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At MindFlex, our highly-skilled H2 Physics Tutors provide the best JC Physics Tuition in Singapore. The H2 Physics Tutors will focus on building a strong foundational understanding in the subject to ensure that the students are able to comprehend advanced topics later on. Many students have gained an interest in Physics and have shown tremendous improvement in their grades under the tutelage of our H2 Physics Tutors.


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Importance of H2 Physics Tuition

Given the advanced level of Physics in H2 Physics, some students may struggle with the content and concepts taught during class. What’s more – with the fast-paced classes in school as well as the limited time that teachers have for each student, it would be challenging for H2 Physics students to clarify their doubts and have their questions answered. As a result, this may affect their academic performance for the subject in the long run.

With study tips on how to pass H2 Physics, however, students will be able to better manage and study for the subject. From useful strategies to a comprehensive description of H2 Physics, students will understand more about the subject and how to score well through the comprehensive guide found in the link above.

MindFlex understands that some students may still feel uncertain about their abilities in H2 Physics even after receiving online support. As such, MindFlex highly recommends these students opt for H2 Physics Tuition in Singapore to receive additional academic support from our highly competent tutors with many years of teaching experience in the field of Physics. Contact us today to find your best H2 Physics tutor fit!

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How Much Does H2 Physics Tuition Cost

Factors such as tutor types, duration of each class as well as the mode of lessons plays a part in the overall cost of H2 Physics Tuition. In MindFlex, our one-on-one H2 Physics Tuition rates range from $45 to $100. In addition, the qualifications and experience of the tutors also affects the cost of each lesson. Compared to Tuition Centres, depending on its quality and reputation, lessons for H2 Physics can cost up to $460 or more.




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Challenges Faced While Learning Physics

Outline of H2 Physics Tuition

  • Stating Basic Assumptions of Kinetic Theory of Gases
  • Understanding About Rectilinear and Non-Linear Motion
  • Interpreting Linear Momentum and Its Conservation
  • Applying Relevant Concepts of Specific Heat Capacity and Specific Latent Heat
  • Recognising the Analogy between Certain Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects and Electric and Gravitational Fields
  • Applying Relevant Concepts of Specific Heat Capacity and Specific Latent Heat

Challenges Faced By H2 Physics Students

Lack of Confidence

Given the high demands and overwhelming content of H2 Physics, some Physics students may feel nervous and uncertain about asking and answering questions in the examination due to the fear of writing the wrong answer.

At MindFlex, our Qualified and Effective H2 Physics Tutors will make sure to give the time, attention and resources that students need to become more certain and confident in their abilities in asking questions and acing the subject.

Lack of Motivation

Many H2 Physics students tend to feel rather unmotivated. This is especially true if they are already lagging behind in class, causing them to feel hopeless about the subject. However, it is essential to understand the importance of scoring well in H2 Physics, as it counts towards students’ final A Level score.

With MindFlex’s Top H2 Physics Tutors to guide your child throughout their H2 Physics Journey would definitely come in handy, especially if your child lacks the motivation to study or revise for the examination. Our tutors will even provide your child with access to highly effective tips and tricks in order to do well in H2 Physics!

Inability to Clarify Doubts

Some H2 Physics students face some difficulties clarifying their doubts in class, especially students who are more quiet and timid by nature. As such, they may be afraid of being ridiculed by their peers, and as a result, do not speak up in class.

Here at MindFlex, we believe that it is of the utmost importance that students voice out their concerns and doubts as soon as possible to facilitate a smoother learning process. Moreover, the act of speaking up in class will train H2 Physics students to speak up later on in life. This is helpful in building up their confidence and will serve them well in the future and in the workplace.

Time Management

Many H2 Physics students face the problem of being unable to complete their H2 Physics paper on time. This is largely due to insufficient practice and lack of exposure to the various question types, resulting in them being unaware of how to tackle the questions during examination. As such, students often hand in incomplete papers or hand in subpar answers.

With a Top H2 Physics Tutor, however, students will be given weekly practices and exposure to other schools’ papers and past year papers to help hone their examination skills, allowing them to be more confident when tackling their H2 Physics examinations.

Why You Should Engage A H2 Physics Tutor

Benefits of Hiring Physics Tuition

1. Help Students with Tough Concepts

For students who aren’t given the correct guidance and resources, they might find it hard to grasp tough concepts, especially at such a young age. With continued uncertainty in Physics concepts, it will definitely take a toll on the young student’s motivation to learn Physics.

With an H2 Physics Tutor, however, students will receive additional guidance from a mentor, allowing them to get their doubts clarified. The tutor will also be able to work on the student’s weaknesses, allowing them to grasp tough concepts more easily.

