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1. Growing Market Demand for Physics Tuition in Singapore

Introduced at the Secondary 3 level, Physics is considered to be one of the more complex subject fields to grasp, giving rise to a demand for Physics Tuition in Singapore. To put it simply, learning physics is tough, that much the majority would agree and relate to. Physics is the study of how nature works using the language of mathematics and just like in Math, Physics is all about the fundamentals, and then applying them through the different layers of concepts. Many have found it difficult to even define physics, let alone master it. Hence, Physics is considered to be one of the many subjects that require extra learning support as Singapore’s education system progresses and becomes more difficult. Especially at the Junior College and University level, students are required to grasp the heavily-weighted subject well within an extremely short time frame of just 2 years and thus many see the need for a Physics tutor to guide them through the process.


It is a norm and expectation in Singapore for students to score As for most if not all subjects. However, with so many difficult subjects on hand to manage, such as Physics itself, where the masses struggle to cope with the syllabus, many have turned towards hiring a Physics tutor for guidance. This results in an increase in demand for Physics tuition in Singapore. With an increase in demand, the supply of Physics Tuition in Singapore will naturally increase as well, this is especially prevalent for O Level Physics Tuition & JC Physics Tuition. The Straits Times has reported an increase in enrichment centres in Singapore from an average of 700 in 2012 to 950 in 2019 and one can expect that figure to be way above 1,000 by now. As one of the major tuition agencies in Singapore, we too receive minimally 80 tuition requests for Physics at all levels monthly.

Physics tuition is in high demand in Singapore

Due to its high complexity and difficulty level, there is a high demand for Physics tuition in Singapore


2. In Search for the Best Physics Tuition in Singapore

With so many Physics Tuition options and Enrichment Centres and specialists scattered all over Singapore, finding the most suitable one or rather “the best” can be quite challenging. “What makes this tuition centre better than the other”, “Will engaging in this Tuition option guarantee results” is one of the few most frequently asked questions when it comes to decision making. With the increasing number of tuition establishments yearly, is it without a doubt that parents/students will often be caught in a dilemma. Here at Mindflex, we recognize this dilemma, and thus, we have carefully curated a list of 25 of the most reviewed Physics Tuitions in Singapore across various levels as well as the merits and demerits of each one of them.

Physics Tuition in Singapore can be generally categorised into 3 broad options:

1) Group Tuition
– Tuition & Enrichment Centre Establishments
– Private Tutors’ Group Classes
2) Online Tuition
3) 1-1 Private Home Tuition

3. Science Tuition & Enrichment Centres

3.1. Advantages

Physics Tuition and Enrichment Centres are educational institutions running in parallel with schools. But unlike schools, they nurture students in a small group usually between 2 to 20 students per class. This can be seen in some renowned centres like The Physics Cafe and Learners Lodge. There is a list of plus points to attending tuition classes but below are a few of the key advantages parents and students can keep an eye out for before deciding whether to enroll in one.

1. Lower Monthly Fees Incurred

  • Tuition centres mostly cost lower as compared to 1-to-1 tuition as they are conducted in a group setting
  • Rates ≠ Results
  • There are accredited Physics tuition centres in the market that are very much affordable; $180-$200/4 x 2hour lessons

2. Enhanced Peer Sharing and Learning

  • With a smaller and more controlled class setting and environment, students will be able to share their ideas freely and learn from their peers 
  • Like-minded students who share similar academic and personal goals can enable and support each other, making learning more effective 
  • A mistake by one often presents as a learning opportunity for another 
  • Students can better work on their analytical and critical thinking skills through group discussions
Students can learn Physics better by discussing topics and questions together

Some students learn better in a group environment, where they can discuss on Physics questions and solutions together

3. Multiple Branches Islandwide

  • Many large tuition chains have outlets spread across the island
  • This eases the need to travel long distances just to get to an outlet, making it more convenient for students and parents 
  • Students can also arrange for rescheduled classes to be at another outlet/branch of their convenience

4. In-House Curriculum and Materials 

  • Most Physics tuition centres have their own original notes and materials which will be provided to students 
  • Some tuition centres like Physics Academy also design their own curriculum for students as well as unique guidebooks authored by their own tutors
  • Unlike 1-to-1 Home Tuition, tuition centres often have a compilation of notes and materials from different top schools 


5. Free or Discounted Trial Lessons

  • Many tuition centres generally provide a free or discounted trial lesson to entice parents and students to sign up 
  • Through the trial lesson, tutors get a chance of presenting themselves while students can assess the suitability of a tutor before enrolling

3.2. Main Considerations

1. Are they MOE-Registered?

  • Any educational centre or institution exceeding 10 students have to be registered with MOE
  • Despite the 99% of legitimate centres in Singapore, there is still a minority that are not registered
  • Therefore it is crucial that parents check for the proof of registration in order to make informed and accurate decisions regarding enrolment
  • Some centres have also branded themselves in hiring only MOE-trained Physics tutors, so do keep a look out for this too

2. Track Record of Tuition Centre

  • Most tuition centres display their “star” students and their grades improvements as an indication of the quality of their lessons and assurance of results 
  • Reviews/ Testimonials of a tuition centre are also usually readily available online for parents to gauge the credibility

