Preschool Home Tuition in Singapore: An increasingly popular trend in Singapore for students aged 6 and below.

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Parents in Singapore are often quite curious about what their child learns in Preschool, anxious whether their child will be well-prepared for Primary school following a Preschool education. Children in Singapore aged 3 to 6 years old are offered 3 years of Preschool education – Nursery, K1, and K2. Increasingly more parents are enquiring about engaging a private Preschool home tutor for their child. As a local tuition agency, we receive at least 2 enquiries per day for children even as young as 2 years old.

Why is Preschool education important? Why are parents engaging a Preschool home tutor although their children are already attending Preschools? Engaging a Preschool home tutor improves your child’s social skills and prepares them for Primary school, which is compulsory for all Singaporean children. Most of our private Preschool home tutors are usually well-trained and experienced, their classes can range from speaking/writing skills, learning languages/numbers, art, interactive games, and music, etc.

This article aims to explore why parents in Singapore are sending their children for Preschool home tuition at such a young age, as well as the benefits of it.

1. Some Children Are Unable to Learn Well in a Group Setting

Teachers or tutors often catch children daydreaming during a lesson. Most children have trouble staying focused and get easily distracted by events occurring around them. At a young age, some children also sometimes show mild symptoms of ADHD, Dyslexia, etc, whilst some children adopt a hyperactive behaviour. As these children start schooling, it would take time for them to adjust to new learning environments and thus need more individual attention to make sure that they are adapting well.

If your child has been facing trouble focusing, he/she may find it a challenge to focus in a group setting. Hence, 1-to-1 Preschool home tuition is a better option. Preschool home tuition will be able to give your child the 1-to-1 attention. Moreover, a private tutor will be able to manage and balance fun and discipline your child better individually as compared to a teacher managing a group of children together.

Fret not, MindFlex Home Tuition has several private tutors who are trained and experienced in teaching young children, even those with special learning needs. They handle and teach the children by making the lesson enjoyable, engaging, and interactive. Examples of an interactive lesson can be through games such as puzzles, colour blocks, or storybooks. The tutors’ calm, patient, and positive approach will result in your child’s ability to focus better.

2. Receive Extra Learning in a Comfortable and Familiar Environment

Have you ever wondered if your child’s current Preschool is teaching him/her enough? Will your child be well-prepared for his/her next stage milestone in life – Primary school?

Some parents may feel that the Preschool may not be focusing enough on their children, and they fear that their children may not be able to keep up with the others. Hence, most parents come to us to seek additional help.

Extra learning not only enables your child to be on par with their classmates, boosting their self-esteem, but it also enables him/her to receive proper guidance and support. Most children find it difficult to absorb the teacher’s teaching in school, hence, having a private Preschool home tuition allows your child to have extra learning whilst in his/her comfort zone. Children are most comfortable at home where they are familiar with, and thus may be able to learn better in a space where they feel safe and secure. The child’s own games and toys at home may also be used for learning and keeping him/her engaged, rather than foreign resources at their schools.

Home tuition also allows for better, direct, and more frequent communication between the tutor and parents. Parents will be able to check in on the child’s progress after every lesson, and also be able to convey any special requests they might have regarding the way their child’s lessons are planned and conducted. 

Private tutors assisting with extra work.

Your child will be able to learn better when being engaged in active learning/games and trying various different activities.

3. Parents Do Not Have The Time to Recap Learning With Their Child After Working Hours

Singaporean parents work hard to support their families, providing them with the best they can. According to this article, Singaporean parents often have to work long working hours and are are required to work overtime occasionally too. Hence, they might not have enough quality time to recap learning with their child after work.

Engaging a Preschool tutor helps your child to recap on his/her studies, and making sure that your child understands what he/she is learning in school, as well as enhancing their learning in school. Your child can confide in a tutor 1-to-1 as well if he/she is facing troubles in school, given that most children get shy and scared of confiding in their teachers at school. Tutors will be able to update parents regarding the academic and emotional progress of their children, hence, allowing parents to understand their children better.

A Mother Teaching Her Child

Rest assured working parents, our home tutors are familiar with the syllabus and will be able to help your child keep up in his/her studies.

4. Preparation for Primary 1

This is the most important reason of all as to why parents in Singapore are sending their children for Preschool home tuition at such a young age. Entering a Primary school is an important milestone in your children’s life. They will be adjusting to a new environment with a bigger class, and also where they have to independently make friends and buy their own meals.

Parents often worry that their children might struggle as they enter Primary school, given that they will be learning more advanced skills, such as composition writing or arithmetic numbers, etc. Children need to build up a foundation and learn the basics of English, Maths and Chinese to ensure a smooth transition. Most parents are also concerned that their children may find difficulties speaking up in class, or articulating certain words.

Most Preschool tutors are well-trained and experienced in preparing children for their transition to Primary 1. They help build their foundation up, allowing them to cope better in Primary 1 in terms of their social and cognitive skills. Phonics home tutors will be able to help your children to improve their reading, writing and oral skills, thus improve their proficiency in English.

Tutors will also be able to come up with their curriculum for your child too, teaching them how to manage their study-flow, how to set their priorities right and how to organise their time properly.

5. Hiring A Preschool Home Tutor

Mindflex Home Tuition is a local tuition agency, with an estimate of nearly 23,000 professional tutors ranging from undergraduates, full-time tutors and ex or current MOE teachers. Many of our Preschool home tutors have an early childhood related qualification, such as Diploma in Early Childhood Education, so they are well-qualified with the necessary pedagogy needed to teach Preschoolers.

We take your child’s education and academic success seriously. We also take your feedback and requirements seriously, and we will be able to assist you in finding a suitable tutor who can cater to your child’s needs.

Hiring a Preschool home tutor enhances your child’s desire for learning as the lessons provided by the tutors can be fun, engaging and interactive. Not only can the children have an individualised and customised learning experience, but the tutors will also be able to build up their self-esteem and improve their studying habits.

We are an experienced, committed and responsible tuition agency,  trust us to help you.

Preschool students interacting with games provided by the home tutors.

Preschool home tutors will be able to keep the child’s attention as they learn through interactive games or materials such as puzzles, flashcards or stories, etc.

Conclusion – Does Your Child Need A Preschool Home Tutor?

Preschool home tuition, whilst not necessary for many, can end up to be beneficial for your children’s future and can result in having a long-lasting impact in their life. It plays a big part in their academic achievement and prepares them for the milestone in their lives.

Moreover, it improves their attitude and drive towards learning and school, and will be able to overcome obstacles along the way with your child.

If you are interested in engaging a Private Home Tutor, once again do feel free to contact us through the form above and we will be more than willing to provide you with our list of tutors, based on your requirements with no obligations involved. If you would like to prepare your child in advance, you may also check out our options for Primary School Tutors.

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