Tuition Centres in Singapore: The Top 50 Tuition Centre Options in Singapore (With Reviews Included)

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1. Top Tuition Centres in Singapore

With the changes implemented in Singapore’s education system, from having Third Language Programme in Secondary schools to more opportunities for admission to renowned junior colleges, it is no doubt that tuition is more highly sought after than ever. As of 2021, two-thirds (67%) of Singaporeans have enrolled their children in Tuition Centres in Singapore as they trust that Tuition Centres in Singapore are able to help their children achieve academic success. Find out the reasons why parents choose to enrol their children in Tuition Centres in Singapore here. 

As parents in Singapore often have busy schedules, they might not have the time or the expertise to guide their children and monitor their progress. Thus, many parents turn to Tuition Centres in Singapore to ensure that their children have quality materials and a systematic way of enhancing their learning. TodayOnline has reported that Singapore households spent $1.4 billion on tuition in 2019. Tuition Centres in Singapore have a well-planned curriculum to ensure that students stay on par with the school curriculum. Overall, it saves parents time and effort by sending their children to Tuition Centres in Singapore instead. 

2. Top 50 Tuition Centre Options

As parents, we would want the best for our children. Hence, searching for a tuition centre that is able to meet their needs is essential in ensuring that they can excel in their studies. Here at Mindflex, after conducting rigorous research and discussions, we have consolidated an list of the Top 50 tuition centres for you to choose from! 

1) Our Learning Loft

Our Learning Loft prides themselves on the 3Es framework (Educate, Expose and Elicit). Focusing on both academic excellence and a curated MOE-based syllabus, 94% of their Primary School students have achieved A* for the PSLE, with 92% of them improving by at least 1 grade or more within a term. Furthermore, 92% of Secondary School students have also attained As in their examinations. Besides achieving academic excellence, Our Learning Loft also aims to bolster the students overall development and elicit the best in them.

Our Learning Loft Tuition Centre

Our Learning Loft Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 1 Our Learning Loft
Website https://ourlearningloft.com/ 
Contact /
Address /

6908 8884 /
613A Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269715

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 3pm-7pm
Sat-Sun: 9am-7pm

Levels & Subjects Primary English, Maths, Science
Secondary Maths, Science, Chemistry, Physics and IP Maths
Class Size Not Stated
Email hello@ourlearningloft.com
Fees Not Stated
Highlights – 94% of Primary students achieved A* in PSLE
– 91% of students improved by 1 or more grades within 1 term
– 92% of Secondary students achieved As
– Highly experienced teachers specialising in small-sized classes for optimum learning

Review By Sonia, Nanyang Girls’ High School

“Every single lesson was very well paced, clearly presented, straight to the point and easy to comprehend. I especially love how my Mathematics teacher related the lessons to real-life examples. That made every lesson logical. The entire class understood and appreciated the purpose for learning Mathematics! Hands down the BEST tuition experience I’ve ever had.”

Review By Jia Jun, Maris Stella High School

“My Science teacher never fails to add additional dimensions of understanding for the subject. I’ve always loved his real-life application examples which broaden my general Science knowledge! Improved from a C to an A grade. Definitely could not have done it without the help of my amazing Science teacher from the Loft!”

Review By Juvita, Geylang Methodist Secondary School

“For the first time, I learnt Science through the many experiments done and explained in class. My teacher also would always cite many examples how they are applied in the real world. I am not apologetic to say that my teacher from the Loft teaches so much clearer compared to my school.”


2) AGrader Learning Centre 

With more than 10 conveniently established tuition centres across Singapore, AGrader Learning Centre is a reputable tuition centre in Singapore that has impacted over 20,000 students as of today. Providing at least 55 pages of concise revision notes and most relevant exam questions, AGrader has recorded a 83.4% improvement rate in students. Lessons are taught by specially interviewed and hand-picked educators, with lessons recorded for students’ easy revision. 

AGrader Learning Centre

AGrader Learning Centre Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 2 AGrader Learning Centre 
Website https://www.agrader.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6737 0096 / 9657 2477 /
31 Woodlands Avenue 6, #03-01, (S)738991, Woodlands Galaxy CC

6452 5969 / 9789 2377 /
5 Ang Mo Kio Central 2, #03-02, (S)569663, Djitsun Mall

6909 0506 / 8133 0867 /
742 Bedok Reservoir Road, #01-3111, (S)470742

6253 0178 / 9233 3284 /
60 Jurong West Central 3, #02-03, (S)648346, Frontier CC

6567 2377 / 9828 4775 /
6 Jurong West Avenue 1, #02-01/02/04/09 (S)649520, Jurong Green CC

6873 9144 / 9625 1877 /
359 Bukit Batok Street 31, #01-397, (S)650359

6592 6986 / 8894 4408 /
809 Hougang Central, #02-172, (S)530809

6908 4636 / 8950 4227 /
30 Sembawang Drive #04-01 (S)757713, Sun Plaza

6282 2988 / 8339 2801 /
204 Serangoon Central, #01-110 (S)550204

6931 2684 / 8787 1321 /
139 Tampines Street 11, #01-76 (S)521139

6908 2990 / 9298 2628 /
11A Boon Tiong Road, #02-10, (S)161011

6251 7142 / 8795 3603 /
126 Toa Payoh Lorong 1, #01-551 (S)310126

9088 1928 /
930 Yishun Avenue 2, #03-37 (S)769098

No of Branches 13
Opening Hours

Tue-Fri: 3pm – 9pm
Sat-Sun: 9am -7pm

Levels & Subjects

Primary English, Maths & Science
Secondary English & Maths

Class Size 2-12 students
Email info@agrader.sg

Group Lessons:
Pri 1-6: $122-$145/Month
Sec 1-5: $155-$185/Month

Highlights – Recorded 83.4% improvement rate
– Unique Everloop Technology Improvement System
– All lessons recorded for easy revision
– At least 55 pages of concise revision notes and most relevant exam questions
– Lessons are taught by specially interviewed and hand-picked educators
– “Live” online lessons taught by curriculum experts, with high quality teaching content
– Able to provide personalised feedback on student’s progress
– Has impacted over 20,000 students, with success stories to boot

Review By Bharathi Raja A

“I love this Center as it really got my grades uphill. I am grateful that we chose a Center that improved my knowledge skills not just in a hard way but making it enjoyable and a memorable learning experience I wish to learn more from this Center.Thanks.”

Review By Spencer Lim

“I was impressed by Teacher Priscilla teaching my child in the K2 class (english & maths). The approach and patience toward the child’s learning process was great, resulting improvement shown from my child academic and learning behaviour.”

Review By Carissa Ku

“Very pleased with AGrader and their Everloop Improvement System as it provides additional worksheets to the students, and Bonus Bucks rewards upon its completion, which encourages participation from the students. This system is unique to AGrader, and it’s commendable.”



3) Mind Stretcher

Since Mind Stretcher’s establishment in 2002, over 5,000 students have scored at least 250 for their PSLE, with more than 500 students qualified for GEP through their GEP Prep Class. Believing that all students have the potential to excel regardless of their individual ability, they aim to stretch their students’ minds and potential to the fullest. Thanks to their strong faith in their students, Mind Stretcher has consistently produced academic Achievers and High Achievers, winning them multiple awards and accolades throughout the years. 

Mind Stretcher Tuition Centre

Mind Stretcher Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 3 Mind Stretcher
Website https://www.mindstretcher.com/
Contact /
Address /

6904 3646 / 9181 3573 /
271 Bukit Timah Road #03-07 Balmoral Plaza (S) 259708

6908 3941 / 94216711 /
203 Bedok North St 1, #01-461, (S)460203

6250 0050 / 87905286 /
510 Bishan St 13, #03-01, (S)570510

6612 8541 / 6612 8991 / 97850595 /
634 Bukit Batok Central, #01-102, (S)650634

6893 0050 / 6894 0050 / 87901938 /
Bukit Panjang Plaza 1 Jelebu Rd, #04-14, (S)677743

6260 0010 / 6226 0010 / 87894890 /
3 Simei Street 6, #06-07, (S)528833

6881 0020 / 6881 0050 / 87909590 /
1 Hougang St 91, #01-42, (S)538692

6255 2900 / 6255 5800 / 88869470 / 
63 Jurong West Central 3, #B1-49/50, Jurong Point Shopping Centre (JP2), (S)648331

6636 0010 / 6636 0020 / 97556198 /
Parkway Centre 1 Marine Parade Central #12-08/09, (S)449408

6721 9480 / 6721 9490 / 98530388 /
51 Upper Serangoon Road #03-01/02, The Poiz Centre, (S)347697

6886 0600 / 6886 0300 / 87902685 /
Punggol Plaza 168 Punggol Field #04-06, (S)820168

6386 0030 / 6386 0070 / 87909866 /
Punggol 83 Punggol Central #02-02 Waterway Point, (S)828761

6382 0200 / 6382 0300 / 88828780 /
Rivervale Branch: 11 Rivervale Crescent #01-33/34, (S)545082

6341 6066 / 6341 6166 / 87909728 /
Seletar Mall 33 Sengkang West Avenue #04-04/05/06/07, (S)797653

6752 0200 / 6752 0700 / 83036972 /
355 Sembawang Way #02-04, (S)750355

6737 0030 / 6737 0040 / 90174273 /
Woodlands Civic Centre 900, Woodlands Drive #04-02, (S)730900

6465 0100 / 6465 0700 / 88862098 /
Yew Tee Point 21 Choa Chu Kang North 6 #01-09/10, (S)689578

6257 0100 / 6257 0300 / 92320633 /
SAFRA Yishun 60 Yishun Ave 4 #01-V3A, (S)769027

6659 0500 / 6659 0300 / 87902205 /
学汇乐语文中心: 3151 Commonwealth Ave West #02-11/12, (S)129581

No of Branches 19
Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 1.30/2.30pm – 9.30pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 6.15pm

Levels & Subjects Primary English, Maths, Science & Chinese
Secondary English, Maths, Chinese, Science & Physics
Class Size Not Stated
Email enquiries@mindstretcher.com

Group Lessons:
Pri 1-2: $181/Month
Pri 3-4: $192/Month
Pri 5-Sec 2: $214/Month
Sec 3-4: $235/Month

Highlights – More than 5,000 students scored at least 250 for PSLE, more than 500 qualified for GEP through GEP Prep Class
– Consistent and stellar track record in producing academic Achievers and High Achievers over the years
– Multiple awards and accolades throughout the years

Review By Soh Yan Xi, Bukit Panjang Primary 

“I think the Maths programme at Mind Stretcher has helped me gain more confidence because when I first joined Mind Stretcher, I was failing my Maths or barely passing. The notes given, supported me [in my studies] and every time I did not know how to do something, I could always ask my [Mind Stretcher] Teacher – Mdm Teo. On top of that, I could always refer to the notes given by Mind Stretcher. The Maths practice [papers] in class helped boost my confidence as well.

Review By Mr Nara

“My daughter who had weekly GEP preparatory Lab sessions in 2015 from MS Katong and 2016 lessons from Mind Stretcher Tampines had cleared the 2nd round GEP exam . Once again would like to convey my sincere thanks to MS Katong and Tampines Teachers, MS management and MS Staff who provided a wonderful environment and opportunity to nurture her academic and general abilities. My sincere thanks to each and every one of you. Am sure this achievement would be a first stepping stone for her future.

Review By Mdm Susie Tan

“I have three kids who have all benefited from the Mind stretcher programmes. My eldest boy,Rafeeq has successfully completed his PSLE this year. He scored 4 A* with an aggregate of 267. Getting into RI has always been his dream (& of course ours as well).  I have attended a couple of Mind Stretcher’s talks such as the DSA prep and the recent P3 GEP prep talks. I am totally impressed with the depth of your knowledge (Mr Alvin Kuek) and I must agree that you are very eloquent. I have always dreamt of seeing my son being someone like you. If you ever conduct a course in public speaking I will definitely register my son!



4) Stalford Learning Centre

With a long history of more than 20 years of experience, Stalford Learning Centre has expanded into a full-fledged education chain with 20 tuition centres available islandwide in Singapore, providing tuition to students from Preschool to Junior College. Their belief in leaving no students behind has earned them a strong track record in academic improvements attained by their students. Having a team of over 600 highly-qualified tutors and friendly staff, Stalford Learning Centre has received plenty of positive testimonials and references from both parents and students alike, making them a reputable tuition centre in Singapore!

Stalford Learning Centre

Stalford Learning Centre Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 4 Stalford Learning Centre
Website https://www.stalford.edu.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6753 3533 
53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #03-05/06 Singapore 569933

6481 3233 | 6353 3233 | 6757 3233 /
930 Yishun Ave 2 #02-29 // #02-166 // #03-11 Singapore 769098

6315 3233 /
1 Sengkang Square #03-25 Singapore 545078

6362 3233 /
90 Hougang Ave 10 #05-06 Singapore 538766

6543 3233 /
83 Punggol Central #02-04/05 Singapore 828761

6449 3233 /
681 Punggol Drive #05-01/11 Singapore 820681

6763 3233 /
17 Petir Road #02-13/14 Singapore 678278

6242 3233 /
21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 #03-14 Singapore 689812

6465 3233 /
21 Choa Chu Kang North 6 #01-30 Singapore 689578

6245 3233 /
209 New Upper Changi Road #04-635 Singapore 460209

6786 3233 /
3 Simei Street 6 #03-03 Singapore 528833

6446 3233 /
80 Marine Parade Road #01-59/60/61/62/62A Singapore 449269

6383 3233 /
1 Pasir Ris Central St 3 #05-02/06 Singapore 518457

6789 3233 /
4 Tampines Central 5 #05-02 Singapore 529510

6899 3233 /
2 Kallang Ave #03-11/12/13/14 Singapore 339511

6272 3233 /
302 Tiong Bahru Road #02-102/103/104 Singapore 168732

6898 3233 /
63 Jurong West Central 3 #B1-05/06 Singapore 648331

6793 3233 /
749 Jurong West St 73 #B1-145 Singapore 640749

6686 3233 /
3 Gateway Drive #04-19/20 Singapore 608532

No of Branches 21
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat – Sun: 8.30am – 8pm

(Different Outlets Operating Hours Vary)

Levels & Subjects

Preschool Phonics , English, Maths & Chinese
Primary English, Maths, Science & Chinese
Secondary English, Maths, Chinese, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Geography, Literature, Social Studies (SS), Principles of Accounts (POA) & Economics
JC H1 General Paper (GP), H1 Chinese, H1/H2 Maths, H1/H2 Economics, H1/H2 Chemistry, H1/H2 Physics, H1/H2 Biology, H1/H2 History, H1/H2 Geography & H1/H2 Literature
IP English, Maths, Chinese, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Geography & Literature,
IGCSE English, Maths, Chinese, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Geography & Literature

Class Size 10-30
Email contact@stalford.edu.sg
Fees Not Stated
Highlights – Long history of more than 20 years of experience
– Strong track record of grades improvement among students
– Well-established testimonials and references from parents and students
– Conveniently located across Singapore with more than 20 outlets
– Highly qualified tutors that are experienced in tutoring
– Reputable among parents and students in Singapore
– Offers highly effective crash courses
– Provides tuition to students from Preschool to Junior College

Review By
Cherish Teo, Elias Park Primary 

“Stalford teachers taught me highly effective methods for revision and identified my weak spots to work on. My grades improved dramatically and I became more confident in handling the PSLE.

Review By Nuha Kung, Meridian Secondary

“Ms Joann’s lessons were very engaging and enjoyable, and she went the extra mile to help me score in English. Mr Desmond exposed us to all the different types of questions and gave us a strong foundation in A. Maths”

Review By Li Yuyao, Hwa Chong Institution

“Stalford is professional, dedicated, and effective. The lessons and materials provided were concise and easy to comprehend, and my ability to grasp challenging concepts greatly improved.”

5) JustEdu Learning Centre

Established in 1999, JustEdu, formerly known as Just Education, grew from a single centre in Jurong East to an island-wide chain with 11 learning centres located in the heartlands of Singapore. They provide tuition services for more than 8,000 students each year across various academic levels and subjects. Beyond academics, JustEdu also innovates and provides fun and educational programmes to develop a student holistically, such as the PSLE Booster Camp and Just Young Scientist. Thus, they have been bestowed with prestigious achievements such as the Professional Enterprise Award, Singapore Promising Brand Award, Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and more. With JustEdu’s principle of teaching from the heart and providing fun learning experiences, it is no doubt that they are a Top Tuition Centre trusted by many parents and students in Singapore.

JustEdu Learning Centre

JustEdu Learning Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 5 JustEdu Learning Centre
Website https://www.justedu.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6567 0600 / 8546 6318
373 Bukit Batok Street 31, #02-246, Singapore 650373

6289 0050 / 8541 0073
30 Sembawang Drive #04-03/#04-04, 757713

6289 0050 / 8541 0073
809 Hougang Central, #04-176/#04-178, Singapore 530809

6686 5955 / 8417 8077
168 Punggol Field, #04-10/#02-08A, Singapore 820168

6387 0700 / 8279 9505
308 Anchorvale Rd, #01-09, Singapore 540308

6584 0300 / 9191 2689
1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3 Whitesands, Mall, #05-07C, 518457

No of Branches 6
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 3pm – 9.30pm
Sat: 9am – 6pm
Levels & Subjects Prechool English & Chinese
Primary Maths, English, Science & Chinese
Secondary Maths, English, Science & Chinese
JC Maths & English
Class Size Not Stated
Email feedback@justedu.com.sg
Fees Not Stated

– Each year, more than 8,000 students benefit from their tuition services
– Provide fun enrichment programmes that explore the fields of life skillsmemory skills as well as creativity to develop our students holistically
– Well-established testimonials and references from parents and students
– Highly qualified tutors that are experienced in tutoring
– Reputable among parents and students in Singapore

Review By Erasmus, Secondary 2

“After attending lessons at JustEdu, I obtain more in-depth knowledge and am able to effectively apply it to school-based work, examinations and even practical situations. JustEdu’s comprehensive notes allow me to memorise information in a short span of time to score in exams.

Review By
Xue Ying, FuHua Primary

“My Mathematics and Science teachers, Mrs Seah and Miss Yeo, were very dedicated and committed to teaching us, maximising the learning out of the two-hour lessons. The lessons were enjoyable and fun yet I learnt a lot from them. They encouraged me to be innovative and think out of the box while exploring the different approaches to the questions. Much to my pleasure, it worked and my grades improved! I truly feel grateful towards them. Thank you JustEdu!”

