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Browse through 120+ new daily tuition assignments at your fingertips!


Apply for up to 10 assignments at a go


Receive PUSH NOTIFICATIONS according to your filters


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MARKET YOUR SKILLS through the app


Filter according to LEVELS, SUBJECTS etc.


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120+ New
Assignments Daily

As Singapore’s largest & most established tuition agency, we have a wide network of customers and parents who turn to us every day for tutors. Through downloading the application, you will gain access to 120+ new tuition assignments daily. These tuition assignments vary in terms of requirements to suit all different tutor types to provide you a wide range of options to choose from. These tutoring opportunities would allow you to gain more experience with different students to enhance your tutoring profile. By applying for more tuition assignments, you would also be able to guarantee yourself a sustainable income source from our endless stream of tuition assignments. Our app will also ensure that you do not miss any suitable tuition assignments as you are able to scroll through the offered tuition assignments conveniently at your fingertips.


You can choose to only view the tuition assignments that suit your preferences by curating the tuition assignments that are displayed on your screens using the filter tool. The filters include tutor types, gender, academic levels and subjects. You will be able to apply multiple filters at once to explore specific/broad categories of tuition assignments which will help to smoothen the application process. With this, you can save precious time and avoid the cumbersome process of browsing through the system to find suitable tuition assignments. Moreover, you can further filter the locations by keying in specific areas in the search bar to source for tuition assignments within your vicinity.


For your convenience, we’ve streamlined the application process so that it only requires a few clicks and seconds on the mobile application. Instead of having to constantly re-login into your account and browse through the voluminous tuition assignments, you can now conveniently traverse the application’s interfaces and choose the tuition assignments you want to apply for. Moreover, with your best interests in mind, we have eliminated the need to continually review your profile each time you apply, saving you time and trouble. With the implementation of this feature, you may now submit even more tutor applications in a shorter amount of time in a single window, increasing your chances of being hired by our clients.


With the Multi-apply feature, you can now scroll through your phones and browse through the system to select up to 10 tuition assignments that you are interested in applying for. You can simply check the boxes of tuition assignments that you are keen in taking up before proceeding to apply for them all at once. This saves you the trouble of applying for tuition assignments individually and repeating the tedious process of re-entering your information. With the expedited process, you will also be able to apply for more tuition assignments more efficiently and increase your success rates of being engaged by our clients, boosting your tutoring income in the long run.


You now have the option to filter out the higher-chance tuition assignments using the MindFlex Assignment App. You could find it challenging to find your way around and choose which tuition assignment you would like to apply for given the numerous tuition assignments that are added daily. With the help of this function, you can apply for tuition assignments where your chances of being selected for a shortlist are higher. This helpful feature helps to spread out the traffic of tutors across all tuition assignments, allowing a higher success application rate. Thanks to this function, you would no longer have to worry about submitting numerous applications in vain because this function boosts your chances of getting the tuition assignments you desire.


Based on the filters you have applied, you will only receive push notifications of curated tuition assignments that are relevant to your teaching background and avoid the flood of less relevant tuition assignments. Apart from optimising your attention and time, this feature keeps you posted of the newest and most updated tuition assignments to ensure that you do not miss out on suitable tuition assignments as we send our clients tutor profiles within 6 hours. With push notifications, you’ll always have access to our tuition assignments and be able to quickly and conveniently submit an application without having to go to our website. You will benefit from this since, should you be the first, our system will rate your profile higher, giving you an edge.

Keep track of applied assignments

With the MindFlex Assignment App, you no longer have to worry about losing track for the tuition assignments you have applied for. This app will allow you to check on all the tuition assignments you have ever applied for. To make sure that none of your tuition applications conflict with one another while you are applying for a new tuition assignment, you can always compare it to previously applied tuition assignments. This feature would allow you to plan your schedule according to what you need without forgetting any crucial tuition assignments. Having this feature eliminates the need for you to manually keep track of everything you sign up for, as the process is digitalized and made more convenient for you.

Manage your

With the MindFlex tuition assignment App, you can register quickly and easily at your fingertips through the streamlined registration process. This feature saves you the time and dread of going through long registration processes to set up your profile. You may get your profile ready to apply for more tasks and attract more students with only a few clicks. The entire process of creating your tutor profile should take no longer than one minute.By registering with us, you can enhance your tutoring career through gaining more experience. Furthermore, we allow you to improve or make changes to your profile anytime during your tutoring journey with MindFlex.


At MindFlex, we welcome all tutor types. We accept applications from part-time, full-time, and Ex/Current- MOE teachers to join us on your tutoring journey. Everyone gets an equal opportunity to showcase their talents and skills with MindFlex. Join MindFlex to expand your tutoring career prospects and earn more experience to strengthen your portfolio. With the large client database with MindFlex, we give you the chance to work with clients who want you to be their tutor. We provide you with clients who seek different tutor types every day. This gives you ample opportunity to find a tuition assignment that would suit you in terms of your schedule, experience, and more!

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