2. Build Strong Foundation in Physics

Physics is an important subject, hence it is crucial for students to build a strong foundation in it. With a strong foundation, it will definitely be easier for students to do well in their H2 Physics. However, this is something most students struggle with as they are unable to find correct guidance and resources to help them solidify their Physics foundation.

With an H2 Physics Tutor, students will be guided on the important concepts for the H2 Physics syllabus. Simultaneously, the tutors will work on the student’s weaknesses, allowing them to see drastic improvements in the mastery of the Physics subject.

3. Tackle Student’s Weaknesses

Students might find it hard to correct mistakes or misconceptions without guidance from a qualified teacher/tutor. Furthermore, given how fast-paced lessons are in school, their school teachers may not be able to pay close attention to the student’s learning process, and the student’s weaknesses or misconceptions may easily go unnoticed by their school teacher.

Hence, it is important to engage an H2 Physics Tutor, especially since it is an important year with the national examinations coming up. With an H2 Physics Tutor, students will be guided on their mistakes, and tutors can also provide close guidance on their weaknesses. In no time, tutors will be able to diagnose the student’s weak areas, and can then work on tackling those weaknesses and help students improve.

4. Reinforce Learning Done in School

Often, the teaching done in school is extremely fast-paced, resulting in students having a hard time catching up or understanding the content taught in school. If this continues snowballing, students will start to feel unmotivated and undetermined to learn.

With a good H2 Physics Tutor, students will be provided additional guidance. Tutors will be able to go through the content learnt in school, clarifying any doubts students might have. Through this, students will have a better grasp of the learning done in school.

What To Look For in A H2 Physics Tutor

Lessons in Accordance to the Latest MOE Syllabus

All lessons provided by our highly competent H2 Physics Tutors are regularly updated and are in accordance with the latest MOE Syllabus to ensure that students are well-versed with the required content needed to do well in H2 Physics examinations.

With MindFlex’s Best H2 Physics Tuition in Singapore, students can be assured that they are in good and safe hands, as they will learn to achieve content mastery and be well-equipped with relevant skill sets to do well in school.


It is also very important to check if the H2  Physics tutor that you select is able to commit to your time slot in the long term. This is important, as it would definitely be a pity for the tutor to build a strong rapport with your child, and then subsequently cancel future lessons due to clashes in your schedules. 

Here at MindFlex, we recommend that you check with your tutor on whether they are able to commit in the long term in order to avoid disappointment and the disruption of your child’s learning. 

Are They Currently Teaching/Taught Other H2 Students

It is imperative that you check if the tutor you are interested in engaging has experience in teaching other H2 students. With such experience, they will then be familiar with the current H2  Science syllabus and common examination practices. It is thus important that you ensure that the tutor has been teaching students of similar levels.

MindFlex also recommends that you choose tutors who have experience in teaching H2  Science to students of similar levels or have the personal academic achievements to teach H2 Science.


It is extremely important that you engage a patient tutor who is able to explain concepts and the various H2 Physics concepts in a patient manner. With a patient H2 Physics tutor, students will be more likely to clarify their doubts and misconceptions with the tutor, since they are not too daunted or intimidated to do so.

The patience of the tutor is an immensely important factor when selecting a tutor. MindFlex recommends that you engage a patient H2 Physics tutor in order for your child to have a smooth H2 Physics learning journey.

Testimonials from H2 Physics Students

Mr Chiam was first recommended to me by MindFlex and he has been my Physics Tutor for 2 years now. He sparked a love and interest in Physics for me and I took up H2 Physics as a result. I am doing well in Physics thanks to him and I will continue to engage him for Physics tuition throughout my JC journey. 

Jayden Loo 
H2 Student from Tampines Meridian JC

Having done well in Physics in Secondary School, I took up H2 Physics in JC but found myself unable to cope with the workload eventually. I decided to engage the help of Mr Tan with MindFlex’s recommendation. Under Mr Tan’s guidance and support, I was able to jump from a C to A. Really grateful to both MindFlex and Mr Tan!

Hayley Sia
H2 Student from Catholic JC

I have always liked Physics and was doing considerably well in Secondary School. However, JC Physics was a different story. I struggled to keep up with the workload and complex concepts. Mr Ang was able to help me clear up any misconceptions and doubts quickly and provided me support whenever I needed it. I found his lessons enjoyable and easy to understand.

Edward Ang
H2 Student from St Andres’s JC

I was able to explore and expand on my interest in Physics through Mr Darryl’s classes. He provides me with information-filled notes filled with visuals that aid understanding. I grew to love Physics more and more as Mr Darryl’s teaching has rubbed off on me, leading me to take H2 Physics in JC. I am doing well in school thanks to him and I will definitely continue having lessons with him!

Damian Chew
H2 Student from St Andrew’s JC

H2 Physics Video Resources

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