3. Class Size

  • Different centres have different class sizes they believe is best for learning. Some have classes as small as 2-3 students and some as large as 30 students
  • It is important for parents to enquire clearly about the class sizes and thereafter, opt for their preferred class size so as to ensure optimal learning for the student  

4. Flexibility with Make-Up Sessions & Commitment Period

  • One common issue parents/students face is the hassle of rescheduling classes due to health or personal reasons
  • While most Physics tuition centres allow for make-up lessons, it is important to still check the terms and conditions before enrolment to avoid any unnecessary dispute
  • Most centres also have a minimum notice period before any termination of classes varying from weeks to a month

5. Teaching Style

  • There are 3 main types of learning styles – auditory, visual or kinaesthetic
  • As each centre has curated its own way of teaching, it is important for parents to note the type of learning style which will suit your child best
  • For auditory learners, a tutor who is able to verbalise and explain concepts clearly would be best suited
  • For visual learners, drawn explanations such as infographics would be ideal
  • For kinaesthetic learners, hands-on activities are recommended
  • Researching on the teaching techniques and pedagogy each Physics tuition centre applies is paramount in deciding which one to enroll your child in

When considering the various Physics tuition centres options in Singapore, parents should ensure that attending lessons at a tuition centre will value-add to their child’s learning and not add further stress to them. Sometimes the extra compulsory homework that comes with the lesson on top of school work may be too immense for the child. This may defeat the purpose of enrolling in a tuition centre in the first place. Ultimately, do make sure that your decision is able to clear the fundamental objective of having Physics tuition in the first place – to make sure that your child’s doubts are cleared and to strengthen his/her understanding of the Physics concepts.


3.3. Recommendations

After an in-depth research across the myriad of tuition centre websites and marketing materials, MindFlex has carefully organized a list of recommended Physics Tuition options in Singapore. These are centres which mostly specialise in teaching Physics, hence, differentiating themselves from the many usual established/ non-established ones. 

We have separated our recommendations into two main categories: 

Category 1: Secondary / IP / JC Physics (16 options)
Category 2: IB Physics (4 options)

Amongst the list of tuition centres we have curated, there are some which specialise in other subjects besides Physics, such as Chemistry and Biology, or Math. On top of that, a handful of tuition centres do offer Special Programmes such as the Physics Olympiad. Within this list, we have excluded main players in the market like The Learning Lab and Mavis Tutorial Centre.   (*All images below were adopted from the tutors’ websites or via public online platforms)

3.3.1 Secondary / IP / JC Physics Recommendations

#1. The Physics Cafe

Founded by Mr Dave Sim, The Physics Cafe, also known as PMC, is probably one of the most well-known as well as highly-rated Physics tuition centres in Singapore. Featured on The Straits Time, The Physics Cafe has a proven track record of producing “A”-grade students. Besides physical lessons, they also provide digital classes options for students. The lessons – often 2 hours – consist of explaining concepts and applying the concepts to real problems. The Physics Cafe is currently nestled strategically across the island with one outlet in the West, Central, North and East each. They are also the first tuition centre to offer shuttle services from MRT interchanges.

Location: Multiple branches available islandwide
Contact: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / IP / JC Physics
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://thephysicscafe.com/physics/ 

The Physics Cafe

The Physics Cafe



#2. Kungfu Physics

Kungfu Physics is a tuition centre founded by Mr Gabriel Tan, a former Head of Department (HOD) at Catholic High. He is well known for his innovative teaching methods that stimulate the curiosity of students and preparing them well for exams. The focus of the centre is to build a strong foundation and skillsets for their students in order to achieve stellar results. Kungfu Physics also offers Headstart lessons as well as Online lessons via Zoom.

Location: Bukit Timah Shopping Centre | 503 Bishan St 11
Contact: 9653 3573
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / IP / JC Physics
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://kungfuphysics.com/ 

Kungfu Physics

Kungfu Physics


#3. Learners’ Lodge

This centre is arguably one of the leading national providers of enrichment programs for JC students in Singapore. While they do provide Physics tuition across all levels from Secondary up till JC, they mainly specialise in A Level Physics. Through their innovative teaching methodologies, they have a solid track record of students being able to qualify for either the 3 main local Universities or Ivy League Universities in the US and UK (Stanford, Harvard etc.). Notes and teaching styles also differ across students from different schools so as to ensure that students are learning according to their own school syllabus. Learners’ Lodge is also located at six locations across Singapore to comfortably suit the needs of existing and potential students, and poses as a convenient option for Physics tuition in Singapore.

Location: Multiple branches available islandwide 
Contact: 9119 9655
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / IP / JC Physics  
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://learnerslodge.com.sg/

Learners' Lodge

Learners’ Lodge


#4. SG Physics 

Started by Mr Wynn Khoo, SG Physics by Wynn Education provides Quality Physics tuition in Singapore. The Physics tutors at SG Physics are all award-winning Ex-MOE teachers from renowned Junior Colleges in Singapore, with some even being featured on local news such as The Straits Times and The New Paper. Apart from passionate and enthusiastic teaching styles, SG Physics aims to achieve 3 things for all their lessons, which is to provoke Interest in learning, ensure Clarity in delivering and lastly to build a Positive learning environment where students will feel comfortable to raise doubts. In doing so, SG Physics guarantees results for their students.

