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Science Tuition Singapore

What To Expect From MindFlex’s Science Tutors

1 to 1 Science Tuition Lessons with 100% Focus and Attention

Detailed Explanations and Tips Given By Quality Science Tutors

Ease of Understanding in Complicated Topics for Science

Access to Additional Science Learning Materials and Examination Papers

Learn Science in the Comfort and Safety Of Your Home

Personalised Science Learning Schedule Adapted To Student’s Needs

Increase in Interest and Understanding of Science

Achieve Desired Grades in Science

Select Your Science Tutor From Our Pool of 10,000+ Science Tutors

Affordable Science Tuition

Science Tuition Rates Singapore

Our Science home tuition rates are constantly updated in real-time based on rates quoted by home tutors in Singapore. These market rates are based on the volume of 10,000+ monthly tuition assignment applications over a pool of 30,000+ active home tutors.



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Primary 5-6




Sec 1-2




Sec 3-5












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Science Tutor Categories

Engage Top-Quality Science Home Tutors At Affordable Tuition Rates

The 3 Different Categories of Science Tutors



Ex / Current

MOE Teachers

Around 1 to 3
Years of Experience

More Than 5
Years of Experience

National Exam Markers
(PSLE/N/O/A Levels, IBDP)

Made Up of
Mostly Undergraduates 

Made Up of
Mostly Graduates

MOE & NIE Trained
School Teachers

Scored Good Grades (As)
During School Days

Large Pool of Students,
Relevant Levels & Subjects

In-Depth MOE Teaching 
Techniques & Pedagogy

Young & Vibrant, 
Small Age Gap

Highly Experienced with
All Types of Students 

Wealth of Classroom 
Teaching Experience

Most Budget
Friendly Option

Highest Level
of Commitment

Most Qualified
Tutor Option

Categories of Science Tuition which MindFlex Offers
Categories of Science Tuition which MindFlex Offers

Science Home Tuition

MindFlex Offers The Following:

Preschool Science Tuition, Primary Science Tuition, PSLE Science Tuition

JC Science Tuition, JC Physics Tuition, JC Chemistry Tuition, JC Biology Tuition, H1/H2 Physics Tuition, H1/H2 Chemistry Tuition, H1/H2 Biology Tuition, IBDP SL/HL Science Tuition, IBDP SL/HL Physics Tuition, IBDP SL/HL Chemistry Tuition, IBDP SL/HL Biology Tuition

Polytechnic Science Tuition, University Science Tuition, Science Private Tuition Singapore


Effective Science Home Tuition

What Are The Topics And Skills Covered By MindFlex’s Science Tutors?


-Diversity of Living, Non-Living Things & Materials
-Cycles in Plants and Animals & in Matter and Water
-Human, Plant & Cell System
-Electrical System
-Interactions of Forces & Within The Environment
-Energy Forms, Conversion & Uses
and many more…


Pure/Combined Science:
-Newtonian Mechanics
-Thermal Physics
-Waves, Electricity & Magnetism

-Experimental & Organic Chemistry
-Atomic Structure & Stoichiometry
-Chemistry of Reactions
-Periodicity & Atmosphere

-Cell Structure & Organisation
-Principles of Biology
-Maintenance & Regulation of Life Processes
-Nutrition & Transport in Humans & Plants
-Reproduction & The Continuity of Life
-Molecular Genetics, Organisms & The Environment
and many more…


H1/2 Science (Biology / Chemistry / Physics):
-The Cell & Biomolecules of Life
-Genetics and Inheritance,
-Energy & Equilibrium
-Biological Evolution
and many more…

SL/HL Science (Biology / Chemistry / Physics):
-Cell & Molecular Biology
-Evolution & Biodiversity
-Human Physiology
-Cell Respiration
-Plant Biology
and many more…


Primary sCIENCE Tutors

MindFlex’s specialized Primary Science Tutors focus on building a strong foundation in the subject. Our Primary Science Tutors are experienced in equipping students with the important foundational knowledge needed to excel.

Our Top Primary Science Tutors will cover topics like Diversity of Living and Non-Living Things, Cycles in Plants, Animals, Matter and Water, Human, Plant and Cell System, and many more. MindFlex’s Top Primary Science Tutors focuses on students’ development and progress,  making sure that their concerns are properly addressed, allowing them to achieve distinctive goals in their educational journey.



