Science Tuition in Singapore: The Top 30 Science Tuition Options in Singapore (With Reviews Included)

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1. Science Tuition in Singapore

The demand for Science Tuition in Singapore has been on a steady rising trend over the last couple of years. Challenges with the MOE Science Curriculum are being faced at all levels of education. At the Primary School Level, Science is introduced at Primary 3, and many students have remarked that Science is probably the most difficult paper they have faced at PSLE.  At the Secondary School Level, students are introduced to 3 main fields of Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) accompanied by increasingly difficult and creative questions that are designed at the O & N Level Exams. At the Junior College Level, each Science is being studied more in-depth at H1/H2 Levels, with the challenge of completing the tough A-Levels curriculum within a short span of 2 years. Hence, engaging in a Science Tuition in Singapore will allow students to work on their knowledge and gain more insights from their Science Tutors. What’s more – watch how Singaporeans attempt the current Biology Syllabus for Secondary School students to test their own abilities in Science!

Parents often find themselves lacking the necessary pedagogy and knowledge to guide their children through the MOE Science Syllabus. Hence, many Singaporean Parents have turned towards hiring a Science Tutor for help. BBC has also reported on the “boom” private tuition industry around the world and forecasts its value to be worth $227 billion by 2022. Major factors that are contributing to this are the growing tuition demand in Asia, as well as the rise of online tutoring developments. It is hence no surprise that Science Tuition in Singapore follows a similar trend as our home country Singapore is known to be highly competitive and education-driven. As a major tuition agency in Singapore, we receive at least 120 tuition requests for Science-related subjects on a monthly basis.

2. Top 30 Science Tuition Centre Options in Singapore

For modern-day Singaporean Parents, it is no longer a question of “Should I Send My Child For Science Tuition?”, but rather “What Is The Best Science Tuition Available?”. For students to succeed in the meritocratic and challenging local education system, it is important for parents to seek the best academic help within their means. The Straits Times reported in 2014 that there were around 850 tuition and enrichment centres registered with MOE. One can only estimate that this number would be past 1,000 now. With such a large number of options to choose from, how do parents then select the best science tuition option?  Here at MindFlex, we recognize this difficulty. After careful research & discussion, we have put together a recommended list of 30 Top Science Tuition Options in Singapore, across different tuition categories.


Having Science Tuition can help students gain the confidence and motivation to do well in the subject

1) MathScienceGuru

Math Science Guru was founded in 2003 by Mr Allen, the No. 1 Lecturer at Raffles Institution. This Premier Tuition Centre in Singapore specializes in Primary and Secondary Maths (A/E) and Science (Chemistry, Physics, Biology) at the O/IP/IB/IGCSE/NA levels. Crash courses are also available for those who need a quick refresher or those who are preparing for an exam. All classes have NO Deposit, NO Admin fees and students can quit at any point, no questions asked!

Mr Allen guarantees that he can help improve your child’s school performance, from an F9 to A1 in 12weeks! No wonder he is one of the most preferred tutors among illustrious families, including relatives of top government officials and top company executives.


MathScienceGuru Science Tuition

Science Tuition 1 MathScienceGuru
Website https://www.mathscienceguru.com.sg
Contact /
Address /

8233 2805 


91 Bencoolen street, Singapore 189652

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Mon – Sun: 9am – 10pm

Level & Subjects P3-P6 Math & Science
S1-S2 Math & Science
S3-S4 Chemistry, Physics, Emath and Additional Mathematics
Class Size 4-5 Students

Contact via Phone Number

Fees On Enquiry
Highlights – Mr Allen has more than 20 years of teaching experience. He is the ONLY tutor in the centre who personally handles classes and focuses on their improvement to transform them from F9-A1 grades.
– A Free 90-minutes trial class is offered to allow students and parents to evaluate the teaching methods of Mr Allen and decide if the courses are suitable for them or not.
– Classes are personalized according to each child’s level of learning in school and aligned with the student’s specific needs.
– Allen keeps his classes small to allow him to focus more intently on every student and to monitor their progress personally.
– 24/7 homework support is available which ensures that no child is left behind.

Review By Kyra Poh,

Year 3-4 SOTA, World Champion Indoor Skydiver, 4 World Cup Titles

“Thank you Teacher Allen, for helping me cope with my Physics and Math during my time in SOTA.
The notes that you give are 999 times better than our school notes. Though Physics & Math are tough topics, especially for us students from an art school, you make it straightforward and easy to understand. Ive tried other physics tuitions but M.S.G is still the best hehe. @juniors in SOTA struggling with Math/Chem/Physics, this place will save your grades 10/10. Thank you Mr Allen for the fun times!”

Review By Cheryl Lee,

Sec 2-4 (IP) RGS

“Thank you for tutoring me for the past 2.5 years.

I remember walking into your centre for the first time and getting 1.6 for chem but under your constant guidance and patience I achieved consistent 3.6s ultimately I think its not the results that are important but your teaching style that makes me like studying a lot more than before. Additionally, you don’t just tell me what to study but what I should do to not make the same mistakes again. I’m always heartened when you share with us that the process of learning is important because I constantly forget this simple but vital principle;) That got deep real quick so in plain words, I really appreciate all your help! I will miss you and I hope I will continue to do well in chemistry and physics Thank you once again for everything!”

Review By Matthew Lam,

Sec 1-4 (IP) Raffles Institution

“Dear Sir, thank you helping me greatly in the last four years.

Without your summarized notes and best in class worksheets, i would not have been able to survive the rigors in school. Thanks for giving me plenty of advice, encouragements and most importantly believing that i can succeed. God bless.”

2) Keynote Learning

Keynote Learning is a tuition center that provides tuition both virtual and physical classes to Primary and Secondary School students. Specialists in each of their subjects, Keynote’s experienced and passionate teachers have developed a unique system of learning, designed to help both parents and students overcome challenges pertaining to their education. The centre’s system of teaching, as proven by hundreds of students over the past 10 years, ensures that students develop themselves as individuals and achieve predictable improvements to their academic results. Every child is gifted. It just takes patience, understanding, and the right teacher to unlock their potential to learn through developing the right habits.

Keynote Learning Science Tuition

Keynote Learning Science Tuition

Science Tuition 2 Keynote Learning
Website https://www.keynotelearning.com/
Contact /
Address /

Phone: 81816687
Location: 727 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #02-4264

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Daily 10am – 10pm
Levels & Subjects

Primary & Secondary English

Class Size Max 17 Pax
Email info@keynotelearning.com
Fees Primary school from $220/4 lessons onwards
Secondary school from $260/4 lessons onwards

– In-house developed EdTech platform (Thinkinn) incorporated into well rounded curriculum suited for both physical and virtual classes
– Highly requested and used curriculum developed in-house that are used even by MOE schools
– Keynote Learning alumni gaining entry to top education institutions such as Raffles Institution, ACSI, NUS High School, Nanyang Girls, St Nicholas

Review By NeeYan Goh

“Very grateful to Mr. Linus, I highly recommended for seeking help in science subjects. Very passion in teaching and the method is really effective. There are many commercial tuition centre but this tuition fare is reasonable and most important teach with the heart.”

Review By Daniel Lim

“My boy was taught by Linus for chemistry. Linus is a patient tutor and imparted a lot of knowledge to my boy. He scored A1 for chemistry! I would strongly recommend Linus for Science topics.” 

Review By Stef Kwa

“My son joined Mr Linus’ chemistry class and improved from F9 to B3 in 4 months. Thank you for the tips Mr Linus has given. After attending classes at Keynote, my boy found out that chem wasn’t actually that difficult and grew to enjoy the subject more. I was hesitant initially about getting last minute tuition for him but it was a right move to join Keynote tuition.”


3) The Pique Lab

This centre focuses on giving Science lessons only – mainly for P3-P6 students to prepare for PSLE. The Science tutors at the Pique Lab adopt the use of their originally designed “Complete Concept Integration” methodology in their lessons, teaching students to integrate their Science concepts well for application purposes. On top of regular lessons, they also provide additional Masterclasses for selected topics and answering techniques to further strengthen their students’ Science skills. They also have a portal, providing free Science notes and videos. The Pique Lab also offers regular lessons just for Secondary 1 Express / IP / IB students, as well as a separate 9-hour course to build on their Lower Secondary Science foundation. This makes up a good bridging program for your graduated P6 child to follow through when he/she enters Secondary 1. They do not provide lessons for students beyond Sec 1.


The Pique Lab Science Tuition

Science Tuition 3 The Pique Lab
Website https://thepiquelab.com/
Contact /
Address /

8621 1533 /
Serene Centre Branch: 10 Jalan Serene, #02-05A/17A/18/20*, Serene Centre, Singapore 258748
Crown Centre Branch: 557 Bukit Timah Road, #01-06/07, Crown Centre, Singapore 269694

*Reception is located at #02-20, Serene Centre

No of Branches 2
Opening Hours Mon: 12pm – 7pm
Tue – Fri: 12pm – 9pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 7pm
(Walk-ins by appointment only)
Levels & Subjects Primary / Secondary Science
Class Size Not Stated
Email hello@thepiquelab.com

One time registration fee: $60

Pay by term:
P3 & P4: $70 for each weekly 1.5hour lesson
P5 & P6: $80 for each weekly 2hour lesson
Sec 1 & 2: $90 for each weekly 2hour lesson

Note: P5 are reuired to attend a 4-Day Complete Integration Science Course in June – $400

Late payment: surcharge of $30
(Fees are inclusive of GST)

Highlights – More than 80.6% of our students scoring As & A*s in Science
– Meticulously coached by specialists who know their stuff and geuninely care for your child
– In-class exercises, homework & diagnostic assessments periodically in regular classes to track the student’s learning progress
– Provides visually-appealing notes for the students
– Handpick questions from past year school examination papers to make learning as relevant as possible
– If students have burning question, all they need to do is to post it on the Parent Support Group & the specialists will help them out

Review By Ruth Hu

“I really like Pique Lab and it has really changed my point of view of Science and Ms Joanna has many different techniques to teach us. Ms Joanna is also very sociable and knows how to make learning Science more fun by making examples of our names and puts different concepts to those examples. I also really like the Pique Lab notes as they are very colourful and cute with happy funny faces on different objects. I am particularly impressed by how the centre gives us a schedule of the items needed for that particular lesson and as well as mailing the materials to us! I am intrigued by how they have this point system on earning vouchers and getting a reward in exchange! This motivates me to do the best for tests. Every time I am having a lesson, I am especially excited to learn new concepts in weekly lessons. Thank you Pique Lab!

