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1. The High Popularity of Maths Tuition in Singapore

Maths Tuition has been highly sought after in Singapore, where children as young as preschoolers are enrolled into classes to prepare them for what is to come when they begin their Primary School Journey. This begs the question – Why do parents feel the need for Maths Tuition when their child has barely learnt the basics? Maths is a compulsory subject at every level from Primary 1 up to Junior College, with increasing levels of difficulties and varying topics covered. At the Primary Level, many have mentioned that Maths seems to be the hardest subject to score at least a C in.


After proceeding on to the Secondary Level, students are exposed to 2 types of Maths (Additional Maths, Elementary Maths), with an end goal of nailing the O & N Level Exams. After which, at the Junior College Level, students are to opt for either H1/H2 Maths, where they have to master the concepts within a very limited 2 years. 


Going back to the question, as much as parents want their children to excel in Maths by enrolling them in Maths Tuition at a young age, they are not equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge or the freedom of time to mentor them. As a result, many choose to hire Maths Tutors instead. TodayOnline has reported that Singapore’s Tuition Industry stands at S$1.4 billion, growing from S$1.1 billion in 2012/13. Coupled with Singapore’s Highly Competitive School System which consistently leads international rankings, this much growth is foreseeable. As one of the major players in Singapore’s Tuition Industry, we receive about 200 requests for Maths Tuition on a monthly basis. 

2. What is the Best Maths Tuition in Singapore Available?

In the present circumstances, the debatable question that puts parents’ in a dilemma concerns “What is the best available maths tuition” more than whether they should engage a Maths Tutor. Currently, there are 942 Tuition and Enrichment in Singapore registered and listed under MOE. This is where the challenge comes in – choosing the most suitable and reliable Maths Tutor. Since parents’ are working with such a large pool of options, choosing a Maths Tutor becomes more complex and troublesome. With this issue in mind, MindFlex has put together a recommended list of 26 Top Maths Tuition Options in Singapore, across different categories.

Maths Tuition in Singapore can be generally categorised into 3 broad options:

  1. Group Tuition
    – Tuition & Enrichment Centre Establishments
    – Private Tutors’ Group Classes
  2. Online Tuition
  3. 1-to-1 Private Home Tuition

3. Maths Tuition & Enrichment Centres

3.1. Advantages

Tuition & Enrichment Centres are educational institutions that work alongside schools, taking up between 2 to 20 students usually per class. Some well-known centres include Aspire Hub, EduKate, Adam Khoo Learning Centre, and True Learning Centre. Here are some advantages that parents can keep in mind while deciding whether to enrol in Tuition Centres.

1. Cheaper Fees

  • Broadly speaking, Tuition Centres offer their services at a lower rate as compared to 1-to-1 tuition as they take in more students.
  • Rates do not equate to results. Distinguished and widely recognised centres such as True Learning Centre offers Maths Tuition ranging from $150 – $180/4 lessons.

2. Ability To Learn From One Another

  • Students will be able to discuss and share their knowledge with each other, promoting analytical and critical thinking.
  • A mistake by one often presents as a learning opportunity for another.

3. Variety Of Branches 

  • Many established Tuition Centres have branches spread over the island, allowing for easy access regardless of location.
  • Students may be allowed to alternate between the different branches.

4. Relevant materials provided by the Centre

  • Majority of Maths Tuition Centres have their very own curated notes, materials, and practice papers for the students.
  • Hand-picked assessment books that are proven effective are often provided

5. Free or Discounted Trials

  • A great number of Tuition Centres provide a free or discounted trial lesson.
  • Encourages parents’ to assess the suitability of the Tuition Centre to the child’s needs.
    Maths Tuition in Singapore

    Starting Maths Tuition early with tuition centres or home tutors will help create a strong Maths foundation.

3.2. Main Considerations

1. Qualifications of The Tuition Centre

  • It is compulsory for Educational Institutions exceeding 10 students to be registered with MOE.
  • Verify that the tutors in the Tuition Centre have their credentials vetted and approved.
  • It is essential that parents make their own efforts in doing their own research about every Tuition Centre considered, just to reaffirm its credibility.

2. Class Size

  • Different Centres have different class sizes. 
  • With smaller classes, students will receive more individual attention which increases productivity and promotes a more conducive environment.
  • With larger classes, students tend to lose focus more easily as the teacher has to tend to one student at a time, which may result in frustration.

3. Arranging Make-Up Lessons And Commitment Period

  • One issue frequently faced by any tuition centre is the cancellation and rearrangement of classes due to several reasons including health issues.
  • It is important for parents to check the terms and conditions of the tuition centre to avoid any unnecessary dispute.
  • Tuition centres generally have a minimum notice period which varies from weeks to months before any termination of classes. 
  • To avoid any disappointment or having to pay for lessons you do not want to continue, read the centre’s terms for the commitment period carefully.

4. Teaching Style

  • Every Tuition Centre has its own personalized teaching style.
  • It is important to note the type of learning style which works best for your child – visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic.
  • For visual learners, drawn explanations such as infographics would be ideal
  • For auditory learners, a tutor who is able to verbalise and explain concepts clearly would be best suited.
  • For kinaesthetic learners, hands-on activities are recommended
  • An all-rounded tuition centre usually has tutors who are able to cater to all three types.

