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Finding a PSLE tuition teacher ? With the PSLE syllabus difficult as it is, your child needs PSLE tuition precisely because their schoolteacher is not providing enough individual guidance.

PSLE tuition teacher – English, Maths, Science & Second Language Tuition (Malay, Tamil, Chinese, Hindi)

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PSLE tuition teacher   Here at MindFlex Home Tuition, we categorize our tutors based on their qualifications and experience. The rates listed above are a fair representation of the market rate for private tutors in Singapore. Here are more information about the different types of tutors that we offer at MindFlex Home Tuition.

PSLE tuition teacher – Affordable Singapore Tuition Teacher for Primary 6

Home Tuition Is An Investment Which Pays Off

In most cases in Singapore, a child’s education attainment lays the foundation of his future success. It is also a fact that the Singapore Education System is getting more academically demanding with each passing year. Gone are the days whereby students are able to excel in exams by simply listening in class crowded with 30 to 40 students sharing 1 teacher’s attention.

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