Review By Yi Huey Buan

“My child faced problems drawing the ray diagrams and how to answer questions in clear and concise manner. The answers/solutions provided were helpful and easy to understand. The coloured notes were impressive. Jodie found the physics questions more doable. She is better able to handle the ray diagram problems now.I will highly recommend the Light Masterclass to other parents. The admin team is also one of the most professional among the enrichment centres I have encountered. Communication with them is usually smooth and clear”

Review By Jin Huang

“The lesson are really enriching and well-paced. The information in the material are presented in a logical and organized way, making it easy to browse through for revision. Ms.Joanna is knowledgeable about the subject and taught the students how to solve challenging questions. Olivia benefited a lot from the Matter Techniques Masterclass. We definitely will sign up for more masterclasses and recommend it to our friends.”

4) Science Edventure Education Centre

Science Edventure – a tuition centre that provides Science Tuition in Singapore “offers something more than just science tuition”. Located in Bishan, Science Edventure focuses on enriching their students’ Science learning experience with the unique inclusion of exciting and appropriate hands-on experiments during their lessons. They have invested fascinating experiment recourses from countries like USA and Japan to bring a whole new experience to their students, in hopes to increase their love for Science. Its founder is Mr Jason Lim, who is an author of “Right Before the Exam – PSLE Science” (an assessment book for GEP & higher ability students) and co-author to the model answers of the PSLE Science Booklet (2013-2015). They also take pride in their originally developed “RECAP” answering technique, which has helped many students in their course. In each lesson, students can expect quizzes, some challenging question sheets and extra enrichment resources to be given to them, to reinforce their concepts and to expose them to new knowledge beyond the classroom.


Science Edventure EducationTuition Centre

Science Tuition 4 Science Edventure Education Centre
Website http://www.scienceedventure.com/
Contact /
Address /

9660 8689 / 6456 3242 /
Blk 269 Bishan Street 24, #B1-192, Singapore 570269

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Tue & Wed: 3 – 6.30pm
Sat: 9am – 7pm
Levels & Subjects

Primary / Secondary Science

Class Size Not Stated

Not Stated


– Unique answering techniques have helped many students improve their answering of open-ended questions
– Able to build a strong foundation of scientific concepts
– Provides students with challenging worksheets and data-based questions
– Provide a conducive classroom environment and a full-equipped lab to reinforce concepts through hands-on learning
– Has acquired a good testimonial base with satisfied parents and students alike

Review By Melissa Koh

“All my kids under Teacher Jason have scored A* or A for PSLE. He specialises in exam answering techniques. He has good quality notes too. My kids enjoy doing science experiments under his guidance as well as getting toys at the end of his lessons that relates to the topics that he teaches.”

Review By Hayden Chua

“I have been attending Science Edventure for 3 years. Mr Jason is a very good teacher. He makes Science a very interesting subject through experiments. These experiments makes us remember some of the science concepts. He has a lot of useful notes which help us in the exams. I like his lessons very much.”

Review By Shirley 

“Hi Mr. Jason, I would like to share our joy with you that Xin Ning got an A* for her PSLE Science. We are so thankful for your guidance given to her in P6 and pushed her to achieve her goal. Thanks a lot, Mr. Jason! Thumb up!!”

5) Science Studios

A centre focusing only on Primary Level Science Tuition in Singapore, Science Studios was established to prepare students for the PSLE Science paper, with a focus on hands-on and creative approaches. The centre has a science lab to provide students the opportunity to carry out various experiments every week, for kinaesthetic and visual learning. Science Studios has an online portal, equipped with educational animation videos and interactive quizzes to engage students in a unique and fun way of revision. They also provide enrichment lessons, allowing students to stretch beyond the PSLE syllabus for deeper learning.


Science Studios Tuition Centre

Science Tuition 5 Science Studios
Website https://www.sciencestudios.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6737 2720 / 1 Jalan Anak Bukit, #02-24E, Singapore 588996
6970 4936 / 46 East Coast Road, #05-04, Singapore 428766

No of Branches 2
Opening Hours

Bukit Timah Plaza
Tue – Fri: 2.30pm – 7pm
Sat: 8.30am – 7.30pm
Sun: 11.45am – 6.15pm

East Gate @ Katong
Wed – Fri: 2.30pm – 7pm
Sat: 8.30am – 6pm
Sun: 12pm – 7.15pm

Level & Subjects Primary Science
Class Size Not Stated


Fees Fees differ based on class availability/slots
Highlights – Lessons are taught in accordance to the MOE syllabus
– Condusive elearning environments, with state of the art technology such as touch screen projectors and tablet laptops
– Learning experences created by a well experienced tutor who has taught in top MOE schools
– Quizzes provided to expose students to higher order questions and thinking
– Online protal provides access to Science educational videos and intereatvie quizzes
– Has garnered many good feedbacks from both students and parents

Review By Pemme Wee

“Science Studios has definitely ignited both my girls’ love for science as they make lessons fun while imparting the necessary knowledge to them through their hands on experiments. The tutors are very nice and responsive and are always ready to answer any queries even outside of lesson time. Science Studios teaches and reinforces all the concepts and key words in such a way that makes it easy for the child to understand and apply during exams. Thank you Science Studios!”

Review By Julia Chan

“Both of my children enjoy the enrichment at Science Studios immensely and it is a class that they look forward to weekly. The interactive hands on experience they have brings the science curriculum to life. Thank you teachers for consistently delivering solid academic results and a lot of fun while doing it!”

Review By Alison Tan

“My children have been attending lessons at Science Studios Learning Centre for the past few years. They enjoy and look forward to the weekly lessons. The interesting lessons help to sustain their interest and good performance in the subject. Special thanks to the teachers, Mr Chong, Teacher Calla and Mr Christopher, for their commitment and dedication. They have also given both parents and students their utmost support during the Circuit Breaker period. It is greatly appreciated :)”

6) Keynote Learning

Keynote Learning is a tuition centre that provides Science Tuition in Singapore. They believe that every child is gifted, and with the right tutors and resource the centre will be able to help unleash your child’s potential. They provide Science lessons for Primary, as well as Lower Secondary levels. Physics and Chemistry are also available for Upper Secondary levels. They pay special attention to the quality of their tutors, ensuring that they take the national exams every year to keep themselves abreast of the latest MOE syllabus. Class size remains small (between 2-6 students), and Keynote also makes Lower and Upper Primary study guides and papers available online for easy access.


Keynote Learning Science Tuition

Science Tuition 6 Keynote Learning
Website https://www.keynotelearning.com/
Contact /
Address /

8181 6687 /
727 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 #02-4264 Singapore 560727

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Mon & Tue: 4pm – 10pm
Wed: 4pm – 9.30pm
Thu: 5pm – 10pm
Fri: 4pm – 10pm
Sat: 10am – 10pm
Sun: 11am – 5pm

Levels & Subjects Primary / Secondary Science
Class Size

2-6 Students 

Email info@keynotelearning.com
Fees Not Stated

– Small group classes to cater to and personalise lessons for each student
– Has helped students achieve success
– Ensures that teaching strategies are consistent and up to date with the latest MOE syllabus
– Resources such as revision/exam papers, study guides and science experiments are available for students
– Dedicated and qualified teachers

Review By Song Hyeon

“Mr Linus from Keynote Learning guided me through the tough times of my Secondary School years. He’s witty, caring and compassionate. He’s seriously concerned about his students. To me, he wasn’t just mt tutor, but my mentor in life as well.”
Review By Sarah  “Mr Lin from Keynote Learning is a teacher I can trust, not only in terms of studies but alsomentally. Whenever I see him teaching so hard, I tell myself to make the best out of what I have and live a fulfillling life I wont’t regret.”

Review By Katrina Lee

“Thank you, Linus, for being an awesome Science and English tutor! Because of you, Science lessons were no longer a torture, and my Science grades had started to pick up for the better!”


7) Thinktank Science Tuition in Singapore

As its name suggests, Thinktank nurtures growing thinkers and focuses on instilling independent and high-order thinking in their students. They provide Primary enrichment classes to strengthen their students’ Science knowledge through the use of hands-on activities and experiments. Their resources are also strategically crafted to include bite-sized Science facts to supplement the PSLE Science syllabus. Thinktank has also designed a Holiday Programme for their students to ensure that they remain academically engaged through the holidays. Their lessons for P4-5 Science are 1.5 hours long, while that for P6 for 2 hours long.


Thinktank Science Tuition

Science Tuition 7 Thinktank


Contact /
Address /

6469 6585 /
West Branch: 25 Binjai Park Singapore 589829
East Branch: 69 Frankel Avenue Singapore 458197

No of Branches 2
Opening Hours

West Branch
Mon – Fri: 10.30am – 7.00pm
Sat: 9.00am – 4.30pm
Closed on Sun and PH

East Branch
Tue, Thu & Fri: 10.30am – 7pm
Wed: 1pm – 7pm
Sat: 9am – 4.30pm
Closed on Mon, Sun and PH

Levels & Subjects

Primary Science

Class Size Not Stated

Not Stated


Not Stated


– Top 10 winners for Online classes for Kids in Singapore
– Previously taught students from top schools
– Passionate tutors who have decades of experience teaching in local and international schools
– Aims to allow students to think smart, teaches to inspire and develop individual talent
– Reinforce strong foundations in understanding of the syllabus with hands-on activities/experiments as well

Review By Clara Wong

“Teacher Li Ping is very good at explaining complex concepts. She’s been coaching Ee Jen coming to 3 years now ever since 6 months before his PSLE in 2018 so highly recommended.”

Review By Lynette Black

“Thinktank has been our partner in educating our children the last 8 years in Math, Science and English. Thank you to teacher Liping for all her hard work and dedication over the past few years.”

Review By maria Lee

“Love this place, caring teachers and warm environment. Highly recommended.”

8) BlueTree Education Science Tuition in Singapore

BlueTree Education is a tuition centre that is specialised only in Maths and Science for Primary and Secondary levels. Their Science tutors are all MOE trained to provide Science Tuition in Singapore. During lessons, they will focus on training their students in content mastery, core thinking skills, and exam answering techniques. On top of the mainstream Primary syllabus, BlueTree is also one of the few centres that provide lessons for GEP students as well. With originally curated material, GEP students will be constantly challenged to think and analyze creatively, and to stretch their minds to think out of the box. The centre also provides additional classes like the Primary Bridging and Secondary Headstart Programmes to help students in reinforcing and strengthening their topics.