5. Track Record of Tuition Centre

  • It is crucial to be informed about accurate testimonials and results produced by the tuition centre, as what you see on paper may just be for show. 
  • Testimonials are a great way to assess how effectively a tuition centre produces results as these are the attributes that parents & students are satisfied with.
  • They increase the credibility of the tuition centre due to its unbiased nature.

6. Compatibility

  • No matter how well-established a tuition centre is, there will not be any fruits of labour if the interests and objectives of the student and the centre are not aligned.
  • A good and suitable centre is one whose tutors understands, creates a customized teaching style, and targets the child’s area of need.
  • The ability to pinpoint the exact point of contention and address it accordingly is what separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to tuition.

3.3. Recommendations

After thorough research on the websites and marketing materials of Singapore’s tuition centres, MindFlex has compiled a list of centres that offer Maths Tuition in Singapore. The recommendations are segregated into 2 main categories:

Category 1: Primary School Maths (10 options)
Category 2: Secondary / JC / IP / IB Maths (10 options)

A portion of the centres recommended offers tuition for more than 2 Levels i.e. Primary and Secondary Maths, and for subjects other than Maths. More than that, some centres offer GEP / Math Olympiad and enrichment classes. The list that we have compiled comprises tuition centres that are unlike the more commonly heard players in the industry, such as Mindchamps. (*All images below were adopted from the tutors’ websites or via public online platforms)

3.3.1. Primary School Recommendations

#1. VisibleMath Academy

VisibleMath Academy are the brains and creators behind all the Maths concepts taught in Singapore. They have published no less than 40 Maths resource books, and sold over 300,000 copies worldwide. As a school specialised in Maths, their team consists of MOE school leaders, Math HODs, and curriculum specialists. They have vast experience in training both teachers and students from at least 100 Primary Schools in Singapore. On average, students under their tutelage score 90% and beyond in all major exams, which is twice the national average. Furthermore, their conceptual way of teaching Math is being utilized in more than 80% of the local Primary Schools. The centre offers Primary, Secondary, IP, and JC Maths Tuition. 

Location: 1 Goldhill Plaza, 6 Sin Ming Road
Contact: 6252 5138 / 6456 7212
Levels & Subjects: Pri – JC / IP Maths
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.visiblemath.com.sg/ 

Visible Math

Visible Math

#2. EduZ Tuition

Founded by two ex-school teachers, EduZ Tuition’s Mission is to bring meaning and passion into every student’s life through quality learning. They have produced consistent outstanding results in the subsequent years following their establishment, paving the way into a top-notch tuition centre with a specialized team of teachers who have at least 7 years of experience. They operate with small classes of up to a maximum of 8 students per class. 

Location: 306 Woodlands Street 31, 223 Choa Chu Kang Central 
Contact: 9062 5285 / 9797 3786 
Levels & Subjects: Pri – JC Maths 
Cost: $120 for 4x 1.5hour lessons (Pri), $180-$200 for 4x 1.5/2hour lessons (Sec), $250 for 4x 2hour lessons (JC) 
Website: https://www.eduztuition.com/ 

EduZ Tuition

EduZ Tuition

#3. Terry Chew Academy

Founded by Mr Terry Chew, the coach and author of the ‘Maths Olympiad – Unleash the Maths Olympian in You!’ and ‘Wicked Mathematics’, the Terry Chew Academy has consistently produced A* students and Platinum/Gold awards in prestigious Southeast Asian and Global Maths Competitions. His powerful teaching methodology, the RA*CE framework, has won the hearts of many over more than 8 countries. This framework emphasises on Critical Thinking Skills and making connections between different topics to solve complicated problem sums. With tutors who are personally trained by Mr Chew and underwent an intensive 6-week ‘Train-the-Trainer’ Course, the centre has maintained a track record of A* and a minimum 2-grade improvement within 6 months or less. The centre’s lesson structure an effective revision approach maximizes the students’ learning, allowing them to gain the confidence they need for acing the subject. More than that, there are 3 types of boot camps available – the Head Start Bootcamp, Intensive Revision Bootcamp, and Final Lap Bootcamp, ensuring that all students are well prepared to face the national exams. 

Location: 167A Thomson Road
Contact: 8809 5884
Levels & Subjects: Pri / Sec / Maths, GEP / Math Olympiad
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://terrychew.com.sg/ 

Terry Chew Academy

Terry Chew Academy

#4. Learning Voyage

Learning Voyage has coached over 500 students and guided borderline scorers to achieve Distinctions while recharging their confidence and cultivating a love for Maths. The Award-Winning centre is made up of dedicated and passionate tutors who customise a personalized curriculum for each individual. With an aim to bring students on a journey to help them better understand and build a sturdy foundation in Math concepts, the centre’s unique “Plug-the-Gaps” Technique customises every lesson and learning opportunity to ensure improvement. Their constant encouragement and ability to communicate concepts and clear misconceptions effectively produced many success stories. The centre provides tuition lessons for Primary, Secondary, and JC maths for the PSLE, O, N & A Levels. A trial lesson is available, where students will have the opportunity to ask any questions and clear their doubts while assessing the centre’s suitability to their needs.

