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PSLE – The First Report Card Of Parents. How Can Engaging A Home Tutor Help?

The MOE PSLE Syllabus is well-known to be one of the constantly changing elements in the Singapore Education System. A new scoring system is being introduced in the Year 2020, and parents are changing the ways they monitor their child’s education and learning. The commotion caused by the 2019 PSLE Maths Paper is visible evidence that parents and students are not quite ready for the change in the PSLE syllabus. Many parents and pupils claimed the questions are “exceptionally difficult”! Hence, many parents have begun looking for solutions to help their child and many have turned to hiring a specialized PSLE Home Tutor for help.

One of the main reasons why MOE has been altering its syllabus and curriculum is to greater equip students with skills that are more relevant to real-life and prepare them for their future. For instance, the curricula for languages are now more heavily based on communication skills to help students use English and Mother Tongues at a more practical and efficient level. Other than reading passages and stories from textbooks, students are also now learning languages through more interactive means such as role-playing in classes. Adjustments have also been made on the technology front, with updated formats such as the E-Oral / Video Conversation replacing the traditional Picture Description and Conversation.

The unfamiliar changes have made it harder for parents to help their children in their learning and studies. This is especially so for families with working parents, making it difficult for them to spend time guiding their children, whilst at the same time being unfamiliar with the MOE Syllabus. It is hence unsurprising that many parents have turned their attention to Home Tutors as a solution to help their children with their learning and pushing them to ace in PSLE. As a well-established Home Tuition Agency in Singapore, the pool of tutors at MindFlex Primary School Tuition are up to date with the Current MOE Syllabus and are well-experienced with coaching PSLE Students. Here are the 5 points why PSLE Home Tutors could be the best solution to help your child ace their PSLE!

Primary Home Tutor Conducting Outdoor learning for students

The PSLE Syllabus Has Constantly Changed, With Adjustments Made For Technology Such As The E-Oral / Video Conversation Component in the PSLE Chinese Exams.

1. PSLE Home Tutors Are Able To Focus On Weak Areas

One of the most important benefits of hiring a PSLE Home Tutor is that tutors are focus on the weak areas of your child. As every student may have different weak areas or learning gaps, classes in group settings such as tuition centres will not be the most effective when it comes to providing targeted help on a particular weak area. Furthermore, PSLE Home Tutors are also able to assess your child thoroughly to identify any learning gaps before prescribing the relevant materials and practice to overcome those weaknesses. As the PSLE syllabus and curriculum is becoming more catered to real-life applications, Home Tutors will also be to help with application-based learning, whilst helping students to strengthen the concepts taught.

2. Special PSLE-Curated Materials by Home Tutors

PSLE Home Tutors also often have materials that are specially prepared and curated for PSLE students. This stems from the experience and resources that they are able to accumulate from teaching multiple PSLE Students every year. With different students, tutors can access the practice papers and examination papers that are used by different schools. This enables the tutor to compile the questions and expose their students to more variety of questions, increasing scopes of knowledge for your child! Tutors will also be customizing practice papers using past year PSLE questions and Preliminary Papers to help your child to tackle questions and areas which they are weak at.

Examples of PSLE-Curated Materials that Home Tutors are able to provide include Topical Summary Notes, Mindmaps, Detailed Step-By-Step Solutions, Top School Papers and PSLE Question Banks. It saves time as your child would not need to create their own studies notes and also some side notes or important points of knowledge can be included by the tutor. All in all, these make efficient and fantastic revision sources for PSLE.

