesson Plan Structure According to Every A Level Student’s Strengths and Areas of Weakness
  • 6,000+ Well-Versed and Competent A Level Tutors that Specialise in Tutoring JC2 Students
  • Credible Pool of A Level Tutors with Well-Established Testimonials from Past Students
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What To Expect From MindFlex’s A Level Tutors

Committed And Expert Tutoring To Push You To Your Desired Grades

Accurate Real-World Applications Of Concepts In A Level Subjects

Easy Methods Of Remembering Large Amount Of Content For A Levels

Customised Learning Schedule Catered To Suit Students’ Learning Style And Needs

Learn In the Safe And Non-Stressful Environment Of Your Home

Access To Extra Notes, Practices And Past-Year-Papers From Different Schools

Clear And Simple Explanations Of Complicated Concepts

Achieve Your Academic Goals, And Enter Your Desired Degree And University

Choose Your Ideal Tutor From Our Database Of 6,000+ Competent A Level Tutors

Affordable a level Tuition

A Level Tuition Rates Singapore

Our A Level home tuition rates are constantly updated in real-time based on rates quoted by home tutors in Singapore. These market rates are based on the volume of 10,000+ monthly tuition assignment applications over a pool of 30,000+ active home tutors.




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Primary 5-6




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Engage Top-Quality A Level Home Tutors At Affordable Tuition Rates

The 3 Different Categories of A Level Tutors



Ex / Current

MOE Teachers

Around 1 to 3
Years of Experience

More Than 5
Years of Experience

National Exam Markers
(PSLE/N/O/A Levels, IBDP)

Made Up of
Mostly Undergraduates 

Made Up of
Mostly Graduates

MOE & NIE Trained
School Teachers

Scored Good Grades (As)
During School Days

Large Pool of Students,
Relevant Levels & Subjects

In-Depth MOE Teaching 
Techniques & Pedagogy

Young & Vibrant, 
Small Age Gap

Highly Experienced with
All Types of Students 

Wealth of Classroom 
Teaching Experience

Most Budget
Friendly Option

Highest Level
of Commitment

Most Qualified
Tutor Option

Categories of A Level Tuition which MindFlex Offers
Categories of A Level Tuition which MindFlex Offers

a level Home Tuition

MindFlex Offers The Following:

A Level Languages:
A Level H1 GP Tuition, A Level H1 Chinese Tuition, A Level H1 Malay Tuition, A Level H1 Tamil Tuition, A Level H2 Chinese Language and Literature Tuition

A Level Maths:
A Level Maths Tuition, A Level H1 Maths Tuition, A Level H2 Maths Tuition, A Level H2 Further Maths Tuition, A level H3 Maths Tuition

A Level Sciences:
A Level H1 Chemistry Tuition, A Level H1 Physics Tuition, A Level H1 Biology Tuition, A Level H2 Chemistry Tuition, A Level H2 Physics Tuition, A Level H2 Biology Tuition, A Level H3 Chemistry Tuition, A Level H3 Physics Tuition, A Level H3 Biology Tuition, A Level Science Tuition

A Level Humanities:
A Level H1 Economics Tuition, A Level H1 History Tuition, A Level H1 Geography Tuition, A Level H1 Literature Tuition, A Level H2 Economics Tuition, A Level H2 History Tuition, A Level H2 Geography Tuition, A Level H2 Literature Tuition, A Level H3 Economics Tuition, A Level H3 History Tuition, A Level H3 Geography Tuition, A Level H3 Literature Tuition

Other A Level Subjects:
A Level H2 Computing Tuition, A Level H2 POA Tuition, A Level H2 Management Of Business (MOB) Tuition

A Level Private:
Private A Level Tuition Singapore

Other Junior College Pages:
JC1 Tuition, JC2 Tuition


Effective a level Home Tuition

What Are The Topics And Skills Covered By MindFlex’s A Level Tutors?


