Tuition Rates

Student's Academic Level
Tutor's Qualifications Pre-School Pri 1-3 Pri 4-6 Sec 1-2 Sec 3-5

JC / IB /
Poly / Uni

Part-Time /
Undergraduate Tutors
$20-$30 $25-$30 $30-$35 $30-$40 $35-$40 $40-$50 $25-$50 $30-$55
Full-Time / 
Graduate Tutors
$30-$40 $35-$40 $40-$45 $40-$50 $45-$55 $60-$80 $40-$80 $40-$70
Current / Ex
MOE Teachers
$40-$50 $50-$60 $50-$70 $60-$80 $60-$90 $90-$120 $60-$100 $50-$120

Tuition Rates listed above are per hour.

  Tutor's Qualifications 
Student's Academic Level Part-Time/
Undergraduate Tutors
Graduate Tutors
MOE Teachers
Pre-School $20-$30 $30-$40 $40-$50
Pri 1-3 $25-$30 $35-$40 $50-$60
Pri 4-6 $30-$35 $40-$45 $50-$70
Sec 1-2 $30-$40 $40-$50 $60-$80
Sec 3-5 $35-$40 $45-$55 $60-$90
JC / IB /
Poly / Uni
$40-$50 $60-$80 $90-$120
IGCSE $25-$40 $40-$80 $60-$100
Adult $30-$55 $40-$70 $50-$120

Tuition Rates listed above are per hour.

Types of Tutors

Here at MindFlex Home Tuition, we categorize our tutors based on their qualifications and experience. The rates listed above are a fair representation of the market rate for private tutors in Singapore. Here are more information about the different types of tutors that we offer at MindFlex Home Tuition.

Undergraduate Tutors

Undergraduate Tutors are mostly part-time teachers who are concurrently pursuing their Bachelor’s degree. This group represents tutors who have aced their Primary, Secondary and Tertiary studies and have excelled through the Singapore Education System. These tutors have the most affordable rates as they do not have the necessary experience or qualifications to command a higher rate. Nevertheless, Undergraduate Tutors have proven to be effective tutors for the following reasons. Firstly, many of them still retain the fresh knowledge which they have learnt in their younger schooling days, and hence are able to teach and apply well. Secondly, they have a good communication with students as there is a small age-gap. Thirdly, they have the most flexible schedules which allow for more tutoring hours.

Full-Time Tutors

Full-Time Tutors are mostly degree holders who have decided to pursue tuition as a full-time career. This group represents tutors who have been teaching tuition professionally for at least 5 years, and are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to guide students who are really in need of academic help. These tutors command a higher rate than Undergraduate Tutors due to their professional experience and qualifications. Full-Time Tutors are a great tutoring choice for the following reasons. Firstly, due to their experience, Full-Time Tutors are able to effectively identify and improve a student’s academic weak points in a short period of time. Secondly, Graduate Full-Time Tutors are always updated about the latest changes in syllabus and are also able to recommend and provide the most effective practice methods to achieve results in the shortest time possible. Thirdly, Full-Time Tutors are able to provide a long-term commitment to students and this is important for achieving sustainable results through a student’s education journey.

Current/Ex MOE Teachers

These groups of tutors consist of Current and Ex MOE Teachers who have been certified by the National Institute of Education. These group of tutors have the best knowledge and expertise on the local education system, and are best- equipped with skill-sets and experience to provide academic help. These tutors commend the highest rate among tutors due to their professional experience and qualifications. Aside from pricing, MOE Tutors are the best tutoring choice for the following reasons. Firstly, being Ex and Current MOE Teachers, there is no other tutor groups which are more familiar with the academic syllabus which the student is going through. This allows them to tailor lessons according to the student’s weak points, and allows them to provide effective tuition on the subject. Secondly, these tutors have the expert knowledge of knowing exactly how to score well for academic exams. They will be able to teach the student answering techniques to get the most marks possible out of a questions. Thirdly, aside from academic training, Ex and Current MOE teachers can also draw upon their education and experience to bring the best out of a student. This is extremely important as the psychological well-being of a student can have a great impact towards his final academic grades.


Home Tuition Is An Investment Which Pays Off

In most cases in Singapore, a child’s education attainment lays the foundation of his future success. It is also a fact that the Singapore Education System is getting more academically demanding with each passing year. Gone are the days whereby students are able to excel in exams by simply listening in class crowded with 30 to 40 students sharing 1 teacher’s attention. This is where Home Tuition bridges the gap between learning, grades and the future. Having Home Tuition can be the difference between attaining a B grade and an A grade. Attaining a B Grade and A grade can also be the difference whether a student manages to get into the University Course which he is aiming for. And as we know, the choice of University Course is an important factor in determining a career path. As illustrated, it all boils down to the choice of Home Tuition, which is why it has become an accepted practice in Singapore for students to have Home Tuition. Instead of viewing Home Tuition as an extra cost, take it an as investment which will pay off many-folds in the future eventually.

The Benefits of Home Tuition:

1-to-1 Attention
Home Tuition is often conducted in a 1-to-1 session. This means that the student is able to enjoy undivided attention from the tutor, and is also more likely to concentrate as there are less distractions compared to a group setting. This means that the time spent on tuition is more productive and more likely to produce better results due to the specialized individual care that the student receives.

Better Student-Teacher Relations
Personalized home tuition settings also mean that the tutor is able to understand and learn more about the student’s behavioural patterns, as well as forge closer bonds with the student. This is important as tutors will be able to motivate students in a tailored way which works best. Parents are also able to receive more accurate and detailed feedback about the student’s academic progress.

Advanced Preparation
Having home tuition not only allows students to revise existing concepts, but also allows them to opportunity to prepare ahead of the school’s curriculum. This will allow students to be prepared in advance for school lessons, and hence be able to perform better in class activites and contribute more proactively in class discussions.

Having Home Tuition often results in students achieving better academic success, which also generates confidence in his or her academic and cognitive abilities. Once a student has gained confidence in his or her academic abilities, they will also hence be able to focus and perform better in other school activities such as their CCAs or other supplementary programmes. This will allow for the development of a more holistic education journey.

Better & Wider Future Prospects
The better grades that home tuition brings about allows a student to have more choices on the schools/courses that he or she will be able to apply for. This allows for a wider choice of career path, and also allows the students to truly chase the dream career of his or her choice.