Review By
Mother of Roy Kang, Maris Stella High School Student

“I would like to say a big thank you to JustEdu (Serangoon Branch), Mrs Chng (teacher) and all the staff of JustEdu (especially to Ms Doreen Kok) for providing my son with such a loving and wonderful learning environment. I have noticed that the teachers teach with love, respect, patience and motivation. JustEdu has been such a great place for my son to be. Furthermore, my daughter, Rita Kang has joined JustEdu. She is currently in Primary 3 this year. I am very happy with the improvement in Roy’s result. Both of them seem to really enjoy studying in JustEdu. Keep up the good work!”



6) MaxiMind Eduhub

MaxiMind offers a holistic learning programme that caters to every child’s needs, with the goal of helping students gradually progress towards their academic goals. By prioritising curriculum continuity and mastery of concepts over pace, students are provided with a conducive learning environment with expert tutors and an exceptional curriculum. MaxiMind Eduhub emphasises derivation over memorisation, owing to a belief that fostering long-term critical thinking skills is essential to ensure that students are able to excel. With multiple awards and many positive testimonials, they are definitely one of the best Tuition Centres in Singapore!

MaxiMind Eduhub

MaxiMind Eduhub Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 6 MaxiMind Eduhub
Website https://www.maximind.sg/
Contact /
Address /
6909 2728 | 9859 9686
5 Tampines St 32 #02-12 Tampines Mart Singapore 529284
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 3pm – 9pm
Sat: 9am – 6pm
Sun: 9am – 5pm
Levels & Subjects

Primary English, Maths, Science & Chinese
Secondary English, Maths, Chinese, Science, Chemistry, Physics,  Biology, Social Studies (SS) & Principles of Accounts (POA)
JC H1 General Paper, H1/H2 Maths, H1/H2 Chemistry, H1/H2 Physics & H1/H2 Biology

Class Size 6-7 students
Email contact@maximind.sg
Fees Not Stated

– From being one of the best tuition centres in Tampines, to one of the best in Singapore
– Provides an idyllic learning environment with expert tutors and an exceptional curriculum
– Fosters long-term critical thinking skills
– Emphasises derivation over memorisation
– Prioritises curriculum continuity and mastery of concepts over pace

Review By Savio Amancio, Poi Ching School

“Teacher Beena has been teaching me forthe past 3 months to help me strengthen my science for PSLE. She has been overall an excellent teacher who pushes her students to achieve their goals. So in the end, she helped me get a B in science for PSLE when I kept getting C’s in otherexaminations. Not only being a great teacher she is also sometimes funny in class as she gives jokes that really makes people’s days. I am really thankful for having a teacher like teacher Beena.”

Review By Zac Toh

“After joining Maximind and being under the guidance of Mr Neo, my physics improved when I joined in 2017 July when I was in J1. From an average of D, I got an A for my promotional exam. And even in J2, as physics got conceptually harder, I was still able to not fall behind in school and still average a B for every exam. And Mr Neo, is also a teacher that not only teaches the subject but also cares for us holistically, always ensuring we rest well and have sufficient rest and he really made me get interested in Physics. Joining Maximind was definitely something I will never regret.”

Review By Elaine Ong

“Came across Maximind Eduhub when I was sourcing for additional help for my girl to address her challenges towards her Science and Math subjects. When I went in, I was welcomed by an extremely knowledgeable, nice and friendly front desk staff, Jennie, who chatted with me patiently to get a good sensing of my girl’s needs. She was able to recommend some available classes and was not pushy as I told her that I was looking around and walking down the tuition centres to make enquiries. I decided to let my girl try Science first. Thanks a lot Teacher Beena for allaying my girl’s resistance and disinterest towards the subject. She looks forward to her Friday classes. On another day, I went down to check for availability of Math classes and met her present Math tutor, Teacher Flora. Her helpfulness and proactiveness in checking with me my girl’s level of competency in Math put my heart at great ease .This is one concerned teacher who tries to match the class competency with the approaches used. Thank you, Teacher Flora for helping my girl to overcome her misconceptions and build up her confidence. Maximind Eduhub at Tampines Mart is filled with dedicated staff and teachers. Most importantly, my girl enjoys the lessons. Thank you.”


7) Zenith Education Studio

By providing complimentary consultation and 24/7 online help outside of lessons, Zenith’s students have benefited from grade improvements. In fact, they boast a strong track record of 90% of students scoring distinction at the O-Levels and 95% of students scoring an A/B at the A-Levels. Their curriculum is designed based on a comprehensive and highly effective teaching pedagogy. Students are also offered $100 referral bonuses, on top of having study lounge access with complimentary snack bars at the tuition centre. Overall, Zenith Education Studio aims to cultivate the integral values and skills that will set them up for success in school and for life.

Zenith Education Studio

Zenith Education Studio Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 7 Zenith Education Studio
Website https://www.learnatzenith.com/
Contact /
Address /

8768 7651 /
Buona Vista: 35 Rochester Drive #03-22 Singapore 138639
Potong Pasir: BLK 2 Tai Thong Cres #01-15 Singapore 347836
Bukit Timah: 611A Bukit Timah Road Singapore 269713

No of Branches 3
Opening Hours Mon-Fri: 4.30pm – 9.30pm
Sat-Sun: 10am – 5.30pm
Levels & Subjects Secondary Maths, Chemistry, Physics & Biology
JC H1/H2 Maths, H1/H2 Economics, H1/H2 Chemistry, H1/H2 Physics & H1/H2 Biology
Class Size Not Stated
Email zenitheducationstudio@gmail.com
Fees Upper Sec: $280/month
JC: $320/month
*Discounts available for 2/3-subject programme (save up to $150 monthly)
Highlights – Curriculum is based on a comprehensive and highly effective pedagogy
– Complimentary consultation and 24/7 online help provided outside of lesson timing
– Study lounge access with complimentary snack bar
– Termly outings for students
– Exam cheatsheets and notes provided
– 90% distinction at O-Levels, 70% A and 95% A/B at A-Levels
– Referral bonuses for students ($100)

Review By Emma Tan, ACJC

“Lessons at Zenith are effective and eye-opening, where teachers go beyond the confines of textbooks and lecture notes, providing me with deeper insight into what is taught in school. Teachers cater the lessons and programme to what students require and learn best in, allowing for easy understanding of content. The teaching style in Zenith allowed me to learn at my own pace, yet motivated me to seek constant improvement and better grades. Zenith truly helped to inspire my passion for Economics, sparking my genuine interest in the subject, where I am able to apply what I study into real-world situations.”

Review By Ean Cheng, Dunman High

“Prior to joining Zenith, learning Economics was such a hassle especially since Economics was a brand new subject to me and previous humanities subjects I had taken were much different from it. Lessons were systematic, easy to follow and the tutors provided me with many resources and notes which were compiled, concise and easy to study. The tutors here were also very clear of what examiners wanted and what they looked out for when marking, this enabled even the slower writers the ability to answer questions accurately with key points and, in turn, score as many marks as they could. Rather than expecting excellence and stellar results from everyone, Zenith’s unique approach optimised lessons for everyone by truly knowing each and every student’s capabilities. As a result, I don’t feel like there was pressure to achieve something that seems unattainable, but rather am always looking to do the best I can and do well.”

Review By Adele, SAJC

“The tutors were like my friends and this made lessons so much more enjoyable!!  Amidst all the stress (especially during As), the tutors at Zenith never failed to lift my spirits up during lessons. I started going for Econs (H2) tuition in the mid of J1 where my grades were constantly a U grade and I joined Math (H1) tuition at the end of J1 when my Math grades started slipping. With the help of the respective tutors, I managed to achieve an A grade for Econs and a C grade for Math for As even though I was constantly getting low grades in school. Their patience, guidance, and constant care for their students are really what stood out to me throughout my days at Zenith. I thought it was impossible for a JC student to still laugh and have so much fun during tuition while cramming like crazy for so many exams, but the tutors at Zenith really made it possible and I’m really glad that I joined Zenith! Thank you Zenith for guiding me and always going the extra mile to make sure that I grasp the right concepts as well”


8) Einstein Education Hub

With 15 years of teaching experience under their belt, Einstein Education Hub is a tuition centre that offers a team of rigorously trained, highly qualified tutors. They have also painstakingly developed a holistic coaching program focusing on the core skills of learning – understanding, explaining and applying. Boasting high distinction rates for their JC students, Einstein Education Hub has proven themselves to be able to produce stellar results in their students. With determination, hardwork and support, Einstein provides top-tier support to help students achieve success in their academics.

Einstein Education Hub

Einstein Education Hub Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 8  Einstein Education Hub
Website https://einstein.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /
6288 7238 /
Kovan: Blk 208 Hougang St 21 #04-209 S530208
Hougang: Blk 425 Hougang Ave 6 #B1-62 S530425
No of Branches 2
Opening Hours Mon – Sun: 9am – 5pm
Levels & Subjects Preschool English, Maths & Chinese
Primary English, Maths, Science & Chinese
Secondary English, Maths, Chinese, Science,  Chemistry, Physics & Biology
JC H1/H2 Maths & H1/H2 Physics
Class Size 2-5 Students
Email info@einstein.com.sg
Fees Preschool & Pri: $95-$105/month
Sec: $120-$180
JC: $225-$250
Highlights  Team of highly qualified tutors
– Tutors undergo trainings continuously
– 15 years of reputation
– Stellar results and track records (high distinction rates for students)
– No deposit/advance payment of fees required

Review By Eugene
Sec 3 Exp Combined Chemistry

“During tuition classes, I am pushed to remember and memorise important formula and concepts. I am regularly tested to ensure I can recall the concepts better. This helps me to understand and remember the concepts better. This also helps me to answer the more common questions in my exams. I was also taught the proper answering techniques, hence I am able to complete my homework and answer exam questions more easily with more details”

Review By
Rui Hao
Sec 3 NA E Maths

“After coming for tuition classes. I am now able to understand everything that was taught in class.  I no longer feel lost.  I am also able to do the homework given by my school teacher independently.  I am even confident enough to teach my friends when they are unsure or have doubts.Previously, before coming for tuition classes, when I sat for the exam paper, I felt clueless and the questions did not seem to be familiar to me.  Hence, I do not know how to start the questions and do it anyhow.  Now I am more confident to do the questions.  The questions look similar to what was taught in tuition classes and I am able to attempt all the questions with confidence.”

Review By Lucas
Sec 3 Exp A Maths

” The concepts were taught clearly during the lessons.  As the topics taught here are ahead of my school, it allows me to understand the lessons in school better.  When my teacher is teaching in school, I was able to multi-task and do more practice questions too.  With tuition classes, I am more aware of the different types of questions that are tested in exam. I am now able to do most of the questions independently which then motivates me to do more practices.  I feel more confident that I am able to do the questions with proper steps.”


9) Sophia Education

Recognising the importance of personalisation in their programmes, the in-house materials at Sophia Education are customised based on students’ learning needs and progress, featuring carefully selected worksheets from the TYS and Top School Prelim Papers. Assisted by a team of highly qualified tutors with 7-20 years of experience, they have managed to gain a solid track record with results 30-40% higher than the national average.

Sophia Education

Sophia Education Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 9 Sophia Education
Website https://www.sophiaeducation.sg/
Contact /
Address /
3129 4400 /
#02-09/10/11 Singapore Shopping Center, 190 Clemenceau Ave, Singapore 239924
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 9am – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 8am – 9pm
Levels & Subjects Secondary Maths, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History & Geography
JC H1 General Paper (GP), H1/H2 Maths, H1/H2 Chemistry, H1/H2 Physics, H1/H2 Biology, H1/H2 History & H1/H2 Geography
Class Size 1-6 Students
Email admin@sophiaeducation.sg

Group Lessons:
Pri 1-6: $280-$360/Month
Sec 1-4: $440-$560/Month
JC 1-2: $580-$640/Month

1-To-1 Lessons:
Pri 1-6: $360-$480/Month
Sec 1-4: $520-$640/Month
JC 1-2: $720-$800/Month

Highlights – VIP 1-To-1 lesson space available
– Highly qualified tutors with around 20 years of experience
– Solid track record, 30-40% higher than National Average
– Able to motivate students and generate learning desire
– In-house materials provided
– Customised based on learning needs and progress
– Worksheets are selected from TYS & Top School Prelims
– Clean and colourful examples for abstract concepts

Review By Wan Nooraini

“1st lesson was with Ms Jasmine Chan. She managed to engage my daughter who usually won’t open up during the initial session and can be quite a slow learner. However, it was quite interesting to see my daughter asking Ms Jasmine qns actively and I was surprised when Ms Jasmine said that my daughter is a fast learner.

Review By Zi YI, Temasek Junior College

“I improved from grade S (Prelims) to grade B (A-Levels Examination). I would really like to express my gratitude for the guidance and support in the last stretch. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Review By Praba

“Praba scored A for both Maths and Chemistry. Thank you for the support over the past 2 years!”



10) Elucidation Learning

As their name suggests, Elucidation Learning endeavors to remove any ambiguity that might be impeding a student’s learning. To do so, they have established a more personalised approach through small group learning, complete with an an interactive and conducive learning atmosphere tailored to each student’s learning capacity. They boast well-established testimonials and references provided by students themselves, with at least 85% of students have shown improvement in their grades and attitudes towards learning.

Elucidation Learning

Elucidation Learning Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 10 Elucidation Learning 
Website https://www.myelucidation.com/
Contact /
Address /
6464 0323 /
Clementi: Blk 320 Clementi Avenue 4 #01-39/45 Singapore 120320.
Serangoon: Blk 265, Serangoon Central Drive #02-271 Singapore 550265
No of Branches 2
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 2pm – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 6pm
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Maths, Science & Chinese
Secondary English, Maths, Chinese & Science
Class Size Not Stated
Email info@myelucidation.com

Not Stated

Highlights – Offer personalised coaching in small group learning
– At least 85% of students have shown improvement in their grades and attitudes towards learning
– Well-established testimonials and references provided by students themselves
– Offers academic bursaries/scholarships to support students in their academic journey
– Holds a highly experienced pool of tutors

Review By Manfred See, New Town Sec

With the help of Mr Lee, my Math grades have improved a lot, from failing to an A2 or even an A1! Without his help in my Math tuition lessons, my grades would have been very bad. Mr Lee also encouraged me to continually aim even higher so that I would not be complacent about my grades.

Review By Jovis Huang, Clementi Pri

Although I have just started having Math tuition not long ago, I know that if I ever need help, I can always go to Teacher Sakinah – she will be there to guide us through the toughest times and for that I thank her. She is a wonderful teacher. I enjoy all her lessons and her teaching is easy to understand. Happy Teachers Day Teacher Sakinah! I wish you a great day

Review By
Zong De

Teacher Lena, thank you so so much for providing me with academic support and encouragement. After my MYE results came out, I was completely lost and would have remained that way. if I didn’t have your help. You really go beyond your way to make sure your students are well and that’s something very rare to find in teachers, Thank you, Teacher Lena!


11) Future Academy

At Future Academy (FA), tutors are led by their Principal Tutors Mr Lau and Ms Chen, both of whom have impressive teaching and academic achievements and accolades. FA guarantees improvement in students, thanks to their effective teaching pedagogy, with over 100% of students witnessing grade improvements, and 80% of students achieving As in their examinations. FA also has a large testimonial base and have been featured on multiple news outlets such as The Straits Times, Channel News Asia and more. Over at FA, students can rest assured that they are being taught by one of the best tuition centres in Singapore!

Future Academy GP Tuition

Future Academy Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 11 Future Academy
Website https://www.fa.edu.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6884 6566
Bencoolen: 175A Bencoolen Street #06-05, Burlington Square Office Tower, Singapore 189650
Bukit Timah: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #15-04, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Singapore 588179

No of Branches 2
Opening Hours Mon – Sun: 9am – 9pm
Levels & Subjects Primary Maths, Primary Chinese, Secondary Maths, Secondary Chinese, Secondary Chemistry, Secondary Physics, Secondary Biology, JC H1 General Paper (GP), JC H1/H2 Maths, JC H1/H2 Economics, JC H1/H2 Chemistry, JC H1/H2 Physics, JC H1/H2 Biology, IP Maths, IP Chemistry, IP Physics
Class Size 2-5 students (on average)
Email info@fa.edu.sg

Pri: $400-$480/month
Sec/IP: $480/month
JC: $560/month

Highlights – High qualifications of tutors with years of experience
– Small class sizes to ensure students learn well
– Customised tuition notes are provided to students to cater to their needs
– 100% of students witnessed grade improvements
– 80% of students achieved A for their tutored subject

Review By Briet Butler

“Future Academy is amazing and frankly one of the best places to improve in many different things and I really think it was very fun as well. I reaally liked their teachers and how kind they were and it really helped me to learn”

Review By Jackie Lu

“Future Academy is a trustworthy tuition professional centre with great tutors! My daughter has been with them a year and her math results are very encouraging! Highly recommended! Give them a chance as well as your children a chance too!”

Review By
Kirsten Clare

“Really grateful to Future Academy for their help with my studies, their online resources are very enriching and help me gain confidence with the material being taught in school.”


12) New Dawn Learning Studio

Over at New Dawn Learning Studio, students can expect an open concept layout which challenges the current tutoring landscape, breaking the barriers between students and tutors. With 90% of students scoring A1-B3 for the O Levels, this tuition centre in Singapore boasts a strong testimonial base from past students. Hence, students enrolled in this top tuition centre can rest assured that they are in good hands.

