Terms and Conditions for Clients

Terms and Conditions (For Clients)

Quality Of Service

MindFlex does not provide any guarantee that the tutoring services offered will results in an improvement of academic grades. MindFlex will however strive to provide the best and most suitable tutor possible which falls within the client’s requests and budget. Once lessons have been carried out, clients are liable to pay tuition fees for lessons attended by the student, regardless of how satisfactory the client deems the lessons to be. The tutoring services however may be cancelled at any time if deemed unsatisfactory by the client. Clients may provide us with feedback with regards to the tutoring experience, and it will be greatly appreciated by MindFlex.

Payment And Commission

MindFlex’s services are free-of-charge for the client as commission fees are charged to the tutor. Upon arrangement of the first lesson, clients are required to make a 50% payment of the first month’s fees to confirm the booking with the tutor. This 50% payment of the first month’s fees also represents the commission collected from MindFlex based on the tuition rates. Subsequent payment may be made directly to the tutors in a payment method decided between the client and tutor. Any additional tuition services such as an additional subject or teaching of the student’s siblings must be disclosed to MindFlex and will also be liable for commission. This commission will similarly not be charged to the client, but to the tutor.
If the client decides to terminate the tuition services after the first lesson, and does not wish to continue with MindFlex’s services for a replacement tutor, MindFlex will refund the unused amount of one lesson fee back to the client.

Tutor Reassignment Or Cancellation

The client may request for a change in tutor, or a cancellation anytime after the first lesson. However, the attended tuition fees will still be paid and deducted accordingly from the 50% booking payment, with the unused amount being refunded to the client.
The general guideline would be to have a commitment period of 1 month before deciding whether the tuition services are deemed suitable or unsuitable for the student.

Arrangement of First Lesson

Upon the arrangement of first lesson, the client will be required to make a 50% payment of the first month’s lesson fees to confirm the booking. If this payment is not made, MindFlex and the tutor reserves the right to cancel the arrangement of the first lesson.

Last Minute Cancellations & Postponement Of First Lesson

If a postponement or cancellation of the first lesson is required, the client is required to inform MindFlex or the tutor 4 hours in advance. If this condition is not met, clients are liable to pay for 50% of the 1st lesson fees in compensation of the tutor’s time and transport costs.

Late Payment Charges

MindFlex Home Tuition reserves the right to impose a late-payment fee for overdue fees of 1 month or more. The amount of the late-payment fee will be determined based on the overdue period of the fees, and resources/time taken to recover the debt. This will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Qualifications And Authentication of Tutor Documents

Clients reserve the right to request for the NRIC and Certifications of our tutors to authenticate the qualifications and credibility of the tutor. In the case whereby a client has discover a fraud tutor, please kindly inform MindFlex and we will assist you in making a police report regarding the fraud.

Tuition Rates And Schedule

The schedule of the tuition is open to rearrangement with the tutor directly after the first lesson has been carried out. Future tuition rates may also be renegotiated when the student has moved on to a higher academic level.

Location Of Tuition

The tuition will be carried out at the location provided by the client unless otherwise arranged or specified.


MindFlex will put in the utmost effort to create the most suitable match between clients and tutors. In the case of a conflict, MindFlex will step in to resolve conflicts if necessary, but will not hold any responsibility for the actions of either party. Mindflex will hold no legal liability for issues and disputes which may arise. MindFlex reserves the right to withhold information and terminate or deny services to any party, unless legally instructed.
MindFlex reserves the right to amend our T&C at any time without prior notice to our clients.

Privacy Policy (For Tutors and Clients)

MindFlex values both our tutor’s and client’s privacy and treats the personal information provided with confidentiality and respect. The notice provided describes our privacy policy. By visiting MindFlex, you are endorsing the practices described in this policy.


MindFlex will not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with anyone except to provide products or services you have requested. MindFlex will not publicly reveal any private information such as NRIC, uploaded certifications, handphone number, or full addresses, to anyone except when necessary in providing the services to the persons described below:


A client is a person who makes a request for a tutor with MindFlex.
The information provided by the client with regards to the tuition information (location, subject, lesson frequency, other information excluding personal information) may be broadcasted to tutors to fulfil the search for a tutor.

Only after the lesson has been confirmed with a tutor who has accepted the job, will MindFlex reveal the full address and contact number of the client.


A tutor is a person who registers with MindFlex for tuition assigments.
The general information relevant to tuition assignments such as your qualifications, gender, experience and other information may be revealed to clients to facilitate the selection process. Personal information such as your contact number, full name of NRIC will not be revealed to clients until the lesson has been confirmed.

Computer Information

Being a web-based platform, MindFlex will collect personal information when a client or tutor registers with us. MindFlex may receive and record information on our server logs from your browser, including but not limited to, your IP address, session ID, the pages you visited and the time these pages were visited. This information may be used for research or to improve the user’s experience.

Legal Disclaimer

Although best efforts are undertaken to protect the privacy of our clients and tutors, in the case whereby a legal authority requires MindFlex to disclose personal information, MindFlex will comply.

Assignment Application System

The Assignment Appication System which MindFlex uses requires the verifcation of phone number and date of birth of a tutor to access. Upon successful access, the tutor’s occupational, educational and experience details will be shown. By accessing our system, and by registering as a tutor, you agree to grant access and display of your tutoring information through this method. Tutors are highly encouraged to keep their Date of Birth confidential from other tutors to prevent any possible sabotage or foul play despite the unlikelihood of such an event happening. 

Changes To This Privacy Policy

This policy may be updated or changed without prior notice.
If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, you may contact us via our e-mail address.