Location: Bukit Timah Shopping Centre | 513 Bishan Street 13
Contact: 8165 6556
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / JC Physics  
Cost: $280 – $320/ 4 lessons (Physical) / $240 – $280/ 4 lessons (Online) [Sec] | $360 – $400/ 4 lessons (Physical) / $320 – $360/ 4 lessons (Online) [JC] 
Website: https://www.sgphysicstuition.com/ 

SG Physics

SG Physics


#5. Advo Education Centre

Advo Education Centre is a tuition centre which believes in the potential of every individual and that they have the right resources to help unleash that potential. Advo Education takes pride in their originally in-house developed “One Page Concept Map” where the key summary and pointers of every topic are jotted down in an A4 paper for easy learning. Students can expect Mock Tests and challenging questions specially designed by the Physics tutors at Advo Education to reinforce concepts and encourage exposure. On top of that, they are very much well known for the unique programs that they offer to their students, which are the Power Revision, Power Mock and Last Minute Result Transformation (LMRT). These are specially designed intense courses which aim to drill students, making the impossible possible in 3 weeks.

Location: Goldhill Plaza Mall
Contact: 8233 2753 | 9363 9153
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / JC Physics
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.myadvocators.com/ 

Advo Education Centre

Advo Education Centre


#6. Gavin’s Tuition

This tuition centre is one of the many that provides lessons for various subjects across all levels. They provide Physics Tuition for both the local O and A Level streams. Gavin’s Tuition is also an award-winning tuition centre, winning multiple awards during the 10 years of their operation. The tutors at Gavin’s Tuition sincerely believes in the potential of all their students and aims to provide a holistic education for their students. With 7 outlets located conveniently across Singapore, Gavin’s Tuition is a centre one can take into consideration while searching for Physics Tuition in Singapore.

Location: Multiple branches available islandwide 
Contact: 6635 8390 (Office) | 9191 8238 (HP)
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / JC Physics 
Cost: Not indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.gavintuition.com/

Gavin's Tuition

Gavin’s Tuition


#7. Sophia Education

This tuition centre is one that keeps up with the latest trend to garner the interest of young audiences while offering Physics tuition in Singapore. They can be readily found on Instagram @SophiaEducation for the mass majority. Sophia Education is also home to the Top 3% of Super Tutors in Singapore, providing exclusive and personalised lessons for students. The tutors at Sophia Education are carefully selected, rated by students and have a good track record of improving students’ grades by 2 or more within a short period. They too, provide highly efficient in-house curated learning materials that are customised to the needs of the students. Trial lessons are available at Sophia Education, allowing students to assess whether the centre is best suited for them.

Location: 190 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore Shopping Center
Contact: 9810 6666
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / IP / JC Physics
Cost: $520 onwards/ 4 lessons (Sec) | $580 onwards/ 4 lessons (JC)
Website: https://www.sophiaeducation.sg/

Sophia Education

Sophia Education


#8. Orion Tuition Centre

This tuition centre is another MOE Registered centre in Singapore with award-winning tutors and which specialises in Physics, Chemistry and Math. They offer Physics lessons for O / A and IP students, instilling higher-order thinking skills in them. The focus of lessons at Orion Tuition Centre is to build a strong foundation and they have a beautifully decorated space for conducive learning. Orion Tuition Centre also offers both physical and online live lessons in the event students may wish to reschedule lessons. 

Location: Woodlands, Yishun, Bugis
Contact: enquiry@oriontuition.com.sg
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Pure) / IP / JC Physics 
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.oriontuition.com.sg/

Orion Tuition Centre

Orion Tuition Centre


#9. Future Academy 

Featured on Straits Times and whose founder is ranked as one of the top 5 tutors in Singapore, Future Academy guides and guarantees quality tuition to all their students. They are also one of the few tuition centres which promotes such a small group tuition setting (6 pax) to make learning more conducive. The centre’s excellence can be seen through their media appearance, testimonials from previous students combined with a team of top professional tutors. The Physics lessons at Future Academy is led by Ms Chen, one of the founders of the centre with more than 10 years of experience and proven track records. 

Location: Bukit Timah Shopping Centre | Burlington Square
Contact: 6884 6566
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / IP / JC Physics
Cost: $480/ 4 lessons (Sec) | $560/ 4 lessons (JC)
Website: http:/fa.edu.sg/

Future Academy

Future Academy


#10. Power Physics

Power Physics is an enrichment centre which specialises in Pure Physics, offering their lessons to O and A-Level students only. Here at Power Physics, parents and students are able to choose between 3 different types of classes, 1 to 1, small group of 3 students as well as big group of 9 students max, depending on what suits them best. The centre believes in helping students see the world in a different light through Physics, hence making them stand out from the typical tuition centres. 