Location: 208 Hougang Street 21
Contact: 9005 6286
Levels & Subjects: Pri / Sec / JC Maths
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://learningvoyage.com.sg/ 

Learning Voyage

Learning Voyage

#5. Edufirst Learning Centre

Edufirst was established with the aim to provide a premium education service for its students. They host small tuition classes consisting of 4 to 8 students in an effort to maximize the potential of each child and create a conducive environment for optimal learning through close teacher-student interaction. Their tutors underwent a stringent selection and are handpicked with great caution to ensure a high quality of tutors. Periodic feedback on every child’s progress will be given as well, encouraging interaction between parents and the centre to ensure the best results for each child. One of the many perks of enrolling in this centre is their Free Homework Clinic, which is designed for homework consultation on days where the students are not scheduled for any tuition. Also, customised materials tailored to and targeted at each student’s learning needs will be personally prepared. A step-by-step progressive learning approach is adopted by the centre to help students build a strong conceptual understanding of the subjects/topics, which would equip them with the skills to tackle more challenging questions.

Location: Multiple branches available islandwide 
Contact: 9106 7716 
Levels & Subjects: Preschool – Sec Maths 
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly 
Website: https://www.edufirst.com.sg/

EduFirst Learning Centre

EduFirst Learning Centre

#6. iMatter

As the name implies, iMatter believes that every learner matters. The centre believes in adopting the right fundamentals in teaching and learning which can make all the difference to any and every learner. With a small class size of up to 6 students, patience and passion in teaching, genuine concern for their learners, a relaxed atmosphere for effective learning, and professional and dedicated tutors, iMatter offers a productive and effective personalised learning experience for each and every one of their students. In addition to their regular tuition programmes, the centre offers crash courses during the school holidays to help students revise and prepare for the national examinations. 

Location: 19 Yishun Avenue 9
Contact: 8768 6497
Levels & Subjects: Pri / Sec Maths
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://imatter.com.sg/ 

iMatter Learning Centre

iMatter Learning Centre

#7. One Tuition Place

One Tuition Place provides customised lessons and a guided mastery to ace the exams. The centre’s tutors are extremely passionate, with structured lessons to allow for the ease of catching up. Subsequent lesson outlines are conveyed to their students as a heads-up of the things to expect for each lesson. The centre’s students have achieved stellar results through engaging discussion and concise notes for all subjects. They are open to changes in lesson plans to suit the needs of their students. The centre offers tuition classes for Primary, Secondary, and JC students for the PSLE, N, O & A Level Exams. A trial lesson is available, allowing students to have first-hand experience with the tutors and having a good gauge about the centre’s compatibility with their needs.

Location: 203 Hougang Street 21
Contact: 9863 9633 / 9679 0479
Levels & Subjects: Pri – JC Maths
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly 
Website: http://onetuitionplace.sg/ 

One Tuition Place

One Tuition Place

#8. Maths Prodigies Tuition Centre 

Through a tested and proven Holistic Math Mastery Approach, Maths Prodigies produces success stories while encompassing passion, courage, and belief. Their approach, consisting of Solidifying the Core Foundation, Introducing Thinking Routines & Structures to Scaffold Thinking, Familiarising Effective Problem-Solving Methods, and Exam Conditioning, was developed, tested, and refined over a span of 10 years and counting to help students excel in Maths, with remarkable results. Winning over the hearts of over 1,257 parents, Math Prodigies has been featured by well-known and exceptional platforms including 938 Live, The Straits Times, and NUS. The centre also offers a 5-day intensive boot camp every Saturday and Sunday to further challenge their students to reach for the sky. A free 2-hour trial is available to check the child’s suitability to their centre.

Location: 16 Jalan Masjid
Contact: 6635 8490 / 8363 5713
Levels & Subjects: Pri / Sec Maths
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly 
Website: https://www.mathprodigies.com/

Math Prodigies

Math Prodigies

#9. Polarise

Polarise is an educational establishment that offers tuition classes and enrichment programs (for children between 4 to 10 years old). The centre believes that the most effective way to motivate their students is to build their confidence and interest in studying. With the support of parents, the centre ensures that their students will be fully and gainfully engaged, where learning will never be taken lightly nor compromised in areas where areas for improvement are needed. Lessons are carried out with a holistic approach inclusive of incalculating a positive and correct mindset towards learning or examinations. The centre’s approaches have been proven to help a great number of students, whether they are from the mainstream or gifted neighbourhood or top schools. The fun and effective enrichment programmes offered have portrayed excellent results in creative thinking and team collaboration skills, along with the addition of the primary school syllabus to prepare the children for the challenges to come.

Location: 3 Hougang Avenue 6
Contact: 6584 5818
Levels & Subjects: Pri Maths
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: http://www.polariseeducation.org/ 



#10. IQ and EQ Education 

Awarded with the SME 500 Singapore Company award for 2020, IQ & EQ Education Services is an established educational centre with a proven track record of 85% of their students achieving “A” in the GCE O Level Examinations. The centre believes that tuition is an investment in a child’s future, and the returns are found in improvements. As a general guideline provided by the centre, tuition should produce results, stir interest, and create confidence. On top of covering the fundamental concepts, IQ & EQ Education emphasizes on approaching questions with a clear methodology, application, and to cross apply knowledge from different topics. Quizzes and practices will be given for students’ to furnish their skills and concepts. A free trial is available to determine whether the centre’s teaching styles complement the student’s learning styles, and holiday programmes are offered as well. 

