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What To Expect From MindFlex’s Maths Tutors

Receive Specialized 1 to 1 Maths Lessons Tailored To Student’s Needs

Custom-Fit and Specialized Maths Materials from Results-Proven Tutors

Adequate Practice Papers & Timed Practices To Improve Maths Examination Skills

Clarification of Mathematics Concepts At Student’s Pace

Maths Tuition Lessons At The Comfort and Safe Environment Of Home

Dedicated Maths Tutors Who Are Able To Provide Support After Tuition Hours

Increased Confidence and Passion for Maths

Guaranteed Maths Grade Improvements

Select From The Best of 6,000+ Maths Tutors In Our Database

Affordable maths Tuition

Maths Tuition Rates Singapore

Our maths home tuition rates are constantly updated in real-time based on rates quoted by home tutors in Singapore. These market rates are based on the volume of 10,000+ monthly tuition assignment applications over a pool of 30,000+ active home tutors.



MOE Teachers





Primary 1-4




Primary 5-6




Sec 1-2




Sec 3-5












IGCSE / International




Poly / Uni








Maths Tutor Categories

Engage Top-Quality Maths Home Tutors At Affordable Tuition Rates

The 3 Different Categories of Maths Tutors



Ex / Current

MOE Teachers

Around 1 to 3
Years of Experience

More Than 5
Years of Experience

National Exam Markers
(PSLE/N/O/A Levels, IBDP)

Made Up of
Mostly Undergraduates 

Made Up of
Mostly Graduates

MOE & NIE Trained
School Teachers

Scored Good Grades (As)
During School Days

Large Pool of Students,
Relevant Levels & Subjects

In-Depth MOE Teaching 
Techniques & Pedagogy

Young & Vibrant, 
Small Age Gap

Highly Experienced with
All Types of Students 

Wealth of Classroom 
Teaching Experience

Most Budget
Friendly Option

Highest Level
of Commitment

Most Qualified
Tutor Option

Categories of Maths Tuition which MindFlex Offers
Categories of Maths Tuition which MindFlex Offers

maths Home Tuition

MindFlex Offers The Following:

Polytechnic Maths Tuition, University Maths Tuition, Private Maths Tuition Singapore


Effective maths Home Tuition

What Are The Topics And Skills Covered By MindFlex’s Maths Tutors?


-Data Analysis
and many more…


E Maths:
-Rate & Speed
-Algebraic Expressions & Formulae
-Functions & Graphs
-Equations & Inequalities
-Set Language & Notation
-Angles, Triangles & Polygons
-Pythagoras Theorem & Trigonometry
and many more…

More: Congruence & Similarity, Properties of Circles, Mensuration, Coordinate Geometry, Vectors in Two Dimensions, Problems in Real-World Contexts, Data Analysis, Probability

A Maths:
-Equations & Inequalities
-Indices & Surds
-Polynomials & Partial Fractions
– Binomial Expansions
-Power, Exponential Logarithmic & Modulus Functions
-Trigonometric Functions
-Identities & Equations
and many more…

More: Coordinate Geometry in Two Dimensions, Proofs in Plane Geometry, Differentiation & Integration


H1/2 Maths:
-Functions, Graphs & Transformations
-Equations & Inequalities
-Sequences & Series
-Normal Distribution
-Hypothesis Testing, Correlation & Linear Regression
and many more…

More: Complex Numbers Expressed in Cartesian & Polar Form, Maclaurin Series, Integration Techniques, Definite Integrals, Differential Equations, Probability, Discrete Random Variables, Scalar & Vector Products in Vectors, Three-Dimensional Vector Geometry, Basic Properties of Vectors in Two & Three Dimensions


Primary Maths Tutors

MindFlex’s Experienced Primary School Tutors are able to help Primary School Students of all levels, P1-P6, and of all abilities. Whether the student needs extra help with grasping foundational topics, or if the student wants to perform better than his/her peers in class, our Top Primary Maths Tutors will be able to help them achieve their goals.