H1 General Paper:
-Essay Writing
-Summary Writing
-Listening Comprehension
-Oral Communication
-Critical Thinking
and many more…

H2 English Language and Linguistics:
-Adaptive Writing and Commentary
-Language Variation and Change
-Language, Culture and Identity
-Situational Writing
-Argumentative Writing
and many more…

H1/H2/H3 Literature in English:
-Reading Literature
-The English Renaissance
-The Mind and Self in Literature
and many more…


H1/H2/H3 Maths:
-Graphs and Transformations
-Equations and Inequalities
-Sequences and Series
-Introduction to Complex Numbers
-Differentiation and Integration
-Probability and Statistics
-Discrete Mathematics
-Matrices and Numerical Methods
and many more…

H2 Further Maths:
-Mathematical induction
-Complex Numbers
-Polar curves and conic sections
-Applications of definite integrals
-Differential equations
-Recurrence relations
-Matrices and linear spaces
-Numerical methods
-Discrete random variables
-Continuous random variables
and many more…

H2 Computing:
-Algorithms and Data Structures
-Data and Information
-Computer Networks
and many more…


H1/H2/H3 Biology:
-The Cell and Biomolecules of life
-Genetics and Inheritance
-Energy and Equilibrium, Biological Evolution
-Infectious Diseases
-Impact of Climate Change on Animals and Plants
and many more…

H1/H2/H3 Chemistry:
-Atomic Structure
-Chemical Bonding
-The Gaseous State
-Theories of Acids and Bases
-The Periodic Table
-The Mole Concept and Stoichiometry
-Chemical Energetics (Thermochemistry and Thermodynamics)
-Reaction Kinetics
-Chemical Equilibria
-Chemistry of Aqueous Solutions
-Organic Chemistry
and many more…

H1/H2/H3 Physics:
-Newtonian Mechanics
-Thermal Physics
-Oscillations and Waves
-Electricity and Magnetism
-Modern Physics
and many more…


H1/H2/H3 Geography:
-Tropical Environments
-Economy and Environment
-Sustainable Development
-Geographical Investigation
and many more…

H1/H2/H3 History:
-International History
-Southeast Asian History
and many more…

H1/H2 Economics:
-The Central Economic Problem
-National and International Economy
and many more…

H2 Principles of Accounting:
-Financial Accounting
-Managerial Accounting
-Stakeholders and Decision-making
-Business Ethics
-Elements of Financial Statements
-Accounting Principles
and many more…


H1 Chinese/Malay/Tamil Language:
-Essay Writing
-Summary Writing
-Listening Comprehension
-Oral Communication
-Critical Thinking
and many more…

H2 China Studies:
-China’s Development and Its Impact
-Chinese Society and Its Transformation
-Role of China and Its Implications
-Governing China and Its Challenges
-Local Politics
-Economy, Culture, Society and Education
-Chinese Culture and Values
-International Issues
and many more…

H2/H3 Chinese/Malay Language and Literature:
-Ancient Chinese Prose and Classical Chinese Literature
-Modern Novels and Plays
and many more…



The A Level GP Examinations can be rather tough to score in, requiring both extensive knowledge of the content, as well as a multitude of skills such as Essay Writing, Summary Skills and Critical thinking in order to secure a distinction. 

Our MindFlex Top A Level GP Tutors are able to help students achieve complete mastery of the entire GP A Level MOE Syllabus, and effectively inculcate essential skills such as Critical Analysis. On top of that, our Experienced Top A Level GP Tutors are able to provide personalised feedback and tips on the elusive Application Question Component in Paper 2.

Through their 1-to-1 tutoring sessions, students will be well-assured as they sit for the A Level GP Paper with confidence. 

For more information about the A Level General Paper (GP) Examination, we have compiled  A Complete Guide to Junior College H1 General Paper (GP). In addition, MindFlex has put together a list of the Top Ways To Prepare For A Level GP to ensure that you are prepared to sit for the A Level GP Examinations!



Students may feel anxious about taking the A Level Chinese Language paper, given the short runway towards the examination. Given that it is a one-year course, content is often taught at a rapid pace in school, and insufficient practice is given to students for them to be fully confident to sit for the examination. This is especially so for the Composition (作文) and Oral Examination (口试) Components of the examination.