Our Top PSLE Science Tutors at MindFlex are dedicated as they ensure that their students develop a strong foundational understanding of the PSLE Science Syllabus in preparation for the first national examination that students will face in their academic journey. 

From learning about the different types of forces within the environment to understanding advanced scientific terms such as Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration, our highly experienced and dedicated PSLE Science Tutors will help PSLE students to comprehend and absorb the content within the respective PSLE Science topics. With the Best PSLE Science Tuition in Singapore, students can be assured and more confident when tackling both common and challenging questions found within the PSLE Science examination paper, thus allowing students to score well for the subject. 

Want to ace PSLE Science? Read our article about the 7 Top PSLE Science Tips from Singapore Tutors to get started!

(SEC 1-5)

Secondary SCIENCE Tutors

At MindFlex, we have many qualified and experienced Secondary Science Tutors that can help Secondary School students transition smoothly into increasingly advanced Science topics across the 4-5 years of the student’s academic journey in Secondary School. With the Best Secondary Science Tuition in Singapore, students can be assured that all Sciences — Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, as well as the different types — Pure Science and Combined Science, are covered to meet every Secondary School students’ academic needs and requirements.

Our Secondary Science Tutors are competent in teaching the fundamental scientific theories and themes including Diversity, Models, and Systems for Lower Secondary students to build on their foundational knowledge in the Sciences. As for Upper Secondary students, the same highly experienced Secondary Science Tutors can provide rigorous revision on more advanced topics such as Organic Chemistry and Molecular Genetics so that Upper Secondary students are well-versed with the content found in Upper Secondary Sciences. As such, students can be assured that they can easily comprehend and answer the different types of questions found in Secondary School examinations in the long run when they engage in the Best Secondary Science Tuition through MindFlex! Find out more about Secondary School Science in A Guide to Secondary School Science – Understanding the Syllabus and Choices Available.




Here at MindFlex, we have highly skilled Combined Science Tutors who can provide specialist support and guidance for students who find themselves struggling with the subject. Our Top Combined Science Tutors structure learning according to each student’s needs, thus being able to unleash their potential in education.  

Our Top Combined Science Tutors dedicate themselves to building on the student’s foundation, breaking down the fundamentals into digestible, easy-to-understand pieces. Our Combined Science Tutors will cover topics like Newtonian Mechanics, Periodic Table, Energy, Forces, Energy Changes, Waves, Electricity and Magnetism, and many more. With the fundamentals down, students will find it much easier to connect with the topics, making their academic journey a much smoother one. 



From Physics, Chemistry to Biology, MindFlex has the Best Pure Science Tuition in Singapore that covers all three types of Pure Sciences which are taught under MOE’s Pure Science Syllabus in order to suit every Pure Science student’s academic needs and subject combination choice. 

Students taking on Pure Science, rather than Combined Science, would have a more in-depth content coverage of the respective Sciences. With MindFlex’s Pure Science Tuition, students can be assured that our Top Pure Science Tutors will go through every topic in a detailed yet easy-to-understand manner so that students can understand and answer even the most challenging questions found in Pure Science papers. Pure Science topics such as Electrochemistry and Ammonia as well as soft skills including Data Reading and Analysis which are crucial for Pure Science students will be taught at MindFlex’s Pure Science Tuition. That way, students would be adequately prepared for any Pure Science test or examination that they will face throughout their Upper Secondary School years.

Deciding whether to take Pure Sciences? Check out our Complete Guide to O Level Chemistry & Complete Guide to O Level Physics to know and make a better decision!


N Level SCIENCE Tutors

We understand that each individual has different learning needs and that it is important that those needs are met with such an important exam upcoming. Our dedicated N Level Science Tutors who are very well-versed in the latest N Level Science Syllabus strive to employ teaching methodologies best suited for your child to ensure that they are met with academic success.

Our N Level Science Tutors have extensive experience and are able to tailor every lesson according to your child’s needs. Aside from ensuring students are well-versed in the content, they will also learn the most effective ways to tackle challenging questions, allowing them to tackle the examination with confidence. With the Best N Level Science Tutors, every student can be assured that they will be well equipped with the best Examination Strategies.



Our highly experienced O Level Science Tutors are well-versed in the latest O Level Science Syllabus so as to ensure that O Level students are up-to-date and have the ability to score well in the subject.