New Dawn Learning Studio

New Dawn Learning Studio Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 12 New Dawn Learning Studio
Website https://newdawnlearning.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /
8112 6470 /
Blk 712 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #03-4056 Singapore 560712

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Thu: 3pm – 10pm
Fri: 3pm – 7.30pm
Sat: 9am – 7.30pm
Sun: 3.30pm – 10pm
Levels & Subjects Secondary Maths, Secondary Chemistry, Secondary Physics, JC H1/H2 Maths, JC H1/H2 Chemistry, JC H1/H2 Physics
Class Size Not Stated
Email info@newdawnlearning.com.sg
Fees Sec: $45-$65/lesson
JC: $76-$90/lesson

Fee follows a monthly fee structure (https://newdawnlearning.com.sg/schedule-fees/)

Highlights – Inclusive learning experience and conducive study environment
– In-house tailored and curated study materials
– Over 90% A1-B3 for O Levels
– Strong testimonial base from past students
– Specialised O/A Level holiday programmes/workshops curated to tackle students’ weaknesses

Review By Tan Jay Han
Sec 4 Exp E/A Math

“I have been with New Dawn for 3+ years now, and Mr Daniel has been by my side throughout most of my secondary school math journey. With New Dawn’s conducive learning environment, clear and concise notes, along with Mr Daniel’s guidance, I have been able to achieve consistently satisfactory results for both A.math and E.math, and A1 for both in my O’levels! I definitely recommend NDLS to anyone seeking to improve their Math grades”

Review By
Ines Sim
Sec 4 Exp Chem & A Math

“I was with New Dawn for a few months and the teachers there have helped me improve tremendously. The learning environment in New Dawn is very inclusive, I was not afraid to ask questions and clarify my doubts. Additionally, the notes provided by the teachers are useful, I found myself referring to them a lot when studying for the O level examinations. My grades jumped from C to A under the guidance of Teacher Daniel and Teacher Joseph. If you are looking for a tuition centre, I would definitely recommend New Dawn!”

Review By Cassandra
JC2 H2 Math

“I entered New Dawn after the Mid Year Examinations (MYE). At that time, my maths was a U grade and I was afraid that I was going to fail my maths at the A levels. Since I joined late, there were chapters that they had gone through and I missed them. But, I am very thankful for Mr Daniel for going out of his way and giving me a mini crash course after classes. The way that Mr Daniel crafted his notes and practices (question types) benefitted me as I could see the similarity in the questions, allowing me to grasp concepts which gave me a headache in the past. In just a short period time (half a year), my maths improved from a U grade to an A grade in A Levels, and I made it to the honour roll in my school.  For those students who aren’t scoring well in your school examinations, just continue to press on and join New Dawn! “


13) Miracle Learning Centre

Registered with MOE, this tuition centre teaches content that is closely aligned with the latest updated MOE syllabus. In order to improve students’ understanding, experienced tutors will help to break down complicated topics into bite-sized chunks. Miracle Learning Centre has earned themselves many positive testimonials from both parents and students alike, on platforms such as Facebook and Google. They have also been awarded the “Best Tuition Centres in Singapore (2020)” and “Top Maths Tuition in Singapore”, making them immensely credible!

Miracle Learning Centre

Miracle Learning Centre Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 13 Miracle Learning Centre
Website https://miraclelearningcentre.com/
Contact /
Address /
6463 8756 / 8128 8342
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #03-01 Beauty World Centre Singapore 588977

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 3pm – 10pm
Sat – Sun: 9.30am – 7pm
Levels & Subjects Primary Maths, Primary Science, Secondary Maths, Secondary Science, Secondary Chemistry, Secondary Physics, Secondary Biology, JC H1/H2 Maths, JC H1/H2 Economics, JC H1/H2 Chemistry, JC H1/H2 Physics, JC H1/H2 Biology, IP Maths, IP Science
Class Size 5-8 Students
Email miraclelearning@gmail.com
Fees Sec 1-4: $220
JC1-2: $340
Deposit $100, registration $20
Material Fees $30
Highlights – Specialist in Maths, Chemistry and Physics tuition for Primary, Secondary and JC
– Small class size for optimal learning
– Curated worksheets and study resources
– All teachers are former school teachers and NIE-trained
– Unlimited and free consultation from teachers outside of lesson time
– Multiple class slots to suit students’ hectic schedules

Review By
P6 Math

“Although I have only joined about a month ago, I feel like it has been a long time and I enjoy coming for maths tuition. I hope to continue coming here in the future. Thank you Mdm Song! I have improved by 20 marks from 60 in SA1 to 80 in prelim”

Review By Glenn Soh

“Miss Ong is a kind and understanding teacher. She has a vast knowledge of many things. I have been under her guidance for almost 2 years now and have learned a lot. From having just C’S before I came under her guidance, but now I have started to score very well mostly getting A2’S or A1’S for my Science Exams and test, thanks to Miss Ong. Other than helping with pulling up my grades she also helps me when I feel tired or stressed, even when I’m feeling down, she brings me back up. I have been to many different tuition centres and have met many teachers who taught me science, I have found that Miss Ong is true to the name of her workplace is a miracle. Shining brightly like the light at the end of the tunnel guiding us. Even when I am annoying she still deals with me.”

Review By Daniel Tan
JC H2 Math

“Before I attended Mr Kuan’s lessons, my grades went from bad to worse. After I attended Mr kuan’s lessons, my grades only went in one direction – upwards! I am grateful for his teaching and his patience. His dedication has helped me to ace my A levels Maths exam!



14) Indigo Education Group

Founded in 2011, Indigo Education Group is a renowned tuition centre featuring an effective teaching pedagogy developed by education specialists. Thanks to their high-quality consolidated notes and termly assessments, this tuition centre boasts a distinction rate of over 60% for the A Levels. Furthermore, they follow an exam-oriented curriculum to help students excel in examinations. If you or your child is struggling to cope with the JC curriculum, Indigo Education is definitely worth checking out!

Indigo Education Group

Indigo Education Group Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 14 Indigo Education Group
Website https://indigo.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /
6634 2208 / 8218 0427 /
271 Bukit Timah Road, #B1-09 Balmoral Plaza, Singapore 259708

6980 2928 / 8218 0427 /
116 Middle Road #07-02/03/04 Singapore 188972

6980 0200 / 9727 8069 /
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #01-01 Singapore 588179

6980 0200 / 9727 8069 /
191 Sin Ming Avenue #01-02 Singapore 575738

6977 9522 / 8127 2038 /
103 Irrawaddy Rd, #02-01 to #02-04 Royal Square @ Novena, Singapore 329566

No of Branches 5
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 11.30am – 7pm
Sat – Sun: 9.30am – 6.30pm
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Science, Secondary Chemistry, JC H1 General Paper (GP), JC H1/H2 Maths, JC H1/H2 Economics, JC H1/H2 Chemistry, JC H1/H2 Physics, IP English, IP Maths, IP Chinese, IP Science, IP Physics
Class Size Not Stated
Email contact@indigogroup.com.sg
Fees Not Stated
Highlights – Effective teaching pedagogy developed by education specialists
– High-quality collated notes
– Exam-oriented curriculum to help students excel in examinations
– Termly assessments to keep track of student’s learning progress
– Over 60% distinction rates for A Levels

Review By
Felis Tan

My tutor is a really cool and interesting teacher who has helped me raise my math grades to a consistent A1 and made the subject one that I enjoy. He teaches us helpful tricks to tackle tricky questions and makes sure that his lessons are engaging and fun. Really thankful to have such a great Math teacher who has taught me to love the subject other than just getting good grades! :D”

Review By 
Ian Freda Haryanto

Indigo was really helpful as their materials collated various case studies on multitudinous of topics which gave me an edge compared to generic statistics. Their method of drilling essay questions also exposed me to difficult questions which made me more confident in my ability to answer questions.”

Review By
Darius Toh

“The fun and engaging way the tutors impart their knowledge while also adding in a slice of life lessons are really what makes me always look forward to lessons.”



15) Aspire Hub

At Aspire Hub, students take a diagnostic test for coaches to better understand their learning progress and needs. The coaches will then fully customise their teaching styles and learning programmes to cater to students’ needs. Equipped with nearly 20 years of experience, Aspire Hub takes a holistic and exam-centric approach. With all of its coaches being full-time employees, students will be receiving their 100% undivided attention at all times. On top of that, each student’s portfolio will be personally handled by a coach to ensure that his/her individual learning profile is being taken care of. Aspire Hub is also extremely accessible and convenient, with multiple tuition centres located at multiple locations islandwide.

Aspire Hub Tuition Centre

Aspire Hub Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 15 Aspire Hub
Website https://aspirehub.com/
Contact /
Address /

6235 2018 / 9821 6612 /
1 Kim Seng Promenade, #03-122, Singapore 237994

9649 0297 / 9649 2084 /
53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #03-04, #03-24, Singapore 569933

6904 4540 / 9622 2942 /
17 Petir Road, Hillion Mall, #B1-64, Singapore 678278

6513 6272 / 9002 8570 /
10 Paya Lebar Rd, Paya Lebar Quarter #03-21 (Near Popular), Singapore 409057

6377 7318 / 6377 7320 / 9821 6612
122 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-54/56/58, Singapore 150122

6702 4080 / 6702 4083 /
311 New Upper Changi Road, #B1-06, Singapore 467360

6245 6671 /
799 New Upper Changi Road, Bedok Point, #03-24, Singapore 467351

6462 4840 / 6462 4240 / 9835 1025 /
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #03-06A, Singapore 588177

6252 5630 / 6252 6255 / 8299 8697 /
1 Jurong West Central 2, Jurong Point, #01-40/41/42, Singapore 648886

6214 0501 / 6214 0502 /
80 Marine Parade Road, Parkway Parade #01-58, #03-31, Singapore 449269

8332 2251 /
35 Rochester Drive, Rochester Mall, #02-08, Singapore 138639

6702 7318 / 6702 7319 /
33 Sengkang West Avenue, #03-14/15, The Seletar Mall, Singapore 797653

6634 2412 / 6634 2413 /
23 Serangoon Central, Nex, #04R-79 (near Library), Singapore 556083

6526 1758 / 8180 2822 /
193A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574338

6909 2077 / 6909 2078 /
101 Thomson Road, United Square #01-33/34/35, Singapore 307591

6316 6675
1 Bukit Batok Central Link, West Mall #02-21/22, Singapore 658713

No of Branches 16
Opening Hours Hours differ for all outlets
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Primary Chinese, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Chinese, Secondary Science, Secondary Chemistry, Secondary Physics, Secondary Biology, Secondary Principles of Accounts (POA), JC H1 General Paper (GP), JC H1/H2 Maths, JC H1/H2 Economics, JC H1/H2 Chemistry, JC H1/H2 Physics, IP Maths, IP Science, IP Chemistry, IP Physics, IB SL/HL Maths, IB SL/HL Chemistry, IB SL/HL Physics
Class Size 6 Students
Email info-av@aspirehub.com
Fees Group Lessons: $220-$400/Month
Highlights – Almost 20 years of experience
– Branches islandwide at convenient locations
– Offers a wide range of subjects with curriculum that is in line with the latest school syllabus
– Customised learning programme for all students
– Takes an holistic approach to empowering students
– Coaches are full-time employees, meaning that they are 100% dedicated to giving your child the best education
– Students take a diagnostic test for coaches to fully customise their teaching styles and learning programmes
– Each student’s portfolio is individually handled by a coach
– Exam-centred approach; lessons are focused on preparing students for examinations with focused lessons for Mid-Year Exams and intensive revision periods during school holidays
– Individual coaching sessions held quarterly

Review By
Jonathan Goh
Secondary A Math

“Before coming to Aspire Hub, my Math was not well and I was constantly getting only B’s and C’s. However, all that changed when I met John. I developed my passion for Mathematics under him as he cleared all my doubts about the subject. Through him, I gained confidence to approach any question in Math. Although sometimes I did not achieve my expectations, he would always motivate me to do better. If you are in need of help for Math, John is the right man for the job.

Review By
Jaden Goh
P6 English

“My result for English was poor at the start at P6 (2013) getting from low 20’s to 60’s. I was more interested in Math at that time. I was introduced to Aspire Hub after my CA1. Though English was one of the subjects that I dread at the start of the year, the engaging lessons and helpful teachers brought back my interest and today, I am in Nan Hua High the 10th SAP school in Singapore. Thank you Aspire Hub!

Review By
Kwon Jung Won
JC H2 Math

“Teacher Yi Pei is very patient and committed to teaching. Her step-by-step approach and continuous support have motivated me to not give up on studying Math. She has also helped me to develop a passion and desire to do even better and to push myself further to solve new problems. Thank you Teacher Yi Pei!



16) SmartLab Education Centre

As a well-established tuition centre of 15 years, SmartLab Education Centre has helped more than 1,000 students, across different levels, to achieve their desired academic grades in the tutored subject(s). With the SmartLab ELearn Mobile Application, students are able to access Scientific knowledge conveniently which greatly aids their independent learning efforts. Besides imparting problem-solving and communication skills, this tuition centre also nurtures a positive attitude towards learning, which is essential beyond the classroom. Here, students can be assured that they are in good hands!

SmartLab Education Centre

SmartLab Education Centre Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 16 SmartLab Education Centre
Website http://smartlab.com.sg/Tuition/
Contact /
Address /
6459 2351 / 6459 5282 / 8318 7865 /
228 Bishan Street 23 #B1-71 Singapore 570228 / 243 Bishan Street 22 #B1 – 274 Singapore 570243

6487 7327 / 8141 9790 /
204 Hougang Street 21 #02-113 Singapore 530204

6440 3593 / 9776 6580 /
1 Marine Parade Central #13-03, Parkway Centre Singapore 449408

6363 2383 / 8296 5450 /
818 Woodlands Street 82 #01-419 Singapore 730818

No of Branches 4
Opening Hours Hours differ for all outlets
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Science, Secondary Chemistry, Secondary Physics, Secondary Biology, JC H1/H2 Maths, JC H1/H2 Chemistry, JC H1/H2 Physics, JC H1/H2 Biology, IP English, IP Maths, IP Science, IP Chemistry, IP Physics, IP Biology
Class Size 10-20 Students
Email Bishan: adminbishan@smartlab.com.sg / bishansmartlab@hotmail.com
Hougang: hougang@smartlab.com.sg / hougangsmartlab@outlook.com
Marine Parade: marineparade@smartlab.com.sg / marineparadesmartlab@gmail.com
Woodlands: woodlands@smartlab.com.sg / smartlab.wl@gmail.com
Fees Group Lessons:
Pri 3-6: $208-$215/Month
Sec 1-5 / IP: $243-$338/Month
JC 1-2: $343-$370/Month

Registration fees: $40
Deposit: $100
(Deposit is refundable provided 1 month notice is given before termination)

Highlights – Well-established tuition centre of 15 years
– Helped more than 1,000 PSLE, O Level and A Level Students to achieve the grades they deserve
– All tutors are experienced full timers
– Offers online and physical tuition classes depending on students’ needs
– Provides comprehensive notes and exam-oriented teaching mehthodologies
– Offers SmartLab ELearn Mobile Application — to foster learning of Science knowledge
– Holds 4 outlets conveniently located across Singapore
– All lessons are in accordance to the MOE syllabus
– Results guaranteed or get money back
– Comprehensive and unique programme that helps students reach their full potential
– Activity-based and problem-based learning for an engaging learning experience for students
– Small class sizes where students are free to experiment and explore key topics
– Nurtures a positive attitude towards learning
– Imparts problem-solving and communication skills that are essential beyond the classroom

Review By

“Smart lab is a great tuition. The teachers there are very patient. Mr Zhang was one of my favourite teachers as he was very helpful. Through his teaching, I have improved my grades and became the top of my class for physics. The notes and worksheets given are also very useful. Overall, I did not regret joining this tuition and I would strongly recommend it to everyone.

Review By
Darius Nyo

“A great tuition centre with easy to understand lesson and helpful notes and worksheets to better understand the subject. The teachers are really patient and lessons really helped me achieve a grade that was to my satisfaction in the o levels.”

Review By Aiyman Hasif

“As a Private Candidate student, I didn’t have any other way to study for Biology except by self- studying and through tuitions at SmartLab. My tutor, Mr Tan was very helpful and he would explain every topic thoroughly . Practice questions would always be given so that we could know the various types of questions that would be tested. Overall, I can assure you that SmartLab is a good place to have tuitions.”



17) Inspire Education Centre

Founded in 2007, Inspire Education Centre serves as an established Tuition Centre in Singapore catering to students from all walks of life, with the goal of helping them achieve academic success. With their emphasis on helping students develop critical and independent thinking skills, they have enabled more than 1,000 students to improve by 2-3 grade bands in the past 12 years. Students are sure to benefit from enrolling in this centre!

Inspire Education Centre

Inspire Education Centre Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 17 Inspire Education Centre
Website https://inspire.edu.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6345 3147 / 8699 5629
50 East Coast Road, #02-144 Roxy Square, Singapore 428769

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm
Sat: 9am – 4pm
Sun: 11am – 5.30pm
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Primary Chinese, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Chinese, Secondary Science, Secondary Chemistry, Secondary Physics, Secondary Biology, Secondary History, Secondary Geography, Secondary Literature, Secondary Social Studies (SS), JC H1 General Paper (GP), JC H1 Chinese, JC H1/H2 Maths, JC H1/H2 Economics, JC H1/H2 Chemistry, JC H1/H2 Physics, JC H1/H2 Biology, JC H1/H2 History, JC H1/H2 Literature, IP English, IP Maths, IP Chinese, IP Science, IP Chemistry, IP Physics, IP Biology
Class Size Not Stated
Email tuition@inspire.edu.sg
Fees Group Lessons:
Pri 1-6: $270/Month
Sec 1-4: $300-$400/Month
JC1-2: $360-$640/Month
Highlights – Specialised in Humanities tuition
– Helped more than 1,000 students improve grades by 2-3 grade bands in past 12 years
– All their Combined Humanities students scored As
– Focus on critical thinking skills in order to help them think and assess ideas and concepts independently

Review By
Ernst Lee
O Level Math

“My tutor at INSPIRE made Math lessons very interesting and fun, which is a difficult thing to do with such a subject. He made me look forward to Math lessons and he always checked on my progress to see if I’m coping well.”

Review By Cynthia
O Level POA

“I am really thankful to my tutor for helping me with my POA. Her encouragement really helped a lot. I improved greatly thanks to her!”

Review By Gallen
JC H2 Math

“There are many good teachers, a few great teachers, and one or two life-changing teachers. I am fortunate and thankful that I have encountered a life-changing teacher in the form of Mr. Yong.”


18) EduFirst Learning Centre

EduFirst Learning Centre is an award-winning, premier MOE-Registered tuition centre in Singapore. With 12 outlets islandwide, parents can rest assured that they are able to find a branch close to their home. Lesson plans are thoughtfully curated and tweaked based on each student’s weakness and learning style. Their committed, dedicated, and patient teachers and thoughtful curriculum have landed them multiple features on The Straits Times and made them a 3-time winner of the ParentsWorld Best Enrichment & Learning Schools Award. Definitely do check them out!

