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1. Increasing Demand for Science Tuition in Singapore

The demand for Science Tuition in Singapore has been on a steady rising trend over the last couple of years. Challenges with the MOE Science Curriculum are being faced at all levels of education. At the Primary School Level, Science is introduced at Primary 3, and many students have remarked that Science is probably the most difficult paper they have faced at PSLE.  At the Secondary School Level, students are introduced to 3 main fields of Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) accompanied by increasingly difficult and creative questions that are designed at the O & N Level Exams. At the Junior College Level, each Science is being studied more in-depth at H1/H2 Levels, with the challenge of completing the tough A-Levels curriculum within a short span of 2 years. What’s more – watch how Singaporeans attempt the current Biology Syllabus for Secondary School students to test your own abilities in Science!

Parents often find themselves lacking the necessary pedagogy and knowledge to guide their children through the MOE Science Syllabus. Hence, many Singaporean Parents have turned towards hiring a Science Tutor for help. BBC has also reported on the “boom” private tuition industry around the world and forecasts its value to be worth $227 billion by 2022. Major factors that are contributing to this are the growing tuition demand in Asia, as well as the rise of online tutoring developments. It is hence no surprise that Science Tuition in Singapore follows a similar trend as our home country Singapore is known to be highly competitive and education-driven. As a major tuition agency in Singapore, we receive at least 120 tuition requests for Science-related subjects on a monthly basis.

2. What Is The Best Science Tuition in Singapore Available?

For modern-day Singaporean Parents, it is no longer a question of “Should I Send My Child For Science Tuition?”, but rather “What Is The Best Science Tuition Available?”. For students to succeed in the meritocratic and challenging local education system, it is important for parents to seek the best academic help within their means. The Straits Times reported in 2014 that there were around 850 tuition and enrichment centres registered with MOE. One can only estimate that this number would be past 1,000 now. With such a large number of options to choose from, how do parents then select the best science tuition option?  Here at MindFlex, we recognize this difficulty. After careful research & discussion, we have put together a recommended list of 26 Top Science Tuition Options in Singapore, across different tuition categories.

Science Tuition in Singapore can be generally categorised into 3 broad options:

1) Group Tuition
– Tuition & Enrichment Centre Establishments
– Private Tutors’ Group Classes
2) Online Tuition
3) 1-1 Private Home Tuition

3. Science Tuition & Enrichment Centres

3.1. Advantages

Tuition & Enrichment Centres are educational establishments which can be found all over Singapore. These centres mostly hold group tuition lessons between 2 to 30 students per class. Popular examples include Mindstretcher, AGrader Learning Centre and The Learning Lab. These are some of the main advantages which parents can take into consideration when choosing whether to enrol in a tuition centre.

1. Cheaper Monthly Fees

  • Compared to 1-to-1 tuition, tuition centres generally have a lower monthly fee as lessons are conducted in group settings.
  • There are good Science tuition centre options in the market that go as low as $100-$150 per month for 4 x 2 hour lessons.
  • Several well-established centres (such as The Learning Lab) have proven to deliver and show long-standing results. Do note however that the more “established” a centre is, the more they will cost.

2. Quality Control of Science Tutors

  • To be successfully registered with MOE, the Science Tutors at these centres must also have academic qualifications that “meet minimum standards”.
  • Some centres have also established themselves to only hire MOE/NIE-Trained Science Teachers to be part of their team, ensuring quality teaching.
  • Most tuition centres also have a strict in-house interview process for their Science Tutors, to ensure quality control in their teaching standards.

3. Multiple Branches

  • Many large tuition chains have multiple branches island-wide across Singapore. This allows for travelling convenience for students and parents.
  • Students may also be allowed to do “make-up” lessons at another branch or time-slot of their convenience.

4. In House Materials, Study Notes & Curriculum

  • Majority of Science Tuition Centres provide their own in-house curated materials and notes for students.
  • Tuition centres also often have a shared compilation of questions, notes and materials from top local schools.
  • Some enrichment centres like Kumon also offer an originally designed curriculum outside the school Science syllabus to promote creative learning processes.

5. Free or Discounted Trial Lessons

  • Majority of tuition centres provide a free or discounted trial lesson as part of their marketing efforts.
  • Through the trial lesson, students/parents are able to make a better decision on tuition will be effective.
  • One can expect the centres’ own original resources and materials to be provided as well for trial lessons.
Experiments are a part of Science tuition in Singapore

Some Science tuition centres in Singapore have included experiments as part of their curriculum to make lessons fun for your child!

3.2. Main Considerations

1. Is The Tuition Centre Registered With MOE?

  • All educational centres and institutions with more than 10 students must be registered with MOE.
  • Though 99% of centres are “legitimate” and parents would have nothing to worry about, there are still some anomalies that serve as wake-up calls. 
  • Example: Mr Kelvin Ong, a mathematics tutor and owner of AristoCare tuition centre, is a classic case of a fraudulent tutor.
  • He had faked his educational credentials, which had resulted in the closure of AristoCare by MOE.
  • However, 2 years later, he had found his way back in to establish another new centre, Ace Achievers, which had not been registered with MOE.
  • Parents need to proactively make an informed and accurate decision about these tuition centres instead of “accepting information blindly” and throwing their money in.

2. Class Size

  • Class size varies from centre to centre. Some have groups as small as 2-3 students, some have groups as large as 30 students.
  • It is important to take into consideration because a large class size would also mean less individualised attention for your child.
  • Large class sizes may also be a cause of distraction for your child, especially if there are “noisy” kids around.

3. Flexibility with Make-Up Sessions & Commitment Period

  • One common issue commonly mentioned is that occasionally students may be miss classes because of health or personal reasons.
  • Not all tuition centres allow for make-up lessons, better to check these terms with the centre before enrolment.
  • Most centres also have a minimum notice period before any termination of classes (some can be up to 1 term notice, which will mean your child will have to complete lessons for the entire term with the tuition centre).

