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Tuition in Singapore – A Trend, A Necessity, An Investment?

Hiring a private home tutor or sending students for some form of tuition lessons has become one of the fundamental and constantly growing trends in Singapore’s Education Industry. You may be surprised by how much Singaporean parents are willing to pay when it comes to engaging tuition for their children. According to todayonline.com, Singapore households spent S$1.4 billion on tuition, based on the Household Expenditure Survey conducted by the Department of Statistics from October 2017 to September 2018. Yes, you did not read wrongly, the tuition industry in Singapore is valued as a billion-dollar industry. Hence many of you may be wondering, why is there such a heavy need for tuition despite schools often taking the initiative to carry after-school remedial programmes to help weaker students improve in their academics. The fact is that the usual classroom environment may not be for every student, and students often require personal help when it comes to understanding and tackling the tough Singapore Education System thoroughly. Although Singapore Schools generally have a very good holistic educational framework, grades are often the main determinant in deciding the educational paths and choices available to a student in Singapore. Hence to many parents, hiring tuition is considered to an “investment” that parents are willing to pay for and could pay off many times over. As a leading home tuition agency in Singapore, we agree that education is indeed a great investment, and in this article we would like to look at 7 reasons why hiring a private home tutor could be the best investment for your child’s education.

1. Competitive Education Scene in Singapore

The main national examinations in Singapore consist of 1. The PSLE which is taken at the Primary Level, 2. The O & N Levels, which are taken at the Secondary Level and 3. The A-Levels, which are taken at the Junior College level. These national examinations often determine the future paths and choices available to them, depending on the grades achieved. The education system mirrors to values of Singapore one which is highly based on meritocracy. The main benchmark for educational institutes from the Secondary Level right till University is the grades achieved by the student. It is an open secret that if students in Singapore do not meet certain grades, it will affect the progress of their educational path. Hence, the limited spaces and strict entrance criteria in top local educational institutes bring about a culture of competitiveness within Singaporean Parents.

To stay ahead of Education Scene in Singapore, hiring a home tutor could be a great investment as it provides students the resource of a personal teacher whom he/she is able to clarify all academic doubts with. As a parent, it is instinctive for wanting your child to put in double the effort when it comes to hitting the books. However, it is important to make sure that your child is being productive in his/her studying. The last thing you would want is for your child to be revising whilst having a wrong or incomplete understanding of the concept studied. This is where hiring a home tutor would be a great option, to make sure that students are on the right track, and to prescribe them both help and revision materials to strengthen existing knowledge. Often too, parents are unable to provide academic help to students due to 2 main reasons. Firstly, they are unfamiliar with the everchanging and increasingly difficult syllabus. Secondly, most Singaporean parents work long hours and hence to not have the time resources to help their children. Hence by investing in a private home tutor, not only are parents investing in your child’s education and future, they are also able to achieve a peace of mind that their children’s education needs are being taken care of, and while at it, by a professional.

2. The Increasing Difficulty of The MOE Syllabus

We all know that society and jobs are constantly evolving and changing. It is a challenge for us to keep up with it. It works the same for the education scene in Singapore too. Not only is the MOE Syllabus getting harder year after year, but it has also always been evolving and changing too.  Working parents who are self-tutoring their children may find it a challenge to keep up with the constant changes. According to todayonline.com, “The MOE typically reviews subjects’ syllabus once every six years and in the latest syllabus published on the ministry’s website, the ministry wrote that among its considerations during the review is “seeking a better balance between content and skills”.

A key example of how the MOE Syllabus has increased in difficulty would be the introduction of the Algebra Syllabus in Primary Schools, compared to Secondary Schools in the past. Learning how to use a calculator to solve complex maths problems also used to be something which was only introduced in Secondary Schools, but has now been shifted to Primary Schools too. With the ever-growing academic syllabus, it is not surprising that many parents and students are struggling to keep up. Hence, hiring a private home tutor in this case would be a great option. Most private home tutors have been tutoring for at least 5 years, and tutoring multiple students of similar levels. Hence they are up to date with the current MOE syllabus and are also well-versed with helping students of the same level overcome learning gaps and problems in the most efficient way possible. A private home tutor will be able to help your child keep up with the MOE syllabus, and stay ahead of the learning curve. 

Girl Student Keeping Up With Her Homework From School Private Home Tutor

The MOE Syllabus Is Constantly Getting Harder. Hiring A Home Tutor Is A Good Step Towards Coping Well.