EduFirst Learning Centre

EduFirst Learning Centre Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 18 EduFirst Learning Centre
Website https://www.edufirst.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

9106 7716 /
Yishun (Northpoint City): 1 Northpoint Drive, Northpoint City, South Wing #02-164
Yishun (Khatib): 848, Yishun St 81 ,#01-152/154 Khatib Central (Beside Ma Kuang TCM)
Sengkang 1 (Fernvale): 405C, Fernvale Lane, #01-103 Sengkang (Next to Fernvale Primary School)
Sengkang 2 (Anchorvale): 326A, Anchorvale Road #01-256 (Next to Springdale Primary)
Hougang: 21, Hougang Street 51, #01-28 Hougang Green Shopping Mall
Ang Mo Kio: Block 720, Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #01-4122 (2nd Level)
Jurong East: 2 Jurong East Central 1 #04-17 JCube
Woodlands (Admiralty): Block 729, Woodlands Circle #01-47
Sembawang: Canberra Community Club #04-02
Bukit Timah: 1 Fifth Ave, #02-01 Guthrie House
Punggol: 9 Sentul Crescent, #04-07 SAFRA Punggol
Aljunied: 110 Lorong 23 Geylang #01-07, Victory Centre

No of Branches 12
Opening Hours Mon-Fri: 3pm-9.30pm
Sat-Sun: 9am-4.30pm
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Primary Chinese, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Chinese, Secondary Chemistry, Secondary Physics, Secondary Biology, Secondary History, Secondary Geography, Secondary Literature, Secondary Social Studies (SS), Secondary Principles of Accounts (POA)
Class Size Not Stated
Email enquiry@edufirst.com.sg
Fees Group lessons:
Pri 1-6: $110-$160
Sec 1-5: $130-$200
Highlights – 12 branches across Singapore, convenient for most
– 3-time-winner of the ParentsWorld Best Enrichment & Learning Schools in years 2016/2017, 2017/2018, and 2019/2020
– Multiples features on The Straits Times
– Small group size allows for each student to optimise his/her learning
– Highly qualified tutors that have undergone a stringent selection process
– Lessons are personally customised by tutors to suit each student’s individual learning style and pace
– Interactive learning in a group setting
– Committed, dedicated and patient teachers
– Registered with MOE

Review By Liao Zi Qing
O Level

It has been a wonderful journey along several friendly and loving teachers in EduFirst for the past few years. I definitely see a positive change in my grades after couple months of tutoring from the teachers, especially Teacher May and Teacher Erica who have helped me a lot.”

Review By Benson Lim

Benson has joined EduFirst in May 2018 right after his SA1, he has gotten band 4 for Math. I’ve sent him for the trial lesson with Tr Dione, and has signed up with EduFirst immedaitely after the trial as he loves to attend Tr Dione’s class, he told me Tr Dione will make the lessons interesting. When Benson faced difficulties in his school work, Tr Dione even stayed back after the lesson to guide him. Benson has gotten back his SA2 result recently. I’m very satisfied with his Math result. He has improved from Band 4 to Band 2 in 5 months. Kudos to Tr Dione.”

Review By Fatin
Sec 4 Math

“I just want to say a whole lot of thanks for helping me improve tremendously in my Maths. Seeing you put in all that extra hours to help me, makes me want to work twice as hard to make you happy. Thank you for your kind gratitude towards me 🙂 Cheers to more great years ahead!!



19) Simply Education Tuition Centre

Tutors that are incredibly approachable, committed, and compassionate lead the Primary School Tuition lessons at Simply Education Tuition Centre. Thanks to the small class sizes, your child will receive plenty of one-on-one time from his or her primary school tutors. Simply Education Tuition Centre’s tutors all have strong track records for tutoring, as the centre has strict guidelines to ensure that only tutors that are the cream of the crop are selected. Simply Education makes tuition accessible with its three conveniently situated tuition centre branches throughout Singapore and its flexible and customizable tuition lessons.

Simply Education Tuition Centre

Simply Education Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 19 Simply Education Tuition Centre
Website https://www.simplyeducation.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /
6784 0790 / 9832 2123
Hougang: Blk 806 Hougang Central #03-154 Singapore 530806
Tampines: Blk 201D Tampines Street 21 #03-1153 Singapore 524201
Tiong Bahru: Blk 18 Jalan Membina #04-05 Singapore 164018
No of Branches 3
Opening Hours Mon – Sun: 9am – 10pm
Levels & Subjects Primary Maths, Primary Science, Primary Chinese, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Chinese, Secondary Science, JC H1/H2 Maths, JC H1/H2 Chemistry, JC H1/H2 Physics, JC H1/H2 Biology
Class Size 4 Students
Email tuition@simplyeducation.com.sg
Fees Group Lessons:
Pri 1-6: $120-$140/Month
Sec 1-5: $140-$150/Month
JC 1-2: $150-$180/Month
Highlights – Only offers courses (English, Math, Science, Chinese, Economics) that their tutors are strong in
– Flexible/customisable tuition classes
– Tutors with a proven-track record for tutoring and specific subject specialisations
– Holds 3 main branches across Singapore
– Approachable, caring and committed tutors
– Small group size allows for each student to optimise his/her learning

Review By
Alvin Lee

“Experienced tutors who are dynamic and engaging. Concepts are easily understandabble. If you are looking for tuition that is effective, SimplyEducation is highly recommended. Thank you Mr Low, Mr Foong and other tutors.

Review By
Zane Ong

“Tutors who genuinely go the extra mile for their students’ success. Definitely would recommend!”


20) Stag Match Tuition Centre

One of the leading Primary Tuition in Singapore, Stag Match Tuition Centre, offers a thorough examination of all Primary School subjects and conducts English, Math, Science, and Chinese courses carefully in accordance with the most recent MOE standards and PSLE syllabus. Students will be able to learn critically important skills at this MOE-approved Primary Tuition Centre, including language writing and math and science calculations, laying a solid academic foundation for each student’s scholastic path after primary school.

Stag Match Tuition Centre

Stag Match Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 20 Stag Match Tuition Centre
Website https://smet.edu.sg/tuition/
Contact /
Address /

6612 7165 / 9845 0665
245 Bishan Street 22, #01-298, Singapore 570245
112 Bishan Street 12, #01-02, Singapore 570112
861 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #02-01.02.07 & #03-03, Singapore 569734
307D Anchorvale Road, #01-90, Singapore 544307
1187 Upper Serangoon Road, #01-29, The Midtown, Singapore 533971
623 Hougang Ave 8, #01-212, Singapore 530623
35 Hougang Ave 3, Singapore 538840
1 Segar Rd, Segar Vale, Singapore 677738
111 Bedok North Rd, #01-323/325, Singapore 460111
226A Compassvale Walk #01-305 Singapore 541226
1G Cantonment Road, #03-77, Pinnacle @ Duxton, Singapore 085107

No of Branches 11
Opening Hours Hours differ for all outlets
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Primary Chinese
Class Size Not stated
Email info@stagmatch.com.sg

Not stated

Highlights – Courses are all based strictly on MOE guidelines and syllabus
– Various creative writing courses available to incalculate academic skillsets and abilities
– MOE registered and approved tuition centre

Review By

“I find Stag Match has helped me to understand the topics of the subjects well and helped me in improving my results with the well planned materials given to us.”

Review By
Lutfi Hakim

“I have been studying at Stag Match since 2011. During my tuition with Stag Match, I have excelled a lot in my academics and achieved scholarship in my school. I am proud of myself and Stag Match has been a contributing factor to my achievement.”

Review By
Adwin Wee

“Stag Match is a good tuition centre. The teachers put in efforts to teach the students well. They use Diagrams, PowerPoint slides and other mediums, which make us understand better. The teachers are also very professional.”



21) Quintessential Education

Quintessential Education (QE) is home to a pool tutors with a wealth of knowledge and training. They adhere to strict hiring procedures to guarantee that every JC tutor picked is the best of the best. Thus, it should come as no surprise that QE is one of Singapore’s top JC Tuition companies. At QE, instructors use exam-based instructions to help students prepare for the A Levels. They also place emphasis on skills such as critical thinking and practical application. Students can be confident that they will be well-prepared for their A Level Examinations by assisting them in achieving content mastery and making sure they are given enough timed practice, consultation, and notes.

Quintessential Education Tuition Centre

Quintessential Education Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 21 Quintessential Education
Website https://qeducation.sg/
Contact /
Address /
6100 9338 / 9655 0590
545 Orchard Rd #14-09 Far East Shopping Centre Singapore 238882
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 11am to 8pm
Sat – Sun: 11am to 6pm
Levels & Subjects JC H1 General Paper (GP), JC H1/H2 Maths, JC H1/H2 Economics, JC H1/H2 Chemistry, JC H1/H2 Physics, IP English, IP Maths, IP Chinese, IP Science, IP Chemistry, IP Physics, IB SL/HL Maths, IB SL/HL Chinese, IB SL/HL Chemistry, IB SL/HL Physics, IB SL/HL Biology, IB SL/HL History, IB SL/HL Geography, IB SL/HL Literature, IB Extended Essay, IGCSE Maths, IGCSE Chinese, IGCSE Chemistry, IGCSE Physics, IGCSE Biology, IGCSE History, IGCSE Geography, IGCSE Literature
Class Size 3-6 students
Email enquiries@qeducation.sg
Fees Group Classes:
IGCSE & Sec 1-4: $480/Month
IB & JC 1-2: $500/Month
*Four sessions per month, 1 hr 45 min each

Individual Classes (IGCSE):
Junior Tutors: $600-$650
Senior Tutors: $720-$800
Examiners: $880
*Four sessions per month, 1 hr 30 min each

Individual Classes (IP, JC & IB):
Junior Tutors: $600-$720
Senior Tutors: $800-$880
Examiners: $950
*Four sessions per month, 1 hr 30 min each

Highlights – Usage of an E3 teaching model to educate through exam exposure, key content mastery and targeted practices
– International expansive group of educators (from Raffles, ACS, Ivy, Oxbridge alumnus, IB Examiners, and beyond)
– Students consistently outperform the national average across major examinations
– 100% students scored 6 or 7 in IB exam, 89% scored A/A* in IGCSE exam, 91% scored A/B in A Level exam (in 2020)
– Featured in multiple media outlets (Channel 5, Channel 8, Straits Times etc.)
– 500+ 5 star Google reviews

Review By Ivette Chiew

“Tuition here was really great. My tutor was friendly and easy to converse with, really took the time to ensure i understood and could grasp the topic at hand. The environment is also very sleek and not too distracting and the session was one of the best tuition sessions I’ve had with any tuition centre.”

Review By Sharon Loh

“From my daughter’s experience with QE, the tutors here are professional, nurturing and genuinely try their best to help the student. Administrative staff are friendly and prompt with customer servicing, always willing to resolve any issues or concerns. So far, very satisfied with this tuition centre!

Review By Clarissa Junia

“I had a very great experience with Quintessential Education and their staff are very friendly. To me, they seem to be very experienced with all academic related matters. Knowing that I have an experienced team guiding me throughout my studies made me feel at ease.



22) Habitat Learning Centre

At Habitat Learning Centre, classes are held in small groups to ensure that every student receives ample attention from their tutors. Through providing customised practice questions and summary notes, this tuition centre hopes to cater to every student regardless of their level of knowledge. Habitat believes that through exposing students to exam-like questions in class, they may be better prepared for the actual examination both academically and mentally.

Habitat Learning Centre

Habitat Learning Centre Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 22 Habitat Learning Centre
Website https://habitatlearningcentre.com
Contact /
Address /

9795 3323
1 Goldhill Plaza, #02-27, Singapore 308899

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Thu: 12pm – 5.30pm
Fri: 12pm – 6pm
Sat – Sun: 10am – 7pm
Levels & Subjects Secondary Maths, Secondary Science, Secondary Chemistry, Secondary Physics, JC H1/H2 Maths, JC H1/H2 Economics, JC H1/H2 Chemistry, IB SL/HL Economics
Class Size 4-6 students
Email admin@habitatlearningcentre.com
Fees Not Stated
Highlights – Small class size to ensure that every student receives ample of attention from tutor
– Customises tuition curriculum based on the student’s level of knowledge
– Habitat provides notes, practice questions and summary notes to all students
– Aptitude test provided for students
– Strong supportive culture is instilled, good relationships between teacher and student, as well as teacher and parent

Review By Matthew Doo

I enjoyed my four years here very much. When I first came here, I did not think I would do well in secondary school. This is because I did badly for PSLE. However, after tuition here, I managed to score As for math and science in school. I must thank all the teachers who taught me well and made me understand topics better, especially my current physics and chemistry teachers. I made very good memories here, and I enjoyed my time here very much.”

Review By
Chantel Chua

I joined the tuition centre quite close to my O levels so I wasn’t very confident that I would be able to improve. In SA1, I failed and I was one of the lowest in class. But in my recent prelims, I got a high B4, which surprised me a lot. I think with the constant practices I did and the confidence teacher Casey had in me, gave me the confidence in myself.

Review By Tan Ming Kai

This Centre has definitely taught me many things, not only in the education aspect, but also build on my character, to be more responsible and focused. It also has given me hope. I used to think a pass is what I could achieve at my best, always expecting the worse in my results. However, after joining the classes, I understood my weakness and mistakes. Teachers would always motivate us and they see the potential in us, making me feel encouraged to work harder, getting the results that will make my teachers and me proud. Obviously now, I believe that I can get the results I want for the O levels and to achieve my targets. Overall, I enjoyed my time here. The teachers are all very nice and caring. They always try their best and go through certain topics that I am weak in. I remember there was one class with teacher Eunice, drawing all the light diagrams when I said I always don’t know how to do. Even though I didn’t start memorizing, it definitely saves me at least a grade in the exam.



23) Global Education

As the Winner of the 2020 SASMO Gold Award, Global Education boasts an excellent track record: 100% of their P6 students scoring an A/A* for their PSLE. Their tutors are highly qualified school teachers or Heads of Departments (HODs) with a wealth of experience under their belts. Additionally, their syllabus is constantly being updated to ensure close adherence to the MOE syllabus, ensuring that the students’ learning process is never detracting from nor irrelevant to what they do in their own schools.

Global Education Tuition Centre

Global Education Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 23 Global Education
Website https://globaledu.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /
9722 0998 /
1 Goldhill Plaza, #03-49 Singapore 308899
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Monday – Friday : 11am- 7pm
Saturday, Sunday : 9am to 7pm
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Primary Chinese, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Chinese, Secondary Science, JC H1 General Paper (GP), JC H1/H2 Maths, JC H1/H2 Economics, JC H1/H2 Chemistry, JC H1/H2 Physics, JC H1/H2 Biology
Class Size Not Stated
Email info@globaledu.com.sg
Fees Not Stated
Highlights – Winner of the 2020 SASMO Gold Award
– 100% of P6 students scored A/A* in their PSLE
– Coherent syllabus all the way up to pre-university level
– Tutors are highly qualified school teachers or Heads of Departments (HODs)
– Excellent track record – countless students have gone on to achieve stellar results in examinations, proficiency tests and Math Olympiads
– Syllabus is constantly being updated to ensure close adherence to the MOE Syllabus

Review By Shi Hui
A Level H2 Math

“The teacher is very patient in explaining to us questions and solutions that we might take a while to understand. He exposes us to a wide range of methods to do one question so that we are able to to decide on which method suits us more, and which methods suit a specific type of questions. He provides notes to summarise topics, exam strategies and calculator tricks useful in helping us solve questions that school doesn’t always teach us. In addition, he group questions of similar types in the ten year series and other schools’ paper so that we are able to practice on the question types we are weaker in.

Review By Parent of Sherie

“Global Education helped my daughter get into GEP. The materials provided were very useful and the teacher is a great specialist.

Review By Genevieve
A Level H2 Math

Math had been consistently a struggle over the 2 years as evident from my consistent S grades from Y5 to Y6. However, with the teacher’s help, I was able to jump to an A for A Levels. Though I only sought help after prelims, this short time span was really effective as he would go through the most vital parts that we needed help with. For practice, he would group topics and types of questions together for us to do in class and go through unconventional but understandable methods that took at least half the time of what is taught in schools. He also shared many exam strategies and calculator tricks that would boost one’s speed and efficiency during exams that I found extremely helpful during my future practices and finally, in A’s. Despite being a very short period, it was a very fruitful and useful one packed with crucial skills and tips to do well in exams. Thank you the teacher and Global Education!


24) InstanTuition

InstanTuition aims to change the way of teaching and learning to suit every individual’s needs for growth. Priding themselves on their responsible and passionate teaching style, learning is made as simple as possible to efficiently maximise students’ potential within a short period of time. If needed, students may also request for help outside of tuition classes to further supplement their learning.


InstanTuition Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 24 InstanTuition
Website https://www.instantuition.com/
Contact /
Address /
6784 6696 / 9374 9138
Blk 801 Tampines Ave 4 #02-267 Singapore 520801
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Tues – Fri: 3–9pm
Sat – Sun: 9am–6pm
Mon: Closed
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Primary Chinese, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Chinese, Secondary Science, Secondary Principles of Accounts (POA)
Class Size Small Size
Email Instantuition@gmail.com
Fees Not Stated
Highlights – Provides timely, frequent updates to parents about their child’s performance
– Offers 1-to-1 Tuition, Small Group Tuition and Crash Course to suit every student’s academic needs for POA
– Strong testimonials wtih 5 star reviews on Google
– Provides after-class support for any students who needs help after tuition lessons
– Passionate and dedicated tutors with many years of tutoring experience

Review By Zakir
N Level POA

I have been having POA tuition with Ms Kacey and Math and Science tuition with Mr Cheok at InstanTuition since I was sec 3. Ever since I joined them my marks has improved remarkably. They provided me with useful materials. This led to me doing well for my N levels. I would recommend this tuition centre to others as it is very good. The environment here is good as i am able to study well here.

Review By

“The teachers here are very friendly and very patient! I started joining chemistry physics and amath and ive felt that the explanation by the teachers are very clear and easy to understand. The learning environment is also very cozy and nice. I would greatly recommend this tuition centre to others.