By engaging the Best O Level Science Tuition in Singapore, students will receive detailed and highly effective Science notes including mind maps and scientific graphs which will aid O Level students as they prepare for the national examinations. Moreover, our Top O Level Science Tutors will be sure to guide their students on the most efficient ways to use the Data Booklet as well as to accurately memorise and apply scientific concepts and theories in time for the O Level examinations.

At MindFlex, we understand the importance of scoring well for your Sciences at the national examination. As such, pick up some important tips and tricks including 5 Great Tips to Excel in O/N Level Science (Physics) and 5 Effective Ways to Prepare for O & N Level Science (Biology) to get started on acing your papers!



Engaging the Best IP Science Tuition in Singapore through MindFlex will ensure a safe and suitable one-on-one learning platform for IP students to revise, clarify their doubts, and ace the IP examinations for the Science subject.

Covering more challenging topics such as Experimental Chemistry and Nutrients & Enzymes, our Top IP Science Tutors at MindFlex will be sure to guide and prepare IP students to answer all types of questions that may appear for IP Science tests and examinations. Apart from technical and theoretical knowledge, MindFlex’s IP Science Tutors will also ensure that students build on their soft practical skills as they develop a strong understanding of the scientific concepts taught in their IP Science curriculum. That way, students will be able to complete their IP Science homework with ease and can score well for the IP Science examination.

(JC1 – JC2)


Having A Level Science Tuition from MindFlex will ensure that A Level students are adequately prepared and more confident in answering questions and scoring well for the national examinations.

Our competent and qualified A Level Science Tutors can adopt engaging and interesting elements into challenging topics including Biological Evolution as well as Genetics and Inheritance so as to make the A Level topics easier to grasp and comprehend. A Level students who engage our Top A Level Science Tutors can even pick up and hone their abilities in interpreting data, patterns and trends and writing concise descriptions of mechanisms that will significantly support A Level students in their national examinations.

Similar to O Level Science, A Level Science is another national examination that many students want to do well in. Here, we have articles about Top JC H1/H2 Science (Biology) Tutors Share How To Score Well to assist A Level students with their preparation for the Sciences. In addition. we have also compiled The Complete Guide to H1/H2 Physics in Singapore, The Complete Guide to H1/H2 Chemistry in Singapore as well as An Essential Preparation Guide for JC Science (Chemistry).



Our A Level H1 Science Tutors at MindFlex are approvingly competent and experienced when it comes to teaching H1 Science to JC students across the different schools in Singapore. All of our Top A Level H1 Science Tutors take pride in providing useful resources such as past year H1 Science examination papers as well as a compilation of all essential scientific theories and formulae that H1 Science students need to know at the back of their hand in order to score well for their tests and examinations.

Topics such as Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, and Theories of Acids and Bases will be covered in a concise and engaging manner when students engage the Best H1 Science Tuition in Singapore through MindFlex. Moreover, our A Level H1 Science Tutors will train their students’ abilities to demonstrate scientific inquiry skills as well as to relate science and society so that students can score well in their H1 Science papers.


A LEVEL H2 science Tutors

The A Levels H2 Science syllabus covers a lot more content, with practical papers and free-response questions included in the examinations. Students who find themselves struggling to keep up will be in good hands if they engage MindFlex’s Best H2 Science Tutors. Our H2 Science Tutors are proficient in the syllabus and are able to guide students to ensure academic success.

From examination strategies to comprehensive coverage of content, our Specialized H2 Science Tutors are able to impart all of those skills to their students. Our H2 Science Tutors will be able to cover topics like Quantum Physics, studies on Infectious Diseases, Solubility Equilibria, and many more. Under their expert guidance, students will definitely be able to excel in their studies.



Our Specialised IB SL Science Tutors are well-experienced and proficient in the IB SL Science curriculum and strive to aid students in their educational journey. Our IB SL Science Tutors are able to provide personalised attention to each student, tailoring lessons to their academic needs.

With the Best IB SL Science Tuition, students will develop strong foundational knowledge that will help boost their confidence in tackling challenging questions. Our IB SL Science Tutors are able to cover topics ranging from Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Human Physiology, Thermochemistry, Equilibrium, Thermal Physics, Energy Production, and many more.



Compared to the SL curriculum for Science in IB, the IB HL Science curriculum will require IB students to spend more time understanding and mastering the respective topics including Nucleic Acid, Genetics and Evolution, and Animal Physiology.