Our Top Primary Maths Tutors will cover the foundation of your child’s knowledge of Maths including topics like Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Percentage, Ratio, Speed, Data Analysis, Algebra, and many more. Aside from that, our Primary Maths Tutors also focus on providing students with essential foundational skills such as Question Analysis & Understanding of Word Problems and Clear & Sequential Showing of Workings to aid them in their Maths journey in Primary School and beyond.


PSLE Maths Tutors

Our Top PSLE Maths Tutors will provide specialised materials to give students an edge over their peers while preparing for their first National Examination.

Concept Identification & Application will be a key skill imparted by our Top PSLE Maths Tutors to the students. On top of that, our specialised PSLE Maths Tutors will help provide Effective Ways To Memorize & Apply Maths Formulas, which many PSLE Maths Students often face difficulties with in their preparations for the PSLE Examination. More difficult topics such as Measurement and Geometry, especially in Paper 2, will be given due emphasis, according to each student’s individual needs.

In terms of practical examination skills, our Experienced and Qualified PSLE Maths Tutors will also conduct timed practice trials for their students under simulated examination conditions in order to familiarise them with the actual conditions when they sit for the actual PSLE Examination.

Given that PSLE Maths is the first national examination in the field of Mathematics, many Primary 6 students may find the Mathematical subject challenging to tackle. However, MindFlex has got it covered by providing a guide on How To Overcome Problems Faced in PSLE Maths to help all PSLE students better prepare for the examination.

(SEC 1-5)

Secondary maths Tutors

MindFlex’s Top Secondary School Maths Tutors work on building on their students’ Primary School foundation. As skillful and experienced tutors, they are able to seamlessly weave in new and foreign concepts such as Algebra and Coordinate Geometry in a way that is easily digestible for the students, thus bridging the gap between the Primary School and Secondary School content.

With the Best Secondary Maths Tuition, Secondary school students can be assured that they receive summarised notes and the most effective tips on how to ace the subject. Moreover, students will be placed in a mock examination setting where students are timed as they tackle past years Math examinations papers, allowing students to be adequately prepared when they take on the real examination. With the support and guide from our Top Secondary Maths Tutors, students will be equipped with the necessary skill sets and knowledge in the field of Maths in order to do well for any Maths exercises, tests and examinations in the long run.

Want to score well for your Mathematics subject(s) in Secondary School? Pick up the 7 Ways To Score An A1 for Maths by Top Secondary Maths Tutors with MindFlex!


n level maths Tutors

Our Top N Level Maths Tutors are extremely experienced in preparing students for the N Levels, and are committed to helping their students achieve their best in these examinations.

With their sharp focus on the various Examination Strategies for the N Levels, our Top N Level Maths tutors help their students on essential skills such as proper Time Management and Familiarity with Various Question Types, especially for the more challenging long-answer questions in the Paper 2 component.


O Level MATHS Tutors

Here at MindFlex, our Top O Level Maths Tutors are mindful that the O Level Maths Examinations can be an immense source of stress for their students. As such, they are committed to being the ultimate support system for their students to constantly clear their doubts and drill in concepts until they gain the confidence to tackle the O Level Examinations.

By providing useful and up-to-date resources such as past-year Prelim Papers from a variety of school as well as Trend Analysis of past question types in the O Level Ten-Year-Series, our Top O Level Maths Tutors will be sure to equip students with the necessary information for them to take the O Levels with confidence. Important skills such as Question Analysis and Concept Application will be heavily emphasised, coupled with Simulated Timed Trials to ensure that students are well-equipped to face the Examination with proper Time Management Skills.


e maths Tutors

Here at MindFlex, our Top E Maths Tutors in Singapore are sure to lay a strong foundation in E Maths for students, providing a fundamental knowledge of Mathematics and Mathematical Skills.

From the basic topics that students would first encounter in Upper Secondary such as Indices and Inequalities to more complex concepts such as Angle Properties of Circles and Trigonometry, our Top E Maths Tutors take every effort to cover all bases with their students. With MindFlex’s Best E Maths Tuition in Singapore, every student can be assured to build and strengthen their fundamental knowledge in Mathematics, which can be applied to other subjects including A Maths and Principles of Accounts.


