Singapore Tuition Teacher Primary 2

Singapore Tuition Teacher Primary 2 – “My gal is weak in her Maths problem sum. She can get all correct for section 1 and 2 but her problems sums mostly wrong.” says Cindy Marie Chan

Having a good primary school tutor will help ease the journey and prepare your child to face the many challenges that lie ahead.

A good tutor must be knowledgeable about the subject he is going to teach. Apart from knowledge is attitude. A good tutor must have the right attitude and disposition in teaching. Tutors must be open-minded, enthusiastic to learn and must have the initiative to do what needs to be done. But above all, tutors must have the love for their students. No matter how skilled or knowledgeable the tutor is, if he does not have the patience, understanding and love for his students and for his job as a tutor, then he cannot deliver well.

Singapore Tuition Teacher Primary 2: Primary Home Tuition

Primary home tuition sets the mood of your child to all of these. This is where learning truly begins. Without the proper fundamentals, it can deter your child from reaching their goals in the future.

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