Location: Orchard Plaza
Contact: 9046 1609
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Pure) / JC Physics
Cost: $60 – $70 per one hour (Sec) | $80 – $120 per lesson (JC) 
Website: https://www.powerphysics.com.sg/ 

Power Physics

Power Physics


#11. Exoplanet

Well-known for their affordable yet efficient Physics classes, Exoplanet has a proven track record of helping students master and score well in Physics. The Physics tutors at Exoplanet provide in-house high quality exam practice papers so students can expect to be fully trained and equipped for major exams in school. With a small class of no more than 8 students, Exoplanet strives to attend to the needs of each and every individual so that everyone gets an equal opportunity to learn. On top of that, Exoplanet is conveniently located at 17 locations spread across Singapore. 

Location: Multiple branches available islandwide
Contact: 9115 7278 | 6221 0961
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / IP / IGCSE Physics
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly 
Website: https://www.exoplanet.sg/ 




#12. AO Studies

As per the name suggests, AO Studies Tuition Centre specializes in O and A Level Physics preparations. Established back in 2012, they have consistently been able to help their students score stellar results. They are also known for being able to spot National Examinations questions and hence, ensuring that their students are well-equipped for it. The tutors at AO Studies are equipped with exam-effective teaching methods and answering techniques, setting themselves apart from others.

Location: 420 North Bridge Road, North Bridge Centre
Contact: 9007 8588 
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) Physics
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.aostudies.com.sg/ 

AO Studies

AO Studies


#13. Bright Culture 

Featured on The Straits Times and TheSmartLocal as well as having tons of positive reviews on Google and Facebook, Bright Culture is a tuition centre that specialises in giving top quality Chemistry and Physics tuition in Singapore. They have their very own techniques of teaching that have positively impacted more than 90% of students, helping them improve by at least 4 grades. They too, have their in-house curated notes designed by their highly qualified team of tutors specially for their students.

Location: Multiple branches available islandwide
Contact: 9187 0820
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / JC Physics
Cost: $298 – $318/ 4 lessons (Sec) | $338/ 4 lessons (JC)
Website: https://bright-physics.com.sg/ 

Bright Culture

Bright Culture


#14. Learning For Keeps

As stated in the logo, Learning For Keeps is a tuition centre founded by Mr Kenneth Loh, specialising solely in Physics. As the sole Physics tutor of Learning For Keeps, Mr Kenneth Loh is able to tweak his teaching style consistently to suit the needs of his students. He keeps his classes within 3-5 students maximum so that he is able to cater to all of them. Being the only tutor has also allowed Mr Kenneth Loh to use his very own differentiated teaching approach for different students. Additionally, notes and worksheets are designed by him will be given to his students. 

Location: The Midtown | 801 Tampines Ave 4
Contact: 8201 5955
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / IP Physics
Cost: $260/ 4 lessons (Sec 3/ IP Yr 3) | $340/ 4 lessons (Sec 4/ IP Yr 4)
Website: https://www.learningforkeeps.com.sg/ 

Learning For Keeps

Learning For Keeps


#15. Best Physics Tuition (Tony Chee Physics Tuition) 

Best Physics Tuition is also one of the few that specialises exclusively in Physics for O, A and IP students. Founded by Physics tutor Mr Tony Chee, an elected member of the Institute of Physics (IOP), Singapore, Best Physics Tuition also offers unique programmes for their students with the aim of helping students gain confidence and be able to score distinctions for National Examinations. Not only do they have a track record of producing top students, they too have records of being able to build a good rapport with all of their students. If a friendly yet conducive environment is what you are looking for, look no further!

Location: Multiple branches available islandwide
Contact: 8700 9189
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / IP / JC Physics  
Cost: $300 – $350/ 4 lessons (Sec/IP) | $400 – $450/ 4 lessons (JC)
Website: https://www.bestphysicstuition.com/ 

Physics Tuition by Tony Chee

Physics Tuition by Tony Chee


#16. Miracle Learning Centre

Founded back in 2009 by Dr and Mrs Lew, Miracle Learning Centre has helped countless students achieve stellar results especially in Chemistry and Physics. Miracle Learning Centre offers lessons for Physics lessons for Secondary, IP and JC level. Physics lessons in this centre are led by Mrs Lew while the others are by various other highly qualified former MOE teachers. They too, provide their own in-house curated notes and worksheets which had been proven to help students. Miracle Learning Centre specializes in helping their students understand concepts better and would be a good consideration for Physics tuition in Singapore.

Location: 509A Yishun Ave 4
Contact: 6463 8756
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / IP / JC Physics  
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.miraclelearningcentre.com/ 

Miracle Learning Centre

Miracle Learning Centre


#17. Our Learning Loft 

Out Learning Loft is one of the high reputed enrichment centres in Singapore, offering Physics lessons to Secondary and IP students. The tutors at Our Learning Loft are experienced and committed in delivering the best quality lessons for students by providing them with a specially in-house designed curriculum. The centre largely believes in a peer-based learning system hence, presentations are often held in their classes. A unique selling pont is that the Physics tutors are also trained to involve practical experiments in their lessons for students to understand concepts better. 

Location: 613A Bukit Timah Rd
Contact: 6908 8884
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / IP Physics  
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.outlearningloft.com/ 

Our Learning Loft

Our Learning Loft


3.3.2 IB Physics Recommendations

#18. APM Tuition Centre

As per the name suggests, APM Tuition Centre is an enrichment centre which specialises only in Physics and Math. Founded by Mr Lewis Ng, he has ensured a limit of a maximum of 6 students per class to maximise learning. They were also nominated the Best tuition centre in Woodlands in 2018. Apart from physical lessons, APM Tuition Centre has also set up an online classroom and question bank for their students to access remotely for self-revision. Furthermore, they do provide lessons for IB HL/SL Physics students besides the local O / A Level stream.