Review By
N Level Math

“The teachers are very friendly, their teaching methods can be easily understood. I improved a lot because i can understand better, their tuition centre is very cosy and comfortable to study at as well 🙂



25) Genius Farm

Coaching both local and international students since 2003, Genius Farm brings a depth of professional experience and knowledge to those who are eager to expand their minds, talents, and skills. To help their students attain academic excellence, their lessons are process-based and 100% customized to help students unleash their fullest potential

Genius Farm Tuition Centre

Genius Farm Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 25 Genius Farm
Website https://www.geniusfarm.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /
9384 4170
665A Punggol Drive #01-03 Waterway Woodcress Singapore 821665
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 3pm – 8pm
Sat: 9am – 12.15pm, 12.45pm – 4pm
Sun: 9am – 12.15pm, 12.45pm – 2.15pm
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Primary Chinese, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Chinese, Secondary Science
Class Size 5 Students (maximum)
Email geniusfarm@yahoo.com.sg
Fees Group Clasess:
P1 – 6: $100-$160/Month
S1 -5: $ 170-$230/Month
Highlights – Registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE)
– Holds some highly experienced tutors with 18 years of teaching experience
– Offers personalised, process-based and practical ;essons
– Small class size to ensure adequate and proper attention
– Offers 1-to-1 private tuition to students who need additional support and attention

Review By Fiona

“Raymond and Xena have been very committed and devoted to their role as tutors. They are prompt and timely in providing detailed and relevant feedback to me as a parent so that I know which specific areas to focus on. With that, it enables me to help my child strengthen those areas further. Their dedication and relentless effort have enabled my child to achieve academic excellence. A close partnership between parents and tutors is invaluable and highly desired. Thank you, Raymond and Xena!

Review By Geneviene

“Dear Teacher Raymond & Teacher Xena, thank you for being so understanding & patient in teaching me Math & Science, and being so systematic in every chapter and topic… I really cannot express how grateful I feel towards you and how proud and happy I am to have achieved the results that I have longed for.”



As one of the most established tuition centres in Singapore, Kumon is renowned for its distinctive and empowering teaching methodology that accounts for students’ learning aptitude rather than their age. The Kumon Method is an individualized enrichment program that works in tandem with the Singaporean education system to educate kids on languages and numeracy. Students in Primary School will be able to build a strong foundation through this, which will help them in their school exams. With more than 4 million students worldwide, Kumon is the largest after-school learning program for Math, English, and Chinese, making it an ideal option for parents looking for Primary Tuition in Singapore for their child.

KUMON Tuition Centre

KUMON Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 26 KUMON
Website https://sg.kumonglobal.com/
Contact /
Address /

Contact numbers differ for all outlets

No of Branches 80
Opening Hours Opening hours differ for all outlets
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Chinese, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Chinese, Preschool English, Preschool Maths, Preschool Chinese
Class Size Not Stated
Email Emails differ for all outlets
Fees One-Time Registration Fee: $40
Monthly fee per subject: $160
Highlights – Individualised, empowering learning method tailored to your child’s ability, not age
– No spoon-feeding of students with problem-solving methods
– Focus on numeracy and linguistics ensures students develop a solid foundation to achieve excellence in both Primary and Secondary School
– The Kumon Method is an individualised learning method that supplements the Singapore education system

Review By
Sunena Gupta

“The biggest takeaway from my Kumon experience was the self-learning aspect of the programme. It was such an important lesson throughout high school and especially in college. Being in big classes, it is easy to get lost without direct help from teachers but I think what I learned through Kumon was being able to tackle problems step by step

Review By
Lee Yi You

“At four years old when I started Kumon, my instructor held my hand and sat with me at the small tables. From then, I progressed on to a larger table independently – advancing with higher level content. Throughout the nine years in my Kumon journey, she was definitely an important character in my growth”




27) iMatter Learning Centre

iMatter Learning Centre believes in adopting the right fundamentals in teaching and learning which can make all the difference to every learner. Their small class size (no more than 6*) reflects their commitment to ensuring effective learning and shows genuine consideration for the learner. Here, students can study in a relaxed atmosphere, enhancing their learning capabilities!

iMatter Learning Centre

iMatter Learning Centre Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 27 iMatter Learning Centre
Website https://imatter.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /
8768 6497 /
18 Yishun Ave 9, #02-48 Junction Nine, Singapore 768897
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: Closed
Wed: 5pm – 9pm
Sat: 9am – 9pm
Sun: 10am – 7.15pm
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Primary Chinese, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Chinese, Secondary Science, Secondary Chemistry, Secondary Physics, Secondary Biology, JC H1 General Paper (GP), JC H1/H2 Chemistry
Class Size 6 Students (maximum)
Email info@imatter.com.sg.
Fees Not Stated
Highlights – Small class size (no more than 6) for personalised learning
– Patience and passion in teaching
– Genuine concern for the learner
– Relaxed atmosphere for effective learning
– Professional and dedicated tutors

Review By Wendy Wong

“My son went for science tuition at Imatter and was taught by Mr Chen, he is kind and patients, after having tuition, my son science from fail in his school prelim exam to a AL 6 for his PSLE. Thks for all the guidance, appreciate.

Review By Kylie

“Thank you for your immaculate teaching although you like to introduce ‘new concepts’ every time in a lesson. Really enjoyed your lesson and I hope you too enjoy my presence as well. Thank you again, Mr Kwok!”


28) Crucible Education Centre

Crucible Education Centre – the leading MOE-Registered Tuition Centre for Primary, Secondary, JC and IB students. At Crucible Education Centre, they tailor an exam-oriented learning experience for each student.  They strive to deliver lessons effectively so that each student can learn better and faster. With small class sizes, tutors can focus on each student, be it to build on foundational concepts or push students to excel and secure distinctions. Tutors are also able to identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and customise their lessons accordingly. As such, Crucible is certainly the one of the Top Tuition Centres for students to achieve their academic goals.

Crucible Education Centre

Crucible Education Centre Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 28 Crucible Education Centre
Website https://www.crucible.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /
9366 8722 /
245 Whitley Road #01-11, Tanglin Community Club (Stevens MRT) Singapore 297829
No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Monday to Sunday – 9am to 10.30pm
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Math, Science, Chinese, Higher Chinese, Secondary English, Math, Science, A Math, Physics, Chemistry, JC GP, JC/IB Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Economics
Class Size Not Stated
Email enquiries@crucible.com.sg
Fees Not Stated
Highlights – Tailored to school syllabus
– Foster independent learning
– Inspiring a winning mentality
– Offer online lessons
– Craft their curriculum and lessons based on the tried and tested process: The Crucible Process – Trial, Assess, Score and Support

Review By Julian Wong
O Level Bio/Chem

“Under the tutors at Crucible, I was able to quickly grasp difficult concepts and saw exponetial improvement in my grades. What I love best is the fun community and the fact my tutors constantly motivate me as well! My only complain? They don’t offer Chinese tuition!

Review By
HL Chemistry

“If you’re looking for a grade 7 in Chemistry, look for Crucible. Not only does it have a fun and supportive learning environment but it helped me achieve a grade 7 in Chemistry HL! Their notes are superb and practice worksheets would definitely pull your grade up multiple notches. You won’t regret it! Additionally, the tutors are really more like mentors and I sincerely want to thank my tutor all his advice- in chemistry and for life!

Review By Natalie Joy
JC H2 Chemistry

“Coming to Crucible gave me a new found confidence in chemistry and really helped me secure my A in the A levels. The lessons were fun and the content was taught alongside concise notes personally crafted by the tutors that made it easy to understand and remember key words and concepts. My tutor was also very friendly and always patient with answering my questions whenever I had doubts be it on text or after classes. I could feel myself finally keeping up in class and doing much better in the tests leading up to the A-levels. All in all, Crucible’s relaxed and welcoming environment has made my learning there extremely enjoyable and I am very grateful for the wonderful experience and results I have gotten under their guidance!


29) True Learning Centre

Since its establishment in 2010, True Learning Centre (TLC) has been offering top-notch Primary Tuition in Singapore. They are a to-go PSLE Tuition for many parents and students due to their unique and student-oriented tuition curriculum, as well as the qualified team of NIE-trained Primary School Tutors. Thanks to their specialisation and experience, TLC’s Primary School Tutors are more than competent to assist children in their academics and help them ace their Primary School examinations!

True Learning Centre

True Learning Centre Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 29 True Learning Centre
Website https://www.truelearning.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /
6708 9382 /
Jurong: 2 Jurong East Central 1, JCUBE, #04-02/03, Singapre 609731
Kovan: 2 Kovan Road, Simon Plaza, #01-07, Singapore 548008
Novena: 179B Thomson Road, Goldhill Shopping Centre, Singapore 307626
No of Branches 3
Opening Hours Mon, Wed, Thu: 1.30pm – 9pm
Fri: 2pm – 10pm
Sat: 9am – 7pm
Sun: 9am – 6.30pm
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Secondary Maths, JC H1/H2 Maths, IP Maths
Class Size 10 Students (maximum)
Email enquiry@truelearning.com.sg
Fees Not Stated
Highlights – 24/7 academic assistance to students outside of lesson time
– Small class size for maximum learning
– Focus on active learning approach and critical thinking
– Curriculum writers test effectiveness of the curriculum every week to ensure its effectiveness
– All tutors are NIE-trained and have received multiple teaching awards
– Strong partnership with parents through periodic student progress reports and updates

Review By
Parent of Jade Yin

“I have sent my daughter to True Learning Centre since primary five. The teachers are very professional and are subject matter experts. They are patient and use systematic approach to answer science short questions with emphasis on key words. I would recommend True Learning Centre. .”

Review By Yeo Ke Jun

“I would like to thank TLC and Mr Tan for helping my math grades to improve so tremendously! In both JC1 and JC2, I have never gotten above an S (subpass) grade on any math examination in school and almost gave up the subject wholly. But, after the lessons by Mr Tan which greatly improved my fundamentals, I finally understood concepts instead of just memorizing them, and got an A grade for A levels! Thank you Mr Tan and TLC!

Review By Sean Tan
Sec 4

“True Learning provided me with many opportunities to practise topics taught during lesson time while constantly enhancing my mathematical thinking, and reinforcing the concepts that were taught in school. As the saying goes, ‘practise makes perfect’, although perfection is difficult to achieve but the lessons at True Learning did assist me on my journey to achieving the best I could in the ‘O’ levels mathematics examination.


30) The Learning Board

The Learning Board offers students a welcoming, stress-free environment for efficient learning. They aim to maximise students’ learning by encouraging interest in areas that will improve their academic achievement. Their programs are in line with the most recent MOE syllabus, giving students the opportunity to be completely prepared for upcoming exams. The Learning Board takes a multifaceted approach to the students’ learning by utilizing concept maps, class discussions, and hands-on learning opportunities. Smaller class sizes guarantee that the students always get the instructors’ full attention. That’s why they boast a 100% satisfaction rate amongst students’ parents!

The Learning Board

The Learning Board Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 30 The Learning Board
Website https://www.thelearningboard.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

9271 0648 /
Kembangan: 16 Jalan Masjid #01-06, Kembangan Suite Singapore 418941
Hougang: 1187 Upper Serangoon Rd #01-67, The Midtown Singapore 533971

No of Branches 2
Opening Hours Mon – Sun: 10am – 10pm
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Science, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Science, Secondary Chemistry
Class Size 6-10 Students
Email info@thelearningboard.com.sg

One-time registration fee: $40/student
Monthly fees:
Flexible payment scheme, monthly fees pro-rated based on the number of sessions attended.

Highlights – Content in line with the latest MOE Syllabus
– Exclusive SMART Sheets and creative worksheets provided to maximise students’ learning
– 100% parents’ satisfaction
– Concept maps, class discussions, and hands-on learning experiences for a multi-pronged approach to students’ learning
– Friendly environment that is stress-free to maximise students’ learning, helping to develop interest in subjects and boost academic performance
– Friendly and patient teachers who are competent in guiding students and leading classroom discussions
– Small class size to ensure that all students receive sufficient attention from tutors at all times

Review By Mrs Annabelle Ong

“The Learning Board has been a wonderful and beneficial English tuition centre to our daughter during her last lag of secondary school. She improved her grades tremendously and even got motivated in all other subjects. The Learning Board is not a conventional entre but a highly recommended one.

Review By Megan Mok

“My teacher at The Learning Board English tuition centre was a very funny coach and made lessons fun and interesting for all. She believed that every student would excel in their studies if they put in effort and were consistent in what they did. I followed her way of teaching and it helped me a lot in my studies from C to A within 2 months. It was one of my best achievements.”

Review By Mr Robert Lee, Parent of Rachael Lee
Sec 3

“Clarence has been an absolute coach to our daughter and she has improved her grades almost immediately after attending his class. Rachael wished she had found him sooner as Clarence has helped raise her grades up beyond her imagination. His classes are enjoyable and he makes a “boring” subject come to life. During her time with him, Rachael constantly looked forward to his lessons. He was the only English tutor that had managed to rekindle her interest in the English language.”


31) The Write Connection

The Write Connection, a multi-award-winning, MOE-registered English enrichment centre, aims to help develop students’ enthusiasm towards studying English. They use a highly successful systematic approach to engage students, in hopes that the language skills gleaned can benefit them for the rest of their lives. The Write Connection also houses skilled English Curriculum Specialists who make sure that structured lessons are delivered using interactive resources like live annotations, videos, and lively debates. Rest assured that they will instil in students all the knowledge and skills they need to flourish in English!

The Write Connection

The Write Connection Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 31 The Write Connection
Website https://www.thewriteconnection.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6920 7511 /
202 Bedok North St 1, #01-487/489, S460202

6753 5237 /
237 Bishan St 22, #B1-176, S570237

6635 3515 /
733 Bukit Timah Rd, 2nd Avenue Junction, #02-05, S269748

6816 7123 /
134 Jurong Gateway Rd, #02-307E, S600134

6440 4540 /
80 Marine Parade Rd #09-05/06, Parkway Parade, S449269

6910 8809 /
Punggol Plaza, 168 Punggol Field, #04-08, S820168

6816 0100 /
351 Sembawang Road, S758357

6920 8681 /
1 Tampines Central 5, Tampines CPF Building #03-16, S529508

6931 7980 /
293 Toa Payoh Lorong 6, SAFRA Toa Payoh, #02-03, S319387

6920 6112 /
6 Woodlands Square, Solo 2 Building, #02-11, S737737

No of Branches 10
Opening Hours Centre Opening Hours:
MON – FRI: 3pm – 8pm
SAT: 10am – 1pm

Remote Phone / Email Support:
MON – FRI: 2.30pm – 9.30pm
SAT: 8.45am – 6.15pm

Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Levels & Subjects Primary English, Secondary English, Preschool English
Class Size Not Stated
Email enquiry@TheWriteConnection.com.sg

Primary Classes (2Hr/Lesson)
Weekdays: $64.20 / Lesson
Saturday: $69.55 / Lesson

Secondary Classes (2Hr/Lesson)
Weekdays: $69.55 / Lesson
Saturday: $74.90 / Lesson

Preschool (1.5Hr/Lesson)
Weekdays: $48.15 / Lesson
Saturday: $53.50 / Lesson

Other Administrative Fees (One-Time)
Registration Fee: $53.50
Refundable Deposit: $100 (T&Cs apply.)

Highlights – 80+% A/A*s achieved
– Aim to set a high standard in the teaching of English and writing
– Highly effective methods in developing thinking, language and academic skills
– Highly-qualified and nurturing TWC Teachers who are able to teach students how to excel in their studies
– Structured lessons are delivered using interactive tools such as live annotations, videos and stimulating discussions with the teacher and classmates to capture your child’s attention
– TWC teachers are hired through a stringent selection process and are at least NIE-trained or degree-holders from reputable universities
– Teachers have undergone comprehensive in-house training to ensure that they are able to deliver a premium learning experience for your child
– TWC has taken up a paid Zoom plan and put in place various security features such as centralised security settings, unique meeting links and passwords, waiting room and locked access for guests

Review By Kartini Supa’at

“We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to Izzul’s teacher for teaching him since the beginning of 2016 when he was in Secondary 1. Izzul is now in Secondary 4 and he has improved tremendously over the years. My family and I would like to thank TWC from the bottom of our hearts.”

Review By Ethan Chan

The lessons are very interesting and I learnt many techniques for writing such as literary devices. I have improved in my composition skills and even got Gold for the Commonwealth Essay Competition. I also achieved 9th place in an English essay competition.

Review By Lee WH
O Level English

En Tong only joined the programme around Jul/Aug (few months from her O-Levels) but she made tremendous improvement under the tutorship of her TWC teacher. She taught En Tong the skills and techniques necessary to handle the English paper. She was patient, reassuring and most of all very encouraging.Her positive feedback and reinforcement of concepts definitely boosted En Tong’s confidence. She is very inspiring, systematic and organised. En Tong may have the right ingredients to make a perfect dish, but she needs a master chef to perfect the recipe. We found the answer in her TWC teacher. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



32) AfterSkool Learning Centre

AfterSkool Learning Centre’s classrooms are fully-equipped with projectors and visualisers, creating a highly conducive learning environment. They also provide study rooms for students’ free usage in between classes. With their annually-reviewed subject materials, students are equipped with the right resources to aid them in their revision. Content is taught ahead of schools’ to build students’ confidence and allow them enough time for revision. AfterSkool also helps students to catch up and consolidate their learning through remedial sessions held throughout the year.

AfterSkool Learning Centre

AfterSkool Learning Centre Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 32 AfterSkool Learning Centre
Website https://www.afterskool.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6339 6787 /
31 Holland Close #01-215/217 Singapore 270031

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon-Fri: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
Weekends: Closed

Closed for Chinese New Year, March and December Holidays

Levels & Subjects Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Science, Secondary Chemistry, Secondary Physics, Secondary Biology, JC H1 General Paper (GP), JC H1/H2 Maths, JC H1/H2 Economics, JC H1/H2 Chemistry, JC H1/H2 Physics, JC H1/H2 Biology, IP English, IP Maths, IP Science, IP Chemistry, IP Physics, IP Biology, IB SL/HL Maths, IB SL/HL Chemistry, IB SL/HL Physics, IB SL/HL Biology, IGCSE English, IGCSE Maths, IGCSE Science, IGCSE Chemistry, IGCSE Physics, IGCSE Biology
Class Size 1-10 Students,
With a Co-Tutor present for classes of >8 students
Email admissions@afterskool.com.sg

Group Lessons:
Sec 1-2: $360-$400/Month
Sec 3-4: $420-$460/Month
JC1-2/IB1-2: $480-$520/Month

Highlights – MOE-certified full-time tutors, including former-MOE teachers
– Customised materials that are regularly reviewed to ensure close compliance with MOE Syllabus
– Provides an annual reviewed subject materials including comprehensive summary booklets for every subject, distributed early in the academic year to aid students in their revision.
– Content taught ahead of schools’ pace to ensure that students are confidence in their school lessons and have enough time to revise
– Remedial sessions held throughout the year on top of weekly lessons to help students to catch up and consolidate their learning
– 16 classrooms that are fully-equipped with projectors and visualisers.
– Ample areas for self-study in between classes

Review By Giyuu

“Learning here was an amazing experience with the highly productive work environments with the amazingly effective teachers who always ensure that their points are carried across clearly and that homework is always done. Probably the best tuition centre I’ve been to and that says lots considering that I’ve been between tuition centres often.”