Here at MindFlex, our Top A Level Chinese Tutors are able to help students clear their doubts about the A Level content in a timely manner, and provide sufficient practise for components that students typically struggle in, such as the Conversation Component in the Oral Examination. Various Comprehension answering techniques and Composition writing techniques will also be covered to ensure that students are well-prepared to sit for the A Level Chinese Examination.

Still unclear about what A Level Chinese entails? Feel free to take a look at The Complete Guide to A Level H1 Chinese in Singapore!



A Level Maths is considered to be one of the most rigorous courses that students take in JC. Content is often taught at a rapid pace in schools in order to keep up with the A Level Curriculum, leaving students with insufficient time to practise and fully gain mastery of the concepts taught. Our A Level Maths Tutors are aware of this fact, and will make sure to spend sufficient time going through the more elusive concepts such as Vectors and Complex Numbers to ensure that students have a full and comprehensive understanding of the content.

Here at MindFlex, our Top A Level Maths Tutors are extremely well-versed with the MOE Syllabus. As such, they are familiar with the various types of questions that are commonly tested in the A Level Examination, as well as various examination strategies such as Time Management that will help students attain confidence in the subject by the time they sit for the A Level Examination.

Still wondering to know how to ace the JC Maths curriculum? We have an article on All About A Level H1/H2 Maths & 5 Effective Tips to Scoring Well.



Here at MindFlex, our Top A Level Chemistry Tutors are well aware that achieving content mastery for this subject can be a struggle for many students, given the vast amount of content and the rapid pace at which it is being taught in schools. As such, our Experienced A Level Chemistry Tutors are able to help students to clear their doubts on a regular basis, as well as consolidate their learning by providing personalised revision materials and 1-on-1 explanations to students. In particular, special attention will be given to the more elusive concepts such as Structural Elucidation,Transition Metals and Solubility Product by our Experienced and Attentive A Level Chemistry Tutors.

Moreover, key examination skills such as Including Required Keywords, Question Identification and Time Management will be taught by our A Level Chemistry Tutors, ensuring that students will be able to score well in the A Level Examinations.

At MindFlex, we have created An Essential Preparation Guide for JC A Level Chemistry to further support you on your A Level Chemistry journey!



A Level Physics is often a rather stressful subject for students, given the large amount of content that they are expected to learn, especially more difficult topics such as Quantum Physics. Our Top A Level Physics Tutors are well-versed with the A Level Syllabus, and thus are able to specially curate lesson plans for each individual student, ensuring that students achieve complete mastery of the content and understand all the concepts. Our A Level Physics Tutors are dedicated in helping students understand and digest the content, with regular check-ins and opportunities for them to clarify their doubts. Additional revision materials such as past-year practice papers are also readily available for students to consolidate their learning, allowing them to sit for the A Level Physics Paper with confidence.

Want to learn more about what you can expect when taking A Level Physics? The Complete Guide to A Level H1/H2 Physics in Singapore will be useful for you! You may also find An Overview Of The A Level Physics Syllabus & Top Result-Proven Tips To Score Well helpful in your revision for the Physics Examinations in JC.



A Level Biology places emphasis on how life works at the cellular and molecular levels, and then understanding its implications on a holistic level. It is an extremely content-heavy subject that involves a deep-dive into very specific mechanisms such as the Krebs Cycle in Respiration. Moreover, rote learning and pure memorisation will not be sufficient for students to score. Rather, students have to properly understand and synthesise the content taught in order to do well in this subject.

Here at MindFlex, our Top A Level Biology Tutors are extremely familiar with the MOE Syllabus, and curate personalised lesson plans to ensure that students are well-versed in the content. Moreover, crucial examination skills such as Time Management will be taught to students, along with timed practices to ensure that they are able to perform under examination conditions.
MindFlex has compiled the Top JC Biology Tutors Share How To Score Well for A Level Biology to aid you in your academic preparation!



