Primary School Tuition

Singapore’s education system is known to be one of the best in the world, with its rigorous and demanding curriculum that challenges even the smartest of students. With Primary School being the start of a 12-year education journey of students, it is crucial that your child has a strong foundation in his various subjects in order to achieve success and be ahead of his peers.

There is definitely a need for Primary School Tuition in order for your child to excel in their academics and survive the stiff competition among students, especially as they prepare for the most important examination of their Primary School Education: PSLE. The content covered during school lessons are often not sufficient to be able to score well in examinations, and more importantly, many students are unable to grasp concepts effectively during classes due to the short lesson duration and inability of teachers to meet their learning needs. Furthermore, with the need to juggle school and co-curricular classes, your child is often exhausted at the end of the day to do revision, causing him to lag behind his peers in terms of academic results.

Hence, Primary School Tuition is crucial for all Primary School students. MindFlex’s Private Primary School Tuition strives to help your child build a good understanding of their subjects, excel in their examinations and most importantly, to enjoy learning. We understand that different students have unique learning styles, thus we provide Private Primary School Tuition for your child so that our Primary School Tutors are able to cater to the needs of your child with their undivided attention. Equipped with years of experience of teaching, MindFlex’s wide range of Primary School Tutors are highly capable in helping students improve in their understanding of their subjects, be it English, Mother Tongue, Mathematics or Science.

To enable students to develop a love for learning, MindFlex’s Private Primary School Tutors use innovative methods to engage students while allowing students to learn concepts easily and effectively. We also understand that practice makes perfect, so MindFlex’s Primary School Tutors often expose students to many real challenging examination questions to equip them with strong examination answering techniques and the ability to solve difficult questions.

As having a good education is the road to success, it is paramount that your child is equipped with the right skills to excel in their academics in Primary School and in the long run. We definitely recommend that you start MindFlex’s Private Primary School Tuition early on, so that you can give your child a strong head start in their long education journey that they will be grateful for in the future. MindFlex’s Private Primary School Tuition caters to all subjects for all levels.

Tuition Rates

Student's Academic Level
Tutor's Qualifications Pre-School Pri 1-3 Pri 4-6 Sec 1-2 Sec 3-5

JC / IB /
Poly / Uni

Part-Time /
Undergraduate Tutors
$20-$30 $25-$30 $30-$35 $30-$40 $35-$40


$30-$50 $30-$55
Full-Time / 
Graduate Tutors
$30-$40 $35-$40 $40-$45 $40-$50 $45-$55 $60-$80 $40-$80 $45-$85
Current / Ex
MOE Teachers
$40-$50 $50-$60 $50-$70 $60-$80 $60-$90 $90-$120 $60-$110 $80-$110

Tuition Rates listed above are per hour.

  Tutor's Qualifications 
Student's Academic Level Part-Time/
Undergraduate Tutors
Graduate Tutors
MOE Teachers
Pre-School $20-$30 $30-$40 $40-$50
Pri 1-3 $25-$30 $35-$40 $50-$60
Pri 4-6 $30-$35 $40-$45 $50-$70
Sec 1-2 $30-$40 $40-$50 $60-$80
Sec 3-5 $35-$40 $45-$55 $60-$90
JC / IB /
Poly / Uni
$40-$50 $60-$80 $90-$120
IGCSE $30-$50 $40-$80 $60-$110
Adult $30-$55 $45-$85 $80-$110

Tuition Rates listed above are per hour.

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