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The A Levels Examination is the hardest examination you will ever take in your life. The stakes are high, as your A Levels Examination will directly affect which university and course you are eligible to apply to. Those who do well are in a much more hopeful position to become a doctor or lawyer; those who do not do well are often left limited choices in their career pathways. As such, there is a need to do well. To make things worse, your results are based on a bell curve, which means that your results are dependent on your performance against others. It does not make things better that the content covered in the A Levels is extremely complex and is of a tremendous amount, and many students struggle to even remember it, let alone understand the concepts.

In order to survive this rat race, you need to have Private A Levels Tuition. Having MindFlex’s Private A Levels Tuition allows MindFlex’s Private A Levels Tutors to dedicate the entire lesson to cater to your learning needs and clarify all your doubts that you might be unable to do so during school classes. Having individual A Levels Tuition lessons also provides a more conducive environment to learn academic content, with a customised teaching style to help you comprehend the content better and eventually excel in you’re a Levels Examinations.

It is a fact that many JC students often face difficulties in obtaining a strong grasp of their subjects. In view of this problem, MindFlex’s Private A Levels Tuition Teachers use innovative methods to engage you in learning the content while helping you to learn concepts easily and effectively. Knowing that the key to perfection is practice, MindFlex’s A Levels Tuition Teachers also expose students to a wide variety of challenging examination questions to equip students to apply concepts across different contexts while also helping them improve on their answering techniques in examinations. More importantly, with their years of teaching experience, MindFlex’s A Levels Tuition Teachers have coveted tips on tackling the examinations that they will share with you, such as key points that examiners are looking and errors that students commonly commit in examinations, so that you are able to your fullest potential in the A Levels examinations.

The A Levels Examinations is the most important examination of your life, and we highly recommend you grasp the help given by MindFlex’s Private A Levels Tuition as soon as possible before it is too late. MindFlex’s Private A Levels Tuition covers all subjects at all levels. We are committed to helping you to attain your desired results in the A Levels Examination with bright prospects in the future.

Tuition Rates

Student's Academic Level
Tutor's Qualifications Pre-School Pri 1-3 Pri 4-6 Sec 1-2 Sec 3-5

JC / IB /
Poly / Uni

Part-Time /
Undergraduate Tutors
$20-$30 $25-$30 $30-$35 $30-$40 $35-$40


$30-$50 $30-$55
Full-Time / 
Graduate Tutors
$30-$40 $35-$40 $40-$45 $40-$50 $45-$55 $60-$80 $40-$80 $45-$85
Current / Ex
MOE Teachers
$40-$50 $50-$60 $50-$70 $60-$80 $60-$90 $90-$120 $60-$110 $80-$110

Tuition Rates listed above are per hour.

  Tutor's Qualifications 
Student's Academic Level Part-Time/
Undergraduate Tutors
Graduate Tutors
MOE Teachers
Pre-School $20-$30 $30-$40 $40-$50
Pri 1-3 $25-$30 $35-$40 $50-$60
Pri 4-6 $30-$35 $40-$45 $50-$70
Sec 1-2 $30-$40 $40-$50 $60-$80
Sec 3-5 $35-$40 $45-$55 $60-$90
JC / IB /
Poly / Uni
$40-$50 $60-$80 $90-$120
IGCSE $30-$50 $40-$80 $60-$110
Adult $30-$55 $45-$85 $80-$110

Tuition Rates listed above are per hour.