Our Top A Level Economics Tutors are dedicated towards helping students craft Concise and Logical answers for both the Case Study Questions and Essay Components for Paper 1 and Paper 2 respectively. Being extremely well-versed with the MOE Syllabus and A Level curriculum, our A Level Economics Tutors craft personalised lesson plans for each and every student to ensure complete mastery of the content.

Moreover, MindFlex’s A Level Economics Tutors work hard to ensure that students are equipped with the necessary examination skills, such as Time Management in the Essay Component, so that they are well-prepared for the A Level Examinations.

Do read The Complete Guide to A Level Economics in Singapore to find out more about the A Level Economics syllabus.

Need help in your A Level Economics revision? Read 5 Study Hacks On How To Do Well for A Level Economics For exclusive tips on how to study for A Level Economics!



For History at A Levels, it is imperative that students memorise and digest large amounts of historical facts and information, and apply it correctly when writing essays. Our Experienced A Level History Tutors are able to impart valuable skills such as Active Recall and other Effective Memorisation Tips to aid students in their revision. Key examination habits such as Critical Analysis will also be taught to ensure that students are able to tackle any tricky essay questions that they may encounter in examinations.

During these 1-to-1 sessions with our Top A Level History Tutors, students will be well-assured that they have their tutors’ undivided attention, allowing them to clarify all of their doubts and clear their misconceptions on a regular basis, allowing them to have a complete mastery of the subject. With the support of our A Level History Tutors, students will be well-equipped to tackle the A Level Examinations.



A Level Geography can be a daunting subject for many students, due to the sheer amount of content required to be memorised and digested. Moreover, impeccable time management skills are required to complete writing the essays in the stipulated time frame.

Here at MindFlex, our Experienced A Level Geography Tutors are extremely well-versed with the MOE Syllabus, and will help students to achieve complete content mastery with their curated lesson plans. Students may also take the time during lessons to clarify their doubts and misconceptions during these 1-to-1 sessions to help them to achieve content mastery. Concise revision notes and timed practices will also be provided by our A Level Geography Tutors to help students to consolidate their learning, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the A Level Examinations.



A Level Literature requires students to perform critical analysis of their given texts, and of various pieces of poetry. Oftentimes, students struggle with this subject as there is no textbook or set of guidelines that they can follow, and the only chance they can receive feedback on their essays is during major examinations. This leads to poor understanding of the examination requirements, as well as insufficient practice and feedback.

Our Top A Level Literature Tutors are thus a huge source of academic support and assurance for A Level Literature Students. By providing personalised feedback on essays, as well as advice on how to critically analyse poems and texts, our A Level Literature Tutors stand students in good stead for the A Level Examinations.



In recent years, MOE has raised the standard of the A Level Accounting examinations to close to University standards, which may worry some students as they feel they lack the knowledge or skills to tackle the paper. Moreover, Accounting being a more niche A Level subject, there are fewer resources available compared to the more common subjects.

Here at MindFlex, our Experienced and Qualified A Level Accounting Tutors are a pillar of support for students, and are dedicated to coaching students in both Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting. Whether it be the Structured Questions and the Case Study Questions, our A Level Accounting Tutors will provide students with adequate resources and practices, together with personalised 1-to-1 consultations to go through students’ doubts or errors. This will ensure that students are well-prepared for the A Level Examinations.



Taking it up a notch, the JC H2 Further Maths curriculum is designed for JC students who are mathematically-inclined and want to further pursue their interests or a career field in Mathematics . At MindFlex, we want to support every JC student’s interest and hone the student’s strengths to greater heights.

Our JC H2 Further Maths Tuition will be able to help students better excel in this advanced subject with constant rigorous mock examinations as well as summarised H2 Further Maths notes that are easy to understand and absorb. Additionally, students will tackle challenging topics and questions, and will be guided by our Top JC H2 Further Maths Tutors to ensure students answer the questions accurately and concisely. Thus, with the Best JC H2 Further Maths Tuition in Singapore at MindFlex, students will be able to ace in JC H2 Further Maths tests and examinations.