With IB HL Science Tuition from MindFlex, students will be equipped with the abilities to interpret questions and scientific graphs accurately, as well as to think critically and independently when it comes to tackling IB HL Science questions in exercises or tests. At the same time, students will be able to further broaden their knowledge and understanding of advanced Science topics covered in the IB curriculum. As such, engaging the Best IB HL Science Tuition in Singapore will be greatly beneficial to any IB student who needs additional guidance in the subject in the long run.

Here at MindFlex, we have compiled The Complete Guide to IB Physics (SL/HL) in Singapore and The Complete Guide to IB Chemistry (Sl/HL) in Singapore to help you in your IB Science journey.

Challenges Faced While Learning Science

What Are The Challenges Faced By Science Students in Singapore?

Key Challenges:

  • Difficulty in Memorisation and Application of Science Concepts and Descriptions
  • Difficulty in Planning and Conducting Science Experimental Procedures
  • Getting Confused In Using Scientific Principles And Reasoning To Understand And Evaluate Real-world Systems
  • Getting Overwhelmed By Numerous Rules And Laws When Deciding Which To Apply During Science Calculations And Explanations
  • Inability To Balance And Construct Equations Based On Science Concepts
  • Inability To Identify And Utilise Appropriate Science Models And Concepts To Explain Concepts And Solve Problems
  • Inability To Phrase Words Concisely And Accurately, Leading To The Unnecessary Loss Of Marks
  • Poor Understanding Of Science Concepts From Biology, Chemistry And Physics
  • Struggling To Analyse And Interpret Science Data
  • Struggling To Accurately Interpret And Answer Science Questions
  • Unable To Finish Examination Paper Within The Time Limit Due To Inefficient Time Management Strategies
  • Unable To Perform Calculations Based On Science Concepts
  • Unfamiliarity In The Usage Of The Provided Data Booklet And The Content Of The Data Booklet

Benefits of Hiring Science Tuition

What Are The Benefits of Engaging Science Home Tutors through MindFlex?

1. Personalised Tuition Based On Student’s Needs And Learning Style

Have your questions instantly answered by Science Tutors and easily pick up Science concepts when you engage with MindFlex’s Science Home Tutors! With personalised Science Home Tuition, our Science Tutors will devote their time to understand your learning styles and weaknesses in Science and design a learning schedule that caters to you.

2. Gain Additional and Consolidated Science Notes And Practices

Science is a subject that students improve with constant practice and revision. Hence, obtaining additional practices and past-year papers through MindFlex’s Science Home Tuition will teach students to apply Science concepts and practice their answering techniques. In addition, our MindFlex Science Tutors will not only provide detailed and summarised Science notes and practices, but will also assist students in their learning process by alerting them of the common and/or careless mistakes made by the students.

3. Confidence Boost For Students

Upon engaging in MindFlex’s Science Home Tuition, students can gain confidence that they are capable of doing well in the subject as they will have a better understanding of Science concepts and will witness improvements in their Science grades! As a result, this confidence boost within students will help them believe that they are capable of performing well in other academic subjects and non-academic activities as well. So, boost your confidence with MindFlex today!

4. More Interest And Ease of Use of Science

Our Science Home Tutors can help students feel more interested in Science as our tutors will use real-world examples to explain the understanding and application of Science concepts and help students to see the appeal in the subject. With more interest in Science, students will naturally read more about Science concepts and their real-world applications, thus helping students to improve their academic grades in Science.

5. Build Connection That Offers Advice For Science And Future Education Choices

Building a good relationship with the Science Tutor will allow students to enjoy the tuition lessons and better pick up and absorb the lessons taught by the Science Tutor. At MindFlex, we assure all students that our Science Home Tutors are engaging and experienced, and are able to spot common weaknesses and problems faced by their students. MindFlex’s Science Home Tutors are not only proficient in helping students to improve their understanding of Science, but they can also offer advice about students’ future decisions including Subject Combinations, University Courses, and Potential Career Choices.

For instance, students may be in a dilemma when given the option to choose between biology or physics, and whether to decide between the pure sciences or combined sciences upon reaching the Secondary School Streaming Exercise. In another example, recently matriculated JC students may be stuck between taking on the Arts or Science stream for the rest of their JC years. That is where our Science Tutors can step in to help advise students about the best path to take for the Sciences based on the students’ interests, strengths, and areas of improvement.

Making well-informed decisions

Why is Getting Science Tutors So Important?