4. Parental Involvement

  • Another consideration to highlight is the amount of parental involvement allowed with tuition centres.
  • As compared to private tuition arrangements, parents may not have the opportunity to speak to tutors directly to find out about child’s progress.
  • Communication is usually between the centre and parent, as compared to tutor and parent.
  • Parents’ role is normally limited to dropping off and picking up students are often there to drop them off and to pick up them, but do not have the opportunity to speak to the Science Tutor personally about how their child is doing. 

5. Track Record of Tuition Centre

  • Most tuition centres post a track record of their past students’ grades as part of their marketing efforts.
  • It will be wise for parents to do their own background checks on which centres have a positive track record for improvement before enrolment.
  • It will also be recommended for parents to look up online on reviews/testimonials of the centres they are interested in. You will often be surprised to find how much other parents are willing to share about their experiences with the respective tuition centres. 

When looking for Science Tuition in Singapore, parents should make sure that attending lessons at tuition centres should value-add to their children’s Science learning instead of just plainly going with the flow. Sometimes the extra compulsory homework that comes with the lessons may add to your child’s stress instead. Ultimately, do make sure that your decision is able to clear the fundamental objective of having tuition in the first place – to make sure that your child’s doubts are cleared and to strengthen his/her understanding of Science concepts.

3.3. Recommendations

MindFlex has based its research on the marketing material and websites of 100+ tuition centres that offer Science Tuition in Singapore. We have separated our recommendations into 2 main categories:

Category 1: Primary School Science (10 options)

Category 2: Secondary / JC / IP / IB Sciences (10 options)

Some centres that we have recommended for Primary Science also offer lessons for Secondary levels, and parents can follow through with them into their children’s Secondary years. Do take note too that many centres also offer tuition for multiple subjects aside from Science. Centres which offer special enrichment lessons & programmes such as  GEP / Science Olympiad have also been highlighted. In our list, we have excluded local well-known mainstream tuition giants such as The Learning Lab and Kumon.  (*All images below were adopted from the tutors’ websites or via public online platforms)

3.3.1 Primary School Recommendations

#1. Science Studios

A centre focusing only on Primary Level Science, Science Studios was established to prepare students for the PSLE Science paper, with a focus on hands-on and creative approaches. The centre has a science lab to provide students the opportunity to carry out various experiments every week, for kinaesthetic and visual learning. Science Studios has an online portal, equipped with educational animation videos and interactive quizzes to engage students in a unique and fun way of revision. They also provide enrichment lessons, allowing students to stretch beyond the PSLE syllabus for deeper learning.

Location: Bukit Timah Plaza
Contact: 6737 2720
Levels & Subjects: Pri Science
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.sciencestudios.com.sg/

Science Studios

#2. Global Education

Global Education is a centre that provides lessons for students of all abilities, and specially caters to those who are seeking higher-level programmes. Primary level students can enrol into these classes: – High Achiever Science – GEP Science – Science Olympiad – Mainstream Science, for PSLE preparation. Their GEP programme for P3-P6 students aims to stretch GEP students beyond what has been taught via classroom discussions, while their Science Olympiad course is designed to prepare P5 students for their participation in the Singapore Primary Science Olympiad (SPSO). Global Education would have the essential question bank appropriately designed for these programmes. For Lower Secondary levels, they provide lessons for GEP / High Achiever Science, but not for Upper Secondary Sciences. However, they do provide Chemistry, Physics and Biology lessons for JC Level.

Location: 1 Goldhill Plaza
Contact: 6259 0030
Levels & Subjects: Pri – JC Science
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://globaledu.com.sg/

Global Education

#3. The Pique Lab

This centre focuses on giving Science lessons only – mainly for P3-P6 students to prepare for PSLE. The Science tutors at the Pique Lab adopt the use of their originally designed “Complete Concept Integration” methodology in their lessons, teaching students to integrate their Science concepts well for application purposes. On top of regular lessons, they also provide additional Masterclasses for selected topics and answering techniques to further strengthen their students’ Science skills. They also have a portal, providing free Science notes and videos. The Pique Lab also offers regular lessons just for Secondary 1 Express / IP / IB students, as well as a separate 9-hour course to build on their Lower Secondary Science foundation. This makes up a good bridging program for your graduated P6 child to follow through when he/she enters Secondary 1. They do not provide lessons for students beyond Sec 1.

Location: Crown Centre / Serene Centre
Contact: 8621 1533
Levels & Subjects: Pri & Sec 1 Science
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://thepiquelab.com/

The Pique Lab

#4. Science Edventure Education Centre

Science Edventure – a tuition centre that is able to “offer something more than just science tuition”. Located in Bishan, Science Edventure focuses on enriching their students’ Science learning experience with the unique inclusion of exciting and appropriate hands-on experiments during their lessons. They have invested fascinating experiment recourses from countries like USA and Japan to bring a whole new experience to their students, in hopes to increase their love for Science. Its founder is Mr Jason Lim, who is an author of “Right Before the Exam – PSLE Science” (an assessment book for GEP & higher ability students) and co-author to the model answers of  the PSLE Science Booklet (2013-2015). They also take pride in their originally developed “RECAP” answering technique, which has helped many students in their course. In each lesson, students can expect quizzes, some challenging question sheets and extra enrichment resources to be given to them, to reinforce their concepts and to expose them to new knowledge beyond the classroom.

Location: Bishan Street 24
Contact: 6456 3242
Levels & Subjects: Pri & Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec & JC Chemistry
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: http://www.scienceedventure.com/

Science Edventure

#5. Grade Solution Learning Centre

At Grade Solution Learning Centre, Primary students can enrol into Science lessons at Primary 3 and continue with the centre till Secondary 2. They also offer a PSLE Intensive Course during the March, June and September holidays for Primary 6 students to clear up their misconceptions and to learn examination techniques, to be well-prepared for their first major examination at the end of the year. The centre is spearheaded by their 3 main tutors – Jerry Lee (Founder of WritingSamurai.com), Jimmy Ling (Founder of JimmyMaths.com) and Mr Andy Ling (Founder of Scienceshifu.com).