Challenges Faced While Learning A Level

What Are The Challenges Faced By A Level Students in Singapore?

Key Challenges:

  • Difficulty in Balancing Both Personal and Academic Aspects of Life
  • Difficulty in Keeping Up with Fast Lesson Pace in School
  • Difficulty in Performing Laboratory Experiments Accurately And Scoring Well for Practical Components
  • Facing a Build-Up of Stress and Anxiety about their academic performance and future prospects
  • Feeling Uncertain and Confused about the Right Concept, Rule, Law or Formulae when answering questions
  • Having Uncompleted Examination Papers due to poor time management strategies
  • Having Limited Time to Perform Well in Academics and Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)
  • Inability to Perform under Stressful Exam Conditions
  • Overwhelmed by the Large Amount of Content to cover for each subject within 2 years
  • Poor Organisation of Ideas and Arguments when writing essays for General Paper and Humanities subjects
  • Struggling to Keep Up with the Learning Pace in Class as well as the Race towards A Levels

Benefits of Hiring A Level Tuition

What Are The Benefits of Engaging A Level Home Tutors through MindFlex?

1. Professional Assistance With School Assignments And Curriculum

For many A Level students, keeping up with the fast lesson pace in JC is one of the struggles they face in school. Often, they are forced to move to the next topic before they fully understand what has been taught. With MindFlex’s Top A Level Tuition in Singapore, the tutor can run through the content and clarify any doubts that the students have. Experienced A Level Tutors are also familiar with the various misconceptions and struggles faced by students and can help to improve students’ understanding of these concepts. Aside from that, they can provide help for students’ school assignments and ensure that students are able to complete the assignment accurately.

2. Maximising Time Used To Study After School

Universities are now looking at students’ academic performance and participation in co-curricular activities and leadership experience when considering whether to accept the student. Hence, students have to spend their already limited amount of time to study and participate in their co-curricular activities, which can be overwhelming when they look at the amount of assignments they have to complete. MindFlex’s Best A Level Tutors in Singapore will help students to efficiently and effectively utilise their time in studying such that they can complete their assignments and have a good grasp of concepts taught in the school curriculum. This way, students can focus on their personal and academic development without feeling overly stressed or anxious.

3. Increased Exposure To Content And Question Types For A Level Subjects

For certain subjects such as General Paper, having additional content is crucial to score well as students would be able to display their knowledge in the topic. Having one of MindFlex’s Top A Level Tutors would ensure that students are well exposed to the content available and have a good grasp of the content and concepts in the A Level syllabus. Furthermore, these Experienced and Qualified A Level Tutors usually have access to other schools’ examination papers, which can give students access to additional question types and train students to think on their feet and answer the question based on the content and knowledge they know about the subject. This way, students can be better prepared for both standard and unconventional questions that appear in the examinations through having the Best A Level Tuition in Singapore.

4. Full Preparation For A Level Examinations

Since there is no answer scheme released by the A Level markers for past year papers, A Level tutors with years of experience in teaching A Level students will have analysed and understood how to best answer questions to ace the subject. Having 1-to-1 A Level Tuition can help students to gain a customised learning schedule from the tutor that will help them to work on their weaknesses and fully prepare for A Levels. Before A Levels, our Top A Level Tutors in Singapore can also train students to get used to stressful examination conditions by simulating such conditions when students do practice papers. Hence, with MindFlex’s Best A Level Tuition in Singapore, students can be sure to perform well in A Levels.

5. Mentorship In Helping Students To Achieve Dream Goals

Having experience in the Singapore education system, MindFlex’s Top A Level tutors will be aware of the requirements students need to fulfill to enter their dream course and university. Hence, they can provide tips and advice for students’ holistic development such that students may maximise their opportunity in applying for the course and university. With A Level Tuition in Singapore, students can not only get academic support, but also receive non-academic advice on their future.