A mATHS Tutors

The O Level A Maths syllabus requires students to develop thinking, reasoning and metacognitive skills through mathematical approaches to problem-solving; which will be the focal point of our O Level A Maths Tutor’s lesson plans. The emphasis on developing analytical skills will ensure that students achieve a solid foundation for further studies in the future. Our O Level A Maths Tutors will equip students with effective tips in order to acquire an extensive knowledge of Maths concepts required for their O Levels.

There will also be a focus on ensuring that difficult or more complex topics are covered in ample detail, such as Trigonometry and Calculus. Our O Level A Maths Tutors will provide resources to support students in their mastery of A Maths, providing them with the confidence to tackle their A Maths paper.

Begin preparing for A Maths tests and examinations through our handy guide on the Best Pointers On Scoring Well For A Maths!


IP mATHS Tutors

Our competent and dedicated IP Maths Tutors are capable of providing exemplary and holistic education for students. Students will be guided in the various Maths concepts, where the IP Maths Tutor will help students with any weak topics they might have. Even though the IP curriculum does not have any national examination, our IP Maths Tutors will still focus on solidifying the foundation to ensure that the IP students will be able to excel in their A Levels in the future.

At MindFlex, our IP Maths Tutors will ensure that transferable skills such as real-world application is taught, allowing students to use such skill sets in their future academic pathways or in other subjects. With this, students will be able to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Maths content they are learning.

(JC1 – JC2)


The A Level Maths syllabus is a rigorous assessment requiring students to understand and apply mathematical concepts and skills in various scenarios, including many in real-life contexts, which might be a daunting challenge for most. Our A Level Maths Tutors aim to bridge the gaps between course content and such real-life, unforeign problems by guiding students in crafting step-by-step solutions and posing repeated problems to help students internalise the underlying concepts required to solve such problems.

Our experienced and dedicated A Level Maths Tutors are also trained in helping students master difficult concepts by guiding students in applying these concepts to a variety of different question types and scenarios. Our A Level Maths Tutors will also provide tips on time management or tips on fully utilising graphic calculators during examination.

Learn more about H1/H2 Maths and 5 Effective Tips to Scoring Well for A Level Maths with MindFlex!


h1 maths Tutors

The A Levels H1 Maths syllabus requires expert mastery of two sections – Pure Mathematics and Probability and Statistics, with at least one question in each section pertaining to application of Mathematics in real-world contexts. Our A Level H1 Maths Tutors will effectively target these two sections by first ensuring that students are well-versed with the syllabus content and various formulas required. Thereafter, there will be focus on properly understanding question requirements and applying their concepts to answering the questions.

Through our A Level H1 Maths Tutor’s curated lesson plans, students will be at ease knowing that their weaknesses will be targeted by the Maths Tutor in order to hone their Maths skills – whether is it specific topics such as Differentiation, or weakness in sections such as the Probability and Statistics section. Through this, students will be able to master the concepts required for them to score an A in their A Levels.


H2 MATHS Tutors

Our A Levels H2 Maths Tutors are well-versed with the H2 Maths syllabus, which consists of two sections – Pure Mathematics and Probability and Statistics. Through our H2 Maths Tutor’s expert guidance, students will get to clear any doubts that they might have, as well as learn tips or common mistakes made by students. The H2 Maths Tutor will also ensure that course content is fully covered, with emphasis on more difficult and elusive concepts such as Complex Numbers, Integration and Vectors – which will provide students with a comprehensive coverage and knowledge of content.

In order to do well for A Levels, students also need to be well-equipped with examination strategies, which will also be covered by our A Level H2 Maths Tutors. Our H2 Maths Tutors will be sure to emphasise on the key differences and focuses of both Paper 1 and Paper 2, as well as ensure that students hone their time management skills.

(GRADE 11-12)


The rigorous IB Maths syllabus focuses on developing important mathematical concepts in a comprehensible and logical manner, hinging on a balanced approach. Here at MindFlex, our IB Maths Tutors aim to guide students into achieving holistic Maths knowledge, learning to apply their mathematical knowledge in solving problems under meaningful contexts through emphasis on important Math skills such as question analysis and problem solving.