Location: Bugis, Kovan, Clementi
Contact: 6904 4022 / 6280 6841 / 6280 6841
Levels & Subjects: Pri – Sec 2 Science
Cost: $171.20 (1 subject), $100 deposit enrolment fee
Website: https://gradesolution.com.sg/

Grade Solution Learning Centre

#6. Keynote Learning

Keynote Learning is a tuition centre which believes that every child is gifted, and believes that they have the right tutors and resource to help unleash your child’s potential. They provide Science lessons for Primary, as well as Lower Secondary levels. Physics and Chemistry are also available for Upper Secondary levels. They pay special attention to the quality of their tutors, ensuring that they take the national exams every year to keep themselves abreast of the latest MOE syllabus. Class size remains small (between 2-6 students), and Keynote also makes Lower and Upper Primary study guides and papers available online for easy access.

Location: 727 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
Contact: 8181 6687
Levels & Subjects: Pri & Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec Physics/Chemistry
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.keynotelearning.com/

Keynote Learning

#7. Thinktank

As its name suggests, Thinktank nurtures growing thinkers and focuses on instilling independent and high-order thinking in their students. They provide Primary enrichment classes to strengthen their students’ Science knowledge through the use of hands-on activities and experiments. Their resources are also strategically crafted into include bite-sized Science facts to supplement the PSLE Science syllabus. Thinktank has also designed a Holiday Programme for their students to ensure that they remain academically engaged through the holidays. Their lessons for P4-5 Science are 1.5 hours long, while that for P6 for 2 hours long.

Location: 25 Binjai Park, 69 Frankel Avenue
Contact: 6469 6585 / 6636 3685
Levels & Subjects: Pri Science
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.thethinktank.sg/


#8. BlueTree Education

BlueTree Education is a tuition centre that is specialised only in Maths and Science for Primary and Secondary levels. Their Science tutors are all MOE trained, and they focus on training their students in content mastery, core thinking skills and exam answering techniques. On top of the mainstream Primary syllabus, BlueTree is also one of the few centres that provides lessons for GEP students as well. With originally curated material, GEP students will be constantly challenged to think and analyse creatively, and to stretch their minds to think out of the box. The centre also provides additional classes like the Primary Bridging and Secondary Headstart Programmes to help students in reinforcing and strengthening their topics.

Location: Balmoral Plaza, King’s Arcade, Upper Serangoon Rd, Bedok North St 1
Contact: 6235 2533
Levels & Subjects: Pri & Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec Chemistry/Physics
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.bluetreeeducation.com/

Bluetree Education

#9. The Learning Boutique

The Learning Boutique prides themselves on their challenging tutorial lessons that take place in a highly motivating setting to keep their students engaged and mentally stimulated. They encourage open and active classroom participation for their students to connect well with each other, fostering a healthy and comfortable learning environment for them. The Learning Boutique also organises Science Experiment Workshops during the March/June/Sept/Nov school holidays, to give their P3-P4 students the opportunity to carry out hands-on activities and to relate these skills back to theory. They offer Science lessons for both Primary and Secondary levels – contact them to find out more about their Upper Secondary Science offerings.

Location: Pandan Valley, The Rail Mall, Orchid Country Club
Contact: 6466 8122 / 6717 1877
Levels & Subjects: Primary – Sec Science
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: http://thelearningboutique.com.sg/

The Learning Boutique

#10. Good School Learning Hub

The Good School Learning Hub offers Science Tuition for Primary level students. Before committing to regular lessons, the centre allows for a 1-1 Diagnostic Consultation with their Science tutors to identify the root problem of your child’s weak areas. They will also then show you the troubleshooting methods used to help your child improve. Workshops are also organised for parents and children to come down to learn about the various teaching methods that the Good School practises and how effective they are in your child’s learning process.

Location: Kovan, Tampines
Contact: 6635 6047, 6721 9484
Levels & Subjects: Pri Science
Cost: $190 for 4x 1.5 hour lessons
Website: https://www.goodschool.com.sg/

Good School Learning Hub

3.3.2. Secondary / JC / IP / IB Recommendations

#11. Gavin Tuition

If you are looking to send your child for multi-subject lessons at the same centre, chances are that Gavin Tuition would be able help you with that. With the exception of Literature, Gavin Tuition has almost all examinable subjects across Primary, Secondary and JC levels covered under its roof. On top of PSLE Science, they provide tuition lessons for Lower Secondary Science, and Biology / Chemistry / Physics (both pure and combined) for the N, O and A-Levels too. With 8 centres across the country, this establishment would be a good convenient one-stop solution for you to consider.

Location: Braddell, Thomson, Hougang, Tampines, Joo Chiat, Tanah Merah, Bukit Timah, Ang Mo Kio
Contact: 6635 8390
Levels & Subjects: Pri & Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec & JC Biology/Chemistry/Physics
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: http://gavintuition.com/

Gavin’s Tuition

#12. Learners’ Lodge

Learners’ Lodge is a Tuition Centre specialised in helping JC Science students, as well as IP Chemistry students who are working their way towards the A-Levels. As different JCs adopt various sequences and pedagogies in their syllabus curriculum, Learners’ Lodge has made it a point to customise programs to cater to their students based on their JCs. This is also the same for IP students, especially since their curriculum is very different from the O Level stream and is unique to each school. This helps to lessen confusion and to streamline the individual student’s learning experience. They also prioritise on teaching students the required thinking and writing skills as part of their exam scoring techniques. Learners’ Lodge offers Biology, Chemistry and Physics for both JC students, and Chemistry for their IP students.