Review By Sean Low

“AfterSkool has been an amazing experience for me that have taught me greatly about how fun chemistry could be. I would highly recommend anyone who wants a guarantee A and smile throughout your entire exam duration to join AfterSkool!!!!!!!!!”

Review By Victoria Chew

“Afterskool is a very positive place to study, the environment is good for studying. The chemistry and math classes have helped in my understanding of the subject.”


33) The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab crafts its curriculum based on the latest MOE syllabus, designed to help students gain mastery of topics. They provide materials that help hone exam skills and performance. At The Learning Lab, lessons are planned to engage students through hands-on activities and project-based learning to help students gain a better understanding of concepts and their application. TLL has a stellar track record, with 1 out of 3 TLL students achieving a PSLE score of 6 or better and 1 out of 2 TLL students achieving a score of AL1 or AL2 in their TLL subjects, making TLL a top-choice tuition centre for curious learners who wish to excel academically.

The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 33 The Learning Lab
Website https://www.thelearninglab.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6733 8711 /
United Square 101 Thomson Road, #03-03 Singapore 307591
87 Marine Parade Central, #02-00 Singapore 440087
Tampines Mall 4 Tampines Central 5, #05-07 Singapore 529510 (Closed till 15th June)
2 Tampines Central 5 Century Square #04-13 Singapore 529509
Seletar Mall 33 Sengkang West Ave #02-18 to 21 Singapore 797653
Rochester Mall 35 Rochester Drive, #02-26 to 35 Singapore 138639
Jem 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #04-45 to 51 Singapore 608549 (Closed till 15th June)
Choa Chu Kang Centre 309 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #05-03 Singapore 680309 (Closed till 15th June)

No of Branches 8
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 1pm – 8pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 6pm
Levels & Subjects Preschool English, Preschool Maths
Class Size Not Stated
Email enquiry@thelearninglab.com.sg

Group Lessons:
N2-K2: $395-$408/Month
Pri 1-4: $438-$451/Month
Pri 5-6: $462-$475/Month
Sec 1-4: $505-$517/Month
JC 1-2: $526-$539/Month

Online lessons:
P3-4: $372-$385/Month
Pri 5-6: $391-$404/Month
Sec 1-4: $428-$440/Month (English & Maths Only)

Highlights – Teaching and learning model contains fundamental values that aims for an enriching and enjoyable experience
– Curriculum relevant to school syllabus, designed to help gain mastery of topics
– Hands-on activities or project-based learning to better understand concepts
– Hones exam skills and performance
– Activity booklet or handout received based on expert knowledge on changing examination trends
– Stellar track record, 2,683 A*/As achieved at the 2020 PSLE
– Learning environment is designed to optimised learning, houses more than 77,000 books

Review By Sarah Choong

“Being at TLL really helped me develop my intellectual curiosity which I really appreciate and I think this is important. Because once you have it, you don’t really see studying for the sake of studying, but for a greater purpose.
I found the notes really helpful. One thing I really took away from my lesson with TLL was the importance of flexibility. Like a flexibility of the mind. For example, my teacher would tell us we have to use examples and help us to use one example and match it to difficult topics. I realised that learning is not really about memorising. Even as I read as much as I could, what I really really appreciated, learning how to fit examples into my work in a proper way.
All in all, I loved coming to class because I really like to learn and attending TLL was a lifestyle change for me.”

Review By Denise Lai

“A determined and kind teacher who never gave up on her students, Ms Shu truly inspired me and all my classmates to work harder and never give up. Without any expectation of recognition, Ms Shu has been our light when we were shrouded in darkness.
A determined and kind teacher who I can confidently say that Ms Shu is definitely the best teacher that I have ever met, and I believe that most of my success can be credited to her and TLL.
A determined and kind teacher who Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to TLL and my teachers for never giving up on me. Without them, I would never dare to dream of where I am today, and I would never have achieved the results I have today.”



34) Mavis Tutorial Centre

This tuition centre has a strong and extensive track record, with numerous testimonials raving about the student’s, making them credible and highly effective tuition centre in Singapore. Their tutors who are predominantly Ex-MOE and NIE-trained teachers are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic potential. Bi-monthly workshops are conducted in-house for tutors to be completely aligned with the MOE syllabus, so that their teaching can be as relevant as possible!

Mavis Tutorial Centre

Mavis Tutorial Centre Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 34 Mavis Tutorial Centre
Website https://www.mavistutorial.com/
Contact /
Address /

Head Office: 6786 8718
Bedok Mall Centre: 6241 8145
Buangkok Central: 6886 0768
Buangkok Square Centre: 6570 3551
Bukit Batok Centre: 6567 5623
Compass One Centre: 6386 4118
Jurong East Centre: 6567 3606
Jurong Point Centre:6259 7256
Kovan Centre: 6282 4011
Lot One Centre: 6763 3676
Parkway Centre: 6344 3093
Punggol Centre: 6343 8596
Seletar Mall Centre: 6341 6828
Tampines Centre: 6786 8718
Rivervale Plaza Centre: 6881 7819
Woodlands Centre: 6362 2207

No of Branches 16
Opening Hours Hours differ between outlets
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Primary Chinese, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Chinese, Secondary Science, Secondary Chemistry, Secondary Physics, Secondary Biology, JC H1 General Paper (GP), JC H1/H2 Maths, JC H1/H2 Chemistry, IP English, IP Maths, IP Chinese, IP Science
Class Size Not Stated
Email Send in a message via their website under the ‘Contact’ tab and they will get back to you via email

Registration fee: $21.40

Pri 1-6: $117.70 – 162.65/month
Sec 1-4: $165.85 – $219.35/month
JC1-2: $301.75 – $326.35/month

Highlights – Full-time tutors, many of whom are Ex-MOE and NIE-trained teachers dedicated to helping students achieve their academic potential
– Bi-monthly in-house workshops conducted for tutors to ensure complete alignment with the latest MOE syllabus and pedagogies
– Innovative and creative ways to engage students during lessons, including regular quizzes on the syllabus and science experiments
– Thoughtfully curated learning materials for students to maximise their learning during lessons
– Exam-centric curriculum – lessons are designed to have a strong emphasis on preparation for examinations
– Revision materials are highly popular and even published in major bookstores, and well-received internationally in Jakarta, Hong Kong and Philippines – Science books were translated to French for overseas sales purposes in recent years
– Pre-exam revision booklets distributed to students before major examinations to help to consolidate their learning

Review By Andrew Stuat

“I took my son’s admission to Mavis Tutorials. He has really scored good marks in Maths and English. Thanks to Mavis Tutorials. : )”

Review By Jian Qiang

“Mavis is extremely professional. Charging reasonable rates with dedicated teachers, well planned lessons and syllabuses as well as high quality notes and reviews. It is a tuition centre which iIll definitely recommend to parents who are considering places to send their children to and the place encapsulates too much memories for myself.”



35) Genie Education Hub

Genie Education Hub is the Ideal Tuition Centre for students with different learning styles and pace. They teach in small class sizes to focus on each student’s learning needs and provide tuition for a wide variety of subjects. They follow the Genie Formula, designed by a group of dedicated educators to provide an enriching and useful learning experience. 

Our Genie formula:
1) Strengthen foundations by helping students visualize complex concepts so that they may be applied to diverse questions effectively.
2) Tackle weak topics with customized revision sessions that are prepared according to the needs of the students in each class.
3) Cultivate curiosity by introducing examples of how concepts learnt in the classroom work in our everyday life.
4) Develop personalized self-learning programs so that they have the tools to improve even beyond our classrooms.
5) Build mental resilience so that students may perform consistently while under pressure during exams.

Genie Education Hub

Genie Education Hub Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 35 Genie Education Hub
Website https://www.genieeduhub.com/
Contact /
Address /

9181 7689 /
Blk 265 01-393 Bukit Batok East Ave 4 Singapore 650265

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 3pm – 8.30pm
Sat – Sun: 12pm – 6pm
Levels & Subjects Primary Maths, Primary Science, Secondary Maths, Secondary Science, Secondary Chemistry, Secondary Physics, Secondary Biology, JC H1/H2 Maths, JC H1/H2 Chemistry, JC H1/H2 Physics, JC H1/H2 Biology
Class Size 5-6 students
Email info@genieeduhub.com

Pri: $30-$38/lesson
Sec: $40-$60/lesson
JC: $75-$80/lesson
* fees collected for every 8 lessons

Highlights – Teaching pedagogy based on “visualisation” to help students understand Math/Science concepts easier
– Passionate in-house tutors
– Affordable rates

Review By Suriya Selvan

“Genie helped me to understand the Mathematics concepts easily. Furthermore, the teachers are friendly and willing to help anytime.”

Review By Dickson Wah

“I’m terrible at math, but teacher Michelle managed to turn me from a straight C student to a straight A student in math just before my N levels hit. She’s patient, kind and understanding and really takes the time and effort to explain to you on the mistakes you have made and how to correct them. She even wrote me a math bible by hand to help me memorize my formulas and ways to apply it to math problems. Let her teach you! It will.be life changing.”

Review By Charla C

“Genie Educatuon Hub helped both my daughters obtained good results for their O & A level exam. Ms Michelle is friendly and caring to her students and provides regular feedbacks to parent “



36) Ace Clinic Education

Recognised as a leading tuition centre in the education industry, Ace Clinic Education has been awarded the SME 500 Singapore. Ace Clinic Education offers head start courses, holiday-intensive classes, home tuition, and online classes to cater to every student’s academic needs. They also stand out with their comprehensive range of digital solutions, consisting of live-stream classes, bite-sized teaching videos, and an e-library for students to continue their learning journey even after they have left the tuition centre. The team promises a two-grade jump using their proven methods since 2009. They seem to have kept their promise for they boast an outstanding track record, with 80.8% of their students scoring A1 or A2 for O Level Examinations and 80% of their students scoring AL2 or better for PSLE. If you are looking for guaranteed academic improvement, do check them out!

Ace Clinic Education

Ace Clinic Education Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 36 Ace Clinic Education
Website https://www.aceclinic.sg/
Contact /
Address /

8328 8700 /
7A Thomson Ridge Singapore 574636

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Opening Hours differ and depend on demand for tuition classes
(No Stated Timing)
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, JC H1/H2 Economics
Class Size Flexible Number of Students (depending on demand for tuition class)
Email t.ang@aceclinic.sg

Not Stated

Highlights – Provides a comprehensive range of digital solutions, consisting of live-stream classes, bite-sized teaching videos and an e-library
– Assures improvement in score performances — 2-Grade Jump Assured
– Strong testimonial base
– Holds several tutors with strong academic qualifications and teaching experience (of more than 10 years)
– Holds annual student welfare events and networking sessions (for further holistic development)
– Offers head start courses, holiday-Intensive classes, home tuition and online classes, each catered to every student’s academic needs

Review By Xu Jiaxin
A level Economics

“Aside from his impeccable expertise, Terence goes the extra mile in his personal dedication to his students’ wellbeing and confidence. I appreciate everything that Terence has done to help me work from an E to an A grade, and I would highly recommend his services to any struggling economics students out there.”

Review By Uma Arathi Pillay
Secondary A Math

“I only joined this tuition centre at the start of June and my grades had tremendously improved! I jumped from an F9 to a B3 for A-Maths. My teacher Mr Bairong had really helped me patch up all the gaps I had by giving me many exercises to do for each topic and practice papers. I’m really glad that I joined this tuition centre!”

Review By Griffin Yap
Secondary English

“I have followed Nicholas since Primary 6 for English Lessons. At the beginning, due to my weak fundamentals, I could not grasp the language and was struggling. Nicholas slowly addressed my needs starting with grammar and phrasing. Eventually, my results started to show and I am currently achieving A1 in English. He injects fun into learning at the same time through vocabulary games to help us memorise easier. Thanks Nicholas!”



37) Math Academia

Since 2015, Math Academia has established itself as one of the Top Specialist Math Tuition Centres, achieving 100% improvement rates and high distinction rates. All tutors at Math Academia are MOE-trained and have assumed leadership positions in schools. Lessons are designed to help students think on their feet and respond thoughtfully to challenging questions. Students have access to an exclusive online student portal with in-house curated resources (notes, exam papers, videos, etc.) allowing them to access quality education anytime and anywhere, making them one of the top Mathematics tuition centres in Singapore!

Math Academia Tuition Centre

Math Academia Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 37 Math Academia
Website https://www.mathacademia.sg/
Contact /
Address /

9657 9970 / 8878 0302
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #03-02, #03-40/41 Beauty World Centre Singapore 588177

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 3pm – 8pm (except Wed)
Sat – Sun: 9am – 6pm
Levels & Subjects Primary Maths, Primary Science, Secondary Maths, Secondary Science, Secondary Chemistry, Secondary Physics, Secondary Biology, JC H1 General Paper (GP), JC H1/H2 Maths, JC H1/H2 Chemistry, IP Maths, IB SL/HL Maths
Class Size Not Stated
Email enquiry@mathacademia.sg

Pri: $200/month
Sec: $228-$248/month
JC: $400/month
* bundle prices available for >1 subjects taken

Highlights – Over 90% distinction rates for O Level Maths, 85% distinction rates for A Level Maths, 100% A/B for A Level Maths
– All our tutors are MOE-trained and have assumed leadership positions in schools, strict recruitment policy for tutors
– Bi-annual training sessions are provided for tutors to maintain the quality
– Lessons are designed to help students think on their feet and react readily to challenging questions
– Tuition classes aim to build strong foundations in order to tackle high-order challenging questions
– Exclusive online student portal with in-house curated resources (notes, exam papers, videos etc.)
– Quality resources tailor-made by tutors for students
– Supplementary resources and round-the-clock support by tutors
– Availability of PSLE June Intensive programmes for added enrichment/help

Review By Sheryl Kong

“Mr Peng’s lessons are well-structured and easy to understand. My math improved drastically in a short span of six months. He always checks on me to make sure I am in pace with his lessons, and I never hesitate to consult him after lessons whenever I have doubts to clarify. He doesn’t make it seem like a chore that he has to answer my numerous questions, but instead, he always seems happy that I have questions to ask. Thanks to Mr Peng, I got an A for math for A-Levels, despite struggling in math throughout JC! :)”

Review By Felis Tan

Mr Peng is a really cool and interesting teacher who has helped me raise my math grades to a consistent A1 and made the subject one that I enjoy. He teaches us helpful tricks to tackle tricky questions and makes sure that his lessons are engaging and fun. Really thankful to have such a great Math teacher who has taught me to love the subject other than just getting good grades! 😀

Review By Kyran Chew

Mr Peng is a teacher that makes Math interesting by focusing more on the concepts and making sure that everyone has a strong foundation in order to further develop on it. He has made Math interesting for me by focusing a lot on the process rather than the result, and emphasising that the concepts and strategies we adopt in solving questions are paramount. Real great teacher, really understanding and patient with his students. I am really grateful he is part of this journey!


38) I Love Learning Achievement Centre

I Love Learning Achievement Centre covers education from Preschool to Secondary School. At ILLAC, various teaching pedagogies are researched and combined with psychological methods to provide a healthy learning environment. This is done to help students stay engaged, participate in class enthusiastically, and excel academically. They provide specially designed programs such as the ILLAC Junior Programme to help students hone key academic skills (Working Memory, Mental Flexibility, and Inhibitory Control). Graduates from these programmes have gone on to score 85% and above in both Mathematics and English in their class tests conducted in school. Thus, ILLAC is one of the Top Tuition Centre choices for students to be prepared mentally and academically for examinations.

I Love Learning Achievement Centre

I Love Learning Achievement Centre Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 38 I Love Learning Achievement Centre
Website http://www.ilovelearning.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

9711 8963 /
2 Venture Dr, #06-15 Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526

9699 2049 /
154 West Coast Rd, #01-16/17/18 West Coast Plaza Singapore 127371

No of Branches 2
Opening Hours Monday to Friday – 1000 to 1900h
Saturday and Sunday – 0830h to 1800h
Closed on Public Holidays and eve of Chinese New Year.
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Science, Preschool Phonics , Preschool English, Preschool Maths, Preschool Chinese
Class Size 8 Students (Maximum)
Email enquiry@ilovelearning.com.sg

Group Classes:
P1 – 2: $720/ 3 Months
P3 – Secondary: $840/ 3 Months

Highlights – Voted Best Enrichment and Learning School 2014/15 and Awarded Business for Families Accreditation
– Strong emphasis on teaching students at an early age (as early as 2 years old)
– Covers education from Preschool to Secondary School
– Offers Scientific Game-Based Diagnostic Assessment for all new students to analyse the learning abilities of children

Review By Joel Eng

“My son has been with ILLAC for 5 years. He is now in Primary 4. They have helped him greatly in his school work as their small class sized allows for more personal guidance from the teacher. He is in their class for all 3 subjects Math, Science and English.”

Review By Chaz Lim

“After being here for about 7 years, i have never left and i am not considering to leave. This place has taught me everything i know today and i am so grateful.”

Review By Cheryl Ma

“This tuition helped my kid improved tremndously. Teachers are very kind and patient.”



39) Lam Learning Hub

Established in 2009, Lam Learning Hub offers Student Care, Tuition, Enrichment, and Art & Crafts for Primary School children. Lam Learning Hub offers outside-of-syllabus learning to promote holistic development beyong a typical classroom setting. Lam Learning Hub also provides enrichment programs and workshops to enhance the learning experience of students. Popular workshops include Maths Problem Solving Strategy Workshop for Parents, and Enhanced Memory Techniques for Children (Age 7 to 16). Thus, Lam Learning Hub helps students excel academically and appreciate learning beyond textbooks.