Location: Multiple branches available islandwide 
Contact: Unique to each branch
Levels & Subjects: Preschool – JC Maths
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website:  http://www.iqandeqeducation.com.sg/

IQ & EQ Education

IQ & EQ Education

3.3.2. Secondary / JC / IP / IB School Recommendations

#11. Learner’s Lodge 

Established as a premier centre for innovation and academic excellence whilst in pursuit of providing the best JC education, Learner’s Lodge’s Holistic blend of pedagogically sound curriculum, digital technology, and innovative teaching methodology has brought students to their desired places academic-wise. Most of their students successfully secured places in Singapore’s Top Local Universities and Ivy League Universities – NUS, SMU, Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, and Yale, to name a few. Under their guidance and tutelage, students have also secured prestigious private and public sector scholarships, including the Singapore Public President’s Scholarship. 

Location: Multiple branches available islandwide 
Contact: 9119 9655
Levels & Subjects: Sec / IP / JC Maths
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.learnerslodge.com.sg/

Learners' Lodge

Learners’ Lodge

#12. Math Academia

Math Academia provides a conducive environment, takes a holistic learning approach, and finds great importance in the welfare of their students. With the latest technology, spacious study spaces, and digital drawing devices, students are able to focus and learn well, effectively, and clearly. The centre believes in an all-rounded learning experience, where students excel academically and develop life skills. This is done through interactive learning – group discussions, live quizzes, and hands-on activities, which better helps students grasp important concepts, relate school subjects to the real world, and gain confidence in themselves. As the centre also believes that motivation and support is necessary for a student to perform well, a snack bar and water dispenser have been put in place for students to replenish their energy. Frequent centre activities and contests are organized to reward students for their effort in learning.

Location: 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Contact: 9657 9970 / 8878 0302
Levels & Subjects: Pri – JC / IP / IB Maths
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.mathacademia.sg/ 

Math Academia

Math Academia

#13. Numberskill 

Being featured on CNA, The Straits Time, Channel 8, and other platforms, Number Skill has helped numerous students understand and conquer Maths. The centre breaks complex problems into simple concepts that are easy to grasp, keeps their students ahead of the syllabus to instil confidence in their homework and exams, and provides practices while guiding their students through. To ensure maximum productivity, Number Skill keeps their classes small. Lessons are recorded in HD for revision or recap at their students’ own time and target. Materials are curated with care to ensure that their students’ attention is sustained throughout the class. Like many of us, students get distracted very often. The centre tactfully makes their lectures short, leaving the remaining time for application and practice to optimise retention.

Location: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, 503 Bishan St 11
Contact: 9763 2567
Levels & Subjects: Sec / IP / JC Maths
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://numberskill.com/



#14. Sophia Education 

Sophia Education is an educational establishment that provides small group tuition or 1-to-1 classes. The centre consists of the Top 3% of Super Tutors who provide highly personalized lessons for students. The school syllabus is strictly adhered to, ensuring that the lessons are relevant. Their tutors are highly selected and rated by students, Top University Degree Holders with 7-20 years of experience, and make use of Proven Teaching Methods & Skills. Practice questions, mock exams, and intensive revisions will be given to prepare students for tests and exams. The centre has a solid track record, producing results that are 30-40% above the national average. Their tutors are equipped with the skills to motivate students and generate a learning desire through a clean and colourful explanation for abstract concepts. Trial lessons are available, allowing students to assess whether the centre is best suited for them. 

Location: 190 Clemenceau Avenue
Contact: 9810 6666
Levels & Subjects: Sec / JC Maths
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.sophiaeducation.sg/

Sophia Education

Sophia Education

#15. Math Note

Founded by a former MOE Teacher and featured on a local parenting website, Math Note’s mission is to help students who have difficulty in Math excel and gain confidence in the subject. The centre has produced a 100% rate of B3 and above. With a small class of no more than 5 students, notes and worksheets customised and differentiated for each individual, up-to-date quality notes and materials, a structured lesson methodology, and a positive and encouraging learning environment, every lesson is guaranteed to effectively target the students’ areas of improvement, ensure productivity, and assure information retention. The centre’s teaching tools include practices and applications, quality and easy-to-understand explanations, and clear and well-defined diagrams for conceptual understanding, a conducive learning environment cultivating perseverance and motivation, and assessments and evaluation through small quizzes, test and mock exams. To ensure an effective learning experience, the centre provides 3 main elements – quality in-house notes, logical-thinking stimulating worksheets, and clear & concise teaching. 

Location: Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
Contact: 8218 7192
Levels & Subjects: Sec / IP / JC Maths
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.mathnote.sg/ 

Math Note

Math Note

#16. AO Studies

As the name suggests, AO Studies specialises in O & A Levels preparations. Having successfully helped hundreds of students to achieve stellar results in the national examinations, the centre ensures quality education and tailored teaching methods for each individual while meeting the needs and demands of the education landscape. The unique points that set this centre apart are the Test and Proven Methodology, their Professional and Specialised Educators, Unlimited Consultations for free, and small class size. Coupled with their ability to spot questions and ensuring that students are given supplementary practice, students under their tutelage have produced magnificent and consistent results. 