Based on Singapore’s Education System, students can choose to enroll in the Science stream, Arts stream or Hybrid stream. Those interested in choosing the Science stream will need to have a good grasp of Science concepts, hence it is good to start early and understand the Science topics well with the help of Science Tuition. Even if you are planning to pick the Arts stream in the future, it will be good to have a strong understanding of Science since many Science concepts can be found in our everyday lives.

Furthermore, many high-paying degrees in local universities such as Medicine, Engineering and Science regard Science highly and students will need to score a good grade in Science subjects to enter such degrees. Therefore, it is important to have Science Tuition for students to secure high grades. The Science education system is based on a few foundational subjects, and having Science Tuition in the early years can help you to easily understand future topics as you proceed up the education levels.

Science can be seen as one of the most difficult subjects to do well in because of the large amount of content and concepts to be memorised and internalised. Many students find it difficult to know which concept to apply in questions, and having Singapore Science Home Tuition will help students to overcome these struggles.

Scoring well in Science subjects will ease your application into local universities when you apply for degrees such as Medicine, Dentistry, Biochemistry, Renaissance Engineering Programme, Computer Science, and more.


Infographic on Importance of Science Tuition

SCIENCE tuition singapore

What to Expect from MindFlex’s Science Tutors

1. 1 to 1 Science Tuition Lessons with 100% Focus & Attention

Getting Science Home Tuition through MindFlex will ensure that the student can grasp concepts and go through the syllabus at the student’s own pace, rather than having to catch up or wait for their peers in the same class. With one-on-one private tuition, our Science Tutors will provide their full attention and time to guide the student and curate a learning schedule specifically based on the student’s strengths and areas of improvement. Moreover, one-on-one tuition ensures that all questions and doubts of the student can be answered and cleared respectively with the assistance of a Science Tutor so that the student can grasp the Science subject better.

2. Detailed Explanations & Tips Given By Quality Science Tutors

Having a Science Tutor that gives his/her undivided attention in teaching/tutoring will ensure that sufficient time, step-by-step guidance, and quality explanations are provided to the student. Tips on how to approach different question types and how to memorise information will also be provided by our Science Home Tutors so that students are well-equipped and prepared to tackle any Science paper. Science students can find more useful tips in our articles including 8 Proven Tips to Score An A1 for Science (Chemistry) Tutors for O Level and An Overview Of The JC Science (Physics) Syllabus & Top Result-Proven Tips To Score Well!

3. Ease of Understanding in Complicated Topics for Science

Engaging a Science Home Tutor through MindFlex will provide students access to an additional avenue of help where students can gain insights and detailed explanations. Our Science Tutors are also able to provide consolidated and detailed Science summary notes and other materials that will aid the students in studying Science. This ensures that students are able to understand complicated topics and be more prepared and confident in answering the different Science questions.

4. Access to Additional Science Learning Materials & Examination Papers

Our Science Tutors offer their students access to all types of questions found in different school papers to ensure that students are exposed to every type of question that may be tested in their homework, school tests, and even national examinations. They are also able to provide consolidated notes and summary sheets that can better help students in grasping complicated Science concepts.

5. Learn Science in the Comfort & Safety of Your Home

Having one-on-one tuition at the convenience and comfort of the student’s home will assure the student’s security and safety. With the options between physical or online home tuition, students have the freedom to choose if they prefer to meet the tutor face-to-face or through a video conferencing platform when having their lessons. As such, students can experience safe and interactive Science tuition classes without even stepping out of their homes.

6. Personalised Science Learning Schedule Adapted to Student’s Needs

Engaging a Science Home Tutor through MindFlex will provide students with a personalised schedule where the Science Tutor can focus on the student’s weaknesses, helping them hone their Science skills through targeted and personalised approaches.

7. Increase in Interest & Understanding of Science

While formal education (i.e schooling) teaches one about Science and what the subject entails, students may not fully understand and comprehend the topics and concepts covered in school due to the large class size, divided attention, and other distractions. Having one-on-one tuition, on the other hand, will provide an additional learning platform for students to better absorb the materials learned in school as well as to enhance their interest in Science as a subject.

8. Achieve Desired Grades in Science

Engaging Science Home Tuition through MindFlex has helped 9 in 10 of our students score better grades in Science. Moreover, excelling in Science can give you an edge in life and allow you to better appreciate Science in your everyday lives, so begin your academic journey to success with us at MindFlex!