6. Advice and Recommendations for English and Future Career Choices

MindFlex’s English Tutors are experienced and skillful in their use of English. Not only will they be able to guide the students in their learning process for English, they will also be able to recommend useful materials for students to improve their English. Furthermore, our English Tutors can provide insightful advice for student’s Subject Combinations, University Course Selections, and Future Career Choices.

Making well-informed decisions

Why is Getting A Level Tutors So Important?

Having to absorb such a substantial amount of content for more than 4 subjects is not an easy task when students only have 2 years before going for their A Levels. Furthermore, students will have to spend time to build their non-academic portfolio as well to enter their dream course and university, thus limiting the amount of time that they can spend on their studies. A lot of discipline is needed to balance work and play – which can be extremely difficult for them.

School teachers might not be able to provide their attention and dedicated assistance to help students to improve since they have to teach generally to all their students who have different learning paces. Having an A Level Tutor to focus on your progress and design a special learning schedule that is meant to help you improve would ensure that you can surely prepare well for A Levels and constantly be aware of what to work on next.

There is a never-ending stash of content and practice papers that students can do to ensure that they are well-prepared for A Levels. However, due to limited class time, teachers can only go through some of them and sometimes at a fast pace, which causes some students to blindly practise papers without reviewing their mistakes. Engaging A Level Home Tuition will ensure that you get feedback on your understanding of the content and performance in the practice papers, so that you would not make the same mistakes in the national examinations.

To be fully prepared for A Levels, students need to have a good grasp of the content syllabus and how to answer different types of questions that can appear for A Levels. With access to additional content notes and practice papers from A Level Tutors, you can be sure that you will gain exposure to the content and questions you will need to know to do well in A Levels.

To enter highly competitive degrees such as Medicine, Law, Dentistry and Computer Science, students will need to score exemplary results and have a strong non-academic profile. A Level Tutors will be able to act as a mentor and a teacher to assist you in your studies and preparations for your application to university.


Infographic on Importance of A Level Tuition

A LEVEL tuition singapore

What to Expect from MindFlex’s A Level Tutors

1. Committed And Expert Tutoring To Push You To Your Desired Grades

Getting A Level Home Tuition through MindFlex will ensure that the student can grasp concepts and go through the syllabus at the student’s own pace, rather than having to catch up or wait for their peers in the same class. With one-on-one private tuition, our A Level Tutors will provide their full attention and time to guide the student and curate a learning schedule specifically based on the student’s strengths and areas of improvement. Through this, our tutors will be able to help push students to achieve their desired grades.

2. Accurate Real-World Applications Of Concepts In A Level Subjects

All of our A Level Tutors at MindFlex have at least a year’s worth of tutoring experience or have gone through similar curriculum and examinations when they were once students themselves. With their prior experiences, our tutors are competent to provide guidance not only in terms of the subject, but also guide students into applying what they learn into real-world context. This will help students visualise concepts better and increase their appreciation of the information they learn in class.

3. Easy Methods Of Remembering Large Amount Of Content For A Levels

The content that students are required to memorise is immense, but our A Level Tutors are equipped with experience and will be able to provide tips and tricks to help students in their studies, particularly in memorising content required for examinations. This will help ease any anxieties that come with remembering information, allowing students to focus on other aspects of their A Level examination.

4. Customised Learning Schedule Catered To Suit Students’ Learning Style And Needs

Engaging an A Level Tutor through MindFlex allows tutors to customise a catered learning schedule that is directly targeted to suit the student’s learning style and needs. Without the need to cater to other students or to share the precious lesson time with other students, the A Level Tutor can thus dedicate the entire lesson duration to working on the student’s weaknesses.

5. Learn In the Safe And Non-Stressful Environment Of Your Home

Given the hectic schedule of A Level students, they might find it inconvenient to have to travel to and fro. Hence, MindFlex Home Tuition completely eradicates this issue — students can return home, take a shower and have their meals before starting their lessons, making it more conducive for them in the long run.