Location: 15A Woodlands Ave 6
Contact: 9836 4183
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / IB / JC Physics 
Cost: $180 – $300 per month (Sec) | $320 – $450 (JC) 
Website: https://www.apmtuition.com/

APM Tuition Centre

APM Tuition Centre


#19. Physics Academy 

Physics Academy is a tuition centre founded by Mr Bryan Lai, an Award-Winning Secondary and JC Physics lecturer. Mr Bryan Lai has gathered a team of Physics Olympiad Trainers and Book Authors to start up a tuition establishment, guiding over 1000 students to attain distinctions in Physics. The tuition centre has also come up with their very own “PhysicsProf Learning System” designed to provide drastic improvements in results within the shortest time period for their students. Apart from that, they also offer Physics guidebooks authored by their own team of Physics tutors, making it a very good choice of consideration amongst the many Physics tuition options in Singapore.

Location: 151 Bukit Batok St 11 | 111 Jalan Kembangan
Contact: 9068 8953
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / IP / IB / JC Physics 
Cost: $60 – $75 per class (Sec/IP) | $90 – $100 per class (JC/IP) | $110 – $120 per class (IB) + $30 material fee + $50 registration fee (one-time)
Website: https://www.physicsacademy.com.sg/ 

Physics Academy

Physics Academy


#20. IB Super 

As the name suggests, IB Super is a tuition centre that specialises in providing lessons for IB subjects. Of the many, Physics is one that they offer as well. What sets this centre apart from others is that at the end of the course, students can expect an “examination” to gauge how much they have learnt. The Physics tutors at IB Super are dedicated and provide customised teaching to each individual, as well as make it a point to incorporate real-world applications for students to grasp a better understanding, They are also well-known for being able to break down difficult concepts for students.

Location: 190 Clemenceau Ave, Singapore Shopping Centre
Contact: 9819 8928
Levels & Subjects: IB Physics 
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.ibsuper.com.sg/ 

IB Super

IB Super


#21. MindLab 

MindLab is a leading IB & IGCSE enrichment centre based in Singapore but also operates in 10 other countries. It is also an award-winning centre featured in articles under the Straits Times and AsiaOne. The Physics tutors at MindLab are carefully chosen highly-qualifed tutors that are IBO Certified. They too, have a consistent track record of helping students improve by at least 2 grades. Apart from normal tuition classes, the centre also offers a myriad of seasonal/short-term programs like Boot Camps, Headstart Program and Intensive Revision Classes for those who may just want to attend for a specific period of time.

Location: 545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre
Contact: 6100 9338
Levels & Subjects: IP / IB / IGCSE Physics 
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.mindlab-international.com/




4. Physics Private Tutors’ Group Classes

Besides tuition centres, there are also a handful of “Super Tutors” who have been featured on various media platforms for their exceptional teaching ability and provide top-quality Physics tuition in Singapore. They can be considered a group of ‘elite’ tutors that offers top quality lessons at a costly price. Despite that, trends have shown that parents are ever willing to splurge for their children when it comes to tuition, for instance, a parent offering $25,000 to secure a spot in JC Economics Super Tutor Mr Anthony Fok’s class.

4.1 Advantages

1. Private 1 to 1 / Small Class Setting

  • Such class sizes are generally smaller, with either just one student or 2-3 students at maximum 
  • Small/Private classes are designed so that tutors can cater to each and every individual in the class, offering extensive help and ensuring optimised learning 

2. Direct Communication With Your Physics Tutor

  • As Private Physics tutors operate independently, they are mostly directly contactable after tuition hours 
  • This allows the tutor to better able converse and clarify the doubts of their students after tuition hours
  • Some tutors even permit students to consult with them via Whatsapp after lesson hours
  • Parents are also able to gather direct feedback from the Physics tutor on their child’s progress without the need to go through several channels like the usual tuition centres

3. More “Invested” Tutors

  • Most Physics Private tutors market their tuition services under their own personal branding, meaning to say that they rely on testimonies of their direct students  
  • Hence, it is a given that these tutors will put in more effort into the quality of lessons produced as the results of their students directly affects the personal brand of the tuition centre

4.2. Main Considerations

1. Actual Tutor Conducting The Lessons

  • There are many Private Tutors in Singapore who have became successful and moved on to expand its operations by opening up multiple centres across the island and hiring more professional tutors
  • For example, Maths Super Tutor Ms Celine Loi of Joss Sticks Tuition Centre employs 20 tutors
  • While the quality of tuition is often assures, many would largely still prefer the “Super Tutor” himself/herself as the one teaching them so as to reap maximum benefits and make their money’s worth
  • To do so, it is important to check the specific tutor for specific classes and make sure it is your desired tutor that is conducting lessons!