Bluetree Education Science Tuition

Science Tuition 8 BlueTree Education
Website https://www.bluetreeeducation.com/
Contact /
Address /

6235 2533 / 9616 0312 (Orchard Branch)
6925 0085 / 9823 9291 (Kovan Branch)
9757 2652 / (Sengkang Branch)
9113 9525 / Bukit Timah Branch)

No of Branches 4
Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 11am – 7pm
Sat: 9am – 5.30pm
Sun: 10am – 6pm

Levels & Subjects

Primary / Secondary Science 

Class Size

Not Stated




Not Stated


– Passionate teaching team of ex-MOE teachers and curriculum specialists
– Dedicated and qualified tutors can provide a comprehensive and closely-guided learning
– Conducts Holiday Programmes for further revision of key concepts and solidify foundation
– Differentiated teaching strategies and small-class sizes
– Explore, Explain and Extend™ Approach (E3 Approach) is specially designed to inspire higher order thinking
– Has many resources for students, especially their complete guide to Primary Science keywords book

Review By Mrs Tay

“Just to let you know the keyword books are very useful ! Dylan really uses them on structuring his booklet B answers. The topics are also clearly organised so Dylan finds it easy to refer.”

Review By Chelsea Cheh

“My son enjoys Teacher Jo’s lively and engaging science lessons. She provides very clear explanation and advises on how the students can improve on their answering techniques. Thank you so much, Teacher Jo.”

Review By Hazel Wong

“My daughter has been with BlueTree science since P5 and I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Teacher Jo (founder) and all of her BT teachers. They make science classes fun and engaging for my daughter, which is half the battle won. The other half of the battle is won via the fact that Teacher Jo is also very tactical with her approach when it comes to equipping students to score better. This is reflected in the BT curriculum. I really like that BT combines inculcating an interest in Science, with practical techniques to score better. Thank you, Teacher Jo and BT!”

9) The Learning Boutique

The Learning Boutique prides themselves on their challenging tutorial lessons that take place in a highly motivating setting to keep their students engaged and mentally stimulated. They encourage open and active classroom participation for their students to connect well with each other, fostering a healthy and comfortable learning environment for them. The Learning Boutique is also a Science Tuition in Singapore that organises Science Experiment Workshops during the March/June/Sept/Nov school holidays, to give their P3-P4 students the opportunity to carry out hands-on activities and to relate these skills back to theory. They offer Science Tuition in Singapore for both Primary and Secondary levels – contact them to find out more about their Upper Secondary Science offerings.


The Learning Boutique Science Tuition

Science Tuition 9 The Learning Boutique
Website http://thelearningboutique.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6466 8122 /
Head Office: 2 Pandan Valley #01-208, Acacia Court, (S)597626
6717 1877 /
Bukit Timah Branch: 456 Upper Bukit Timah, The Rail Mall, (S)678072
Orchard branch: 1 Orchid Country Club Road #02-34, Orchid Country Club, (S)769162

No of Branches 3
Opening Hours

Not Stated

Levels & Subjects

Primary / Secondary Science

Class Size Not Stated
Email Not Stated
Fees Not Stated

– Challenging tutorials are conducted by MOE-trained teachers in an exciting and highly motivating setting
– Dedicated to inspiring high achievement and maintaining an excellent track record
– Tutors are seasoned PSLE markers who are up to date with the latest marking criteria for National Exams
– Aims to inspire strong character and aspiration in each student
– 90% of PSLE students score A-stars and As and have successfully enrolled in reputable schools of their schools

Review By Thaned Ong

“The Learning Boutique has helped me greatly in my studies. I enjoy all my lessons here as the teachers make learning fun and difficult concepts easy to understand. My teacher has not only improved my grades but helped to build a solid foundation in English and Science.”

Review By Elliot Han Yi Heng

“I improved from 75% in Primary 5 SA2 to 90.5% in Primary 6 SA1. I improved because I worked hard and revised using the Science notes from The Learning Boutique. I also find the June Intensive Revision lessons very useful. It is an enjoyable experience in The Learning Boutique.”

Review By Regan Tan

“My brother and I like to come to The Learning Boutique for Science classes. We have learnt a lot from the awesome teachers. The Science notes are very well written and I find them very beneficial for my revision. The people here are very nice. They are nice to me even though they are smarter than me. They share interesting Science facts and ideas. My teacher is the best teacher I have ever met. She makes learning easy and fun. I appreciate her for her great patience. Thanks also for helping my brother score A* in Science for PSLE. It is my turn this year. I will do my best to make you proud.”

10) Good School Learning Hub

The Good School Learning Hub is a Science Tuition in Singapore that teaches Primary level students. Before committing to regular lessons, the centre allows for a 1-1 Diagnostic Consultation with their Science tutors to identify the root problem of your child’s weak areas. They will also then show you the troubleshooting methods used to help your child improve. Workshops are also organised for parents and children to come down to learn about the various teaching methods that the Good School practises and how effective they are in your child’s learning process.


Good School Learning Hub Science Tuition

Science Tuition 10 Good School Learning Hub
Website https://www.goodschool.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6635 6047 / 9380 1966 /
Kovan Branch: 1026A Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534764

6721 9484 / 9853 0430 /
Tampines Branch: Blk 824 Tampines St 81, Singapore 520824

No of Branches  2
Opening Hours

Tue – Fri: 4pm – 9pm
Sat & Sun: 10am – 6pm
Closed on Mondays

Levels & Subjects Primary Science
Class Size Not Stated
Email goodschoollearninghub@gmail.com
Fees Pri: $190/Month
Sec: $210-$280/Month

– MOE registered tuition centre
– Equips students with practical methods that help them tackle problems encountered
– Offers trial classes
– 1-to-1 diagnostic consultation with subject specialist
– Workshops for families to know more about Good School’s teaching methods
– Experienced and qualified tutors

Review By Ian Milne

“Good School is very helpful when arranging classes for my kid. They also give proper feedback on a regular basis. One teacher even gives his own time for additional class time for P6 students to help prep for PSLE!!”

Review By Z J

“Mr Tan is very approachable and friendly, making lessons as fun and engaging as possible. While teaching us tips and skills, he also teaches us life skills and discuss current affairs as much as possible. Overall, i enjoyed learning at GoodSchool Learning Hub.”

Review By Williamson Goh

“The tutor is very patient with the student. There is no stress attending the class unlike other centres where attending the classes may be stressful. Able to deliver well the content. Glad to join them.”

11) Gavin’s Tuition

If you are looking to send your child for multi-subject lessons at the same centre, chances are that Gavin Tuition would be able help you with that. With the exception of Literature, Gavin Tuition has almost all examinable subjects across Primary, Secondary and JC levels covered under its roof. On top of PSLE Science, they provide tuition lessons for Lower Secondary Science, and Biology / Chemistry / Physics (both pure and combined) for the N, O and A-Levels too. With 8 centres across the country, this establishment would be a good convenient one-stop solution for you to consider.


Gavin’s Science Tuition Centre

Science Tuition 11 Gavin’s Tuition
Website http://gavintuition.com/
Contact /
Address /

6635 8390 / 8779 4773 /
Braddell: 107 Lorong 1, Toa Payoh, #01-252,Block 107, Singapore 310107
Hougang: 1187 Upper Serangoon Road, #01 46/#01-34The Midtown, Singapore 533971
Joo Chiat: 406 Joo Chiat Place, #01-27, The Yards, Singapore 428084

No of Branches 3
Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 1pm – 9pm
Sat & Sun: 10am – 6pm

Levels & Subjects

Pri & Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec & JC Biology/Chemistry/Physics

Class Size

Not Stated




Not Stated


– Over 10 years of operation and has received many outstanding awards
– Gavin’s Tuition sincerely believes that students deserve a holistic education and should enjoy the learning journey in a conducive environment without fear of failure.
– Fully committed to provide our students with the utmost support and guidance in their academic endeavours.
– Dedicated team of tutors domain experts who are extensively equipped to provide tailored support to every one of our students

Review By Sean Sng

“Tutors form a close relationship with students and are very experienced in teaching! Overall a centre that you can trust to leave your children with.”

Review By John Ching

“My son’s attitude towards learning has changed for the better since he started attending tuition here.  Gavin’s teaching techniques has not only helped my son academically, but made my son realise the importance of time management and one’s willingness to learn. ”

Review By Connie Tee

“Gavin has a way with his students – somehow he knows how to motivate them to learn. My kid enjoyed her tuition experience immensely. Gavin is an excellent teacher and under his guidance, Claudia now keeps a positive and open mind when it comes to studying. I am really glad I found him, and I thank him and the team for their time, expertise and patience!”

12) Learner’s Lodge

Learners’ Lodge is a Tuition Centre specialised in providing JC as well as IP Science Tuition in Singapore. As different JCs adopt various sequences and pedagogies in their syllabus curriculum, Learners’ Lodge has made it a point to customise programs to cater to their students based on their JCs. This is also the same for IP students, especially since their curriculum is very different from the O Level stream and is unique to each school. This helps to lessen confusion and to streamline the individual student’s learning experience. They also prioritise on teaching students the required thinking and writing skills as part of their exam scoring techniques. Learners’ Lodge offers Biology, Chemistry and Physics for both JC students, and Chemistry for their IP students.


Learner’s Lodge Science Tuition Centre

Science Tuition 12 Learner’s Lodge
Website https://www.learnerslodge.com.sg/
https://www.olevelmaster.com.sg (for O Level)
https://iptuition.com.sg/ (for IP)
Contact /
Address /

9119 9655 /
Ang Mo Kio: Blk 161 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, #02-500 S(560161)
Bishan: Blk 236 Bishan Street 22, #B1-154 S(570236)
Bukit Timah: Bukit Timah Shopping Centre #B2-01 S(588179)
Kovan: Blk 221 Hougang Street 21, #B1-100 S(530221)
Jurong: Blk 134 Jurong Gateway Road, #02-309B S(600134)
Kembangan: 14D Jalan Masjid, #01-04 Kingston Terrace, S(418935)
Marymount: Blk 255 Bishan St 22 #B1-462 S(570255)

No of Branches 7
Opening Hours Tue – Fri: 3.30pm – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 6pm
Levels & Subjects IP Chemistry, JC Biology/Chemistry/Physics
Class Size 12 Students Max
Email sales@learnerslodge.com.sg 
Fees JC: $340/month
Highlights – Tailor-made programs that cater to the students from different JCs
– In-house notes provided to all students
– Positive environment where students are constantly encouraged to ask questions
– About 80% of students attained an A grade in the A level exam, and over 90% getting at least a B grade
– Branches located at six convenient locations, with more than 20 JC1 classes and more than 40 JC2 classes

Review By Alvin Chan

“Hi Mr Low Kwee Peng! Thanks for being such a great teacher and injecting so much enthusiasm into you lessons! You’re always so patient in explaining to us the important concepts that we need to know and always ensure that we understand them to put us on the path to succeeding in our academic lives. A teacher is like a lighthouse guiding ships through dark times. You were the lighthouse for me guiding me through my storms for chemistry as under your guidance I really improved a lot. Thanks for being such a kind and warm teacher! Happy Teachers Day!”