Lam Learning Hub

Lam Learning Hub Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 39 Lam Learning Hub
Website http://www.lamlearninghub.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6387 6875 / 8399 7658
Blk 426 Hougang Ave 6 #B1-46 Singapore 530426

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 12pm – 7pm
Sat: 9am – 1pm
Sun: 10am – 6pm
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Primary Chinese, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Chinese, Secondary Science
Class Size 4 (Average)
Email lamkk@lamlearninghub.com.sg

Not Stated

Highlights – Offers Student Care, Tuition, Enrichment and Art & Craft for Primary School children
– Strong testimonial base
– Offers Outside-of-Syllabus Learning to promote holistic development outside of classroom setting
– Small class size of average 4 students to allow more attention for each student
– Holds many passionate and adequately trained tutors

Review By Parent of Sohayl Esrar

“Sohayl has developed a strong interest in Maths thanks to the patience and fun lessons conducted by the teacher!”

Review By Parent of Gaby Tan

“The centre has a very safe and good environment for young kids to learn. Teachers are friendly and patient. My daughter has improved much in her English after joining only for a year. Thank you to our teachers who have provide guidance to her!”

Review By Tan Kong Zen

“We have sent our child for his tuition since Primary 3. He has made noticeable improvement over the years in English and Math. The teachers here are responsible and committed in what they are doing. Keep up the good job!”


40) Frankel Tutors

The MOE-Registered Frankel Tutors houses a team of dedicated and experienced tutors from diverse backgrounds. Since 1996, Frankel Tutors has abided by its core mission of encouraging students to pursue lifelong learning. To ensure the highest quality of teaching, their teachers are actively screened, and only top teachers and professional tutors make the cut. They invest in resource planning to ensure lessons are conducted with a minds-on and hands-on approach, which help students apply what they are taught. Their system of teaching and learning has helped many learners exceed their goals. Frankel Tutors is definitely one of the top tuition centre in Singapore in terms of success rates and proven track records!

Frankel Tutors

Frankel Tutors Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 40 Frankel Tutors
Website https://frankeltutors.com/
Contact /
Address /

9487 0332 /
18 Jalan Masjid #01-03 Kembangan Plaza Singapore 418944

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Tue – Fri: 3.30pm – 9.30pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 7pm
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Science, Secondary Chemistry, Secondary Physics, Secondary Biology, JC H1 General Paper (GP), JC H1/H2 Maths, JC H1/H2 Chemistry, JC H1/H2 Physics, JC H1/H2 Biology
Class Size Small Class Sizes
Email frankeltutors@gmail.com

Group Classes:
Pri: $130-$240/month
Sec: $190-$240/month
JC: $290-$300/month

1-on-1 Private Classes:
Pri: $410-$720/month
Sec: $590-$720/month
JC: $890-$900/month

Discounts avail per additional subject ($10) or term payment in advance ($10)
Registration Fee: $50
Deposit: $50 (refundable)

Highlights – Dedicated tutors since 1996
– Experienced tutors with diverse backgrounds
– Commitment to providing quality education within a small group setting
– Teachers are actively screened, and only top teachers and professional tutors make the cut
– Focused investments made in resource planning to ensure lessons are conducted with a minds-on and hands-on approach so our students are able to apply what they are taught
– Stellar improvements made by students

Review By Arshad Cheng

“I find this tuition helpful in my studies. I would absolutely recommend this centre if you need extra help in your studies!”

Review By Anonymous

“The venue is kept clean and neat, the desk staff was also very friendly and very responsive to all of my inquires and doubts about the classes and even provided additional information based on what other parents would frequently ask about.”



41) Adam Khoo Learning Centre

Adam Khoo Learning Centre is a household name for top tuition centres in Singapore and Asia. Since 2006, AKLC has helped over 25000 students achieve stellar academic results through their wide range of programmes. At AKLC, lessons are delivered in fun and exciting ways to ignite a passion for learning. Teachers have been personally trained by Adam Khoo, the internationally acclaimed peak performance specialist. AKLC is the only tuition centre in Singapore whose methodologies are backed by Professor Barbara Oakley (a leader in education and world-renowned author). More than 80% of their past PSLE and O-Level students scored distinctions. At AKLC, students can receive personalised real-time corrective feedback and comprehensive learning support to secure that distinction! 

Adam Khoo Learning Centre

Adam Khoo Learning Centre Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 41 Adam Khoo Learning Centre
Website https://aklc.online/
Contact /
Address /

9189 5584 /
115 Eunos Avenue 3 #05-04, Singapore 409839

No of Branches Online
Opening Hours Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Chinese, Secondary Science
Class Size Not Stated
Email online@aklc.com

Download rates card at https://aklc.online/get-tuition-rates-card/

Highlights – Leading enrichment and tuition centre in Singapore and Asia
– Teachers have been personally trained by Adam Khoo, the internationally acclaimed peak performance specialist
– AKLC is the only tuition centre in Singapore whose methodologies are backed by Professor Barbara Oakley (a leader in education and world-renowned author)
– Unique AKLC Coaching Experience (ACE) prepares students for leadership roles that no other tuition providers can offer
– Embedding soft skills teachings, such as creativity, collaboration, analytical thinking, and adaptability
– More than 80% of our past PSLE and O-Level students scored distinctions
– Teachers are among the first in Singapore to be certified by the International Institute for Facilitation – INIFAC Certified Virtual Facilitator

Review By Muhammad Raayan

“My grade jumped from a D to B for PSLE! Before AKLC, I scored a D for my English. Now, I am proud to now say I scored a B for my PSLE English. As a dyslexic, language has always been a problem for me. The English Mastery™ programme helped me fully understand vocabulary and grammar. Thank you Adam Khoo Learning Centre for helping me manage my learning difficulties.”

Review By Carmen Low

I have been a student at AKLC for two and half years. I really value my education at AKLC. Before I joined AKLC, I hated Math as it was so difficult and I could only score a “B” in school. But after I joined, my Math result had went up to a high “A” and now I scored an “A*” for PSLE. AKLC taught us different methods to solve difficult Math questions and the way they taught us was very interesting, I could easily grasp the concept to solve the questions. Thank you AKLC for teaching me these methods that help me improve so much!”

Review By Ansley Chee

“I would like to thank the teachers at Adam Khoo Learning Centre for their consistent encouragement. Though I had been with the Centre for less than a year, I have enjoyed the lessons tremendously.  Whenever I have any personal questions, from school or past exam papers, the teacher provided me with the best answer right on the spot. This contributed to my huge improvement in Maths and me scoring A* for PSLE.  Thank you for making the difference!”


42) Raymond’s Math & Science Studio

Raymond’s Math & Science Studio (RMSS) is a well-established tuition centre providing Secondary School Tuition in Singapore. RMSS has positioned itself at the forefront of the Top O Level Tuition Centre industry, holding an impressive track record consisting of outstanding testimonials and exceptional results by their students. RMSS takes a holistic approach in guiding their students, with efforts made to continuously refresh their curriculum and update their teaching pedagogy to further perfect it. RMSS consists of a team of dedicated and sought-after teachers who teach English, Science (Upper Primary), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Economics to complement the students’ learning of Math. Tutors at RMSS are trained regularly, ensuring that they uphold the high standards of the tuition centre. Students can be rest assured that they will be in good hands when enroled in the Secondary school tuition at RMSS.

Raymond's Math & Science Studio

Raymond’s Math & Science Studio Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 42 Raymond’s Math & Science Studio
Website rmss.com.sg
Contact /
Address /

6333 8222 /
280 Bishan Street 24, #01-22, Singapore 570280

6881 8222 /
82 Marine Parade Central, #01-600, Singapore 440082

6838 8222 /
681 Punggol Dr., #05-13/14 Oasis Terraces, Singapore 820681

No of Branches 3
Opening Hours Mon – Thu: 12pm – 10.30pm
Fri: 12pm – 10.45ppm
Sat: 8am – 7.50pm
Sun: 8am – 9.20pm

Operating Hours differs for different outlets

Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Primary Chinese, Secondary English, Secondary Maths, Secondary Chinese, Secondary Science, Secondary Chemistry, Secondary Physics, Secondary Biology, JC H1/H2 Maths, JC H1/H2 Economics, JC H1/H2 Chemistry, JC H1/H2 Physics, JC H1/H2 Biology, Preschool English, Preschool Chinese
Class Size Large
Email contactus@rmss.com.sg

Preschool: $170/month
Pri: $190-$270/month
Sec: $240-$310/month
JC: $300-$340/month

Highlights – Team of dedicated and sought-after teachers teaching English, Science (Upper Primary), Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Economics to complement the students’ learning of Math
– Strong Testimonial base from past students across all 3 outlets and for all tutors
– Frequent outings to motivate students (NUS open house, movie days, USS etc.)
– Stellar results and track record

Review By Canden Chen
P6 Math

“Mr. Ben is a very patient teacher. I enjoy his lessons & able to learn well with him. Some of the other kids in the class can be rowdy but Mr. Ben is patient & kind towards them. Mr. Ben will motivate the class with sweets which I appreciate even though I don’t take sweets. In general, Mr. Ben is a good teacher! Happy Teacher’s Day in advance Mr. Ben!”

Review By Kristen Phoon
Sec 4 Physics

“Although I’ve been in Mr Teng’s class for a little more than a year, Mr Teng has helped me greatly in my understanding in certain physics topics and is always very willing to answer any questions that I have. Whenever I do not understand anything, he would patiently explain the questions to me and even find various methods to explain the question until I understood it.”

Review By Kimberly Tsang
Sec 4 English

“Personally, I feel that Ms Florence’s class is extremely helpful. Before I went for her English tuition class, I was not doing very well for English, especially for my comprehension. I was also unsure of going for English tuition as I thought that it would not be helpful for me. However, after attending Ms Florence’s class, I believe that she teaches extremely well and she makes sure that we are clear with our work. She would encourage us to write our own essays and send her to mark and give feedback. I am especially grateful for this and am very amazed by how she manages to go through the work so thoroughly even if it may be through online zoom classes. She puts in a lot of effort for the Secondary 4 classes and even allows us to attend extra lessons so that we may be exposed to more types of questions and topics. Honestly, I am very thankful by how she is very approachable and would be willing to answer my questions even though it may be a lot and very basic questions that I should be very clear with already. I appreciate how she would type out a lot of documents for us and provide us with plenty of notes so that we are very clear of what she is teaching and would go through the passages and essays in detail. In all, I feel that it is very helpful for me and I feel that I have benefited a lot from her classes . Thank you Ms Florence :)”


43) Jaycee Tuition Centre

Jaycee Tuition Centre is one of the few tuition centres in Singapore that specialise in Principles of Accounts on top of Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. Established in 2007, Jaycee Tuition Centre has maintained a strong track record, producing top-scoring students for the O Level and A Level Examinations in Singapore. At Jaycee Tuition Centre, classes are kept to a small group (7-8 students) for comprehensive coverage and to ensure that more attention is given to each student. Don’t hesitate to check them out if you/your child requires more guidance in numeracy subjects!

Jaycee Tuition Centre

Jaycee Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 43 Jaycee Tuition Centre
Website http://www.jayceetuition.sg/
Contact /
Address /

9725 0507 /
545 Orchard Road, #04-22 Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon: Closed
Tues, Wed: 2–7pm
Thurs: 2–9pm
Fri: 2–8pm
Sat: 10am–6pm
Sun: 11:30am–2pm
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Secondary Maths, Secondary Principles of Accounts (POA), JC H1/H2 Maths
Class Size 7-8 Students
Email Not Stated

Group Classes:
P4 – 6: $180 – $200/Month
S1 – 5: $220 – $300/Month

Highlights – One of the few tuition centres that specialises in Principles of Accoutns
– Established since 2007
– Offers free trial classes for students
– Strong track record and reputation with testimonials from past students
– Small group sizes (7-8 students) for comprehensive coverage and more attention given to each student
– Produces great results among O Level and A Level students

Review By Ayden
O Level POA

“Thank you so much for being an amazing POA tutor the past 2 years! Your patience, enthusiasm, fun ways of remembering things and very well and in depth explanations have helped improve my POA results. You really worked a miracle by pulling my grades from a 17 to an A2 for N levels and A2 for O levels too! It has been so fun learning here”

Review By Parent of Jing Rui
O Level E Math

“I must truly thank all the tutors at Jaycee Tution Centre for coaching my son. I have seen a difference in his behaviour especially his attitude towards studying”

Review By Chloe
O Level POA

“Thank you for making every lesson enjoyable and easy to understand! I began to enjoy POA and I’m so happy to have attended lessons here. Thank you for all the effort you put in for us (especially the POA bible which was so useful) and for helping me pull up my grades!”


44) Ignite Tuition Centre

Ignite Tuition Centre was awarded the Top 3 Tuition Centres in Choa Chu Kang title from 2016-2022. Boasting a tight-knit team of driven teachers and students, Ignite Tuition Centre uses innovative teaching methods to ensure students enjoy the learning process. Top-quality teachers, teaching assistants and curated learning materials are used to drive students’ performance ahead of their peers. Their tutors have specially crafted a curriculum that promotes deep learning, which ensures that their students can handle even the most challenging problems thrown at them. Internal mock exams are conducted with their own material for students to gauge their readiness, clear any doubts, and boost their confidence before their actual exams. 

Ignite Tuition Centre

Ignite Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 44 Ignite Tuition Centre
Website https://www.ignitetuition.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6272 0087 / 6893 0877 /
Choa Chu Kang Ave 2, #01-304 Block 252, Singapore 680252
Jurong West Street 41, #02-726 Block 456, Singapore 640456

No of Branches 2
Opening Hours Monday to Friday – 5pm – 7pm/ 4pm to 9pm
Saturday to Sunday – 9am – 6pm/ 9am to 5pm
Levels & Subjects Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, Junior College
Class Size Not Stated
Email enquiry@ignitetuition.com.sg

Not Stated

Highlights – Award Winning Tuition Centre
– Curated study materials
– Premium notes and worksheets

Review By Cindy Soh

“Wonderful experience with Ignite Tuition, their staffs ensured that my concerns are heard before recommending the most suitable slots and classes for my children… They have a reward system in place to encourage their students too! My children cant wait to start classes in January! :)”

Review By Hasmitah Foong

“Been there after viewing multiple recommendations on Facebook and I was surprised with their precautionary measures they have in place in light of the current situation. On top of that, the materials used are good and I love the learning environment. Heard that some of their master tutor classes for academic year 2021 is already FULL! Luckily, I got a seat for 3 of my children! Can’t wait to start this November! :)”

Review By Nigel Lau

“I was one of the early batches of students from this tuition centre. They have been around for many years which clearly shows why they are the best around the neighbourhood. Parents can trust their kids education to the tutors a 100%!”



45) Ms Chen’s Tuition

In Miss Chen’s Science Tuition, Ms Chen and Ms Leong specialise in teaching Chemistry, Biology and Physics from secondary level to junior college level in Singapore. To ensure that the students are exposed to a variety of questions, Ms Chen and Ms Leong would constantly upgrade their materials based on questions from school examinations and tests. This has helped over 70% of their students to achieve distinction in their school exams and Singapore’s national exams, with several students even topping their class or school cohort.

Miss Chen's Tuition Centre

Miss Chen’s Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 45 Ms Chen’s Tuition
Website https://misschen.com.sg/Home
Contact /
Address /

9788 6170 /
347 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-2124 Block 347, Singapore 560347

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 3pm-10pm

Sat, Sun: 9am-10pm

Levels & Subjects

Secondary, IGCSE, JC, IB- Chemistry, Physics, Biology

Class Size 1-to-1 Tuition or Group Tuition
Email enquiry@misschen.com.sg

1-to-1: $70-90/hour

Group Tuition: $40-45/hour

  • Prime location: 5min walk from AMK Hub and AMK MRT
  • Established since 2009 and has helped hundreds of students achieve ‘A’ grades in Science
  • Tutors are highly experienced, specialised, and qualified
  • Study materials provided are concise and well-explained
  • Offers group and 1-to-1 tuition to suit every student’s needs

Review By Ee Yang

Been to this tuition for a year, and my chem knowledge has drastically improved. Ms Chen took the time to answer any chem related questions I had, and her notes were concise and useful. Her lessons are fast-paced and very effective, and I could recall chem concepts much quicker than I used to.

Review By Yan Fang

 I have been attending tuition with Miss Chen and Miss Leong for a few years now and they have helped me a lot in building a strong foundation. Their notes are very structured and concise and I really appreciate that Miss Chen and Miss Leong always answers our questions patiently, thank you Ms Chen and Ms Leong!

Review By Glenda Tay

I first joined Miss Chen’s lessons in sec 3, and i have stayed up till my A level exams. I enjoyed the lessons, and the close guidance Ms Chen and Ms Leong provided, with the extra help they gave whenever i needed their help. Lessons were engaging, with classmates who shared jokes and with teachers who joked around during breaks to allow us to rest from intensive studying. I would recommend for Chem and Physics lessons!!


46) Gavin’s Tuition Centre

Gavin’s Tuition believes that students deserve a holistic education and should enjoy the learning journey in a conducive environment without fear of failure.  Their team of dedicated tutors, are committed to providing students with utmost support and guidance through their academic endeavours. Tutors also maintain a close partnership with parents to give students the best support. Gavin’s Tuition has also produced high quality study materials available store-wide in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia and China. With their influence extending beyond the country, they are definitely a force to be reckoned with!

Gavin Tuition Centre

Gavin’s Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 46 Gavin Tuition Centre
Website https://gavintuition.com
Contact /
Address /

9191 8238 / 6635 8390 /
Braddell: 107 Lorong 1, Toa Payoh, #01-252, Singapore 310107
Tampines: 5 Tampines Street 32, #02-08/09, Tampines Mart, Singapore 529284
Thomson: 200 Upper Thomson Rd, #01-08, Thomson Imperial Court, Singapore 574424
Joo Chiat: 406 Joo Chiat Place, #01-27, The Yards, Singapore 428084
Hougang: 1187 Upper Serangoon Road, #01-46, The Midtown, Singapore 533971
Tanah Merah: 22 Tanah Merah Kechil Link Road, #14-46,Urban Vista, Singapore 465427
Bukit Timah: 50A Toh Tuck Road, #01-97, Signature Park, Singapore 596742

No of Branches 7
Opening Hours Monday to Friday – 7pm to 9pm
Saturday &-Sunday – 10am to 6pm
Levels & Subjects Preschool, Primary, Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary, Junior College
Class Size Not Stated
Email enquiries@gavintuition.com

Not Stated

Highlights – Well-Planned modules
– At best location easily accessible
– On-site classes

Review By Lee Ken-Yu

“I think Gavin’s Tuition tutors understand that my learning style is very different and is able to be flexible to use a different teaching method to help me in my learning process. They are also able to make learning easier by using skills techniques to help me tackle different questions in PSLE. I have achieved good results for my PSLE as a result.”

