Importance of IB Maths Tuition

Consistent practice and revision is expected of IB Maths students in order to do well in the subject. In addition, students need to know what IB Math is all about as well as what is taught within the curriculum so as to be familiar with what is required of them. Moreover, it would also be helpful to access and utilise comprehensive online resources for all one’s IB Maths needs so they will be able to enhance their academic performance and abilities for the subject.

Through the 6 years in IB, it would not be easy for students to be continuously kept motivated and interested in IB Maths. However, receiving individualized attention and guidance from our IB Maths tutors at MindFlex may be able to help students regain the confidence and motivation so IB students be assured that they will be adequately prepared for any Maths paper that they encounter in their academic level.

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How Much Does IB Maths Tuition Cost

For Private 1-1 Home Tuition for IB Maths, you may expect to pay about $40 to $120 an hour. These rates are depending on the type of tutor you want to engage. More experienced and qualified tutors tend to charge more for their classes, while part-time undergraduate tutors tend to charge less for their classes. If private tuition is not suitable for your child, you may also consider sending your child to a tuition centre, where rates tend to range from $200 to $480 a month for IB Maths Tuition.




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Challenges Faced While Learning Maths

Outline of IB Maths Tuition

  • Interpreting Circular and Trigonometric Functions
  • Understanding Discrete and Grouped Data
  • Understanding Calculus
  • Understanding Kinematics
  • Proficient in Derivatives by First Principle
  • Understanding Trigonometric Identities and Graphs

Challenges Faced By IB Maths Students

Leap in Syllabus

Transitioning from Secondary School to IB, students might face a huge learning curve which may cause them to feel lost and confused as they are introduced to new challenging concepts and topics. Additionally, students are faced with the stress from various other subjects, which might make it hard for them to keep up with the fast-paced environment in IB.

As such, students need to have self-discipline and be able to plan their time well to study their chosen subjects. To do this, most parents opt for an extra pair of hands to help, by engaging a IB Maths Tutor in Singapore. With IB MathsTuition, students will be guided on various skills and techniques they are expected to learn in order to achieve content mastery for the Maths subject!

Struggling to Complete Math Paper

A common challenge that many IB Math students face is the inability to complete the paper. However, students can overcome this challenge should they regularly attempt practice papers and assessment books relating to IB Math.

Alternatively, students can choose to engage in IB Maths Tuition to receive timely feedback from an objective point of view which is provided by one’s own IB Maths Tutor. At MindFlex, our tutors will also ensure that their students are better able to complete any Maths exam paper on time through regular and consistent practice of examination papers!

Visualising “Invisible” Patterns and Logic

At IB Maths, the introduction of topics such as graphs and patterns requires students to be able to visualise and comprehend the question without the pattern being explicitly shown in the question. However, some students are not able to understand the question without any supporting visual aid, thus resulting in them feeling lost for such questions.

With adequate training and practice under the guidance of our highly competent and dedicated IB Maths Tutors, students will be able to pick up effective tips and tricks to better visualise and solve such mathematical problems that require a higher level of thinking.

Lack of Confidence in Class

At the early stages of IB, many students may be nervous and uncertain about asking and answering questions in class due to the fear of being judged by other classmates or teachers.

At MindFlex, our passionate and competent IB Maths Tutors will make sure to give the time, attention and resources that students need to become more certain and confident in their abilities in asking questions and acing the subject.

Why You Should Engage An IB Maths Tutor

Benefits of Hiring Maths Tuition

1. Lessons in Accordance to Latest IB Maths Syllabus

All lessons provided by our highly competent IB Maths Tutors are regularly updated and are in accordance with the latest IB Syllabus to ensure that students are well-versed with the required content needed to do well in IB Maths examinations.

With MindFlex’s Best IB Maths Tuition in Singapore, students can be assured that they are in good and safe hands, as they will learn to achieve content mastery and be well-equipped with relevant skill sets to do well in school.

2. Close Guidance Provided By Tutor

With 1-on-1 Maths Tuition provided by our IB Maths Tutor, students can be assured that they receive our tutors 100% attention and time, as well as our tutor’s close guidance with regard to learning the IB Maths Curriculum.

Having a private tutor will also allow students to fully maximise their time in tuition classes, as they are able to ask questions and clear their doubts almost instantly in class without having to delay time while waiting for other classmates to finish asking their questions. Engage MindFlex for 1-on-1 IB Maths Tuition in Singapore today!