Review By Chermin Tiong

“Happy Teachers’ Day Mr Alex Xu! Thank you for always making biology lessons fun and enjoyable. You never fail to make us laugh whenever we look tired. Your engaging lessons inspired us to work harder and drive towards success. Thank you for your patience and guidance, being willing to go the extra mile and provide us with consultations during exam period! I am thankful to have you as my tutor! :)”

Review By S Loh

“Mr Daniel Yeo is a patient teacher guiding me physics. I remembered entering his class scoring a D for physics in JC1 promos. However, Mr Yeo encouraged me and pushed me to achieve my fullest potential for my A levels. He is also not stingy with his resources, where he would give ample of questions for students to practice. Eventually, I got a B for my A level physics.”

13) One Tuition Place

If your child has an extremely unpredictable schedule or just needs help with specific topics, then One Tuition Place might just be the right place for you. It has adopted a unique system that allows for flexibility, and students have the choice to enroll into their: – Supervised Study Programme / Ad-Hoc Tuition, OR – Regular Weekly Lessons That’s right – these options all in “One” Tuition Place. With the Ad-Hoc tuition option available, students who cannot commit to weekly lessons or a fixed schedule can come in at any day and time to seek help with their homework. The class size will be kept to a maximum of 6 so that their Science tutors will still be able to give you the personal attention that you require. One Tuition Place offers PSLE Science lessons, Lower Secondary Science, Upper Secondary and JC Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.


One Tuition Place Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition 13 One Tuition Place


Contact /
Address /
98639633 / 96790479
Block 203 Hougang Street 21, #03-55, Singapore 530203
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 9am – 10pm
Sat – Sun: 8am – 10pm

Levels & Subjects Pri Science, Sec / JC Chemistry, Biology, Physics
Class Size Not Stated
Email one.tuitionplace@gmail.com
Fees  Not Stated
Highlights – One.Tuition Place was established in 2011 and specialises in JC, Secondary and Primary Tuition Classes.
– Lead by a team of Hallmark and Excellent teachers who teach from the heart
– Strong familiarity and deep understanding of the Cambridge ‘A & O’ level syllabus and examination requirements
– The experienced tutors are able to offer useful tips and make the learning process more efficient and productive, thereby shortening the learning cycle

Review By Lynn Tan

“Mr Ong’s chemistry lessons were very helpful in my preparation for the A levels. Chemistry has always been a struggle for me till I attended his lessons.Mr Ong’s lessons really cleared up my many misconceptions about certain chemistry topics. His patience and motivation are key to my success in this subject. The one thing he is really outstanding at is that his impart of the application skills really allowed me to answer any question (I mean it, any question!) easily. Also, this cool tutor would even offer online help for Chemistry, when he is available on Gmail or Whatsapp. From the subject I feared the most, he turned it into an enjoyable and scorable one.”

Review By Darren Poh

“Going for his Chemistry tuition lessons has given me the empowerment and immense motivation to strive for excellence. The cordial atmosphere and passionate teachers have made the learning environment more than ideal. Mr Ong has been a highly inspirational dedicated teacher who never fails to give his undivided attention to all students of varying academic capabilities. Through his pristine mentorship, I have acquired skills not only in chemistry but also in other areas of life that such as time and stress management which will be applicable in future. Mr Ong is truly the hallmark of an excellent teacher.”

Review By Marcus Ng

“Mr Alvin is an exceptional chemistry tutor as he has deep and extensive knowledge of the subject many other teachers do not even come close to possess through his studies in pharmacy and medicine.  Hence, he’s able to truly explain and teach us rather than simply regurgitating what notes and guidebooks already offer.Through the few lessons with him, it is obvious that he is extremely well-versed in chemistry.  Even the simplest of “formulas” and “mechanisms” are taught in detail, sometimes adding on with supplementary background knowledge.  Most importantly, he is able to communicate with us and teach in a way we can comprehend and understand.”

14) Future Academy

Future Academy is founded by former RGS and HCI teachers, Ms Yvonne Chen and Mr Lau Hock Soon. Its subjects are focused on Secondary Maths and Science, and they have 2 branches located in the central area. They have a maximum student to tutor ratio of 6:1, so that each student will be given sufficient guidance. If you are unable to fit any of their scheduled lessons into your schedule, fret not, as they will be able to open up a new timeslot for you if you are able to find 2 friends to attend lessons with! Their unique selling point sits on their specially chosen teaching experts to ensure quality teaching for their students. Engage with Future Academy now for your Science Tuition in Singapore!


Future Academy Science Tuition Centre

Science Tuition 14 Future Academy
Website https://www.fa.edu.sg/
Contact /
Address /
6884 6566 /
Bencoolen: 175A Bencoolen Street #06-05, Burlington Square Office Tower, Singapore 189650
Bukit Timah: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #15-04, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Singapore 588179
No of Branches 2
Opening Hours Mon – Sun: 9am – 9pm
Levels & Subjects Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec & JC Biology/Chemistry/Physics
Class Size 2-5 students (on average)
Email info@fa.edu.sg 
Fees Pri: $400-$480/month
Sec/IP: $480/month
JC: $560/month
Highlights – High qualifications of tutors with years of experience
– Small class sizes to ensure students learn well
– Customised tuition notes are provided to students to cater to their needs
– 100% of students witnessed grade improvements
– 80% of students achieved A for their tutored subject

Review By Justine Tam

“I write here to say thank you to Chemistry tutor Ms Liu. Your class is so interesting. We all enjoy it more and more. Appreciate all your effort in preparing materials. Need to mention, my grade surprised me!”

Review By Erinn Lee

“I attend Math and Physics tuition at Future Academy and Ms Chen makes the lessons customised and directed towards the syllabus. All classes are small groups which makes learning much easier and more enjoyable!”

Review By Coco Low

“My son enjoys his Science tuition with Ms Liu very much here. After joining her class, my son’s grade have improved from B2 to A1. Many thanks!”

15) My Masterclass

Situated at Upper Thomson Road, My Masterclass is a centre specialising in Maths and Science, only for Secondary and JC levels. Their classes are catered to all students across the Express, Normal as well as IP streams, and they centre their lessons around “Critical Thinking, Critical Learning”. They teach students Scientific content by breaking it down, as well as teach them on how to apply them in their answers. All these are done through innovative teaching with the inclusion of visual aids, interactive videos and E-Learning, on top of conventional methods. My Masterclass also offers topical modular classes, as well as a bridging Holiday Programme for graduated P6 students entering Secondary school.


My Masterclass Science Tuition

Science Tuition 15 My Masterclass


Contact /
Address /
8820 7415 /
222A Upper Thomson Road, S574354
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Mon: Closed
Tue: 1pm – 9pm
Wed: Closed
Thu – Fri: 1pm – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 10am – 6pm

Levels & Subjects

Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec/IP/IB/IGCSE Chemistry/Physics

Class Size Not Stated



Not Stated

Highlights  – Focus on understanding concepts & subject matter from bottom up rather than memorising
– Learn to answer questions in parts, structuring complete answers to questions
– Applications of both Maths & Science concpets to real life examples
– Encourage to question the origins of each topic, break down of thought process to help with understanding
– E-learning through online classrooms, videos, resources, experiments and tips to questions

Review By Yin Zi

“Mr James, Ms May and Mr Ivan are very good at teaching Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths respectively. They make the lessons interesting and explain very clearly so that it is easy for me to understand. The notes are summarised for revision with sufficient questions to practice. I nearly scored a GPA of 4.0 (80%) for my math and sciences during the end of year exams. Thank you teachers and My Masterclass.”

Review By Janelle

“The Science classes at My Masterclass Tuition are very useful as the tutors will spend more time to explain concepts and give enough guided examples before letting us do independent work. It is also mostly concurrent with the school syllabus which is a great complimentary session from my school work.”

Review By Levin

“Thank you Ms Janice for helping me achieve the goal of getting an A1 (82.5%) for my Science. For the past few months, there were many instances where you took the extra mile to help me with the topics I was unsure of. Other than an improvement in terms of marks, I also realized that my ability to grasp scientific concepts has improved significantly. Thank you, Ms Janice.”

16) Ace Physics & Maths

If your child is weak in Physics and is seeking specialised help, Ace Physics & Maths tuition centre would be the right place to approach for a Science Tuition in Singapore. As the name suggests, they specialise in teaching only Physics and Maths, and their lessons are targeted to help students appreciate Physics and how it relates to daily life. On top of the local O / A Level syllabus, Ace Physics & Maths also offers lessons to IB SL / HL Physics students, instilling high-order thinking skills in them and training them to learn independently. Founded in 2000, the centre has also set up an online classroom and question bank for their students to access remotely for self-revision.


Ace Physics & Maths Tuition

Science Tuition 16 Ace Physics & Maths
Website http://apmtuition.com/
Contact /
Address /

9836 4183 /
15A Woodlands Ave 6 Singapore 738996

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Not Stated
Levels & Subjects Pri Science, Upper Sec/JC/IB Physics
Class Size

6 Students Max


Not Stated


Primary: $120-$180/month
Secondary: $180-300/month
JC: $320-450/month


– 91% of the students have shown improvements with 83% scoring As
– APM Tuition Centre specialises in Physics and Maths
– All the tutors have good years of teaching experience and have excellent track records in improving student’s grades
– Students are welcomed to stay behind after class to clarify any doubts
– Students can request for additional practices or exam papers for further revision 

Review By Sharifa

“Managed to improve from U in MYE to a C grade for Physics for Promos” 

Review By Stella

“Got B3 for Physics and A Maths, have never passed A Math before!”  

Review By Mike

“Managed to improve Physics grade from F9 to B3!”

17) Jaycee Tuition Centre

Established in 2007 by Principles of Accounts assessment books Authoer Glecy Tan, Jaycee Tuition Centre has become a learning ground for various subjects from Primary to JC level. Since 2007, they have received numerous achievements. From 2011 to 2015, they have produced Singapore’s Top Student for the “O” and “N” Level. In Jaycee Tuition Centre, the tutors aims to connect well with the students to provide them with fun and engaging lessons. Engage your child in Jaycee Tuition Centre for science tuition in Singapore that is made to keep them pumping for knowledge!


Jaycee Science Tuition Centre

Science Tuition 17 Jaycee Tuition Centre
Website http://www.jayceetuition.sg/
Contact /
Address /

9725 0507 /
545 Orchard Road, #04-22 Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon: Closed
Tues, Wed: 2–7pm
Thurs: 2–9pm
Fri: 2–8pm
Sat: 10am–6pm
Sun: 11:30am–2pm
Levels & Subjects Pri / Sec Science
Class Size 7-8 Students
Email Not Stated
Fees Group Classes:
P4 – 6: $180 – $200/Month
S1 – 5: $220 – $300/Month
Highlights – One of the few tuition centres that specialises in Principles of Accoutns
– Established since 2007
– Offers free trial classes for students
– Strong track record and reputation with testimonials from past students
– Small group sizes (7-8 students) for comprehensive coverage and more attention given to each student
– Produces great results among O Level and A Level students

Review By Reuben See

“Teachers were very professional in identifying the problem to help me, i felt very eased during tuition as tutors were cool and very relatable. My grades have been immensely improved as i completely understood the subjects that i was taught. Head down to JAYCEE TUITION CENTRE to get free trials and you would definitely love it!!”
Review By Peirong Goh
“The teacher very nice. The tutor is very patient and the lesson very fun and I have improve alot after I have been here. The materials that they provide is very useful”

Review By  Ian Ng

“It’s was a really good tuition class and I looked forward to every lesson, the Teachers are really understanding and are very helpful. Because of them I was able to improve from a fail to a b3 for olvls!”