Location: 420 North Bridge Road
Contact: 9077 9077
Levels & Subjects: Sec / JC Maths
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.aostudies.com.sg/   

AO Studies

AO Studies

#17. Math Academy 

Specialising in Maths, Math Academy has successfully produced thousands of fruitful results. With an average class size of 6, they have been able to bring out the best in all of their students through meticulous attention for each individual. The centre’s excellence can be seen through their detailed approach building Mathematical foundation and boosting students’ confidence, with no less than 90% of their students securing B’s & A’s. 

Location: 372 Bukit Batok St 31
Contact: 9152 9322 (Sec) / 9152 9453 (JC)
Levels & Subjects: Sec / IP / JC Maths
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://mathacademy.sg/

Math Academy

Math Academy

#18. The Physics & Maths Cafe

Featured on The Straits Times, The Maths Cafe guides their lost sheep in the right direction and builds their confidence to ace their Maths exams. With a healthy mix of students from elite and neighbourhood schools and a proven track record, the centre is confident in producing results, while nourishing their students’ self-assurance and cultivating their growth mindset in a math-learning environment, much like a vitamin pill. High-quality notes and questions designed to expand the students’ minds and raise confidence will be given. The centre believes that mistakes are the foundations of experience where fine-tuning and learning opportunities arise. With high achieving student councillors who keep in touch with the latest developments in the O & A Levels curriculum, parents’ can be assured that the centre’s syllabus is accurate and up-to-date. 

Location: Multiple branches available islandwide
Contact: 9100 1235
Levels & Subjects: Sec / IP / JC Maths
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://thephysicscafe.com/maths

The Physics & Maths Cafe

The Physics & Maths Cafe

#19. Miracle Math Tuition

Miracle Maths Tuition endeavours to instil the joy of learning and acts as a stepping stone for students to find success, both academically and non-academically. They are committed to their student’s Mathematics learning journey, aiming to bring the best out of every student. They offer a personalized education that encourages interaction between the teachers and students. With a customized plan and excellent track record, improvement under the centre’s guidance is guaranteed. Their classes go by the few in order to prevent having lost sheep and students having to compete with one another to get help. 

Location: Heartbeat @ Bedok
Contact: 9787 9150
Levels & Subjects: Sec Maths
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.miraclemath.sg/

Miracle Math Tuition

Miracle Math Tuition

#20. Mind Centre

Together with their team of highly experienced teachers, Mind Centre has helped hundreds of students achieve outstanding multiple grade improvements and A’s. The centre utilises ‘Mind-focused’ learning techniques and a ‘Fast and Systematic System’ that helps students learn efficiently and effectively. Designed to help students learn faster and score better for their exams, Mind Centre has created the MC3 Method for Math, which includes key learning techniques such as the Critical Mind-focused, Rapid Application, and Testing & Exam Methodologies. With countless testimonials, parents can be assured that they are leaving their children in good hands. The centre offers Maths tuition to Primary, Secondary, JC, IB, IP, and International students for the PSLE, N, O, A, IGCSE, and IB Exams.

Location: 208 New Upper Changi Road, 265 Serangoon Central Drive
Contact: 9631 2823 / 8715 1708
Levels & Subjects: Pri – JC / IP / IB / AEIS Maths
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.mindcentre.com.sg/ 

Mind Centre

Mind Centre

4. Maths Private Tutor’s Group Classes

Similar to Tuition Centres, there are group tuitions available in a private setting. These groups tend to be smaller than that of the centres’, more often with highly experienced, and elite individuals who charge a more premium rate. 

4.1. Advantages

1. Smaller Group Settings

  • Private group tuition usually offers lessons that go by smaller groups (often 2-4 students)
  • This ensures the maximum attention that a teacher can give to his students and that no questions are missed out.
  • This also allows the tutor to have greater opportunities to understand their students and each of their needs.

2. Direct Line to Tutor

  • Students are given the tutor’s personal number in most cases.
  • A direct line to their tutor allows communication between the students and their tutor after lesson hours (provided approved by a tutor)
  • Unlike tuition centres, students will not have to wait for the next lesson to clear any doubts, preventing a build-up of questions and misconceptions.

3. More Flexible Availabilities

  • More frequent time slots will be available for students to choose from as private group tutors generally have lesser students to cater to.
  • It is also possible that students can schedule extra lessons at their convenience, with or without other students. (usually the latter)


4.2. Main Considerations

1. Ensure the Credibility of Your Maths Tutor

  • Since private group tutors do not get vetted by a centre, getting their credentials and checking them is a vital step before enrolment. 
  • It would be good if the tutors provide reliable references for parents to check against.

2. Refer to Previous Testimonials/Reviews

  • As with any other tuition centre, it is crucial to look into the testimonials and reviews of the private group tutor. 
  • These testimonials are unbiased, and many parents are quick to post about the private group tutor if they were to have bad experiences with them. 
  • This is a good gauge as the second step in assessing the tutor’s compatibility, after vetting their credentials

3. Cost and Schedule 

  • Since private group tutors tend to charge higher rates, it is important to be aware and make a judgement call on whether the cost is reasonable.
  • When dealing with a large amount of money, the last thing any parent would want is to be paying for less than what they expect.