Review By Lee Cho-Wyn

“Gavin’s tuition has helped me in a lot of way by discovering different techniques of answering certain questions that commonly come out for exams. This allows me to apply the concepts that are needed to apply to a certain questions, before which I have always missed my points and lost many marks.”

Review By Jimmy Adam

“When I enrolled in Millenia Institute, I faced a lot of difficulties in all my H2 subjects and General Paper. After joining Gavin’s Tuition for 3 years, my grades significant improved. They helped me understand complex topics and were able to match my slower pace of learning. I managed to understand my subjects better and this facilitate my learning process throughout.”



47) EduZ Tuition

With a team of dedicated staff and a conducive learning environment, EduZ Tuition Centre provides high quality education for Primary, Secondary and Junior College students. Their lessons are specially designed and structured to ensure that students are exposed to a  variety of questions and answering styles. Majority of their teachers have at least 7 years of teaching experience (ranges from current school teachers to ex-school teachers). In addition, their low teacher-to-student ratio ensures that every student receives adequate attention from tutors, allowing students to clear any doubts and close any learning gaps on the spot.

EduZ Tuition

EduZ Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 47 EduZ Tuition
Website https://www.eduztuition.com/
Contact /
Address /

9797 3786 / 9062 5285 /
223 Choa Chu Kang Central #01-237B Singapore 680223
306 Woodlands st 31 #02-35 Singapore 730306

No of Branches 2
Opening Hours Monday to Friday -1pm to 10pm
Saturday & Sunday – 9am to 7.30pm
Levels & Subjects Primary, Secondary, JC
Class Size Not Stated
Email contact@eduztuition.com

Not Stated

Highlights – Free study materials
– Eleven years of teaching experience

Review By Zoe

“Hello Mr Dave, really thank you for boosting my confidence in AMath. F9 got me to hate it but really your guidance during this final milestone really helped me a lot!! Thank you!! Also, without your interesting stories in class and your help I would not have that much fun and helped me achieved this A2 grade. THANKS CHER!!!”

Review By Enzo

“Mr Dave has the entire syllabus at the back of his hand, recognising all the patterns and commonalities in the A Level syllabus, allowing you to learn effectively and efficiently. Thank you!”

Review By Alice

“Tutor Dave has increased both my grades and my confidence in Math. He always takes into consideration. each student’s strengths and weaknesses when carrying out his lessons.”



48) Joyous Learning

As a leading Primary Tuition centre, Joyous Learning, seeks to uphold their mission: bring joy back to learning. Through their carefully designed and delivered lessons, students can expect fun-filled and skills-based lessons. This primary tuition centre in Singapore provides notes and revision materials closely aligned with the latest MOE Syllabus. They also have a large testimonial base from parents and students, so you can rest assured that your child will be in good hands. The number of students is limited to 9 per class to ensure that your child receives the attention he or she needs from the teachers to develop and excel academically.

Joyous Learning Tuition Centre

Joyous Learning Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 48 Joyous Learning
Website https://www.joyouslearning.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

6264 9193 /
Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central #01-138 Singapore 310177

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon-Fri: 1 pm – 9:30 pm (except Tue & Thu 7.30 pm)
Sat-Sun: 9:00 am – 6:30 pm
Levels & Subjects Primary English, Primary Maths, Primary Science, Secondary English
Class Size Up to 9 Students
Email AskJoy@joyouslearning.com.sg

$268 for every 4 lessons

Highlights – Notes and revision materials closely aligned with the latest MOE Syllabus
– Tutors take a structured learning appoach, which regular quizes to consolidate students’ learning
– Regular topical revision is conducted to check on students’ understanding of each topic taught, which is important due to the cumulative nature of school assessments
– Emphasis on skills-based learning in answering examination questions in a structured and logical manner
– Tutors help to solidify and crystalise concepts for students by regularly clarifying misconceptions
– Fun and engaging lessons where tutors make an effort to bring in real-life example into lessons to increase students’ interest in the subject

Review By Tanya Nguyen

“Very friendly and helpful staffs. Fun and approachable teachers hence my boy enjoys all the 3 subjects he is taking at Joyous centre. Nice and conducive learning environment too! I am very happy to enrol my son in Joyous as he now enjoys his enrichment classes much more.”

Review By Carmen Choy

“What I like about Joyous Learning is how they come up with various creative ways to make learning fun for the kids. When my girl comes back from her Maths and Science classes, she always talks about what the teachers taught them that day. More importantly, her grades in both subjects have improved significantly! Keep up the good work Team Joyous.”

Review By Jamie Yip

“We are very happy to have found this enrichment centre. The quality of the teaching materials are good – challenging and relevant. The warm and cosy environment of the centre also creates a conducive learning environment for the kids. Most importantly, the teachers are committed and sincere in their teaching. They take the effort to explain the concepts to the students to make sure they understand and get the best out of their lessons. Also really like that they take the trouble to give extra material to challenge the child when they can. My daughter really looks forward to her classes here! Highly recommended!”



49) AO Studies

Since 2012, AO Studies Tuition Centre has specialised in teaching Maths and Science for O/A Level students. Their transformative teaching methodology delivers consistent results throughout the years, with more than 90% of their students scoring a grade of B or better in National Examinations. AO Studies Tuition Centre offer free consultation sessions for students, with tutors readily available on hand to assist them with questions concerning the subject. Classes are held in small groups to ensure that each student can receive adequate individual attention. Unlike many other tuition centres, no deposits, registration fees or admin fees are required when signing up for any of their classes.

AO Studies Tuition Centre

AO Studies Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 49 AO Studies
Website https://www.aostudies.com.sg/
Contact /
Address /

9077 9077 /
420 North Bridge Road #06-11/12 North Bridge Centre Singapore 188727

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Mon-Sun 5-9pm
Levels & Subjects Secondary Maths, Secondary Chemistry, Secondary Physics
Class Size Not Stated
Email chuwei.lim@aostudies.com.sg

(Sec 3 and 4 Physics/Chemistry)
4 lessons: $280
10 lessons: $680

(Sec 3 A/E Maths)
4 lessons: $320
10 lessons: $750

(Sec 4 A/E Maths)
4 lessons: $340
10 lessons $800

(Sec 3 A/E Maths Focus Group)

(Sec 4 A/E Maths Focus Group)
(JC1 H2 Physics/Maths and JC2 H2 Physics)
4 lessons: $360
10 lessons: $850

(JC1 H2 Maths Focus Group)
$490/2 lessons

(JC2 H2 Maths)
4 lessons: $420
10 lessons: $1000

(JC2 H2 Maths Focus Group)

Highlights – Free consultation sessions for the students
– Tutors are readily available and will answer the student’s questions concerning the subjects and other aspects of school life
– Small class size to ensure that each student receives adequate individual attention
– No deposits are required when clients sign up for any of their classes
– Every lesson is meticulously planned, offering top quality tuition
– Offers 1 to 1 coaching (AO Studies Focus Group)

Review By Isaiah

“Having gone through Joseph chemistry and physics lessons these past two years I have learnt so much from him. Before joining his class my results for chemistry and physics were B4 and C5 respectively but after his lessons I managed to get A2 for both subjects. His lessons were fun and engaging and I have always looked forward to his lessons every week. He would always answer my questions and clarify any doubts I have on the topic. He is a
great teacher and is always fun to talk to. His lesson materials also are very useful and have helped me look at the topic from a different perspective than what my school is teaching. I definitely would recommend his lessons as they are really an eye opener that would help you broaden your view on the subject.”

Review By Chloe

“I joined about a year before O levels began with failing or borderline passing grades. After all Mr Ang’s help, I managed to get B4. He was always kind enough to answer whatever questions I had and was patient enough to go through them until I understood. Classes were always very enjoyable and actually helpful unlike some other places that throw endless practices at students expecting them to get better on their own.”

Review By Ashley Chua

“Before Mr Joseph’s lessons, I have been getting Bs for chemistry. I disliked chemistry as the concepts were hard to understand. However, after joining his lessons, I found that I could understand the concepts easier. His lessons are fun and engaging! He always makes sure that I fully understand the concepts before moving on to the next chapter. He always gives me extra practice to give me more exposure to different types of questions to help me familiarise myself with them. This definitely helped me in my preparations for o levels as after attending his lessons, I scored a A2 for chemistry.”



50) Achevas

Achevas has been acclaimed as one of the Best JC Tuition Centre in Singapore for H2 Maths. Achevas provides unique approaches to solving Maths problems, their Theory-Centric and Practice-Centric (TCPC) approaches were developed to help any student excel in H2 Math, regardless of their background. Achevas helps students to clear their doubts in a small-group class setting that helps to optimise their learning. Achevas also provides Singapore’s largest collection of H2 Math videos and online resources to guide students in the comfort of their homes, ensuring that students are able to confidently sit for the A Level Examinations.

Achevas Tuition Centre

Achevas Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre 50 Achevas
Website https://www.achevas.com/
Contact /
Address /

6266 0803 / 8648 6582 /
Clementi: 3151 Commonwealth Avenue West, Grantral Mall, #03-02/03, Singapore 129581

No of Branches 1
Opening Hours Tue – Fri: 1pm – 8:30pm
Sat: 10am – 6pm
Sun: 1pm – 6pm
Closed on Mon & public holidays
Levels & Subjects JC H1/H2 Maths
Class Size 10 Students
Email learn@achevas.com

Online Lessons:
JC 1-2: $300/month

Physical Lessons:
JC 1-2: $380/month

Highlights – Strong Emphasis on JC H2 Math Content Mastery
– Unique and strategic approaches to solve questions
– Small group size allows for each student to optimise his/her learning
– Provides Singapore’s largest collection of H2 Math videos and online resources to guide students in the comfort of their homes
– Offers trial lessons for students
– Offers both online and physical tuition classes
– Achevas TV with Singapore’s largest collection of H2 Math videos and online resources

Review By Charmain Koh

“I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from lessons with Mr Jack. The use of Outlines and C+Qs in teaching and subsequently revising topics in class led these to be essentials I used in my personal revision. And the way he carried out lessons and drilled concepts and steps into us really helped me approach questions using these as a guide. It had grounded my understanding and foundation. Mr Jack’s revision classes are also really unique and effective. Besides just getting us to practice and practice, he targets specific segments of topics and drills us, and then exposes us to such questions in different variations. I feel that being in his class, I have no room for complacency, and am thus always motivated to keep on practicing and improving. I also felt that the methods he taught us to revise and practice could be brought over to my other subjects and hence found them highly useful. Additionally, Mr Jack is a really passionate and caring teacher and he puts a lot of thought into his lessons and materials. He would share occasional stories in class and explains even the rationale behind his plans and methods. I think my journey doing H2 math would not have been as smooth and enjoyable if not for the guidance I received from Mr Jack :)”

Review By Chua Wen Bin

“I started math tuition with Jack when it was nearing prelims and through his guidiance and encouragement, I was able to discover math in a different light and able to fully comprehend what was required of the demanding A-Level syllabus. Jack was able to provide sufficient and essential notes and practices to aid in my preparation and ensured that we were equipped with key skills in time management and strategies to tackle the Mathematics Paper. He was also amazingly able to spark the slightest of interest even within the most dreaded topics. My experience with Jack within a short period of 3 months was exceedingly fruitful and definitely boosted me in my pursuit for mathematics excellence.”

Review By Lee Shiyun

“Jack’s passion towards math is evident in his teaching. I never fail to be inspired by his stories and experiences that have moulded him and how he apply and relate them to math, providing food for thought after every lesson. Besides his interesting way of teaching, he provides additional help after class or even through whatsapp to those who need it, to ensure complete understanding of any concepts or questions. It is his dedication that fuels this drive in me to achieve better grades and not to disappoint him. Under his guidance, I developed immense understanding and appreciation for math, as Jack is one tutor who explains all these formulae which many of us merely apply without wondering the workings behind it. With his different methods of teaching and approachable personality, he will definitely make your journey in conquering math an easier and enjoyable one.”



3. Cost of Going to a Tuition Centre in Singapore

The price of attending a tuition centre varies depending on the tuition centre. Cost should undoubtedly be taken into account while choosing a tuition centre. The monthly fees for Group Tuition are substantially lower than that of 1-to-1 Tuition. Depending on the levels and disciplines you want, attending a tuition centre could cost between $300-$500 per month. It is crucial to remember that higher tuition costs do not always equate to superior performance. Do read 5. Considerations when Selecting The Right Tuition Centre in Singapore before making your decision.

If you feel that group tuition is not suitable, MindFlex has you covered as we Private 1-to-1 Home Tuition at affordable prices! To verify that the lessons are appropriate for your child’s learning, get in touch with us for a Free Request for Tutor with Trial Lessons available.

4. Benefits of Going to a Tuition Centre in Singapore

Tuition Centres are educational establishments which can be found all over Singapore. These tuition centres mostly hold group tuition lessons between 2 to 30 students per class. Popular tuition centres include Mindstretcher, AGrader Learning Centre and The Learning Lab. These are some of the main advantages which parents can take into consideration when choosing whether or not to enrol in a tuition centre in Singapore:

4.1 Close Learning Gaps and Target Weaknesses

Tuition centres help students identify their weaknesses and help them work on their weak areas. They provide resources like summary notes and guidebooks that target the weaknesses and questions students might have. Some tuition centres even provide help outside of the classroom– students can contact tutors whenever they have any questions!

4.2 Be Well Prepared for Examinations

Most tuition centres in Singapore follow the latest MOE syllabus and have a well-structured curriculum to prepare students for their National examination. Lessons are structured to ensure that  the students are well-versed and equipped with the essential skills needed to excel in the National examination. In addition, many tuition centres provide past year examination papers and conduct timed practices before the examinations.

4.3  Access to Detailed and Useful Notes

There are numerous tuition centres that provide their own in-house curated materials and notes for students. They have a shared compilation of questions, notes, and materials from top local schools. Some tuition centres, such as Kumon, also offer an originally designed curriculum outside the MOE syllabus to promote creative learning processes.

4.4 Receive Constructive and Targeted Feedback

In school, there is rarely time for students to personally clarify their doubts with the teachers, especially in a large-sized classroom setting. Over time, learning difficulties are often overlooked or pushed aside while students prepare for examinations. However, in tuition classes, students have plenty of time to clarify their doubts and discuss it with their tutors.  Besides, tutors are also present throughout the lesson to guide the students when they do their practices, while providing them with immediate feedback on their work quality.

4.5 Experienced and Well-Qualified Tutors

In order for tuition centres to be registered with MOE, tutors have to meet “minimum standards”. As such, tuition centres conduct extensive interviews to ensure that the tutors are consistent in terms of their teaching quality. Tuition centres will ensure quality control by sourcing tutors who are highly proficient in teaching their respective subjects.

5. Considerations When Selecting a Tuition Centre in Singapore

5.1 Practicality (Location & Budget)

When picking a tuition centre for your child, it is essential to consider the location of the tuition centre. It is not very practical to have your child travel far as it could be exhausting and affect his/her learning performance. If possible, find a tuition centre that is easily accessible from the MRT stations or bus stop interchanges.

5.2 Class Size

Before enrolling on a tuition centre, it is vital to consider the number of students within each class as this may affect your child’s learning depending on his/her learning style and pace. Some tuition centres in Singapore may opt for smaller class sizes, with 1 to 1 lessons or 2-3 students per class. However, the more popular tuition centres may offer bigger class sizes of 20 students per class to cater to the huge demand of students.

In small classes, lessons are more individualised, with more time and attention being placed on each student. In a larger class, lessons are more generalised, reducing the amount of attention each student gets. It is also more likely for the student to lose focus due to the higher amount of distractions. However, some students may instead flourish in larger classes due to the sense of camaraderie and community they get from their peers. Hence, parents need to consider class size when making a decision.

5.3 Teaching Style/Method

There are 3 main types of learners – auditory, visual and kinesthetic. As each centre has curated its own way of teaching, some may focus on conducting fun activities while others may use short videos to spark the student’s interest in the subject. It is important for parents to note the type of learning style which will suit their child best. 

For auditory learners, a tutor who is able to verbalise and explain concepts clearly would be best suited for them. For visual learners, drawn explanations such as infographics would be ideal. For kinaesthetic learners, hands-on activities are recommended. 

Researching the teaching techniques and pedagogy each tuition centre in Singapore applies is paramount in deciding which one to enrol your child in

5.4 Tutor’s Background

One of the most important factors when selecting a tuition centre is the individual tutor’s background. A tutor’s qualifications and years of experience may be telling of their ability to provide your child with the necessary academic assistance. Selecting a tuition centre with a wide variety of tutors enables you to verify their credibility and request a change of tutor if found unsuitable.

5.5 Accolades

Coming from former students and parents, testimonials and reviews are the most common way to determine if a tuition centre is effective. Parents are encouraged to check the credibility of tuition centres that have a positive track record. Although unlikely, there is a possibility that the reviews are manufactured by the centre themselves. Certain tuition centres have also won awards for Top 3 Tuition Centres, Singapore Promising Brand Award, et cetera. Hence, selecting a tuition centre that has decent accolades and achievements may prove to be beneficial for your child.

6. Conclusion – The Best Tuition Centre in Singapore

In conclusion, there are many tuition centres in Singapore that offer a huge variety of levels and subjects for your child to be enrolled in. Choosing the best Tuition Centre in Singapore is highly dependent on the unique educational needs of each child. Each Tuition Centre in Singapore has its own pros and cons, and the above examples are the best options available in the market. As each student has different educational needs, do familiarise yourself with the offerings that each tutoring option is able to cover, and check them against the learning objectives for your child. If you require any further help finding Tuition in Singapore, please do not hesitate to visit our homepage or contact us. Our friendly team will be more than happy to provide you with the assistance you require in finding a good Tutor for your child.



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