Our IB Maths Tutors will be sure to follow closely with the IB curriculum and syllabus, exploring the various topics within the syllabus and effectively helping students hone their skills and familiarity with all topics. In addition, to supplement their learning, the IB Maths Tutors will also guide students on their Mathematical Exploration and allow students to learn real-world applications to supplement their learning.

Know more about the IB Maths Syllabus with our Complete Guide to IB Math (SL/HL) in Singapore.



Given the competitive IB SL Maths curriculum, students might be overwhelmed with the immense amount of knowledge and skills mastery required. Here at MindFlex, our IB SL Maths Tutors are experienced and will aid in easing any academic worries by helping students improve in their skills and IB SL Maths mastery through repeated practice and application. Our IB SL Maths Tutors will also be sure to place emphasis on exposing students to as many question types as possible in order to hone their Maths problem solving skills.

By providing close guidance in ensuring that students are able to expertly break down question requirements and thereafter synthesising step-by-step solutions, our IB SL Maths Tutors will effectively help students to apply their knowledge on mathematical facts and concepts and apply them to a variety of situations and contexts.



As compared to the SL Maths curriculum, the IB HL Maths curriculum is much more rigorous and requires extra focus and concentration in mastering the skills and applying them into unfamiliar contexts. Our IB HL Maths Tutors are hence trained and capable to guide students in excelling in the various papers, ensuring that they achieve the 7 points.

Rest assured that our IB HL Maths Tutors will focus on all the IB exam components, from Paper 1, Paper 2 to Paper 3, as well as the Internal Mathematical Exploration component. Through this, students will be able to enjoy repeated practice to help them hone their skills and familiarise themselves with the Maths content. Since the HL Maths syllabus consists of an extra Paper 3 component (as compared to the SL Maths curriculum), our expert IB HL Maths Tutors will ensure that this component is not neglected, ensuring that students receive the required holistic guidance to improve their Maths.

Challenges Faced While Learning Maths

What Are The Challenges Faced By Maths Students in Singapore?

Key Challenges:

  • Difficulty in Understanding And Solving Maths Problem Such As Sums/Word Problems
  • Difficulty in Drawing And Understanding The “Model Method”
  • Making Careless Mistakes, Leading To The Unnecessary Loss Of Marks
  • Poor Understanding Of Mathematical Concepts Such As Algebra, Trigonometry, Complex Numbers, Etc.
  • Struggling To Complete Math Examinations Due To Inefficient Time Management Strategies
  • Unable to Process Or Understand Algebraic Equations Properly
  • Unable to Memorize Or Apply Mathematical Formulas To Exam Questions
  • Unfamiliarity In The Usage Of Essential Mathematical Tools Such As The Normal And Graphic Calculators
Benefits of Hiring Maths Tuition

What Are The Benefits of Engaging Maths Home Tutors through MindFlex?

1. 1-to-1 Personalized Help

By engaging MindFlex’s Maths Home Tutors, students can get instant clarification and efficient guidance on student-specific mathematical concepts, tools and questions so that students can learn and study productively. Our MindFlex’s Maths Home Tutors believe to eliminate all possible learning gaps and to clarify all questions and doubts at a student’s own pace to ensure that all students can achieve academic success in the field of Maths.

2. Access To Useful Maths Practice Materials

Maths is all about practice, practice, practice. Engaging top Maths Private Tuition Singapore from MindFlex would mean that students have access to useful exam resources such as past-year exam/prelim papers from other schools. Such access will provide MindFlex’s students with the advantage and head start among their peers taking the Math subject.

3. Increased Confidence

Improving in Math grades usually provides students with more confidence to do well for other academic subjects including Science and Economics, and also excel in non-academic activities. Kick-start this positive cycle today by engaging tuition with our Maths Tutors in one of the most important core subjects, Maths.

4. More Interest in Maths

Good Maths Tutors are generally able to generate and instill a love for the Math subject within students. Our Top Maths Tutors have the capabilities of making students more interested in the subject as our tutors are well-versed and experienced with the mathematical concepts and formulas used by schools. With our Maths Tuition, this heightens the students’ interest in Maths and gives an intrinsic motivation for students to want to do particularly well in the subject.