18) Achievers Dream

There are a handful of Science Tuition in Singapore that specialise solely in Chemistry, and Achievers Dream is one of them. Endorsed by local actress Tan Kheng Hua, Achievers Dream is proud to be the only Chemistry tuition centre in Singapore that has its very own Chemistry Lab for students to practise their experimental skills (with a qualified lab technician to ensure their safety!). It makes use of its original “Customised Accelerated Foundation Method” of teaching to help their students in mastering their Chemistry concepts. IGCSE students are also welcomed at Achievers Dream as they have a class specially catered for them. IP  or advanced students are also segregated into the Mastery Class and Scholar Class where the pace is more suited to them, to ensure that lesson productivity and efficiency levels are maximised for these students.


Achiever’s Dream Science Tuition Centre

Science Tuition 18 Achievers Dream


Contact /
Address /
9653 8814 /
9 Jalan Bingka, Singapore 588905
5 Jalan Bingka, Singapore 588899
No of Branches 2
Opening Hours

Mon: Closed
Tue – Wed: 3pm – 9pm
Thu: Closed
Fri: 10am – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 5pm

Levels & Subjects

Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec/IP/IGCSE/JC Chemistry

Class Size

Not Stated




Group classes:
Pri 5-6: $320/5 lessons (4 theory+1 lecture)
Sec 1-2: $360/5 lessons (4 theory+1 lecture)
Sec 3-4: $400/5 lessons (4 theory+1 lecture)
JC1-2: 440/5 lessons (4 theory+1 lecture)

Material and printing fee: $100
Registration fee: $50


– Leading Chemistry Tuition Centre in Singapore with a specialized Chemistry Practical Lab in preparation for the practical examination and their very own 360° Total Chemistry Learning System™
– Increase in grades from C and below till an ‘A’ / ‘B’.
– Free learning resources for your education level available (even for non-students)
– Trusted by 2000+ Parents & Students from Over 93+ Schools as the Chemistry Specialist
– 9 out of 10 students scored ‘A’ or ‘B’ in their ‘O’ or ‘A’ Level Examinations in the past 12 years

Review By Anonymous

“Despite the health crisis, Achievers Dream made it totally easy and possible for me to learn online. Their courses, assessments and practical applications, including the equipment they use are all superb, and truly high standard. They encourage and motivate their learners, and are always supportive to their needs. Not only do they keep up with the changing times, they also innovate and transform the way they transfer knowledge. It’s a plus that they’re very professional and have great work ethics! Not all learning facilities are like this. I don’t always go all out in sharing compliments because I reserve them for excellent experience and services, but Achievers Dream truly nailed it for me! Exceeded all my expectations! But don’t take just my word for it, go ahead and experience what it’s like to learn through AD. “

Review By Anonymous

“Achievers Dream has its best facilities which enable students to learn in simple and easiest possible. It has its modern equipments that help student to learn more from face to face lessons to online classes… The setup of learning is at its best wherein topics are outlined based on proven learning style and strategies that meets students and parents satisfaction. And lastly, the learning evironment in Achievers Dream is different. From Professors going to teachers and staffs. All them motivates students to learn in such a way a student was able to ask and to learn from a friend…”

Review By J Wang

“Great experience here at Achievers Dream! Went for the crash course today and it helped me a lot by making me understand the topic even more. The teachers are also really understanding and had a lot of patience, explaining concepts that I do not understand. Also went for the lab lesson last week, and it’s really useful since the school’s only gives us a short time to complete it. Will definitely recommend it!”

19) Miracle Learning Centre

Miracle Learning Centre is a specialist centre in Primary to JC level Maths and Science Tuition in Singapore. They offer all 3 sciences – Biology / Chemistry / Physics – for Upper Secondary, IP and JC classes. Miracle Learning emphasises on getting their students to learn faster and more effectively, by providing explanations that are made easier for them to understand. They have also organised holiday crash courses for intensive revision for graduating students, as well as Introductory Science programmes in November for incoming Sec 1 students too!


Miracle Learning Centre

Science Tuition 19 Miracle Learning Centre


Contact /
Address /

6463 8756 / 8128 8342 /
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #03-01 Beauty World Centre\ Singapore 588977

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 3pm – 10pm
Sat – Sun: 9.30am – 7pm
Levels & Subjects

Pri & Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec/IP/JC Biology/Physics/Chemistry

Class Size

5-8 Students



Fees Sec 1-4: $220
JC1-2: $340
Deposit $100, registration $20
Material Fees $30
Highlights – Specialist in Maths, Chemistry and Physics tuition for Primary, Secondary and JC
– Small class size for optimal learning
– Curated worksheets and study resources
– All teachers are former school teachers and NIE-trained
– Unlimited and free consultation from teachers outside of lesson time
– Multiple class slots to suit students’ hectic schedules

Review By Anonymous

“My physics and chem grades improved exponentially after attending the lessons here. I highly recommend this center as the teachers are very keen to share their knowledge whenever possible which makes learning much easier.”

Review By Shermaine

“I’m very thankful to have Mdm Song as a science tuition centre.i have joined miracle learning centre since I was primary 5 and I had a lot of fun there. Mdm Song also helped me with questions I did not know and my grades have been improving since I joined miracle learning centre.Mdm Song is definitely the best science tuition teacher I could ever ask for.”

Review By Gwen

“Mrs Lew helped me improve my chemistry a lot within a year. The classes had more than enough worksheets, practices and notes to understand new topics. Thank you Mrs Lew!”

20) The Learners Council

Founded by Ms Jasline Hong, The Learners Council focuses on Physics and Maths as its core subjects. Their Upper Secondary Chemistry and Physics lessons adopt the IP curriculum; this not only ensures that the mainstream O Level students are kept at pace with their peers, but also benefit from the value-added extra knowledge. This is so that both streams are eventually well prepared for the end goal – the A Levels. Even through this, The Leaners Council emphasise that they do not want to “waste” any time or money from parents. The Science tutors continue to focus on maximising individual students’ learning by giving personalised attention and relevant help to each child to the best of their ability, despite being in a group setting. They also offer a “Fast Track” Science enrichment programme for Primary level students to develop their thinking and problem-solving skills. Another “Fast Track” programme has been designed for Lower Secondary level students who wish to expose themselves to concepts and questions that require further higher-order thinking.


The Learners Council Science Tuition

Science Tuition 20 The Learners Council


Contact /
Address /

8292 4288 /
1 Fifth Avenue, Guthrie House, #03-06 Singapore 268802

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 10.30am – 8.30pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 3pm
Public Holidays: Closed

Levels & Subjects

Sec / IP / JC Physics, Chemistry

Class Size Not Stated



Not Stated

Highlights – Learners Council team of MOE-trained teachers from top schools provide the best teaching techniques, create inspirational learning environments,  take care to personalise learning for each student, and are in-tuned with school requirements.
– All students are trained and fully equipped with techniques to master school and national examinations. 
– Offers a full-suite of support including effective notes, out-of-classroom Whatsapp access to teachers, e-learning on demand, and even a snack pantry at our premise.
– Highest record of producing close to 100% a for Physics in O Levels and 80% As for A Levels

Review By Grandparent of Chelsea Gan

“Hi Jasline. Chelsea told me that you are a super good Physics teacher. She said she has learnt and benefitted very much from your effective coaching and guidance.”

Review By Parent of Mitchell Chew

“Hi Ms Hong, Mitchell scored A for Physics. Thank you for helping him attain it! … Needless to say, will recommend you to my friends if their kids are looking for Physics tutor :)”

Review By Parent of Jillian Ong

“Jillian said she is very pleased with the first two lessons. She said your lessons are very different from her previous tuition centre where she just drifted away in thoughts. She said you have a way of making students alert and she feels motivated to pay attention. I was so relieved hearing that. Good job.”

21) Physics Lessons by Mr Phang Yu Hon

Known for his humour and lively teaching methods, Mr Phang is a renowned Super Tutor that provides Science Tuition in Singapore specifically Physics. where many hope to receive tutelage from. His original analogies, songs and dances has enabled students to grasp and memorise Physics concepts in a much easier way, and has injected fun into what is known to be a very difficult subject. Mr Phang has been commended and recommended in the press on multiple occasions and is known to be “one of the best Physics tutors in Singapore”, and this is backed by the plethora of testimonials from past students on his website. By enrolling into Mr Phang’s lessons, students can expect to be pushed beyond their limits and to achieve results that they had never thought was possible.


Physics Lessons by Mr Phang Yu Hon

Science Tuition 21 Physics Lessons by Mr Phang Yu Hon


Contact /
Address /

6275 6800 /
Block 507, Bishan Street 11, #01-398 (2nd Storey), Singapore 570507

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 7am – 2pm
Sat: 2pm – 11.30pm
Sun: 2pm- 9pm

Levels & Subjects

Secondary (Combined/Pure) / IP / JC Physics 

Class Size

 Not Stated


Not Stated


$380 onwards (Sec) | $420 onwards (JC) 


– Mr Phang Yu Hon is undoubtedly qualified to be a physics tutor for different academic levels in Singapore including secondary and JC level.
– His tuition classes can help students to maintain their excellent results, or provide the assistance needed to attain an A grade.
– Focuses on pushing students to achieve the best results and is not satisfied with slight improvements in a student’s grades. 
– Mr Phang has received numerous commendations from the press and is considered as one of the best physics tutors in Singapore.

Review By Valerian

“I was Mr Phang’s student from 2007–2009, and I still remember him and his lessons fondly. I have since studied physics at Cambridge and Oxford, and I would argue that my time here remains one of the highlights of my physics education.”

Review By Damien Wo

“His lectures are full of logical analogies and humour, perhaps making his lessons the only physics classes that are not humdrum or mundane!”

Review By Pan Liyu

“The lesson was so interesting, I decided to join his physics class in Sec 2. It turned out to be the best choice in my life! 