Location: Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Bukit Timah, Kovan, Jurong, Kembangan, Marymount,
Contact: 9119 9655
Levels & Subjects: IP Chemistry, JC Biology/Chemistry/Physics
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.learnerslodge.com.sg/

Learners’ lodge

#13. One Tuition Place

If your child has an extremely unpredictable schedule or just needs help for specific topics, then One Tuition Place might just be the right place for you. It has adopted a unique system that allows for flexibility, and students have the choice to enrol into their: – Supervised Study Programme / Ad-Hoc Tuition, OR – Regular Weekly Lessons That’s right – these options all in “One” Tuition Place. With the Ad-Hoc tuition option available, students who cannot commit to weekly lessons or a fixed schedule can come in at any day and time to seek help with their homework. The class size will be kept to a maximum of 6, so that their Science tutors will still be able to give you the personal attention that you require. One Tuition Place offers PSLE Science lessons, Lower Secondary Science, Upper Secondary and JC Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Location: Hougang St 21
Contact: 9863 9633 / 9679 0479
Levels & Subjects: Pri & Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec & JC Biology/Chemistry/Physics
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: http://onetuitionplace.sg/

One Tuition Place

#14. Future Academy

Future Academy is founded by former RGS and HCI teachers, Ms Yvonne Chen and Mr Lau Hock Soon. Its subjects are focused on Secondary Maths and Science, and they have 2 branches located in the central area. They have a maximum student to tutor ratio of 6:1, so that each student will be given sufficient guidance. If you are unable to fit any of their scheduled lessons into your schedule, fret not, as they will be able to open up a new timeslot for you if you are able to find 2 friends to attend lessons with! Their unique selling point sits on their specially chosen teaching experts to ensure quality teaching for their students.

Location: Burlington Square, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
Contact: 6884 6566
Levels & Subjects: Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec & JC Biology/Chemistry/Physics
Cost: $560 for 4x 2hour lessons (JC), $480 for 4x 2hour lessons (Sec)
Website: https://www.fa.edu.sg/

Future Academy

#15. My Masterclass

Situated at Upper Thomson Road, My Masterclass is a centre specialising in Maths and Science, only for Secondary and JC levels. Their classes are catered to all students across the Express, Normal as well as IP streams, and they centre their lessons around “Critical Thinking, Critical Learning”. They teach students Scientific content by breaking it down, as well as teach them on how to apply them in their answers. All these are done through innovative teaching with the inclusion of visual aids, interactive videos and E-Learning, on top of conventional methods. My Masterclass also offers topical modular classes, as well as a bridging Holiday Programme for graduated P6 students entering Secondary school.

Location: Upper Thomson Rd
Contact: 8820 7415
Levels & Subjects: Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec/IP/IB/IGCSE Chemistry/Physics
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.mymasterclass.com.sg/

My Masterclass

#16. Ace Physics & Maths

If your child is weak in Physics and is seeking specialised help, Ace Physics & Maths tuition centre would be the right place to approach. As the name suggests, they specialise in teaching only Physics and Maths, and their lessons are targeted to help students appreciate Physics and how it relates to daily life. On top of the local O / A Level syllabus, Ace Physics & Maths also offers lessons to IB SL / HL Physics students, instilling high-order thinking skills in them and training them to learn independently. Founded in 2000, the centre has also set up an online classroom and question bank for their students to access remotely for self-revision.

Location: Woodlands Ave 6
Contact: 9836 4183
Levels & Subjects: Pri Science, Upper Sec/JC/IB Physics
Cost: $120-180 per month (Pri), $180-300 per month (Sec), $320-450 per month (JC)
Website: http://apmtuition.com/

Ace Physics & Math (APM)

#17. Aspen Learning Centre

Aspen is a tuition centre that is specialised in Maths and Science only, enrolling students from Primary to JC Levels. As lessons are designed to instil interest and strengthen their concepts in Science, Primary students can expect some fun to be injected into their lessons. Higher-level students can look forward to receiving exam-oriented notes and customised worksheets to help them prepare well for their exams. They offer Physics / Chemistry / Biology for O Level and IP students, and Physics / Chemistry for JC / IB students. The IB syllabus is designed in line with the ACS(I) curriculum, and IP students are taught in accordance to their individual school schemes. They even open up individual classes for each IP school if enough students sign up (eg. 1 class each for Raffles / Hwa Chong / Dunman High students), catering to the needs of the students with minimal disruption.

Location: Sunshine Plaza, Eastgate (East Coast Rd)
Contact: 6883 2338, 6345 4038
Levels & Subjects: Pri & Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec & IP Biology/Chemistry/Physics, JC & IB Chemistry/Physics
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: http://www.aspen.com.sg/

Aspen Learning Centre

#18. Achievers Dream

There are a handful of tuition centres in Singapore that specialise solely in Chemistry, and Achievers Dream is one of them. Endorsed by local actress Tan Kheng Hua, Achievers Dream is proud to be the only Chemistry tuition centre in Singapore that has its very own Chemistry Lab for students to practise their experimental skills (with a qualified lab technician to ensure their safety!). It makes use of its original “Customised Accelerated Foundation Method” of teaching to help their students in mastering their Chemistry concepts. IGCSE students are also welcomed at Achievers Dream as they have a class specially catered for them. IP  or advanced students are also segregated into the Mastery Class and Scholar Class where the pace is more suited to them, to ensure that lesson productivity and efficiency levels are maximised for these students.

Location: 9 Jalan Bingka
Contact: 9653 8814
Levels & Subjects: Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec/IP/IGCSE/JC Chemistry
Cost: $90 for 2 hours (Sec 1/2), $100 for 2 hours (Sec 3/4), $110 for 2 hours  (JC/IP) $50 Registration Fee, 2 Lessons Fee Withholding Deposit (offset last 2 lessons)
Website: https://www.achieversdream.com.sg/

Achievers Dream

#19. Miracle Learning Centre

Miracle Learning Centre is a specialist centre in Primary to JC level Maths and Science subjects. They offer all 3 sciences – Biology / Chemistry / Physics – for Upper Secondary, IP and JC classes. Miracle Learning emphasises on getting their students to learn faster and more effectively, by providing explanations that are made easier for them to understand. They have also organised holiday crash courses for intensive revision for graduating students, as well as Introductory Science programmes in November for incoming Sec 1 students too!

