H1/H2 Literature Tuition

Literature is one of the most important humanities subject. Beyond teaching students to appreciate the beauty of the written English Language, it empowers students to understand societal issues around the world through literature texts. Hence, H1 and H2 Literature develop students to become open-minded thinkers with empathy and strong communication skills. A Levels Literature is very different from Secondary School as students have to study several texts and are expected to come up with analysis with greater depth and insights.

It is also widely known H1 and H2 Literature are difficult subjects to excel in. This is because the examination poses essay questions that require students to show a strong understanding of several texts, analyse the use of literary techniques to express ideas and how thematic issues and context are conveyed in the texts. A common mistake that students make is by only trying to memorise content from the text, and do not develop the essential critical evaluation skills and strong writing style that is the key to scoring well in H1 Literature and H2 Literature examinations.

Private H1 Literature Tuition and H2 Literature Tuition is thus necessary for students to excel in their A Levels Literature examinations, whereby MindFlex’s Private A Levels Literature Tuition Teachers guide each individual to develop analytical and critical thinking skills required to score well in examinations while catering to the learning style of each individual. Having MindFlex’s Private H1 Literature Tuition and Private H2 Literature Tuition also allows students to gain essential in-depth knowledge about the texts that might be overlooked by Literature school teachers.

With their years of experience, MindFlex’s Private H1 Literature Tuition and Private H2 Literature Tuition Teachers are well-equipped to help students manage the challenging Literature examinations. Using engaging and effective teaching methods, MindFlex’s A Levels Literature Tutors guide students to attain a strong grasp of their Literature texts, such as exploring thematic issues, analysing characters and analysing the use of literary techniques that the writer uses to express ideas. This helps students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the texts that they are being tested on, which empowers them to be in a better position to evaluate the content in examination questions. Understanding that practice makes perfect, MindFlex’s H1 and H2 Literature Tutors also expose students to many challenging examination questions, in order to help students hone their literary analysis skills to excel in their Literature Examination.

As the analytic skills needed to excel in Literature requires time to be developed, we highly recommend that you enrol for MindFlex’s Private H1 Literature Tuition and Private H2 Literature Tuition as early as possible to develop a strong foundation in handling this challenging subject. MindFlex’s Private A Levels Literature Tuition is committed to helping you excel in the A Levels Literature examinations.

Tuition Rates

Student's Academic Level
Tutor's Qualifications Pre-School Pri 1-3 Pri 4-6 Sec 1-2 Sec 3-5 JC/Poly/
Part-Time /
Undergraduate Tutors
$20-$30 $25-$30 $30-$35 $30-$40 $35-$40 $40-$50 $30-$55
Full-Time / 
Graduate Tutors
$30-$40 $35-$40 $40-$45 $40-$50 $45-$55 $60-$80 $40-$70
Current / Ex
MOE Teachers
$40-$50 $50-$60 $50-$70 $60-$80 $60-$90 $90-$120 $50-$120

Tuition Rates listed above are per hour.

  Tutor's Qualifications 
Student's Academic Level Part-Time/
Undergraduate Tutors
Graduate Tutors
MOE Teachers
Pre School $20-$30 $30-$40 $40-$50
Pri 1-3 $25-$30 $35-$40 $50-$60
Pri 4-6 $30-$35 $40-$45 $50-$70
Sec1-2 $30-$40 $40-$50 $60-$80
Sec3-5 $35-$40 $45-$55 $60-$90
JC/ Poly/
$40-$50 $60-$80 $90-$120
Adult $30-$55 $40-$70 $50-$120

Tuition Rates listed above are per hour.

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