2. Rates and Schedule 

  • It is known that Private Tuitions are often more costly than Group Tuitions, but there are certain “branded” tutors who charge a lot higher than the market rate
  • “Super Tutors” also often have a list of students waiting to enroll with them, hence, be sure to check for the waiting time and see if it aligns with your child’s timing, For urgent cases, parents may want consider other Physics Tuition options 
  • Clarifying your child’s doubts should be prioritised over waiting for a specific tuition slot

3. Compatibility

  • It is also crucial to assess the compatibility of the types of tuitions in order to maximise your child’s learning
  • Private 1-to-1 tuition may not be everyone’s cup of tea, some learn better through peer sharing and discussions in a group setting 
  • Choosing the right type of tuition option directly determines the effectiveness of the child’s learning

4.3. Recommendations

#22. Physics Tuition by Mr Phang Yu Hon

Mr Phang Yu Hon the only tutor in Singapore that is labelled as a “Millionaire Tutor” as well as one of the few “Super Tutors” and this title suggests that he is undoubtedly one of the top private tutors in Singapore. Mr Phang was previously featured on The Sunday Times in 2008 and Mediacorp in 2010 for his achievements. Mr Phang was also quick to upload all certificates of achievements throughout his journey to further prove his qualifications. The centre offers both group and 1 to 1 tuition, catering to the mass majority.

Location: Bishan Street 11
6275 6800
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / IP / JC Physics 
Cost: $380 onwards (Sec) | $420 onwards (JC) 
Website: https://www.physics.com.sg/

Phang Yu Hon

Phang Yu Hon

#23. Calvin Kong Physics Tuition

Named after himself, this centre is a Specialist Physics tuition centre founded by Mr Calvin Kong. Mr Calvin Kong is a former MOE Senior Teacher with many Physics achievements. Thereafter, Mr Calvin Kong decided to set up an establishment of his own together with a team of highly qualified Physics tutors (Former MOE teachers/ Renowned Physics book authors). Being labelled as one of the “Most Reputed” tuition centres in Singapore, Mr Calvin Kong and his team has a track record of achieving 100% distinction rates yearly. They even have got their very own fully equipped Physics Lab for practical lessons. By enrolling into Mr Calvin Kong’s tuition, students will be able to grasp the full sense of Physics via both practical and theory lessons.

Location: The Clementi Mall 
Contact: 8246 5685 
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / IP / JC Physics 
Cost: $80 – $120 per class (Sec) | $85 – $180 per class (IP/JC) 
Website: https://www.calvinkongphysics.com/

Calvin Kong Physics

Calvin Kong Physics


#24. Ingel Soong

With over 13 years of experience, as well as being a consistent Dean’s List student from NUS receiving countless scholarships from Top Universities all over the world, Mr Ingel Soong excels in teaching Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Not only does he offer lessons for local students, he has also opened up online classes to accept international students as well. Mr Ingel Soong further improves his lessons by imparting learning techniques and incorporating real-life situations. He is also one of the Top 10 Writers for Quora, one of the most viewed amongst JC students. With Mr Ingel Soong’s value-added services, parents and students may want to consider this option for a more all-rounded tuition experience!

Location: 496G Tampines Ave 9 
Contact: 9672 6733 
Levels & Subjects: Secondary / JC / IB Physics 
Cost: $400/month (4 Lessons) (Sec) | $480/month (JC) | $560/month (IB)
Website: https://www.ingelsoong.com/

Ingel Soong

Ingel Soong


#25. Tutor Suzanne

Ms Suzanne, the co-founder of Tutor Suzanne, is a Math and Science specialist with more than 8 years of experience, offering her services to Primary and Secondary students. The centre offers crash course services for students besides regular lessons for their subjects, including Secondary Physics. A unique point about them is that they have a Digital Library where they keep all their resources and lesson materials so that students can access and review later on. Tutor Suzanne also offers free consultation sessions with her after lesson hours via Whatsapp 24/7. Together with co-founder Mr Ray Ang, they have developed a unique learning approach for students called SPA (Skills, Pattern recognition, Application).

Location: Jurong West St 91
Contact: 8448 5543
Levels & Subjects: Secondary (Combined/Pure) / JC Physics  
Cost: $300 – $350/ 4 lessons (Sec/IP) | $400 – $450/ 4 lessons (JC)
Website: https://www.tutorsuzanne.com/ 

Tutor Suzanne

Tutor Suzanne


5. Online Physics Tuition in Singapore

Physics Tuition can also be conducted virtually via Online Lessons. Online Tutoring is a new, modernised approach to learning due to market trends and technology advances. The number of youths taking up Online Lessons have been consistently increasing in recent years and months especially. This new form of learning and teaching comes with a myriad of benefits of which, the most prominent reason being convenience. Tutors also benefit from this change as now, they would only need a working laptop with a camera, a built-in camera and microphone instead of the traditional brick and mortar. The quality of Online Tuition has also been improving over the years and the stigma against Online Tuition is slowly fading as parents and students get more accustomed to the practice of having Online Lessons amidst the current Covid-19 Pandemic. Some of the widely used platforms include Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams.