22) Tutor Suzanne

Naming her centre “Tutor Suzanne”, co-founder and core tutor Ms Suzanne Tan boasts an impressive academic profile and offers group classes in Jurong and is a Maths (Prirmary & Secondary) and Science (Primary) specialist. The  “biggest appeal” of attending lessons with her is that students get to enjoy high levels of interaction with her, due to class sizes being strictly set between only 4-6 students. Together with the help of co-founder Mr Ray Ang, the pair has spent 5 years developing and refining their own curriculum for their students, and has also come up with the SPA (Skills, Pattern recognition, Application) approach for easy learning. If your child is unable to make it for the stipulated time slots, they would be willing to open up a slot if your child signs up with his/her peers. Tutor Suzanne also offers free consultation sessions for extra help outside of class time, and is available for contact via WhatsApp 24/7. They have also set up a Digital Library where all resources and solutions covered during class-time would be uploaded, for easy reviewing by students later on.


Tutor Suzanne Science Tuition

Science Tuition 22 Tutor Suzanne


Contact /
Address /
8448 5543 /
Blk 662C Jurong West Street 64 Singapore 643662
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Not stated
Level & Subjects Pri Science
Class Size

6-8 students




Group classes (Primary):
Primary 5: $170 for 4 lessons (1.5 hrs per lesson)
Primary 6: $180 for 4 lessons (1.5 hrs per lesson)
*An annual material fee of $50 applies per subject.

Highlights – Small group setting with peer discussions and class participation highly encouraged
– SPA (Skills, Pattern Recognition, Application) Approach, a method that has been proven to be highly successful for students and effective in exams
– Exam-centric revision materials with concise worksheets that emphasise the more important content
– Structured and rigorous programme designed to bring out the best in students
– Diagnostic tests and quizzes conducted on a regular basis to check on students’ learning progress
– More than 1000 hours spent designing and curating the materials
– Revision packages provided in order to expose students to a variety of questions and build their confidence in answering examination questions
– Multiple testimonials, awards and positive reviews, including “The 22 Best Tutors in Singapore for Your Kids”, “Best Tuition Centre in Singapore” and “Top 3 Tuition Centres in Jurong West”
Review By Suzanna

“Eva has a good relationship with Ms Suzanne and works well with her. She is comfortable with Ms Suzanne and will ask if in doubt. This is very important for me as if she does not ask, she will not learn from her mistakes. Ms Suzanne is a passionate and caring teacher. Her materials are good and provides good practice for her students. Good class size too. Hence, value for money. Thank you Ms Suzanne for the guidance you’ve provided so far – appreciate it!”

Review By Shine Awyong

“My girl’s science has improved since she started with Teacher Suzanne. She was very comfortable with Suzanne and her method of teaching. “

Review By Tiang Kate

“Tcher Suzanne is always punctual. She is detailed in teaching clear and precise in her explanation as well She is able to customize her teachings according to students requirements, which I feel this is important as that is one of the main purposes of a private tutor. My girl attended her lessons and indeed show gd improvement in her exam score .”

23) Superstar Teacher

Superstar Teacher is an agency that provides online lessons for local Primary and Secondary students. Founded in 2011, they use a topical approach and strategy-based learning to carry out their online lessons. They have ensured that the “Superstar” tutors in their team are all subject specialists, providing only the best assistance to your child in his/her respective subject(s). There is also a “Study Tracker” and an “Instant Homework Help” function that students can tap into whenever they need assistance with their work. Students can ask 1 question per session and each session typically lasts 15-20 minutes. Students can expect interactive quizzes and additional resources like videos and worksheets to be given during their lessons, to enrich their learning all at the convenience of their homes. Lessons will be available for re-viewing for 1 year from its activation date, but they have capped each title at 3x only. However, students can call in to ask for an extension if needed.


Superstar Teacher Science Tuition Centre

Science Tuition 23 Superstar Teacher
Website https://www.superstarteacher.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6341 5516 /
996 Bendemeer Rd, Singapore 339944

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Open 24 Hours 

Levels & Subjects Primary & Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Class Size Not Stated



P1 – P2: $628 (U.P $1,454)
P3 – P6: $1,378 (U.P $2,082)
Sec 1 – Sec 4: $1,498 (U.P $2,292)


– Lessons focus on topical coverage and we use a strategy-based learning approach to prepare your child for the challenging schools’ and national examinations in Singapore.
– Your child can easily engage with the subject experts to learn and solve questions together online.
– Past year Singapore schools’ examination questions are sorted by topics on our online tuition platform.
– Each video lesson comes with its own supplementary worksheets and will undergo post-processing, during which other features such as interactive quizzes are added in subsequently as the lesson goes live on our learning platform.
– Interactive quizzes refer to questions that are embedded within the video lessons

Review By Chan Chee Kian

“I find the Secondary 3 and 4 Chemistry and Physics lessons useful for my daughter. My kid is in Secondary 4 this year doing her O levels. She has been using this program since last year and is now preparing for her O level exams this year. She can watch the video lessons anytime in the comfort of her room. She mentions to me that she can repeat the particular topics she is weak in and to further understand the concepts of the particular topic. Assignments are also provided and discuss to further enhanced her understanding. She liked the chemistry teacher – Teacher Selene and also Physics Teacher – Mr Oh Ming Yeo. Both teachers help to teach the subjects and elaborate the concepts in a way easy to understand. Her Chemistry grade improved from B4 to A1 and her physics subject improved from C6 to A2 for her latest assignment. I believe she will continue to do better for both her science subjects in her O levels with the help of Super-Star Teacher online teaching. Highly recommend to Secondary 3/4 students.”

Review By Shlok

“I really love Superstar Teacher as it is very helpful and fun at the same time while I study. My favourite feature is the Assessments, it helps me to gauge how good I am on the certain topic. Furthermore if i want to improve on that subject I can take a screenshot of the questions I have and ask the different teachers available in the Homework Help section which is very convenient as the teachers are very helpful and I can ask directly on the problems I have difficulty solving.”

Review By Somkiat Limpanapa

 “What’s different about Superstar Teacher is that they don’t only focus on teaching. They focus on understanding. Personally, I take the courses online, and it feels like I’m in a room, sitting there and taking notes, while they teach. Sometimes, the video stops, and a question pops up, we have to answer them and our answers are recorded. The curriculum that they teach climbs from a beginner level to advance, and they also teach students how to apply them to real life questions. They really help, to all children that are weak in a certain subject, but they also develop you to become better. From Superstar, my knowledge of Science went uphill like never before. If you are reading this because you want an online tutor for your child, trust me. Superstar is the answer.”

24) AfterSkool Learning Centre

At AfterSkool Learning Centre, all tutors are MOE-certified and fully experienced in helping students in their academics. Students will be able to enjoy customised materials for the Science subject which are regularly reviewed to ensure close compliance with MOE syllabus. Remedial sessions are also held throughout the year on top of weekly lessons to aid students in areas they are lacking in and consolidate their learning. With 16 fully-equipped classrooms installed with projectors and visualisers, coupled with well-designed study spaces, students in AfterSkool Learning Centre will get to enjoy ample areas for them to self-study in between classes.


Afterskool Learning Centre Science Tuition

Science Tuition 24 AfterSkool Learning Centre


Contact /
Address /
6339 6787 /
31 Holland Close #01-215/217 Singapore 270031
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
Weekends: Closed

Closed for Chinese New Year, March and December Holidays

Levels & Subjects

Sec / JC/ IGCSE Chemistry, Physics, Biology

Class Size 1-10 Students,
With a Co-Tutor present for classes of >8 students



Group Lessons:
Sec 1-2: $360-$400/Month
Sec 3-4: $420-$460/Month
JC1-2/IB1-2: $480-$520/Month

Highlights – MOE-certified full-time tutors, including former-MOE teachers
– Customised materials that are regularly reviewed to ensure close compliance with MOE Syllabus
– Provides an annual reviewed subject materials including comprehensive summary booklets for every subject, distributed early in the academic year to aid students in their revision.
– Content taught ahead of schools’ pace to ensure that students are confidence in their school lessons and have enough time to revise
– Remedial sessions held throughout the year on top of weekly lessons to help students to catch up and consolidate their learning
– 16 classrooms that are fully-equipped with projectors and visualisers.
– Ample areas for self-study in between classes

Review By Evan

“Teachers very good and willing to help and go the extra mile. My teacher Michelle always help me and does her best to explain the topic to me in different ways when I don’t understand until I am able to get the topic better.”

Review By Regan Ling

“My teacher is Zibin and he’s super welcoming and friendly! He always takes his time to explain certain concepts to us when we’re in doubt. The tuition centre itself is clean as well. The notes are very comprehensive and easy to understand.”

Review By Likuan Goh

“I have learnt a lot from this place. This is a good place for tuition, very good chemistry tuition. The teachers there are kind and understanding and always thoughtful and very clear during explanations. Highly recommend this place!!”

25) Instantuition

Instantuition, one of the centres that provides Science Tuition in Singapore, aims to provide students with the highest quality education services that allows them to enjoy learning while achieving their highest potential in terms of academics and personal growth. Not only do they offer academics support, but also provides psychological and career guidance for their students. Over the years, since their establishment, Instantuition has helped numerous number of students to achieve their goals and dreams.


Instantuition Science Tuition Centre

Science Tuition 25 Instantuition
Website https://www.instantuition.com/
Contact /
Address /
6784 6696 / 9374 9138 /
Blk 801 Tampines Ave 4 #02-267 Singapore 520801
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Tues – Fri: 3–9pm
Sat – Sun: 9am–6pm
Mon: Closed
Levels & Subjects Pri / Sec Science
Class Size Small Size


Fees Not Stated
Highlights – Provides timely, frequent updates to parents about their child’s performance
– Offers 1-to-1 Tuition, Small Group Tuition and Crash Course to suit every student’s academic needs for POA
– Strong testimonials wtih 5 star reviews on Google
– Provides after-class support for any students who needs help after tuition lessons
– Passionate and dedicated tutors with many years of tutoring experience

Review By Bri T

“After attending lessons in this tuition centre I can tell that I have improved significantly in terms of my grade for science. Not only does the tuition centre provides 1 to 1 teaching the explanation given by the teacher (mr cheok) was also very informative in explaining my mistakes. Allowing me to further attain better results for my next examination.”

Review By Yu Tong Phua

“i used to fail my chemistry all the time when i was in secondary 3 and never got past a c6 even if i tried my best. However when i joined Instant Tuition my grades for chemistry improved tremendously and i am now able to get Bs and sometimes As. Would recommend everyone to join.”

Review By Carissa Shafira

“Before I came to Instantuition, I really had low confidence in doing math and science. Thats when I found Instantuition.On the first day I went here, I was really shy but the teachers here bring me out of my comfort zone to talk with me so they could understand what is my problems in those subjects and they will stay by your side until you get it right. After that I would always be looking forward in coming here for sessions as I realised that the subjects math and science aren’t really that hard. The teachers here are nice and you can easily talk about your favourite things with them without being uncomfortable.”