5. Advice and Recommendations for Maths and Future Career Choices

MindFlex’s Maths Tutors are able to provide the best advice and guidance when it comes to preparing an effective study plan for Maths revision and studying. Aside from that, they are also able to provide advice with regards to Subject Combinations, University Courses and Potential Career Choices. Engage the Top Maths Tuition in Singapore through MindFlex today to find out how we can help you in Maths!

Making well-informed decisions

Why is Getting Maths Tutors So Important?

Maths is a core subject which is required at all levels, from Pre-School to Junior College. Hence, by getting Maths Home Tuition at MindFlex, it provides an additional avenue that can aid students in grasping the fundamentals of Maths as well as helping them do well in the subject. Furthermore, since the Maths syllabus builds upon itself, all the topics are interlinked and it is essential to build a good foundation from young so as to get the fundamentals right, which will serve as a tremendous headstart amongst your peers. In addition, given that Maths is one of the only subjects where obtaining a perfect score is possible, getting Maths Tuition is crucial in helping you achieve that perfect 100% score in examinations.

Additionally, the concepts learnt in Maths are important for subjects such as Physics and Chemistry, hence being able to do well in Maths gives you a significant advantage for other Science subjects. Excelling in Maths will also open up many other academic pathways for Diplomas/Degrees such as Engineering, Statistics, Actuarial Sciences, Accounting and more.

Given the aforementioned benefits, getting Maths Tuition early will definitely be of great advantage. In addition, introducing Maths early on in a child’s growth can also be beneficial for them in the long run as well!


Infographic on Importance of Maths Tuition

MATHS tuition singapore

What to Expect from MindFlex’s Maths Tutors

1. Specialised 1 to 1 Maths Lessons Tailored To Student’s Needs

Getting Maths Home Tuition through MindFlex will ensure that the student can grasp concepts and go through the syllabus at the student’s own pace, rather than having to catch up or wait for their peers in the same class. With one-on-one private tuition, our Maths Tutors will provide their full attention and time to guide the student and curate a learning schedule specifically based on the student’s strengths and areas of improvement. For example, more time can be dedicated to certain topics that the students are weaker at, allowing more practice to be done to ensure that the student becomes competent in all topics. Moreover, one-on-one tuition ensures that all questions and doubts of the student can be answered and cleared respectively with the assistance of a Maths Tutor so that the student can grasp the Maths topics better.

2. Custom-Fit & Specialised Maths Materials from Results-Proven Tutors

Engaging a Maths Home Tutor through MindFlex will provide students access to consolidated and detailed Maths summary notes, formula sheets and other materials that will aid the students in studying for Maths. This ensures students are more prepared and confident in attempting Maths questions.

3. Adequate Practice Papers & Timed Practices to Improve Maths Examination Skills

Our Maths Tutors offer their students access to all types of questions found in different school papers to ensure that students are exposed to every type of question that may be tested in their homework, school tests, and even national examinations. In addition, if needed, tutors can also arrange for periodic timed practices to simulate real-life exam conditions in order to improve the student’s Maths examination skills and time management.

4. Clarification of Mathematics Concepts at Student’s Pace

Through our Maths Home Tuition, students can learn at their own pace and clarify concepts at any point during the lesson. With one-on-one private tuition, it allows our Maths Tutors to focus entirely on the student and ensure that he/she is clear on all the Maths content before moving on to the next.

5. Maths Tuition Lessons at the Comfort and Safety of Own Homes

Having one-on-one tuition at the convenience and comfort of the student’s home will assure the student’s security and safety. With the options between physical or online home tuition, students have the freedom to choose if they prefer to meet the tutor face-to-face or through a video conferencing platform when having their lessons. As such, students can experience safe and interactive Maths tuition classes without even stepping out of their homes.

6. Dedicated Maths Tutors who are Able to Provide Support After Tuition Hours

Our Maths Tutors are dedicated and truly have the passion for Maths. They will work hand-in-hand with students to help them achieve their Maths academic goals. They are also able to provide academic support even after tuition hours, meaning students can reach the tutor via their phones to clarify any doubts that might surface while working on their Maths homework or revision.