3. Private Home Tuition – Staying Ahead, Less Stress, Higher Confidence

Having matched countless successful tuition cases for many parents and students, our agency is a firm believer that aside from improving academic results, private home tutoring also leads to lower stress levels and higher confidence levels. The reason for this is simple. One of the main benefits of Private Home Tutoring is helping students to clarify doubts on the spot and also learning how to study effectively and efficiently from tutors. Usually upon receiving tuition, most students naturally go on to receive better grades and experience improvement in their academic grades. This improvement could be very intrinsically rewarding and lead students to gain a higher confidence level in their personal abilities and motivations. A student’s self-esteem level plays an important factor in not only achieving good grades for examinations, but performing well in life as a whole, for activities such as CCAs and Enrichment Classes. It is important to start your child on this positive spiral and a great way to start is by helping them to do well in their main life task the moment, studying. Once a student has mastered the skills of effective learning and revision from tutors, they will also have more time to pursue other creative passions which generally leads to lower stress levels and a greater sense of well-being.

4. Private Home Tuition – An Affordable Investment

Contrary to popular belief, tutoring doesn’t have to be an expensive investment in order to be effective. Here at MindFlex Home Tuition, it is our responsibility as a leading home tuition agency in Singapore to advise and source the best tutors possible for our client’s budget. There are namely 3 main kinds of home tutors in Singapore, these are namely Part-Time Tutors, Full-Time Tutors and Ex/Current MOE Teachers. It is possible to hire a good tutor from rates as low as $25/Hour.  A tutor’s rate is often correlated to his/her teaching experience and qualifications, but it does not necessarily mean that the more expensive a tutor is, the more effective he or she may be for your child. At the end of the day, there is always the human factor involved. Private Tuition is a 2-way relationship, students and tutors must be able to get along well as they are interacting on a 1-to-1 basis. Some students may feel more comfortable with a more informal teaching style of a younger tutor such as a Part-Time Undergraduate Tutors, or some students may feel more comfortable learning from the likes of a more structured and experienced tutor such as Full-Time Tutors or Ex/Current MOE Teachers.

It is our mission to ensure that you and your child are able to find the perfect fit of private home tutor according to your preferences and budgets. To find out more, you can contact our friendly team and we will be happy to share more information with you with no obligations involved. You can also find out more about the difference between each tutor category, and their rates.

5. Mentor Figure & Inspiration

Aside from the academic benefits, private tutors are also able to serve as a Mentor Figure & Inspiration to your child.  Many private tutors are good role-models, having done well in their education, and also currently serving a noble profession to help with education needs in Singapore. It is important for students (especially Secondary-JC Level) who are going through puberty to have a good role model they can look up to in their schooling days. Also most private tutors are currently teaching students of the same levels, and hence are able to offer good and well-founded advice to both parent and child on non-academic problems which the student may be facing. This personal interaction between tutor and student is something which is more easily achievable in a 1-to-1 private tuition setting as compared to group or classroom settings.

A Private Home Tutor Can Be A Good Mentor Figure

A Private Home Tutor Can Be A Good Mentor & Source of Inspiration Especially For Students In Teenage Years


6. Allows Parents More Free Time

Hiring A Private Home Tutor Can Increase The Amount of Time for Family Activities

Hiring A Private Home Tutor To Take Care of Academic Needs Allows Both Parents & Students To Free Up More Time For Family Activities

An often overlooked point on the benefits of private home tuition is the amount of time it frees up for parents. With a private home tutor around, parents are able to free up more time in their schedule, to plan for more family outings or family bonding sessions, or spend quality time with the family as your child’s education needs are being watched after Through family outings or family bonding sessions, it allows parents to strengthen their bonds with their children and being aware of what they are facing in school and their lives. By showing interest in your children’s lives, not only can you discover the dreams and goals your children aim to achieve, but it can also help to enhance the support and encouragement you give. As the famous saying goes, “time is money”, hence hiring a private home tutor could definitely reap returns of time in that aspect.

7. Time Saving for Students

Similarly, hiring a private home tutor saves students a lot of time too, as compared to attending tuition centres which are held at an external venue. Most private home tuition lessons are conducted as the convenience of the student’s house, hence saving precious travelling time for both students and parents. Also as the lessons is conducted in the comfort of home, students are able to freshen up before the lessons, making it a more productive session. Furthermore, parents are also able to monitor the lessons closely to determine if the private home tuition is progressing well, or if there are points of improvement required for the home tutor. 

In Conclusion, Is A Private Home Tutor A Good Investment?

Based on the 7 points above, it is safe to conclude that hiring a private home tutor is definitely a great investment you can make for your child’s education. Hiring a private tutor results in much more than just academic benefits, but also an increase in well-being, confidence and decrease in stress levels. That being said, it is also important to hire a tutor responsibility and within your budget as it could be counter-productive to stop lessons once a good bond has been established between tutor and student.  As a responsible tuition agency in Singapore, we strongly believe and take our students’ education seriously, and we want the best for them as much as you. If you are interested in engaging a Private Home Tutor, once again do feel free to contact us and we will be more than willing to provide you with our list of tutors, based on your requirements with no obligations involved.

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