26) Zenith Education Studio

In Zenith Education Studio, their student’s education also involves both academics and mentorship beyond the books that the centre provides through mentoring in areas such as career counselling, university application and scholarship/interview consult. The teaching philosophy combines very traditional and current teaching approaches to produce a highly dynamic class atmosphere conducive to our students’ development. The centre strongly believes in active, discussion-based learning. This encourages the exchange of views and ideas, which enhances our pupils’ critical thinking skills. Unique approaches have been created to assist students in understanding material, memory strategies to preserve content, whilst also advocating for a methodical and organised approach to content application. You can be sure that they have it in them to make your child’s learning more engaging! Engage with Zenith Education Studio to start your science classes today!


Zenith Education Studio Science Tuition

Science Tuition 26

Zenith Education Studio

Website https://www.learnatzenith.com/
Contact /
Address /

8768 7651 /
Buona Vista: 35 Rochester Drive #03-22 Singapore 138639
Potong Pasir: BLK 2 Tai Thong Cres #01-15 Singapore 347836
Bukit Timah/TKK: 611A Bukit Timah Road Singapore 269713

No of Branches 3
Opening Hours Not Stated
Levels & Subjects Sec / JC Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Class Size Not Stated
Email zenitheducationstudio@gmail.com

Upper Sec: $280/month
JC: $320/month
Discounts available for 2/3-subject programme (save up to $150 monthly)


– Curriculum is based on a comprehensive and highly effective pedagogy
– Complimentary consultation and 24/7 online help provided outside of lesson timing
– Study lounge access with complimentary snack bar
– Termly outings for students
– Exam cheatsheets and notes provided by the centre with crash course priority allocation available as well 
– 90% distinction at O-Levels, 70% A and 95% A/B at A-Levels
– Referral bonuses for students ($100)

Review By Rijul Sharma

“Zenith itself as a centre is amazing as it created a conducive learning environment for all students vis-à-vis its features such as the study space, snack table and wifi. Beyond that, the teachers there efficaciously aided me in my work which enabled me to perform excellently for my examinations. Classes there were always engaging and entertaining but simultaneously insightful and informative. I value the tutors’ help in my work greatly and am extremely grateful for what this centre has done for me!”

Review By Stella Tan

“The tutors are really good teachers who make learning a lot more enjoyable. Anyone struggling academically will find learning concepts and content  easier. Not to mention, they also ensure plenty of opportunities to hone your answering techniques which is really important in the A-level syllabus! Apart from that, there were really great welfare/perks for us which made the whole experience at Zenith unlike a dreary tuition center where we’re just forced to learn and learn. All in all, Zenith was a great tuition center & I enjoyed my experience there! Highly recommended for other JC students struggling in economics/physics/math/chemistry.”

Review By Toh Shi Hui

“The tutors here all go the extra mile to help us understand what we previously didn’t before joining Zenith, as well as generally throughout our journey to As. What sets them apart as well is how they’re all very friendly and approachable, which creates a very comfortable atmosphere where we’re not scared to voice out any questions or issues we face. The lessons and lesson materials are also all concise, clear and extremely helpful!”

27) Miss Chen’s Science Tuition

In Miss Chen’s Science Tuition, Ms Chen and Ms Leong specialise in teaching Chemistry, Biology and Physics from secondary level to junior college level in Singapore. To ensure that the students are exposed to a variety of questions, Ms Chen and Ms Leong would constantly upgrade their materials based on questions from school examinations and tests. This has helped over 70% of their students to achieve distinction in their school exams and Singapore’s national exams, with several students even topping their class or school cohort.

Miss Chen Science Tuition

Miss Chen Science Tuition

Science Tuition 27 Miss Chen’s Science Tuition


Contact /
Address /
9788 6170
347 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-2124 Block 347, Singapore 560347
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 3pm-10pm

Weekends: 9am-10pm

Levels & Subjects Secondary, IGCSE, JC, IB: Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Class Size Private 1-1 & Group Tuition
Email enquiry@misschen.com.sg

Group tuition: $40-45/h 

One-to-one tuition: $70-90/h 

Highlights – High-quality study resources that is constantly updated according to the syllabus
– Offers group and 1-to-1 tuition to suit every student’s academic needs
– Holds several tutors who are specialized in various subjects and have strong academic qualifications and tutoring experience

Review By Ee Yang

Been to this tuition for a year, and my chem knowledge has drastically improved. Ms Chen took the time to answer any chem related questions I had, and her notes were concise and useful. Her lessons are fast-paced and very effective, and I could recall chem concepts much quicker than I used to.

Review By Yan Fang

I have been attending tuition with Miss Chen and Miss Leong for a few years now and they have helped me a lot in building a strong foundation. Their notes are very structured and concise and I really appreciate that Miss Chen and Miss Leong always answers our questions patiently, thank you Ms Chen and Ms Leong!

Review By Glenda Tay

I first joined Miss Chen’s lessons in Sec 3, and I have stayed up till my A level exams. I enjoyed the lessons, and the close guidance Ms Chen and Ms Leong provided, with the extra help they gave whenever I needed their help. Lessons were engaging, with classmates who shared jokes and with teachers who joked around during breaks to allow us to rest from intensive studying. I would recommend for Chem and Physics lessons!!

28) Happy Tutors Learning Centre

Founded in 2013, Happy Tutors have expanded to 6 outlets in the West and East regions. The centre strives to foster character and confidence in students and guarantees that they are instilled with the essential skill sets to thrive beyond their academics. Students would be encouraged to explore methods to seek information and emerge as autonomous and resilient learners when provided with the appropriate skill sets and knowledge. The centre and its tutors accommodate to pupils’ diverse learning styles by using a constructivist approach that will allow your child to get his/her weaknesses identified to reach mastery in Physics.


Happy Tutors Science Learning Centre

Science Tuition 28 Happy Tutors Learning Centre 
Website https://happytutors.edu.sg/
Contact /
Address /
6520 6146 / Blk 519 Jurong West St 52 #01-169 S(640519)
8805 0232 / Blk 814 Jurong West St 81 #B1–204 S(640814)
6802 7696 / Blk 609 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-646 S(470609)
6612 0314 / Blk 523 Bukit Batok St 52 #01-723 S(650523)
8320 2160 / 13 Haig Road #01-153 S(430013)
6563 0672 / Blk 132 Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 #01-318 S(650132)
No of Branches 6
Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 3 – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 3pm

Levels & Subjects Pri Science, Sec / IP / JC Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Class Size 6 Students Max 
Email Not Stated
Fees Not Stated

– Tutors will go the extra mile to identify the learning needs of the individual students
– Small group classes to better cater and help students deliver significantly better results in their academic performance
– Contents taught are adhered to the MOE syllabus
– Able to down concepts into bite-sized information and teach them the step-by-step process of tackling problems
– Well qualified teachers with strong knowledge and background in Sciences
– Has a Headstart Physics for A and O level Programme to strengthen student’s areas of weakness and prepare them for next academic year
– Over 90% improvement rates over the years

Review By Thant Aung Htet Nyan

“Has a cool teacher which serves as a mentor aside from academical content alone. Willing to accommodate my rigid schedule, as well as satisfy whatever curiosities I may harbor outside of syllabus as well. Teaches tips and tricks which help for revision and pushes hard in preparation. Highly recommend!”

Review By Okay Gyong

“The tutors are really friendly and patient with their teaching! A very good place for students to study at.”

Review By Jaekn Horsey

“HappyTutors had provided extensive help to me throughout my JC years in preparation for As! Other than their convenient neighbourhood location, I appreciated their flexibility in lesson arrangement. Most importantly, HappyTutors is set apart from typical tuition centres by its small classes for targeted teaching, and by the tutors who are knowledgeable about skills for A level and effective in tutoring. Also, you can expect to meet friendly and caring tutors and staff )
Recommended for all, especially those in need of help for national exams!!”

29) School of Einsteins

School of Einstein (SOE) believes that every student should have the chance to realise their academic potential, and wishes to nurture young minds in the field of Science. SOE assist students in identifying and comprehending an issue, deconstructing it, and developing an effective way to address for exams. As a result, they can attain maximum marks within the time restrictions given by test boards. The centre also believes firmly in the use of scientifically proven study strategies to help in the retention of the huge amount of knowledge that the ordinary Singaporean student is obliged to absorb. However, what distinguishes SOE from other Science tuition in Singapore is the ability to inspire students to reach their full potential. More significantly, their really care about each and every one of our students; we want them to achieve academic success.


School of Einsteins Science Tuition

Science Tuition 29

School of Einsteins
Website https://schoolofeinsteins.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /
9711 3040 / 9111 3733 / 9692 4563 / 
Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, Block 151 #01-3042
Singapore 560151
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 1 – 9.30pm
Sat – Sun: 8.30am – 7.30pm
Levels & Subjects Sec / IGCSE Chemistry, Physics
Class Size 5 Students Max
Email info@schoolofeinsteins.com.sg
Fees Course Fees: $300/Month
Material Fees: $150/Month
(Total: $315/Month)

– Customised lesson plans with various innovative learning methods
– Adheres to MOE syllabuses to meet the most recent national examination standards
– Notes that have been simplified and modified based on actual queries
– Teaches in advance of the School Curriculum
– Has step-by-step “cookbook” shortcuts and suggestions to help students score
– Provides a stimulating and engaging atmosphere for students
– Will undertake and use tools to impart skills that will help SOE students learn more effectively

Review By Adriel Lee

“Chris is an unusual tutor – in fact, he is more than a mere tutor. He didn’t just shove worksheets after worksheets into my face, like what my previous tutors used to do. I could tell that he genuinely cared for my overall well-being and he often inspired me to think about my own future. He also helped analyse and adjust my study methods, which dramatically cut short the time I had to otherwise spend on studying the same material. Without him, I probably still would be wasting my time away playing computer games today and I surely would never gotten accepted in the junior college of my choice!”

Review By Melvin Low (Parent of Zack Low)

“My son was scoring for most of his subjects except for Physics. At one point of time, I was desperate enough to actually engage 3 different tutors to help my son cope with the same Science subject. Chris was the third. Within 2 sessions, he observed that my son was bad at memorising key phrases that are apparently needed for his Science answers and and he immediately introduced memory methods like chunking, mnemonics and memory palaces. I have seen with my own eyes that they work! My son can now memorise 2 pages of theory under 45 minutes!”

Review By Kieron Wong

“Having being diagnosed with ADHD when I was in Primary 3, my attention span was extremely short and I easily got bored with almost anything that I had to spend more than 5 minutes learning. My peers frequently poked fun at my mediocre results and even my school teachers marked me for “death” for my O-levels. Chris was remarkably patient and he was always quick to read my moods – he would change his teaching approaches every now and then to sustain my interest. Seeing things from various perspectives allowed me to score distinctions for both my Sciences!”