Location: Beauty World Centre
Contact: 6463 8756
Levels & Subjects: Pri & Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec/IP/JC Biology/Physics/Chemistry
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://miraclelearningcentre.com/

Miracle Learning Centre

#20. The Learners Council

Founded by Ms Jasline Hong, The Learners Council focuses on Physics and Maths as its core subjects. Their Upper Secondary Chemistry and Physics lessons adopt the IP curriculum; this not only ensures that the mainstream O Level students are kept at pace with their peers, but also benefit from the value-added extra knowledge. This is so that both streams are eventually well prepared for the end goal – the A Levels. Even through this, The Leaners Council emphasise that they do not want to “waste” any time or money from parents. The Science tutors continue to focus on maximising individual students’ learning by giving personalised attention and relevant help to each child to the best of their ability, despite being in a group setting. They also offer a “Fast Track” Science enrichment programme for Primary level students to develop their thinking and problem-solving skills. Another “Fast Track” programme has been designed for Lower Secondary level students who wish to expose themselves to concepts and questions that require further higher-order thinking.

Location: Guthrie House (1 Fifth Avenue)
Contact: 6909 0701
Levels & Subjects: Pri & Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec & JC Chemistry & Physics
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://thelearnerscouncil.com/

The Learners Council

4. Science Private Tutors’ Group Classes

Unique to Singapore, there are also a handful of “Super Tutors” who have been featured in the media for their excellent teaching, as well as their stunningly high revenue earnings to about more than $1 million annually. These are an “elite” group of tutors that charge “top dollar for top grades”, and the more affluent have no qualms in splurging for their children. There was even a case of a parent offering $25,000 to secure a spot in JC Economics Super Tutor Mr Anthony Fok’s class.

4.1 Advantages

There are many freelance tutors who have invested much effort into building a good brand for themselves to offer Science Tuition in Singapore. Instead of joining tuition centres to be a part of their teaching staff team, these tutors have worked hard to establish an independent reputation and offer their own group classes in their homes, or at their own “centres”.

1. Individual / Smaller Group Settings

  • As compared to tuition centres, the group sizes on average are usually smaller. This means that students will be able to receive more individual attention.
  • Tuition arrangements are also more flexible. Some tutors will be flexible in opening a private class for you if are able to gather a party of 2 or more students.

2. Direct Communication With Tutor

  • As compared to tuition centres, these private tutors often allow students & parents to contact them directly after tuition hours.
  • This allows for better communication, and also students are able to clarify questions outside of tuition hours.
  • Parents are also able to gather feedback directly from tutors on their child’s progress and areas to work on.

3. Tutors Are More “Invested” Into Teaching

  • Most of these private tutors market their tuition services under a personal branding.
  • Hence naturally, these tutors are usually more “invested” into teaching and producing results as it helps develop their personal brand of tuition directly.

4.2. Main Considerations

1. Check If It Is Your Desired Science Tutor Who Is Teaching

  • Several of these private tutors have become successful with their tuition operations and have expanded operations to multiple classes or centres.
  • Hence at times, they may outsource a particular class or lessons to other private tutors.
  • It is important to check on who the teacher is for the specific class, to ensure that you are able to reap the maximum benefit for your dollar spent.
  • For example, Maths Super Tutor Ms Celine Loi of Joss Sticks Tuition Centre employs 20 tutors.
  • Do be aware whether you are paying for the teaching services of your Desired Tutor, or the services of his/her other tutors.

2. Teaching Style / Lesson Environment

  • Some of these Science Tutors conduct lessons flexibly, allowing students to come in at any time at their convenience for lessons (like an after-school “study care”).
  • Depending on the arrangements, there might be 2 or 3 other students across different levels and subjects being there at the same time.
  • This often works more as consultative sessions, and individual attention is still given to each student when he/she has questions nonetheless.
  • Do consider and clarify beforehand with the tutor on how the lessons will be conducted, and if you will be comfortable with the arrangements.

3. Cost & Waiting Time

  • When looking for Science Tuition in Singapore, parents should also look out for high cost of these “branded” tutors, or the long-waiting time involved.
  • Some tutors, especially Super Tutors, charge exorbitantly high prices, so it is necessary that parents consider their child’s learning style before throwing the big bucks in.
  • The more “popular” a tutor is, the longer the waiting list for enrolment will be usually.
  • Do consider other Science Tuition solutions if your child requires urgent help. It is more important to clarify the student’s doubts ASAP rather than wait for a specific tuition slot to open up.

4.3. Recommendations

#21. Physics Lessons by Mr Phang Yu Hon

Known for his humour and lively teaching methods, Mr Phang is a renowned Super Tutor that many hope to receive tutelage from. His original analogies, songs and dances has enabled students to grasp and memorise Physics concepts in a much easier way, and has injected fun into what is known to be a very difficult subject. Mr Phang has been commended and recommended in the press on multiple occasions and is known to be “one of the best Physics tutors in Singapore”, and this is backed by the plethora of testimonials from past students on his website. By enrolling into Mr Phang’s lessons, students can expect to be pushed beyond their limits and to achieve results that they had never thought was possible.

Location: Bishan Street 11
6275 6800

Levels & Subjects: Upper Sec/IP/JC/IB Physics
Cost: $400-700 for 4 two-hour lessons
Website: https://www.physics.com.sg/

Physics lessons by Mr Phang Yu Hon

#22. Tutor Suzanne

Naming her centre “Tutor Suzanne”, co-founder and core tutor Ms Suzanne Tan boasts an impressive academic profile and offers group classes in Jurong and is a Maths (Prirmary & Secondary) and Science (Primary) specialist. The  “biggest appeal” of attending lessons with her is that students get to enjoy high levels of interaction with her, due to class sizes being strictly set between only 4-6 students. Together with the help of co-founder Mr Ray Ang, the pair has spent 5 years developing and refining their own curriculum for their students, and has also come up with the SPA (Skills, Pattern recognition, Application) approach for easy learning. If your child is unable to make it for the stipulated time slots, they would be willing to open up a slot if your child signs up with his/her peers. Tutor Suzanne also offers free consultation sessions for extra help outside of class time, and is available for contact via WhatsApp 24/7. They have also set up a Digital Library where all resources and solutions covered during class-time would be uploaded, for easy reviewing by students later on.