6. Access To Extra Notes, Practices And Past-Year-Papers From Different Schools

Engaging an A Level Home Tutor through MindFlex will provide students access to consolidated and detailed summary notes and other materials that will aid the students in studying for examinations. Our tutors also have consolidated their own stash of past-year papers which is crucial to ensure that students receive as much exposure to different question types.

7. Clear And Simple Explanations Of Complicated Concepts

Having an A Level Tutor that gives his/her undivided attention in teaching/tutoring will ensure that sufficient time, step-by-step guidance, and quality explanations are provided to the student. MindFlex’s A Level Tutors are able to break down complex and abstract concepts into bite-sized, digestible information which will be beneficial for the student’s understanding.

8. Achieve Your Academic Goals, And Enter Your Desired Degree And University

Engaging A Level Home Tuition through MindFlex has helped 9 in 10 of our students score better grades in their A-Levels. So, begin your academic journey to success with us at MindFlex!

9. Choose Your Ideal Tutor From Our Database Of 6,000+ Competent A Level Tutors

At MindFlex, we understand that students may have requirements and/or preferences when searching for an A Level Tutor. That is why MindFlex holds the largest pool of more than 6,000 active and experienced A Level Tutors, allowing us to search and find the most ideal A Level Tutor for students!

Infographic on What To Expect From MindFlex A Level Tutors

Find out more about what to expect from engaging MindFlex’s A Level Tutors

choosing the right a level home tuition

What Are The 6 Most Important Criteria to Look For in An A Level Tutor?

Infographic on 6 Most Important Criterias of An A Level Tutor

These are the 6 most important considerations before engaging an A Level Tutor

1. Qualifications & Capability In Teaching A Level Subjects

There are many types of private A Level Tutors in Singapore, including MOE & NIE trained teachers, Full-Time Tutors and Part-Time Tutors. Regardless, it is important to check if they are capable of teaching the A Level subject. While MOE & NIE trained teachers are qualified to teach, you must also make sure that they are able to teach A Level subjects specifically instead of other levels. Usually, you can gauge how capable they are in teaching A Level subjects through their previous students’ improvements and results. In the profiles of tutors that we will send to you for A Level Tuition in Singapore, MindFlex will include qualifications, years of teaching experience and personal academic grades so that you can gauge their capability of teaching A Level subjects.

2. Familiarity With The Latest A Level Syllabus

The A Level syllabus has been revised multiple times over the years, and it is crucial to ensure that your A Level Tutor is familiar with the latest syllabus so that he/she will not be contradicting what you are learning from school. Furthermore, unconventional questions appear in the examinations every year, and they are usually the ones that differentiate A and B students. Hence, it is important that your A Level Tutor not only prepares you for the content covered in the syllabus, but also the different questions that can appear in your A Level examinations. Usually, tutors who have been or are currently teaching A Level students should be familiar with the latest syllabus. Aside from looking at their experience in the profiles MindFlex sends to you, you can also make sure of this with the tutor through an interview before confirming any arrangements for A Level Tuition in Singapore.

3. Experience in Teaching A Level Students

During your selection of a suitable A Level Tutor, do ensure that the tutor has experience in teaching A Level students specifically. While some tutors have experience teaching a range of students with different education levels, many tutors in Singapore usually only teach students from a specific education level. It is important to make sure that they have been teaching A Level students in the relevant subject so that they will be teaching the right content and preparing you well for the A Level examinations. When shortlisting tutors for your selection, MindFlex will only recommend tutors that have experience teaching A Level students or are currently teaching A Level students. In the case that we feel that a tutor might be suitable despite not having any relevant experience, we will also include their personal academic grades in the relevant subject.

4. Ability To Provide Additional Notes And Practices

Notes prepared by the school are not sufficient to help you emerge as a top student in A Levels, hence many students work on building their own notes outside of classes. However, having an A Level Tutor with access to summary notes can save you time from collating these notes for your revision. Not only so, with the increase in tricky and unconventional questions appearing in A Levels, it is critical that students gain exposure to the different types of questions that can appear. With additional practice papers gathered from other schools, students can then be aware of the variety of questions that can be asked and clarify with their tutor on how they may best answer these questions to score for A Levels. MindFlex will inform you if the tutor is able to provide their own materials in their profiles that we send to you for your selection so that you may easily assess which tutor would be most suitable for you or your child.

