What are the Private Tuition Rates in Singapore?

MindFlex Home Tuition: Private Tutor Rates in Singapore | Best Qualified Singapore Tuition Teachers

We allow you to find and locate suitable Home Tuition in Singapore ! We have 3 main types of tutors available, Undergraduate Tutors, Full-Time Tutors and EX/Current MOE Teachers. More details and information about these tutors may be found at the following link. 

Private Tuition in Singapore

Private Tuition in Singapore

Welcome to Mindflex Home Tuition

Here at MindFlex, we take your education and academic success seriously. Its our mission and endeavour to link our students with only the best tuition teachers in Singapore. Home Tutor in Singapore provides only certified and qualified tuition teachers for your child’s education.

Our Promises To You

  • Trial Lessons are Available
  • 100% Free Service, No Additional Fees
  • Hassle-Free & Efficient Process
  • Professional & Experienced Tutors Guaranteed
  • Best & Fair Tuition Rates Guaranteed

Are you searching for Private Tuition Rates in Singapore? Find the Best Qualified Singapore Tuition Teachers? For home tuition for students at the Primary, Secondary and JC levels, look no further than Singapore tuition teachers.

Yes, we do provide trial lessons. These trial lessons are chargeable on a per-lesson basis. If you decide not to continue with a tutor after the trial lesson, you will only be required to pay the fees incurred for the 1st lesson. Private Tuition in Singapore provides private tuition teachers that can help your child excel.

Why Choose Us


Here at MindFlex, we take your child’s education very seriously. We provide only certified and qualified tuition teachers for your child’s education.


Service Excellence is the core of our values. Aside from great tuition lessons, we promise excellent service support for a smooth and enjoyable process.


Having matched over 5000 tuition assignments for students, with 98% of students continuing past the first lesson. There is no better choice than MindFlex.


Singapore Home Tuition Agency experienced coordinators will ensure your child’s learning needs are satisfied. Our service is 100% free and reasonable tuition rates are guaranteed.

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How much tuition fees you should pay to engage a home tuition tutor for private tuition in Singapore? Listed below is the Private Tuition Rates in Singapore (average home tuition rates in Singapore).


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