Location: Jurong West St 91
Contact: 8448 5543
Levels & Subjects: Pri Science
Cost: $120-$140 for 4 1.5hour lessons (P4-6) + $50 material fee
Website: https://www.tutorsuzanne.com/

Tutor Suzanne

5. Online Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition in Singapore can also be conducted via online lessons. The Online Tuition industry is one of the more modern approaches that has been introduced in the last decade due to advances in technology. This new form of lessons comes with a whole new level of convenience not bounded by geographic location – one would only need to have a working laptop with a built-in camera and microphone, and secure internet connection, and working from anywhere is virtually possible! The rise of Online Tuition is proliferating, and its relevance is especially necessary now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. On 27th March 2020, the Singaporean government had announced that all face-to-face lessons with tuition centres and private tutors must be suspended, and thus all lessons have been shifted to be conducted via online platforms instead. This was indeed a crucial time to have online options available for Science Tuition in Singapore.

The vast number of video-conferencing platforms has made Online Tuition to be a very viable mode for Science Tuition in Singapore. While online lessons still seems to be a relatively new phenomenon here, there are actually a number of companies who specialise in offering only virtual lessons, and have been active even before the COVID-19 situation. Platforms like Zoom, Edmodo, Skype and Google Hangouts have been popular for online lessons, and some of these companies have developed their own branded online portals and video software to have their own unique functions (eg. homework submission) built in. Unlike some assessment book that come with video tutorials for solutions, these online lessons are live and questions can be asked in real time.

Online Lessons as part of Science tuition

Online Lessons can enable your children to ask their tutor Science questions in real time, from the comforts of your home!

5.1. Advantages

1. Convenience

  • As lessons are conducted via online platforms, Science Tuition lessons can be conducted anywhere as long as there is connection to the internet.
  • Students are able to save time on commuting to-fro from tuition venues, and this time can be better spent on revision or leisure.

2. Lowest Cost of Tuition

  • Out of all the tuition options explored, Online Science Tuition has the lowest tuition rates.
  • This is because tutors do not need to incur any time, rental or travelling cost to students, and these cost-savings are in turn passed on to students.
  • Lessons can start from as low as $10/hour or $15 for a 1.5-hour tuition session.

3. Benefits of Technology

  • Online Science Tuition lessons can be held in a 1 to 1 or group setting, depending on the individual preference.
  • Students are always ensured to experience “front-row” learning.
  • In physical tuition centres, students may have trouble catching a clear glimpse of the whiteboard or hearing the tutor clearly in large classes.
  • With online tuition, students will always be guaranteed to see the details on the teacher’s board clearly.
  • Many online tuition platforms also have a built-in function for lessons to be recorded. This allows students to revisit lessons and clarify concepts which they may have missed out on earlier.
  • Materials, homework and feedback can also often be submitted ahead of lesson time, allowing for more efficient marking and lesson preparation.

5.2. Main Considerations

1. Quality & Effectiveness of Lessons

  • Quality of online lessons would definitely be different due to the lack of physical face-to-face interactions – something that parents, tutors or students may be uncomfortable with.
  • Science work often comes with a lot of visuals and diagrams, and thus the online platform used should be adequately equipped for easy image sharing and drawing to make it clear for students to see, as if it were in real life.
  • Students will not be able to actively partake in Hand-On Science Experiments which could be essential for illustrating certain concepts.

2. Interaction with Students

  • There is a lessened “real connection” that can be formed through a screen as compared to being physically in the same space.
  • In a group Online Tuition setting, it is easy for students (who are facing their screens in their comfort of their homes) to space out and lose focus.
  • It is also difficult for tutors to read the body and facial language of the students, to know if they truly understand their teachings or not.
  • Some of these online lessons may turn into a 1-way lecture with the Science tutor talking throughout the lesson, and this may be counter-productive for younger students, who need physical interaction for learning to be effective.

3. Reliable and Stable Internet Connection

  • With private home tuition switching to online platforms during this difficult period, MindFlex has also received feedback that internet speed and the type of video-conferencing platform is very important.
  • Some homes may not have the luxury of having high-speed internet connection, causing video-conferencing to be extremely laggy or worse, not function nearly at all.
  • Students also need to have a good laptop or desktop with webcam features or they may not be able to have online lessons.

5.3. Recommendations

There are 2 main ways that parents can go about finding online tuition: 1. Approach a Home Tuition Agency for a Private Online Tutor, 2. Register via Specialized Online Tuition Websites

5.3.1. Approach a Home Tuition Agency

Apart from receiving recommendations from family members and friends for good Science Tutors who offer online lessons, parents can approach a Home Tuition Agency such as MindFlex, who will help to connect you with tutors who are able to conduct lessons via an online platform in a 1-1 setting. Similar to when searching for a 1-1 Home Tutor, you will be able to choose a tutor best suited to your needs and preferences, based on his/her qualifications and profiles given by the agency. One can expect the rates to be $5-10/Hour less than that of physical 1-1 Home Tuition lessons, due to the lack of need to travel. More information on Home Tuition Agencies will be provided further down in the article.

5.3.2. Online Tuition Companies’ Websites

Parents can also do a quick Google search for companies who specialise in offering Online Science Tuition in Singapore. These companies either offer lessons in a 1-1 or group setting, and almost always have their own uniquely developed video-conferencing and portal systems to support these lessons well. These companies either have their own pool of Science tutors hired under them, or like a Home Tuition Agency, operates as a matching system to connect parents and freelance tutors as well. Like Home Tuition agencies, the services of many of these Online Tuition companies are often free for parents, leaving the processing fee for free-lance tutors to absorb. MindFlex has done some research and we have listed 4 Online Tuition specialist companies for your consideration below.