9. Pick Your Ideal Science Tutor From Our Pool of 10,000+ Experienced Science Tutors

At MindFlex, we understand that students may have requirements and/or preferences when searching for a Science Tutor. That is why MindFlex holds the largest pool of more than 10,000 active and experienced Science tutors, allowing us to search and find the most ideal Science Tutor for students!

Apart from Science Home Tutors, MindFlex has also compiled a list of the 26 Top Science Tuition Choices for Pri/Sec/JC/IP/IB to help students begin their search for the most suitable Science Tuition that best matches their preferences and academic needs.

Infographic on What To Expect From MindFlex Science Tutors

Find out more about what to expect from engaging MindFlex’s Science Tutors

choosing the right science home tuition

What Are The 7 Most Important Criteria to Look For in a Science Tutor?

Infographic on 7 Most Important Criterias of A Science Tutor

These are the 7 most important considerations before engaging a Science Tutor

1. Qualifications And Abilities To Teach Science

When checking if your Science tutor is suitable, it is important to check if your Science Tutor has been trained or qualified to teach Science. Some tutors are MOE and NIE-trained, thus making them well-trained and qualified to teach Science. There are also Full-Time and Part-Time tutors who have accumulated years of experience teaching various students and scored high personal academic grades in Science. Make sure to understand the different types of tutors, and to check that the Science Tutor you have chosen is trained or qualified to offer Science tuition. In the profiles of tutors that MindFlex sends to you, we will highlight whether they are MOE and NIE trained, and also the relevant academic grades of our MindFlex tutors.

2. Experience in Teaching Students Of Similar Levels

Since there are similarities in the Science syllabus across the different levels of the syllabus, some Science Tutors might try to teach students of different levels despite not having experience in teaching students at such levels. It is not necessarily a bad thing if they have proof of academic achievements that show that they are capable of teaching students of different levels. However, it is best that the Science Tutor has experience teaching students of similar levels so that they will be more aware of common mistakes made by students at this level and more familiar with the syllabus and content. You can be reassured that MindFlex will only recommend Tutors who have experience in teaching students of similar levels or have the capability to teach students of that level.

3. Familiarity With The Most Updated Syllabus

It is crucial to ensure that the Science Tutor you are choosing is familiar with the most recent syllabus because there are many changes in the MOE or International syllabus in terms of the content and examination practices. Since students require a good grasp of both Science content and answering techniques to score well, it is important to ensure that the Science Tutor understands what will be tested in the exams and how to best prepare your child for the exams. Here at MindFlex, our tutors’ profiles will include their teaching experiences or familiarity with the syllabus. Hence, this will allow you to easily gauge their familiarity with the most recent syllabus.

4. Access to Additional Science Learning Materials & Practices

Usually, Science Tutors with years of experience in conducting Science Home Tuition in Singapore will have their own resources of learning materials and practices from various schools and assessment books. In addition, those who are passionate and dedicated in teaching would make the extra effort to consolidate these materials in mind maps and summaries that could aid students in their learning progress. Many of them would also have access to additional past year papers from different schools, which can be useful for your child in gaining exposure to different types of Science questions. In our recommendations of tutors, we will make sure to include if the Science Tutors are able to provide learning resources.

5. Devotion & Passion In Teaching Science

In finding Science tuition and tutors, searching for a passionate Science Tutor is great because he/she can engage your child in learning Science and finding an interest in Science. Such tutors are usually committed and devoted to helping their students to understand Science concepts and overcome their struggles. On top of that, make sure that the tutor is able to commit to the agreed time slot and you can also check with them if they are willing to follow your child through that particular level of education, such as Primary or Secondary Science. Building a trusted relationship between the tutor and your child is not an easy task, hence having a passionate and committed tutor who can continue the Science Home Tuition for a long period would be the best for your child’s learning progress. MindFlex understands that this is a difficult quality to gauge. Hence, after recommending tutors, we will also facilitate communication between you and the tutor to ensure that both parties have come to an agreement and understanding of expectations before confirming the tuition arrangements.

6. Ability to Spot Weaknesses Quickly And Provide Targeted Practices

The top Science Tutors are experienced and familiar with the common mistakes and struggles faced by students. Therefore, they are able to easily discover the weaknesses of their students within the first few lessons of the Science tuition. Only by recognising the weaknesses will they be able to design a learning schedule that targets the student’s weaknesses and optimise the learning progress of the student. MindFlex’s Science Tutors are experienced and capable of discovering student’s weaknesses easily and have the ability to cater a suitable learning schedule for the student so that the student may improve within short periods of time.