30) Raymond’s Math & Science Studio

Raymond’s Math & Science Studio (RMSS) is one of the well-established centre that provides Science tuition in Singapore with an impressive track record consisting of outstanding testimonials and exceptional results and grade improvements by their students. The centre takes a holistic approach in guiding their students, with efforts made to continuously refresh their curriculum and update their teaching pedagogy to further perfect it. RMSS also trains their full-time tutors regularly, ensuring that they uphold the high standards of the tuition centre. Students can be rest assured that they will be in good hands when enrolled into the Science Tuition at RMSS.


Raymond’s Math & Science Studio

Science Tuition 30 Raymond’s Math & Science Studio
Website rmss.com.sg
Contact /
Address /

6333 8222 / 280 Bishan Street 24, #01-22, Singapore 570280
6881 8222 /
82 Marine Parade Central, #01-600, Singapore 440082
6838 8222 /
681 Punggol Dr., #05-13/14 Oasis Terraces, Singapore 820681

No of Branches  3
Opening Hours Mon – Thu: 12pm – 10.30pm
Fri: 12pm – 10.45ppm
Sat: 8am – 7.50pm
Sun: 8am – 9.20pm

Operating Hours differs for different outlets

Levels & Subjects Pri Science, Sec / JC Chemistry, Biology, Physics
Class Size Not Stated
Email contactus@rmss.com.sg
Fees Preschool: $170/month
Pri: $190-$270/month
Sec: $240-$310/month
JC: $300-$340/month
Highlights – Team of dedicated and sought-after teachers teaching English, Science (Upper Primary), Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Economics to complement the students’ learning of Math
– Strong Testimonial base from past students across all 3 outlets and for all tutors
– Frequent outings to motivate students (NUS open house, movie days, USS etc.)
– Stellar results and track record

Review By Evolet Tang

Miss Rachael Corera is a great teacher. She taught me great ways and strategies to use when solving questions or problems in Science papers. She has also given me extra lessons so that I can improve. My marks have improved an I have passed my prelim. All thanks to her!?”

Review By Amos Quek

“Mr Ang, thank you so much for being my physics teacher. When I first started learning physics, it felt unusually difficult. Even though it was just formulas, the concepts were tough and I could not understand the subject at all. Mr Ang made me realise how important a good teacher is. A teacher can easily convince us of certain answers and concepts since we are learners but Mr Ang made sure that he goes all the way to clarify our questions. Even when Mr Ang had some doubts, he did not sweep the questions under the carpet but instead, he consulted others to help him and that really inspired me! Mr Ang’s discernment and way of teaching really helped me to see physics in a totally different perspective. Initially, I felt that a distinction for physics was a far-fetched idea but when Mr Ang taught me how to see things differently, physics didn’t seem as daunting as before! Mr Ang taught me things that my teacher in school will never even mention (e.g. Redrawing circuits, tricks to answer MCQ fast and the power of logic) Even with Covid-19 and tuition was disrupted, Mr Ang tried his best to ensure that his lessons are still beneficial and frequently holds online consultation (even at 9.30?!)… all for the sake of helping us! Mr Ang, from the bottom of my heart, I express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for your help and thank you for being my teacher.”

Review By Pek Yi Liang

“Mr Quek, is a caring and concerning tutor. During lessons, he uses unique and interesting methods to keep us interested and engaged with the ever so boring subject. Furthermore, albeit his busy schedule, he fits in time to entertain to our ever so annoying physics questions. Often, during wee hours. With his engaging and entertaining lessons, my physics grades have definitely improved significantly under his constant care and guidance.”

3. Cost of Science Tuition in Singapore

The cost of Science Tuition in Singapore varies among the various tuition centres available. It is crucial to consider the pricing differences among different Science tuition options before making your final decision. In most cases, Science Group Tuition lessons expects enrolled students to share the total cost per Science Tuition lesson, which explains the sgnificant difference in cost between Group Tuition and Private Tuition. Compared to 1-to-1 tuition, tuition centres generally have a lower monthly fee as lessons are conducted in group settings. There are good Science tuition centre options in the market that go as low as $100-$150 per month for 4 x 2 hour lessons. However, it is crucial to note that high tuition rates do not necessarily promise quality results. Hence, if cost is a concern, MindFlex encourages your child to take on Group Science Tuition, which may be a more economically friendly option. 

Thus, with the various costs among Science Tuition in Singapore, it is crucial to know what each Science Tuition in Singapore offers to determine its worth and suitability for your child’s learning. While it is more affordable to choose Group Tuition in Singapore, the trade-off is that your child will not experience 100% undivided attention as the tutor has other students to tend to. Depending on your child, this may affect his/her learning in the subject. Hence, it is vital to determine your child’s academic needs and thoughts on having Science Tuition.

However, if you feel that group tuition is not suitable, MindFlex has got it covered, offering Private 1-to-1 Home Tuition at affordable prices! Contact us for a Free Request for Tutor with Free Trial Lessons available to ensure that lessons are suitable for your child’s learning. Cost-wise, MindFlex offers affordable Science Home Tuition, starting from $25-$30/hour for our Part-Time Science Tutors and up to $60-90/hour for our MOE-Trained Science Tutors, depending on the academic level.

4. Benefits of Science Tuition in Singapore

Tuition & Enrichment Centres are educational establishments which can be found all over Singapore. These centres mostly hold group tuition lessons between 2 to 30 students per class. Popular examples include Mindstretcher, AGrader Learning Centre and The Learning Lab. These are some of the main advantages which parents can take into consideration when choosing whether to enrol in a Science Tuition in Singapore.

4.1. Well-Structured Lessons by Science Tutors

In line with the latest MOE syllabus, most Science tuition in Singapore have a well-structured Science lesson curriculum to prepare students for their National examination. Hence, this structured approach provided by the Science Tuition in Singapore will ensure that the students are well-versed and equipped with the essential skills needed to score well for the Science subject. Additionally, the Best Science Tuition in Singapore will also ensure that the students get sufficient practice and revision before taking their examinations.


Start your science tuition lessons today to help you achieve your desired grades!

4.2. Free or Discounted Trial Lessons

Majority of the Science Tuition in Singapore provide a free or discounted trial lesson as part of their marketing efforts. Through the trial lesson, students/parents are able to make a better decision on tuition will be effective. One can expect the centres’ own original resources and materials to be provided as well for trial lessons

4.3. Provision of Additional Materials

Many Science Tuition in Singapore provides their own in-house curated materials and notes for students. Science Tuition in Singapore often has a shared compilation of questions, notes, and materials from top local schools. Some enrichment centres like Kumon also offer an originally designed curriculum outside the school Science syllabus to promote creative learning processes.

4.4. Quality Control of Science Tutors

To be successfully registered with MOE, the Science Tutors at these centres must also have academic qualifications that “meet minimum standards”. Some Science Tuition in Singapore has also established themselves to only hire MOE/NIE-Trained Science Teachers to be part of their team, ensuring quality teaching. Most tuition centres also have a strict in-house interview process for their Science Tutors, to ensure quality control in their teaching standards.

4.5. Direct Feedback from the Science Tutors

Usually in school, teachers are usually met with time constraints and are busy handling other students. As such, they rarely have the time to provide each student with feedbacks. Hence, many teachers tend to push aside the learning difficulties that students face just to cram their lesson schedule within their period. However, in Science tuition classes, lessons are much more relaxed and there is usually plenty of time for students to bring out their concerns and discuss it with their Science tutors. Besides, tutors are also present throughout the lesson to guide the students when they do their practices, and in the meantime, provide them with immediate feedback on their work quality.

4.6. More Opportunities to Clarify Doubts

Many students in school usually face the anxiety of asking questions in front of their classmates, probably due to the fear of voicing out their weak points. As such, they tend to accumulate these doubts that they have which leads to more misconceptions. However, having Science tuition in Singapore, either private or group, students are able to take the opportunity to clarify and clear all their doubts on the subject without the fear of being ridiculed by their classmates. After all, the Science tutors have the students 100% attention and will constantly be encouraged to ask questions.


Having science tuition will provide you with more opportunities to clarify your doubts!

5. Considerations When Selecting A Science Tuition in Singapore

5.1. Is The Tuition Centre Registered With MOE?

All educational centres and institutions with more than 10 students must be registered with MOE. Though 99% of centres are “legitimate” and parents would have nothing to worry about, there are still some anomalies that serve as wake-up calls. Fraudulent cases in tuition centres can still occur, hence it is important for parents to do proper research on the credibility of the Science Tuition in Singapore before engaging them. Parents would need to proactively make an informed and accurate decision about these tuition centres instead of “accepting information blindly” and throwing their money in.

5.2. Class Size

Class size varies from centre to centre. Some have groups as small as 2-3 students, some have groups as large as 30 students. It is important to take into consideration because a large class size would also mean less individualised attention for your child. Large class sizes may also be a cause of distraction for your child, especially if there are “noisy” kids around.

5.3. Flexibility with Make-Up Sessions & Commitment Period

One common issue commonly mentioned is that occasionally students may be miss classes because of health or personal reasons. Not all Science Tuition in Singapore allows for make-up lessons, better to check these terms with the centre before enrolment. Most centres also have a minimum notice period before any termination of classes (some can be up to 1 term notice, which will mean your child will have to complete lessons for the entire term with the tuition centre).

5.4. Parental Involvement

Another consideration to highlight is the amount of parental involvement allowed with tuition centres. As compared to private tuition arrangements, parents may not have the opportunity to speak to tutors directly to find out about child’s progress. Communication is usually between the centre and parent, as compared to tutor and parent. Parents’ role is normally limited to dropping off and picking up students are often there to drop them off and to pick up them, but do not have the opportunity to speak to the Science Tutor personally about how their child is doing. 

5.5. Track Record Tuition Centre

Most Science tuition in Singapore post a track record of their past students’ grades as part of their marketing efforts. It will be wise for parents to do their own background checks on which centres have a positive track record for improvement before enrolment. It will also be recommended for parents to look up online reviews/testimonials of the Science Tuition in Singapore they are interested in. You will often be surprised to find how much other parents are willing to share about their experiences with the respective tuition centres. 

6. Conclusion – The Best Science Tuition in Singapore

In conclusion, there are many options for Science Tuition in Singapore available for your child to be enrolled in. The best option for Science Tuition in Singapore really is highly dependent on the unique educational needs of each child.  Each different tuition options has its own pros and cons, and the above examples are a good representation of the best options available for every Science Tuition category in the market. As each student has different educational needs, do make sure to familiarise with the offerings that each tutoring option is able to cover, and check them against the learning objectives for your child. If you require any further help finding Science Tuition in Singapore, please do not hesitate to visit our homepage or contact us. Our friendly team will be more than happy to provide you with the assistance you require in finding a good Science Tutor for your child.

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