#23. Tutopiya

Tutopiya is an online tuition agency that offers Science Tuition in Singapore, and has established a global presence in 9 countries, including US, UK and Malaysia. With a database of over 500 screened tutors, they assure good quality teaching by engaging NUS graduate tutors to teach the local syllabus, and internationally qualified IB tutors for the international syllabus. Their rates are generally 20% less than that of physical home tuition lessons, and they provide a free trial before any form of commitment. Timings can be flexible and lessons can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours long, depending on your availability. Tutopiya also provides lifetime access to Science exam papers and test practice papers, and students can purchase an online tuition package for any number of subjects with no expiry date as well. Tutors would be personalising their lesson plans for individual students after diagnosing the root problems of their weaknesses, and parents can also be involved to receive feedback at the end of teach lesson. Homework and assignments will be given and submitted using Tutopiya’s virtual classroom whiteboard on their portal, and Science lessons will also be recorded to enable students to revisit them anytime during revision.

Contact: 9850 2296
Levels & Subjects: Pri Science, O Level/SAT/IGCSE/IB/HSC Biology/Chemistry/Physics
Cost: Ranges between $15-40 per lesson
Website: https://www.tutopiya.com/


#24. Superstar Teacher

Superstar Teacher is an agency that provides online lessons for local Primary and Secondary students. Founded in 2011, they use a topical approach and strategy-based learning to carry out their online lessons. They have ensured that the “Superstar” tutors in their team are all subject specialists, providing only the best assistance to your child in his/her respective subject(s). There is also a “Study Tracker” and an “Instant Homework Help” function that students can tap into whenever they need assistance with their work. Students can ask 1 question per session and each session typically lasts 15-20 minutes. Students can expect interactive quizzes and additional resources like videos and worksheets to be given during their lessons, to enrich their learning all at the convenience of their homes. Lessons will be available for re-viewing for 1 year from its activation date, but they have capped each title at 3x only. However, students can call in to ask for an extension if needed.

Contact: 6341 5516
Levels & Subjects: Primary & Lower Sec Science, Upper Sec Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Cost: Not Indicated on Website. Do Enquire Directly
Website: https://www.superstarteacher.com.sg/

Tutors at Superstar Teacher

#25. Tenopy

Primary level students can enrol into online Science lessons at Tenopy and receive individually tailored lessons from their tutor despite being in a group setting. It is also the only online tuition centre that has their own proprietary curriculum. Tenopy aims to make each lesson interactive and to foster active participation from the students to ensure that they receive maximum growth and results. Pop quizzes will be given every 15 minutes to keep group lessons upbeat and fun. They wish for their students to develop an appreciation of what they are learning through top-quality, yet affordable, lessons. Lesson materials have been originally crafted at Tenopy to supplement students’ learning, and lessons replays are also possible for revision purposes. Parent involvement is also encouraged and Tenopy will be able to provide them timely feedback about their child’s progress.

Contact: 9469 6793
Levels & Subjects: Pri Science
Cost: $144 for 4 lessons
Website: https://www.tenopy.co/


#26. Cudy

Cudy is an online tuition agency which offers a variety of subjects to students from primary to JC level, all under one roof. On Cudy, the rates of the lessons are directly quoted by freelance tutors themselves, and the class size varies according to the tutor’s preference. However, you can filter according to your preference for 1-1 lessons or class size, and you can opt for any available class that is best for you. As with home tuition agencies, Cudy is a free online service for students, and fees are to be paid directly to the tutor. Students can choose to pick whichever Science tutor or class they wish to enrol in, and the first lesson would be a free trial.

Contact: 8233 6940
Levels & Subjects: Pri Science, Upper Sec/IGCSE/IB/JC Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Cost: $20-$120 per lesson
Website: https://www.cudy.co/


6. 1-to-1 Private Science Home Tuition

Hiring a 1 to 1 Private Home Tutor has many advantages. Here are a summary of the key advantages of hiring a Home Tutor for Science Tuition in Singapore.

6.1. Advantages

1. Individual Teaching

  • The main advantage of home tuition is that students will receive personalized and individual teaching.
  • As lessons are conducted on a 1 to 1 basis, all focus and attention will be on the student.
  • Students are hence able to clarify all specific Science Questions and learning gaps with home tutors at their own pace.
  • In a group setting, students may not have the chance to clarify doubts or ask questions due to time-constraints or shyness.
  • Most home tutors also allow for questions to be asked outside of tuition hours, via WhatsApp or E-mail.

2. Customized Material for Individual Students

  • Home Tutors are also able to prescribe and create customized materials for each student.
  • These materials can be based on certain weak areas (such as a particular science concept) which are unique to every student.
  • In a tuition centre, the materials are crafted based on the centre’s curriculum. Hence these are not as targeted and specific to each student’s needs.

3. Flexible Scheduling

  • 1-to-1 Home Tuition provides the greatest flexibility when it comes to scheduling.
  • As there are only 2 parties involved, the student and the tutor, lessons can be arranged more freely based on mutual schedule.
  • Make-up lessons are also easier to arrange, hence ensuring that students do not have unnecessary missed lessons.
  • Additional lessons can also be arranged closer to major exam dates for a more intensive revision process.
  • This intensive revision can be the make or break factor in a student achieving 1 or 2 grades more.

4. More Control Over Choice of Tutor

  • Parents & Students have complete control over the Science Tutor that they choose to engage.
  • This is unlike tuition centres whereby often a tutor is assigned to a specific class by the tuition centre management.
  • If the student is uncomfortable with the home tutor’s teaching style/pedagogy, parents are able to find a replacement at any point in time.
  • Arrangements with freelance tutors often come with no contracts or minimum commitment, allowing for greater flexibility.

5. Learning Environment

  • 1-to-1 Private Tuition is often conducted in the comfort of a student’s home.
  • Home is often a safe and conducive space for students. This allows them to open up to tutors, and also encourages effective learning.
  • Students/Parents are also able to save time from commuting to-and-fro from tuition centres.
  • Parents who find that their homes are not suitable may also opt to search for a tutor who is able to have lessons at his/her house instead.