3. Academic and Teaching Qualifications

When engaging an IB Maths Tutor, it is important to select one that has strong academic and teaching qualifications.

Such qualifications are crucial in ensuring that the tutor is qualified enough to teach your child. This is to ensure that your child is able to learn effectively and efficiently, and fully maximise his/her time in tuition in preparation for the IB Maths examinations.

4. Commitment

It is important to choose an IB Level Maths Tutor that is committed to teaching your child Maths, especially with IB Level Maths being a critical academic milestone that students have to do well in. Without the promise of commitment by your tutor, both the student and his/her parents would feel uncertain about having tuition classes with that particular tutor.

At MindFlex, we believe in forging strong and trustworthy relationships between client and tutor. As such, our team will ensure that the tutor and client are in good stable communication, and that both sides are in consensus in terms of the tuition lessons and rates before the communication is directly handled between both parties.

What To Look For in An IB Maths Tutor

Prior Experience Teaching Students of the Same Level

We highly recommend for clients to check whether the tutor they are interested in engaging has experience in teaching other IB Maths students. With such experience, they will then be familiar with the current IB syllabus and common examination practices. It is thus important that you ensure that the Maths Tutor has been teaching students of similar levels.

MindFlex also recommends that you choose tutors who have experience in teaching Maths to students of similar levels or have the personal academic achievements to teach Maths.

Strong Testimonial Base

At Mindflex, our Top IB Maths Tutors in Singapore will naturally have testimonials and recommendations from previous tutees and clients. To understand the strengths of these tutors, it is best for you to check if they have been recommended or have any testimonials.

Usually, these Maths Tutors will have a strong testimonial base, which can reassure you of their capability and that they are qualified enough to teach your child. MindFlex will indicate whether tutors have received good feedback from our clients, so that you can have an easy experience selecting a safe and capable Maths Tutor for your child!

Being Well-Versed with Latest MOE Syllabus

With the constant changes made by MOE with regard to IB Maths syllabus, it is important to make sure that the Maths Tutor is well-aware of the content and examination practices based on the most updated syllabus.

Since they are the ones supplementing the student’s learning progress, their teaching should not contradict what is taught in schools in real-time. That way, students will be able to learn effectively and fully maximise their time in IB Maths Tuition covered by MindFlex.

Dedication in Teaching

At MindFlex, we highly recommend our clients to make sure if the IB Maths Tutor you have chosen is passionate and dedicated in teaching your child. Without devotion and commitment, they will not be able to understand your child‘s learning style and design a suitable learning schedule for your child.

When your child feels comfortable with the IB Maths tutor, he/she will then be more engaged during the tuition and have a better learning experience. MindFlex makes it a special point to facilitate communication between you and the tutor to ensure that both of you have come to an agreement of expectations before confirming the tuition arrangements.

Testimonials from IB Maths Students

I engaged an IB Maths Tutor from MindFlex as I was struggling terribly with the challenging syllabus. Even though I had done well in Primary and Secondary school, the intense shift in curriculum was very overwhelming. However, with the help of my tutor, I started having an easier time with IB Maths.

Emily Lee
IB Student from Nexus International

Gao Wei was a Maths Tutor recommended to me by my seniors. He was extremely professional and kind-hearted, and was always willing to go an extra mile to help me with my IB Maths. Gao Wei would step in and help me by providing me with possible pointers when I needed help, allowing me to improve.

Matthew Yoo
IB Student from Hwa Chong International

My IB Maths Tutor, Tan Wei, played such a big role in helping me achieve my 7 points! He was so patient and would never fail to provide me with assistance with my Maths work. Even when I had queries about my schoolwork, Tan Wei would still attend to me to the best of his abilities even outside of tuition classes. 

IB Student from Hwa Chong International

Si Hui is a dedicated tutor who has had experience with teaching many batches of IB Maths students. She herself was an IB student years ago, hence she was well aware of the syllabus and curriculum. Hence, she was very understanding whenever I had trouble committing to lessons. 

Baey Ho
IB Student from SJI International

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Here at MindFlex, we believe in only recommending highly experienced and well-versed IB Maths Tutors to you. Hence, you can be rest assured that all our IB Maths Tutors have been properly screened and they will definitely be able to provide high quality Maths education! What’s more – our IB Maths tuition will always be in accordance with the latest IB Maths Syllabus so that students can learn and apply what they learn in tuition to school with ease.

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