Online Physics Tuition has been an increasingly popular and effective option in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic

5.1. Advantages

1. Lower Rates 

  • By conducting Physics tuition lessons online, there is no need for tuition centres to rent a space and private tutors can save on the travelling fare
  • As such, the cost of tuition will be reduced

2. Convenience

  • Physics Tutors and students are now able to conduct and receive lessons via online platforms at the place of their convenience as long as there is a connection to the internet
  • Location plays a critical role to many when in search of Physics Tuition options
  • With the advent of online learning methods, students and tutors are no longer geographically bounded and can take up or give lessons anywhere

3. Benefits of Technology

  • Students can enjoy “front-row” learning through online lessons. This is unlikely in a physical tuition context as there are limited front row seats and students at the back may often find it difficult to hear or see
  • With online lessons, students can also enjoy the benefit of being to record a lesson with ease and replay it later on when needed 
  • Notes and Materials can also be shared ahead of lessons, allowing for efficient lesson preparation 

5.2. Main Considerations

1. Internet Access & Technical Issues

  • Quality of online lessons would definitely be different due to the lack of physical face-to-face interactions – something that parents, tutors or students may be uncomfortable with
  • Physics work often requires visuals and diagrams to be drawn, so the online platform used should be adequately equipped for easy image sharing and drawing to make it clear for students to see, as if it were in real life
  • Students will not be able to actively partake in Hand-On Physics practical experiments which could be essential for illustrating certain Physics concepts


2. Quality and Effectiveness of Lessons Provided

  • The absence of physical face to face interaction between tutor and student may directly affect the effectiveness of lessons
  • As lessons are conducted online, there are many cases whereby lessons turn into a 1-way lecture with the Physics tutor constantly talking throughout the duration of the lesson
  • Without being able to read the body and facial language of the student, tutors may not be able to tell if the student understands what is being taught or if he/she is following the lesson
  • It is also more difficult to build a tutor-student bond and this lack of bond may affect the quality of lessons delivered as tutors may not fully understand the student’s learning ability and type

3. Chances of Procrastination

  • With online lessons, the discipline in a student is very important as no one is physically present to nudge in the event he/she gets distracted 
  • It is also common for students to wander off in their own thoughts or doze off while in a group online tuition setting as they are in the comfort of their homes

5.3. Recommendations

#26. Tutopiya

Tutopiya is an online tuition establishment offering Physics Tuition to all levels. They operate in 9 different countries such as the UK and US, and the Physics tutors at Tutopiya are specialists, ensuring quality teaching to all students. The unique selling point of Tutopiya is that despite being a leading tuition agency, they too, provide free trial lessons for students and their rates are averagely 20% lesser than that of tuition centres. Tutopiya also offers lifetime access to Physics exams and practice papers at a low price. On top of that, the tutors at Tutopiya will assess all students and develop a personalized lesson plan according to the needs of the student.

Contact: 9850 2296
Levels & Subjects:  Secondary / JC / IP / IGCSE / IB / HSC Physics
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.tutopiya.com/


6. 1-to-1 Private Science Home Tuition

Hiring a 1 to 1 Private Home Tutor for Physics is a preferred choice for many as it serves a myriad of benefits and the majority would splurge on hiring the best Home Tutor to achieve results. Below is a short summary of the key educational benefits hiring a Home Tutor brings about in Singapore.

6.1. Advantages

1. More focused 1-to-1 Teaching

  • While hiring a private tutor may be slightly more costly than other options the market, the direct benefits that students get to enjoy is a more personalised and individual teaching 
  • As lessons are conducted on a 1-to-1 basis, the Physics tutor is able to put his full attention and focus on the student 
  • This means that the student’s misconceptions and queries will be attended to and clarified immediately, making the session more efficient and effective 
  • Students may not be brave enough or may not get the chance to voice out their queries during group lessons, so private tuition definitely presents a better opportunity for these students
  • Most Private Physics Tutors also run independently, allowing students to consult with them even after tuition hours via Whatsapp
  • In a large tuition class, students may not be able to enjoy this privilege as many tutors do not entertain queries after work hours

2. Accustomed Teaching

  • In a private 1-to-1 tuition setting, Physics tutors are able to cater their teaching pace to the student’s learning abilities 
  • This will benefit both slow and fast learners as tutors are private tutors will accustom their teaching style targeted specifically to individual needs so as to get maximum efficiency in grasping Physics concepts
  • While this is possible in a private tuition setting, it may be difficult in a group-tuition setting as the Physics tutor conducting the lesson have to teach according to the average pace and style in order to cater to everyone in the classroom 
  • That being said, for most cases, private Physics tutors are even able to teach ahead of the school’s syllabus to better equip students for school tests and exams

3. Flexible Scheduling

  • Private home tuition is the only option in the market that has the greatest flexibility when it comes to scheduling lessons
  • Unlike tuition centres, private home tuition does not run based on a fixed schedule and often, students are able to communicate with the tutor himself/herself for the arrangement of a slot as it only involves two parties 
  • Make-up lessons are also easier to arrange
  • Additional lessons can also be easily arranged with the tutor if needed, especially nearing the O/A Level Physics exams

4. Greater Parental Involvement

  • Private 1-to-1 home tuition is also the only option whereby parents can be actively involved in monitoring their child
  • This is unlike tuition centres whereby tutors are automatically assigned to classes by the management
  • Parents are also able to get direct feedback from tutors regarding their child and vice versa if the student has got feedback for the tutor 
  • With this, lessons can then be further improved and customised according to the comments given 
  • If lessons are conducted at the student’s home, parents are also able to monitor the structure of the lesson and the suitability of the tutor 