4. Compatibility 

  • Regardless of the type of tuition opted for, compatibility is one of the constants that students must look out for. 
  • In order to maximize the student’s capability, a tutor’s teaching style must be aligned with the student’s learning style. 
  • This plays a part in determining the amount of output and the effectiveness of the tutor.

4.3. Recommendations

#21. Maths Distinction 

Having been a Dean’s List Recipient every year, perfect Math grades, and being one of the 3 (out of 600 students) to complete his Masters in an accelerated time of 3.5 years, Mr Goh hosts a private and small  H2 Maths Home Tuition. His expertise lies in his ability to explain complicated concepts clearly and bringing U-grade students up to at least a B within a short amount of time. Mr Goh’s approach is to facilitate the teaching of concepts backed with examples, and having students demonstrate their understanding through solved questions. With patience and a flair in Maths, he has been able to produce improvements and distinctions. 

Location: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Contact: 9711 5909
Levels & Subjects: JC Maths
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://mathdistinction.com/ 

Maths Distinction

Maths Distinction

#22. Math Whiz

Being the mastermind behind countless high achievers, Mr Syahiran provides Home Group Tuition for Secondary Maths. With his background in Computer Science, he helps students sharpen their logical reasoning and mathematical problem-solving skills by leveraging on technology. He places an emphasis on building a strong foundation and having a complete understanding of mathematical concepts, rather than blind memorisation. His Pedagogical Framework includes the following – Acquisition of New Concepts, Worked Examples, Classwork, Topical Quizzes, Next Topic (repetition of effective methods), Modular Tests, a Revision Package, and lastly, the Major Exam. Mr Syahiran also offers a year-end crash course for students who wish to catch up on the year’s syllabus or get a headstart for the next.

Location: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Contact: 9631 7880
Levels & Subjects: Sec Maths
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.math-whiz.com/ 

Math Whiz

Math Whiz

#23. Punggol Tutor

With over 7 years of experience and has published an assessment book, Mr Khalid’s unique and effective teaching style has birthed a great number of successful students. He believes that learning should be engaging and active, where experiments, discussions, and hands-on activities are encouraged. With a small group of no more than 7 students, Mr Khalid has been able to ensure that each and every student receives his undivided attention. He makes use of proven Mathematical strategies developed by onSponge Thinking Math as part of the class’s problem sum solving strategies. He believes that overcoming the fear or Math is the stepping stone in breaking free from any limitations, which is the fundamental objective for his Maths tuition class. A free trial is up for grabs, allowing students to assess Mr Khalid’s teaching style and its compatibility.

Location: 289B Punggol Place
Contact: 9452 6111
Levels & Subjects: Pri Maths
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.punggoltutor.com/ 

Punggol Tutor

Punggol Tutor

5. Online Maths Tuition in Singapore

Online Maths Tuition

Online Maths Tuition has proven to be a growing and popular option amongst parents and students in the past 2 years.

Alternatively, Maths Tuition can be conducted online. In the past few months, Online Tutoring has been a growing trend which is expected to stay. Alongside the brick-and-motor centres, students will be able to choose between the options, depending on which suits their schedule and preferences the most. With a laptop, students will be able to learn from the comfort of their homes. Despite the initial stigma against Online Tuition, many have become accustomed to this practice amidst the COVID period. Some widely used online platforms include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype. While Online tutoring seems to be ideal for many with the lack of need to travel and convenience, it holds its own set of disadvantages just like any other type of tuition.

5.1. Advantages

1. No Travelling Time

  • Unlike Physical tuition, online private Maths tuition allows for a highly personalized yet convenient option for students. 
  • Factors such as the amount of time used to travel between locations are completely eliminated, giving students more time to be productive. 
  • This also eliminates the hassle of having to be present at other locations.

2. Lower Rates 

  • Since tutors no longer have to travel, the rates tend to be lower.
  • Especially for tutors who have to travel a great distance to their desired location, online tuition reduces the time taken up in between and allows for convenience for both parties.

3. An Additional Solution To Your Busy Schedule

  • During the school term, many students are busy with their schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and supplementary lessons. 
  • Since the travelling time from their schools to tuition centres can be long, having the option for online tuition gives room for more flexibility when it comes to the students’ schedules. 
  • This would also mean that cancellations and rearrangement of classes can be reduced by a great amount.

4. Promotes Self-Discipline

  • Being able to learn from the comfort of your home, many succumb to laziness.
  • Constant motivation and discipline depend solely on the student, who is left to be independent.

5.2. Main Considerations

1. Connecting And Building Rapport With Students

  • Without face-to-face lessons, it is inevitably more challenging to connect and build rapport with students. 
  • Although there is still a means of communication, the interaction between the tutor and the students will not feel the same.
  • This may also be one of the other barriers preventing the student from opening up to the tutor and being comfortable.

2. Affordability Of A Laptop & Internet Access

  • Unlike many of us who own a laptop, computer and have internet access, there are still others who are not as privileged. 
  • This completely rules out online tuition as an option for them, despite the known cheaper rates. 

3. Technical Issues

  • With the use of the internet, no matter how advanced one’s technology is, technical issues are widely seen, and these issues may affect all users at once in some cases.
  • This may lead to slower navigation through the web, low quality or laggy videos.
  • Also, the accessibility to some features may be an obstacle preventing online lessons from taking place smoothly.