7. Increased Confidence & Passion for Maths

While formal education (i.e schooling) teaches one about Maths and what the subject entails, students may not fully understand and comprehend the topics covered in school due to the large class size, divided attention, and other distractions. Having one-on-one tuition, on the other hand, will provide an additional learning platform for students to better absorb the materials learned in school as well as to facilitate increased practice in the subject. It can also enhance their interest in Maths as a subject. With continuous efforts and practice, students will then be able to enjoy an increased confidence in approaching Maths questions.

8. Guaranteed Maths Grade Improvements

Engaging Maths Home Tuition through MindFlex has helped 9 in 10 of our students score better grades in Maths. Moreover, academically excelling in Maths can give you an edge in life, so begin your academic journey to success with us at MindFlex!

9. Select from the Best of 6,000+ Maths Tutors in Our Database

At MindFlex, we understand that students may have requirements and/or preferences when searching for a Maths Tutor. That is why MindFlex holds the largest pool of more than 6,000 active and experienced Maths tutors, allowing us to search and find the most ideal Maths Tutor for students!

Infographic on What To Expect From MindFlex Maths Tutors

Find out more about what to expect from engaging MindFlex’s Maths Tutors

choosing the right MATHS home tuition

What Are The 7 Most Important Criteria to Look For in An Maths Tutor?

Infographic on 7 Most Important Criterias of A Maths Tutor

These are the 7 most important considerations before engaging a Maths Tutor

1. Experience in Teaching Students Of Similar Levels

One of the most important tips when selecting a Maths Tutor is to ensure that he/she is currently teaching, or have recently taught students of the same level. This will instantly guarantee that the tutor is familiar with the level of Maths content your child is currently studying, and well-equipped with the necessary pedagogy and skills to address the student’s concerns. Here at MindFlex, we specifically only recommend tutors who are currently teaching, or have previously taught students of the same level.

2. Access to Additional Maths Learning Materials & Practices

Most good Maths Tutors have a pool of good resources which they are able to utilise for more effective Maths Lessons. Examples of these resources include well-designed mindmaps/formula sheets, question banks from top schools, self-created worksheets and past-year papers from top schools or national exams. Here at MindFlex, we indicate clearly in our tutor profiles if the specific tutor is able to provide materials and resources for the students.

3. Tutor’s Grades & Academic Qualifications

It is natural that Top Maths Tutors scored well for their national and school exams during their schooling days. A tutor having scored an A for his/her Maths subjects is usually a safe choice as it would prove that they are indeed well-versed in the subject taught. It is also a bonus if the tutor has a Maths-related qualification, such as a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, or Engineering fields.

4. Familiarity With The Most Updated Syllabus

It is also important to ensure that your Maths Tutor is familiar with the current MOE Syllabus. The only constant in the MOE Maths Syllabus is change, and these changes happen on a yearly basis. It is also important to ensure that the tutor is familiar with the curriculum of the Examination Board. One of the best examples would be for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Even though the topics learnt for the IBDP and A-Levels may be mostly similar, there are some key differences in topics taught and the way assessment is conducted. In this case, it’ll be good to ensure that the tutor is well-versed with the IB Curriculum before engaging him/her. Here at MindFlex, the teaching experiences and information of each individual tutors will be clearly listed out and available for parents to view.

5. Dedication & Commitment In Teaching

This tip applies not only for Maths Tutors, but for all levels and subjects as communication is key between our Clients and Maths Tutor. Do ensure that the selected tutor is able to commit to the frequency and time slots arranged, and that expectations are mutually aligned in terms of commitment and dedication. Maths is a subject that requires consistent practice, and having a reliable and consistent Maths Tutor will definitely go a long way. Here at MindFlex, we facilitate communication and ensure that the expectations of both parties are aligned before confirming the tuition arrangements.