5. Learning Environment

  • For most cases, private tuitions are conducted at the student’s home, unless requested otherwise 
  • Home is seen as a safe, comfortable and conducive environment for the majority and being able to hold lessons at home is a privilege that comes with a cost 
  • This allows students to feel more comfortable around tutors and be able to voice out their doubts more freely, fostering effective learning 
Physics home tuition

With 1-1 Physics Home Tuition, students can get the full attention of their tutor, and learn at a pace catered to their needs in the comfort of their own homes

6.2. Main Considerations

1. Qualification

  • This is a crucial part when it comes to hiring a private tutor for Physics and parents/students should always check the credibility of the tutor whom they are engaging 
  • For instance, when engaging in an Ex/Current MOE Tutor, you are paying for the title and the NIE Certificate which Part/Full Tutors do not hold, hence parents may request for the NIE Certificate for verification purposes
  • It is also advisable for parents/students to hire Physics tutors who have Physics Related Certificates such as a Degree in Physics/Mechanical Engineering/Electrical Engineering etc.
  • As an established tuition agency, Mindflex goes the extra mile to do up these on your behalf

2. Experience, Testimonials and Current Student Base

  • Ensuring that Tutors have a good track record is also an important factor 
  • A tutor with a good track record such as the experience and testimonials received would more likely be better equipped to help your child 
  • Testimonials are a good form of assessing the tutor’s credibility as they are unbiased
  • Do look out for the Tutor’s current student base as it is advisable to hire a Physics Tutor who are teaching students of the same subject since those tutors are generally more well informed of the requirements of the particular subject 

3. Cost of Tuition

  • Hiring a Private Physics Tutor is definitely on the pricier side as compared to Group Tuition at a tuition centre 
  • Depending on the qualification and experiences of the Physics Tutor as well as the level of the student, the rates will differ
  • Super Tutors are usually the priciest so do make sure to hire a Physics Tutor that is within your budget
  • A general guideline to the rates are as follows: Part-Time Tutors: ($25-50/Hour), Full-Time Tutors: ($35-80/Hour), Ex/Current MOE Teachers: ($60-120/Hour)

4. Learning and Teaching Style

  • Since every student has got different learning styles and preferences, it is important to choose a Physics Tutor that will best complement your child so as to foster a more effective and conducive learning environment 
  • Some students work and learn better in a small group of 2-3. In such cases, it is also viable to invite friends and conduct the lesson in a small group
  • The engaged Physics Tutor should also be able to build a good rapport with your child 
  • Here at MindFlex, we are pleased to help parents and students engage in the most suitable Physics Tutor. In the case of an incompatible tutor, it is also our pleasure to change tutors for you 

6.3. Recommendations

6.3.1. Engage the Services of a Home Tuition Agency 

MindFlex Home Tuition is the #1 Provider for Science Tuition in Singapore

MindFlex Home Tuition is the #1 Tuition Agency for Science Tuition in Singapore

Should you feel that 1-to-1 private home tuition is the best option for your child, the most ideal option would be to engage the services of a Home Tuition Agency such as ours, to assist you in your search. MindFlex Home Tuition is the perfect option in the market currently with an active database of more than 50,000 Physics Tutors and having matched more than 5,000 successful Physics Tuition.

The predominant role of a home tuition agency is to source for the most suitable tutor through understanding parent’s requirements and preferences. When engaging the assistance of a Home Tuition Agency such as MindFlex, you can expect the following list of services provided:

  • Extensive List of Detailed Tutor Profiles Selections
  • Quick Turnaround Time Within 24 Hours
  • Agency’s Recommendations & Reviews
  • Verification of Tutor’s Qualifications
  • Free Request For Tutor, No Agency Fees Involved
  • Free Tutor Replacement Services
  • Troubleshooting & Rates Negotiation

6.3.2. Physics Private Tutors’ Websites

There are many well-known Physics Tutors who have developed a website to market their services. These can be easily found on the net with a few searches and just like tuition centres, Private Physics Tutors Websites do contain contact information as well. However, parents should do research and compare across different private tuition websites before making a decision as some websites are not authentic. Be sure to request for documents for verification purposes while engaging in all private tuitions.

6.3.3. Recommendations 

An alternative would be to go through blogs, forums or even from friends and relatives for recommendations regarding Private Physics Tuition. This method is slightly more credible as recommendations through word of mouth serves as a form of testimonial. There are also many famous blogs online such as www.kiasuparents.com and www.mummysg.com whereby parents can read through articles like “Top Physics Tuition in Singapore” for inspiration and recommendations.

7. The Best Option for Physics Tuition in Singapore

To conclude, there are many options for Physics Tuition in Singapore and there really is no “best” option fit for anyone. The best and most effective Physics Tuition options largely depends on the educational needs of the student. Parents should do an in-depth research on the different types of Physics Tuition in Singapore and what they can offer for your child. If you ever need any assistance in searching for the perfect Physics Tutor for your child, do not hesitate to visit our homepage or contact us. It is our honor to be able to provide you with the assistance you need.


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