4. Easier Procrastination

  • Since there will not be anyone to remind the student when his/her assignments are due or when the test or mock quizzes are taking place, it is easy to look past these important dates.
  • It is a bad habit of many to leave work or revision to the last minute even when there are teachers or tutors present to jock their memories. 
  • In the absence of these figures, it can be safe to say many students fall victim to their own procrastination to a further extent. 

5.3. Recommendations

#24. Tenopy

Featured on CNA, Zaobao, 83.9FM and many more, Tenopy is an online tutoring platform that has helped thousands of students improve and achieve their desired results from the comfort of their homes. The Tenopy Team is a team of dedicated educators who came together with a passion to make learning an engaging and empowering process for Singapore students through a combination of quality education and good technology. Chong Kian, the winner of the International Math Olympiad medal, founded Tenopy to enable every child to learn the right way. He believes that the correct way of learning – developing the mind to think, mastering the skills and applying them in new problems and situations, has the potential to handle any form of assessment, test or exam and build the foundation of skills and character to excel in life. Students can look forward to quizzes, asking questions in real-time, and not worrying about missing out during lessons as video playbacks are available. 

Contact: 9469 6793
Levels & Subjects: Pri Maths
Cost: $112 – $156 per term
Website: https://sg.tenopy.com/ 



#25. Superstar Teacher

Currently standing at 49,418 subscriber count, Superstar Teacher aims to bring star-quality teachers to students anywhere and anytime. With a team of curriculum specialists and top-notch teachers, lessons are guaranteed to be fun, interesting, and of the highest calibre. With interactive quizzes embedded into the lessons, every student’s progress and understanding will be assessed and tracked, allowing the teachers to identify areas of weakness specific to each student. The auto-marking assessments enable students to stay engaged in their learning and practice with past-year exam questions. This ease of access to education brings convenience to every student’s doorstep, with an instant homework help feature designed for students in dire need of help. Through Superstar Teacher, students are empowered to take charge of their own learning by seeking help when needed from the pool of expert mentors. A trial online lesson is available as well, allowing students to attend selected lessons to determine the effectiveness of their teachings. 

Contact: 6341 5516
Levels & Subjects: Pri / Sec Maths
Cost: $628 per annum (Pri),  $698 per annum (Sec)
Website: https://www.superstarteacher.com.sg/ 

Superstar Teacher

Superstar Teacher

#26. IB Super

For the IB and IGCSE students, look no further than IB Super for online classes taught by IB & IGCSE specialists. With an aim to help students achieve their academic goals, IB Super offers free diagnostic tests to identify areas of weakness, mock exams and assessments, customized programs that focus on students’ areas of improvement, and a hands-on 7 visual-spatial activities to ensure a fun, enriching, and engaging experience. IB Super’s unique method of instruction has produced excellent results in helping students who seek help in IB Maths, where many achieved 6s and 7s. One can expect real-life application, allowing students to see how Maths is expressed in real-life through classroom-demonstrations and videos. With the knowledge that they will come across, students will no longer have to worry about writing a good personal engagement for their Math Internal Assessment, thus killing two birds with one stone. A huge bank of IB Maths questions from past year IB papers and some of IB Super’s own questions modelled after past year IB questions are also awaiting to be put to good use. A personalised approach to the learning of their superstars will be developed, maximizing the capacity of critical thinking and deep understanding for each individual.  

Contact: 9819 8928
Levels & Subjects: IB / JC Maths
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://ibsuper.com.sg/ 

IB Super

IB Super

6. 1-to-1 Private Maths Home Tuition

Having Private Maths Home Tuition is the go-to for many, with the most superior interaction, personalised teaching and the absence of a struggle for attention. 

Maths Tuition Centre

Sending your child to a maths tuition centre or for maths home tuition both has its individual benefits and unique selling points.

6.1. Advantages

1. Staying Ahead Of The Competitive Education Scene


  • It is no surprise that many students struggle to meet the benchmark set to be able to smoothly progress through their educational path.
  • Hiring a Home Tutor provides students with the resource of a personal teacher who has the ability to clear all doubts and misconceptions, pointing students in the right direction.
  • Private tutors would eliminate the fear that parents have regarding their child’s potentially unproductive study sessions.
  • Since they are tutors, there is a higher chance that they are more familiar with and up to date with the everchanging syllabus.

2. Coping With The Increasing Difficulty Of The MOE Syllabus


  • As many of us have heard, the MOE syllabus does not get any easier over the years, with a subject syllabus review once every six years.
  • For example, originally used in Secondary Schools only, the use of calculators to solve complex Maths problems has been introduced to Primary Schools.
  • Due to this evolution and changing syllabus, it often poses a challenge for parents who have to juggle between their work and tutoring their child. 
  • Since many Home Tutors have at least 5 years of experience and multiple students from various levels, they are often well-versed in helping students overcome learning gaps and problems efficiently and effectively.

3. Less Stress, Higher Confidence

  • Private Home Tutoring lowers the stress levels of students while cultivating higher confidence levels.
  • Private Home Tutoring allows students to clarify their doubts on the spot and imparts the most effective and efficient learning methods for the best output.
  • The improvement, often seen after receiving tuition, encourages and instils higher confidence in students, leading to self-belief and an increase in self-esteem.
  • Once students master the most ideal way of studying (unique to each), there will be more time set aside for other activities to develop the student’s passions.