5. Skills In Explaining Concepts Clearly And Helping Students Improve

Students often struggle with complicated concepts that are quickly covered during lectures. Before they can clarify their doubts and grasp these concepts, it is no surprise that the lecturers have already moved on to the next topic. Hence, to keep up with classes, it is crucial that your engaged A Level Tutor is able to help you or your child in understanding these concepts through simple explanations and illustrations. Not only so, students would need to work on their weaknesses so that they can be fully prepared to tackle any question during A Levels. Hence, it is important to find an A Level Tutor that is able to spot weaknesses of students and help them transform these weaknesses to strengths. MindFlex’s A Level Tutors are experienced and experts in teaching the particular A Level subject. They are aware of the common pitfalls and mistakes made by students, and can easily pick out the weaknesses of the students. To prepare the student for A Levels, they can then design a customised learning schedule based on the students’ weaknesses, strengths and learning styles. Though this is a difficult quality to check, you can roughly gauge their ability to explain concepts and improve weaknesses of students through their years of experience and previous students’ performance after receiving A Level Tuition in Singapore.

6. Testimonials And Recommendations From Previous Students

The best A Level Tutors in Singapore have been teaching many students for A Levels and naturally gathered many testimonials since their students have improved under their guidance. Through these testimonials and recommendations, you can gauge the strengths of these tutors and assess if they are safe and suitable as your tutor. Here at MindFlex, we understand their struggles in finding a good A Level Tutor that can help you improve for your A Levels. Hence, we make it a special point to inform you in the tutors’ profiles if they have any testimonials or records of their students’ improvement, as well as if they have received good feedback from our clients. Alternatively, you can also ask the tutor if they can provide these testimonials or recommendations through an interview before confirming the tuition arrangements!

Want more tips on how to choose the best A Level Tutor? MindFlex has put together a comprehensive list of the 30 Best A Level Tuition Options for JC H1 & H2 Subjects in Singapore.

Hear From Other Parents & Students

Testimonials About Our A Level Home Tuition


Thank you MindFlex with your help in finding a suitable Economics tutor for me! I have always been struggling most in Economics since I did not understand the concepts taught in the lectures. Ms Vicky was very detailed in explaining these concepts to me and made sure that I understood how they can be applied. She also gave me structured notes and taught me to include key points in my essays to score well for Economics.

Ms Clara Chong, JC2 Economics Student
(E to A)

It was no easy task to retake A levels while serving NS. However, I am grateful to have found my tutor through MindFlex, who worked out a detailed schedule for me to study whilst in NS. He was very clear when explaining when and how to use different Math concepts, and helped me to score A for my Maths paper. I managed to get into my ideal course in a local university, so really thank you MindFlex and Mr Kenneth!

Mr Dominic, Private A Level Maths Candidate
(E to A) 

My daughter is not good with English, therefore we wanted a GP tutor for her. MindFlex has an easy process to request for tutors, and I am happy with their service. Ms Anna is also very good, and helped my daughter improve from D to B for her exams. Will surely recommend MindFlex and Ms Anna to my friends!

Ms Gu Wei Ting, Mum of JC1 General Paper Student
(D to B)

I was shocked when I saw my son’s results in Chemistry. He told me that he could not catch up with classes and found it difficult to understand the lectures, so me and my wife decided to find him a tutor. Thank you MindFlex and Ms Simone for your help! We will continue with Ms Simone for next year and we are confident that he will score A under her guidance.

Mr Keith Tong, Father of JC1 Chemistry Student
(E to B)  

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As described by Channel News Asia, the A Levels can mark a turning point in life as students make decisions about higher education and future career pathways following this major examination. Choose your ideal A Level Tutor from our range of MOE & NIE trained teachers, Full-Time tutors and Part-Time tutors. Request at MindFlex now to assist your preparations for A levels!

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