7. Testimonials & Recommendations From Previous Students

With top Science Tutors, it is natural that they will have a strong testimonial base provided by previous students that highlight the strengths of these tutors. Furthermore, these testimonials will also ensure that these Science Tutors are not just capable of producing results, but also safe to engage for your Singapore Science Home Tuition. Here at MindFlex, we will include testimonials from previous students and also mention if tutors have received good feedback from our previous clients, so that you may feel reassured that you have chosen a safe and expert Science Tutor for your child.

Hear From Other Parents & Students

Testimonials About Our Science Home Tuition

Thank you MindFlex for connecting me and Ms Cheryl Lee for my son’s science tuition. She is a very responsible and detailed tutor in teaching Science, and was open to answering my son’s questions even after her tuition hours. My son enjoys going for science tuition and it is encouraging to see him work hard on the homework she gives for the week. Thank you, Ms Cheryl Lee, for updating me every week with my son's progress and letting me know how I can help him with his studies also. Appreciate your hard work.

Mr Marcus Goh, Dad of Primary 4 Student
(D to A) 

I would like to recommend MindFlex for helping me find Mr Ethan Lim as the Science tutor for my daughter. It was a very smooth and easy process to request for a tutor, and they gave good recommendations of tutors that I could choose. They were very patient and detailed in noting down my requests for the Science tutor, and managed to help me find Mr Ethan Lim. He is very good at explaining concepts to my son, and helped him to improve so much in his Combined Science grades within a year. Thank you Mr Ethan Lim and MindFlex for all the help!

Ms Katrina Ng, Mum of Sec 4 Combined Science Student
(C6 to A2)

To MindFlex, thank you for your help in my search for a Science tutor for my daughter! My daughter used to score As, but upon reaching P6, her grades dropped to Bs. It worried me since it was the important PSLE year, but luckily, I found Ms Devi to help my daughter gain confidence in her abilities to score. My daughter scored A* during her PSLEs! 

Ms Neila, Mum of P6 Student
(B to A*)

Hi MindFlex, thank you for helping me find Ms Megan for my son’s science tuition. My son has never been good at science, and I wanted to make sure he at least achieves a pass in the first year of secondary school. I never expected that my son could improve to a B3! Thank you Ms Megan for being so patient and persistent in engaging my son to learn Science.

Ms Fadhilah, Mum of Sec 1 NA Student
(F9 to B3)

Convinient & Accessible science Tuition

Science Tuition Near Me? 

Enjoy Science Tuition at the convenience of your home today. MindFlex provides Science Home Tuition all across Singapore. Learn in a safe & comfortable environment today with us.






Our Accomplishment

MindFlex – The #1 Science Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

MindFlex Is The Best Science Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

With our large database of quality and experienced Science Tutors, MindFlex offers Singapore Science home tuition to students at any educational level. In addition, our Science tutors are capable of spotting students’ weaknesses and helping them to grasp complicated Science concepts.

Our range of tutors from MOE and NIE trained teachers to Part-time Tutors are well-qualified in conducting Singapore Science home tuition or have relevant degrees in Science. Otherwise, they have scored impressive grades in their personal academic achievements through the same Singapore education system. Their high grades clearly showcases their ability in mastering Science concepts and answering techniques. Furthermore, our MindFlex Science Tutors have shown amazing results in helping students to achieve an improvement of 2-3 grades or As from prior failing marks. Request a Science Tutor from MindFlex now to have a better understanding of Science concepts and witness an improvement in your Science grades!

The importance of Science was highlighted by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during the opening of SUTD. STEM courses and jobs are essential for a small country like Singapore, where technological advancements and innovations can help a country with limited resources to overcome these limitations. With the growing interest in STEM jobs, ensuring a strong understanding in Science will definitely be beneficial for you or your child. Do contact us for personalised Science home tuition in Singapore!

Science Multimedia Learning

Science Tuition Video Resources

Affordable Tuition Rates

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Our home tuition rates are constantly updated based on rates quoted by Home Tutors in Singapore. These market rates are based on the volume of 10,000+ monthly tuition assignment applications over a pool of 30,000+ active home tutors.