6. Greatest Parent Involvement

  • 1-to-1 Home Tuition provides the greatest amount of parent involvement.
  • Parents are actively involved in all stages of the tuition process: searching for the tutor, hiring the tutor, communicating with the tutor.
  • Parents are able to receive updates directly from home tutors on their child’s progress.
  • Feedback can also be provided to tutors for greater improvement of lessons.
  • Parents are also able to actively monitor lessons as they are conducted at home.
1 to 1 Science Tuition in Singapore may be the most effective option for children who require individualized attention

1-1 Home Tuition may be more effective for children who need individualised attention.

6.2. Main Considerations

1. Tuition Rate

  • Private Home Tutors have a wide range of rates, depending on their qualifications, experience and level of the student. Make sure to choose one according to your budget.
  • A general guideline to the rates are as follows: Part-Time Tutors: ($25-50/Hour), Full-Time Tutors: ($35-80/Hour), Ex/Current MOE Teachers: ($50-120/Hour).

2. Experience & Qualifications

  • Do make sure to verify the experience and qualifications of Science Tutors whom you are engaging.
  • For example, if you are engaging an Ex/Current MOE Teacher, you may request to view their NIE Certificate for verification that they are a trained teacher.
  • Most established tuition agencies such as MindFlex will do this on your behalf.
  • It is also advised to hire Science Tutors who have qualifications related to the subject they are teaching.
  • For example, if you are hiring a Science Tutor for Secondary Physics, it will be advised to hire a tutor who has a Physics-Related Degree, such as a Major in Physics/Mechanical Engineering/Electrical Engineering…etc.
  • It is also a good idea to hire Science Tutors who have taught in tuition centres before. This is because tuition centres normally have a strict selection process before a tutor is accepted. Hence these tutors are usually of top quality.

3. Tutor’s Track Record & Current Student Base

  • It is also important to enquire about the track record of the Science Tutor.
  • Knowing about the past improvements of previous students will help you to make a better selection between 2 closely matched candidates.
  • It is also advised to hire Science Tutors who are currently teaching students of the same level and subject.
  • This will ensure that they are up to date with the current MOE syllabus, and also these tutors will be able to share useful resources from other students such as school notes.

4. Student’s Learning Style

  • Consideration of a student’s learning style is also important when hiring a Science Home Tutor.
  • Parents should consider whether their child requires a more “consultative” lesson (ask the tutor questions), or a more “guided” lesson  (tutor dictates the lesson completely).
  • It is important that students are able to under the teaching style of the Science Tutor. Otherwise, parents should consider a tutor change after 2-3 lessons.
  • The chemistry between tutor and student is important, and there is no sure-fire way to guarantee this due to the nature of human interactions.
  • Some students also learn better in small groups of 2-3 friends. Hence it is also a viable option to invite friends to join the home tuition as a small group class.

6.3. Recommendations

6.3.1. Engage the Services of a Home Tuition Agency 

MindFlex Home Tuition is the #1 Provider for Science Tuition in Singapore

MindFlex Home Tuition is the #1 Tuition Agency for Science Tuition in Singapore

If you feel that 1-1 private home tuition is the perfect option for your child, the most recommended option towards finding a good Science Tutor would be to engage the services of an Established Home Tuition Agency such as ours. MindFlex Home Tuition is currently the top tuition agency for Science Tuition in Singapore, having matched more than 5,000 successful Science Tuition cases and with a database of more than 20,000 active Science Tutors.

The main responsibility and mission of a home tuition agency is to understand parents’ requirements and preferences, and sourcing for a suitable tutor that meets these criterias. Here are a list of advantages you stand to gain from engaging a home tuition agency such as MindFlex:

  • Extensive List of Detailed Tutor Profiles Selections
  • Quick Turnaround Time Within 24 Hours
  • Agency’s Recommendations & Reviews
  • Verification of Tutor’s Qualifications
  • Free Request For Tutor, No Agency Fees Involved
  • Free Tutor Replacement Services
  • Troubleshooting & Rates Negotiation

The above list of advantages are what MindFlex Home Tuition is able to offer you, but we cannot speak the same for other tuition agencies in Singapore as they may not practice the same high-quality of service standards.

6.3.2. Science Private Tutors’ Websites

Some freelance private tutors who provide Science Tuition in Singapore market themselves well and have developed their own website that includes their personal contact details. Parents can do some online searches to try and find these Science tutors on their own, and then proceed to get in touch with them directly to enquire about their services. However, do remember to request for their certificates for verification purposes, and take note of their efforts in sharing testimonials from past students – and also observe if they are “real”. The more testimonials there are, the higher the credibility level of the tutor.

6.3.3. Recommendations via Word of Mouth / Forums

There are thousands of freelance private tutors giving Science Tuition in Singapore. Like a needle in a haystack, it is difficult to find a tutor that you can trust to deliver well. Another sure-work way to finding a good Science tutor is to approach your family members and peers for recommendations. These first-hand testimonials of their experience with their tutors provide you with an honest opinion and evaluation of the tutors’ abilities and performance that you can trust.

Forums such as www.kiasuparents.com and www.mummysg.com also have dedicated threads towards helping parents to find tutors. You may browse through the forums to search for recommended tutors, or create your own thread to ask on recommendations for Science Tutors in Singapore.

7. The Best Option for Science Tuition in Singapore

In conclusion, there are many options for Science Tuition in Singapore available for your child to be enrolled in. The best option for Science Tuition in Singapore really is highly dependent on the unique educational needs of each child.  Each different tuition options has its own pros and cons, and the above examples are a good representation of the best options available for every Science Tuition category in the market. As each student has different educational needs, do make sure to familiarise with the offerings that each tutoring option is able to cover, and check them against the learning objectives for your child. If you require any further help finding Science Tuition in Singapore, please do not hesitate to visit our homepage or contact us. Our friendly team will be more than happy to provide you with the assistance you require in finding a good Science Tutor for your child.


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Our home tuition rates are constantly updated based on rates quoted by Home Tutors in Singapore. These market rates are based on the volume of 10,000+ monthly tuition assignment applications over a pool of 30,000+ active home tutors.