6. Ability to Spot Weaknesses of Students Fast & Provide Targeted Practice

One of the key traits of Top Maths Tutors is that they are able to spot the student’s learning gaps and weaknesses within the first few lessons conducted. Based on these weaknesses found, our Maths Home Tutors are also able to prescribe targeted practice to help the student improve in the shortest time possible. Here at MindFlex, our recommended tutors are experienced in helping students who require targeted help and fast improvements in their subjects.

7. Testimonials & Recommendations From Previous Tutees

Recommendations and testimonials from other parents and students are a great indication of good and effective Maths Home Tuition. Maths Tutors with good testimonial base and recommendations are usually safe to engage and are popular and high in demand. Here at MindFlex, we make it an essential point to let parents know about our Maths Tutors who have received good feedback or positive testimonials from our previous clients.

MindFlex — the best provider of Maths Private Tuition in Singapore.

Learn about our 26 Top Maths Tuition Choices in Singapore!

Hear From Other Parents & Students

Testimonials About Our Maths Home Tuition

Thank you MindFlex & Cassandra for recommending Ms Rachel Lim as a Maths Tutor for my child. She is very responsible and provided us with regular updates on Michelle’s progress. During the O Levels period, she was also contactable at anytime for last minute questions which was very helpful. Just an update that Michelle managed to score an A1 for her O Levels, kudos to Ms Lim and your team!

Ms Anne Lau, Mum of Sec 4 Express Maths Student
(C6 to A1)

Hello! Just wanted to express my gratitude to MindFlex and also Ms Vera Lim who was my Maths Tutor. Despite pursuing her degree, Ms Vera managed to find time to coach me consistently, and provided me so much useful notes and materials which eventually helped me to secure an A for my H2 Maths. I would highly recommend her to all other A Level Students out there. Thanks so much to your agency too!

Ms Fiona Lee, JC2 H2 Maths Student
(B to A)

I have tried many other Maths Home Tuition Agencies and Maths Centres previously, but I have to say your agency is one of the more effective ones I’ve used so far. The tutor Mr Vincent which you recommended has been up to expectations so far. On the 1st lesson he provided the necessary verifications to prove that he is an NIE and MOE trained teacher. Lessons are good so far, my boy is enjoying it. He is worth the hourly rate, let’s hope it continues this way for long-term.

Ms Magdalene Tan, Mum of P5 Student
(A to A*)

Dear MindFlex, thank you for recommending Ms Shamila to my daughter. She was a really struggling student at the start of Sec 1, and never enjoyed Maths at all. Thanks to you and Ms Shamila, my daughter managed to gain some improvement, and improve to a B3. To us this is a big accomplishment already, and we are very happy with the results. Please send my thanks for Ms Shamila for motivating and taking care of my daughter’s Maths.

Ms Noor Faizah, Mum of Sec 1 NA Student
(E8 to B3)

Convinient & Accessible Maths Tuition

Maths Tuition Near Me? 

Enjoy Maths Tuition at the convenience of your home today. MindFlex provides Maths Home Tuition all across Singapore. Learn in a safe & comfortable environment today with us.






Our Accomplishment

MindFlex – The #1 Maths Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

MindFlex Is The Best Maths Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

Here at MindFlex Home Tuition, we strive provide our clients with the best Maths Tutors in Singapore. Many of our Maths Tutors are NIE and MOE Trained, or possess a relevant Mathematics-Related Degree. We also have Maths tutors who are National Markers & Examiners for PSLE, O, N, A Levels, IB Diploma. Many of the students who have engaged a Maths Tutor under us have shown at least 2-3 grades improvements. Our recommended tutors also come prepared with materials and lesson plans, ready to help students improve in the shortest time possible. Contact us today to engage the best possible Maths Tuition in Singapore.

According to The Straits Times, Singapore’s Maths Syllabus is considered to be one of the most developed in the world. It is important for your child to make the best use of Singapore’s fantastic Maths Education system. Start improving your child’s education with Maths Private Tuition Singapore.

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Affordable Tuition Rates

Home Tuition Rates Singapore 2024



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Primary 5-6




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Our home tuition rates are constantly updated based on rates quoted by Home Tutors in Singapore. These market rates are based on the volume of 10,000+ monthly tuition assignment applications over a pool of 30,000+ active home tutors.