4. An Affordable Investment

  • The rate for high-quality tutors goes as low as $25/Hour.
  • As much as a tutor’s rate often aligns with his/her qualifications, it does not equate to their actual experience in the field.
  • With a more informal style of teaching, students may feel more comfortable to speak up.

5. Mentor Figure & Inspiration

  • A large number of private tutors serve as a Mentor Figure and Inspiration to students.
  • This provides a good alternative in the case that students do not seem to be able to recognise any role models in school due to the large settings.
  • Since many tutors teach other students of a specific level, they are able to offer well-founded advice, academically and non-academically.

6. Allows Parents More Free Time

  • With private tutors, parents no longer have to be home or be worried about their child’s academic productivity.
  • This gives parents more freedom, in the sense that they can plan for more enjoyment out of the house. 
  • This opens up many opportunities for parents to observe and figure out their child’s passions, dreams, and goals.

7. Time Saving For Students

  • Many a time, private tutors travel to their student’s desired location, which is their house for the majority of them.
  • This means that students can save time wasted on travelling from one location to another, allowing for more time for productive activities. 
  • Since the lessons will be conducted from the comfort of their homes, students have the freedom of being able to freshen up and clear their minds before the lesson begins.
  • Parents will also be able to sit through the lessons to assess the progress and compatibility of the tutor.


6.2. Main Considerations

1. Qualifications Of The Tutor

  • Looking out for the qualifications of the Maths tutors is crucial in the selection process.
  • For example, if you are looking to engage an Ex/Current MOE Teacher, the first thing you have to look out for is the NIE Certificate to verify their authenticity.
  • Not to worry, tuition agencies like ourselves, MindFlex, will vet through the Maths tutors for you. 

2. Rates

  • When deciding on a Maths tutor, there are many applicable rates. 
  • For a clearer picture, it would definitely be better to do prior research on the market rates.

3. Testimonials, Experience, Track record

  • It is vital to look out for the testimonials, experience, and track record of the Maths tutor to assess his ability to teach your child. 
  • For example, for students with learning difficulties, it would be ideal to look for a Maths tutor who has dealt with similar students in order to minimize any hiccups or misalignments of interest.
  • The track record allows a parent to be informed of the Maths tutor’s success rate in bringing about improvement and helping his/her students excel in the pursuit of academic excellence.
  • As stated above, testimonials are very important and unbiased, making it a good factor to bring into consideration when choosing Maths tutors.

4. Teaching Style

  • Since every student has a different learning style, it is imperative that parents look for a Maths tutor with a teaching style that complements that of the child. 
  • For parents who are afraid of making the wrong choice, it is MindFlex’s utmost pleasure to change tutors for you, should you come across an incompatible tutor.
  • As a basis before taking matters further, a Maths tutor should also be able to interact and connect well with your child to make it easier for the child to muster up his/her courage to clarify any doubts.

5. Current intake of students

  • Parents must look out for the current quantity of students that the Maths tutor has at the moment.
  • Since one of the sole purposes of private tuition is undivided attention, having too many students could be a red flag for tutors. 
  • Juggling between many students could possibly lead to a distracted and overworked Maths tutor, which parents should avoid at all costs as the effectiveness is almost instantly reduced.

6.3. Recommendations

MindFlex Home Tuition is the #1 Tuition Agency for Maths Tuition in Singapore

MindFlex Home Tuition is the #1 Tuition Agency for Science Tuition in Singapore

6.3.1. Go Through A Home Tuition Agency

Should you decide on engaging a Private Home Tutor, the absolute way to do so would be to go through a Results Proven Home Tuition Agency like ourselves – MindFlex. Having a database of over 50,000 experienced tutors and teachers, it would be a breeze obtaining the tutor type of your choice. MindFlex’s unique selling points are a quick turnover time of less than 6 hours, 24/7 availability to serve you, trial lessons for the worried parents, a free of charge tutor request, no agency fees, and a strict shortlisting process. With over 35,000 successful cases, more than 15,000 repeat clients and testimonials, you can be assured of our professionalism and results. We may be unsure of how other tuition agencies operate, however, one thing for sure is our team of hardworking, passionate, and polite individuals who always strive to give their best. For interested applicants, hesitate no more. Contact us to get your tutor today!

6.3.2. Freelance Maths Private Tutors

A number of Freelance Maths tutors are in the market, awaiting more assignments. It would be great for parents to search and explore your options, ensuring the best for your child as we know you would. Do keep the pointers we have given above, in your search for the most suitable tutor of your choice.

6.3.3. Recommendations

Another suggestion would be to look through blogs, forums, and ask around for recommendations from friends and family. This would reduce the time taken and eliminate the need for combing through countless websites. Many blogs including the famous Kiasuparents Forum are great places to look at for tips, recommendations, or any information that would be useful in looking for a Maths tutor.

7. The Best Option for Maths Tuition in Singapore

All in all, there are a variety of options that parents can consider for Maths Tuition. Putting your child’s best interest at heart, it is recommended that parents weigh the pros and the cons for each type of Maths Tuition available in Singapore. For assistance, do contact us or visit our homepage. We are more than happy and honoured to be able to extend our help and services to you. 

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