3. Tutoring on Multiple PSLE Subjects

From our experience as a Home Tuition Agency, parents have always raised the concern that their children need help with multiple subjects and some have specifically requested for tutors who are able to cater to multiple subjects in a single session. Having a tutor teach multiple subjects is not possible in a group setting as tuition centres often only offer 1 subject per class, at a dedicated time-slot. Furthermore due to busy schedule of students and parents in Singapore, many only have time available for 1 session of 1.5-2 hours a week for tuition. Some students may also not require an entire tuition session on a particular subject as they have only minor doubts or occasional questions to clarify per subject. Hence, hiring a Home Tutor who is able to teach multiple subjects proficiently would be an efficient solution to all these problems, enabling the effective usage of time. Here at MindFlex Home Tuition, we have many PSLE Home Tutors who are able to teach multiple PSLE Subjects. For instance, tutors can provide learning assistance with PSLE Maths and Science together. If your child is weaker in Maths problems sums but has the occasional open-ended Science question, the tutor can spend the majority of the session helping him or her on Maths problems sums, whilst dedicating a small but sufficient amount of time to clarify doubts on Science.

Home Tutors Are Able To Provide Great Resources For Students To Conduct Effective Self-Revision At Home

Home Tutors Are Able To Provide Great Resources For Students To Conduct Effective Self-Revision At Home

4. Complimentary After-Lessons Consultations & Direct Communication

One of the lesser known benefits of hiring a Home Tutor is the easy accessible help after tuition lessons. Many PSLE Home Tutors also provide complimentary after-lesson consultation services such as helping students with works and questions online through communication platforms such as WhatsApp or Skype. This enables your child to clarifies their questions and doubts immediately without having to wait for the next lesson. Parents are also able to directly communicate with tutors to find out more about their child’s progress or areas which they might need help with. Unforunately, tuition centers are unable to provide such services as there is not direct line of communication between the assigned tutor of the group class, and each individual parent. This almost complete “tuition” concierge service is one of the important benefits that parents should not overlook when considering whether to hire a private home tutor for their children.

5. Extra Lessons & Commitment Closer to PSLE

The 2 to 3 months period before PSLE is the most crucial period for any Primary School Students. This is also affectionately known amongst teachers and parents as the “make it or break it” period, the difference whether a student scores an A or A*, or enters the Express or Normal Stream. It is during this period whereby parents would want as much revision as possible for their PSLE child. Private Home Tutors usually dedicate extra timeslots during this period to specially cater to students who would require more PSLE revision or last-minute coaching.  This flexibility offered by a private home tuition arrangement is hard to match by tuition centres as their classes are organized in a group setting.

The private home lessons covered during this period of time focuses mainly on revision to eradicate all academic doubts, and also timed practices to train students to perform well in a realistic exam setting. Timed practices are extremely important as they allow students to get familiar with essential exam skills such as time management. Private Home Tutors also usually highlight the certain types of questions and concepts which have a higher chance of appearing based on previous years’ PSLE Papers and Top School Papers. Steps by step solutions and detailed explanations are provided to help students in understanding exactly how to score the maximum marks possible if they do encounter these questions during the PSLE.

The Current PSLE Syllabus Is Getting Harder. With Students Required To Use Calculators for Maths. Students Should Seek Help With A PSLE Home Tutor ASAP.

The Current PSLE Syllabus Is Getting Harder, With Students Required To Use Calculators Too. Seek Help ASAP With A Private Tutor!

In Conclusion, Act Before Its Too Late!

We believe every parent wants the best for their children. With PSLE being the first milestone that your child has to face, you can help your child for the PSLE both academically and mentally with the help of home tutors. One of the biggest mistakes made by parents is seeking help too late before the PSLE. It is not possible to revise through the entire PSLE Syllabus in just a few weeks before the final exam. If your child is showing signs of academic distress, or his/her results haven’t been optimal, we would advise to heed the signs and engage a Private Home Tutor as the soonest time possible. The Education System in Singapore is a long-term game, doing well for PSLE would benefit your child’s education as a whole in the long run with more school and streaming options available. A strong foundation is absolutely key to attaining a good score for PSLE. Please do not hesitate to take the time to have casual conversations with your child to find out if they require more academic help, or are feeling stressed due to the upcoming PSLE.

If you would like to engage a Private PSLE Home Tutor, do feel free to contact us for more information! Our friendly team will put our best efforts to assist you with a comprehensive list of quality PSLE Home Tutors based on your budget and requirements.

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